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Independence from this serial ??? 


Updates by eclat

Tuesday 16th August 2011    Episode - 

Saamis ess from us so now hopping on to ... Bhoodhams...

A man sticks fake beard on his face.  Vetri's voice first then he comes into the picture.  He wants to act smart with JK and abduct PS.  The bearded man to act as milkman - mix fainting medicine (mayakka marandhu) in which PS will make coffee for her father, Vetri will convert their van as an ambulance, he will be the driver, his two other friends will be ward boys.  What do I do asks Pasu.  He is asked to stand on the village border to stop the ambulance.  They all change dress (adhaan avanga disguiseaam)   Paal comes the milkman.  PS goes to collect, JK stops her - she might escape if she goes, he wants to.  PS says her father's brain is as tall as himself.  How can she escape with security all around the house, gate locked and 4 thadiyaals at the gate.  She will stay on this side of the gate and collect the milk (aar paar) 

While she collects the milk the bearded man whispers VetRi's plans.  One of the thadiyaals ask him what secret is he talking.  PS says three months' milk dues needs to be paid, would he do it?  The thadiyaal keeps quiet.    PS goes in and asks JK if he wants tea or coffee.  JK is not a fool, he knows all her plans - she will mix some medicine, make him faint and escape.  So he would make his own coffee.  Goes to the kitchen sings wrong and asingamaa "paal vaNNam paruvam kaNdu" praises his own coffee, drinks it in front of PS.  Says her mother never made such tasty coffee.  PS tells him it is because it is special milk that the coffee tastes better.  JK feels dizzy, faintly - all because of the milk  says PS for the milk is tainted with medicine for him to faint.

JK faints and PS talks to the unconscious JK that she and vetRi would fly away.  PS calls vetRi and company who have disguised themselves with moustache, beard etc..   The ambulance comes, PS calls the thadiyaals to open the gate for her father has fainted.  All of the rush in shift JK to the ambulance.  Vetri & PS do some chinnapuLathanamaa romance, PS gets into the ambulance saying she would call the men later, that they take care of the house.  The ambulance leaves.

Ila murmuring that things are never in its place  with Vadivu.  Sees VaLLi & JC talking.  VaLLi needs another Rs.5 lakhs to see her father out of the prison and to get back their house.  JC calls Ila an golden egg laying duck.   Ila overhears.  JC talks unusually loud (naturally or putting on an act thellidhu) that they cheated Ila by acting like they were in love.  Will cheat her of this money also says JC.  Ila enters ayyayOying... ayya's house soththu they cheated,while she is safe guarding like a bhoodham (naanga bhoodham week koNdaadradhu how do you know??)  will see them one hand.  JC says if he tells ayya that Ila wanted JC & Rama to be separated she will be thrown out of the house.  Karthik overhears this conversation, is asked to come in by Ila.  Ila wants Karthik to ask the gnyayam.  JC asks Karthik if he is some yOgyan.  Why no respect asks Karthik.  They require no such things for their lowly acts.  He would have told ayya the truth of VaLLi entering that house , did not do so because his father is just out of the jail.  Karthik & Ila sport an SBT look.  Am going to tell ayya right now, ayya will drive you out with just your underwear and JC will have a hearty laugh.  Starts calling out for ayya.  Karthik * Ila get scared.  Karthik dissuades JC from calling ayya.  Says the problem is between Ila & JC, why bring him into it.  Says he wants to go for short water (idhu enna pudhu term) and runs out.  

JC gives Ila two days time to give Rs. 5 lakhs in two instalments, otherwise the matter will reach ayya's ears.  Ila leaves crying.  VaLLi tells she is scared.  JC tells her not to worry , go and do her work.  Enters Rama saying this way of getting money is not right (vandhutaangayyaa... aarambikka) She does not like do act like this without ayya's knowledge.   JC will get the money from Ila and then tell everything to ayya.  As of now ayya's mindset is different.  Anyways be careful, so that no ubadhravams crop up (aahaa...what is in store next weekO) Rama gives example of Madasambrani Subbu's act of bailing out Kula.  JC would take care.

Pasu and another friend waiting at the village border.  Pasu worried.  The thadiyaals feel something is wrong.  Two of them leave on a motorbike to follow for PS is smart.  The ambulance arrives where Pasu is waiting.  The stretcher is laid on the roadside.  Pasu asks the others to leave, VetRi wants to talk to his unconscious mama.  Asks sorry for doing whatever he did, they are leaving for Chennai.  PS also tells her unconscious dad she is leaving for Chennai forgetting him, so he too should forget her.  She will visit after having two or three kids (vaazhkkaila vEra edhuvumE kedayaadhaa ungaLukkellaam - suththa waste) Pasu asks VetRi to be at Pasu's athai's house.  She would take care.  Wishes VetRi to do well in the kabaddi match.  VetRi will look for a house in Chennai to house all his friends.  Nothing other than kuththu vettu in this ooru he says (Chennai la kuththu vettu ellaam kedayaadhaa)  VetRi & PS leave, the ambulace sticker is taken off.   The friends too leave to stay underground.  Unconscious JK on the stretcher at the roadside.



