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Illusion To Reality PT 7,8,9 & epilogue pg98,99

Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 16 August 2011 at 10:41am | IP Logged

Hi all

How r u all

I'm again here with my another FF

Already my two on going FF complete

 so m starting this FF

hope u all like it like my rest FF'S

This FF is dedicated to all my GEETIANS , MAANTIANS , GURTIANS.

Glitter Text

Glitter Text

(VM MADE by HINAL( hinal_maaneet))

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inlwgeetalonerokzznehavashistar432miss_dreamymariam.ahmed1979290860623zymalmudiammyicycoolalu5123rajanirchandran-kalika-maaneetfan123nazsijhemvbsweetie_flowersDASTAK..shrutizlyfpranita1202khushboo22-Magicia-sarkh26saam123ANGILS.KALImishtibLadyArwen-eiya-avani_9dh_ritiabina03cherieLoversanjuleeZooniBegamm-g19star_777-serenity-kamiyababygurl10PrincessFlaviaytanuja-Anonymous11-ridhz21vidu87unknown.cyum321ninaviNav20109staroneserials286pearlamourfouGCsldeepsamzu32muskaan_cute19GurruKiDeewani-dash_aryansheetalvasa-SmexySmile-anjalisen85sehrish79love4allfrndz_is_my_lyf-Zahra15-_wallflower_simi91wajiha-1harshithaaaaaaasanu3108minnie_tweetiemrk-1-Veritaserum-Ramhariajennnahtani88aamirkhanfanHansaNKaSh-Maneet-Fanjanu_2006..hinal..rsroopalimaanseenamita25mandymoresweet scorpio-Priti11-SahSahswetha10monikasethpop776n6s6k6i6r6a6n6honeygrape--Ratna--ambbihaVSai2008preethiasun-naaaaaaaaaRageOfAnAngelShruthemaaneetsangelana56ammu5rs12345kahkashansakinaTyro-Mounika-impoojavermapunam2712-Araina-todayzstar_BlackPearl_dumasbhanu_rekhagAmor.mysteriousmillipickachublackb28Downhillspvdkhwaishfan

Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 16 August 2011 at 10:43am | IP Logged

Glitter Text

struggle of a young woman  , who is princess of her parents , they loved her , their world revolve around their daughter, their princess. But one day all went wrong; all shattered her world crashed down in front of her eyes, she broke down, she come to know some bitter reality , she again stand on her feet and fight with this cruel world and then she met her prince charming , and both meet, work together and both falls in love with each other , and their story start but but there also cruelty , there also bitter things, evil eyes , but again she fight , now fight for her love, and …….the story begins of two different individual but there is too many obstacles, too many evil eyes, r they will win ,  

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ssssmarinlwgeetnehavashi9290860623NK4MSK.Nazia01leothelionammyicycoollathaauPaingelalu5123poojaaddisnazsijmeenaveedhemvbthendral_111-kalika-BkhasrajanirchandranMSgayatrimamatha.soumimaaneetsouDASTAK..sweetie_flowersmaan_geet1shrutizlyfsaam123pranita1202khushboo22fatema_007avani_9dh_ritiTamanna_TJLadyArwenNazmaamishtib-eiya-sanjuleeZooniBegamstar_777abina03m-g19amalu123babygurl10PrincessFlaviaytanuja-Anonymous11-ridhz21ninavimuskaan_cute19GurruKiDeewani-amzu32vidu87unknown.cyum321Nav2010JayaR286pearlsheetalvasaamourfouGC-SmexySmile-princess163anjalisen85dash_aryanpreetymaaneetmaaneetmaahi_wallflower_madhubala123frndz_is_my_lyf-Zahra15-awesomepoojaRamharisimi91SONU_29wajiha-1-Veritaserum-bangaloressanu3108minnie_tweetiemrk-1harshithaaaaaaarupzloveukrati5ajenn007jindalkomlikamonikasethpop77swetha10SahSahjanu_2006anshramandymoresweet scorpionamita25nahtani88aamirkhanfanHansaNKaSh-Maneet-FanVSai2008preethiakeenu_kkseemamaryShalve-kawaii-sun-naaaaaaaaa-Priti11-ambbiha--Ratna--..hinal..rsroopalimaanseehoneygrapezaara22126n6s6k6i6r6a6n6hopehotrs12345kahkashansakinaTyroammu5RageOfAnAngelShruthemaaneetsangelana56punam2712impoojaverma-Araina-_BlackPearl_todayzstarmysteriousmilliabinash079pickachuAmor.bhanu_rekhagdumaskhwaishfanspvdblackb28Downhill

Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 16 August 2011 at 10:45am | IP Logged

Glitter Text

Character Sketches:-


Maan Singh Khurana:-28yrs old, MD of Khurana construction, he is arrogant, hot tempered, handsome, dashing but have golden heart, but only for some close people he is nice other wise world know him as Mr Perfect or Machine who know only work and work


Geet Handa:-21 yrs old complete Graduation in commerce. She born in HP and lived with her family there . she is bubbly, innocent, full on life, she is always positive and want to lived the life fully, she is beautiful, gorgeous  and intelligent .


Dev Singh Khurana:-26yrs old, shrewd, cunning, handsome, charmer and want name, fame ,money power everything but without any work. He has bad intention about woman, he is married to Nayantara Rathod


Nanyantara (Rathod)Singh khurana:-25yrs old shrewd ,cunning , beautiful, woman, she married to dev but her eye always on Maan who never give her any chance or any look

But still she trying hard to impress her bade veer jee or jeth jee


Sameera Singh:- 27 yrs old want to marry Maan for his fame, try to  impress her many time but as maan is  too hard to melt.

She is beautiful but too much haughty, don't think about any one, all r think about herself her own pleasure, wish, demand should fulfilled . Her demands r keeps increasing day by day. Her parents also want to alliance with Khurana family and Maan Singh Khurana


Savitri Singh Khurana:-Grand mother of Maan and Dev she is 65yrs old, very elegant, intellectual, beautiful lady. She has an aura with her, every one respect her, maan is very close to her.

Indar Handa:- 40yrs old, father of Geet Handa , he is very down to the earth man , doing government service

Rano Handa:-37yrs old Mother of Geet Handa, right now house wife but some times ago doing part time job as a teacher in school.

Daljee Handa:-65yrs old Grand Father of very strict , rude, haughty, he know he rule the world ,and home, only his words will be followed. No one dare to say him no, he is head of his village also.Every one Called him as Dar jee.


Brij Handa:-24yrs old Elder son of Indar and Rano but replica of Daljeet Handa, Darjee. He is rude, arrogant, hot headed, only to know hurt people, never cared about any one feelins, his words is last word, he only obey his dar jee's words.

 Sasha Malhotra:-24yrs old Head architect of KC, want to marry Maan,

Aditya Singhania:-26yrs old Head Accountant OF KC, MAAN's most trusted employee and very close to him but feared about maan's anger and temper most 

Pinky Kapoor:-24yrs old Junior Accountant of KC , very professional, bubbly, trusted employee of KC

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ssssmardpurvainlwgeetsimran2608aparna_mstar432miss_dreamyminnurajNK4MSK.Nazia01leothelion9290860623Paingellathaaupoojaaddis-divya-joa123alu5123sakadafinazsijthendral_111hemvbDASTAK..drashtiMyAnGeLmamatha.sweetie_flowersimli95shrutizlyfshruthiruchssanam1234usaam123pranita1202micky11khushboo22dh_ritiabina03cherieLoverm-g19ZooniBegamNazmaasanjulee--Dia--star_777avani_9LadyArwen-eiya-kamiya-Anonymous11-PrincessFlaviaytanujaunknown.vidu87ridhz21anjalisen85-SmexySmile-Sparkling-eyes5JayaRprincess163amourfouGCsheetalvasa286pearlNav20109staroneserialsninavimuskaan_cute19cyum321amzu32GurruKiDeewani-dash_aryanlove4allpreetymaaneetnats0101ar_artmaaneetmaahi_wallflower_Mishti13_Jyothi_frndz_is_my_lyfmadhubala123minnie_tweetiesanu3108blueopalmrk-1lovelycutietedykrati5smj1977.shrutiRamharibangalores-Veritaserum-simi91SONU_29wajiha-1-Zahra15-awesomepoojaritzy09ajennsweet cherrykomlikajanu_2006divareenamonikasethpop77-Priti11-namita25anshramandymoresweet scorpioswetha10SahSahaamirkhanfant_areebKaSh-Maneet-Fanrsroopalimaansee..hinal..HansaNRemya_Pillairs12345kahkashansakinaTyro6n6s6k6i6r6a6n6honeygrapezaara2212hopehotammu5keenu_kkVSai2008preethiaseemamaryShalveAsh1991--Ratna--shah10ambbihasun-naaaaaaaaaRageOfAnAngelShruthemaaneetsangelana56punam2712impoojavermaabinash079todayzstar_BlackPearl_-Araina-mysteriousmillipickachubhanu_rekhagAmor.khwaishfanspvdblackb28Downhill

Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Posts: 62297

Posted: 16 August 2011 at 10:47am | IP Logged
Glitter Text




Geet look at the sky and think there is no chance to escape , only one man can save me but y he will help me, if he think bad about me, but what can I do, one point here is my life, self respect all r in mercy of Dar jee , she want to cry to see her fate but if she will cry there her fate will really become ill, no she will Definitely  try to protest but to whom,, she is all alone in this world, every one against her. How can she will fight again her own blood, her own family but if she not then she will finish. Already today her illusion break, she was living in an illusion and think she is living a dream life but what she know from past few days. I have to call him but….Her chain of thought broke when some one called her.she smiles at her and said ok , gussa mat ho, good night.





 Delhi; Khurana Mansion



Servant informed them Maan sir will be return today night.

Savitri devi: - too early, I guess he told us about his return from Hp  after few days

Dev: - yes, he even told me there is some major problem in some damp project and school projects, there r some handa's creating some problem.

Dadi:-hope all is fine there but who is those handa.

Dev:- don't know ,it's his dream projects,  I called bro but his cell is switched off.

Dadi:- then call munshi jee, he must be know about maan,

Dev called munshi jee and munsi jee said I don't know actually what happen but there is some big problem between Sir and handa's .

Dev:- aap jante ho actually kya hua, akhir handa's ko chiaye kya?

Munshi jee:-pata nehi par iye handa's kuch sahi nehi hain, kuch na kuhc garbar karte rehete hain

Dev ok munshi jee.

He narrates the whole event to his family and every one looks worried.

Dev called in maan's phone and this time luck favor them and maan picked it up.

Maan:- dev, I'm in the way ,will reached at mind night, have some urgency to come back, will call u later, then he cut the call.

Here  Dev wonder what happen ?

Then he calmed him self and said go every one complete ur dinner, bro will be back by to night have some urgency.

Dadi:- but , is he fine na

Dev:- yes he is.

Dadi:- then thik hain,may be he is some urgent work,

Maan return and looked really tired and said he is not feeling to eat anything and just went to sleep.

.That night he can't sleep properly, he is keep thinking about something.

Next two days he is two busy and come home very late.

At night , maan is sleeping peacefully, when his phone rang and he said who is that time, he picked up the phone and said Maan Singh Khurana Speaking

After some time what tum? R u fine, I mean r  they still behind u.wait where r u ,I'm coming , look , listen to me, damn with ur attitude, it's only u , who is talking with me  like this , no one dare. Ok bye , keep in touch.

Next day:-

A beautiful girl wake up from the sleep and shot a prayer to her baba jee.

She come out from the room and stand in the balcony and look at the out side and taking fresh air when, Suddenly Flower of roses falls on her and some one shouts Happy Birthday .

She smiles and said thanks sweet heart.


8.45 a.m. KC:-

Every one in the office r busy and doing there work, as they know their boss is very strict in discipline.


Here at the basement A White BMW stops and Guards come to open the door, A 6feet ,strong and well build Man come our from the Car and enter the corridor of basement then enter the lift with his 6guards and his younger brother.

After some time lifts come to halt at 7th floor and he come out with an attitude and every one just look at him with awe, he has dynamic attitude and magnificent charisma, powerful authority.

Stuff greeted him good morning; he replied back then enters the cabin.

His younger brother smiles and enter his cabin also for some work as he know his brother will kill if he don't complete the work today, as for his brother when it's come to work no relation is important



Precap for Part 1:-

 Precap 1:-

Dar jee:- tu maan aur na maan, tujhe toh ohi karna hoga jo hum chahange,

Geet:-aur agar mein na maanu toh.



Maan:-I'm Maan Singh Khurana

Geet:-I'm Geet

Maan :-Geet Handa.

Geet:- hmmm




Nt:- brij done this for me , I need ur help

Brij:- all will be done , just say time and place to me


Precap 4:-

Maan:- so

Geet:- what so, btw thanks for helping me.

Maan:- no need to,

Geet:- maan,

Dev:- hmmm bro's choice is so hot

Nt glared at him  but dev continue hey geet .good morning





Maan:- so what r u doing here?

