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AR FF: MY Bride.5| New Thread pg157|

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Thank you guys,Hug without you this wans't Possible.. i am really happy for liking my FF and bringing it till here...
47 -
52 Temptation is too Harmful. pg 149

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Hello_01 Goldie

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44 Blindly, Trust Him.

"Hey…" Sanjana walk up to Riddhima into the kitchen. "Hi.." Riddhima replied, coldly. "What you cooking?" Sanjana asked, "What Armaan said!" Riddhima replied back for the sake of curtsey "you mean Chinese?" Sanjana pulled herself up on the counter, not caring that her legs plus her thighs were on total display to servants and working employees. "yes." Riddhima muttered while doing her work.

"Do you even know how to make? If you need my guidance – I can help, in London every night Armaan use to come to my place." Sanjana left it incomplete. Riddhima stopped chopping for a second, the vegetables and then taking a sigh, she began to chop, "oh please don't take it in wrong sense…. Well Armaan loved my Chinese… and he would esp. come to eat that… though at that time we were girlfriend and boyfriend… so a bit romantic… we use to get… and all you know what I mean, right!" Sanjana spoke, swinging her legs in air.

"look!" Riddhima turned at Sanjana, "please leave! I have work to do here!" Riddhima told her straightly. "oh… well… I just came to entertain you!" Sanjana spoke making an innocent face though she looked Pathetic in it. "I don't need to be entertained! Esp, not From you! So please leave my kitchen." Riddhima almost ordered. "You're Kitchen?" Sanjana tried to joke,

"yea… my house… my kitchen and that man, Armaan Malik is My husband… so better keep your hands – body and wateve you have Away from MY precious things!" Riddhima ended with a witty tight smile, her inner was boiling how she felt cut the head off that bitch, with the knife in her hand. "What rubbish? Is this a way to talk to your husband's friend?" Sanjana spoke with melodrama.

"I don't want to talk at all…" Riddhima Replied, and turned back to work, when Armaan walk in. "hey…" Armaan spoke, awkwardly, noticing Sanjana and her posture, and then turned to look at one of his servant, who was washing rice but mostly was staring at her legs. "Kaam karo apna! Raghu!" Armaan scolded the servant. who at once grew alert and turned his back at them, "sorry sahib." The servant asked for apologizes. "uhm… Sanjana… Akash, calling you out…" Armaan lied. "Oh please… I am not interested in him, tell him to go to hell – actually me and Riddhima are having good time!" Sanjana said, looking at Riddhima's back for a second and then at Armaan, "right Riddhima?" Sanjana asked, "No." Riddhima said, throwing all the chopped vegetables in the heated pan, making the smoke rise up, and though her voice was hidden by the sound of shrilling food on the pan but both heard it, "so you want me to go Riddhima…?" Sanjana tried to act sad in front of Armaan, who felt awful to be part of this conversation. Riddhima knew that she was doing all this on purpose, she need to take an smart move.

Think Riddhima Think… Think, *Blub*

"Actually Sanjana, I don't want your make up destroying up in such a heated kitchen – I request you to go out and enjoy with others, while I cook…. I don't want you to lose that charismatic look you have! Please… go out and enjoy yourself… while I handle my responsibilities… we will catch up with each other, later!" Riddhima almost pulled her down the counter and took her too Armaan, Sanjana could hardly protest as Armaan was there, "Armaan… what type of friend are you… please entertain your friend… here she is getting bored, please… take her out… and both of you enjoy!" Riddhima said with a smile almost kicking out Sanjana. While Armaan just took Sanjana out while holding her hand, on other hand, Sanjana wanted nothing else once Armaan held her hand, she was almost on top of the moon right now.

Riddhima boiled in anger, and went back to her food, controlling herself, Knowing the fact by now, Armaan won't do anything but leaving her husband with him was totally dangerous, Though she herself had told Armaan to stay away from her but right now she had handed over that bitch to Armaan.

