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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

New Maneet OS: Love marriage ya arrange marriage?

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Hey guys i m back with another os. hope u all will like it. 

Maneet OS

~ * ~A Love marriage or arrange marriage?~*~

The room was decorated very beautifully with white and purple orchids, red heart shaped balloons and candles.

Geet was to be sited in the middle of the big, king size bed which was decorated with red roses just them.

Geet was waiting for her husband, Maan sigh khurana.

It was a arrange marriage for geet and love marriage for maan.

She was smiling remembering their first meeting.

Maan has seen geet at some random road traffic signal, eating gollgappe with her friends. he was in love with her at first sight.

He was so restless since then. He didn't eat properly, couldn't sleep whole night, he just left out of the world. he would see her everywhere, in his room, in his bed, on his tudy table, his study room, his jim, basically everywhere. He couldn't concentrate on his work the whole week, thatz when his dad, raj realized a change in him. He decided to talk to his son, but maan just shrugged off the subject saying, he just too tired.

But his best friend his dadi made him spills the beans. And he confessed that he is love with some random girl whom he saw at xyz road's traffic signal.

Dadi was more than happy for her grandson and spread the news in the house. It was like a festive for khurana's that their oldest son was in love and he wanted to get married.

But the next question was who that girl??

But his younger sister solved the matter giving a solution that she might be from this xyz college, which is just few blocks from that stall.

And maan investigated about her at college but since he didn't knew anything about her, he didn't get any information.

But one day, when dadi said, lets go to mandir and pray to god, he will only help u now.

Whole khurana family went to shiv temple which was really famous for prayer and thatz where his prayer also got accepted when his saw her with her family singing a very beautiful bhajan.

And maan just got lost in her and her melodic voice. Dadi saw in his eyes that she's the one and she told raj and simmi, maan's mother and father. They just talked that whole matter their and fixed a date to officially go and see ceremony.

Thatz where geet and maan talked.

They were to b sited in her room

5 whole min passed.

Nobody talked, geet was just too nervous and maan was just staring at her.

 maan took the initiative.

"geetji, app…um kya karti hai?"

2 min gone..

"umm….ji me B.Sc. ke 2nd year me hu."

5 min gonn…

He just didn't knew what to ask. He just wanted to talk to her but what to ask so he just started asking her random questions.

"umm…ji app ki hobby kya hai?"

3 min gonn…

", playing tennis, cooking."

Maan now just didn't knew what to ask.

So he asked

"agar app ko kuch puchana ho to app puch sakti hai!"

"um ji nahi muje kuch nahi puchana"

And prito, geet's older sister, came.

"ahem ahem…. Are u guys done?"

This was their first talk.

At same day, they did the roka, becuz khurana's were to eager to make geet their's.

And at night maan thought of calling geet, but then thought, what will I talk?

And geet also thinking same, but she on second thought, y would I call? He is guy he should call me first.

And after lot of thinking maan sent her a blank massage and geet opened with lot of hope and it ws blank massage.

She also sent him blank massage,

Thatz how everythin went for next two days, they would talk trough giving miss call, and sending blank massage.

After two weeked their engagement was fixed.

They both went to get clothes together.

And they started talking

Geet asked him not call her saying "geet ji" and so did maan.

Now they have become good friends.

Geet would share everything with him.

Like what happen in college, what professor said what.

Maan would pick her up from college every day, they would go to park, sit their, talk and maan would drop her off to her place.

The wedding was to be set after 3 months.

Maan wanted to get married soon, but the murth was not good.

During that, both family came very closer.

They went to picnic, raj and simmi really liked geet.

Geet, dadi and maan had become best buddies.

Both family did shopping together.

And maan and geet came really closer in this time.

Geet was smiling remembering the past 4 month. How her life completely changed.

Just then maan entered the room.

He saw geet smiling and blushing in her thought.

He came closer and set behind her,


even geet didn't relieze it.

When maan put his hands on her shoulder from behind and kissed her there, 

thez when she relized that maan has arrived.

Maan came forward, and whispered, "mere bare me soch rahi thi?"

Geet just shied and hided her face in her plam.

"geet, did I told u, u look so beautiful when u blush, haye me mar java"

And maan slowly removed her hands from her face. And he saw her angelic face.

Maan suddenly become all serious and sensuously said,

"geet, ajj tumhe mujse koi nahi baca payega!"

Geet just blushed again and her cheeks turn pink.

Maan slowly set front of her, removed her odhani.

Then took out her tika and kiss her forehead.

Geet just smiles in anticipation.

Slowly maan removed every accessories off of her, replacing it with his love, his kisses.

After he was done he slowly unbutton his shervani, geet become conscious and closed her eyes, getting the clue what's gonn happen next.

Maan sensed that.

He slowly cuped her face in his hand and made her look in his eye.

"sweet heart, I was more than excited for this day and this special moment. But it is more important to me that are u ready or not. If u are not ready I m willing to wait. U can take ur time to get comfortable. I will wait. Okay jaan?"

And he was about to get up when geet held him by his shervani.

Maan stoped and looked at her.

Geet started to say something, she was looking down and stammering.

"umm….woh…me…umm "

And just huged him smiling-blushing.

Maan understood what she wanted to say.

He just took the chance without delaying further.

Maan started to kiss geet. But geet didn't respond.

Maan didn't mind to that, becuz Maan knew she doesn't respond at first, she takes a little time to get comfortable with surrounding and him. They have kissed many times before, stealing their own moments from world, family, they would get started with their little love act anywhere, in every corner. At First geet would refuse saying what if somebody saw them 

but later she would give in to his passion.

