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~*HUMSAFAR*~#2 |ArSh Fanfic| PG-123 THE END ~ thankyouu ^_^ (Page 4)

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Hey Anu..Congo for the new thread.. Hug
Hope to get updates form you regularly this time..just hope.. Ermm LOL

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Originally posted by kash_laddoo.anu

Originally posted by cue1

<font color="#ff3366">Yaay new thread</font></em>

<em><font color="#ff3366">:-)</font>

<font color="#ff3366">Cant wait for the update!!</font>

<font color="#ff3366">:-)</font>

<font color="#996600"><font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">And I cant wait to updateeEmbarrassedROFL</font></font>
Then please update na.. Disapprove Whom are you waiting for Question :/

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-Prithi- IF-Rockerz

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congrats for the new thread
plz update soon
Kashkidiwani Senior Member

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Update darling...
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congratz on the for the new thread dear
continue soon
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hey congratulations ... !!!!!!!! for new thread your fanfic n writing ... pls continue soon ... take aish...
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                    p a r t - 17                                                  

Note-this is the last part of current happenings:) Next part will be on the flashbacks so zyada excited mat ho jayiyo aap sabLOL

He left her making breathless and lied down next to her.Shilpa closed her eyes and then slowly rested her head on his chest hugging him lightly'.He was caressing her back'

Shilpa-armaaan pata hai kabhi kabhi main sochti hun tum kitna pyar karte ho mujhse.meri har khushi ka khyal rakhte ho..choti se choti cheeson ke bare mein tum sochte ho'kyun karte ho yeh sab armaan'.

Armaan-mmm I love ya'.

Shilpa-nahi armaan yeh galat hai'itna pyaar aur'iske badle mein main tumhe kuch nahi de payi..kuch bhi nahii'

Tumhe pata hai humari shaadi ke baad bhi maine tumhe kitna hurt kiya aur tum chup chaap sab kuch bardaasht karte gaye'I was soo hard on you'.still you gave me soo much love'.iam helpless armaan'.

A drop of tear trickled down her cheek and it touched armaan's bare chest'.

Armaan'main..main ek achi patni nahi ban payi'.is duniya ki sabse badkismat patni hun main jo itne pyaar aur vishwaas ki haqdaar nahi hai'iam sorry armaan..iam sorry'.

She got up and left from there as fast as she could

ArSh room-

She was sitting near the window and staring at the sky aimlessly'

Shilpa-kyun itni badkismat hun main..sab kuch hote huay bhi kuch nahi hai mere paas'ek taraf armaan hai aur uska mere liye pyaar aur dusri taraf sid mere ateet ka hissa..kaise samjhaun use ke ab meri zindagi badal chuki hai'sab kuch badal chukka hai usey haqeeqat ko apnana hoga'.nahi main armaan ko aur dhoke mein nahi rakh sakti'sab kuch bataa dungi usey chahe uske baad who mujhe apni zindagi ka hissa mane ya na mane'

Just then she saw him entering the room in a dizzy state'.

Armaan tum yeh'.

Armaan-chuppp.ek dam chuppp''..tumhe pata hai what I hate abt you..hamesha cry cry cry..arey iske agey bhi zindagi hai yaar'usey dekho..samjho'.shaadi ke pehle to itna larti thi ke'chae chae chae'.kuch bolne hi nahi deti thi'aur ab..ek dam chupp'apne feelings ko dil mein dabaake kya saabit karna chahti ho tum 'haaannn yehi ke main ek number ka idiot,moron and stupid hun'


Armaan-noo'lemme speak na '(in drunken state)

Main ishtupid hun pata hai kyun'kyunke itna pyaar karke bhi main tumhe samajh nahi pata hun shona'..i just cant'and I hate this fact'..pata hai jab se shaadi hui hai'tum ho to mere saath is rishtey mein lekin tumhara dil mere paas nahi hai'.

He made her sit closer to him and cupped her cheeks

Armaan-shona tumhe koi problem hai kya I mean main hamesha notice karta hun'.jab main tumhe choota hun to I feel complete per tum'.tummm..bari ajeeb behave karti ho'.shilpa kya mera tumhe apni zindagi ka hissa banana ka faisla itna galat tha'.do you hate me for spoiling your life'.iam a bloody jerk na..I know'.