What could she do? She was less at option, at one side it was her whole family who had requested her to arrange a dinner for them, and to top with it cherry her husband had requested her like a baby to make the dinner anything related to Chinese… how could she even say no to such a sweet request… and other side it was Sanjana who had got herself ready to drool over Armaan. Anyhow, she ignored that and headed into the kitchen forgetting everything… and letting it in hand of God. She started to cook food, very carefully as she wanted it to be Just Perfect.

After almost 2 to 3 hours, Armaan walked in, taking a sigh, "she was just not leaving me, giving her in hands of Akash – I ran up here!" Armaan said, giggling standing right behind her, waiting for an angry response from her, he knew she would blast at him any moment, but what he notices was a silence from her and her running to her right or to left. Well to be honest, blasting was much better than silence… and he was tensed. "Armaan… vo plate dena… beside microwave!" Riddhima spoke, "ah.. uhmm haan han! Ruko!" Armaan said confused, shock at her calmness, "itna kum time hai and so much left!" Riddhima said in a low voice, "mai Muskan aur Anjali ko bulata hoon!" Armaan said, "nahi… Nahi! I already told them not to – this is from my side to my whole family." Riddhima stopped him, turning at him for a second. he smiled grabbed the tissue paper roll, he slowed the heart of stove,"what are you doing?" she asked frowning as he turned her around again, "shhh…"he whispered and cleaned her forehead from the tissue paper, "all sweaty… must be annoying, nahi?" he spoke softly, letting his breathe stroke her skin, she slightly nodded, he pecked her lips, making her blush. "rice kharab hou jayain gga!" she excused and turned the heat up while she mixed vegetable and Chinese sauces in the rice.

"Mai kya karun?" he asked running a hand over his hair. "Go out and relax… I will manage!" Riddhima said, "Nahi… mai yahin hoon! Let me help you!" Armaan was worried at her calm attitude – she had never been so quiet and she had never kept her complains anger within her – though he did wanted her to get rid of her insecurities but not like this! Not like by putting it all inside her tiny soul…

"tou bas sit down… you don't have to do anything…" Riddhima replied back, "nahi… na… tell me some of your work," Armaan stubbornly asked, "okay… do one thing, go and set plates on dinning quickly! It is almost going to be 9 within 15 minutes!" Riddhima said to Armaan, happily as she delivered the cooked Chinese Rice in a huge oval shape dish.

Armaan grabbed the set of 24 plates in one go and went out, telling  his servant to grab the left over. He quickly settled the plates in 12 seater table and rest he arranged in a corner of table for youngster to just grab it in their hands, later. And then he rushed in, "here, settle these spoon and fork!" Riddhima handed over to him, before even he could ask, so just to give a response he pecked her lips again and quickly went to do his work, making Riddhima blushing, and giggles; telling servants to take food outside.

Finally when almost 7 to 8 dishes were already served Riddhima took one dish of rice out and told one servant to bring the other two dishes of rice too!

The immense amount of food cook by Riddhima had almost left the family in daze and they were all around the huge massive table staring at the number of different dishes kept in such a huge quantity. They were short at words, so was Armaan when he was in the kitchen he didn't knew she had manage to cook so much as most of it was kept all covered up but now all was in front of him – he was almost ogling at it, waiting to attack any moment, so when he saw Riddhima coming out, he calmed down, and look at her with appreciation but with a pang in his heart to see her work so hard to win everyone's heart… he knew she wanted to prove all world that she was the best, that is why he chose her as wife, though no matter how many times he had told her that she is the best! But still women, can be so complicated at times!

"I am shocked, please can sit?" Billy asked Riddhima, making her giggle. "Papa…! Haan please sit down!" Riddhima kept the rice dish down and pulled out a chair for him, then soon all the elder men grabbed seats following on to Billy's right and left sides. And then their wives settle down. And only one chair left two chairs left at the end. "Armaan go help Dada je!" Naina said, to Armaan, who nods and walk up to Dada and Dadi who sat at lounge. Armaan soon brought Dada and Riddhima helped Dadi.

