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~Maine Pyar Kiya~Maaneet Thead 2 *COMPLETED* (Page 9)

nahtani88 IF-Sizzlerz

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Congrats On The New Thread
Superb Update
Cont Soon
Thanks 4 The PM

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Jaldi jaldi comment karo Part 28 pe...warna no SR update lolLOL

Enjoy these song to put you in a romantic moodWink

Maan's heart says this after marriageEmbarrassed:

Geet is waiting thinking thisDay Dreaming:

ghoongat udha liya hai maine

haar shingaar saja liya hai maine

sab kehte hai un ke aane ka intzaar karna

or unka intzaar karne ka maan bana liya hai maine

aaj hamare milan ki raat hai,

soch soch kar sapne saza liye hain maine

par yeh kya ho raha hai, mere dil dhakk dhakk kar raha hai

jaise mere kaano mein bas yahi awaaz sun rahi hai

haath pair namm huye jaa rahe hai,

mere dil ko bekaabo kiye jaa rahe hai

apne aap ko apni hi banho mein samoo liya hai maine

yeh aahat unke pairo ki hai,

yeh soch kar bechaeini badh rahi hai

jab woh mere sahmane aayenge,

 kaise mujhe apne paas bhulenge

apne pyaar ko mujhe kaise dikhyenge

isi baat pe jaan attaka li hai maine

aaj hamare milan ki raat hai

soch soch kar sapne saza liye hai maine

By Jasraj123

Part 29

Warning +18

Geet looked around her new bedroom. It was massive and one could say it looked Maan Singh Khurana's bedroom. Her bed was a super king size bed with a canopy of red and white roses dangling down. Her bed sheets were a deep maroon color with golden delicate embroidery. She felt her bedding it was soft damask and satin- very luxurious to the touch. The bed was decorated with white rose petals.

She could smell vanilla and jasmine scent from the large white candles that were adorning the room. She took a deep breath and looked at them flickering away. On one side of her bed table there was a glass of milk and some exotic fruit; such as apple, pineapple, strawberries, and grapes. On the other bedside table there were Indian sweets 'mitai' and chocolate. She felt hungry but was too nervous to eat.

She could see some twinkly lights that changed colour on the head of her bed. She heard Pinky and the girls "Hum nahin jaane de ge...nahi jaane de ge!". Adi was raising his voice "Pinky ye kya pir se shuroo?" "Adi sir humari itni khubsurat Geet ko paana itna asaan bi nahin..kyon jijaji?". Maan raised his eyebrow and smiled. "Adi de do jo maangti hain Pinky!". Geet heard the noise of cheering. Geet quickly pulled her ghoonghat down. She heard everyone going off in the distance and her door open slowly. Her breathing quickened and she interlocked her hands. Maan looked at his wife from a distance. He savoured the moment by pausing his intentions and smiled. He then slowly shut the door and abruptly locked the room. Geet flinched at the force with which he locked the door. Geet's body began shivering slightly. Her temperature felt like it was increasing degree by degree. She remembered his words of how he will treat with his 'zulm'.  She began to feel a thousand butterflies in her stomach. She closed her eyes.

For a few moments she anticipated him coming close but Maan instead he circled the bed and looked at his veiled Mrs..waiting for him. He slightly smirked and inched opening his sherwani buttons to make himself comfortable.  Geet inhaled deeply seeing Maan unbuttoning his sherwani through her ghooghat.  He sat down infront of her and sighed...he looked at her hands filled with mendhi and adorned with punj ungla's, Her arms covered with gold bangles. He looked intensely at his bride. Maan slowly lifted her ghoonghat and pushed it up. Geet was controlling her smile and blushing profusely. He looked at her flickering his eyes over her face.  "Geet you are mine now...forever! Ab bhaag ke dekhao toh maanu" he said with a teasing tone.. He lifted her chin with his thumb and finger..."apne Maan ko nahin dekho gi ke dulhe ke roop main kaisa lag raha hoon?". She looked up and met his gaze and then looked away. "Vaise main poora din dekh raha hoon ke tum mujse nazre chura rahi ho..your not scared of me are you?". He gave her bedroom eyes. She shook her head "Nahin par aapke iraado se darr lagta hain". He smirked and kissed her forehead. "Geet pata hain aaj muje sab keh rahe teh ke I'm a lucky Man..Geet Maine pyar kiya hain..tumse..aur hamesha tumse karta rahoo ga...aur aaj iss khubsurat raat main kehna chahta hoon ke, tum muj se aur main tumse juda nahin hain".


Maan inched near Geet and took her shinghar patti off and Geet looked at him with the corner of her eyes. He looked at her reaction..she began hyperventilating. He helped her remove her nose ring and put it on the side. she shyly looked down. He touched her ears and she shuddered with his touch and took  a deep breath in, he took her earrings off. She felt his breath on her neck and he took her necklace off. He unclasped her punj ungla from both hands and kissed her hands.  He was about to take her dupatta off and she held on to it "Maan please aaj nahin". She pleaded but Maan nuzzled into her neck "Geet today I don't want any excuses, I want to take it all the way, samji tum? Aur vaise bi aaj main kisi ki bi baat nahin sunu ga, aur tumari toh bilkul bi nahin!". She looked at his wild hungry eyes and broke into an intense smouldering hug.


