Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer


Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer
Bhagonwali - Baante Apni Taqdeer

September 3rd, 2011 Mahaepisode Written Update

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Okay so I was only kidding. Sorry for that. I apologize for my writing style but you can blame Rani for it. She told me to write it that way LOL but it took forever to write...Mahaepisode makes me tired when I write so I can't imagine the toll it takes on the actors...

Without much further goes...

Well okay one more...just kidding...

In times of despair, and grief, the mind draws up illusions and looks for direction to throw the blame. When all hope is gone, the magnitude of your loss strikes and steals the floor beneath your feet.

Vishnu Pandey is struck by this sense of despair as he realizes that his wife has lost the money he worked so hard to connive out of his dark mind. Kalsanwali sensing the atmosphere of despair and hoping to ease the despair rises to look for the money again despite knowing that it's won't be there. Her husband isn't convinced with her attempt to soothe matter, and lashes out at her in manner most foul as he searches his memory for all foul curses that he can shower her with. He even accuses her of treachery since it is more plausible than the belief that the money is lost. He twists her arm in his accusation claiming that she might have assigned the money to her hidden lover from her home town.

While grieving herself, Kalsanwali is not above defending herself as she retorts and pulls back her hand from the vice grip of her husband, and threatens to hurt him for all his false allegations. Rajju and Mittho watching the scene enfold in front of them feel the same tragic sense but their reactions are more subdued and are driven to calm the now dueling pair of husband and wife.

Mittho pulls them apart with aide from her husband and grasps at signs of hope rather as her husband suggests looking for the person who received their share of fortune, unwittingly. Mittho is struck by the realization that she does know where to find said person and urges the others to follow her as they can seek her out and retrieve what is lost. Even in the battered sign of hope, Vishnu and Kalsanwali fight before setting out to recover the money.

Reaching the dark , abandoned area where all the used materials are sold, Vishnu, Kalsanwali, Rajju and Mittho are momentarily worried, but now that the hopes of recovering the 20 Lakhs is greater, Mittho's mind works overtime in devising a method to retrieve the money. Both Mittho and Kalsanwali disguise themselves and under the falsely assumed names of "Phulwati" & "Kalawati" enter the dark warehouse where the other ladies unburden their old items obtained from the houses of the rich.

Used to the richness of their own home Kalsanwali and Mittho are uncomfortable in such drab surroundings but for the sake of riches are willing to momentarily downgrade themselves and look for the clothes that they themselves had discarded just hours before. Luck favors them as Kalsanwali discovers the pile of clothes that she donated and dips in with renewed energy to search. The search proves fruitful and Kalsanwali and Mittho rejoice before they hide the money out of sight.

Relieved they walk their way home, when a police siren breaks into their sense of relief and with their guilty conscience playing tricks on their mind, they are forced to flee from the area, but not before Kalsanwali takes a moment to hide the bag, now coveting the money, in the nearby bushes.

Miles away, unknown to such dramatic happenings, a husband and wife head home still reveling in each other's company and their newfound happiness of truly discovering each other. Guddu pulls Runjhun in his embrace while he drives back home. Their journey is disrupted though as Guddu is forced to stop the car when they see a kid lying on the road. Guddu, concerned, rushes out to grab the kid, to make sure that the young one hasn't suffered any maladies at the hand of the road. His wife steps out too, her concern mirroring her husband's.

The kid regains conscious and scared bolts from the scene, much to the concerned couple's confusion. Runjhun discovers a bag in the nearby bushes and assuming it to be the possession of the kids informs her husband who tries to call out after the kid, but to no avail as the kid is too far gone. Guddu and Runjhun open the bag in hopes of attaining some information on the owner of the bag but instead are surprised to see it filled with money. Both their minds raise several questions about the money as they exchange glances. They are convinced that the bag must not belong to the kid but rather left by someone else.

Guddu teases the wife about being fortunate and suggests they should keep the bag, but the wife tells him that when their country is amidst strife, they do not need the money and it will better serve purpose in someone else's hand. Guddu smiles at his wife's nature but agrees to place the bag in the custody of the right person.