The Dinner went with lots of fun; the whole family was on enjoying to its best. While Riddhima was really blissful as she got compliments from each and everyone in the house. She was really glad that her mehnat was worth it. "I need to change… I will be back in a while." Riddhima informed and walk upstairs towards her room.



"I never got the chance to complement at how delicious you cooked." Armaan held on to her from back while she stood in front of the mirror, combing her hair, "I saw how lost you were in food. I knew it that you were loving it… so no need to say it..." Riddhima giggled, "no I want to say it rather show it…" he whispered pushing her wet lock off her neck. He kissed her long slender neck passionately, making her hiss, and pulling her shoulder up – joining it with her cheek, "it tickles…" she whispered, he kissed again, making her quiver – but she shivered when she felt him sucking the water droplet fell of her scalp. "kya.. kar rahe hou Armaan…" Riddhima tried to push him. It was almost 10 in the night and still the house was awake – enjoying at its best.


He ignored her and kissed her neck down her throat, stopping at the strip of her blouse, pushing it down a bit – he tried to grab her skin in her teeth, when she pushed Armaan. He was in daze and took a time to response but till then he had stumbled and fell down on his butt.

"tch tch tch… Armaan Sahab tou gir gaye!" she commented from door and ran "Riddhima ki bachi, tumhri tou! Ruko!" Armaan shouted and ran after her; she laughed and ran down the stairs, while he halted his speed when he saw her stopping at all elders. He pout his lip and swearing that he would look at her later - he walks away towards boys.

"Armaan tell Akash to leave my back!" Sanjana spoke to Armaan, "akash, leave her back, get her front!" Armaan spoke, shamelessly. "WHAT? You guys are disgusting!" Sanjana was shocked and was angry. "I was joking Sanjana! You know that right?" Armaan added, smiling genuinely, "whatever babes… I need to keep myself entertained, and here you are the only one left all alone…. You should be Thankful… I am giving you time and letting you enjoy too… warna you would have been crying somewhere!" Akash said, hugging Sanjana from behind making her wither in anger. "Akash leave me! What part of you don't get off, I AM NOT INTERESTED!" Sanjana kidded her heal on his feet making him jerk away and holding his feet while crying with pain.

Soon Riddhima, Anjali and Muskan walk up to them. "What's up guys?" Muskan asked, "Nothing… these to Akash and Sanjana are annoying us!" Rahul pulled Muskan towards her, making her sit beside him in the huge single bean couch. And Anjali went and sat over Atul on his bean couch, while Riddhima just stood beside Armaan, who sat on bean couch too, she soon grabbed a chair she kept it with him and was about to settle down on it when he grabbed her hand and literally dropped her on him making her ankle twist. "Ahh!" she cried, falling on him, "oh I am sorry… does it hurts?"  Armaan held her ankle as she made herself comfortable on him, "it is okay… just a twist… I guess!" Riddhima answered as Armaan massaged her feet as she listened to others.

"Guys… I was thinking… why not make a small trip…. To Shimla… we all friends! It will be fun!" Rahul suggested as Akash grabbed the chair Riddhima bought and Sanjana went and brought a chair for herself, in anger. "yeaa it will be fun! I need to go back after two days anyway, will come back on wedding day!" Akash added. "yes yes… it will be fun!" Sanjana said, happily. "par what about our classes! Muskan? Anjali ?" Riddhima said, "we can take a leave for a day na Riddhima…" Anjali said. "par already we have been making so much holidays, aur phir Muskan shaadi k baad bhi one week off lege! How will we manage?" Riddhima was not happy with the idea at all, over top this Sanjana would be there too… she didn't wanted it,

"Oh come on Riddhima, Armaan will help you with your studies right?" Akash grinned at Armaan, who hit Akash on his thigh with a fist, "oww… that hurts!" Akash cried, "good, beat him again Armaan… he deserves it!" Sanjana said,

"Let's go! it is just about a day…" Armaan said, hugging her from behind. "uhmmm I don't know… what will we say to elders… it is like so much work and we all go out and for a day… all will get upset na!" Riddhima said, "I will talk to dad – if he said yes, then we will go or else we would just drop the idea for this time!" Rahul said, standing up and left to talk to Billy.


