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~Maine Pyar Kiya~Maaneet Thead 2 *COMPLETED*

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Part 28

Mahi bringing to you Maaneet's Hot Wedding.

DancingPartyDay Dreaming

Thank you for helping me complete Thread 1, I can't believe it in a short space of time we have reached Thread 2!Embarrassed


Geet woke up at 5pm by Maan's phone call "Utto Geet aaj humari zindagi ka sabse pyara din hain.."..Geet yawned and got  as she needed to start the "Ubtan" ceremony.  "Maan aap jaldi jag gaye?" Maan smiled "Aur nahin toh kya? I want to experience everything this day is when Geet becomes wife". Geet cutely smiled "Maan aap bahut hi romantic ho na?"..Maan smirked "Abi bi shak hain..chalo aaj raat ko tumari ghalat fami dhoor karte hain". Geet began breathing heavily.."Maan ab jaiye baad mein milte hain". She looked at her hands and feet..the mehdni had blossomed very well. She smiled happy that her henna color was dark. The KC girls came at 5.30am and started to put the paste on Geet to help beautify her. "Geet I hope you have a really nice glow today..well thats the point of this paste"...Pinky continued with her babble. Geet was really nervous, she was finding it hard to breathe. Maan was getting harassed by the same ceremony too. His relatives brought him a 'gharoli' of water for his bath as per tradition. Auntyji and Singhania were looking after the guests while Maan had a bath.

Geet went to the bath to make preparations towards getting ready. *Babaji why am I shivering..I should be happy but I'm feeling sad".  Geet got out of the bath  and began drying her hair. "Geet you must be excited..your wedding wowww so dreamy". Pinky was really excited and Geet just smiled in nervousness. The beautician arrived and began making Geet as a bride-Maan's bride. Kumkum sent Geet's lengha  and jewellery and she looked at it shocked. "Hai babaji, this lengha so revealing..what was aunty thinking?"

"Listen do my dupatta in such a way that I am covered please". She told the beautician.  She loved her jewellery. "I hope Maan likes me in all this, after all this is for him". Pinky hugged Geet. "Of course Geet you will look beautiful..aur vaise bi Maan jijaji is latoo over your beauty anyways". All the girls giggled and started talking about Maan's physique again. Geet rolled her eyes.

The relatives of the Khurana family gathered round Maan who had bathed and put on his sherwani. He looked like a serene emperor.  Kumkum hugged Maan and took his nazar.

The 'Sehra bandi' rasm had started and all of them began tying it on his head. The relatives gave him presents, mostly in terms of money. Singhania put a gold chain and Kumkum put an ancestral heirloom- a groom's necklace. Mr Chopra gave Maan a Rolex watch and John gave him a ring. The elderly ladies sang their traditional songs. Adi hugged Maan and helped him get off the pedestal.  Maan was ready..The drums began playing..Marking the beginning of the procession- which was to go round the outhouse and come back into KM.

Geet was getting ready alone with the beautician, meanwhile her friends began getting ready. They were all ready and could hear the drums. They knocked on the door. "Geet ab bahar bi aao tumara dhula toh aane bi wala hain". They waited 5 minutes and the door opened. The beautician came out first. "Girls hold your breath..I have made many bride's but she is out of this world...and take her nazar out Pinky". Geet walked out looking heavenly. A whiff of perfume  first entered the room and then the light of the most beautiful bride. "My Goddd Geet your looking surreal". All of them were gasping and felt really emotional. Geet was wearing a shingar patti, bridal nose ring, necklace and chunky earrings, anklets and panj ungla on both hands.  All the girls met her and complimented her "Aaj toh Maan sir gaye"..they laughed out loudly..and she blushed the thought of Maan putting his sight on her was making her weak in the knee's.

The procession went slightly in the road with Maan riding a decorated horse and people dancing around him. Meanwhile Kumkum took Geet into KM and put her in a room to wait till the baarati arrive. Geet stood near the coverd window and looked outside at the procession in the distance. "Kaash baba yaha hote toh..". she began getting emotional."Oi Geet rona mat..make up kharaab ho jaye ga yaar,..aur vaise bi tumare baba ne toh ashirwaad de diya hain na?" she cheered her up and left her to stop the baarati entering.