Shilpa-nahi armaan aise mat bolo'.galat to main thi hamesha se'jo tumhare dil mein chupe pyar ko samajh nahi payi'apni zid ke agey mujhe kuch dikha hii nahii'.armaan agar kisika ka kasoor hai to who main hun'main tumhari gunegaar hun armaan..iam sorrryyy..i failed you'.main tumhare pyaar ke layek nahi hun'.main'


He leaned closer to her and removed her hair from one side of the neck planting a soft kiss there'

Bohoot bolti ho tum'..(he whispered slowly)

Ek baar shilpa bas ek baar mujhe yeh ehsaas karne do ke tum mere liye kuch feel karti ho..bas ek baar'mujhe sirf apne jism se nahii dil se apnaa loo'.plz'..

They fell on the bed with him on top of her and throwing away her dupatta he showed her how much he loves her and he possesses her in every away.

It was midnight and they were lying peacefully in eachothers armsss...Shilpa carefully tried to gather a sheet and gt down from the bed when a strong pair of arms caught her wrist and pulled with such a force that she landed on his chest'.

Shilpa-armaaan'tum naa''

Armaan-I know shameless na'shaadi ke baad se sunta aya hun'.


Armaan-nahiii'.sleep with me I want to feel you'.

He hugged her like a 1 year old baby wrapping his arms tightly around her waist and not letting her go anywhere'.She adored this sight of him and kissed on his forehead'

Making circles on his bare chest she was thinking it was time ti spill the beans'.

Shilpa-armaan'pata hai maine tumse ek bohot bari baat chupayii'.main jaanti hun mujhe yeh baat tumhe bohot pehle bataa dena chahiye tha lekin'.maine bohot koshish ki keh nahi paayi'armaan tum gussa nahi hoge na'..


His hold got tighter on her which she took as a signal of proceeding further'.

Shilpa-armaan tum hamesha yeh jaan na chahte they na ke meri tumse shaadi na karne ki wajah kyat hi'tumh eyeh lagta tha ke mujhe shaadi se problem hai shayad adjustment se dar rahi hun main..lekin aisa kuch nahi hai'.mujhe '.

It was hard for her not hard but the tuffest job of her life'.

Armaan I used to love someone''who mere saath college mein tha'.She narrated the whole story to him with lots of courage'..

Ab main tumhe jo bataane ja rahi hun shayad who sunke tum mujhe maaf na kar pao armaan'.woh ladka meri zindagi mein wapas a gaya hai'lekin ek bhayanak roop mein..armaan who'who aur koi nahi Sid hai'.wahii sid jo meri bari behen ka pati hai'.aur who yehi umeed karta hai kea b main uske paas wapas chali jaun..sab kuch chorke'apna ghar,pati'.aur pyaar'use yehii lagta hai armaan ke main'I still love him''''.main kya karun armaan mujhe kuch samajh mein nahi a raha'tell me wht should I do'tell me'''

She was completely shattered but at the same time a bit relieved as she was no more backstabbing her husband by hiding the truth from her'..

Armaan ab faisla tumhe karna hai'.ke tum sab jaan ne ke bawajud mujhe apni zindagi mein rakhna chahte ho ya nahii'.bas yehi kehna chahti hunk e mujhe ek aur mauka de do'.shayad main iske bhi layak nahi hun phir bhi'.aaj zindagi mein pehli baar tumse tumhari patni hone ka haq maang rahi hun'.

She suddenly realized he was no more holding her...instead he turned to another side and she thought it would be better to give him some time..the next morning will only decide whats in her fate...

Next Morning-
It was a normal day yet a tuff one for armaan will let her know what he she even wanted in his life can it be even possible after what she did to him...
She woke up early and took a shower...she took a pinch of sindoor
shilpa-shayad aaj ke baad meri zindagi mein is sindoor ki aehmiyat aur bar jayegi...

