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Claim~SS~Arnav/Khushi~Chap 2 on Pg 7 (Page 7)

aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 August 2011 at 1:03am | IP Logged
that was awesome part...very interesting...can u plz pm me when u update...wud love to read the updates

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Lily2011 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 August 2011 at 2:10am | IP Logged
gd ss. plz add me in ur pm list.

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Lily2011 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 August 2011 at 2:46am | IP Logged
nice ss. plz update soon. plz add me in ur pm list.
Wide_Awake Newbie

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Posted: 26 August 2011 at 2:42am | IP Logged
A/N: *Squealing with excitement* Oh, Em, Gee - all of your comments sent me to cloud nine. Day Dreaming I didn't expect such positive responses and it feels so amazing to have some! Embarrassed I have left each and every one of you a feedback so please read it while you're at it... Wink 

Language: I am writing this story out in English as Hindi is not my first language and by writing this story in Hindi; I'll wreck my and your head! 

Warning: Strong use of language. Please use your own discretion to judge whether this story is suitable for you. 

Chapter 2: Fists and Slap

Narrator's Point of View

Arnav Singh Raizada sat in his black Ferrari 458 Italia eyeing the jocks, nerds or the cheerleaders entering at random timings. He wasn't like those lonesome students who hung alone next to their cars waiting for their peers instead he found satisfaction in smoking. 

But the fact that his friends hadn't arrived yet didn't frustrate him at all. He barely registered that he was yet alone and college was starting in less than 10 minutes. But the fact that she hadn't arrived yet peeved him off and he had already taken his vent of anger on his steering wheel. 

Yesterday's events had left him amused and every time he thought back to her drained face and swallowing neck; a smile would form on his intense features. But now he pondered if he had crossed the limit or maybe scared her too much. He cursed loudly at the thought of him apologizing and dismissed it immediately. There is no one in this world who can bring me down to my knees. NO ONE, he thought as he left the warmth and comfort of his expensive car. 


Payal glanced distractedly at the clock which seemed to have moved no more than a minute forward. She couldn't help but wish that time would go faster so she could meet her sister who had taken a day off almost beseeching Payal that she was down with flu. Funny how I've never seen Khushi so desperate, she thought confusedly scribbling down words that left the mouth of her professor. 

Anjali who had been sitting watching every move of Payal wondered what had her fidgety. Payal wasn't a talkative person but she had not uttered more than a greeting to her today. 

"Payal, is something wrong?" Anjali asked gently placing a hand on Payal's forearm. It didn't go unnoticed by Anjali when Payal had jumped and had began blabbering. What is wrong with everyone today? First Chhote and now Payal? Anjali had thought as she was packing the heavy books. 

A brush of shoulder had sent a spark down to Anjali's toes when Shyam had passed by her. It was an automatic response to Shyam when she had blushed crimson but he hadn't even glanced back at her. Instead, a hazel-eyed girl had been invading his thoughts day and night but he was worried about her not reciprocating her feelings the same way he had. 

The crumpled envelope which Shyam had clasped tightly was holding him up. As soon as the hallway had fell silent with students heading off to their respective classes, he had crept to Khushi's locker and was debating whether to slide his confession of feelings in or not.

Hereafter, he had slid the envelope in encouraging himself that it was now or never. While Shyam was limping away mused in his thoughts, he didn't notice the angry young man who had registered his entire act. 

His anger was to no bounds when he had approached the locker and had broken in retrieving the envelope. Arnav's hands had shook violently as he tore the opening roughly with Shyam's chicken scrawl writing before his sight. 

Dear Khushi Ji...

I do not know if you remember me from the Cooking class but I have always noticed you. We even shared dozen words in the beginning but you seemed to have grown reserved and quiet. 

I do not know how to put my feelings for you into words but I have heard that paper has more patience than people. I am not implying that you are not patient but I think you can say the opposite about me. I am very impatient with keeping thoughts in my heart and therefore I confess to you that seriously in love with you.

I am at lost for words but I can only hope you will reciprocate my feelings and someday we will can go beyond the relationship of just lovers. 

Yours only,


At the opening of the letter, Arnav had snorted loudly wondering if Shyam had any idea on how to write a love letter but as he read the entire letter; his blood boiled. He cursed profanities under his breath debating his next step whether to beat Shyam or to alter with the letter. I am no pansy who hides in the background, Arnav had thought as he headed off in search for Shyam. 

Upon arriving in the school's garden, he saw a horrifying sight before him. Anjali, his elder sister was blushing crimson while Shyam was tracing her right arm with his flimsy fingers. The f**king cheat, Arnav had thought before tearing him away from his sister.

"No good lying cheating f**k!" Arnav had yelled punching him straight in the nose earning a horrified scream from his sister. He continued nonetheless. "Writing some pansy shit to MY girl and then getting physical with MY sister!" Another blow in the eye.

"Chhote, stop!" Anjali had yelled stepping between the perpetrator and the prey. After finally getting her brother to stop, she had glared at him with disgust and repulse. She barely heard his rant when she slapped him across the face for the first time in her life. 

