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aishhh. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 August 2011 at 5:13pm | IP Logged
^i love these colours so it makes up for not liking this but ashu makes me feel better about it :$ ahah

d i s c l a i m e r: i am THE worst when it comes to formal intros :X ignore random stuff :) 

and JUST as i say that i'll be all formal and say i'm aishwarya Embarrassed 
no, no one usually calls me that..k it takes even me 10 seconds to realise it's my name Stern Smile

if you don't know me..then well i'm a pretty paagal maharashtrian gori aussie chhori :) and NO I DO NOT have an ever so awesome aussie accent psht i do when i want actually ROFL

what do i love: you guys Embarrassed yes i do :) because you are..f e v i c o l no i swear (google it right now if you are unknown to it) im blessed to have your hamesha and forever type ka love and support through all these shops, love you all Hug as much as i want to take individual names this time i won't Embarrassed because you all know who you are, if i start doing that in every shop then ok admit, as special as you'll feel there's like one of me and like hundreds of you so shukriya meherbaani karam this time :)  and i'll make up for it with HugHugHug :)

i n s p i r a t i o n s
please don't even bother asking me 'what am i doing on this list' because the answer to that for everyone is i truly believe you are the best and deserve it Embarrassed

pari . pooja .  jenny . ashu . dangelz 
ravs  fary . sid . mehwish . marium
jhanvi . sahar . kajal . alisha shikha

- i love my bhanji aditi aka hotmess - talk about overdue payments bhanjii psht Stern Smile

^excuse everything i wrote up there, it was on saturday night when i was hell tired, i'd been working non stop so erm yes it doesn't make sense :X i can't even believe i sat there colour coding stuff Ermm

request rules

there is a diff between OPEN & CLOSED :) follow it please :)
(unless otherwise you know you can somehow blackmail me to make you something :X)

HQ pictures/caps ONLY; yes i'll let you take advantage and allow upto 20ish
text/for___ or not/matching icons the usual 

downloadable/embedded videos ONLY. no YT please & thankyou

- no PM reqs; won't take them
- only regulars req'ing...that's my insurance policy cause i trust my regulars w/ the ^^

AND (don't mean to scare Ermm) rules are for following, meherbaani karke please follow otherwise i'll have ashu and jhanvi on your backs:) trust me you do not want that LOL

previous shops

#1          #2          #3          #4          #5          #6

i n d e x

pg#1: HSSH-prem+preeti/vinod+sapna
pg#22: mausam/shahid-sonam/gurmeet-drashti/REQS
pg#38: mausam/arnav-khushi/kash/shona/sanz-barun/REQS

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..-Niru-...pari.-beautiful_sky-monakhan.-Indescribable-harshita_sahni-Rakshu-StarMchahaat.Gunjan.ScatteredCastle-Shankar-theaneesha1992BeautifulDream.Sanugr8fanJyo.-kirulicious---Divzfan--awarapan.Barishkiduaa* ~ Roshni ~ *Mysterygirl_meshareenDulceAmor-prachid-Meera1101--sunshine--Nomaa.desigrl05theaishamariasrkyulZ-Nymphadora-SweetAddiction.KaJen.xoxosofiaaax.eshaaax3.Fallen Angelburgerchaap-Hoor--Pooja--tehreem-Siddhi_jesss.madhoshiyaan.-Rinki-viniva sharmaspiritcrimsonspamalotthegameisonMeehak..khoobsurat.saraaa.Mariaa.SG..Amira..relentless..Jane...ayesha.-Harshu-.PINK.WildestDreamsAquarius18Sunshine Girl_Oishi_asmaanixxMehak_Luvs_Ranibones88.JustaDreamAS..-Fatima-Arteclecticsafeplacetoland-CromulentHaze-.Dulcetdelightful.serendipity.saher_90-Preeti-JennyPennyminuuBepannaah.-Swetha-.YixingsManal.soundsofcedarsanober.