She heard his voice..this is will be over now within seconds...Composing herself she mde up her mind...
He was standing there trying to find out his shirt and jeans...just took shower now and was looking breathtaking in nothing but a towel drape around her waist...
Shilpa-aaa main nikaal dun...
armaan-nahi its ok(without even looking at her)
He wore his clothes and was combing his hair now...
shilpa-main breakfast lagaa deti hun...
armaan-nahi mujhe bhook nahi hai..waise bhi aaj Sanjeevani mein report karna hai already itna late ho gaya hai...
He rushed downstairs without even glancing at her for once...
shilpa-nahi shilpa ro have to be strong..yehi to expect kar rahi thi na tu armaan se...shukr kar ke woh tujhse baat to kar raha hai...

He was searching for his car's keys'.

Shilpa-who kal tum drive nahi kar pa rahe they to mujhe drive karna para..yahan hai keys'

She handed over the keys to him'.

Armaan-a thanks'.

Shilpa-armaan kal'

Armaan-shilpa mujhe kal ke bare mein koi baat nahi karni plz'behtar yehi hoga ke tum bhi un baton ko bhool jao aur main bhi'.

Shilpa-nahi armaan who bhoolane layak baatein nahi hai'.main jaanti hun mujhse galti hui hai'aur mujhe iski sazaa milni hi chahiye'.main tayoyaar hunt um..tum jo sazaa dena chahte ho main she lungi armaan bas'mom dad ko kuch mat bolna'who toot jayeng earmaan'yeh sab bardaasht nahi kar paenge'plzzz'..

Armaan-shilpa maine kahaa na ke shayad mujhse hee galti ho gayi'.I know kahin na kahin main zimedaar hun aaj tumhari job hi halat hai and iam really sorry for that'..

Pain was visible in his face'..

She collapsed on the floor crying on her fate'''

Shilpa-iam sorry armaan iam sorry'''

He kneeled down and cupped her cheeks'

Shilpa-iam sorry mujhe maaf kar do'.plzzz'''.


Not able to bear it anymore he took her in his arms'..

Armaan-basss'basss'''dekho main janta hunk e its hard for both of us aur specially I acted like a dumb yesterday'mujhe yeh sab baatein cherni hi nahi chahiye thi'iam sorry tum plz bhool jao sab kuch'

Shilpa-nahi armaan..galti meri hai mujhe..tumhe sab pehle hii bataa dena chahiye tha'.maine tumhara dil dukhaya hai..I should be shamefulll

Armaan-shhh'shona jo kuch hona tha ho chukka now I just want to be with you..chahe kuch bhi ho jaye'.I cannot stop loving you'.main yeh nahi jaanta ke  humare beech mein kal jo kuch bhi hua who hona chahiye tha ya nahii'bas yehi kehna chahta hunk e I love you and nothing can come between us..not even misunderstandings'.

Shilpa-armaaannn'.I 'love 'youuu'.

Armaan-I love you too'..

Shilpa-tumne..tumne mujhe maaf kar diya na'

Armaan-shhh hum ab is bare mein koi baat nahi kareng ehmmm..


Armaan-promise me Shilpa'.we will forget abt the past and look only towards our present and future'

She clased her hands with his and finally got gree of her guilty feeling'.she can now start thinking of her life..her married life and husband'..

Just then there was a call in armaan's cell phone'

Armaan-mm hulao'.whattt'kaise and how is he now'ok hum a rahe hai'.

His expressions said it all'.

Shilpa-armaan ky ahua..tum'sab theek to hai'

Armaan-shilpa humein jaldi sanjeevani pohochna hoga'

Shilpa-per hua kya hai'.

Armaan-anjie ka phone tha..Sid ka accident ho gaya hai..he is in ICU'.

                       PRECAP-Back In flashback ModeLOL

Kaavikram samaapt huaLOL.finally aap sab ki wish poori hui the most awaited confession khatam hua.ROFL.ufff jaan chali gayi laddoo ki tohErmmpata nahi kya likha maine iam in a half sleepy mode isiliye par lo jo parna hai at least there wont be complaints ke laddoo update nahi karti haiApprovebhala hai bura hai jaisa bhi hai mera update update jaisa hee haiD'ohgoshhh i seriously need to sleep now..ok enjoy alll:)))

and mind ya I want lots of comments bohot likha hai maineEvil Smile

-apki laddoo anuEmbarrassed

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awesome update
loved it
loved ArSh
glad shilpa told da truth
armaan is sooo sweet
cant wait 4 more
plzzz dont separate ArSh
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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