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Monday, Aug 15th


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Updates by Roja

Tuesday 16/8/11 Episode No 563

Villishnu with darling son Vishnu - who is categorical "make amends...right away or else...
you do not have a son, gotchaa??" Thanni is happily lying down ( must be happy that he need not play BBC !!) Sudha and Gayu are devastated ..crying their hearts out. SOga BGM ...Ranjini comes and asks "all of a sudden ...why?? How??" Paro aunty says that it is a long story "some time later, let us talk over a cup of coffee "  Ellarum azharaanga... Roja waits for the drama to unfold ( Roja respects the quote  outside the Anatomy Theaters  in the Medical colleges  "The dead rejoice in serving the living " . But in Tamizh serials the dead body is a commercial thing - ella drama vum happens around that !!!! ) Villishnu enters with a garland ..well she does not want Roja to be disappointed .. Paro aunty also does not want to disappoint Roja - fight begins. " Amma, you do not come in "

Villishnu ithukkellam bayappadara Aalaa??  Oru hot look kudukkaraanga. Paro aunty "unakkum peppe, un look kkum peppe " apdinnu sollittu "Sambhandhi yai Oru vazhiya La La land kku anuppichittinga... a few of us are still alive and you do not like it?? Buzz off" Villishnu stands her ground "enna summa pesikitte pOringa??? I am not at fault. And who are you to shoo me away ?? You are also a sambhandhi like me !!" Paro aunty is livid , can not take that comparison. Now is the time Ranjini, you get to know the story (hmm antha promised cup of coffee has gone south !!) The whole crowd gets to know Villishnu's villi act. But Villishnu won't budge " I do not want to hear it from you. Let my DIL or Gayu say it..." As if Sudha will say anything !!! But fire brand Gayu is all set to humor Roja ( amma di, ange lifeless aa irukkarathu unga appa...ipdi lage lage nnu sandaikku alaiviyaa nee??) Gayu comes and shows the door to Villishnu " My MIL has said all that I wanted to say. I know how to take care of my sister, now ...QUIT " Villishnu wrongly assumes that  the garland she brought has a place in that house. That illusion is sent out of the threshold by Gayu - snatches and throws it out. Villishnu leaves. Gayu also leaves - much to the chagrin of her MIL - destination??? GOK . Paro aunty chases MM Krish to play Mary's lamb. He follows Gayu.

AZ veet le Visa aunty is in full form. Shouts at the top of her voice about Mugs getting dharma adi from Gayu and MM. The rest try to pacify her ( neenga adangave maatingalaa??? ) Mugs "adi vaanginathu naanaa?? apdinnu Oru expression kuduthu kittu ukkarnthu irukkar. PILS grad brings out her lesson No xyz and tells athai that it is not the time to fight " we must all go for the death.. or else...more enmity..." AZ and biwi No 2 agree with PILS. Mugs "enakka kalyaanam ?" nnu summa irukkar. ...Police uncles enter the arena and say that they are arresting Mugs " for the murder of Mr.Thanni - his daughter Gayu has complained " Ambuttu thenn...Visa aunty explodes...Mugs quiet aa goes with the police. AZ uncle is stunned but gathers himself up and says that he will go and talk to Gayu..Visa aunty decides to go with darling hubby. Ange ellarum Gayu vai kanum nnu fretting. She walks in quietly and cries ... Visa tsunami enters and guns for Gayu directly " Yenna di??? Thimira unakku??? Sent my son to abacus school??" The rest of the clan is stunned...