Both were enjoying the kiss. Maan was giving full mouth kiss to geet. He slowly arged geet to open her mouth. Geet happyily oblinged and opened her mouth and maan entered her mouth and started to play with her tough with his own. And geet also started to to respond to him and they both were making love with their toughed twisted around each other.

Mean while kissing her, 

maan let his hand roam around at her back. And slowly he opened her only dori that held her blouse.

Suddenly geet got conscious and stopped him kissing. Maan smiled at her act and guieded her hand to help him get rid his shervani. Slowly both lost in to each other passion.

After 1 hour.

Both were panting, maan rested him self on back and brought geet, to rest her head on his bare chest.

Maan roaming his free hand on her bare back.

He gave her tight kiss on her forehead and said,

"geet, I love u, jaan. thank u soo much for coming in to my life. thank u for completing. You are my life, I will die without u, u r my soul, please don't ever leave me."

Geet smiled and kissed him on his bare chest said,

"maan…. I love u, too. And I should b thanking u for coming in to my life and marrying such a middle class girl. U made me feel like I m priencess of somewhere. I want u to know that, I love u and only u. don't ever get upset with me,  and always love me ur whole life."

"geet, don't u dare to say that u r from middle class family and I didn't a favour by marrying u. varna yaad hai na?"

Both smiled remembering

Flash Back:

Both were at Love cafeteria.

Sitting across from each other holding each other's hand.

Maan had sneaked from his meeting to see geet.

Geet was very upset that day, and he couldn't wait till evening to meet her and know the reason so he just brought her their.

And asked her

"sweet heart, kya baat hai?? Mama-papa (maan's) ne kuch kaha kya?"

"nahi maan, unhone kuch nahi kaha vo to bahot acche hai. Muje apni beti ki tarak rakte hai"

"fir kya hua? Exam ki taiyari nahi hue? Aree koi baat nahi tum fail bhi ho gayi to I don't care baba, truth me aur tumhe koi kuch nahi kahega ye meri gerentee"

"nahii maannn…ye baat nahi hai"

"toh? Toh ky abaat hai shona? Ur giving me tension jaan, tell me"

"maan wohh…I was thinking and I m middle class girl, ur from such a rich family. I don't stand anywhere near u. u have done such big fever. I hope u wont regret getting marrying to me. I want u to think over about our relation."

"GEET…tum ye sab soch bhi kaise sakati ho?? I mso hurt, kyat um muje itna hi pehchan pai ho ajj tak? Hah geet?"

the hurt was clear on his face

"geet, u know what geet. U r right. I should think over this relation. But I m pretty sure over my decision to marry u. but if u want to think that then u just know this fact straight that u'll b the only reason of death."

And just from there.

Geet was shocked to hear that.

Geet run behind him but he was gonn already.

She called him, he just disconnected her call. She took a cab and went to his house, but he left from there already. She entered his house crying and went to dadi and told her everything.

Dadi listened her carefully and said,

"beta, tumhe aisa nahi kehena tha, lekin I understand ur also right. Ok let me tell u whenever he is upset he goes to farm house which is 2 hour from her away from city."

Dadi arranged a car and get her going to their farm house.

Geet told her family that she'll b late today, since she with maan.

Later she reached their and opened the door with spare key which dadi gave her.

Maan was siting on porch, looking very angry. Geet went their and huged him from back.

Maan got takena back, he turn to see who it is. And saw geet crying.

Seeing geet crying he immidetely forgot his angery and took her in his embrace and asked her in concern

"geet, jaan..kya hua tumhe? R u okk? Geet bola mera dil beta jar aha hai"

Geet just cried and cried and finally said

"maan I m sorry! I love u jannu!"

"kya? Kya kaha tumne?"

"sorry?" looked up confusingly

"nahi uske baad!"

She blushed

"I love u!"

"nahi uske baad?"

She frowned to know that he wasn't happy to as always when she said I love u. so she dully replied


Maan gave her a wide smile and took her lips in a passionate kiss.

Geet got surprise and later gave in to his passion

And maan took a promise from her to never mention that she is from middle class family and he has done a big favour by marrying her. he is the lucky on to get her.

geet just huged him

And they made up.

Flash back end:

Both smiled remembering the rest, they almost made love that day on farm house. They were alone and wether played a good part to turn maan on.

Geet pushed that part away and said

"okk baba, I m sorry And here's the apology application"

 and she gave him kiss on lips.

Maan kissed back and said,

"Apology accepted!"

And suddenly he got all romantic.

"aur kya keh rahi thi tum? Tumhe puri zindagi pyar karu? Huh? Thik hai to chalo abhi se suru kar dete hai"

Before she can say anything

Maan started his lovely act and soon geet joined in to another love making

They all night made love, over and over.

They lived a happy life.

but a only question people were confued about their marriage was.

Was that a love marriage or arrange marriage?

Whenever they went to party and people asked they

U guys are so in love, it must b love marriage, right?

And maan would answer, YES it was love marriage

But geet would say, NO it was an arrange marriage.

people would look strangely

and maan-geet would just burst into laugh. 

So wat u guys think?




























if you guys liked it, please press like button. 

Thank you for reading!

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lubbed it ...

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lol wonderful OS! Smile

Well... According to Maan it was a love marriage and according to Geet it was a arranged. But they both fell in love with eachother before marriage.. the farmhouse etc etc..

so I think...

Love marriageEmbarrassedSmile

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i loved it so much
thanks for the pm!

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Wonderful os
Awesum superb n really cute
According to me I think that both fell in love b4 marriage so itz love marriage

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lovley one short nil it marriage ...g8 love 

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sweet scorpio
sweet scorpio

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beautiful OS

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