Geet:- working part time and doing my MCA

Maan:- good but what about ur family, old man know about it

Geet:- Dar jee he is and 50-50

Maan:-What 50-50


Precap 6:-

Dadi:-Maan what happen

Maan take a deep breath need ur help

Dadi:- the great Maan Singh khurana Want help, this is breaking news

Maan:-ok fine, don't help me.

Dadi laughs at her grandson who is business tycoon but still some times like little kid,

Dadi wonder who will marry him and hope she will understand the inside of maan, the real maan.

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ssssmarinlwgeetphanisrinehavashishruti_raishubhiguptaminnuraj9290860623sonika1974NK4MSK.Naziazymalmudifizza25ammyicycoollathaauPaingelpoojaaddisbhakbhartifanalu5123shreya satish-divya-thendral_111hemvbnazsijmaaneetfan123diyachillrajanirchandranBkhaspiyushipadamjotappyshenoysoniya_lovesusweetie_flowerskaxaMaanKiGeet..DASTAK..MSgayatrijosh.poojasnemaanshruthiruchsmaan_geet1imli95TinaSwisssun333chiki143avani_9suba2011CrystalSayapranita1202micky11khushboo22NazmaamishtibLadyArwen-eiya---Dia--star_777sanjuleeZooniBegamruslanam-g19am_sweet_pariabina03muskaan...babygurl10kamiyamoonlight44ytanujaPrincessFlaviaridhz21-Anonymous11-amzu32vidu87unknown.raj_202cyum321muskaan_cute199staroneserialsJayaRninavianjalisen85-SmexySmile-Sparkling-eyes5princess163286pearldash_aryangbhatlove4allpreetymaaneetnats0101minelove24maaneetmaahimadhubala123-Zahra15-awesomepoojasimi91SONU_29Mishti13_wallflower_frndz_is_my_lyfRamhariritzy09mrk-1bangalores-Veritaserum-harshithaaaaaaaluv_DDwajiha-1smj1977.shrutikrati5blueopalsanu3108minnie_tweetiesweet cherrySahSahswetha10divareenajanu_2006namita25mitzi11anshramandymorenahtani88KaSh-Maneet-Fant_areebHansaNmonikasethpop77Ash1991ambbihafreya123--Ratna--..hinal..rsroopalimaanseeShalveVSai2008preethiasun-naaaaaaaaaseemamary6n6s6k6i6r6a6n6honeygrapezaara2212keenu_kkRemya_Pillairs12345Tyrohopehotammu5punam2712impoojavermaRageOfAnAngelShruthemaaneetsangelana56x-affy-xtodayzstar_BlackPearl_abinash079Amor.bhanu_rekhagspvdblackb28Downhill

Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 16 August 2011 at 11:37am | IP Logged
Glitter Text

Concept:-Page 1
Character sketches:-Page 1
Prologue:-Page 1
Part2:-Page 39
Part5:-Page 81
Part7:-Page 98
Part8:-Page 98
Part9:-Page 98
Epilogue :-Page99

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inlwgeet9290860623chandreyeeroyzymalmudilathaausoniya_lovesuDASTAK..maaneetfan123alu5123hemvbthendral_111abina03muskaan...sanjuleem-g19ZooniBegamashmaaneetmicky11khushboo22avani_9NazmaamishtibLadyArwenkamiyaridhz21-Anonymous11-PrincessFlaviaytanuja286pearldash_aryanNav2010ninaviJayaRmuskaan_cute19amzu32unknown.sanu3108minnie_tweetiemrk-1wajiha-1-Veritaserum-simi91Ramhari_wallflower_ajennaamirkhanfan-Priti11-KaSh-Maneet-Fannamita25anshramandymoresweet scorpiomitzi11SahSahmonikasethdivareenajanu_2006impoojavermaammu5rs12345Tyromaaneetsangel6n6s6k6i6r6a6n6honeygrapeVSai2008preethiasun-naaaaaaaaaShalveambbiha..hinal..t_areebrsroopali--Ratna--mysteriousmillitodayzstar_BlackPearl_-Araina-Amor.pickachublackb28spvdkhwaishfan

abinash079 IF-Stunnerz

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awesome concept

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kahkashansakina IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 August 2011 at 12:20pm | IP Logged
Awesome concept 
yaar ek maan se khite jane shaadi karege
NT, sameera ,sasha,
loved it

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pickachu IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 August 2011 at 12:21pm | IP Logged
Loveee the concept!
Continue soonnn.
Thanxx for the pm.


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