Updates by Shree

wednesday 17th aug 2011 Update

innum ennellam waiting for me??CryCry
Visa aunty in gayu's house...with a bayangara look comesnear gayu and shouts...adi paavi...u r such a stone hearted person?...En paiyana un appava adichu konnan?...gayu without wasting a second says YES...Time to give shcok expressions...faces shown are  krish,sudha ,ranjani  and paro...Visa aunty continues...poor mugs...ippodhaan 2 wife oda happy aa irukkan...adhukku nee aapu avchuttiyae...tell me di...my son kolaikaranaa?...Gayu shouts back yes...Un paiyan adichan...my dad sethupoitaru...adhukku indha oor makkal dhaan satchi...police arrested ur son aa?...very good...now leave ...(yemmadi...rendu perukkum semma voice dhaan..visa aunty 1 pt extra LOLterror voice...superb acting)...
Visa says...i thought u r the mahalakshmi of our house...but u...r a kalangam in our family...gayu says no need to give any certificate...ur son is kolaikaran and thats it...Visa says en paiyanukku edhavadhu aachu...unnai summa vidamaatten...Gayu's turn...appa vae illai...nee enna panna enakku enna?...do whatever u want...go...
Visa in no stop mood...Says..actually shouts..i want u to get back ur complaint against my son...Ranjani interferes and says amma stop...this is a thukkam nadandha veedu...Visa says u always support this family...i know...dont talk...Ranjani chup ...Now paro aunty's turn...says visa...i'll not blame u...gayu is in a state of shock now...we should understand the situation...u pls wait till the kariyams gets over..then we will sit and talk...
AZ sir says idhedhaan anni iam also saying...but she is not at all listening...Gayu edho theriyama...No shouts gayu...theriyama complaint kudukala...therinjudhaan kuduthen and i 'll never never get the complaint back...Visa again grrrAngry..(ivangalukku mind la enna running...sethu pona manushan eppadi senta enna?..uyiroda irukka en son nalla irukanum??)...
An ambulance comes with a polskar..he says they r taking the body for postmortem...Visa turns chandramuckhi...adipaavi..postmortem senju u r going to prove that my son is the kolaikaran..i'll not leave u...Goes to slap gayu...krish,Az Ranjani family oda drags visa out...AZ uncle successfully visa aunty a izhuthukittu gone out...(success...success..party!! Party!!...uncle  edhu senjalum...STOP nnu visa aunty solluvanga...uncle stop senjuduvaru...Innaikku uncle win...win!!Hurray!!)...vidamaatten vidamaatten nnu kathikitte visa aunty poranga...(enna villathanamShocked)...
Sudha tells gayu..no need for postmortem...Gayu says no...postmortem is important..so that we can get proof against mugs...Sudha crying hard..Ranjani calls krish to meet mugs...Krish hesitates and ranjani takes him along with her to meet mugs...
prison..meenakshi pottu kuduthing to her son abt TK's death..says i went there to pay respect ...But ellarum anga ennai asinga paduthi viratti vittanga...Vishnu shocked...Meenakshi says parvathy amma dhaan rombha thittinadhu...and also krish ...and also gayu ..ava thorathina ..iva thorathinaa...(aiyayya...yemma..orey dialogue aa vera vera maadhiri embuttu neram pesareenga??)...meenakshi says naan eppadiyavadhu unnai veliya kondu avren..but u should forget them..u should come to our house...Vishnu says he is very confused..tells his mom to leave ...meenakshi slowmotion la turn senju gives a villi smile...
krish and ranjani comes to meet mugs...Mugs says no annan-thambi relationship b/w us.krish hero starts crying...asks sorry...Mugs says stop ur acting...krish's phone ringinga nd krish cuts the call...Mugs justifies his act ...says ur pondatti talking too much...naan enna senjen..un pondatti ya lesa rendu adi adichen...adhukku nee ennai appadi adipiya?...Ranjani tells not to scold krish...ain irish's phone rings and krish cuts the call...Mugs tells them to leave immediately...Ranjanis ays gayu dhaan complaint senjaa...krish kku onnum theriyadhu...
Sudha is the one who tries to talk to krish..They r in the hospital and postmortem over..take the body nnu solranga...paro says we will wait for krish..Gayu says he will not come..i know..he has gone to meet that mugs...avarukku we r not important..whats more important for him is his annan and his family...


