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Pooja'sCG#2|C|Rockstar PG 135/MS Icons PG 143

-Pooja- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 December 2005
Posts: 14137

Posted: 13 August 2011 at 5:26pm | IP Logged

Thanks to my darling Rummy for such a gorgeous banner <3 Love ya Rums,your an amazing friend Hug


Heyyy Everyone :) !Embarrassed So everyone most definitely knows me by now LOL so am going to keep this short I love love Jay&Pia , Mayank&Nupur , KaSh , Damon&Elena and Arjun&Arohi <3 .I want to thank everyone for always supporting my work and that I was able to actually get this far with a second gallery so thank you to all Hug


Huge Huge thanks to Aish ,Yams di, Preeti Di, Sahar , Rummy , Sinds , Ravu di , Mish ,Mehak , Sanju and Nidhi for always being there for me and always supporting my work and encouraging me to better love ya lotss and lotss guys  !HugHugHugand and also huge thanks to all my shop regulars thank you for being so supportive of my work <3


My inspirations are aishhh.(My twinoo I love love her endless she is my full-to-fatak guide to everything and by far the best siggy/avi maker ever ! i love you twinoo thank you for always being there for me)Hug Yamini Di(For being so encouraging and a great friend love ya di )HugSahar(The avi queen she is an amazing avi maker and awesome friend lovee  ya sahruuu)Hug


|R u l e s|

. One Video ONLY !(youtube , zshare, dailymotion etc. everything works on my server)
.Up to 3 or 4 Avis Max 
.10-15 sec's ONLY and video must be HQ
.If stacked ask for ONLY one way either: Vertical or Horizontal pick only one 
.You have to be a regular at my shop to request(commented 2 or 3 times is OK requests will be accepted)
. My copyright is Pooja
.Credit everything from textures to brushes all goes to DeviantART


|p d a t e I n d e x|

. Mayank & Nupur/ArTi - PG 1 
. DTPH/Chammak Challo/JiYa/Demi/Selena/Taylor/Sonam Shahid PG 32
.Delena/Tyler&Caro/Shahid&Sonam/Bebo/Veer-Zaara/Jiya/Sarun/Rey&Kriya/Kash PG 55
.Delena/Karan&Krystle/JeeVi/Anurag&Tani/MN/JiYa/Karan Tacker/Rithvik/ArHi/Sarun PG 82
.Icons(Random Couples) JeeVi/ArHi/Jake&Cassie/Ra.One/JiYa Avis PG 101
.Icons(Bollywood& Random couples) JeeVi/ArHi/Jake&Cassie/Don 2/JiYa/Ranveer/Kriyansh/humsafar PG 117
.Rockstar PG 135

|P r e v i o u s s h o p|



|P M L I S T|

.Please Click the Like Button if You would like Me to PM You for Further Updates :)


|S H O P C L O S E D|

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-Pooja- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 December 2005
Posts: 14137

Posted: 13 August 2011 at 5:27pm | IP Logged

Like I promised you guys a MN/ArTi update well here it goes .Dedicated to all my MN Friends <3 Everything is free for use . Please give the avis time to load Big smile

