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August 18th 2011 Written Update

Suchi- IF-Sizzlerz

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Written Update Balika vadhu August 18th 2011

Part 1
Sumitra puts tea on the table and bhairav comes down and asks for Anandi.

Anandi then comes inside and they smile looking at her.
BHairav calls Anandi to come near him. Anandi looks at him surprisingly. He then says that you have worked all day and you are running into the kitchen. Sit and drink tea. Sumitra then says , your father is right , here take the tea. Anandi then smiles taking the tea. Sumitra then asks Anandi where did you go, whom did you ask what did they say.

Bhairav then asks if they agreed and Anandi then says many do not even wish to listen but bhairav cuts her saying that some did agree right so thats enough to start with. Anandi then agrees to it. She said I was disappointed a bit but then I met the principal and he said that when the school was built only 5 students attended and year after year they increased and look at it now.

She said that but the only sad part is the elder, from whom we wish to learn from they not only learn nor do they let their family members learn but I will not let them stop me. BHairav gets proud and agrees with Anandi.

Sumitra smiles and then says , your penance will definitely be successful. All three of them smile.

 (awww warmm)

Part 2

Mumbai, Gauri and Jagat are shown to be studying on their beds separately. Jagya falls asleep ( lol just like how he used to when he was young, abhor tak bada nahi hua)

He then pokes himself and remembers his younger days with Anandi.

where Anandi wakes sleeping jagya by poking him. ( Oh my God I am chocking right now) A flashback is shown where Anandi then makes fun of him

Jagya then laughs out loud and Gauri looks at him ( uh OHHH)

Gauri then asks them why is he laughing and then jagya looks as if uhoh what the hell.

Gauri says hey thats not true, tell me so I can laugh too.

He says I was laughing at myself. At this situation where a newly wedded couple are supposed be romancing and laughing around we are having books in front of us and studying. He then changes the scene and says , that when my thoughts sway away , its you who is responsible.

I am really impressed how you are concentrating and studying and you look so beautiful when you are studying. My mind does not even stay on books ( OMG loser) then he says answer my question

how do you study with such concentration. He says I am girl right thats why. When we think about something we do it with complete determination


He says you are right. Anandi was also like……… ( danger music)

Gauri then says , its ok Jagat. I know that you would definitely remember Anandi. Jagat then says even if say Anandi's name whats wrong in that. I am yours I am with you and I am near you. I have made you my wife in front of my family and the entire world and I have left ANandi for you. I have no one left and the truth is , I am there for you and you are there for me.

Gauri then says, its not that I do not trust you and what ever you say I agree with that , but my concern and my worry is not untrue. And the position I am in , any girl will be insecure.

She says everyone and even you never stop praising her then its obvious in my mind that will I be ever equal to that status. Jagat looks around with his shifty eyes.

She then says, can I ask something, do you still admire Anandi.
You respect her a lot? Yes right.

Jagat first looks around (shit what did I get into type of look)
and Gauri insists , that he tells the truth.

Jagat says yes I respect him and why shouldn't I , she is like that. And who ever is with her will never stop from respecting her. And there is a huge difference between respect and love and thats the truth.

He then says its very late , put the books aside we have to get up to go to college tomorrow. And closes his eyes ( LOL , you can close the eyes to the world but the world is watching you Jagat)

Gauri then gets into the super super insecure mode and starts thinking.

She then remembers in the flashback how Jagat was praising Anandi and running after her and was meeting her in the cowshed.

Then she thinks , that the respect can turn into love, its not necessary but its not impossible too.
Gauri then thinks , that there is only one way for all of this , that Anandi needs to get out of his life completely. She then thinks he does not want to give divorce to her because he does not want to hurt her. Then she thinks may be he is lying to me and I cannot agree that its impossible to give divorce to Anandi. He has lied to me so many times so to prove this point he could take the support of another lie  as lying is not a big deal for him

( lol sacha pyar!!! but I am glad she is thinking . Good going Gauri please do not let the brain swipers work this time Pl;easeee get the divorceee)

Part 3
Haveli is shown.
Anandi is shown studying. It shows a picture of a girl transformation from a ghoongat wali to a girl wearing skirt. She looks at it and then remembers how jagat wanted to see her in the dress. ( was this scene newly shot ?)