The shocking silence and the chilling atmosphere were between the two who barely noticed Shyam scamper away. After a few minutes of stares, Arnav had walked away leaving Anjali in tears who had fell to her knees. 


Shyam traced a swollen eye with his sweaty fingers while cursing loudly in the solitary toilet. f**king Arnav and his stupid, clingy sister. He swore to get back at him but what shocked him the most that Arnav had retrieved the note from the locker when he had snaked it in. The thought of Arnav registering Khushi as his girl angered him to no bounds. 

Arnav had always outnumbered his special skills but the thought of him marking the only girl whom he wished to give himself to made him want to murder his entire family. But there was no way, no absolute way would Shyam ever let Arnav claw his satisfaction away from him.

"She's mine!" he had declared dominantly glaring at his reflection before pounding his fist straight in the mirror. He felt no ounce of pain as blood trickled down his fist instead he felt a challenge was up for him. 


Tears blinded his eyes as he parked next a tree which shaded him from the sunlight which was seeping earlier through his window. He buried his head deep in the steering wheel dreading to touch the cheek which his sister had slapped him on.

If it would've been someone else he wouldn't have given a piece of shit but he never realized how important his sister was to him. More than mom, more than myself and perhaps even more than...Khushi.

He searched around in search for a tissue while sensing that snot was itching to escape his nose. Finding an empty box, he remembered when Mami had used his tissues to neaten her make-up after unintentionally smearing her lipstick. As if she needed the entire box to clean off the smear! 

A blinking sign caught his eye from his peripheral vision which flashed "OPEN" repeatedly. With the lines of trolleys outside, he immediately knew it was a grocery shop without having to read the name. Duh!

Glancing at the aisles of fruits, vegetables, meat; he heard a tinkling anklet sound with light breeze blowing gently. Somehow he felt a deep connection with person who was making the sweet tinkling sound and drifted off in the direction of the sound completely forgetting why he was there in the first place. 

A slender form came before him with the selection of clothes bright enough to light a dark sky. There before him stood Khushi who was involved in deciding which brand of saffron to choose while talking loudly to herself.

"This one?" she asked herself holding it slightly higher than the other. "Hmm, I wonder what the price is..." She glanced at the label which showed the price. A gasp escaped her as she almost chucked it back on the counter. "Holy Jalebi! Why in the name of Balushahi would anyone buy it at this price?" She placed the other brand of saffron in the steel basket which was overloading with groceries. 

Sensing some movement beside her, Khushi turned her head to find the last face she had wanted to see. Arnav Singh Raizada stood with a fist in front of his mouth and his shoulders shaking in laughter. The nerve of him! ...HOLY JALEBI! Is he stalking me now? Khushi thought with apprehensiveness clouding her doe eyes. In the name of Jalebi, run for it Khushi Kumari Gupta!

Too involved in his laughter, he didn't notice Khushi picking up her basket and scampering to the till where an elderly man sat scanning groceries lazily. The queue was long and no other till was available noticed Khushi as she glanced around nervously. 

To her utter amazement, he didn't show up while she got her groceries scanned. Huh? Maybe it's just me. Khushi paid the elderly man carrying two heavy plastic bags out the store. Now it's a long journey home with sweat expected...

Mused in the thoughts of Jalebis, she didn't notice the car driving beside her keeping her pace. But when one of her plastic bag graced something, she snapped to find the amused face of Arnav Singh Raizada. Shrieking loudly, she dropped the bags stepping back and falling straight on her back. 

"What the hell..." he muttered stopping his car and stepping out elegantly; concern etching his attractive features. He eyed her while she scrambled to her feet and did the last thing he expected. 

"BLOODY MURDER!" she yelled. 

A/N: Sorry about how the story is going really quick, guys but it is a short story after all. Smile
Umm I feel I didn't write this chapter so well but leave your comments...please... Wink 
Also a request from everyone to vote in one of the following for the rest of the story:
Khushi's Point of View:  
Narrator's Point of View:
Arnav's Point of View:
Mixture of all three:
Tongue Lol I hope it won't be a tie... 

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First to read!!

Will go thro it and comment later...

As for the latter part, I would like the story to be either a mix of the 3 POV's or the narrator's point of view :)

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Minnie. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 August 2011 at 3:11am | IP Logged
me second to read it yyyaayyy lollz sorry wonted to  b second will read in one i got rid of all me pms read a bit of it so far its really good ofcourse

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slgirl Senior Member

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Posted: 26 August 2011 at 4:03am | IP Logged
Nice...keep writing! :)and thanks for writing in English..coz I don't understand hindi much as I am a srilankan :)
storybooksgd Senior Member

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Posted: 26 August 2011 at 4:29am | IP Logged
*claps her hand in delight!* Whoopie!

More importantly! mixture! mixture! Mixture! The answer for the poll..I say mixture!

Nice update, already claiming her as HIS he is fast! Poor Anjali, I still find it hard to believe she believed some random stalkery freak...over her own brother!

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