-Pooja- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 December 2005
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Posted: 29 August 2011 at 5:14pm | IP Logged

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aishhh. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 January 2010
Posts: 17849

Posted: 29 August 2011 at 5:14pm | IP Logged
^you scared me Stern Smile reserve toh karne dena tha :| 

SUPER image heavy: let it load

i love love LOVE this film like anything, such a typical suraj barjatya one the family rishte and all :| still, vinod sapna are adorableee :$ but prem preeti have a place in my heart Embarrassed they are the cutest <3 yes: cute LOL Embarrassed i'll come slap you if you haven't seen the film Stern Smile Big smile

i can do stacking if anyone wants :)


kjkfdk how hard is it to work with not so HQ caps :X 







reqs-i'll have them done in a couple of days time; if you haven't edited your spot please do Embarrassed
btw i've made a LOT more..just uploading it was being a pain and i decided the HSSH stuff alone was already image heavy to give your lt's problems enough so i didn't post LOL
kk im done :) 

if loading's being a real problem then album links:
prem/preeti: http://min.us/mJez9BF0x
vinod/sapna: http://min.us/mboLWun8VE

Edited by aishhh. - 29 August 2011 at 8:54pm

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payal40ShamrozSays..-Niru-...pari.-Indescribable-ClaraOswald.monakhan.Gunjan.ScatteredCastleStarMchahaat.-Rakshu-DulceAmorAngelic_Pari-Kruti.S-malluangelgremlin.-kirulicious---Divzfan--Mysterygirl_meshareenBarishkiduaaMeera1101-Shankar-awarapan.-Ishita-BeautifulDream.Jyo..Kiran.--sunshine--Nomaa.spamalotthegameisonObodroKargosh.khoobsurat.saraaa...Amira..jesss.madhoshiyaan.-Rinki-Madhura...MohitzPari.nyxx.hea.-Pooja-burgerchaapFallen Angeleshaaax3.fizii_gurlJulybaby22KaJen.xoxo26javeyRaee_SalvatoreSweetAddiction.rainydays.-Hoor--nautankidollz--tehreem-Siddhi_yulZ-Junglee--KimSungHyun-asmaanixxsafeplacetolandIshaqzaadiruky786AS..-Fatima-.JustaDreamSunshine Girl.PINK.LennieMehak_Luvs_Ranibones88WildestDreamspyar-ishkAquarius18relentless._Oishi_-x-Reshu-x--Harshu-.ayesha..Jane...Dulcetdelightful.-Mrinalini-Bepannaah.-Swetha--Preeti-star_fanZoobiDoobiblessing-beautysoundsofcedarserendipity.minuusaher_90sanober.naadanmasakalli

yulZ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 August 2011 at 5:14pm | IP Logged
Thankgawddd my turtle jaisa slow computer ne mera saath nahi choda at this SPECIAL moment Cool the avis and image ALL loaded so phassttt Cool WOHOOO !! but as soon as i saw ur update my eyes fell out of their places Stern Smile *dont imagine it, its EWWW ROFL* but seriously yarr i DID knew that u were gonna update on HSSH par EACH n EVERY thing is soo damn PERFECT that i dont know wat to say :O:O:O:O:O:O:O U do everything MORE than i expect woh bhi with DOUBLE DHAMAKA Cool

Pehle baat toh completely agree that movie is AWESOMEE !! minus those 3 make up waali bhootni aunties Stern Smile and that pundit type wala uncle ROFL.. I had watched it once or twice before but all i could remember was Prem and preeti so that must be enough to let everyone know which was my favourite jodi Blushing Oh that rhymed ShockedROFL this is wat they call " with the touch of Love everyone becomes a poet Cool"ROFL well when i watched it AGAIN by gawdd !! i dont know why but when i reached half way through the movie i actually thought that Sapna would be a bit negative in between ROFLROFL par i was COMPLETELY wrong.. but PP was chooo Blushing yes u know the word Aish its C U T E ROFL !!

Ok back to the update. OHH FISHH !! I dont know where to start from Stern Smile the avis are ADOWABLEE yaar Day Dreaming dhaat wat do i expect when its our PP Blushing they made the PERFECT pair and gawdd Sonali looked gawjusss Day Dreaming simple yet very elegant Heart ! btw i cant choose one of them PARRR the most awwwish moment for me was the 3rd avi BlushingBlushing HAAYEEE !! Blushing and 4th one oh damn i didnt saw that part when i watched it last time Stern Smile par its cute aswell Embarrassed but the 5th one is kuchikooo ree ROFLROFL Love them ALLL !! 

