Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

arjuhi ff -war and love- part 5 is finally up (Page 4)

moonkmh IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 September 2011 at 1:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mansi_47

Originally posted by moonkmh

Wah,brilliant idea.
brilliant logo se brillant ideas ate hai...hehehe

brilliant logo se aur baat karegi to aur brilliant ideas ayenge. Lol.

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lazyblues IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by moonkmh

Originally posted by mansi_47

Originally posted by moonkmh

Wah,brilliant idea.
brilliant logo se brillant ideas ate hai...hehehe

brilliant logo se aur baat karegi to aur brilliant ideas ayenge. Lol.
i understood app meri hi bat kar rahe ho

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veds_6791 IF-Rockerz

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Wow Nice Concept looking forward to it...add me to the PM list...

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-anzaeram- Senior Member

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Nice Start...
Do Continue...
Add Me To Ur PM List...

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seems to be a very good start
pls continue and pm me too

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thank you every one for the beaytiful coments and likes i really apreciate it HugBig smile now here it is part 2

                                                    Part 2

"gutta, kamina, stupid, brainless.." arohi was interrupted "show off arrogant 23 parliament seat thief" arohi looked behind to see her best friend who she loves like a sister, suhana kacem is arohi childhood friend they were born in the same year except suhana a few months older than arohi, Mr. and Mrs kacem were her father old and close friends like a family, after the death of Mr. kacem due to heart attack suhana and her mother handed the business to arohi because Mrs. Kacem who considers arohi her daughter knew nothing about business and suhana is just not interested in it, she loves modeling and fashion more, so she has a boutique and her own cloth line.

Arohi considers Mrs rukssar kacem her second mother calls her chote ma, and the same goes for arohi mother and suhana relationship suhana calls arohi's mother amrit bari ma and arohi's father bari papa.

"so finally mom called you to calm the tornado arohi"

"yaar sari desh Sheila ki jawani garihi hai I will sing aro ki nakra" she said smiling and entering arohi bedroom "hahaha very funny" "bata hai wow stupid singhania ne kya kiya" " he said are sure that correct logic like I am stupid or crazy for proposing that project" said arohi fuming "aro dear he is doing his job assessing a proposition aand until now no decition has been reached by the council of ministers so shill" "I will start preparing a counteractive strategy in case that singhania opposes the project" "would you give that brain of yours a rest and go to sleep I will spent the night with here " both girls start getting ready for bed, arohi laid down on her bed with her best friend next to her lost in her thoughts which didn't go unnoticed by suhana "where are lost miss arohi" suhana thought. suhana always wanted arohi to have a little fun and less work I mean she is 24 for god sake no boyfriend no love even the parties she attends are business related, not that arohi is closed person just a little too much engrossed in her business and party politics.

"do think he is handsome" "yes" arohi said without thinking or hesitating for that matter suhana smirked at her friend oblivious acknowledgement.

"umm'.i mean uhh'ranbir kapoor is handsome I was thinking if he released any new films" arohi tried to cover nervously and stammering.

Yeh right thought suhana her friend will never admit the slightest good thing about arjun singhania, "you are hopeless arohi good night" suhana said closing her eyes to sleep and start new day with arohi cursing singhania like it has been for the last year.

In the other hand arjun was at dinner table with his mom eating keeping a steady chatter "how was your day?" "irritating" he answered thinking about that bubble headed annoying girl called arohi ahliwalya, avantika saw the lost expression on his face and knew that today he had an encounter with arohi ahliwalya she often heard him and her husband talk about the ahliwalyas, she even met them in a charity event 5 months ago she realy liked arohi style elegance and how she carries herself.

"what did she do today" "she taunted me for not being here for the last 17 years I mean I was studying and establishing our business in London and America, even she has studied in oxford university" than he registered his mother question and looked from his plate to her surprised "how did you.." avantika answered before he completes his sentence "you describe your day irritating when you face her" "wow aap jintni khoobsuraat hai utna hai smart hai" he joked to divert his mother attention god forbid if she sensed a little given attention from him to any girl he won't hear the end of it.

