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Harshad Chopda FC; Change is the need of the hour!

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Posted: 24 August 2011 at 7:25am | IP Logged

Mohan Gala, grew up in a seemingly oppressed environment, was a caring, shy and reluctant teenager with a get-up befitting to earn him the title "champu", he was sneaked out by his mother to get higher education from abroad being the beacon of her hope, upon return he has turned into a handsome, confident, self-centered guy, who dreams of being rich and ruling Mumbai. 

Mohan appears to be a rebel, someone who can do anything for his own benefit, yet deep down the "champu" part of him is very much there still. He represents the present day youth that does not care much for traditions and believes in taking short cuts for becoming rich. He is delusional and disoriented, which probably has a connection to his oppressed family environment. On the surface Mohan might come across as a good for nothing, selfish, a little grey character but he is one of the most real characters ever portrayed on Indian television. He has his flaws, his weaknesses and also a strong desire to prove himself and break the status quo prevalent in his household.

Mohan has many different shades to it, its' a character that makes you think, makes you curious, makes you ask so many questions. With his command on portraying different emotions in split second, there could have been no better choice than Harshad to play this role. With his skill in synchronizing expressions, using eye and body language along with voice modulation puts life to any character and Mohan is no different!

With Mohan, Harshad has decided to shed his good boy image on-screen and accept the challenge of a grey shaded character, here is wishing Harshad all the very best for this new endeavor and may Mohan take him to new heights of success and becomes another extremely popular character!    

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Posted: 24 August 2011 at 7:25am | IP Logged

22nd August, 2011.

Dear Diary,

Back in Mama's house. Flight was terrible. Couldn't afford a first class for myself (esp with all that money gone belly-up) so settled for an economy class seat and what do I get in return? A back that feels like someone practiced their Judo skills on it Angry

Man I need a smoke. Really really badly. Just LANDING in India made me want to light one up...at the immigration they were taking forever and they almost lost a bag of mine and their detector wasn't working  so the creep was frisking us WITH HIS HANDS Dead

The bins are STILL overspilling with garbage (yeah I know, the same thing happens on a Friday night back home, but not everyday!) and the beggars are STILL running across heavy traffic to get a chillar or two...man, the way they navigate those roads on a busy day they'd make a fortune as trapeze artists Confused I mean at least  THAT way they won't be hanging around drooling all over my car.

Just thinking about them makes  me  want a smoke.

But the cigarette case is in the car  and right now I can't even get outta here to get it you know.

Only thing I can smell here is the scent of roasting...am sure Mami is making khakras, You know I used to eat them like mad in the beginning, Ma had sent like 15 packets to last  at least three months but I finished them  in  three days. And then I went to a place nearby where it tasted AWFUL and I wasn't sure I wanted to go all the way to Wembeley just to have homemade snacks...

Besides...everywhere I went that looked Indian, those eyes followed me. Baapji's eyes, hard like diamonds and black like coal. Eyes that could scare the crap out of you just by looking in your general direction. The way they turned my perfectly normal father into an incoherent puddle of mush.

Those eyes stopped Pappa from ever speaking and had it not been for me being in London they would have shut me up too. 

And then one day I  turned around and told those eyes exactly what I felt. They never came to me  again.

Not until today, anyway.

Sigh. I want my flat already, mate. Life was like heaven  there till the creditors started barging in. Fish and chips in unlimited quantities, and friends sometimes dropping in to invite us all for a barbeque, a night on  the terrace where we mates would smoke like we were going to die tomorrow, and whichever steady girlfriend I was having at that point coming over to --

Um, okay. I'll spare you the rest of THAT, ROFL, you got most of the gory details last year. Gosh I was such a jerk then, not that I'm any less now.

I know, I know. I'm not perfect. I don't even WANT to be perfect. Everytime I tried aiming for perfection I felt HIS eyes on me, picking out things he liked to think were wrong, making me into a person I didn't even want to recognize.

Back in India I would have millions of those eyes on me. They would have never left me and I would have been just living lifetheir way.

I hate perfection because I know no one can touch it, yet they'll all turn to YOU and say  that you're the only one who couldn't make the grade.

At least in freaking London they left you freaking alone. 

I can still feel his eyes on me. And I'm  not even home yet.

But this time I'm gonna fight. And I'm gonna win. His eyes couldn't stop me back there in London, and there's no way in heck they'll stop me now.

Watch out, Baapji darling Evil Smile


P.S. GOD I need a smoke.

25th August, 2011.

Dear Diary,

Maybe I should just stay with Mama and Mami  forever, you know. Just Mom and me and my cigar packet. And that little  cognac case that I like to pretend is 'protein shake' over here - not that I DON'T like protein shakes - and you. Dude I'd have gone mad over there the first few months if you weren't around. Am still trying to figure out who dropped you in my little suitcase back then. Was it Ma? Or maybe it was Pappa...Pappa who always kept his mouth sealed because Baapji wouldn't let him have a mouth in the first place...or maybe even because he felt those eyes chasing him wherever he went just as I did.

