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Pavitra Rishta August 22 2011 Written Update

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Written Update


At the main office


Dharmesh, Aashna and DK, and a few other workers are standing in the main office. Manav enters the office. Archana also comes in the office after Manav. Savita, Sulochana, Varsha, Vaishali and Satish are also coming in the office. Dharmesh is shocked to see Manav's whole family coming in the office. Aashna is smiling though. Manav stands a few feet in front of Dharmesh and is directly facing him. Archana is standing next to Manav. Savita, Sulochana, Varsha, Vaishali and Satish are also standing right there. Dharmesh is extremely shocked. Manav says to Aashna, what happened Aashna Ji, why did you call the whole family? Aashna smiles and says actually Manav, Dharmesh wanted to say something to you guys. The whole family looks a bit confused. Dharmesh turns back to face Aashna and DK. Dharmesh says to Aashna maam, it was ok to call the staff over here, and asks why did you call the family here? Aashna says Dharmesh, you insulted Manav in front of everyone, so of course you will have to apologize to Manav in front of everyone. Manav and Savita now look angry at Dharmesh. Aashna says to Dharmesh, I did not force you, and says you are apologizing to Manav according to your will. Aashna says to Dharmesh, if you want me to forgive you, please go ahead. Manav says to Aashna, let it go maam. Manav says I do not have any interest in hearing Dharmesh's apology. Aashna says no Manav, this is not for you, but this is for me. Aashna gives a firm look at Dharmesh. Aashna says Dharmesh wants to apologize to you to prove that he will never make this mistake again. Dharmesh is facing Aashna with his head down and looking extremely uncomfortable. Aashna says Dharmesh, if you have changed your mind, then you can go back to your office. Dharmesh thinks in his head, it looks like I will have to apologize to Manav in front of everyone. Dharmesh thinks in his head, Aashna Ji, you did not do good, and I will not forgive you for this. Aashna asks Dharmesh what is wrong, you are quiet. Aashna asks Dharmesh do you not want to apologize. Dharmesh looks extremely uncomfortable and slowly turns his back toward the family so he is facing the family. Dharmesh walks very slowly toward Manav. Everyone's eyes are on Dharmesh now. Dharmesh goes close to Manav. Dharmesh has his head down in front of Manav and he manages to say I'm sorry. Savita yells at Dharmesh and says are you apologizing to Manav or are you doing a favor? Dharmesh has his head down, but he says a little bit louder, I'm sorry. Dharmesh says I'm sorry, I had made a mistake. Savita looks angry at Dharmesh. Dharmesh says I will never do this mistake again. Manav goes over to Dharmesh and says firmly, I will forgive you for this mistake that you made. Manav says but keep in mind, I will not forgive you for your previous mistakes. Dharmesh looks a little worried. Manav leaves the main office.  Archana follows Manav and leaves the office. Varsha also leaves along with Vaishali. Now the whole family is leaving the office. The workers resume their work and go to their respective offices. Dharmesh is looking very embarrassed and scared.


In a room inside the office


Vaishali and Archana are in a room. Vaishali is looking sad. Archana is saying Vaishu, why are you so sad? Archana assures Vaishali that this is not your fault. Manav comes inside the room and says Archana is right. Manav says to Vaishali why are you blaming yourself for what Dharmesh did wrong? Manav says I don't know why Aashna Ji did this, and says I did not want Dharmesh to apologize to me. Manav says to Archana what will I gain by proving Dharmesh wrong? Vaishali says no jeeju, I do not feel bad that Dharmesh had to apologize to you. Vaishali says I feel bad that I am the wife of Dharmesh who is such a bad person. Vaishali says to Manav that Dharmesh has always tried to ruin you. Archana says to Vaishali why are you thinking so much? Archana says I have full faith that if not today then definitely tomorrow, that everything will be alright. Vaishali says no tai, I do not think a person like Dharmesh can ever change. Vaishali is crying now and says it was my fault that I began to keep relations with a person like Dharmesh. Aishali says because of what I did wrong is causing all of you to suffer. Vaishali says I promise you guys that after today I will not let Dharmesh do anything against you two. Vaishali says I will even go to the extent that I will fall down in Dharmesh's eyes. Manav says no Vaishu, you will not do anything like that. Manav says I do not want you to have problems in your life because of us. Vaishali says but jeeju? Manav says Vaishali, please listen to me. Manav goes over to Vaishali and says I am your brother, right? Manav asks Vaishali will you not listen to your brother. Manav says to Vaishali do not let your happiness fade away because of your actions. Archana smiles and nods in agreement. Manav tells Vaishali please stop crying. Archana says should we go Vaishu? Vaishali nods her head. Archana says Sachu is probably finished with school, I will need to go. Archana says to Manav we will be leaving. Manav nicely pats Vaishali and Vaishali stands up. Manav asks Archana where is your mother. Archana says to Manav I have sent aai outside to explore. Archana says let's go Vaishu. Archana, Vaishali and Manav are getting ready to leave the room. Before they leave, Vaishali says to Archana, one minute tai. Vaishali goes over to Manav and gives him a hug. Manav smiles and hugs Vaishali back. Archana is happy to see this. Vaishali tells Manav that you used to be my jeeju, but now you are my brother. Manav strokes Vaishali very nicely. Vaishali and Archana smile and leave the room. Manav is smiling and looks very happy.