"So Riddhima when will your graduation complete," Akash spoke, "in a year…"  Riddhima replied, while Armaan kept his chin on her shoulder, "ohkay… found anything hard? Any subject?" Akash spoke, "finance, cost accounting… a bit but Armaan and Anjali help me out with it!" Riddhima replied, making Armaan hug her tightly from behind. "Yes… Armaan's really good in all this… when he use to come at my home at night time for dinner, as I told you… tou he would help me with it too…! I still remember, we use to have so much fun – I use to cook all his favorite foods – you remember right Armaan?" Sanjana spoke, making everyone move in its place uncomfortably… esp., Atul, Armaan and Akash. "yeaa… I bit." Armaan timidly replied, "And do you remember…" Sanjana was interrupted, "Atul do you remember, when Sanjana was caught kissing a geek? Remember that scene!" Akash spoke laughing and making Atul laugh along, while Armaan slightly chuckled, and Sanjana smacked Akash on his arms. "Tell me! Tell me!" Anjali insisted, giggling at the thought, "it is nothing! Just a bakwas!" Sanjana replied, "still I want to know… after all you talking about past… so why not?" Anjali said, "Tell naa Akash!" Muskan said. All the while Riddhima quite, listening to everyone, with a slightly smile on her lips. Armaan didn't know what she must be thinking; he needed to tell her about it….  .

"well we dared Sanjana to walk around the lane with a cloth on her eyes, and whoever comes in she had to grab and  has to kiss him, and once she start walking Armaan on purpose brought a geek with oily hair and big specs boy in front of her – she grabbed him and kissed him, once Sanjana pulled of cloth off her eyes, huge crowd was laughing at her!" Akash told laughing, making other laugh while Riddhima giggled. "Go to hell all of you!" Sanjana stood to go, when Akash grabbed her and brought her on his lap, "come along… we can greatly entertain each other!" Akash said, pulling her closer to him, "LEAVE me Akash!" Sanjana tried to get free! Kicking him, "nope…!" akash kissed her cheek, "bas Kr akash!" Rahul came, "tu Muskan k pass ja chup kar k! very worried about Sanjana…. Dhek Muskan – take care of your would-be!" Akash fueled.  

"urgghghh!" Sanjana pushed and sat on her chair again.

"What did dad say?" Armaan asked, ignoring others, "yes, he said yes…!" Rahul announced, "Okay… tou when?" Muskan asked, excitedly. "let's leave tomorrow morning!" Akash said, "okay… so you all should go now, and pack you stuff for a day! And take some sleep, so all can gather here at 4!!" Armaan spoke, "two hours… 6 tk we will be there!" Armaan pulled Riddhima up and stood while others stood up too. "I am soo excited!" Anjali said, hugging Riddhima, "I am too!" Muskan joined the two, making Riddhima giggle.




"kya huaa?" Armaan hugged her once she stepped out wearing her shots and his old shirt. "I am just tired…" Riddhima said, staying in his arms, throwing her weight back on his body. He picked her up and laid her down on bed.  "I am feeling bad… due to my family…. you had to make so much…" Armaan kissed her all over her face, trying to ease her down, "vo meri bhi tou family hai na Armaan?" she whispered, enjoying the light but frequent touch of his lips on her skin. "Haan… sorry… mai bhi tumhara… meri family bhi tumhari." He whispered kissing her eye lids. She smiled and kept her palm on his cheek, she opens her eyes and stare at him, "you want to ask something?" he whispered looking in her eyes, "Nahi…" she replied shaking her head in no. "jhoot… sach bolo" he whispered, towering himself on her, pressing himself down on her, "Armaan… ajj nahi… I am really tired," she spoke as she felt him pulling off her clothes. He smiled and pushed himself down beside her, "I am sorry… I am really sorry…" his smile flattered, he didn't knew what was he missing she wasn't looking her own self… very quite.