Updates by atina

Thursday, August 18th Episode 565 
Paro,Gayu, Suda and Kanakku pillai are at the mortuary. The postmortum is over and they are asked to collect the body. Paro says that they should wait until Krish comes back bur Gayu cries and tells," atheh...I know he will not come..and I know he will be in some lawyer's office or in the prison visiting his brother...he did not like me accusing his brother of killing my dad...he is like a slave to that family...why did you get him married to me atheh...you should have left him to sacrifice  his life to that family only...like koil aadu maadu maathiree...he does not bother about my dad's funeral at all...Suda vaa...let us go and do the needful...my dad used to tell that I am like his first born son nu...so let me do a son's duty then...Atheh...you be here and when your son comes here appadiye bathiramaa voottukku take him with you ok?" She leaves from there with Suda.
Paro asks KK where is Krish and KK tells," amma...Gayatri amma sonnaathu unmai thaan...Krishnan thambi has gone to visit Mugunthan hambi in the prison ...as he feels bad that he had to beat him up..." Hearing thsi Paro gets so furious...
In the police station...Krish pleads Mugs," anneh...let me go and finish all the funeral work and tehn I can somehow make Gayu to take back this case against you anneh..." But Mugs is so angry and refuses and again Krish asks sorry for hitting him...and Ranjani also tries to calm Mugs down but no use...Mugs shouts and asks them to get out of there. Ranjani forcefully pushes Krish and leave from there.
At the Mortuary..Paro is waiting for Krish...here comes poor krish...and gets some tight slappings on his face given by Paro," dei neeyellam manushanaadaa? when these two potta pullaigal...paadaa padumbothu...why did you go to your brother...how dare you did this to those girls daa..? Gayu and Suda took the body already...don't you know what people will talk now? you defamed my name daa...che...poda..."
Visa storms into Paro's house and calls Devee...yei Deveee...Here comes Devi and visa immediately tells," Yei kelambudee...enkooda...nee en purushanukku poranthavaa...and I have also accepted as my daughter...then why should you be here with these nandri ketta aalugalodaa..come with me" Devi refuses to go with her and tell the reasons politely but Vis is oreh pidivadamaa...drags her holding her hand...to the car and takes Devi with her...while Devi keeps begging to leave her...
AZ, Chittu, Swetha and Ranjani are discussing about Mugunthan's case...AZ tells," unless Gayatri cancels the case..Muguntha n can not get out of this case..."
Herecomes Visa with Devi..." yei...inimel...this is your house...I am your amma. this is your appa...and you should be living here with us...and not there...namba pulleh ennanga thappu paanunaan...? how mugunthan be responsible for that meenakshi's greedyness" Swetha tells," athe...we have to deal with this mugunthan case matter...and why should you create another new problem?" Az also tells the same...Ranjani asks her to calm down and tells Devi to come with her to PAro's house. But Visa shouts," yei...namakku inimel avanga uaravum vendaam ottum vendaam...nee vaadee.."
Paro reaches home and finds the door is wide opened...She asks Devci to bring some water ...then she goes inside and drinks some water and starts looking for Devi...meantime Krish reaches there too ( aamaaa...these people should be in Gayu's house right????) Paro starts polambals in front of her husband's picture. Krish tries to  console her. Menatime Ranjani calls and tells Krish what happened there about Devi. Paro grabs the phone from Krish and gathers the news and  then she  asks Krish to take her to AZ's house.
In AZ's house everyone is pleading Visa not to berhave like this and  Devi has to be sent to PAro'shouse. But Visadoes not want to hear anything at all... Here Comes PAro...Devi running  towards Paro...but Visa stops her and tells that Devi enga veettu ponnu...and Paro also tells the same...
( ithu ennappa koothu...in normal situation thee things should be done right?)
1. Devi should think...ok...let me be here and after everything settles we can make visa amma understand nu
2. AZ and others also should think the same...
3. When Krish and PAro got that phone call...they should think...that after all Devi is in safe hands...it is ok...let us go to the funeral house nu...
che che...ennna kuzhappam daa inge thaanga mudiyallaipaa