Dasera wala scene

Faana Hug

First meeting


The most beautiful walk


Mayur Wedding 


Beach scene 


Dance Performance 


Their Dance


Jaage Jaage


Most cutest Mayur moment


My most favorite Mayur scene


Their bond/understanding








Some long avis 

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Aahaana*Shruti*t0xiicxkiis3s..-Niru-..Khat2027Fari.Kashian--Fatima--payal40-Rakshu-....vula_kv....monakhan.-Indescribable-PurpleRainchahaat.MaddyStilinski-scarlett-ClaraOswald.love.mayurarti-SweetGirl-xx-Rai-xxWaqas...Sanugr8fanLuvManan13-Nahi-UmIbrahimkupkakes-Hina-SabeenSmilesDulceAmorkoolchickMysterygirl_meshareen.Mandy.Fallen Angel..-Kaju-..Dark-HuesyulZkrishnariaAnjilicious-Hoor--tehreem-Siddhi_.Juhi.-ScarletRose-shewolf.zaryaabJuhi1b8--sunshine--Mariaa.SG.Nabi.Meehak.perkiliciousAyesha066KaJen.xoxonanditasingh-krazyriya-SweetAddiction.~*sindhu*~eshaaax3.fizii_gurlJulybaby22-Jeny-KaSh-Maneet-Fanmazkachazka-Mema-.khoobsurat.saraaa.aishhh.sizzysehrish-Moni-_Oishi_.JustaDreamSunshine GirlAS..-Fatima-.PINK.-LoVe.KaSh-pyar-ishkAquarius18relentless..ayesha.Jenny..DelightedHeart-Deepali-.DulcetZumSrK.~*Mehwish*~saher_90-Selcouth-xxMATSxxLennie-Preeti-star_fanJennyPennyserendipity.minuu..Bebolove....RamKiJanaki..Nadz_YuNaloversoundsofcedarBepannaah.naadanmasakallisanober.

-Pooja- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 December 2005
Posts: 14137

Posted: 13 August 2011 at 5:29pm | IP Logged
Edited By aishhh.(twinoo)---

M I S S   C O M P L A I N E R R R R !
so like. i have GOT to to something to fill in time while the stupid page loads Ermm it's taking FOREVERRR. and i start w. the usual predictable stuff as always Stern Smile WHICH IS..omfg.
o m f g 

YOU DID NOT! this is your second shop already ajkshsjdhgsjfh i'm so happy for youuu meri twin. and im so proud as well cause i damn well remember all those days before your started your first when i used to NAG you to start one and you used to be like.. oh ok..sometime soon, i really should. yes and we used to ROFL over your laziness and be like..i'll start one sometime Ermm god knows when i'll finish it..actually it's pointless..im good with CGs only why a shop? :S dsjhjsdgf BUT it happened :| 
(retard page, load already)
and im so glad it did happen! you are my favourite avi maker in the whole of this universe and trust me that's the best compliment you'll ever get because a) it's true and b) it comes from my heart for youuu Embarrassed and no matter how much you complain about your avis, i always get to see them first before anyone else in the world does ;) & i get to say
i said it once and i actually mean it that my dabba is lonely without your avis. it's wrong to use anyone else's avis Stern Smile not even for 2 mins. not even my own. n o   e x c e p t i o n s. 
because youu are THE BEST hands down. chahe tu maane chahe na maaneee LOL

kk i LOVE that banner. like i could have MURDERED YOU for not letting me make it but it's definitely way better than i'd have made it so in a way it's good Embarrassed but you dare NOT let me make the one for #3 and i will kill you..well no, actually i won't talk to you for the rest of my life. is that dhamki enough? (because..well i can't think of anything better Ermm

i am so proud. to see meee all over your first page Embarrassed after all whyyy not, this is hum dono ka shop, ghar ki baat hai jaaneman Cool i loveee youuu SO much too! <33 more than you love meee, you have no idea :$ and shut up woman, you can't even lie..out of your mind Ermm best sig/avi maker ever.. jhoot chhupaaye nahi chhupta madam go take a walk to other shops and you'll know you biased chhoriii <3 and as for the thankyou for being there arre get lost mujhse peechhha chhudaake toh dekh, phir maanenge Big smile thankyou ki bacchi Ermm 

look who got carried away? me. 
the page loaded like 10 mins ago and im still here.. i rule. i know ROFL

SO finally to the update 

the Daesra scene waali avi is SO DAMN PRETTYYY  OMFG :| i loveee it so much! their morena scenes were just beautiful..miss everything about them :'( and you toh know i loveee your simple avis..the ones where you do the grey border and that colouring is gorgeous no doubt Day Dreaming & i adoreee the fanaa hug one..that new style is so pretty, LOVE the way you used that texture and jshfjs i feel like watching that confession scene all over again. maybe i'll like finish writing this and go do that :| 

