WU for Wednesday 24-08-2011- Gutter dance Part II

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 Sadism (GW) at its Peak Question Or is it only a Sample Question

The first scene starts with Prabha Ouch...he tells his sister that none can understand the pain he is going through now as one has to experience that  to understand him (Wait Prabha, you will get to see a living example for how to bear all the tortures caused by parents Tongue). Thulasi, our heroine tells him that she too experienced the same pain as him as her mother eloped too when she was a child Ouch. Prabha is shocked. Thulasi continues that she knows nothing about her mother, but adds that her mom caused her too much of avamanam and adds that she is called as Odukaali's daughter Ouch. She tells that she learned to ignore the avamanaam and now has the veri to prove herself infront of the people who insulted her Clap (When when and when?Day Dreaming). Deepa tells Prabha that Thulasi went through more kodumai than him. Deepa continues that Thulasi might look like a coward, but she is not! She is determined to prove herself to this world Big smile. Prabha says sorry and tells that his problems are nothing compared to that what Thulasi experienced. He adds that Thulasi is his rolemodel (Are you sure of that Prabha, I am not yet Tongue) and leaves.

Scene shifts to PA's house Unhappy Angry...Thulasi comes back from college and goes to the kitchen and checks if there is any food. A very hungry Thulasi gets happy seeing the food and goes to freshen up. The most inhumane women of this world comes to the kitchen and hides the food she cooked in a big vessel (What a sadistic psycho this woman is Angry Angry, marumagalukku poruthamana Maamiyar Dead Dead). Thulasi comes back and sees no sign of food there Cry Cry (This is sooo cruel). Thulasi understands that GW is not ready to give her any food Cry.

She comes to GW and begs her for food while telling that she is very hungry Cry. GW ignores her Angry and calls her loose friend Mangai D'oh. She tells her friend, that she just now ate Dead and lists the food items she had Angry. Thulasi keeps listening to her MIL. GW polambufies about her urupadatha daughter's life and starts haunting Thulasi with disgusting words (Mr. Ezhilvaradhan...absolutely no "Ezhil" in your dialogues, how many times will you keep repeating the same words to scold Thulasi Angry...vaarthaikku vaarthai that GW used those words Dead...can't listen to them anymore Angry). Thulasi interrupts her Sothai and asks her if she can cook herself as she is too hungry Cry. GW yells at her and asks her not to alanchufy always for food and continues talking to Mangai Angry (She is asking for food as she is hungry, but you greedy lady, you are always alanchufying for money and for doing second marriage to your son Dead Angry).

Thulasi goes to kitchen and starts cooking (Good girl). She drops the the vessel she took to cook. GW comes and yells at her and Thulasi apologizes to her D'oh (Grrr Thulasi, why do you have to do that, can't you just ignore her?). GW comes back and starts acting as if she is talking again to useless friend Mangai Angry. She tells her that SQ daughter is preggy. She adds that one has to be lucky to become pregnant (We will soon see who is lucky and who is not). She continues that SQ is not an orphan Dead Dead (This woman won't shut up her mouth w/o mentioning abt Thulasi's mom Angry) and she has a great mother to cook for her whatever she wants (Mannangatti mother Angry). Thulasi hears everything from kitchen but tries to cook. GW comes to kitchen and starts cooking for her daughter Dead. Thulasi coughes Ouch...GW asks her to go away Angry. Thulasi comes out of the kitchen and drinks some water Cry Cry (Pooor girl Cry). But GW scolds her for that too Dead (I am eagerly waiting to see the punishment GW gets Day Dreaming). Thulasi takes her school bag and goes upstairs to study (Awww maaan...poor poor girl, how can she study when she is hungry Ouch...apart from feeling pity for her, I am getting mad at her too...sigh).