"Please talk to me… Riddhima, something is missing… and that is troubling me a lot…" Armaan pleaded hugging her, tightly, "is it about Sanjana… did she said anything?" Armaan probed her, "please Riddhima speak up!!" Armaan spoke, with a bit frustration in his voice. "I don't care, what she had said Armaan… I trust you!" Riddhima ended it and turned her back at him.

He frowned and pulled her around, "what? Did she say anything? What did she said? Tell me!" Armaan spoke with authority. "Please… Armaan let go of me… mujha neenda ari hai!" Riddhima requested, "Why are you hiding it? Didn't we promise not to hide it! First you hide what mum said and now Sanjana! Why do you hide things from me damn it?" Armaan pushed himself up angrily. "Armaan?" she pulled herself up, "I don't like hiding it…. It is just I don't want more fights!! Why are you adamant in spoiling Rahul's wedding! This anger of yours! Is making me keep it up to me! Phela you fought with Mum, chachi Sujhal ! and when it got normal today… tou now you are all charged up to start a fight again! Think how Rahul will feel, if every day there is a fight in a house!!" Riddhima went closer to him, trying to calm him.

"fine… I won't speak a word to anyone… just tell me what it is?" Armaan said, calmly. While Riddhima hugged him side way, pressing her cheek on his bare chest. And told him, that what Sanjana said to her in kitchen, that how she and Armaan were close to each other and how Armaan use to go to her house every night….

"It is not true okay!" Armaan tried to justify. "look Armaan… whatever happened in your past is not part of affection. I have accepted the fact that you had a past but right now… you love me right?" he nods, pressing his lips together, "so I don't need any justification… but please. Don't expect me to be friends with Sanjana… because I can't!" Riddhima told him what was in her heart.

"I know you don't need justification – but I want to tell you!" Armaan said, pulling her down on bed , he pulled her closer to him in a hug, "See in London, I had none to cook, so when I ate what Sanjana cooked, I liked it…. And I enjoyed it… tou I use to go for dinner at her place… but I swear, we did NOThing… not even kiss, because I was NEVER interested in her! I won't deny she use to through her on me…. But I use to maintain it…I always took her as friend… and I am like always true to my friends… and I knew Sanjana was not my type of friend but then once I make friends… I don't break up with them… and well I really liked her cooking back then… and it was a deal between us, that she would make me food and I will help her study!! That's it… whatever she says is lie! Swear on our relation I never ever kissed her, just a peck… if I remember!" Armaan said, looking in her eyes which showed lots of calmness. But their trance was broken when Riddhima yawned, "it is okay… let it go…! Keep that Name out of this room!" Riddhima muttered and kissed his lips lightly. He smiled and pecked her lips in response, "good night," she nuzzled her nose on his chest and closed her eyes, "good night Jaan…." He kissed her head and lightly patted her shoulder, making her sleep…

While he himself was in his thoughts, thinking what Sanjana was up to? He knew… Sanjana was crazy manic behind him in London. He didn't want her to poison Riddhima's mind – and get her away from him. 'I have to stay with Riddhima… I shouldn't leave her alone with Sanjana!' Armaan thought, hugging Riddhima tightly he closed his eyes.



Waking up at 3:30, Riddhima pushed herself out of his embrace and out of the bed, he was in deep sleep so the movement hardly caused any effect, nor the alarm touched his senses. Riddhima picked up her purse, kept her phone charger – her makeup accessories in it, she picked out a loose beige color pant, and a white button shirt for herself and went away in the washroom.


Coming out all fresh and clean, she dialed the number of kitchen and waking up the servant with the voice, told the servant to bring two cup of coffees with sandwich to her room, she turned the lights on of the room "Armaan wake up! It is 4!" Riddhima said, opening the door of gallery. "Why? Are you mad! Waking me up at 4! God crazy women!" Armaan turned over and lie down on his stomach, making Riddhima smack his bare back, "Get up! Everyone will be here any moment! We are going to Shimla!" Riddhima shook him badly and then walked up to wardrobe, picking out his clothes.