first meeting eee! woh pehli baar jab hum miley <33 i just LOVE that song..i have so much to do Stern Smile cause now i feel like listening to that song too and i love how that text fits so well w/ the first dupatta scene, and i already told youuu that pink border is too adorable :$ so go make more in that style (or whatever you did to make those avis!) LOL
rain walk Day Dreaming should we get me started on baarish romance.. omfg no way! we could sit here the whole night and i wouldn't shut up about how much i love rain ROFL and next morning you'll be sleeping on me and i'll still be talking Ermm kk i'll shut up now but OMFG baarish AND MN <333 double amazing :$ and one of the avi sets i haven't seen before ;) one of the ONLY avi sets i haven't seen before actually LOL i adoreee the semi b/w colouring on that, goes so well with the scene and brings out the beauty of it Embarrassed and of course the way you do your texts are damn adorable i've been telling you kabse :$ plus i love the textures on it too in short toh those avis are perfecttt ekdum hi and im saving everything obviously! ;)

kk OH MY GOD WOMAN THE SHAADI ONES ARE YOUR BEST AVIS EVER. make me some in that style you have NO IDEA how amazing that style of yours is, SO SO SO SO SO beautiful just the colouring and the border and all (please tell me it didn't happen by accident and you can actually do it again Stern Smile) wait a sec let me go use these like NOW! eee so beautiful <33

my dabba looks even prettier now Day Dreaming those gorgeous avis of yours :|

okkk the beach scene, the colouring is AMAZING. they were sooo adorable in that song seq, you know i watched Hum tum again because of that cause the song they were on the beach on was ladki kyun Embarrassed and i am in love. (you toh know Big smile) not that love Ermm god zyaada mat chala dimaag ko samjhi tez express ROFL I am in love with the border of those beach scene avis, minddd blowing however that grey and pink got mushed up LOL
salsa dance talent parade..one of my fav ones :$ one of those avis stayed in my dabba for the longest time ever, cause the BLUE cum purple ;) is amazing in that..do more of that in the avis where you do b/w ish colouring, cause it makes everything stand out and looks double more beautiful, honestly Embarrassed i don't know why my fav is the middle one :S LOL

DANCE rehearsal before the play, that style is i <3 big time omfggg! the colouring and the black and the chhota sa texture..everything sits PERFECTLY in those avis and of course i've toh even used those avis as well haye LOL i don't leave any of your avis unused ROFL ahah 
jaage jaage ones, again i hadn't seen :$ but you know what stands out in those? the colouring..so pretty, it's dark and yet it's so magical for want of better words LOL and im a sucker for your grey borders..they are the besttt <33 eee the cutest MN moment ones where you wrote 'cutiepies' oh. my. god. first toh that colouring is gorgeous, use it more often and they grey border makes it stand out more :$ and omfggg i LOVE LOVE LOVE that little heart in the corner, how cute is it? as cute as you and MN put together LOL

the ones from the SG engagement scenes i <33333 those SO MUCHHH the pinkness and the beautiful colouring + texture everything matches up so well and your effort shows my love. in every single avi you make, your effort shows..so no matter how bad you may think your avis are, they are ALWAYS gorgeous regardless..at least i think so Embarrassed and the next set.. the new texture (it's new right :OOO) looks so beautiful! i love the way she samjhaos him, it's so cuteee and i kind of cried thoda sa in the scene LOL

:| :| :| the ones from the MJHT 100 episode celebration party, why are they SO CUTE offscreen too? someone explain Stern Smile i just ADORE the part where he pulls her cheeks when she says watch for MN only ;) the colouring is ace as always Day Dreaming<man how much do i have to use that emo :|

cutieeepies! omfg where she pulls his nose, see this is what i mean when i say they're SO cute offscreen too, and so genuine ;) i loveee that segment, and how you worked around the LQ vids ;) and that style, by god..so beautiful :$ ahah and the last set of 100 x 100s the segment which i made you make on, they're perfect those avis. i mean it <33 esp the one where he puts the white flower in her hair..awhhh Embarrassed so cute

ANDDD last toh i love your long avis, there's something AMAZING about them too, i don't know what..but they're so so so SO beautiful, my fav has to be the middle one/second one and that too cause that's the one sitting in my dabba right now along w/ the 100x100 MN shaadi one <33
and i loveee youuu so much! like more than you can imagine Hug i know you know but im making sure and im telling you because you have to know how much i love you, how much i love your work and how proud of youuu i am! Hug jkfhjfhgjk
W*F that sounds so damn stalkerishROFL 


