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Claim~SS~Arnav/Khushi~Chap 2 on Pg 7

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A/N: Okay... so... introductions! I am Jennifer and I recently joined this forum! There isn't anything much to say about me but this is my first story on anyone before. Currently I am writing this story to kill off time but I promise to complete it. Uhh okay... that's it. Tongue (By the way, it's a short story for now but I hope the plot stretches so it can be long!) 

Any questions... please ask (whether it's about me pfft... or the story itself). 

Comments, criticisms or any advice = I'm all ears! Smile



Chapter Index
Chapter 1 - Page 1
Chapter 2 - Page 7

Language: I am writing this story out in English as Hindi is not my first language and by writing this story in Hindi; I'll wreck my and your head! 

Warning: Strong use of language. Please use your own discretion to judge whether this story is suitable for you. 

Chapter 1: Scared

Khushi's Point of View

Making Jalebis every morning had become one of my daily routines. I wouldn't be surprised if the neighbors thought I was opting to become a confectioner, considering the fact that I had been making them every consecutive day.

I really wished they were right, though.

Becoming a confectioner and making Jalebis and all sorts of different sweets was beyond resistible. I would choose it over college any day, though but Jiji would have none of that. 

I spooned another Jalebi out and placed it on the mountainous pile of them. Buaji wouldn't be impressed but she knew I couldn't drop my temper unless I made Jalebis. I stared at the golden Jalebis which looked delectable and were perfectly round - after all whose handiwork was it?

I was a veteran at making Jalebis yet hardly any of them were ever sold. It hurt my pride a little but Buaji always consoled me by commenting on the locals taste. So what if my Jalebis were repulsed by locals; I loved them and so did Jiji. Poor Buaji couldn't taste them due to diabetes but she often sneaked some when Jiji or I weren't looking. 

The door to the bedroom swung open, and Jiji walked out with a cloth bag hanging loosely off her shoulder. I don't think I have ever seen Jiji wear any other bag considering that she always put my needs before hers. 

"Khushi, are you ready to leave?" Jiji asked me with a hoarse voice. Jiji always had problems getting up early and the black circles forming underneath her eyes were a proof to that. 

"Breakfast?" I asked lifting the pile of Jalebis and smirked as Jiji's eyes widened. I should have known.

"Devi Ma, no!" she exclaimed veering her gaze away from the pile. Well her loss. I couldn't start my day without my Jalebis no matter how many calories they had. 


Stepping out of the bus, Jiji and I walked the small distance to the college. As soon as it came in sight, my stomach twisted awkwardly. I knew what this meant - another day of torment. Why, oh why did we have to go college? We had perfect experience of making any kind of sweet in the entire continent!

Jiji grasped my hand tightly sensing my stiffness. Of course, Jiji was a part of the torment we had to suffer. They called us disturbing names like Chamkili which was for me and Crybaby which I heard them use against Jiji. 

A black whichever model car drove past me; almost hitting me. I glared at it as it gracefully parked into a space before he climbed out, swinging his keys around his index finger. He was a Raavan who had made my life miserable for the last two years and every single day of my college. Once he had gone so far that I had sobbed the whole day in the girls' toilet.

A flashback of last week's incident reviewed in my head. I could feel hot tears prickling my eyes but I kept them at bay and let the memories empower my mind...

"Well if you hadn't come to this college, none of this would've happened!" he yelled shaking me by my shoulders hard enough to make my teeth rattle. I stared at the brown depths of his eyes which were blazing with fire. I could have sworn my eyes looked the same...

"I did what was right! You almost killed him!" I retorted glaring up at him. He cringed a little and looked almost shocked. What was he shocked for? He thought I couldn't stand up for myself? Devi Ma, he would so have it by me if he thought me inferior to him!

He pushed me away from him looking repulsed. His perfect nose scrunched up in disgust as he wiped his hands on a handkerchief which I didn't remember him pulling out. 

"What the..." he paused before leaning his head forward and taking a big whiff from his nose. He leaned back so quickly that one could have thought he was electrified. "God - smell like Jalebi as well!" He looked extremely amused.

Shock, anger, hurt, happiness - I didn't know which one to feel. Yes, I was happy that I smelt like a Jalebi - after all it was my trademark. Yet the other emotions confused me and I felt like kicking myself. Maybe I could ask him to do it for me...

"I don't care!" I yelled swatting my shoulders where his hands were earlier. He cringed at the sight and his eyes darkened a little. Why on Jalebi's name was he giving me that look? Devi Ma, what is with this man? 

I didn't notice him take a step towards me but he was a little closer - his eyes holding the same weird look, only it looked hundred times more intense now. It was as if he was planning a murder in a secluded area. I looked around horrifically and felt my face drain of color. Devi Ma, we were in a secluded area. 

I eyed the exit over his shoulder while praying to Devi Ma to protect me. I know she would but I had never been in this kind of situation before. 

He was now towering over me and his tall height blocked my view of the exit. To hell with this, I thought and sidetracked him running at full speed. But something yanked me back causing me to collide my back with the bookcase. I hissed in pain and felt tears blind my vision. 

"What did you say?" he hissed, his voice carrying an aura of menace. So the rumors weren't untrue. Throughout the college, he had dated enough girls which even my amount of Jalebis in one day couldn't compete and each relationship had ended with the girl never being the same again. Gah, he should be locked up for harassment but I was pretty sure he bribed the policemen every time.

He hit his hand beside my head, jerking me out of my reverie of thoughts. He was staring at me, his eyes were a little softer but his jaw was clenched. What in Balushahi's name did he want from me!?