Outside on the streets


Sulochana and Savita are walking outside on the streets. Sulochana is saying to Savita that the Gateway of India was so good. Sulochana says I have lived in Mumbai for so many years, but I have never gotten a chance to see it. Sulochana says I just saw it once in the newspaper, and I liked it a lot. Savita asks Sulochana you did not see the Gateway of India after living here in Mumbai for so many years? Savita smiles and says to Sulochana, I think you do not have an interest in exploring around. Sulochana tells Savita that I do have an interest, but what do I do? Sulochana says you know I was not here before, and then when I got married, I came to Mumbai, then I had to take care of the house, and the kids and their education. Sulochana says to Savita, I do not understand how time passes by so fast. Sulochana says today I think that life has gone by. Savita says leave it, what has gone is what has gone. Savita says to Sulochana we both are free now, and says you don't have any worries, neither any responsibility anymore. Savita laughs and says your kids now have their own kids. Sulochana laughs as well. Savita says now we will live on our own terms, alright? Sulochana agrees and Savita says let's go. Savita tells Sulochana that we will go to Hajiali to make a prayer. Savita calls for a taxi. Sulochana says Savita tai, why taxi? Sulochana says we will go in a bus. Savita complains that I do not want to go in a bus, and says we will go in a taxi. Savita says we will enjoy it a lot. Sulochana says but we will also be wasting money for no reason. Savita says do not think about money. Savita says look, if we went by train then there will be fights, and we will have to smell the bad sweat, and get pushed by everyone and not enjoy it at all. Savita explains to Sulochana that if we take a taxi, we will enjoy and be relaxed. Sulochana is smiling now as she is convinced to take the taxi. Savita says why should we think so much about money, and says our son earns very good money. Savita tells Sulochana that our son will not be angry that we took the taxi, but he will be happy. Savita gives Sulochana a loving touch on her face. Savita calls for a taxi. The taxi stops for Sulochana and Savita. Sulochana gets inside the taxi first and then Savita goes inside the taxi.


Karanjkar House


Manjusha is at the Karanjkar House and her mother Rasika is visiting the house. Rasika is watching some Zee TV show. Manjusha comes from the kitchen and comes to the main room with a tray and the tray has two cups of juice for them to drink. Manjusha asks her mother what do you keep watching on TV? Manjusha tells her mother that I am very angry with you. Rasika asks why. Manjusha says the other day you were at Manav's house having a party, and you knew that Ruchi and Punni were at that house without telling me, and you did not find it necessary to call me? Manjusha says aai, I was so worried for them, my life was panicking. Rasika puts a hand on her daughter and tells her to calm down. Rasika says actually, I got really worried by seeing those two over there at the house. Manjusha looks at her mother angrily. Rasika says I also tried to ask the kids when did they come, and how did they come. Rasika says to her daughter, but you know your two daughters, whenever they look at me, they look at me like I am some evil creature. Rasika says to Manjusha that your kids did not even talk to me. Rasika says then I tried to ask some others, but then you had come. Rasika says but Manju, let me tell you something. Rasika smiles and says I felt really good to be your mother that day. Rasika smiles and says you had closed everyone's mouth. Rasika says to her daughter, even after you had left, everyone was sitting down very quietly. Rasika laughs but Manjusha is not happy at all. Manjusha says to her mother forget all of that. Manjusha says to her mother angrily, why did you not support me that day, but instead, you scolded me in front of everyone. Rasika says to her daughter, have you gone crazy? Rasika says if I had supported you, then it would have been bad for me. Manjusha says aai, I even hate tall of their faces. Manjusha fold her hands and says I pray to Bappa that one of those people do not even come in front of me or else I don't know what bad I would do to them. Manjusha is extremely frustrated and angry right now. Manjusha says aai, they are putting poison in my kids' mind so they can go against me. Manjusha says I know that these people did this on purpose. Manjusha says they wanted to show me that they are happy without me. Manjusha says we are also happy in our home, and they are happy in their own home. Manjusha asks her mother what do I have to do with their happiness. Rasika is trying to calm down her daughter. Manjusha says to her mother, that Manav now has a lot of money, and everyone is very happy. Manjusha says let me see how long that happiness will last for.