*scrolls down*

OMGG Wait u are not yet finished with the avis Stern Smile Aish u have got matching avi for EVERY siggy OMGGG O:O:O:O:O:O:O: *blushes REALLYYY hard*ROFL  seriously yarr i am in love with each and everythingg and the siggies :O:O:O:O:O:O dudee can it be anymore perfect than this ?? NO! the haati part was soo romantic Day Dreaming ufff.. the way she sharmai hayeee Silly and the little purple hearts matched the avi and the siggy PERFECTLYY !! (yes u will notice that i will be using this word like 21354859896 times in this update Stern Smile

the rain oneee Wat do i say Day Dreaming ? it was disakumachaaa !!! ting tang ROFLROFL i have gone insane now ROFL i havent still finished commenting but m like looking at ur creations more than actually looking wat i am typing Stern SmileROFLthe siggy style ROCKSS !! its simple but it looks like the style was indeed made for those pics only Embarrassed !

the 3rd batch and my MOSTT favourite one Blushing the fact that its a bit light yellowish is TOOO GOODDD !! muah.. sonali loks stunning in it and both of them were like a match made in heaven Day Dreaming the thing that made my jaw drop was ur siggy Stern Smile gawdd the blendinggg Stern Smile , the choice of the pictures and the text Stern Smile OUTSTANDINGGG !! *shouts standing in the table*ROFL LOVE LOVEE LOVEEE IT !!! LOWEE IT re baba LOWEE itt turururururur *sings and dances* ROFL i know i need some mental check up right now par bear with it aaj k liye Stern SmileROFL

and awww the last 3 avis were soo touchy and beautiful Embarrassed she understood his problems and gave her saath Day Dreaming when he hugged her and criedd i was like in cloud 70th Day Dreaming

and now vinod-sapna ROFL ogawddd these two were a namuna in the movie i tell you yarr ROFL the way they were doing nautanki and all jokey jokey cracked me up especially vinod ROFL everytime i see them i remember the part where PP applies different ways to make them come to reality ROFL and the chair part toh HAHAHA ROFLROFL they both were bubbly but ya cute too :) but not as cute as PP EmbarrassedROFL aray vinod ka dream ne toh mujhe bhi popat banadiya yaar Stern Smile i thought it was real ROFL so i was like "aray where they already married Stern Smile" then when he came out of his lalaland i knew the truth aswell ROFL i was like " u dumbo " to myself ROFLROFL honestly yarr it looked SOO REAL Stern Smile i like the text in the siggy ;P pariyooo Day Dreaming*sings again* ROFL and omgg that drama was ROFLROFL they were soo good at doing nakal of everyone yarr :O:O:O:O and karishma looks pretty no matter wat she wore :O:O:O the 2nd batch is my fav one for these 2 Embarrassed the blue-y effect makes the siggy looks romantic Embarrassed and baaki ka aviss NAJAWAAAB !! last wali mein karishma looks gawjuss Day Dreaming 

Its a gr8 movie yarr !! i wish EVERY house with a joint family was like this without any fights among themselves Big smile and ya this is ALSO one of my wish to stay together like them in a joint family which i am not sure abt ROFL

PS: How can i miss that AWESOMELICIOUS & HOTILICIOUS + STUNNIN-ILICOUS banner Stern Smile Aish just like when jenny makes shilpa sigiges u ROCK when u make anu siggies or banners or avis Wink i mean DUDEE the 1st thing that always takes my breath away are ur anu creations coz being the banner its the 1st thing i see Tongue.. The blending and the cutting and everythingg Its truly MARVELLOUS yarr Clap  and u were not kinda sure with it Ermm tujhe hameshaa BEST siggies pe hi not-sure hoti hai BY GAWD !! Stern Smile By the way the colour theme was so Aish-ilicicous Embarrassed It looks bOOtiful yarr, honestly <3 

PPS: Abt the inspirations bit i wasnt sure abt my name in there LOL par as u said not to ask why and gave the explanations aswell i will accept it Embarrassed Thanx for thinking me of this layak yarr Hug

OMGG am i done Stern SmileROFL i was planning to unreserve it next day but then i thought kal tak toh ye 10+ pages hojayega so i shall do it now only ROFL

*comes after 10 mins*

PPPS: Oh i toh totally forgot to congrats you ROFLROFL OMGG its like after u hear ramayan and u have no idea who sita is type situation ErmmROFL Anywayss Congratss Aish Hug Teri time limit for this gallery is max 1 month ApproveROFL 