The last scene starts with Thulasi feeling dizzy and she controls her tears and sits down Ouch (Sigh). The great CQ aka SQ arrives there D'oh Sleepy. GW gets happy seeing her daughter Dead and asks her about her MIL. SQ tells that she fought with her MIL and walked out of the house and adds that Nithish slapped her. GW is shocked and talks about the anyaayam done to her daughter Dead (Aama GW...neenga pannarathellam than nyaayam, but mathavanga pannara nyaayamana vishayam ellam ungalukku anyaayama than therium Angry). SQ tells that "Athu"- voda tortures meaning her MIL 's are getting too much to bear Angry (Poor MIL...she has to bear your tortures Ouch). GW advices her daughter not to return to Nit as they themselves will come back to take her with them as she is preggy now Angry. GW yethuvittufies her daughter that she won't send her back until her MIL comes to apologize to Lavanya Angry. She asks her daughter to take rest and continues to cook for her Angry. Thulasi in mottai maadi tries to study with an empty stomach Cry (Awww tooo sad  this Kumaran Cry).  After the cooking is done...GW wakes up SQ and serves her food on Vaazhai Ilai Dead. Thulasi feels dizzy again and is not able to study. SQ full kattu kattufies for the the second time Dead. The episode ends on Thulasi who can't study as she is too hungry (Thulasi please come to us IF family...we invite you to share our food Big smile).

(Thulasi starving Cry and GW&SQ's paavam Angry) Thodarum...Cry Cry

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Thanks Guns for the awesome and wonderful Update!ClapSmile GW Special for youLOL

Moonu peru irunthanga, Thuls-oda kadaiya kettanga. Oruthar kittaiya brain illa?LOL Hahaha no, but i wished one Deepa or Prabha to get some clue, but they did notEmbarrassed

Huh, enna vendru solvathamma?Angry I dont know how to describe GWSleepy I also dont want to describe herDead How cruel she is and was hiding the food, Chaa what a jenmam?AngryCensored GW, you body is full and full only with kozhuppu and thimiru. A wonder enna-na only ur sons did not get anything of it, except LavLOL She is another psycho, but i feel even Charu is better than her, yenna Charu is mentaly ill and doing it, but this AmmaCensoredD'oh

Paavom Thuls, tried to ask her food, failed. Tried to cook, failed. Tried to drink water, failedCry I pity her a lot. She was like mayankufying, sighCry Lav u can dream, Nith wont come. Please Nith dont comeEmbarrassed 

Tomo food scene for meD'oh Why should MM come at the time and not TA?Thumbs Down

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Thanks for the Wonderful Update plus Lovely Comment YovYovYov Gunthyyy!!!Big smile Thank you Gunthyyy again for saving me Hugas i got only censored words to type right from end of 1st part.

College scene was good, i wonder who is going to find Thulasi is Buwana's daughter next to SundariConfused.

Sadism at its peak, god save us if this is just a sample.

GW Angry Censored . GW ku they are putting pei BGM, maybe after psycho GTH this lady might turn into a psycho. GW is @ her sadism's peak, sighhh...there's a limit for everything but this lady, how cruel she isAngry...i wonder what else are in store for us...grrr...They way that lady hid everything, wow what an instant ideaAngry.  GW is going to beg for food in streets and please this team must show that.

My daughter Lav ku what kurai aamShocked...avangale full kurai MadameAngry...seirathu ellam torture and asking what paavam she did...grr i hate it when this lady says that thinking she is a feeding bottle babyAngry...Super advise by GW, Don't worry GW your daughter will live with you lifelong as she is not going back to that house anytime soon...2 days la pichikittu Nithesh and family will come aam to pick Lav with raaja mariyaathai...yes GW something else will pichikittu varumDead

That vaazhai ilai is not enough for Lav...why GW didn't get a bigger one than a whole leafDead...after making someone to suffer in hunger both daughter and mother are enjoying food...god gives everything to everyone, when they doesn't use them proper he takes it  back...hope that comes true to these two and they should beg for foodAngry..

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Thanks da Gunthy for the Wonderful update and excellent side comments!Hug

"Poradamal Kaalam Maarathey" - perfect line in the title song for Thulasi. As she faces every hurdle, she is becoming strongTongue. Hope Prabha feels better after talking to ThulasiEmbarrassed.
Worst thing in life is to make a person starve and beg for foodAngryDead. Oh man! how fast this lady hid all the food. Really felt like giving a nice tight slap to that GWOuch. Karma wheel will surely turn GW. The same will happen to you but Thulasi will be the first person to offer you the food no matter how you have betrayed and insulted here...Sigh... Poor girl was so hungry and was happy to see the food...This food part of story is very disturbingDisapproveDisapprove..cha. GW, talking to Mangai very important now...Sigh...becoz she introduced your romance partner to you vaa...Shameless womenD'oh.
One common thing btw GW and Charu is they talk to themselvesClown. Today GW was talking to herself by pretending talking to Mangai when Thulasi was cleaning the kitchen. Both will eventually end in the mental asylumWink.
Well done GW! ClapClap She herself dug the grave the LavThumbs Up. So now Lav is going to stay in her house permanently with worst strategy from GWDead.