Karanjkar House

Manjusha says aai, when the matter comes to the throat, everything that looks good will turn bad. Rasika says yes. Manjusha says and that Vinod's mother. Manjusha says she used to talk so much. Manjusha imitates Sulochana's voice in a mean tone of what Sulochana used to say to her. Sulochana used to say to her, Manju do not do this, Manju do not do that, Manju, I can't do this, my head hurts. Manjusha says she used to talk so much, and I threw her out of the house because of her mouth running all the time. Rasika says Manju, calm down my child, calm down. Rasika asks her daughter, why do you think so much? Rasika says I am here. Rasika says in a very mad tone, whatever that animal (Sulochana) did to you, I will take revenge for that. Rasika says I will stop their happiness. Rasika smiles and says actually, I have started that mission. Rasika says that Manav really loves his money. Rasika says I will take away his money and his house will break into pieces. Manjusha smiles and loves that idea. Manjusha says aai, you are feeling very hot? Manjusha smiles and says after thinking so much; you will definitely feel very hot. Manjusha happily tells her mother that we can go talk inside the room. Rasika says Manju, I can't keep going in and out. Rasika suggest her daughter to put the A/C in the hall. Rasika explains that this way you will not feel hot. Manjusha smiles and says that is a very good idea aai. Manjusha tells her mother that we have thought of having a car and loaning it, and then we will also get a new A/C for the room. Manjusha says you do not know aai, these days we need the car a lot. Manjusha says I have gotten tired of talking to those auto people. Rasika says you are right. Rasika says you should get your car. Manjusha smiles and agrees. Rasika tells her daughter that once you have your car, then that Manav's name will go down. Manjusha smiles and says his name will not go down, but it will be cut. Manjusha and Rasika enjoy a laugh.


Deshmukh House


Archana. Sachu, and Soham are at their house. Manav comes in the house and calls for Archana. Archana says you have come back Manav, and says give me your bag. Sachu says aai, Soham wants water. Archana says one minute, Manav. Archana comes back to the table and gives Sachu the water so he can give to Soham to drink. (Very nice, lovely family sceneSmile) Manav says to Archana that I wanted to tell you. Sachu says aai, Soham's clothes are wet. (I think Sachu tried to give Soham water, and he had dropped the water, so Soham's clothes had gotten wet) Archana says to Manav, I will go and get some clothes for Soham. Archana goes and gets Soham a new shirt to wear. Manav goes to Archana and says, please listen to me. Archana says one second, Soham's clothes have gotten all wet. Archana says I did not even put Soham to sleep. Archana is about to put on Soham's shirt but then realizes that the rice she had been cooking is burning now. Soham's shirt is half put on him, and Manav is confused that Archana had just left.


Deshmukh House in the kitchen


Archana goes to the kitchen and sees the rice and turns off the cooker. Manav comes in the kitchen too and says to Archana, I don't think you want to listen to me. Archana says it is not like that Manav. Archana is stirring the rice when she looks at Manav's angry face. Archana says ok, tell me what is it. Manav does not respond and leaves the kitchen. Archana calls for Manav and leaves the kitchen.


Deshmukh House in Archana and Manav's bedroom


Archana has come in the bedroom to look for Manav. Manav comes in the bedroom and closes the door. Archana sees Manav and Manav immediately twirl Archana around. Archana asks Manav, Manav what are you doing? Manav says to Archana, now you do not even have any time for me. Archana says yes, that is true Manav. Archana says to Manav soon, you will need to make an appointment to meet me. Manav says oh, appointment? Manav says to Archana what if I had an advance and I booked you for the whole day? Archana says ok, that is fine with me. Archana asks Manav will you be able to afford it? Archana says my face is really high. Manav asks Archana to tell him how I can get to be with you for the whole day? Archana says ok, if you want me for the whole day, then you will need to take three days off from your work. Manav laughs and says ok. Archana says so tell me, when should I give you your appointment? Manav stutters Archana. Archana smiles and says there is no rush, and says to take it easy. Archana says to Manav give me your answer after a lot of thought, ok? Archana says I will go and attend to the rice. Archana is about to leave the room but Manav grabs Archana. Archana smiles and Manav says we will talk about the appointment later. Manav says but let me take advantage of the chance that I got today. Archana and Manav both look at each other in the eyes. Archanana and Manav both have their eyes looking directly at each other. The romantic moment is cut short when Savita calls for Archana from the other room. Manav asks Archana why are you calling for yourself? Archana smiles and says not me. Manav says who? Archana says aai. Manav immediately begins to get very shy. Archana smiles and asks what happened, and says did you get scared from aai? Manav stutters and Archana is getting ready to leave the room. Archana tells Manav to do one thing, and call me for an appointment and I will give you one. Archana leaves the bedroom. Manav smiles.

