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awesumsonia IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 October 2012 at 6:35am | IP Logged

1'10'12 WU-Kunal refuses to marry Richa-
Parichay-1st Oct12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

!~WU 02.Oct.2012~! Hum pa Rahem karo CV
Parichay-2nd Oct12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

!!WU 10-03-12 Siddhi Agrees to the Wedding!!
Parichay-3rd Oct12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

Parichay - WU Oct 4
Parichay-4th Oct12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

Parichay WU - 5th October
Parichay-5th Oct12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

8'10'12 WU-KC Vs Siddhi-War of words
Parichay-8th Oct12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

'WU 09.Oct.2012'! CV ko ayea hum pa tora Reha
Parichay-9th Oct12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

!!WU 10-10-12 Off SiNal go to Bangalore!!
Parichay-10th Oct12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

Parichay - WU Oct 11 - Sinal in trouble
Parichay-11th Oct12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

Parichay WU - 12th October
Parichay-12th Oct12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

**15'10'12 WU-SiNal Alive,but still in danger**
Parichay-15th Oct12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

WU 16.Oct.2012'! Sang hon tere
Parichay-16th Oct12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ* 

!!WU 10-17-12 SiNal Trapped in Fire!! 
Parichay-17th Oct12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

WU - Oct 18
Parichay-18th Oct12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

Parichay WU - 19th October
Parichay-19th Oct12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

22'10'12 WU-Siddhi asks Kunal to marry her again
Parichay-22nd Oct12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

23'10'12 WU-Kunal breaks down,R tries 2 kill Siddi
Parichay-23rd Oct12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

!!WU 10-24-12 Kunal in Black Vest!!
Parichay-24th Oct12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

WU - Oct 25 - Abhay proposes Sidhi - Kunal upset
Parichay-25th Oct12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

Parichay WU - 26th October 
Parichay-26th Oct12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

29'10'12 WU-Kunal saves Siddhi,SiNal MU's continue
Parichay-29th Oct12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

!WU 30.Oct.2012! Annoucement "My last WU"
Parichay-30th Oct12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

!!WU 10-31-12 Siddhi Meets both of her sons!!
Parichay-31st Oct12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

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awesumsonia IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 08 January 2010
Posts: 13323

Posted: 25 October 2012 at 10:43am | IP Logged

NO WU on Nov1st
Parichay-1st Nov12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

Parichay WU - 2nd November 
Parichay-2nd Nov12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ* 

5'11'12 WU-SiNal clear all their MUs n unite :)
Parichay-5th Nov12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

Parichay-6th Nov WU: Sinalicious Tuesday
Parichay-6th Nov12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ* 

!!WU 11-07-12 Diwans Try to Hinder SiNal Reunion!!
Parichay-7th Nov12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

No WU on Nov 8th
Parichay-8thNov12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

Parichay WU - 9th November
Parichay-9th Nov12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

12'11'12 WU-Black day in Parichay/SiNal love land
Parichay-12th Nov12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

WU-13th Nov-KC Slaps Sidhi//Abhay fills her Maang 
Parichay-13th Nov12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

!!WU 11-14-12 Seema the Rockstar!! 
Parichay-14th Nov12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

WU(15.11.2012)- KC alive, SC breaks AC1s heart 
Parichay-15thNov12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

Parichay WU - 16th November
Parichay-16th Nov12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ* 

19'11'12 WU-Kunal decides to bring CA to Chopras
Parichay-19th Nov12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

20th NOV WU-KC Shows Richa Her Auqaat Once Again 
Parichay-20th Nov12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ* 

!!WU 11-21-12 Kunal Asks For AC2 Custody!!
Parichay-21st Nov12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ* 

WU- 22/11/12- Kunal All Set To Fight The Case :)
Parichay-22nd Nov12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

Parichay WU - 23rd November
Parichay-23rd Nov12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

26th Nov WU-Abhay Warns Sidhi Not 2 Go Against Him 
Parichay-26th Nov12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

27'11'12 WU-Siddi tells Kunal 2 backoff,he doesnt
Parichay-27th Nov12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

!!WU 11-28-12 The Custody Trial Begins!!
Parichay-28th Nov12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

WU: 29/11/2012- Siddhi Speaks In Favor Of Kunal :)
Parichay-29th Nov12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

Parichay WU - 30th November
Parichay-30th Nov12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

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awesumsonia IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 08 January 2010
Posts: 13323

Posted: 22 November 2012 at 12:06pm | IP Logged

3'12'12 WU-Veena doubts that Siddhi is threatened
Parichay-3rd Dec12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

4th Dec WU-Kunal Sees Abhay Strangling Sidhi
Parichay-4th Dec12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

!!WU 12-05-12 Kunal Suspects Foul Play!! 
Parichay-5th Dec12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

WU 06.12.12- Kids Kidnapped & Families Worried
Parichay-6th Dec12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

Parichay WU - 7th December
Parichay-7th Dec12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

10'12'12 WU-Vicky brings kids to court
Parichay-10th Dec12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

11th Dec WU-Sinal+Kids 2 Stay Together fr 6 Months
Parichay-11th Dec12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

!!WU 12-12-12 Both Kids are Back with Kunal!!
Parichay-12th Dec12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

WU - 13/12/2012 Siddhi Comes to Chopra House!!!
Parichay-13th Dec12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

Parichay Wu 14-12-2012
Parichay-14th Dec12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