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-Pooja- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 December 2005
Posts: 14137

Posted: 13 August 2011 at 5:30pm | IP Logged
Edited by Nidhi .(SheWolf)

Poojii..Hug first of all..
PartyCongratulations! Party
on reaching your second shop! Imma soo..damn happy for you!Embarrassed

see good I told you to res. for me!Stern Smile or else I'd have missed my spot!Stern Smile you opened your shop at almost 5 am IST when I was fast asleep!LOL

a thank you phor me..hayye mujhe sharm aa rahi hai!BlushingLOL aww..I lub you too..Hug for being such a wonderful friend and an amazing friend!<33

you know how much I love your work! hayye..you the BESTEST avi maker I've ever met! you work is the uniquest of all I've seen till date! and what more do I say its faaabbb!:)))

Gosh!Shocked omg!Shocked I love the update its so gorgeous!Shocked
Gosh..I loved each and every avi!:$ the border's the colouring and everything on the whole!Embarrassed
I'm loving the border you used in the Beach scene..it looks beautiful!<33 and the ArTi interview avi's..I loved the style and colouring in that the most!<33

and? what? I've nothing to say other than gaawwzeously aahmazzing update!Stern Smile

Oh! you opened for req?? best of luck!Embarrassed

no long bashan from me!LOL short and sweet!:$ and next time when you open Imma gonna request!LOLmissed requesting this time cus I was too busy!Ouch

any way..love you..Hug hope you open 9727437548473675473 no. of shops!Embarrassed

Edited by -Pooja- - 18 August 2011 at 10:11pm

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..RamKiJanaki.. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 13 August 2011 at 5:32pm | IP Logged

Big smileRES for first comment!

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soundsofcedar IF-Addictz

BollyCurry Buzzer
Joined: 25 December 2008
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Posted: 13 August 2011 at 5:58pm | IP Logged
Reserved; first off I made it to front page even through my cell LOL let's party about that fact. Secondly now C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S Jaani Hug I am so sorry this is going to be short but you know I am inactive'ish :( but OMFG ladki I am not your inspiration chup beith ROFL I love you <3 Your work is so mesmerizing and I love you for being so dedicated to your work. I know you put in a lot of hard work into each and every one of them and it shows :D I wish you get @!$@!$#@%$# amount of shops Embarrassed Muaaah love you!

Edited by -Sary- - 15 August 2011 at 10:32pm

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.ayesha. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 14 July 2010
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Posted: 13 August 2011 at 7:13pm | IP Logged


for your second shop yaar Hug i hope that you make many more shops yaar and u totally deserve it yaar... your avis are unique in the whole IF.. they are super amazing yaar.
rums made u banner .. I LOVE the banner and it is absolutely awesome  
 oh yes ... MN updates woh bhi huge one yayDancing this is amazing treat yaar :$  i have no words to tell u , really every and each avis is prefect yaar , the coloring , borders , the text  and the moments  and i love it yar , really i have no words to tell u they are gorgeous yar ...the fanaa hug  is just so Day Dreaming  the first meeting coloring is soo pretty and the border with text is soo nice yaar . the wedding avis are good yaar . the Arti avis .. those are the cutest avis yaar. the long avis are prefect yaar ... everything is freaking awesome yaar , really i am speechless yaar . i absolutely adore the update yaar  



these are like my  most fav save them, will use soon yaar even though it is so hard to pick from the MN update yaar.. I LOVE IT!!!

yay to me for making it on first page yaar haha... JK .. i am so happy that u made your second shop , i hope that u make 100's shops yaar :D

update soon yaar and Good luck for the request yaar ..  i want avii...:P 

Love u Hugand keep up the awesome work yaar Thumbs Up

Edited by .ayesha. - 20 August 2011 at 11:48am

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Anjilicious IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 August 2011 at 7:24pm | IP Logged

on your 2nd shop Pooja Clap  Clap  Clap
May you have many more shops in the future Embarrassed
you are really creative..Love you work!! The video avis are amazing as well...Keep on rocking!! do PM me whenever u update...once again congratz on your new shop..hope to see an update SOON!! Embarrassed Big smile
take care!!


Edited by *~Anjali~* - 13 August 2011 at 7:28pm

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