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-Indescribable-BeautifulDream..AngadKripa.awarapan.aishhh.-nautankidollz-mariasrk.MohitzPari.viniva sharmasoundsofcedar

-Pooja- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 August 2011 at 5:15pm | IP Logged
Okkk Resss this one ahha

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soundsofcedar IF-Addictz

BollyCurry Buzzer
Joined: 25 December 2008
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Posted: 29 August 2011 at 5:17pm | IP Logged
Can I? Ermm don't make me feel bad if I cant :(

Har behain ki zindagi mein woh ek din aata hai jab woh khushi ke anso roti hai and woh din ab tak 3 baar achuka hai meri zindagi mein ...EH forget it I am too lazy to keep up with this nautanki I had a dialogue wagaira wagaira in mind but since bhaiya apki sister hoon lazy hona toh banta hai na Big smile By the way now that I think of it weren't we planning on getting into a relationship on scraps after like 9 years or something Ermm Hum toh chale they aashique baane jaane kahan rakhi baand di ROFLROFL There is seriously a problem with your shop it just prompts me to be random and chatty :| OH OH OH I would like to do a dance Cool BECAUSE you didn't even in your dreams thought I would make it to this page cos of je uniiivercitttea :D but dekho main saath samandaar paar karke teri shop stalk karne agayi Embarrassed But seriously I think credit goes to Sid who made you open at this certain time if not I will just mention him aivanyi in this comment and since you all are BFFLS I am sure you won't minds =) OK I don't know where I was going with that ErmmROFL


Whoops tomorrow came a little too late Ermm :P Erm to say I am intimidated by the other essays in yo shop would be an understatement :| I don't remember what I want to say anymore :( Main essay likhne wali toh nahi magar ay haseen jab se dekha maine teri shop ko essayari agayi ROFL Well not amazing essayari but you shall have to deal with this nautanki fail for your IF life unless one of us gets too annoying for the other and we start to avoid each other like plague OMG :| PLEASE don't let that happen I need Aish in my life ok :( Erm IDK where this is going and I can so imagine your reply too "Ermm I don't either" ROFL Well since we have gathered here to for your avi/siggy shop wageira wageira I should say a few shabd on your skills what can I say that hasn't been said before I truly think this really sums up my feelings for your work "If I ever imagined a perfect siggy, it always resembled your style (even though I didn't know about you back then :P)" OMG IF just froze on me and I got scared that I lost my comment PHEW nahi hua :P OH OH OH TERA BANNER Day Dreaming Can you be my banner maker too one day ROFL unless it's too much work then nevermind I can stare at yours instead. UFF TERI ADAA Well not adaa more like your update Blushing I like the way you PS ROFL Haye seriously everything is so pretty I want to like eat them all Ermm yeah you heard me :D Ok I feel sleepy ROFL so I am going to cut this short haila uni ne maar daala anyway I can't wait for your next update jaldi aane wali hai mereko khabar hui :P

God bless you&Loads of Love <3
Sary :)

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.ayesha. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 August 2011 at 5:18pm | IP Logged
res :) 

prem preeti Day Dreaming



Aishiii yaarHug  Hug Hug   May you have many more shops in the future yaar and u totally deserve it yaar . u are amazing siggy maker and my fav too yaar. :$  
yay u are on 7th shop yaar Hug  i hope that you make many more and reach 100th one because u make breath taking stuff yaar.  oye did u notice u and jhanvi are on the same number of shop i mean 7th shop .. cool na LOL  
i made it to first page yaar ... i am so happy yaar :))  it feels like achievement yaar haha... anyways thanks for hearing my bak bak coming to your awesome shop, 
First of all your banner looks beautiful .. it is flawless. and your colors are so pretty . i love it!!!  
i am sure u know how much i was so excited for this update naaa ... prem preeti is love yaar Day Dreaming Embarrassed   your update is full package of magic, amazing stuff yaar which i just want stare yaar .. Day Dreaming  it is soo hard to chose which one is my fav avi and u made it so hard for to chose to use yaar ... now i am in delima  yaarConfused  your coloring border and the moments u chose are the best .. they are like eye catcher yaar ..esp http://k.min.us/ibhvKiXF7UcMlq.gif  i really like the way the test style..amazing blending yaar u know i adore your blending yaar Embarrassed  every avi is prefect... u are making me fall for them more  yaar esp http://k.min.us/ibl6BVSMgnJYir.png and http://k.min.us/i6Ta9vubVVFlt.png this is just WOW yaar . simply fab Star these avis http://k.min.us/iSJ5UdtNKwbKJ.gif   aww it was sad and sweet and how they understand each other so well .. she look so pretty in pink too na 
absolutely love prem preeti stuff so much yaar ... my fav yaar :$   i heart everything yaar :$ 
vinod and spana stuff is superb yaar . i love the  siggies esp and http://k.min.us/iOuAxj8FwSQG6.gif   i like this one alot yaar . Gorgeous stuff yaar 