"Speak, Ms Khushi Kumari Gupta!" he snapped leaning dangerously close. I shrank back into the bookcase while hearing thuds of books falling down the other end. "What. Did. You. SAY?" he repeated calmly. 

"Noth..nothing!" I spluttered choking back a sob with tears already creeping out. He leaned back, a disturbed look ghosting in his intense eyes. I felt him drop his arms and that was my cue to run. I never looked back to see if he was following.

Someone pulled me into a hug and I stiffened. Jiji pulled back and looked at me confusedly. She swatted her thumb across my cheek looking worried now. I sighed, padding my fingers across my cheek before an involuntary gasp escaped me. I was crying. 

"Khushi, what's wrong?" asked Jiji stepping closer and grasping my arms gently. The memory of his harsh hold on my shoulders made me flinch violently. Great, worry Jiji even more...

I smiled brightly as I possibly could but it came more like a grimace. "Nothing, Jiji...I am just missing Lucknow..." It was not an entire lie; I had been missing Lucknow crazily and Bauji had said that we could start college in Lucknow once everything settled down. 

Jiji smiled gently and engulfed me into a soft hug. "It's just a matter of days and then we will be living there forever, anyway..." I smiled at the pleasant thought and nodded frantically. 

A siren blared causing us to pull away from our hug. It was a signal to immediately head to class. Unfortunately, Jiji was a year ahead of me which meant that none of our classes were ever together. And even more unfortunate was that Anjali Di was also a year ahead of me. It was alright for Jiji as they shared nearly every single class together...

Jiji tapped my cheek gently before hastily walking off in the opposite direction. I glared at my schedule which told me I had Business. Bauji had insisted that if we planned to make a good sweet shop then it ought to require some business skills. Jiji was also taking Business so I didn't see a point for me to take it. 


I had arrived just in time but there wasn't much selection of seats. Luckily my favorite spot had been left vacant and I occupied it quickly before anyone decided to change their mind. 

I hardly paid any attention to the lecture. I didn't care for Business at all besides running a sweet shop would be a cakewalk so it seemed almost pointless. I was relishing the dreams of eating hot Jalebis when a chair beside me scraped on the linoleum floor. I chose to ignore whoever it was. It wasn't like anyone ever talked to me anyway...

"Are you going to answer my question or what?" asked a velvety voice shocking me. I turned my head so fast that my vision blinded for a second. He sat there dressed in black shirt which outlined his lean structure well with black jeans and black shoes which I recalled him wearing earlier. His hair was gelled and a light stubble was forming. 

I wondered why he would sit next to me. Compared to him I probably looked like a bright filament bulb illuminating light from every corner while he was a dark cloudy sky waiting to strike thunder after pouring cold harsh words on unprotected people like me. Devi Ma, protect me, protect me, protect me...

I swallowed nervously and thought it would be better to ignore him and then run out of here the second the siren blares. It won't be so bad. Jalebis, Khushi...oh and their sweet tas-

"Have you gone deaf as well?" he frowned as I turned to glare at him. This is it, I can't take any more of his remarks!

"As well?" I heard myself asking. Holy Jalebi! I should have kept quiet...

He smirked. "You were mute when I met you on Friday." He grinned evilly. "Or should I say scared?" I turned away quickly. 

"No!" I said bravely but it came out like a squeak. For Jalebi's sake, Khushi, stop sounding so pathetic!

"No?" he asked raising an eyebrow. I could feel his eyes penetrating the side of my head. "Looks like I hit a nerve," he smiled and leaned closer but immediately leaned back. 

The smell of Jalebis! Yes! I knew making them would come handy - at least as long as it kept him away from me. A smile broke out on my face and then someone cleared their throat.

I turned to look at him grimacing but he was centimeters away from my face with the same intense look. I recoiled back but he just leaned closer like a lion ready to pounce on it's prey.

"Ms Khushi Kumari Gupta..." he said softly. The words he declared next made me tremble. "Messing up with me won't do you any good. It will make me claim what's mine in ways I do not want to use..." 

What did he want to claim? And why was he telling me this? In that moment, I didn't even want a Jalebi. I just wanted to run. Away and far from this man who had started to break down my pillars of bravery...

A/N: Thank you for reading or liking, commenting, criticizing. I will update soon if anyone would like to read on. Cheerio! Big smile

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please do continue and add me to ur pm list...if you have one...update soon :)

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Hey Jennifer, Smile
Welcome to IF buddy HugYou are gonna definitely have a great time here..Big smile 
Me glad that u've joined coz I get one more writer in my list of fantastic ones..Absolutely lovedd the start and your way of describing!!! As for me, I'm much of a silent reader everywhere and I dont comment much but the interest your FF created in me had me forced to post now...Liked the concept of Arhi being in colg Thumbs Up  " For Jalebi's sake, Khushi, stop sounding so pathetic! " ROFL This line had in me splits..ROFL!!! I prefer when FF's are in English coz for me it's easier to read them than when they are in any other language..I'm too glad that your's is gonna be complete English :))
The beginning is do cont soon and if there's a pm list, plz do add me to it :)

Sia  <3

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Awesome! plz update and add me to your pm list.

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I love the start!

add me in the pm lost if you have one

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amazing please update soon

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Hi Jennifer,
I'm Zeba.
Welcome to the forum...I hope you have great time fact I'm pretty sure you will.
You've written a fantastic chapter. I really loved it.
I love the way you've written about Khushi's feelings. Her fear is evident and it seems 'he' can sense this, so he plays on it!!
I'm really looking forward to the next part, so do update soon. Add me to the PM list if you have one going too.

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plzz continue! very interesting. Pm me!! x

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