After all these years Mama still likes those dandiya and garba performances. Am still trying to remember how I got a first place in that dandiya competition when those all little mirrors on the costume kept poking at my back Pinch Who was that chick  who used to play dandiya with me all the time? Pretty girl with incredibly long shiny hair, nice bright eyes and this BIG smile pasted on her face 24/7...name started with K. 

Oh wait yeah, it was Kastur, the one who liked puff-sleeves a lot. Man, I  think I  had a bit of a crush  on her for two weeks. Wonder where she is now.

Got my pack btw, I flicked Mama's car keys and got the pack out before he could even notice. And THEN I promptly left it on the bleeding SOFA for Mama to find! Angry Really should remember that this is Mama's house and not my flat back home and that if Mom ever finds out she'll stuff the cigars into my nostrils and string me upside down.

I miss her already. How did I survive without her for four years? I know SHE can survive, she's been taking crash courses in survival ever since she left her maayka. I used to cry for her everyday and every  night...you  remember how half your pages had tearstains that would never go away. Sometimes I want to shake her and scream, Stop doing this. It's not worth it. I'mnot worth it!


It was raining tonight. Had just finished a looong invigorating smoke session and it had started to drizzle. I admit London's rain SMELLS cleaner and stuff but over here you have this lovely warm, I'm-enjoying-this feel here that you don't really get back home because back there you're thinking about how best to keep yourself from getting wet till you reach your house or office or uni or whatever.

Had the strangest feeling I wasn't alone in the rain last night. I thought I felt a hand...a very soft  hand. Weirdest thing I tell you. Must have been the nicotine high.

Not sure I ever want to go back to that madhouse,  Mom. You  may be able to survive somehow, but me? I'll bring the whole flaming HOUSE down! 


PS: I got my smokes alright, but GOD do I need a drink!
PPS: Back in my room. Was partying like mad last night. One of those chicks was pretty willing but had  a boyfriend with knuckles that looked like that could lay a dent on steel. I like girls, sure, but I like being safe MUCH better.
PPPS. Going out. Need a jog if I'm going to  have to convince Ma that I was at home without looking incredibly sloshed

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Soaps1 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 August 2011 at 7:26am | IP Logged

Born in Gondia, a town near Nagpur India, on May 17th 1983, Harshad Parkash Chopda's family decided to move to Pune, following his graduation Harshad excelled in the later years of schooling and went on to join an engineering college.  His parents never approved of his celluloid dreams and thus they enrolled him into an engineering college. Harshad audaciously states, "I only did engineering because my parents asked me to do so. However, I was clear in my mind as to what I wanted."
Later after completing his studies he headed straight to Bombay to pursue his acting career hoping to make it big one day just like Salman Khan, his favorite bollywood actor. He struggled hard during these years waiting for his big break but before that break would come he found himself successfully auditioning for Zee's Mamta and so began the journey of the actor Harshad Chopda!

He bagged his first prominent role in his second serial Left Right Left where he essayed the character Cadet Ali Baigh. This role found him a small measure of fame as he starred alongside actors like Rajeev Khandelwal but he feared typecasting and so he soon quit the show. He joined the cast of Amber Dhara soon after quitting Left Right Left. He essayed the role of Akshat and his performance was acknowledged at a larger scale. Unluckily, his stint with Amber Dhara didn't last long due to problems with the production house. 

After remaining off screen for a short period of time, Harshad bounced back strongly with the Balaji show Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil where he portrayed the character of a passionate lover, Prem Juneja. He was recognized for his outstanding performance at various award functions.
After desh...harshad bounced back in action to essay the character of anuraag ganguly...a character which had various shades as anuraag's journey to discovering love unfolds...where ultimately harshad played insanity to such perfection that paagal onu had his own exclusive fan following...
After tere liye...harshad is all set to shed the lover boy image of telly and play the grey shaded character of Mohan Gala in Dharampatni who is far from being the perfect and loving husband...as he portrays the role of a drunkard and womaniser who ultimately discovers the positive things in him to create a success story.

 Below is a brief description of Harshad's five characters he has played so far!


IF Profile Page


 For the week : 19th September 2011 - 25th September 2011

Current Celebrity Ranking on IF: 13

Articles: 6
 Harshad Chopra: Delhi calling?

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Posted: 24 August 2011 at 7:26am | IP Logged

Mohan Gala Fan Page ON FB

MohUr Scenes
August 2011
 (kastur imagines champu mohan as she dances in rain)
 (kastur imagines champu mohan eating golgappe's with her)
(champion mohan's entry)

 SBS Appearances Of HarshAsi

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Posted: 24 August 2011 at 7:27am | IP Logged

Harshad Chopda to shed Good Boy Image  with Dharampatni

Harshad Chopda Speaks for telly buzz

Harhsad Chopda Says No to Survivor India

Mahatma Gandhi And Kasturba on Small Screen

Harshad Chopda to play Mohan Gala in Dharampatni

Harshad Chopda In entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega

Harshad Chopra: Delhi calling?