Updates by migan

Wednesday - Vandana Bootham

Jk is lying on the road. His Cronies come i nthe bike notice him lying. They wake him up by putting water on his face. JK wakes up realisshis daughter ran away. Both cronies say Kili paranthu pochu - Rakkai molachachu.

JK  vows what ever I will get a hold of the kili and pull the feathers apart.

Next ...
Ila lying down. She is shaking with fever. karthi comes and asks what happened. Ila tells she has fever as she lost all of the money. She scolds karthi to get the money fom JC and Valli. karthi is scared. Finally he agrees to take her to her father to solve this problem.


In Ganga house. Ganga, Karpagam, RV and Rasamma sitting on the floor and infront the family aasthana josiyar sitting with Sozhi and stuff. SK stands on the top and watches the whole thing.

He puts sozhi and tells them SK is only for ganga. No one can take a hold of her place in his life. She is the only wife.

They all ask then why Vandhana is torturing them.

He puts more sozhi and tells them it is not against ganga Vandhana is acting. It is the whole family. Either RV or some one i nthe family has done some drogam to some one. Ans she has come to take revenge. All deny doing anything wrong.

Josiyar asks Ganga why she is quiet.

Amma Veeravesama solraangga.I have no problem I don't even suspect my husband. I will find out the secrets of Vandhan. I treat this as Amman Vilayattu and Sodhanai and I will overcome this.

SK is happy hearing this.

Josiyar says when you do promise in Yellai amman kovil there will be some light in the issue.

vandhana walks in.

they call her and show her to Josiyar. He looks at her hand and says you never got married and you are kanni ponnu. Vandhana denies angrily. karpagam asks her to show Thali. She slowly pulls her Thalis from inside th eblose and show to all. Everyone shocked including SK.

ganga says you could have tied your own Thanli. vandhana denies saying let it be poi Thali until SK says it is him who tied it.

Josiyar says your Graham sari Illai. She says only their Graham sari illai.

Josiyar takes leave. Everyone one-by-one scold her and walk to each side of the house. Finally Karpagam says your mother is a paavi having you and she also walks to one side.

Vandhana says yes she is paavapattava. Ava Paavam ungala summa vidathu. Screen freezes real boodha vandana face.



Updates by Shree

Thursday bootham

Ila and karthi comes to meet kula...Ila thattu thadumari comes inside the house...Kula welcomes them...and asks ila...yennamma idhu?are u coming from ooty?what is this maappu??..What happened to ila?...Karthi says mama...ila kku fever..kula asks then why r u here?..take her to the doctor...Karthi says no mama..this is new kind of fever...if we get rs.2 lakhs now..this fever will rinaway from her...Kula says what?2 laks?i cant get u...Ila says appa..this is money fever...2 laks yemandhutten naan...ayya veettu money poye pochu...

Kula is surprised..u?yemandhuttiya?...impossible!!...Ila tells him abt the JC and valli story...Karthi says JC and valli act kudutha aappu vachutanga mama...Kula consoles ila and says dont worry ma...i'll give money..>Ila says i dont want ur money pa..i want ayya veettu money...Kula thinking ...and says ok...we 'll give them...Turns towards karthia nd says ...maappu...inform valli that her money is ready and ask her to come and get the money in our thennanthoppu...Ila says no..she is afraid...Says already oru vandi case is there against u...KUla says dont worry...i'll not even touch her...Tells karthi to call valli...

Karthi calls valli and valli asks...endha karthik?...Karthi says ayya's son karthi...Ila's husband...Valli says ok ok...sollunga...Karthi tells her to come to the thennanthoppu to collect the money...Valli says she will be there asap...Valli thinks...JC veetla illai...ok let me go alone...

Here in kula's house...Ila warns her dad...Kula says adhellam onnum aagadhu...sends ila and karthi...Kula yosiching...

JK in his car...(indha aal ssgalaiya?)His maappu deepak and other kootali's also present...Deepak says maams PS and vetri chennai kku dhaan poirukanum...JK says ok...Kootali's doubt...yaara first pottu thalradhu?ur daughter or vetri...Deepak says mamma..i want PS mama...i want to marry her at any cost (maanam kettavanae...oorukulla ponne illaya unakku...ethanai time dhaan thaali katta try pannuva?...andha ethanai time dhaan escape aagi odum...)...JK's decision...ok then...we will kill vetri alone...Maatikitta?...asks oru kootali...JK says parava illai...i know many high officilas probs...Deepak says maams..iam ready with the thaali maama...shows the thali ...JK aasirvadhicng him...(Eppada finish pannuveenga?)...

SK in his room...Tension aa walking...Vandana bootham comes in Sk shocked to see her in his room..blah blahs a bit...Vandana says edhukku ippo josiyar kooptinga?...Ellathukkum ok sollitten...then why josiyar visit now?...Sk get angry...Iam waiting for ellaiman's theerpu...Vandana says sir...u dont want to accept ur thappu infront of everyone...Just say it here...I dont want to spoil ur and ganga's life...just accept the truth...i'll leave u...SK and vandana again and again singing the same song...SK says u r acting ...i beleive my amman...Vandana says ok...i'll show u another proof...atleast after this u accept...She takes a CD from her bag and inserts into the player...