He then takes her towards the mirror and shows her how pretty she looks.
Anandi then wakes up from that and thinks again. She looks very upset that why she is thinking about him.

She then says NO.
I cannot do this to myself. I have to control my mind. The relationship that left my hand with such cruelty, remembering that, I get away from my path? if I do that then I will be betraying all those people who have kept high hopes from me. I have to remove from my mind, my heart the memories of Jagya.

Ma , bapusa and the hopes of this family, I cannot break them I have no right for that. I have promised this to myself right.
I will not break this promise.

She says it with such determinations ( MY darlinnnggg MUAHHH)

Anandi is shown opening the window and a rising sun is shown and a great determination is shown and then mumbai is shown where guari is feeding Jagya and he smiles at her ( i hope he does not remember Anandi LOL)
then then feeds the POHA to Gauri loll

man their love scene with such constipated look makes it look funny.

Anandi is then shown ( my shehzadi) with determination walking out and hoping for a great start of a new chapter in her life.


Precap: Anandi and Gulli are shown with an empty class and sumitra is shown coming in : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : )

telling her that she is her first student

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Thanks Suchi. Great update. Appreciate It.

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Thanks for the update
khusi_* IF-Stunnerz

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So this was the longest anandi jaap by JG till now!LOL

But after watching all those scenes it is so clear that gauri's main priority is to get the equal status like anandi, in the other words she wants to beat anandi!Ouch...Which is very much discussed in this forum.

Now coming to our jaggu dada, what did he mean by "tumhare liye parivar to kya yahan tak maine anandi ko v chhod diya"ConfusedShockedLOL

Means leaving anandi is more important/big thing than leaving his family for gauri!

Has he lost his mind or what? Treating ur wife like a dirt, always disrespect her and now claim that he is actually giving so much respect to anandi that he can say it in front of his illegal wife who is actually allergic to anandi!!

Why this u turn?Shocked

I really didn't get it, there is no sign of respect till date , now suddenly so much respect, woh v full bag of respect that anyone can get a shock!!...So what r cvs upto, now in coming episode they will show, jag actually in love with anandi like they did show today that he respects anandi...Cvs r desperately trying to show the jagiya is actually "fell out" of love from anandi means he actually loved anandi thats y so much of respect suddenly!!ConfusedLOL

Seriously what a big joke and not funny at all!Dead...I don't think I am ever going to convince that jagiya ever loved anandi!!

But I am little happy that gauri will start her hunting of the lawyer soon!!I want JA divorce anyhow!!

Anandi ka pichha chute jagdish se baas!!AngryAngry

Sumitra's calling,"anandi k bapu"...Bhairon's words to anandi,sumitra is the 1st student in anandi's school!...Day DreamingHayee so nice inlaws!!!Tongue

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Gauri resents Anandi so much, there is unaccounted hate and intense dislike, her constant comparison with A is due to the fact that she considers herself a bigger victim, she thinks A lived the pefect lyf then and even now. I think it is her extreme fear of being neglected, hidden insecurity about her relation and just the fact that she is not sure of J's luv or whatever he has for her.

A very significant fact came out, Jagat said he respects A and luvs G, well that is debatable for us but it portrays that he respects and probably trusts Anandi more than Gauri, and when Gauri voiced her fear of never attaining that respect , Jaggu didnt refute , showing how shallow their relationship is, luv can fizzle out but respect is constant.

Just how easily Jagu can fool these girls, he so smoothly lied about not thinking of Anandi rather it was about G,  more than Gauri , i m worried that Jaggu shouldn't be thinking of Anandi , unless its the flashbcks of her torture.

Gauri lacks self respect, she wants divorce not for herself, not to make her marriage legal but just a way to keep Anandi out. It proves she herself doesnt have ny problem being a keep.

The word trust is missin from this illigal marriage, both r connin each other,  Gauri thinks Jaggu ls lying about goin to jail so she will go  a lawyer witch-hunt while J conveniently covers up his Anandi thoughts by emotionally blackmailin Gauri, i left my family , relations and "even Anandi" for you line what the heck he means by that , is he implying he wont have left Anandi if it wasnt for G? Smooth Jaggu very smooth and the lady falls.

