Thendral Wednesday 17th of August 2011

Pearl. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 August 2011 at 11:17am | IP Logged


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Nixkie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 August 2011 at 11:19am | IP Logged
Thanks for the Wonderful Update plus Comments Pearl Akka!!!Big smile

Wow GW what an improvement!...she is asking Lav if she put ice for mango dare she badmouth about her own child to her another child...what a mother is she seriously Angry...when this Lav will stop calling her MIL as athu ithu etc etc...Congrats Lav for joining GW's disgusting plan whole heartily, we love youDead.

GW's special discount offer to herself: Buy 1 Nose-cut and Get 3 or more Nose-cuts Free, Yes Absolutely Free for herself and for her most loved ones!!!...This lady's mouth is an one man army in destructing psycho's plan and her-self's so called disgusting dream in the name of doing nallathu to her third person is needed for it, her mouth itself is more than enoughDead...

For no reason Lav veedu thedi poi GW talked veera vasanams about her love and affection towards Charu and bought 1 or more Aapu to each of them; 1 or more for her self, Lav and Charu...GW life la seitha best work is this, doing live telecast to GP's wife about her dream plan along with telling money problems to PuviDead...nicely GW linked everything with her and there's noway people will believe that she is not aware about LS matter or whatever this Charu plans in future...all three mainly GW/Lav will get blamed the most and will be hated by everyone.

TA might lived like a king aam if he married CharuDead...Its a mothers duty to thiruthufy her son and showing good golden foot steps aamDead...if Charu becomes her DIL everything will look beautiful aam...aama it will be a very beautiful pei dancing right?..enga poi muttika.. Yovvv Gunthyy where are you?! Come please so i can muttufy u...i am all alone, paavam me there's none to accompany me in thitufyingOuch

GW said that she will go to any level to bring Charu as her DIL...does this means, they are hinting that Thulasi will be in danger sooner or laterConfused.

Edited by Tanu. - 17 August 2011 at 11:30am

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Smiles-20 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 August 2011 at 11:24am | IP Logged

Thanks for the excellent updates and comments Pearl!!! 

I have to thank Periamma for eavesdropping on Lav and GW today!  What woman this GW is?  She is setting up a bad example for Lav. How would they like it if Nit mom tried to get her son married to another is GW who is spoiling Lav and making her hate Tul even more.  Both ladies are going to suffer big time and they learn about Tulasi.

Unlike Periappa, Nit mom should do something about this asap.  She should tell Periappa and both should plan something to keep Charu away from India.

One of the best feelings in the world is walking out from an exam knowing that you did well.  Tul and Deepa sounded confident about their studies making me even happier.

I loved the way Tulasi let out her feeling to Deepa today.  She considers education valuable and wants the best for her and Tamil. She understands ther Tamil is not happy with this but knows that this change is the only option for him.  I guess now Tulasi can only meet Deepa at school instead of at her house. 

 Awww...Tamil...what a was so nice...Why does Mr. K. have to make them move do this?  I will miss that house and all the funny moments between TT along with their friends.

Like Tulasi said, moving with Sudha and Puvi better be a good idea and TT should learn about Charu and GW.

Overall an excellent episode. I liked the BGM.  Looking forward to tomorrow. a super discount!!

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mini_00 Goldie

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Posted: 17 August 2011 at 11:29am | IP Logged
Thanks for the superb update my dear friend Pearl.WinkSmile Superb episodeSmile. Everybody coming under one roof should be thrilling to watchSmile. Part 3 was so good. Nice BGM vanakkam kadhalare… brought a good flash back.( hmmm my favourite BGM) .Feels like something going to happenConfused. T&T living at GW' should be interesting to watchSmile. As usual TA wishing thuls was so cute to watchClap.
At the same time …the scary thing is…unga kitta endha problem vanthalum sollamatten..Shocked. This is the indication by the team that something is going to come up. T&t entering into GW's house is the turning point in their life.Unhappy Slowly TA is turning to be our old TA. But we are going to miss the deepa and kalyani pavi's tracks when T&t move into GW'S house.Unhappy But the ultimate winner will be our T&t. Charu can't move her plans as our spy Joseph resigned his job…LOL.LOLLOL
 We want the team should expose charu's and Joseph's true face at the end  as t&t should  know that charu and Joseph had betray themDeadAngry…Hope we enjoy the shows once t&t move with gw's houseSmile. All the best thuls for your stay in your mamiyar house.
The end shot was too good where T&t look at the picture and each hold at one side. Coming to lav's track, Periamma heard everything so she will tell periappa  and they will warn T&t.awiting for upcoming events...Day Dreaming

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sahi. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 August 2011 at 11:47am | IP Logged
Thanks pearl for the wonderful update.
When Lavanya tell about Sudha "athana pathan ennada anni pasatha kodurangalunku pathan" Sudha is not having any blood relation between Tamil but she help Tamil on giving money on the right time. But Lavanya is Tamil own sister and having money and not helping Tamil on the right time so Sudha is thousand time better than Lavanya. If Lavanya is a good sister to Tamil she could have advice to GW that don't spoil his brother life but Lavanya. If Lavanya loose her baby GW will definetly blame Thulasi but Lavanya must loose her baby and should suffer for supporting GW plan and tryting to destroy Thulasi life.
We could not call GW a mother for Tamil, Lavanya or Puvi. We should call GW a business woman because she is doing business in her childrens life by seeing profit or loss. So GW is not fit to be mother for Tamil and Puvi she is only fit to be mother for selfish queen Lavanya. Thank goodness now Periyamma get to know about GW plan. I beleive soon some good news is going to happen.
Now the torture time is going to start for Thulasi as GW is going to Torture Thulasi but because of Sudha support Thulasi will get less torture from Thulasi.Overall today it was a good episode.

