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Translucence - Finished. (Page 146)

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Chapter 27:

"Why are we here?" Vikram asked Dileep Khurana as soon as he entered the room.

"Sit down," said Dileep sternly. Maan exchanged looks with Mitalee, who was walking in step with him.

"Khurana Capital is fu*ked," Dileep didn't care about using expletives. At that moment he wasn't talking to his children but to men and woman who were running his companies.

Vikram paled at that comment.

"I have tried everything possible," he said anger creeping in his voice. He hated the fact that his father had brought in his other siblings into this meeting. Dileep Khurana ignored him.

"I will see if I can arrange capital. But it will not be sufficient to bail you out and take you out of your deep debt," Dileep Khurana replied. Mitalee frowned at that.

"But the amount that is required by Khurana Capital can be overcome by having steady in flow of capital from other businesses for at least one quarter. They will operate at break-even so technically it will not be a problem. And besides, the Khurana Capital can pull out its emergency cash reserve when you and board give approvals to do so. We anticipated this problem during economic boom of late nineties," Mitalee replied.

"Why don't you enlighten your sister about taking out money from cash reserves is not possible?" Dileep Khurana said. Vikram didn't answer.

"When he saw how share value was rising, he planned to make some pocket money on his own by playing with the cash reserve." Dileep answered when Vikram continued his silence.

There was silence for several moments. Mitalee was the first to break it.

"What the fu*k were you thinking asshole? Do you have any idea where this little stunt of yours is going to take us?" She erupted.

"How was I supposed to know that this little fu*ker was playing with us?" Vikram burst out. Maan didn't bother responding to him.

"You had no right on that cash reserve Vikram. I thought I told you to keep your gambling habits in check and inside casinos only," Mitalee looked murderous. She had already threatened him regarding this problem. Vikram had cleverly ignored to mention the fact that he had embezzled company's money.

"How much can you invest?" Mitalee talked to her father as if he was another investor she was talking to.

"Not enough," he replied. That's all she wanted to know.

"Where is this money coming from anyway?" Maan asked one thing that no one ever talked about. He wondered if Mitalee and Vikram already knew or they just didn't care as far as they received capital on time.

"It's none of your business," Dileep Khurana hissed. He was aware of Maan looking around and wondered how much Maan knew about it.

"Oh sorry father but I think it is my business now. If Khurana Group's largest source of income - Khurana Capital is under deep shit and manage to put in a large chunk of capital then the external auditors will have a field day in airing our dirty laundry. We aren't talking pocket changes here, father; the investment you are going to make is the annual turnover of Khurana Heavy Transport for next three years." Maan replied.

"I don't care from where he got the money. Don't worry too much about the books," replied Mitalee to Maan who was twiddling on Blackberry.

"You don't want IT department nor capital regulatory groups starting looking into origins of your capital now, do you father?" Maan asked looking at his father.

"What are you insinuating?" Vikram yelled.

"Legality of the capital that Dileep Khurana owns," Maan replied casually.

The room went silent.

"It doesn't matter," said Mitalee breaking the silence. "As I said before, I don't care. Saving Khurana Capital is more important now," she added.

"Dad, transfer the money and let me worry about bookkeeping," Mitalee said.

"Stop it. All of you now." Dileep Khurana said. The creases in his forehead made him look several years older.

"Vikram and Mitalee, stop interfering with Khurana Capital from now on." Dileep Khurana's voice carried that tenor of the authoritarian figure. He wasn't simply a chairman on paper.

"You can't possibly..." "How can you..." Vikram and Mitalee stammered in shock.

"I am making Maan CEO of Khurana Capital," Dileep Khurana said decisively.

Again, there was shocked silence everywhere.

"Why?" Maan asked. He wanted to know his father's motives. He knew that his father was hiding something and wasn't being fully forthright.

"Because like Vikram said, you started it. What Vikram did was wrong, no doubt about that but you are the one who is primarily responsible for the debt to rise in the first place."

"All of you comfortably seem to assume that I am responsible for years of bad decisions and investments. Can you prove that it was me who put Khurana Capital in this mess? Or can you prove that it was me who messed with the share prices?" Maan asked challenging his father. Dileep looked taken aback with the answer.

"You little shit, I can get you evidence..."

"By doing what Vikram? Beating up few people? Causing an accident to Satya again?" Maan confronted Vikram. "And by the way accident on Satya can be termed as premeditated murder; in case you are dumb enough not to realize," said Maan. There was no emotion in his voice and months of frustration were seeping out in form of words.

Vikram lunged at Maan and slapped him hard.

"Stop it," Dileep Khurana yelled.  "Stop acting like kids for f**ks sake. Khurana Capital is at risk and that should be all your primary source of concern."

"Too late to come out of your coma father," said Maan recklessly rubbing his tingeing cheeks. Dileep swallowed hard and looked at his son. "When your two children were f**king around with the company you didn't care a shit about it and ignored all their questionable ways of running it. And now that it's in deep shit with a possibility of declaring bankruptcy, you pin the blame on me and ask me to fix it." Maan said mirthlessly.

"I have seen the numbers father and I know that Khurana Capital will soon file bankruptcy if this continues. We invested heavily in Bio-Engineering portfolios where nothing really happened making us and our investors incur heavy losses. Our investors escaped it by keeping the losses off their books by subcontracting with us but from other businesses. So when Khurana Capital had losses, so did the rest of the group. With capital injection we can only slowdown the process but not really escape from the inevitable," Maan said bitterly.