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Thanks for the Excellent updateGUNZ.SmileClap.. The first part was so goodSmile. Thulasi dialogues to prabha were awesomeClap. OMG it was sad and an emotional episode especially when thuls asked GW to give her some foodShockedUnhappy. Ithu thevaithana thuls unaku? Angry 
Thuls'this is what you wanted rite?Angry She did not even suffer like this in her own house before.Sleepy
Really mad about the decision T&t made.Angry What hard times for T&t.  Thuls took a wrong decision. She is going to suffer before GW is exposed.
GW is also insulting her in many waysAngry. When will T&T leave that house? She needs to be brave just like sudha.Sleepy
I really want to see how thuls cleverly avoid all tortures that GW going to give her in future.
 Do not drag the sad parts where thuls is bearing her MIL tortures. Dir sir' please makes thendral unique and gets her out of that house. We viewers cannot tolerate this type idiotic behavior of GW.AngryShocked
 It's really irritatingAngry and I felt like slapping that creature. Now madame lavanya VeraOuch. Lav eating all that over loading food.Iam guessing she is going to have food poison. Athugum they will blame thuls voda rasi nu.Ouch
When her daughter starves on the street then only she knows value of money. I think in upcoming epi's MM&Patti will find out that thuls never ate anythingShocked. But I want TA to come home before MM see that thuls is faintedUnhappy. Awaiting for next torture episodes'Day Dreaming

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Thanks for the excellent updates Gunz !!

I like the continuation of Tulasi speaking to Prabha.  She said everything with a lot of emotion and helped Prabha.  Deepa as usual is always good at making Tulasi and Prabha bring a smile back.  I liked the way she spoke about Tulasi's past.  Can't wait to see Prabha, Tulasi and Deepa find the truth.

Wow Bazari looked angry after the phone conversation...more of this is to come.

I wish Tulasi did something about not eating.  Why didn't she get anything on her way back?  She should never ever ask Bazari for food again.  This lady has lost her brain.  She pretends to talk to Mangai and acts like she is the number one chef in town.  In a way it's good that Tulasi never ate GW food...Lavanya can eat all that food to herself and finish it.  I want Puvi, Sudha and Tamil to come home soon so they learn what act Bazari did...what are they going to eat now?

Good that Tulasi just came up to the balcony instead of fighting or staying with those selfish pigs...Completing an exam and trying to study on an empty mistake is a hard thing...I hope MM and Paati don't find that she fainted and see her before that happens.

Overall good episode, looking forward to a TT scene...

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Thanks for an excellent update with superb side comments ! Thumbs Up 
hmmm Unhappy..what to say about todays episode... So far from what we have seen Tulasi has been fighting with so many Gutter women but today she has to fight hunger...? Horrible!
I think GW is trying to make Lavanya as another Wet Grinder...
It was nice to see that Tulasi was trying to cook but adukkula that Grinder came and pushed Tulasi out...Pathetic...
But why should Tulasi keep quiet..why cant she blast GW. Now TA will not question her even if Tulasi slaps GW. So why did Tulasi go upstairs silently?
If she is hungry how will she read? We know that Tulasi can starve the whole day bcos when the loan sharks came she didnt even drink water. But today she has to eat. It is very important bcos she has to complete her exams.
Atleast she should call TA or Sudha and tell them that she is feeling dizzy . Even before Tulasi finishes the word Hungry TA would have been here.
But the worst thing is going to be that Tulasi will not tell TA whatever she went through today and GW is going to fly high.
Today it sounded like bcos of GW and SQ, something is going to happen to that innocent baby in Lavanyas womb. Shocked

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Thanks for the Update Gunthy akka!!

As you said Shamz moonu peer irunthumPrabha and Thulasi kulla enna link endru kandu pidika mudiyellaya??

Ippidi oru woman enn unnum Uyir-oda irrukuraal endru puriyella?? Director sir enn ippidi engala kodumai paduthiringal??

Nee Thulasi-ya torture pannathatatha Nitheesh mom seinchi irrukura?!! Cha nee ellam oru pombulla!!
Passikura ponnuku kudukamall full kattu kattithu vanthavaluku nee kodukurai!!
Paavam Thulasi!! Ippidi vazhurathuka nee TA kitta avalla poraddi unn mamiyaar veetha vanthanee??

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