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FFonMaaneet''Pride&Prejudice Thrd 1(Note - Pg 18)

ana1411 IF-Dazzler

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(Credit for this banner goes to my little sweet heart Silky)

                 FF on Maaneet'''. Pride and Prejudice


                                          PART - I

Maan and his family


Maan Singh Khurana ----- A 30 year old famous handsome Business tycoon staying with his Mom, brother and sister in Delhi''.. A strict, hard from outside but soft at his heart and has a lot of respect for his family''

Savitri Devi Khurana --------- Maan's Mom'. Very nice at heart and loves her children to end'. Maan only listens to his Mom and no one else

Vicky Singh Khurana --------- Maan's younger brother'.. who loves his bro a lot' For him Maan words are final''.. He helps Maan at work''

Meera ------- Vicky girlfriend. They both are madly in love with each other and Maan is aware of this fact

Anvesha Khurana -------- Maan's sister''. Anvesha being the youngest in the family every one loves her too no end''.. Her all demands are always fulfilled by her brothers''.. She studies in college

Arjun Singh ------ Anvesha and Arjun studies in same college'. They are confused whether they are in love with each other or are just good friends

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ana1411 IF-Dazzler

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Geet and her Family

Geet Handa -------- A 25 year old beautiful, bubbly daughter of Business Man staying with joint family. Being youngest in the family she is a sweet heart of every one'' Completed her studies''.. She belongs to a very conservative family'. But family has given all the freedom but words said by her Dad is the last word for every one''

Madan Handa (Papaji) ----- Geet father eldest in the family a very traditional person whose value comes first then any other thing. The family respects him a lot. He is a business man

Ranjana Handa(Mummy) - Geet mother is a very caring person'.. and a best friend for Geet'..

Shakshi Handa(Chachi) ----- For Geet Chachi is her second mother'.. She takes more care of Geet than her own mother

Anand Handa(Chahu) ---- Geet chahu is very supportive and supports Geet at every possible thing' Sometimes he becomes a mediator for Geet and Papaji

Geet's best friend Pari ----- Pari is Geet childhood friend and shares everything among each other.


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ana1411 IF-Dazzler

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Maan's Office Staff

Adi - Adi Maan right hand and Maan trust only Adi for office work

Sasha - An arrogant and jealous girl in office who always wants to be with Maan always

Tasha - Chamchi of Sasha

Pinky - A lovely and adorable girl and always ready to help any one and good friend of Adi


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pyarisaheliRESHMA_89star432Candy_jsjaasz_25zainabzeeqlittlerenu16shruthiruchspearl_warriorkhushboo22LadyArwenJyoti121sweety095bhabhasree.maneetCuteTommyamalu123anshimanshidreamy4evercyum321unknown.dreamymishti88d_soniasaf24-Zahra15-paponeconsimi91LuvScoobyshruti_luvs_msk-Prithi-shruthiR-Veritaserum-mrk-1minnie_tweetie.Lina.TeamMcSwarek_Jyothi__SharmeenLuvsGCswetha10kooliio-Priti11-sweet scorpiopreethiarani-luckirsroopali6n6s6k6i6r6a6n6kahkashansakinapunam2712Shruthemaaneetsangelgafulu14manesha76Downhill

ana1411 IF-Dazzler

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Maan Home


Its 7.30 a.m. in the morning' A palace like place where there is lot movement is going on'.. All the servants are moving here and there and arranging the table of breakfast'' One of the servants comes and tells other jaldi karo abhi sir ajayege to aur unhe tayar nahi mila kuch bhi to tumhari naukri gayi'' The same time Mom (Savitri Devi - Maan mother) enters with her daughter (Anvesha - Maan sister) in the dining hall' Mom ask Anvesha Vicky (Maan brother) kaha hai'. abhi Maan ajayega aur puchega jao jaldi se bula lao use''.. Anvesha was about to leave and sees Vicky coming towards the dining hall''.. Everyone is seated on Dinning table and are waiting for Maan to come''.


Here enters Mr. Maan Singh Khurana at sharp 8.00 a.m. fully ready to go to office. He is very punctual on his timings and expect others also to be the same''. Every one is scared of him''.. Every one starts having there breakfast and Maan starts asking whereabouts of Vicky and Anvesha'..


Geet Home


On the other hand''.. a very lovely and lively atmosphere at home where every one is chilled out''  Geet mom comes to Geet room and sees Geet still sleeping as she has just returned back from hostel after completing her studies.  She goes near Geet and says Geet wake up its 8.30 a.m. now if Dad sees you sleeping still he will get angry'' Geet is still not ready to get up and says Mummy don't scare me 5 minutes more'' Geet mom says don't know what will happen of this girl after marriage'.. As soon she hears the word marriage she gets up immediately and says am not going to marry, I want to work''.. Mom says I know every girl says the same that they do not want to get marry and you should get a very strict husband who wont approve all this act of yours and you want to work you know very well that your Dad will never approve for this now go and get ready every one is waiting for you'''. Because of Geet the whole house turns lively''..  She is the only girl in the house who can walk away with every thing''


Maan Home


Maan tells her Mom, Mom I will leave for office now. Mom nods her head. Maan further tells Anvesha and Vicky that come Anvesha I will drop you to college and Vicky you directly go to the construction site and from there come to office for the meeting which is schedule at 12.00. Vicky replies saying yes Bro I will go to the site and report you about the progress'. Maan leaves along with Anvesha to go to the office.


Geet Home


Everyone were seated in the dining hall Geet's dad was talking that now that Geet  has completed her studies now we need to find a boy for her to get married. Geet gets ready and comes down and over hears the statement made by her Dad and wishes everyone Sasriyakal and seats on her place'.. Geet dad ask Geet how she is and says Geet now that you have completed your studies we want you to settle in life'.. Geet says in her mind that this is the right time to tell papa that she wants to work and not get marry so soon'. Geet tells her Dad, Papa I want to join your company and want to have experience of work and doesn't want to marry so soon'. Dad gets angry and says in our family no girl has work and you want to work'' Geet chahu who is very supportive to Geet tries to tell her brother but he doesn't succeed to convince her elder brother means Geet Dad'.. Geet gets angry and says Papa if you wont allow me to work with you I will go and work somewhere else'..She leaves''.. 

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ana1411 IF-Dazzler

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Adi (Maan's right hand and a person whom Maan trust a lot) was asking to Sasha (an arrogant girl who is always jealous of someone or the other who always wants to be in good books of Maan) whether all the preparation of the meeting is done or not''.. Sasha in turn was asking Tasha (you can say she is chamchi of Sasha). Sasha replies Adi by saying I know what I have to do and I don't need any advice from you'' Without even waiting to complete the sentence of Sasha Adi just leaves and on way comes Pinky (a very soft spoken girl but dumb does only things which is told to her). Adi ask Pinky whether the conference room is all set or not'.. Pinky replies saying Adi Sir the preparation is still on it will be ready soon'' Adi says Pinky ji Maan Sir ka ane ka time ho gaya hai agar Maan sir ko pata chala ki abhi tak ready nahi hai app janti hai unke gusse ko jaiye aur sab arrange karo jaldi'' Everyone gets busy with there on work''


Next update soon

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Congrats on ur new SS

Awesome intro...

Update soon...

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 Ana Fantastic Dear . Carry on your good work dear .
                                  Clap Clap Clap Clap


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maaniqra IF-Sizzlerz

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ClapAwesome intro...
Thumbs Up

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