Vandana gives a kevalamana villi sirippu...SK and Vandana'swedding CD...SK sooper shocked...Vandana smiling...SK no no..i'll belive this...Vandana says ok..then give it to the police..They will find out the truth...Vandana says porumaiya think...just accept the truth only to me...bootham leaves...SK mandaiya pidichukittu sitting...(Yov ...idha naanga pannanum...nee yen thalaiyial kaiya vachukittu utakrara??)...

Valli in thennanthoppu...Suthi muthi seeing...calls ilavanji...No reply...calls karthik's reply...Thiru thiru nnu muzhuchukittu standing...KUla comes out from a hut ...Valli is afraid...says KArthi anna told me to come here..Kula aks why?..Valli shocked...Kula says naandhaan vara sonnen...he holds her neck and tries to kill her...(idhukku peru dhaan kaiyae vaikama matten nnu unga daughter kitta sonnadhukku meaning aa??)...



Updates by nithya

Friday Aug 19th Updates

Episode 549

Kula tries to strangle Valli and leaves her after some time.. He roars.. How dare you try to cheat me.. I will kill you and your parents..  Valli says spare my parents.. Believe me I will act as per your wish.. Kula says call up JC and summon him here.. I have to do something for him too.. Valli calls up JC and says I am in Ayya's thennam thoppu.. I am feeling giddy please come and pick me.. JC asks why did you go there.. Valli says Karthik and Ila asked me to come here to collect 5 lakhs money. But no one here.. JC scolds her for going alone and hurries to pick her up.. Kula says when JC come here you have to do something to separate Rama and JC permanently.. Valli stands thinking..


SK comes down running.. summons Ganga and his parents..  He updates the DVD matter and Vandana's mirattal.. He wants to be away form her and fears he will kill her out of frustration.. Vandana summoned, DVD seized and played.. Ganga says You may produce thousands of proofs.. but I don't believe you.. I trust my Hubby.. Ratna why new confusion when you we have decided on milagai poosal.. Ganga says no more talking to SK in private.. Vandana says why did you summon josiyar that is the reason I gave the DVD.. SK screams and walks off.. Rasamma asks do you have anymore.. If Ganga gets angry you will disappear.. Ganga says if you seendufy my hubby once more I will not spare you.. Sabai disperses and Vandana stands thinking..


JC comes to the thoppu in search of Valli.. Valli faints and falls.. He lifts her in his arms and runs into a hut.. Many people watch this scene.. Inside he pours water and tries to wake her up.. Kula walks to the spot and people say JC lifted Valli and went into the hut.. Kula says so what if it my son doing a mistake.. justice should be done.. He asks one guy Paramasivam to bring Ayya to the spot..


Ayya in the car with kanukku pillai (KP) .. Ayya asks KP about Kula.. KP says he is always indoors.. Ayya says if he is silent it means something big is going to happen.. Ask someone trusted to spy him..  Paramasivam stops Ayya's car and updates the matter .. Ayya arrives at the spot, Kula escapes.. Ayya screams Jayachandra and JC comes out.. Valli quickly wakes up and wipes her face.. Ayya asks where is Valli.. JC says she has fainted and I was struggling to wake her up.  Lets take to a hospital immediately.. Valli comes out crying and falls at Ayya feet and says JC cheated me.. I believed his words and gave myself to him.. JC screams Eyy.. Valli.. Valli says when we are caught red-handed why hide.. JC is shocked.. Valli says Ayya please give me justice.. Ayya asks KP to summon a panjayathu at is home.. Sabai disperses.. JC tries to strangle Valli.. Ayya notices it, comes back, saves Valli and slaps JC.. Ayya asks are you fearing she might kattikuduthufy you.. You can do anything to her.. He asks KP to summon Panjayathu immediately ..



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Thanks Eclat for the lovely update for this urupadatha serial.

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Thanks Eclat for the update.

Appa finally PS and Vtri oodi poittangala? I wish they did it before. Too much torture.

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Thanks Eclat...

Finally...Vetri and PS sendhuttangala?
Going to singara chennai?
Poor chennaia nd its makkal!!
Rombha poor is JK...petha ponnu appa va kondu vandhu nadu theruvula pottuttu unconsious state la irukavarukku tata bye bye sollittu pogudhu!!...
Kadhalukku onnumae illai!!

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Thanks Migan

idhenna kodumai BhoodhamE!  Thangam nu serial kku pEru - aanaa every family has a minimum number of dhrogis. ellaam only Chidambaram Gold pOla...

Vani19 IF-Rockerz

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Thanks Migan, ithu mega secret pole, athan ippadi rambam poduraanga. Angry
nithya.. Channel Moderator

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Thanks Migan..

Kodumai.. Cry
migan Cool Viewbie

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Thanks Shree for the update.

valli has no sense. Who is going to save her now???

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