Updates by atina

Friday, August 19th Episode 566
Visa and Paro fights for the rights on Devi...telling Devi en ponnu...illleh Devi en ponnu...this sandai goes on and on...Paro tells ,"my son gave a promise to his dad at his marana padukkai ..that we will take care of Devi nu...so you btter send Devi with us "  Visalam roars," unga sathiyathai kondu poi saakadaiyila podunga...Devi is inda veetu vaarosu...en purushanukku porandava...so she will stay here..." Ranjani asks Visa to give mariyathai to Paro...(Clap really??? mariyadai from Visa...he he he??!!LOL) Paro asks Devi to come with her and Az tells Devi to go too...But Visa stops Devi and Devi starts crying...finally Visa grabs Devi's hand and forces her to inside.Paro still kathing ...and kathing...suddenly she holds her thalai and falls down...( innoru saavaa??!!)
Devi is crying and AZ comes to her to console her. Here goes Devi again with the same song," appa naan paavapatta jenmam...as soon as I was born I killed my mom...you shoulg have poisoned me and killed that time itself...even if stayed in hostel I would have been leading my life happier...why did you all give me love and now I am suffering like this" AZ replies," nee illammaa...naanthaan paavappatta jenmam...I should have thali kattified to your mom..but I failed to do that...etc etc" Visa comes and asks," stop this nonsense oppaaree...Devi you wanted to be with your dad and I fulfilled your wish so instead of being happy why are you like this...ennanga neenga vannga...vaaanga" and Az slowly goes away...walking behind Visa like a bali aadu...
Paro who looks exhausted sitting on her bed..Krish and Ranjani are with her. Ranjani tells," amma...we all know about Visa amma's pidivaadam...we need to give her time...vittuthaan pidikanum...leave that matter to me...I will make her understand things and bring back Devi here.." Paro...tells," I really miss Devi a lot...whatsoever Visalam did such a great mistake...dei Krishna...you better go to Gayatri's house and see that everything goes well there with the funeral work...please let me know when they are taking the body etc...and most importantly...gayatri may scream at you as she is so angry with you...you please try to be calm as nee thappu senjavanaa irukkareh...ok?" Krish agrees agrees and leaves from there.
Krishna reaches Gayu's house and see nobody people there..and he slowly enters in and finds Gayu and Suda...crying infront of the pictures of their parents...there is no dead body and no body else is there...Krish slowly calls," gayatri...ellam mudinjuruchaa...?" Gayu sees him and gets up and starts."ippadi ketka unakku vekkamaa...illeh? vandavanga ellaarum unnai kaari thuppittu poittaanga...are you happy now?...vendaam niruthu...I am not prepared to listen to any explanation from you...out of my life with you all I learned is you are number one "suyanalavaathi...unkku naan perukkuthaan pondaattee...and my sister and dad are summa oppukkuthaan sontham...unakku unga annan kudumbam thaan perisu..."
"Ille gayatri..Devi yai...Vidalam ammaa...vandu"
"vendaam nee pesathe...you just think whatever happend in the past...
un kudumbam nalla irukkanum nu naan pazhi yai yeathukanum .
un gowrathai kaappaatha en thangachee kalyanam nikkanum...
un thanchee mattum nalla vazhanum...sthuthaaneh un yennam...? mmm...my dad used to tell always that neenga avarukku mootha pullai maadhiri nu...illeh? and where were you? avarukkku kolli pottu irukalam illeh?..avar aathma evlo kashta padum ippo...vendam da saamee...ungalukku oru kumbidu,.ungaloda vazhnda vazhkaikku oru kumbidu...with my dad's death everything is over...please go away from here"
Suda comes to Gayu and tells," akka...do not talk like this out of anger...we both are orphans now...only suport is maamaa...so please do not talk to him like this akka" Gayu roars," podee...ivaraiyaa nambarathu...nadu aathula irukkumbothu ivarukku suddenly so much love will come towards his brother's family..and he will leave both of us in nadu aaru and will run away to his brother's family...so let us not depend on him...we might as well learn how to swim from now onwards...alone...we both alone...yei...innum why are you standing here...veliye po...veliye po...there is place for you in this house and in my manasu also...get out" As Krish tries to tell something Gayu pushes him out and shuts the behind her..." Krish knocks on the dorr calling Gayatri...
Gayu ( Bhavna acted so well...kudos to Bhavna...Clap)

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Thanks RP

I am sure my Chinese neighbour is going to ask me soon, if this is what we do when someone dies - alainjing for a lage lage session.  Disgusting!

@Saamaa - Welcome to Uravugal section.  We would be glad if you can join in the discussions, but if you are posting only to promote KBC, think it is against IF - COC.

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Thanks Rojapoo for the tuesday update.I felt like laughing when Villishnu said maalai. Nan ulla varattinga parava illa en malaya podunga nra mathiri look. I think Gayu has every right to be angry. What Mugs did was wrong. Visa doesn't have any sense .Always thoondi vitute irupanga pola.But that person has acted very well. I don't think anybody would have acted better in that character.

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Thanks Rojakka for the update.
I agree what Mugs did is not correct beating up an old man. But Gayu also always avasara kudukkai. Konjam think panni kariyam panrathu illa As usual big mouth Visa can not shut down.

If they come to know Sathya is the reason for all then Mugs need to suffer - not Gayu or Suda or TK.

Villushnukku nalla venum..

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Thanks for the updates Roja..

Poor TK sethapramum.. avara nimmathiya poga vida mattengaranga..

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Thanks Roja akka for the updates..

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this is too much...in saavu vvodu...ippadiyaa sandai posuvaanga...??? ayo thaanga mudiyallaippaa...!!

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saavuveetlayum fighting...summa irundhalum fighting...ennaikku dhaan niruthuvanga..
mugs to krish :un pondatti ya lesa oru adi adichen..adhukku nee ennai pottu ippadi adipiya??
Idhu enna?enakku onnum puriyala??
krish wife aa mugs adicha krish kku kovam vara koodathaam...ConfusedConfused

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