btw it did not take long to load yaar... it was  easy quick for me yaar... 
all in one this was my fav update from u yaar ... the stuff freaking super amazing yaar ... 
keep up the awesomeness yaar :)) 
love u yaar Hug

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Dangelz IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 August 2011 at 5:19pm | IP Logged

AHHH! If you're done reserving...THIS is my RESERVED spot!

- - EDITED - -
I MADE IT ON THE FIRST PAGE! YAYY! =D Yes I am extremely proud of myself for reserving on the first page! Cool I would have missed out if I was a second late, but thanks to my utterly amazing stalking skills...I claimed my spot on page ONE! Cool Sadly, I wasn't able to view your update and I STILL can't see anything cause my computer keeps freezing...but thanks to your iminus album links I saw EVERYTHING =D You saveddd my day with those links! So thank you VERY much! Embarrassed
So anyways, lets start off with all the badhai shadhai and BIG congratsss on making it to # 7! Hug I am extremely happy, but I'm not surprised that you've made it this far and if your shops keep moving at this speed...you WILL have 5421354363465 shops within a few years. ROFL With each and every shop you finish, my love for your work keeps growing! Embarrassed I truely admire your stuff and I'm always gonna be your phangurl! Embarrassed You've gotten SO good in such a short span of time, its not even funny! Stern Smile Everything from your blending, colouring, style, texture use, texts and what not is praiseworthy! I can't even find an area of improvement for your work! ROFL This is exactly why I la la LOVE your work so much! Embarrassed
Ok so badhai ho gayi, bohot saari taareef bhi ho gayi LOL...next topic, your lovely banner! I honestly stared at your banner for a few good moments, before proceeding downwards. LOL Its sooo freakin gorgeousss! Embarrassed I just LOVE the shades of green you've played with on the pics, and it just makes the pics look 10 times more beautiful =) Ok so this time, I'm not surprised you colour coordinated your intro titles with your banner. ROFL Infact, it looks more attractive that way <3
So finally on to the ACTUAL update LOL. LOL Ok so I am definitelyyy getting slapped by you. Stern Smile Can you guess why? Cause I'm one of those ignorant people who missed out on a movie like HSSH :/ You're probably thinking...WHY and How on Earth is that possible? Well honestly, I don't remember watching this movie. I've seen songs from it and all, but I don't think I've watched the entire movie...and even if I have, I don't remember it :/ I know, its pretty sad LOL. But that doesn't stop me from loving your HSSH update! =D
I absolutely ADORE the avis you've made! Both the Prem-Preeti and Vinod-Sapna ones! Those must have taken you forever to make, did they? Stern Smile Either way, I've always loved the style of your avis cause you make any vid look 425426346365 times better to look at! I sadly can't comment on the scenes you've picked or squeal about them...cause I. didn't. watch. the. movie -_- But they all look veryyy cute! The quality of the avis look amazing too, considering this movie is more than a decade old. The sigs you've made are just super stunninggg! I love how you're playing more with colour these days, especially with colourful textures and backgrounds...really makes your sigs look lively =)  The colouring and blending as usual, is simply amazinggg! Can't really pick a fav cause all of them have their own charm =)
Anyway, so after seeing your update...I feel the need to watch HSSH now! Stern Smile I feel left out =( Mind mailing me the DVD? ROFL No I'm kidding, I'll find it online or I'll borrow it from someone when I get time lol. Ok so I think my essay has come to an end LOL. I loveee youuu <333 and congratsss once again! Hug

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