"arjun behave" she said slapping his arm playfully letting the matter go.

"I'm full mom I will go sleep, good night"

"good night beta don't dream about her" "she said at the retreating figure of her son who pretended that he didn't hear her.

Avantika knew very well that no one can get at arjun nerves as much as arohi because from what she saw and heard they both are ambitious unbelievably stubborn and hot headed, that made them clash often but also knew that her son doesn't give this much attention and talk about someone this much even in complaining annoyed way unless he was a little affected by that person and in the last year the most talked person in her house was arohi and the ahliwalyas, they were their rivals and competition in a good way ot enemies though her son portrays it that way but they are not friends either, except the hellos in occasions there wasn't any other friendly interaction between the families.

Next morning started with the teasing sunrays that entered arohi's room they woke up and went jogging and returned to get ready for the day, "good morning girls" said amrit setting the table "good morning" "bari ma I want parathis you are the best in making them please" said suhana with cute puppy face hitting her head arohi said "chote bhi ache parthi banati hai aur tum parathi khaki khaki motte ho jaoinge and no one will give you modeling assignments" "dekha na bari ma aap ki taarif nahi sun sakti aur muje motte keh rehi ho" "kaun meri bachi ko motte keh rehi ho" said sudhir while taking his seat "arohi bari papa" complained suhana "if you keep eating like this you will be fat no jogging will do" said arohi while sipping her tea suhana ate her parathis and said "main jarihi ho aur tumse baat nahi karonge" and left with fake anger while the rest laughed at their joking.

"sir the car is ready" said nikul the servant " thanks" replied arjun while putting his watch and taking his suit jacket and headed down stairs.

"excuse me did you see my mother?" "arjun don't start in the morning" his mother warned playfully and smiling at her son antics "no seriously you look younger mom actual you can be my big sister not mother" he said winking at her " arjun" his mother said hitting his head while serving him his tea.

Arohi headed to her office after saying good bye to her parents, she entered with attitude authority letting everyone know who came in, every man couldn't take his eyes off her from fear and admiration she wore a skirted suit red with stylish sandals oh and her jasmine perfume could drive anyone crazy.

followed by her bodyguards she entered her cabin while the guards stood at the door, after 5 minutes entered pari with coffee and her iphone to let her know of her schedule "good morning ma'am" said pari placing the coffee and continued "ma'am we have board meeting and than white rose orphanage visit after that the party meeting" "tomorrow suhana ma'am new line launch party schedule it" "yes ma'am" with that she was dismissed, and arohi attended her board meeting to discuss her strategy with the textile manufactory.

Arjun was no less charismatic and authoritive after all he was worldwide know name in business and now the youngest Mp in mahrashtra minister council, he looked dashing in his grey suit with white shirt the upper  few buttons open to show his well toned manly chest, which could cause any female to faint specially from the intoxicating musky perfum

  peaked single breasted suit

he entered his cabin with his guard at the door followed by his secretary shanaya "sir we have a council meeting in 2 hours and than a visit to the white rose orphanage" he dismissed her with his hand and leaned into the head rest of his chair thinking about the meeting in two hours, he took the project file reading it again to assess the project.

"mom, bari ma what a surprise" suhana squealed with happiness at the sight of her beloved ladies, "good or bad surprise" said ruksar "of course good" replied suhana "but seeing the two of you together in here doesn't give good vibe" she said suspiciously, suhana learned the hard way that these two women are dangerously sweet, in her 22 birthday she found herself spending the evening with a blind date chosen by them who was lethally boring she had to finish her 2 long glasses of champagne to get through the evening.

"are see amrit" ruksar said faking hurt expression. "beta we are here to see the preparation for the launch part" amrit said innocently "so everything ok" she added "yes decorations food drinks the music are set and invitations are sent" suhana said excited just by the thought.