Deshmukh House


Sulochana and Savita are back from exploring around town. They have a lot of shopping bags from going out shopping and Sulochana is organizing them on the table. Savita is extremely exhausted and gets a cup of water for Sulochana and herself. Savita says we had went around so much, and we got so tired. Archana comes in the room and is shocked to see so many shopping bags. Archana says this much shopping? Savita says yes, we had gone around Mumbai, so of course we would have done a lot of shopping. Savita gives Sulochana a glass of water. Savita says to Archana, I took your mother to Gateway of India. Savita says she had never seen it before, so I said, ok I will show you around Mumbai. Sulochana says to Archana, you know we also went to Marine Lines.  Sulochana explains that light rain was going on over there, and I was fed by Savita tai, and we had so much fun Archu. Savita says to Archana and after that, the kids were playing over there, and I had yelled at them so much, that they all left. Archana laughs. Sulochana and Savita also have a very good laugh over this. Archana asks what happened next, aai? Sulochana says we also went to Hajihali and it was so calm over there. Sulochana asks Archana when we go to the mandir (Hindu temple where you pray) it is very calm and you get a lot of peace? Sulochana says we also got the same calm and peace over there. Archana says enough, now I don't want to hear anything. Archana says you guys went out by yourselves, do you not care about your daughter?

Deshmukh House

Manav comes in the room and says Archana, how could aai have took you? Archana asks why, why couldn't they take me? Manav says to Archana that you are always working day and night. Savita nods in agreement to what Manav said. Savita says to Archana see, that is why we did not take you. Archana says yes aai, but you know these days I finish my work very soon. Archana says I have already made tonight's dinner. Archana says I am free. Savita and Sulochana smile at each other. Archana says but it is ok, since you guys enjoyed and had fun, I also had fun. Archana says to Savita, you have gotten really tired, I will press your foot. Manav says to Archana you are right. Manav comes and sits down. Archana is about to press Savita's foot and Manav is about to press Sulochana's foot but Savita says no, no to Archana. Sulochana says to Manav what are you doing? Manav says aai, this is a son's duty. Sulochana says to Manav, but you went to the office too, and says you will also need rest. Manav says but I get so much peace when I do things for my parents. Sulochana tells Manav that I have thought of another way. Sulochana calls over Sundri. Sundri comes in the room. Sulochana tells Sundri to get a bucket of warm water with salt. Sulochana says they can now put their feet in the warm water bucket. Sundri goes and gets warm water with salt. Manav is still pressing Sulochana's foot while Archana is pressing Savita's foot. Sundri brings over a bucket of warm water. Sundri gives it over to Manav and Manav gives the bucket to Archana and Savita. Sundri brings over another bucket of water for Manav and Sulochana. Sulochana and Savita both put their feet in their respective buckets. Manav is pressing Sulochana's legs in the meantime. Archana is pressing Savita's legs. Sulochana and Savita are both enjoying this relaxing moment. Both are enjoying the comfort of what their daughter in law/son in law is doing for them. Manav pressing Sulochana's leg and Sulochana looks very lovingly at Manav and has happy tears in her eyes.


Precap: A lot of people are outside the Deshmukh House. There are a lot of decorations outside as well and people are wearing orange and yellow. There is a celebration going on called Janmashtami. Savita is downstairs in the chawl and is shouting very loudly to the whole chawl coloney, listen, listen all of the chawl people listen. Sulochana, Vandita and Sundri are all looking happy. Sachu is there and Vandita has brought her daughter Munni with her. The whole chawl coloney is listening. Savita says this year for all of the chawl people we are having a handi bandi. (which means someone will break the handi) Savita shouts every year my son Manav breaks the handi. Varsha is there too and is smiling. Savita says but if this year, someone will compete with Manav to break the handi then the dahi handi will be very fun. Dharmesh is also there watching and he is looking unhappy. Savita says and whoever will win the competition will get 10,000 rupees from me. Everyone from the whole chawl coloney start clapping and shout YAY!


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I don't like that Manju & her evil mother!

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Thanks for the lovely update Bhalla Tongue

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thanks for the lovely update!!!!

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Thanks for the update !

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