One thin is sure Jaggu is loosing interest in his career and studies, he is laidback becoz of the money comin from home and wonder how long Gauri will be able to  study herself, since Jaggu is more incline in procreating.

Hated that Aashayein trach i mean , plz lets not reduce it nto a 10 pm slot with ekta music,  and what book was Anandi gazing at ... it seemed more of a magazine with before and after weight loss pictures.

That promise of movin on was good, lets hope she sticks and realize the things she still lacks, proper education and financial-emotional independence, I didnt lyk the fact when she said , that she has to move on coz of them , it should be more becoz of her and her own want to be some1.

I knew it , Sumitra the 1st student , lets hope they fast forward on these scenes and focus more on Anandi and her journey of rediscovery not a track between Sumitra-dadisa face-off.

Luved the way they subtly showed the change in Anandi's status in the haveli , the way Sumitra called bhairon as anandi ke baapu.

I am curious to see how Gauri will react after knowing the full legal mess that both she and Jaggu has caused, am sure she will still find a way to blame anandi for this.

The irony is she has everything , education , career and Jaggu yet she is carving for attaining the place that Anandi has...i feel sub-counciously she blames Anandi for her failed child marriage and resents the fact that Jaggu choose Anandi then...

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atominis IF-Sizzlerz

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Strange! Gauri wants to be like Anandi? Mujhe uske jaisa sthaan kab milega?! Wow! Such low self esteem! Such sense of constant comparison?!Angry

She is educated, has housekeeping skills, has a man by her side and is financially independent. Why does she still feel jealous of Anandi?! Why does she always want what Anandi has?!Dead

I was laughing at Jagya!! Especially when he said, ismein galat kya hai agar main Anandi ka naam le loon? LOL

As if you don't understand and have no clue how it makes the other woman feel! Lallu-panju Jaggu!ROFL

He's such a clown! Such a moron, such a big doofus!! I still wonder how come they are showing two wise girls wasting away their lives on this Humpty-Dumpty!Silly

Gauri suspicious of Jagat! Ha! This is your true love! You can't even trust him and always feel like double-checking things yourself!

I am again disappointed in Anandi parts. Still sugary talks from Singh family. Still hollow explanations that she will look forward and never give up! Audience ko aashwaasan de rahey ho kya?

I wish she had done formal degree instead of reading silly SST books! Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) has so many different types of degrees and diplomas in various branches of social work and their admission process and entrance tests are so difficult! While the serial guys are making a mockery of social work or formal study related to social work!

Anandi is not even enrolling for a correspondence course! If not a good college, at least enroll her in IGNOU!

I am also sad that Anandi gave reason of family's faith and their happiness instead of her own self when it came to forgetting about Jagya!Ouch

Does it mean she is still not thinking of herself? She is still not doing things for her own self?

As I said she is still attached to Jagya, emotionally tied to him. It was frustrating to see her remembering her honeymoon with him!Dead

I still think she can NEVER move on unless she does formal studies or moves out of the Singh haveli or perhaps Jetsar itself!  It would have been better if her parents had taken her!

The serial makers are again FOOLING us. It's always about Jaggu, his memories, people thinking of him, his and Gauri's interaction! What is Anandi?! Is she only a topic of discussion for GAGA and Singhs??!! 

When will you guys start focusing on her as the lead of the show? When will it become her story?

P.S - Happy to see Sumitra calling Bhairon as Anandi ke bapu. Even Bhairon had once called Sumitra as Anandi ki maa. Such wonderful in-laws. It's a refreshing change! BTW, I still hate the filmy music! Please don't make it a Balaji type show! Make your original music please!

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muaah gauri lo ab tum hi hamari aakhri hope ho , karo koshish divorce ki, cos jagya is scared and anandi has not thought abt itLOLLOL

and yes i agree jagya cant be trusted easily , ek baar vishwaas tute toh waapis aane mein time lagta hainLOLLOL
but whatever i liked jagya today and yeah i think he was honestLOLLOL
and suchi ur updates r fabClapur comments crack me up although i i disagree with ur comments

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vasuja Goldie

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between does one need to read physics when you are studying MS in medicine... I am not aware of it and please the real docs in forum enlighten me...I am really curious to know??

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