Pinky stopped them at the door. "Maan jijaji aise toh aap andar nahin aa sakte kuch rishwat dena pare gi!"...everyone laughed ."Pinky tu humari side par hain na toh ye kyon kah rehi hain?" asked Adi. "Adi sir Geet ki behn jaisi hoon toh muje hi baraat rokhna pare gi na". Maan's papa handed 50,000 rupees to Pinky and she gave milk to Maan to drink. Maan entered the mandap and his eyes began searching for Geet. "Maan jijaji Geet ko doond rahe ho..sabar karo..aur vaise main aapko  pehle warn karoo..apne dil ko thaam ke rakiye ga..aaj geet kayamat lag rahi hain". Maan looked away smiling..thinking I know.

The mandap was decorated so beautifully..the mandap matched Maaneet's outfit of gold/red/white..all adorned with millions of roses. KM looked like a palace fit for a kings wedding. Maan waited for Geet..his stomach had butterflies. Adi began talking to Maan about hiding his shoes away that Maan felt the presence of Geet. Everyone began cooing and talking looking at the stairs. Maan turned around slowly and was mesmerised by the most beautiful women he had laid his eyes on. His heart skipped a beat. Geet ever so slowly walked downstairs with Pinky and the girls, blushing with her eyes lowered in a bridal state. She felt Maan looking at her, she smiled and gulped her breath.

Kumkum left the mandap and reached Geet kissing her on the forehead.  Singhania joined her and touched her cheek lovingly. Chopra, Sumaira, Sasha, tasha and John  looked on with eyes filled with venom and jealousy. Maan uncontrollably came towards Geet and gave his hand so she could get on the mandap. She refused to look up.

Maaneet exchanged garlands and Geet accidently looked up at Maan curiously wanting to see how her groom was looking. He was intensely looking at her she looked away smiling.  It was time to Khanyadhaan. Geet began getting emotional and started to miss her Baba. "Geet wo dekho". Maan pointed at the door. It was her Baba, she smiled with tears in her eyes. Karan came and met Geet and Maan. She hugged him for a while till the pundit asked to resume the ceremony. Karan did khanyadhaan and Maan promised to respect his wife forever.

Maaneet looked at each other lovingly..they knew this is it! This moment that had waited was really like a dream..Maan looked proud and Geet looked vunerable. Karan met his friend Singhania and both hugged each other seeing the apple of their eyes getting married.  The pundit asked Maan to fill Geet's maang with sindoor. Maan ever so slowly took a pinch of he wanted this moment to last forever..and ever...he brought near her forehead and Pinky lifted her Shingaar patti and he filled her maang and she closed her eyes with the emotional upheaval of being owned by Maan Singh Khurana.

Maan  then put mangulsutra around her neck and played around putting it on to keep his touch lingering on her..she hyperventilated and blushed.  Everyone clapped and sighed at Maaneet.  Lastly, Maan took Geet's hand and started the phera's-both looked adoringly at each other- remembering their first meeting, their friendship, their fights, their love and now them getting married. They had come a long way. Then Geet took Maan round holding his hand. Everyone showered them with petals.

Maaneet together as a couple went and took ashirwaad from Karan and then Kumkum and Singhania.  As Maan was about to come down his shoes were missing. Pinky had taken them and was asking for money. "ye kiya Pinky har cheez pe paise?, had hogai!" said a annoyed Adi. "Adi sir agar sumander se aik khooza nikhalo toh sumander khatam toh nahin hoga". Everyone laughed and Geet laughed blushing.  They gave another 20,000 rupees to her and she returned Maan's shoes.

Everyone came and congratulated them and took them to sit and enjoy the food and entertainment.  The Sabri brothers dedicated this qawaali to Maaneet

Maan looked at Geet and smiled holding her hand tight.

Mere mehboob tere chaand se chehre ki kasem, tu kahe toh main teri maang main afsha bardu, iss haseen raat main janat ka ghuma hota hain, apni khushiya teri khushiyo pe nechwar kardu

Maaneet heard the qawaals and looked at each other with sincere love and affection.