As luck would have it, as soon as they leave the scene, the culprits, and the forsaken arrive to retrieve what they believe to be rightfully theirs, but find that it is no longer nestled in the bushes. Kalsanwali curses her fate on losing the money twice in a single day.

On the other hand the loving couple, doing the right thing hand the money to the local police station. The change in Guddu's thought process from the long ago thug surprises the local police chief, Mr. Singh, but Guddu brushes of any signs of gratitude and looks at his wife, knowing that no money can compare to what he truly has. The officer tells Guddu that he will be reciprocated for ten percent of the money for being a good Samaritan, after he completes some minor formalities.

On the other hand having lost the money again, Kalsanwali is berated and abused by her husband as her in-laws watch upset that this time the hope of recovering the money is even slimmer than before.  Kalsanwali herself feels worthy of abuse, so driven is her sense of tragedy. Mittho and Rajju are forced again to come in between the fighting couple to breathe some sense into them, but before anything else can be said further, the voice of a drunk and aggrieved Buntu filters into their room. They rush out to judge the scene outside.

Outside driven by false accusations to drown his sorrow in alcohol, Buntu teeters and totters as he makes claim that he is innocent. His wife, supports him and tries to soothe him and soon his mother also arrives. Buntu in his faulty but true logic tries to explain to his mother that he loves his wife a lot and he might be a fool in many trades but he would never hurt his wife. He tells his mother if he were to sell his house how he will provide a roof over his wife's head. He stumbles as he tries to sound out his innocence while those that are truly guilty of treachery and thievery, hide their faces in the shadow of ignorance and false innocence. Buntu falls and Amma requests her other two sons to help escort him to his room.

As the three brothers head out, Mittho and Kalsanwali, not moved by even a moment of grief at the tragic state of Buntu's emotions begin their onslaught of allegations against him. Billo and Amma are disturbed to hear the onslaught and Billo is moved to tears at her husband's lost condition.

On the other side Guddu and Runjhun sound out their happiness in loud honks as they park their car outside their home. Mahadevi is driven to annoyance as she seeks out the perpetrator while Kukkan is calmer. Both though are equally surprised to see that the noisemakers are none other than Guddu and Runjhun, who have now stepped out of their car to share their newfound happiness. Kukkan is more receptive to the good news as Runjhun announces that the new car is theirs, she adds all of theirs keen on sharing her happiness. Guddu supplements more good news and tells his friend, and brother that they will no longer rent the house but will actually buy the house. He goes on to explain how their fortune shined on them as they found money on the roadside. While Kukkan shares in the smiles of Guddu and Runjhun, Mahadevi's face loses all color at the news.

She curtly excuses herself but in their happiness and used to Mahadevi's in an out tantrums they excuse her behavior. Kukkan also shares the news of a budding friendship between him and Mahadevi which makes Guddu and Runjhun even happier. They head in what is soon to be their future home.

Unfortunately, evil can never stay at bay and even under the wide surface of happiness it simmers till it slowly seeps out and explodes. Mahadevi is quick to relay this news to Mittho who on hearing about the good fortune puts two and two together and realizes that what left their hands was discovered by Guddu and Runjhun.

News spreading wildfire quickly reaches the ears of the three brothers who are now all drunk trying to drown their sorrow and the new darkness that has taken over their life. Even though their current state of affairs is their own doing or rather undoing, evil never takes blame for its own action and now the evil hell bent on revenge spears its ugly head as the three brothers vow to ruin the happiness of others to mirror their own tragic state, since they feel entitled to retribution even though they aren't worthy of it.

Yet untouched by the hatred, Guddu and Runjhun weave their dreams of a new home. Runjhun shares her dream plan with her husband and tells him that she wishes to wait for him as he returns every day and cook for him and share meals. She shares his dreams and talks about having a room for themselves, but Guddu tells Runjhun that his dream is a little bigger and there will be four homes to accommodate the current guests and the future guests that might come. Runjhun is understanding of having a room for Kukkan and Mahadevi to share but is confused at the mention of two extra rooms to which Guddu teasingly utters that they might have future visitors namingly "Laddoo" & "Jhunjhun". At the mention of future kids, Runjhun turns a shade red and blushes.