It's going to rain shows this season


Harshad Chopra awestruck by Delhi!


Harshad Chopra exposits on 'Dharampatni'


In Bapu's Footsteps???


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Posted: 24 August 2011 at 7:30am | IP Logged
























 Lrl fan

 Delhi_ princes








 Sweety rajveer























































 Raksha- -athena-



















 Alina Zaidi







 Sara - S_sara












 Noor Abdullah







 Pari _Rinki




















 Nandini- - nansy-






 curled up











 Kanak - tere_bin


















           iheartchai  Sweta2005  Amira  Silky_Harshad
 .Angedkripa.  x-Sundus-x    

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Posted: 24 August 2011 at 7:31am | IP Logged

Harshad wins naya sadasya award at SPA 2008

Harshad wins yoga jodi award along with Additi Gupta at SPA 2008

Harshad wins best new on screen couple award with Additi at New Talent Awards 2008

Harshad wins best jodi award with Additi Gupta at SPA 2009

Harshad wins Gr8 face of the year award at ITA 2010

Harshad wins best actor award at Telly Awards 2010
Harshad Performing in Femina Miss India
Harshad Introducing Femina Miss India Contestants

Harshad's performance in SPA 2011(The Venetian Macao)

SBB/SBS Videos Till April 2010

Videos of Ali and Akshat Along with VMs on Harshad

Prem and Heer Scenes from March 2008 till May 2009

Prem and Heer Scenes from June 2009 till February 2010

Prem and Chahat Scenes

Eternal Classics of Harshad as Prem Juneja

Harshad Chopda Performance Links Till March 2010

All Articles till May 2011
Please Check The Link Below For All Videos On Harshad
(Ali, Akshat, Prem, Anurag and Mohan scenes)
(The Page is still in the process of being updated)

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Ali Aka Harshad Chopda FC


Ali Aka Harshad Chopda FC


Ali Aka Harshad Chopda FC


Akki-We Miss You


The News Letter


Caption Contest Result


A New Beginning


Harsh Is Back


Jab We Met


Rock On


Journey Continues


Iss Pal Ko Jee Le


The Only Prem In Our Life


Come Join d B'day Caravan


Proud Of U-Cheers To Harsh


Rise To Stardom


Master Of Our Hearts


Summer Treat- White


Monsoon Hungama


A Walk Down Memory Lane


Rains &Awards Season


Live It Up




In Appreciation


Silver Jubilee Bash


Smiles Galore- 1


Smiles Galore -2


Simplicity And Humility


Hands To Die For


Its In Ur Eyes


Cuteness Personified


You Are A Winner


Journey Of Prem -1


Prem's Love Journey


Prem:The Journey Continues


Thanking You


Prem:The Journey Continues


Tara Zameen Pe


Telly Screen's Badshah


Curtain Raiser


Fan Interactive special


True Colours


Prem's New Avtar:Papa-1


Prem's New Avtar:Papa-2


Winter Wonderland




A New Beginning


Sweet Memories


Rock On


Celebrations Galore


Missed You Harshad


 Welcome Back Harshad


Tere Liye


MoonSon Magic


The Name Says it


Jeet Liya Dil


An Ode To Anurag Ganguly


Anuragging is Still On


You're Mine


King of Angels


Eyes that Speak


And the Hunt Goes On


Aa Gaya Hay Mohan Galla




* This FC is like a second home for the fans and is dedicated to Harshad, so please treat it with love and respect

 * Do not make requests for personal info of the star like email id's and contact numbers. Also his personal life is none of our concern and it shouldn't matter to us what  he does or who he is with off screen. 

 Please don't spam the FC, I hope we don't get to see posts which are frivolous and contribute to spam. No One Liners and Hi Byes' are allowed!  
* No abusive language
* Respect other members Point of View. If you don't agree with someone then agree to disagree, it's better than fighting . Still if you want to fight use PM service for that. 
* Sarcasm and hypocrisy will not be tolerated  
* We encourage open dialogue here. So, more the thoughts flowing, more the ideas evolving and more we learn from each other.  
*New Members are requested to introduce themselves, giving their names and telling existing members that what is it about Harshad that makes them a fan and how did they learn about the FC? 
* Members are requested to please check 5-6 previous pages of the FC before posting any new info or pictures so that the same info or pictures are not posted again and again, it will make the FC look messy.
*  Members are requested not to forgot that this fc belongs to harshad chopda and discussions are limited to his onscreen chemistry...
if any personal discussions are made...those should be limited to him ONLY.
* This is Harshad's FC so if you are not a fan then don't bother joining just to make fun or bash. As a true Harshadian you must be aware that past is past and it will never come back but nonetheless the future will be better and more promising, so look forward to it with open mind and arms! 

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