Maan completely took her dupatta off..She ran off the bed and was stopped by the wall which had Maan's shirtless photo..she looked as if it was a sign from Babaji that you cannot escape from Maan Singh Khurana now... Maan was completely turned on by the the sight of his bride. Her choli was very short and revealing. Her curves were all there for him to admire...he looked at her milky skin.   Her arms were sleeveless and her navel was all showing. His manly instinct took over and he came towards Geet who was looking at his photo on the wall and she felt like a prey trapped by her hunter. He opened her high bun and her luxurious long black locks fell to her small waist ...she began heaving...he moved her hair to her right side and placed his hot lips on her ears and began kissing her...putting a trail of kisses on her neck..moving to her shoulders to her arm..till he reached her hand...Geet moved feeling an upheaval of emotions.  Maan grabbed her hair and tilted her back slightly looking at her seductively . "Ye kya muje maarne ka iraada hain? Itna hot lengha" he started giving her wild looks. "Wo..wo Auntyji ne laaya tah"...Maan traced her face with his nose "I should thank Maa..for making my Geet such a foxy lady!" he growled near her ears. She blushed. She smiled shyly and was about to walk away but he grabbed her arm and pulled her back onto his chest. He wrapped his arms around her chest and hugged her tight. "Mrs Khurana you wanted to know how it was like making love to we are making love for the first I'll tell you and you will tell me". Geet looked back at him still in his back hug. His eyes were passionate and intense flickering from her eyes to her soft red lips..she took her arm backwards and touched his face...inching her face towards him..he began giving her slow gentle kisses and then intensified them by open mouth kisses.

Geet turned around to access his mouth properly and both pressed their bodies against each other. Maan touched her over her revealing choli- his strokes were rough and urgent. Geet rubbed her hands over his chest and back. Maan held her hand and twisted her against the wall, pinning her arm behind aggressively. He began trailing kisses all over her back..she shuddered with pleasure. when she couldn't take the toture she turned around and he began kissing her neck, trailing wet kisses over her shoulders and breasts, cupping them and massaging them . He bent down on one knee and pulled her close in a hug and nuzzled her navel..she clawed at the wall and put her foot behind the wall to support her reaction. He kissed her stomach and spoke "Sorry baby tonight it's all about your mummy and daddy, you just go to sleep hey". He gave a few light kisses and got up to a smiling Geet.  

As he got up he handlocked Geet and began passionately kissing her. Both gave each other open mouth wet kisses. Maan grabbed Geet's leg and placed it on his hip and began stroking her thigh. He parted her mouth and gently pushed his tongue in making light licking movements.  Geet feeling aroused and lost in the French kiss slipped her hand inside his open buttoned sherwani. He began moaning and pulled her leg further behind to access her middle. He felt her hand trying to reach his chest but was restrained by the sherwani. He pulled away and quickly pulled his sherwani off and threw it away. He looked at Geet who was admiring his mascular form before her. He came near and whispered " Geet like what you see? Do you want to touch? It only for you" . He sent shivers down her body...she touched his chest and shyly hugged him... he laughed and began kissing her neck and in between her breasts. She stroked his sexy back and he seductively traced the outline of her lips and blew on them..she inhaled sharply...he began biting her top lip and then swiped his tongue inside her her an intense French kiss..licking her, playing with her and making love with his tongue. He put pressure on her mouth and kissed her and she replied with equal fervour.

She made sweet sounds with pleasure and he grabbed her leg and placed himself between her...rocking she began to get wet. Her lengha was too heavy and her clothes were a barrier now. Maan broke the kiss..placing her leg gently down. He smoothed her ruffled hair and one swift movement he picked his bride..all the time looking at her intensely with bedroom eyes.

He bought her back to their new marital bed. Maan rested against the bed and hugged Geet from behind. Caressing and stroking her bare stomach, shoulder and arms. "Geet Maa was telling me you didn't eat properly, chalo kuch kaa lo..our baby will be hungry". He cut an apple and fed. Then he fed her strawberries and pineapple. Finally he took a grape and put it in his mouth. Geet looked back and he brought his lips onto hers asking her to bite and she did-only to be intercepted by Maan's urgent kisses.  

He lay her down and he placed his arms either side..and she turned in anticipation of the further toture she had to bare. Maan lay aligned to her side and began nuzzling her neck and playing with her feet...his feet were pushing her lengha up...he began giving her lovebites on her neck...she turned around and hugged him. "Please Maan...I...can't..." her pleads were met by more hungry kisses.