While the dreamers weave a yarn of dreams, the fire of evil gets closer and closer to setting their string alight in a false sense of vengeance, drunk in its rage the fire beckons.

Upon being asked whether she wants kids Runjhun shyly nods but teases her husband back that having kids might mean that she will have to spend more time with the kids and stay apart from him. Guddu is miffed at the possibility and says that even his kids can't separate him from his wife and the kids can sleep anywhere but his wife will always remain by his side.

Inebriated and driven by revenge the three brothers arrive at their destination. Rajju receives a phone call from his wife, who unaware of her husband intentions is highly disturbed by the prospect of what they are about to do. Rajju not in his full state of mind informs her that what can't be theirs won't be anyone else's either and they will set Guddu's dreams on fire and revel in the ashes of the dreams. Mittho wonders if her husband has lost his senses and urges him to think twice also inform that their daughter is in that same house. Rajju assures Mittho that he will take care of everything and hangs up.

He places a call to his daughter and lies to her about her mother's health driving Mahadevi into a state of worry. Kukkan follows his wife who is adamant to go home, but both of them stop as they run into Guddu and Runjhun who are still sharing a loving embrace. As they become aware of spectators both pull apart and wonder where the fire is. Mahadevi informs them of Mittho's sudden fall causing her to be hurt, which concerns Runjhun and she asks Mahadevi to stay due to her condition.

In a turn of fate, Runjhun and Guddu head out of the house as Mahadevi and Kukkan remain in the house, Runjhun wrapped in Mahadevi's blanket to keep from the relentless cold of the night.

The three brothers fall prey to the trick of fate and assume that Mahadevi is safe and set out to light the house on fire. As they let the fire within their hearts take form, the house now coated in fuel quickly lights up. As the three brothers watch the house light up with Guddu and Runjhun, they celebrate not realizing that their laughter will soon turn to despair.

Mahadevi on the other hand unaware of the fire ragin outside is concerned about her mother's health and tries to call her father but as luck would have it her father is spreading news of his victory to his wife. He announces with pride that he slyly sent Mahadevi away while Guddu and Runjhun burn in the house of their dreams. Kukkan who is in the room with Mahadevi notices smoke.

Mittho is happy to hear that Mahadevi is safe and think that the knock on the now dark and drabby front door of the Pandey House is her daughter returning but it isn't. She is shocked to see Guddu and Runjhun safe and sound inquiring about her health while her daughter is in the fire possibly burning.

She rushes out telling her husband that he has set his own daughter up in flames. Rajju tries to set out the fire as he realizes that it isn't Guddu or Runjhun burning but his own daughter. Kukkan sees the fire and tells Mahadevi they have to leave as the house is burning and Guddu and Runjhun are informed at the same time that their house is on fire via Billo. Guddu rushes out followed by Runjhun and rest.

Mahadevi screams to her father for help but her father is restrained by his brothers to protect and instead they start yelling and screaming their helplessness on putting out a fire they started with their own hands. Kukkan tries to think of something while Rajju pours water on the house. Guddu arrives and despite Runjhun's protest envelopes himself in the blanket and rushes to save Mahadevi and Kukkan. He reaches inside as Runjhun cries out wanting to save her husband, but is held back. The attempts to put out the fire continue and Guddu grabs extra blankets and reaches towards Kukkan and Mahadevi in attempts to save them. Mahadevi is terrified by the burning fire but held on by Guddu and Kukkan she makes her way out.

Runjhun breaks free from the grabbing arms and to save her husband takes a step towards the house. As soon as her feet touch the threshold, her fate showers its blessings in the form of torrential rain and the raging fire is slowly calmed down and slowly ebbs out.

Guddu and Runjhun exchange glances and relieved Runjhun rushes into the arms of Guddu, glad to see him safe no longer threatened by the fire. As Guddu embraces his wife, Kukkan holds on to his own, reassuring her that all is safe. The four stand separated from the six that stand on the threshold shameful of their own actions.