 Armaan twisted slightly withering, and sat on bed, taking the image in. "you all ready?" Armaan asked, rubbing his eyes, "Yes… ab utho!" she said, bringing out towel and a jean to him, he took hold of her and brought her down, "uhmmm…. You look delicious…" he nuzzled in her wet hair, inhaling her fragrance. "uff… don't turn me lazy too! Coffee ati hogi… go and and change quicklllyyy!" she tried to get him out of the bed. "okay okay ja raha hun!" Armaan said, yawning and walking in to the washroom.


"Armaan bas bhi karo… don't you get tired…" she whispered feeling the cold wall behind her back, and his steamed body pressing right into her.  "nahi… this is the only thing which brings energy in me…" he bit her ear lobe, opening up buttons of her shirt, he caressed her waist and belly, she used her palms to push him but she was melting in the intoxication of his love. He kissed her down her throat, making her arch her neck. She gasped feeling her breathe knot up in her throat as he grabbed her skin in his teeth. In response to it, she tilts her head to one side and he pleasured her by kissing her neck, softly, she withered in his hold when he passionately lingered his tongue at the nap, spot.

Gasping his name out when he grabbed her hips and pulls her closer to him, and tells her, "I love you… " she smiled, shyly and replied, "I love you too." To which he tightens his hold around her, she looks up to find him smiling with those dimples on display, with a little hesitation she place her lips on his, feeling blissful when she felt his soft and gentle lips responding demandingly.

Suddenly Armaan scooped her up in his arms and sat down at the edge of bed making her settle down on his lap, losing the buttons of her shirt he held onto her waist from inside the shirt and kept on kissing while moving his hand over her skin. Her hands reached up and grabbed his hair in her fist to deepen the kiss. She blushed hearing his moan loudly,  to which she clasped her fingers in his hair and press him down on her lips even more, making herself gasp. She closes his eyes as she felt her soul – her heart pumping up. Her head felt heavy as his kiss grew passionate on her lips, and his hands ran across her waist to her stomach to her navel.

"we need to stop…" she pushed him slightly, pulling her lips out of his grasp.  "why…" he literally winced, "because everyone must be on their way!"  Riddhima tried to reason, "but there isn't any response from them, what if they are still sleeping!" Armaan reasoned, and lowered her on bed, and kissed her lips again, "Armaan. Don't spoil my clothes…" she muttered, again his lips, as he lowered himself on her, jerking himself on her, "I will get you free of these clothes then." He whispered biting her lower lips, while she winced.

Their loving moment was broken when they heard Armaan's phone vibrating.. "always! Always at wrong timing!" Armaan cursed and stood up, "always at right timing for me!" Riddhima laughed and quickly closed her shirts button!" she started to walk up to mirror when he pulled her on his lap again, "ab kyaa?" Riddhima asked, looking at him,  "I love you!" he stated, making her smile, "I love you too my jaanu… par ab utho… bas!" Riddhima kissed his lips softly and loving and they stood up, collecting things, and thrusting it all in Riddhima's purse.

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congrats 4 new thread.
wow awesum update dear. loved AR  romance. argh i just hate this sanjana.

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Congrats Update sooon

Ok Now Now ... Wat an amazing Part ... I m loving this  mature Riddhima who understands her husband and believes  in him... 
Loved ARmaan and i love how he handles everything and loves to  love his wife ...Embarrassed

Thankyou for these fast fast updates ... I love them so  much ... 
Thanku for a lovely FF like this ...Its always ur choice to Start or finish Ur Ff ... n if u feel that ur loosing the essence then its better to listen to ur heart ... 

We love u loadss and ur Ffs alot ... Cant wait to read more  ahead...
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congrtas for new thead..:)

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Congratulations for Thread 5

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Hey Maha congrats for the 5th thread... waiting for the update :)

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FF-Enigma- THREAD 7 (thread 8 link on 1st page)

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FireSafireFiree 1102 158522 05 July 2011 at 3:55am by khwaishfan
-kashish-maaneet ff THREAD new thread add

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muskanp 1271 253524 15 March 2011 at 7:54pm by preethia

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