Geet began kissing his chest and his neck...he felt aroused and untied her choli...his eyes opened at the womanly figure before her..she was wearing a white lacy bra..with sexy frills on. He admired her by massaging his hands on her breasts...he pulled her one cup down and began sucking and licking her breast. She arched her back...and he held her from the small of her back...he pushed the other  cup...he licked her hard nipple and suckled the other one. Knowing she was feeling conscious his took his shalwar off..and she looked at his aroused bulge and gulped. Maan unhooked her bra and took it off..his breathing quickened..and she began heaving. Both spontaneously hugged feeling each other's skin..Maan gave her a French kiss and moved his hand down causing her to shiver. He unclasped her ghagra and pushed it down...he stroked her thighs...she closed her eyes...he slid his hand over her panty...she moaned...he began stroking it firmly...she quivered...his hand went inside her panty...and explored her womanly depths...she made audible sound of pleading...Maan was finding it hard to take her panties off..he looked down and found she was wearing a tie side panty...he was hugely turned on and he moved down.

He used his teeth to untie one side...she raised her leg...Maan saw something...he opened her leg and found  a heart shaped pattern with 'Maan' written on her inner thigh with henna...he kissed her there.  He came to Geet and looked her in the eye  and growled huskily..."Geet  iski toh saza tume mile gi "...

Precap; Geet's sazaShockedDead

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awesome update dear waiting for sazaWink

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Partycongrats for the new threadParty
awesome updateClapClap
loved itHeart
finally they are marriedSmile
continue soon

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Part 30

Warning 18+

He used his teeth to untie one side...she raised her leg...Maan saw something...he opened her leg and found  a heart shaped pattern with 'Maan' written on her inner thigh with henna...he kissed her there.  He came to Geet and looked her in the eye  and growled huskily..."Geet  iski toh saza tume mile gi "...

Geet gulped her breath...he kissed and licked her all over till he reached back to her panty...he untied the remaining side of her panty..her panty fell down revealing her...Maan opened her leg and bit her slightly where his name  was written...and  followed it by deadly seductive kisses. Purred and moaned "Ohhh Maaannn"...he moved to her V and traced the outline with his mouth..."Please Maaan" she whispered audibly...he began placing kisses...and using both his hands parted her gently...she grabbed his hand...he began licking her ...she writhed with pleasure.."Baby you like that don't you?" he said in a husky tone and began toturing her further...she moaned and moaned till she couldn't take it no more. She pushed Maan and sat up..looking embarrassed. Maan smirked and began taking his Gucci boxers off...she looked at his manly features- Shocked.

He hovered over "Maan I don't think I can go through with this..your too big for me". Maan laughed and touched her face. "Geet your perfect for me..I know...our baby is proof of that". Geet looked at his naughty expression. "Maan you love teasing me don't you?"...He began taking her down with him...As soon as they sunk in their deep luxurious bed...Geet without realising opened her legs and wrapped them around him...Maan was all hard and he entered her wet inside helping him to penetrate her smoothly..she exclaimed with pleasure "Ohhh". "No baby I love loving you like this" he spoke in a sexy whisper. He began thrusting her slowly..kissing her stomach..Acknowledging their baby's presence. He gave her intense French kisses whilst increasing the momentum of his thrusts. She kissed his shoulders and bit them in pleasure.  Maan looked at her and began making sweet love with every thrust.  Geet loved the tension and the friction of their bodies grinding...she kissed his face with small kisses.

Maan began to sweat and she felt their bodies getting clinging but somehow it was a huge turn on. An hour had passed but Maan was thrusting her..Geet giggled "Maan are you going to stop?" Maan looked at her proudly that she had noticed that he had lasted so long.

"Kyon Mrs Khurana you want me to stop?"...Geet shook her head and hugged him..."I told you Geet I won't let  you sleep tonight..all that time you totured me this is your grave punishment". He increased his pressure. "Acha ji? What if I refused?"...Maan opened her legs further..."Geet I could have had you any time..and you know that...especially when you were in the were all ready". He began kissing her lips and pinned her hands. Geet began getting a strange feeling of extreme pleasure she dug her nails on Maan's back "Maan i love you" she whimpered. Maan knew she was climaxing he built his rhythm and helped her tip over the edge...while kissing her mouth to drown her sounds...Maan thrust her deeply and fast and reached his peak and collapsed on top of her.

It was 3.30am...Geet lay in Maan's arms..her sindoor smudged her make up all rubbed off...her neck filled with bruises...her hair all ruffled. The warmth of his body and the aura of his musky after shave was heightening her senses. Maan placed a kiss on her lips. "Was our suhaag raat special?"..Geet nodded her head and shyly hugged Maan..feeling his rippled mascular body all encompassing her petite one.

Precap; the night is  still youngWink

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magnificent update
fabulous pic
lovely songs & poem
yu did stravaganza & spetacular wedding of the yr
but was expecting double update with SR
wow maan so naughty oh God he i'll not let geet sleep
at all
waiting eagerly
GOd bless yu
thnx 4 pm
29 & 30
wow wow  that was
steamy hot & sensous SR
maan really full fill his promise to not let
geet sleep
my cheeks still burningBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing
thank yu so much for double treat
God bless yu

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awesome update dear very hot and passionateBlushing

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very hot & passionate Tongue

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