Guddu's anger rises and he breaks free from Runjhun and crosses the threshold grabbing Rajju's neck. Runjhun rushes after him to stop him, and he lets go. Frustrated and angry that they continue to dog their steps and interrupt their life he tells them that he is done with them and tells Runjhun that he no longer wants to acknowledge them and if she does then their bond will suffer the consequences too. He tells them that they are lower than all forms of evil and are not even worth hating. He berates them, too tired from having faced the fire and walks away. Runjhun is ashamed of her aunts and uncles and they have the grace to look guilty of their actions. Even Amma raises her hand to console Guddu but he is inconsolable.

With only Runjhun left and as the rain ebbs away, Guddu surveys the damage to the house, the words, their dreams, their memories, coming back to haunt him and torment him of the loss. Runjhun too is devastated by the loss and neither can believe that just moments where they had sat weaving dreams is now nothing but charred and ashes. Guddu turns and finds his photo of his marriage burned as well, and grabs it holding on to the burnt memory he yells out loud his grief so heartbreaking that is shatters and shocks even Runjhun.

Guddu's knees buckle as his dreams lie shattered and he falls against the burnt closet. Runjhun rushes to her husband's side and wraps her arms around him as he cries bitterly. Runjhun herself is broken to see for the first time her husband, her fearless husband, crying on the wake of his hopes. He tells her everything is finished and but she doesn't let him lose hope. She tells him that their dreams weren't constructed of mere mortar and brick to be burned down easily. She tells him that their dreams were woven of love and understanding and will be come alive again because they have each other and they will build their dreams all over again.

Runjhun and Guddu find solace in each other as they take refuge on a burnt mattress on the floor, for the night. Slowly Runjhun wipes away Guddu's tears comforting him. As their emotions and their need to console and be consoled takes over, they embrace each other and letting their actions speak allow themselves to be drawn close to each other. They truly become one, in their needs, in their emotions and in all sense as they unite creating their own haven, new dreams amidst what was burnt away.

As the new dawn comes in next morning, Runjhun now wrapped warmly in Guddu's embraces smiles as she looks at her husband. Both share a smile now sure that whatever comes their way they are one force, and together they can weave their dreams again, bring new meaning to their life together.


Song: Baawri Piya Ki (Crazy for her Beloved)

Movie: Baabul


Baawri piya ki
Crazy for her beloved…
Kaise kahe jaake peer jiyaki…?
How can she reveal the pain in her heart…
Baawri Piya Ki…

Crazy for her beloved…


Piyu rang man ki chunar rangaai
In the color of her lover she is covered…
Piyu piyu rath ke piyu mein samaai…
Calling out his name again and again, she became one with him…

Ban Gayi Chaaya….
She became the shadow…
Chhal baliyaa ki
Of the fickle lover…

Baawri Piya Ki…

Crazy about her beloved…

Itha utha dekhe panth nihaare
She looked high and low in vain, her eyes peeled…

Har din palchhin naam pukaare
Every day, every moment she called out his name…
Sud nahin bisare
But it didn't have any effect…
Man basiyaa ki
On the one that was in her mind…
Baawri Piya Ki

Crazy about her  beloved…
Kaise kahe jake peer jiyaaki

Who can she tell the trouble of her heart too…


Runjhun plants the basil plant when her three aunts come crying announcing that the Pandey Nivaas is to be auctioned.

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Originally posted by Wafah

There will be no written update for the Mahaepisode and no brief summary either...Sorry. I apologize to those who waited patiently.

"Waited patiently." Insert sarcasm tag here. Lol. Tongue

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super like the ME!  thanks for the fantastic update, Wafah!

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I updated...LOL
Was just kidding...sorry...if you want to use sticks I will direct you to the right place far far far far away (not from Shrek but the other kind of far far away)

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Ok for the record, I was just kidding about writing about it this way!!! Ahhh!! I am now afraid to read...

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What are you talking about...I did an amazing read it already... Tongue

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thank you wafah and rani for the written update. I feel like i am reading a poem LOL.
Wafah i feel your pain and you made it worst by writing this way as this was waaayyy longer.
Now i can watch the episode online and actually know what is going on.

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Thanks wafah di!
Ugh I'm really tired right now so I'll post my thoughts later right now all I'm gonna say is hats off to the CV's the whole cast and crew of bhagonwali especially Himmanshoo and Nivedita you guys made the mahaepisode come alive! Thumbs Up

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