17th Dec WU- A Full on Sinal Knok-Jhok Epi
Parichay-17th Dec12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

18'12'12 WU-Siddhi tells truth to Kunal 
Parichay-18th Dec12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

!!WU 12-19-12 AC2 Finds Out Abhay's Truth!! 
Parichay-19th Dec12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

WU 20.12.12- SiNalicious Thursday <3
Parichay-20th Dec12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

Parichay WU - 21st December
Parichay-21st Dec12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

24'12'12 WU-Kunal saves Siddhi,CA is shot
Parichay-24th Dec12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

25-12-12 Written Update
Parichay-25th Dec12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

26th Dec WU- CA Out Of Danger.Abhay pays the Money
Parichay-26th Dec12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

Wu 27-12-2012
Parichay-27th Dec12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

Parichay WU - 28th December
Parichay-28th Dec12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

No epi on 31st December

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awesumsonia IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 08 January 2010
Posts: 13323

Posted: 30 December 2012 at 2:54am | IP Logged

1st Jan 2013 WU-KC Challenges Abhay!!
Parichay-1st Jan13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

WU 2'1'13 -Kunal accepts R's business proposal
Parichay-2nd Jan13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

Wu 03-01-13 kunal & vikram r now buisns partner
Parichay-3rd Jan13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

wu 04-01-13 Abhay invites Kunal to new year party
Parichay-4th Jan13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

:7-1-13 Written Update-Abhay arrested::
Parichay-7th Jan13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

8th Jan WU-ViNal Gets d Deal/Kids get another name
Parichay-8th Jan13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

!!WU 01-09-13 Gifts and Halawa!!
Parichay-9th Jan13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

WU 10/01/2012 : Siddhi went missing :(
Parichay-10th Jan13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

Written Update - 11th January
Parichay-11th Jan13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

!!WU 01-14-13 Search for Siddhi Continues!!
Parichay-14th Jan13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

15th Jan WU-KC files a Missing Report
Parichay-15th Jan13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

!!WU 01-16-13 Super Intelligent Kunal Today!!
Parichay-16th Jan13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

WU 17/01/13: Siddhi found , Abhay arrested :)
Parichay-17th Jan13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

Written Update - 18th January
Parichay-18th Jan13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

!!WU 01-21-13 Kunal Arranges Money for Siddhi!! 
Parichay-21st Jan13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

22nd Jan WU-KC Says ILU // Diary Stories :) :) 
Parichay-22nd Jan13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ* 

23'1'13 WU-Kunal shows his 9yrs' gifts to Siddhi
Parichay-23rd Jan13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

WU 24/1/2013 - Siddhi out of danger :)
Parichay-24th Jan13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

Written Update - 25th January
Parichay-25th Jan13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

!!WU 01-28-13 KC Gets a Job & SC Bandage Come Off!
Parichay-28th Jan13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

29th Jan WU-KC Meets Sidhi/Doesnt See Her Face
Parichay-29th Jan13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

30'1'13 WU-SC blackmails Veena 2 keep KC away
Parichay-30th Jan13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

!WU 1-31-13 Con Act of Chopra Men,V Entertaining!!
Parichay-31st Jan13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

Written Update - 1st February
Parichay-1st Feb13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

4th Feb WU-Plan A n Plan B of KC 
Parichay-4th Feb13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ* 

5'2'13 WU-Kunal's Plan B,Raj spoils his plan
Parichay-5thFeb13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

!!WU 02-06-13 SINAL Finally Reunite!!
Parichay-6thFeb13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

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awesumsonia IF-Sizzlerz

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Posts: 13323

Posted: 07 February 2013 at 9:24pm | IP Logged

Parichay-12thFeb13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

!WU 02-13-13 Gaurav off The Hook & More Of SiNal!
Parichay-13thFeb13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

WU 14.02.2013- SiNal To Start There Own Law Firm!
Parichay-14thFeb13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

Parichay WU - 15th February
Parichay-15thFeb13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

18'2'13 WU-V-day gifts n party plans
Parichay-18thFeb13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

19th FEB'13 Written Update
Parichay-19thFeb13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

 !!WU 02-20-13 Kunal - Aaj Mujhe Jalana Hai!!
Parichay-20thFeb13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

Short WU of February 21st, 2013
Parichay-21stFeb13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

Written Update - 22nd February
Parichay-22ndFeb13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

25'2'13 WU-KC Vs SC,Khushi with/without paisa
Parichay-25thFeb13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

Parichay Wu 26-02-2013

Parichay-27thFeb13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

WU 28/2/13: Kunal gets another case!
Parichay-28thFeb13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

M a r c h  2 0 1 3

Written Update - 1st March
Parichay-1stMar13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

 !!WU 03-04-13 Kunal's Maid Pleads for Justice!!
Parichay-4thMar13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

Parichay wu 05-03-2013 Kunal getting closer to A.K
Parichay-5thMar13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

Parichay-6thMar13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

WU 07.03.13- Veena Had a Fracture
Parichay-7thMar13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

Written Update - 8th March
Parichay-8thMar13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

11'3'13 WU-Kunal makes A.K confess truth
Parichay-11thMar13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

Parichay wu 12-03-2013 Kunal shifts to A.K's house
Parichay-12thMar13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

!!WU 03-13-13 Court Case Begins!!
Parichay-13thMar13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

WU 14.03.13- Siddhi on the verge to win the case
Parichay-14thMar13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

Written Update - 15th March
Parichay-15thMar13-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

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