"ummm..beta did you invite the singhanias after all avantika is a society figure and her husband and son are investors" said amrit "aaaha I knew it you two are up to no good" "come on suhana we are thinking about your business and what is the harm in inviting them?" asked ruksar "arohi ahliwalya is the harm I am not planning to be died on the night of my line launch thank you very much " she said dramatically, "arohi wont heart you and she will understand don't tell me you are afraid of her" "yes a lot" "she goes wild with the mention of his name and you want me to invit him!" she exclaimed at the request of her two mothers, "please please beta" said amrit hopefully, "don't look at me like that bari ma I will melt" " well did it work" said amrit grinning "yes, I will invite them now" she said defeated "thanks beta" said amrit hugging her with happiness thinking let us see what arohi will do.

"thank you so much for coming miss ahluwalia and thanks for the gift and donation" "it is our job sister Karoline and I love these kids and I will do my best for the expansion of the main building" and with that she said good bye an went towards her car texting suhana for meetin for coffee and ''baam "ouch '.." arohi shouted after hitting her head with something heard "cant you watch where you are.." her word got stuck in her throat after her eyes met what she had hit arjun singhania.

"hello arohi" he said with a smirk "miss ahluwalia " she corrected him he was taken back by her hostility "why? We are not in a meeting or in place of work and I think the amout of time we spend with each other in meetings and campaigning for election allows us to be less formal don't you think? " he ended with a side lopped smile at her irritated expression "I have no interest in being less formal with you good bye" she was about to pass him when he grabbed  her wrist and pulled her to him, "if you think you will pass that project than you are wrong how greedy can you be miss ahliwalya " he said in cold manner with expressionless face "taking land of poor people to make a billions profit stimulator manufactory and covering it with this people service propaganda of yours and your party". Oh bloody hell he didn't just bash her, did he?

"well Mr. singhania you are a stupid jerk who can't differentiate between a good project and a bad one" "and dare you say again a word against my character it will go well with me" with that she pushed pass him and set in her car with her guard following leaving a fuming arjun.

"stupid jerk pig .." "what happened now?" asked suhana sitting across of arohi "what else that singhania" suhana gulped hard imagining herself being strangled by arohi for inviting the singhania for tomorrow's party.

"forget him tell me how are the preparations?" "good" "are you nervous?" "a little but I have you all to help right?" "of course babe" "hah I remembered you are wearing my dress I chose everything for you to wear tomorrow" " ok " than finishing coffee they carried with the day.

"arjun you are coming with me tomorrow night to a party" arjun mom ordered in finality "mom I hate them" "arjun singhania if you are not here tomorrow at 6 so god help you" said avantika with raising  threatening finger towards him, "ok" he raised his hands in the air as sign of defeat "plus how can you let your sexy mother go alone to a party fall of flirting men" said avantika winking at her shocked son and left.

"arohi where are you help please" said panicked suhana on the phone

"what happened babe I am coming where are you" "I am in the venue of the show the main model fell and twisted her ankle she cant model tomorrow and I didn't find a replacement" "ok ok don't panic I am 5 minutes away" said arohi hanging the phone.

"no way in hell suhana" said arohi at what her best friend was suggesting after convincing her to try the dress meant for the stupid model who decided hacking  in the night previous of the show, "please arohi it will be fun and you look beautiful in it please please" "suhana I cant I am not a model" arohi argued "fine I will cancel the show" said suhana in fake anger and disappointment "suhana 'urggg ok but don't blame me if anything goes wrong" "yey thank you everything will be perfect" and both retired to suhana house waiting for the big day.   


so this is part 2 please hit the like button and comment

part 3:

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awesome !! WONDERFUL!! god i wish i was on my pc!! i could give you a detailed comment!!

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                      thaks again for your comments and likes Big smile

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