Ho Mubarak tuje hum nawa mil gaya, ab tuje pyar ka aaina mil gaya

Maan whispered to Geet. "Geet you look..." and someone came to congratulate the lovely couple.

Ye raaze ishq kya hain tuje kuj pata nahin, iss dil main tu hi tu hain koi doosara nahin, ho Mubarak tuje hum nawa mil gaya

Maan looked at Geet's eyes and the qawaals complimented the moment.

Silsile pyar ke jore hain teri ankhon ne, ruk hawa ke bi more hain teri ankhon ne, sainkro aaine tore hain teri ankhon ne, Ho Mubarak tuje hum nawa mil gaya, ab tuje pyar ka aaina mil gaya

Sumaira looked on with envy.

Geet lowered her eyes and blushed while the photographer took photo's. Adi and Pinky got Maan up to get their photo's together. Maan looked on intensely and was told by the photographer  to hold her from the waist. Geet began hyperventilating.

phoolo ka tabasum hain kaliyo ki jawaani hain, tu meri mohobhat ki pakeeza kahani hain, main ishq ki raho main hasti ko mita du, tu muj pe sitam kar le, main tuj ko dua du ga, eh meri zindagi muj ko yahi khushi aaj tuje tera dilruba mil gaya, ho Mubarak tuje...

The photographer told them to put their faces close up..Geet blushed and walked off and Maan grabbed her by the waist.

 Ye teri jawaani, tauba! He twirled her back into his arms

Oh roop ki rani, tauba! H e cupped her face.

 Ye chaand sa mukhra tauba! Hain noor ka tukra Tauba! He admired her beauty.

Ye mast adai tauba! Zulfe hain gataye tauba! Ye nargisi ankhen tauba! Ye marmari bahein tauba! He put her arms around his neck.

 Ye ghaal gulabi tauba! Ye chaal sharabi tauba! Lehje main taranum tauba! Hoton Ka tabasum tauba! Eh meri mehjabeen eh , oh meri naazneen kaya batao aaj muje kya mil gaya Geet was hyperventilating and ran off to her chair.

Maan followed her and gave her pleading looks. Geet refused to look at him.

Jaaneman jaanejigar, dekh le aik nazar, dekh le aik nazar, aik nazar, dekh le nazar aik nazar, mere soye jazbo ko jaghaana hoga, aaj parda tuje chechre se utaana hoga, ,meri duniye ke andero main ujaale kar de, zindagi bar ki tamana ko poora kar de, dil ki ujri duniya ko basane keliye, zindagi bar keliye saat nibane ke liye, aur kya chahiye ulfat ke paasdaro ko, tor de tor de inn rasm ki deewaro ke, teri har ek khushi ho Mubarak tuje, ab tuje hasrato ka khuda mil gaya..Ho Mubarak tuje...

The qawaali finished fully complimenting Maaneet's haal-e-dil. All the guests ate and hovered over the new couple.

It was time for rukhsati and Geet began feeling really upset. The girls put a white dupatta on her head covering her face. Karan came and cried uncontrollably and Geet refused to let go. The atmosphere became really sombre. "Maan beta ye mere jigar ka tukra hain, isse somp raha hoon, agar iss se koi galti ho jai toh maaf kar dena". Maan looked on sadly and hugged Karan. "Babuji I'm like your son...I will keep Geet really happy". Kumkum and Singhania consoled Karan and he left after giving her away.

The rasm's of 'Graha Parvesh' began and Geet put the 'kalash' down and then put her hand prints on the wall.  The girls and boys gathered around Maaneet and Kumkum came. "Acha ab tum dono ko aik doosere ka 'gaana' kholna hoga..dekhte hain koun pehle khole ga". Maan started to open it first. The knots were tied to make it difficult to open but eventually he opened and looked at Geet with intense eyes. "Gee tab tumari baari" continued Kumkum. Geet was finding it difficult as she had fake nails and it was making it hard for her. All the young people laughed in excitement. Geet made a baby face and Maan helped her take it off. She looked at him with a cute smile. "Maan hum ne tume macho samja ta par tum toh jhoru ke ghulam nikhle!" laughed Chopra followed by everyone laughing and Maan accepting the compliment.