"I won't allow that to happen," Mitalee said, her voice deadly.  Maan raised an eyebrow at her.

"I am sure you won't. Only I don't understand your interest in it though? I mean you are no saint to help the company without any personal benefit unless you have a very large stake in Khurana Capital itself. Do JCI chairman and board know that?" Maan asked smugly. He felt a shiver of satisfaction in his spine when he saw color drain from Mitalee's face. She didn't show any visible emotion but that one uncontrollable act had given her secret away.

"Darling sister, have you forgotten what I told you months ago? Emily hates you. And didn't I tell you not to forget who she is and what kind of contacts she has? You should have checked up on that," Maan said carelessly.

"You think I am scared of a little girl who knows few people in this line of work Maan? That girl will be crushed even before she realizes what is happening with her," Mitalee replied cruelly.

"You should probably try that. It is surprising that you haven't done your homework on that said little girl Mitalee," Maan chuckled at the last part. Dileep intervened before Mitalee could respond any further.

"You are not going to be anywhere associated with Khurana Capital Mitalee and so are you Vikram. That's final." Dileep said. Vikram's rage was nothing compared to Mitalee's.

"After everything I did, this is what I get?" She paced the study and literally breathed fire.

"Why is that you never trust me as much as you trust these three dad? Is it because I am a woman?" She said as if the thought itself disgusted her.

"Don't be stupid Mitalee. It has nothing to do with trust." Dileep answered. Vikram and Mitalee looked on. "You don't have it in you to pull it off," he said softly.

Their reactions were worse than what he initially expected.

-- o00o --

"Why are we here in a coffee shop at this time of the day?" Emily asked Maan who was happily sipping milkshake.

"Is everything alright sir?" Satya asked.

"Let's wait for Geet to come too, okay?" Maan said.

"Don't tell me you are eloping with her!" Emily exclaimed.

"I am not eloping Emily," Maan said.

"Then, are you proposing her?" She asked again.

"It's not time for that yet," Maan replied, his smile dropping a notch or two.

"Are you officially asking her out?" Emily wasn't letting it go. Maan sighed.

"It has nothing to do with Geet. Okay?" Maan said.

"Then why am I here?" Geet asked, hands on her hips.

Maan smiled wanly at her entrance.

"I asked the three of you here because I have an announcement to make," Maan said.

"Are you ill?" Geet butted in. Maan stared at her and then sighed.

"I am perfectly healthy. May I please talk without being interrupted every nanosecond?" Maan grumbled. He received identical shrugs from the women.

"I have been fired as COO of Khurana Heavy Transport and Khurana Electrical."

He loved the reaction he received. Emily and Satya looked stricken. Geet only confused.

"And the last thing I did before I was officially fired was fire you both," he said pointing to Emily and Satya.

"Thank God for firing us," Emily said visibly happy. "But why were you fired in the first place?" She asked.

"I was offered the job of CEO at Khurana Capital."

"Are you going to take it?" Satya asked first.

"If my terms are agreed, then yes I will," Maan replied.

"And if they aren't agreed?" Emily asked raising an eyebrow. Maan laughed nervously.

"We all look for new jobs?" He replied.

"Are you asking me or are you telling me?" Emily narrowed her eyes. Geet burst out laughing.

"Not that I find this conversation entertaining, why the heck am I here?" She asked Maan.

"Simply because I like you and I wanted all of us to spend a nice afternoon together." Maan replied without missing a beat. Geet reddened at his outright proclamation. She recovered fast.

"Just because you three are jobless, don't expect me, a salaried employee, to waste my time on idyllic conversations or pick up the bill. I am not paying for your milkshakes," She said snootily. The three burst out laughing.

"Seriously sir, what are we going to do next?" Satya asked once they recovered. Maan sobered at his tone.

"First we need to draw up a contract. I told father that only if my terms are agreed I would accept the offer and that it is going to be a contractual agreement." Maan said.

"What do you want in it?" Emily asked.

"I don't want intervention from any of my family members including my father. Meaning, I am completely cut off from the Khurana group when it comes to funds and resources. My decision is always final and chairman cannot overrule that. Well that's the summary," said Maan.

"You think chairman will agree to this?" Satya asked.

"I think he will," Geet replied. The three looked at her in surprise.

"What? The man is desperate to save his company and he believes that Maan can somehow scrape it through it. In this situation, Maan is his best bet as in spite of being a rookie, he somehow managed to improve Khurana Transport decently." Geet shrugged and sipped her cola ignoring three dumbfounded looks thrown in her way.

"My girlfriend is so smart," Maan smiled wanly like a love sick puppy and hugged her to his side as she struggled to set herself free for few seconds before giving up with a laugh.

"You got what you wanted Maan," Emily said moments later.

"And you are getting it in your own terms," Satya said.

"How do you feel about it?" Geet asked.

"I think it's time for change." 

Change was on its way.

To be continued.

Music companion for the day: Waitin' for a Superman by Iron & Wine

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Happy SighDay Dreaming

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loved it!!

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excellent update...
maan is going to takeover KC...
why dileep is so keen to handover for maan... 
what geet mentioned about the proposal is true...but is it only reason or anything else

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oohhhwww...i missed my spot...Unhappy

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part 27
just one word WOW...
just awesome...
the change of events were so like to happen...
well Maan is smart...
he fired Emily and Satya before he got fired...
Geet seems to understand the Khuranas more than anyone...
liked the way Maan said the girlfriend line...
cont soon dear...

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someone declare the name of her girlfriend

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am very happy Thumbs Up

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