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-behkudi- maaneet THREAD3

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part 16


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He forced her toward the bed.. tum kanhi nahi ja sakti.. tum meri ho.. sirf meri.. ur mine.. Mrs Geet Singh Khurana
her eyes widened in horror hearing the way he addressed her.

She tried to remember wat happened on the wedding day.. she vaguely remebered ..walking.. sitting next to raj.. then..only maans face..smiling ..when he was sleeping peacefully in her lap...then him lifting her..angrily.. from the madap.. rubbing his hand on her forehead.. she touched her forehead now... then ...she tried hard to recollect.. she could..remeber..brij..saying something..unsure wat he said..then they went round..but she was in his arms.. he carried her arround the fire actually she looked at him in awe.. then.. then.. she immediately looked at his other palm.. which still had the deep cut of the wound. She restlessly looked around & for something to cover the wound. She panicked.. she ran to his wardrobe & took a hanky & tied in his hand. Yah kya kia aapne? She cried.
He snapped his hand away.. she almost fell back on the bed.

Daadi came in worriedly ' Maan yeh aap kya kar rahen ho?
Geet immediately got up & straighten herself.
Maan left from there.
Geet was really embarrassed infront of her. She felt all odd, wondering wat Savitri devi will think abt her, she gave her job ..& she roped her grandson. She knotted her duppata & dipped her head.
Daadi made a sorry face ' beta Maan ki taraf se hum maafi mang then hain
Geet ' nahi mam
Daadi ' abhi tho hum aapki Daadi saansa hain, thi aap hume Daadi hi boliyen
Geet ' ji mam...nahi mera matlab hain Daadi
Daadi ' humne aapka luggage aapke ghar se manga diya hain
thats when Geet realized abt her parents all this .. she got terrified.. papaji.. she almost cried. Daadi hugged her.. humne unhe samjha diya hain.
Geet '
she didn't know wat her parents would be thinking abt him
Daadi exhaled sharply '
hume bhi nahi pata Maan ne aisen kyun kiya
Geet probably knew it all..
Daadi ' app kanha the beta do din se.. aapne dress bhi change nahi kiya
Geet ' ji wo mam..mera matlab hain Daadi wo..
she was shocked Maan didn't tell anyone abt the hospital or anything between them. Wat exactly did he want from her. Did he knew she had taken the pills.. did he care.. off course he did.. but he never says anything..all he does is gets angry..
Daadi '
aacha wo sab chodo..aap change kar lo
Geet looked around her suitcase was kept beside the dresser. She nodded & reached to get her dress. Daadi left her to change.

She opened the suitcase & took her suit & walked to the bathroom, the feeling of him was filled every where. As she passed through the room, she noted everything was in perfect place. She tucked the dress in her hand & exhaled sharply. she entered the bathroom and closed the door, giving a sigh of relief. She took few mins before she could focus at the things around. She was in his house.. his room.. his bathroom.. as his wife.. the thought itself send shivers down her spine.


Her stomach clenched & she wanted to run away .. but where?  She didn't know wat to do..where to go, will her parent accept her after all this.. will she be able to live without Maan at the first place. Only she knows how killing those 14 days were for her. Geet stared at her reflection in the mirror. Her pale face..that had the red glow of his blood in her mang..she softly traced it.. a smile touch her lip.. her hand slipped to her neck to the mangalsutra.. she chuckled ...she was his..inseparably..bina kisi rishten ke he used to claim her so wildly.. abhi tho.. oh god the thought of being his..only his was so desirous.
Happiness ran through her. She sighed & tried to open the dori.

Geet thought of the every moment, every time his lips claimed her.. she could feel maan touching her even now and sighed contentedly before realizing that it wasn't her imagination. His warm hands were touching her..her eyes widened ..with a squeal, she pulled away only to have strong fingers tighten their grip and pull her back.

yeh mera haaq hain ..let me do it
his voice rumbled in her ears. His fingers reached her dori & untied them. His hands massaged her shoulders & then ran down her arms. She could feel her muscles he slipped her sleeves off her shoulder. The blouse slipped from her frame. Maan kissed her neck, his lips were claimingly touching her skin. She trembled, it gave her goose bumps, which he knew exactly. She closed her eyes, she knew ..she couldn't protest anymore. She couldn't fight her emotions & deny him.. every nerve end of hers cried to be his.

He turned on the shower..she instantly turned into his arms with the splash of water rushing down her almost naked self. He his lips trailed down her neck while his hands entrapped her waist. Her bare chest pressed against his wet shirt..she gasped & involuntarily,  found herself responding, gripping his biceps. while his strong hands ran up and down her bare back, drawing her closer until they were touching from chest to knee.