Kumkum then bought a big bowl with milky water and grass..she threw the ring and Maaneet had to catch it. Maan caught it 3 times and Geet twice. "Maan sir will rule Geet..we knew that anyway!" Pinky clapped. Geet blushed and looked down. "Acha Maan ab Geet ki mehndi main apna naam dhoondo". Maan took Geet's hands and then looked at Geet. He kept teasing her hands..she began gulping as her heartbeat increased. He traced her patterns in pretence of looking for his name. She felt ticklish and blushed at his naughtiness. "Ye kya Maan..tume apna naam nahi mila!". Maan looked up and said "Maan Singh Khurana and can't find his name? Here it was between her index finger". Geet looked up astonished and he smiled mischievously.

Chopra, Sumaira and John left and the Khurana's were left with a few guests. Pinky and the girls went to put the final touches on Maaneet's newly decorated bedroom. Once done the girls came down. "beti you must be tired.. go and change the lengha must be heavy". A middle age lady came and whispered in Geet's ear "Beta don't change wait for your husband, let him see you in your bridal outfit properly". Geet blushed and giggled. "Geet lets go" Pinky got her up. "Kaha Pinky?"

"Geet tumari bedroom main". Geet blushed and Maan looked the other way. Geet left Maan's side and walked up. Her legs shaking. Her heart beating fast, her breathing quickening and her body sweating..she could smell her perfume more. Pinky  and the girls made Geet sit in the middle of her bed and began doing her makeup as after the rukhsti it was spoilt...they sat down with her for a few minutes  put her ghoonghat up and kissed her and left. "Good luck Geet!" she said with a tinge of naughtiness.  They closed the door behind 'leaving Geet to die a thousand deaths-she was waiting and waiting-she prayed the moment would not come that she had to face her husband- Maan Singh Khurana.

itne dino ke intzaar ke baad, yeh din aaya

aaj maine sab ke sahmane tumhein apna banaya

mere mann mein laddoo phoot rahe the

jab hum dono saat phere le rahe the

aaj se naa koi bandish hogee, naa hi hoga koi etraaz

mere dil mein jo armaan hain, un sab ko milega aaj anzaam

itne dino ke intzaar ke baad, yeh din aaya hai

aaj maine sab ke sahmane tumhein banaya apna

woh bed ke beech mein bethi

kar rahi hai mera intzaar

mein uski ki taraf badh raha hoon,

ho raha hai mera dil bekraar,

yeh kaisi halchal chal rahi hai,

mere dil ki dharkan ko badha rahi hai

itne dino ke intzaar ke baad, yeh din aaya

aaj maine sab ke sahmane tumhein apna banaya

woh mere sahmane or mein uske sahmane baitha hoon

woh meri or mein uski dharkan ko sun raha hoon

woh ghoongat mein sharam se or bhi simat rahi hai

mere armaano ko or bhi ubaar rahi hai

ab hota nahin hai mujhse or intzaar

itne dino ke intzaar ke baad, yeh din aaya hai

aaj maine sab ke sahmane tumhein banaya apna

badhi mushkil se dil ko kaboo karke

jab maine uska ghoongat uthaiya

mere dil ne mujhe hi mujh se bhuliya

hayee baba ji kitni fursaat nikaal ne

aap ne hai ise banaya,

mere dil ne yahi baar baar furmaiya

mere sanjam ke saare bandhan toot gaye

woh mujh mein or mein us mein samaya

itne dino ke intzaar ke baad, yeh din aaya hai

aaj maine sab ke sahmane tumhein banaya apna

By Jasraj123-thanks honey

Precap; Maaneet SR!Day Dreaming

Hope you liked the wedding update...SmilePress the like button and please leave commentsss.

Ps Ratna aka PerfectYaRav please comment whats happened to you yaar..and all of you lovelies I do notice when you don't comment so please try commenting...Embarrassed

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still waiting for next part

update fasttt 

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Awesome wedding scene,wow karan is finally in the wedding ,waiting for the next part already pls make it fast dear.

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awesome waiting for nxt update

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arey nadiya. congo shongo for new thread yaar. balle balle party .Party

or update bhi jaldi jaldiLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL woh bhi double double. okkk

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