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acornn Senior Member

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Posted: 17 August 2011 at 11:58am | IP Logged

Thanks for the superb update and comments! Awesome nostalgic episode, Creative need to be appreciated for excellent piece of writing that captured the predicament, happiness and uncertainty of the present and outlining the challenges that is in store for future!

It is going to be Thulz show all the way from here on, as T of Thendral is going to the new bold "Thulz" as she takes center stage.

#1) Today's conversation between T & D is many ways has put to rest the issue of "I am unlucky" raised in the school episode as T has left the sordid past behind as she has turned the page after marrying, looking forward to the future.  

#2) After a long time, T has outlined her readjusted goals – education and TA. Education still her focus as it will help in redeeming her lost respect and standing in society – rest of the story is going to be how she is going to achieve these goals as a married woman with myriad of challenges. But more importantly, TA is her very own, FULL STOP –period!!! Psycho and GW are you listening.    

#3) T has always been timid took what life gave her. Now she is pragmatic, practical, patient and aspiring for greater things for herself and TA, while her leg are firmly planted in the ground trying to wade through the neck deep crisis of the present.

#4) TA is going to be of no great help, T is going to do all the shadow boxing with Psycho, GW and SQ in the mix and will stand triumphant sending psyco to asylum and GW to cleaners.

#5) S is uber business woman who is WIIFM type.  The sisterhood bonding for sure will sour as TA will mess up in his job and her support system will fall apart leaving T alone to fend off GW & Psycho challenge.

#6) SQ is going to bear pain of all GW machinations. Hope creative doesn't do anything sadistic to SQ's unborn child.

TA recollecting the happy memories of their "love nest" , with BGM –too good.  Woohoo – the freeze shot of their childhood portrait with both of them holding it firmly together – awesome.

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vjayam Goldie

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Posted: 17 August 2011 at 12:00pm | IP Logged
tks pearl, what a lovely episode u got today,
today one superb episode, brilliantly capturing 3 different moods before TT shift out of their first ever house...
beginning with revealing GW's sinister motives (which thankfully nitish's mom overhears), to T n Deepa sharing their feelings to our old TA reminiscing abt the sweet moments in their first house, this episode has set the mood for the events to unfold in the coming weeks...
T's mental tortures (hope she does not miss any more exams) with GW, puvi and sudha's support hanging in balance, C's pei entry, and TA's work condns...
the best part the team has creatively handled GW/C's plans--Nitish's father knows C's mental condition, Nitish's mom knows abt GW's gutter ideas, and Joseph knows abut C's plans--great now waiting for the meeting point of all 3...
Part 3 with our fav BGM really made me nostalgic and many may hv shed a tear...Old TA is back...really as T said times r not good for them...otherwise one is always right but the wrong one gets the way..The final packing of photo--too good, what does it indicate--return of T's mom and TT's baby?
Tanu yr free offer too good... wish it happens like that...cant wait for GW's gutter ideas to be open to all...TA was right, she is worse than vel and hope the climax is worse than what Vel got...

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TTfan Goldie

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Posted: 17 August 2011 at 12:01pm | IP Logged
Thank you Pearl for the nice update and superb comments..!! Big smile

GW at Lav house and asking for ice..Hmm which clearly shows her money minded intentions... Charu should come to know that GW is the reason behind her plan failure..(Cos only when GW came and told P&S.. They went for T&T's help..!! ) But it is nice that one more person(MIL) came to know about GW and Charu's plan along with Lav..!! They will get their aapu's themselves always like this..Theyspoke about the money matter and TA over heard.. Now about this separating plan.. MIL over heard..!! MIL should visit T&T before they leave and tell them the conversation she heard..!! OR she should handle this in a different way where even Charu should get her aapu..!! Let see..!!'

Second scene was too good..!! Both friends conversation was so matured and again showed their true friendship..!! But it is really sad that they can't meet very often..!! At least Deepa and Paati were always there beside Thulasi at her problems and now Thulasi should alone face all her problems at GW's house. as TA also told not to complain about anything to him..!! Lets see how she will manage..!!One thing which comes to my mind when THulasi always say about shifting is.. 'PORAADA NEE THUNIYAAMAL KAALAM MAARADE..'(Title Song) I think she has taken her another step in her life..!!Thumbs Up

Third scene was absolutely awesome with the BGM ganakkum idayathile..and vanakkam kaadhalane..and TA's memories..!! We really miss our T&T in this house..!! It is always nice to see them here..Yeah as TA said it had been their house and they were living happily even though there were few fights between them there(as Thulasi said.)..!!
The packing up scene was shown very brilliantly.!! And at the end the childhood photo scene was so cute.. The whole third part was an emotional touching..Embarrassed Cry! (I really had tears seeing this scene especially at the end when they took the photo together..)!

@Tanu - UR comment on free offer is too good..!LOL

Edited by TTfan - 17 August 2011 at 12:09pm

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