Next she knew was being carried all wet to the bed. He laid her ..without bothering they were completely drenched. Suddenly her body stiffened as he pressed her almost violently in the pillow, laid down on her & pressed his lips to hers. His hands passionately exploring her.. in a sec..he pulled away to undress himself & lay back on her kissing as passionately as he was. She could feel his arousal pressing against her stomach. She tried to hug him.. he pressed her wrist on either side.

Her eyes flew open to see him rise above her and position his manhood at her entrance. For a moment he paused to look into her almond eyes.. she was looking at him.. she wanted him.. she is been dreaming of this moment since the day he kissed her in the lift...but a tear escaped her eyes.. with the thought did he love her, did he care of her.. it is been only about all this since the beginning...

yeh teri mohabbat ki bekhudi ne kya kar diya
mujhe insaaniyat se begana kar diya
mein chahta hoon tumhein apnana
par teri aankho ki nami ne mujhe
juda hone par majboor kar diya
yeh teri mohabbat ki bekhudi ne kya kar diya
jab jab bhi tere kareeb aayaa hoon mein
tumne bus mujhe begana kar diya
tu bolti nahin par teri aankho ne
sab afsana padh diya
mein chaah kar bhi ab
tere pass nahin aa sakta
ek pal mein hi tumne mujhe begana kar diya.
yeh teri mohabbat ki bekhudi ne kya kar diya

by jasraj123

next moment.. she was thrown into a sudden pool of cold air.. the warm of his body was not there.. he pulled away.. & walked into the washroom & slammed the door behind. She was shattered ..heart broken.. to have been left alone like this.. aroused...anxious.. vulnerable. She curled up & cried.. Feelings of shame and regret washed over her...unsure why she was feeling so hurt..being betrayed of the emotions or her feelings for him..or ????

Ye kaisi behkhudi hai chaayi?

Kaisi hai ye bechaini, kaisi ye tanhaayi?
Behkhudi ke iss aalam ne, kaisi aag si hai lagai?
Is bekaaboo dil mein kaisi ye tees si hai chubhne aayi?
Jab tu ho paas, toh saara zamaana main bhool jaun,
tera gussa main pee loo, tere pyaar mein doob jaun,
kaisi hai yeh betaabi, kaisa pagalpan hai ye?
Kyon tere aag barsaati aankhon mein bhi khone ka jee karta hai?
Daanav ka mukhota pehen kar, sabke saamne pathhar dil bankar,
Akele rehne ki aadat daalkar, kya karna chahta hai?
Mere saamne kyon tera dil bekaaboo ho chalta hai?
Kyon teri aankhon mein sirf mera hi aks dikhta hai?
Tere gusse ki lat lag chuki hai mujhe,
Ab mera koi ilaaj nahin,
Ab teri in aakhon ki sharab ke nashe mein dhut hokar hi zinda hoon,
Tujhse door rehke jeena mere bas mein nahin...
Haan, behkhudi ka aalam cha gaya hai,
haan teri baahon mein hi sukoon ab mil raha hai,
Haan tere labon ke choone se khilne lagi hoon,
Haan teri aakhon mein khokar hi ab jeene lagi hoon!

 -Behkudi part 16-



thanks a lot for so many likes & comments I was supper excited..

didn't have any plans of updating this weekend.. but couldn't control myself after seeing ur lovely responds..thanks a lot

please smiley, f smiley, please smiley, girl smiley, wish smiley

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thanks a lot for the comments & like




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Yipeee I am firstPartyPartyParty
Congrats on the new thread
Awesome update

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Yay me second Big smile

Thanks for the amazing treat Muskaan Embarrassed

Thank God Daadi handled the situation.

Maan wont give in so easily Shocked
Geet will go crazy poor her LOL

Challo lets see how these two clears their MU Big smile Clap

Cant wait for the next part Hug

Congratz for the new thread Clap

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Congrats on new ThreadParty

Beautiful part!!

But Y he left her in the middle.

Whether he is teasing her???

loved the update.

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Congrats on the new thread muski..

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luved ittt diii

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thnx a lot muski for updating and listening to my pleas...
OMG what an update...
even me confused like Geet.
what is it,mere physical attarction,possesiveness,lust...or more deeper form of love????
will he bother to clarify?????
me super happy with update atleast this weekend won,t  difficult without Maaneet.
return soon to update after weekend
have a nice weekend sweety
congo for new thread too

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