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::FEBRUARY 2012 ::

PARICHAY-Written And VideoUpdates
Week Monday Tuesday   Wednesday
Thursday Friday


Kunal feels guilty for consummation   



Kunal asks Divorce/SINAL shatterd


Kunal drunk,Seema advices Siddhi


2 06-02-2012
Divorce postponed,Cute nok jhok


Kunal under arrest


Siddhi begging Richa to spare Kunal


Kunal gets bail-Ready for Revenge

Kunal wants to fight for himself



Kunal vs Thakral



 Kunal wins the argument

V-day dishes


V-Day gifts Kunal-A Sorry,Siddhi-A  Shayari



 Valentine day dinner n   dance


4 20-02-2012
Thakrals to use Divorce against Kunal



Court Hearing-Siddhi as witness


Kunal-Contempt of court


Raj confronting Sinal about divorce


No one ready to take Kunal's case


Sunday Super Epi


5 27-02-2012
Siddhi confronts n challenges Richa
Kunal accepts Siddhi as his lawyer
Lawyer Siddhi questions  client Kunal


PARICHAY- PROMO Written And Video Updates
Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday   Saturday                   



Written update
Siddhi leaving house
Written update

Written update

Kunal accepts Rape accusation-WU

SBB Segment


Siddhi going to fight Kunal's cas



SBS-Sinal  dance



SBB Segment

SBB-Colors Sinal Holi Promo


Sunday Super Epi-Siddhi determinant to prove Kunal innocent:


5 27-02-2012

SBB Segment




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:: March 2012 ::

WU - Mar 1 - Sidhi cant fight Kunal's case
Parichay-1st Mar12-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

WU 2ndMar'12:Kunal is back!Helps Shilpa n Siddhi!!
Parichay-2nd Mar12-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

WU 5thMar'12:SiNal's feeling 4 each other!!!
Parichay-5th Mar12-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

 !'WU 06.Mar.2012'!Siddhi starts collecting Proofs
Parichay-6th Mar12-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

Mar 7 - WU - Sidhi calls Thakral in witness box
Parichay-7th Mar12-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

Mar 8 - WU - Richa in witness box/case postponed
Parichay-8th Mar12-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

WU 9 Mar 12 - [Siddi wins one round]
Parichay-9th Mar12-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

WU-12/3/12-SiNal nok jhok:Subject-Kunal's Diary
Parichay-12th Mar12-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

!!WU.13.March.2012!! "Thakral makes new plan"
Parichay-13thMar12-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

WU - March 14 - SiNal to get new evidence
Parichay-14th Mar12-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

WU - March 15 - SiNal get evidence against Richa

Parichay-15th & 16th Mar12-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

WU 16th Mar'2012 : Kunal And Siddhi's First Holi!!

March 19 -WU - SiNal talli confession
Parichay-19th Mar12-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

20/3/12WU-Raveena knows Rohit's truth,Gets CD back
Parichay-20th Mar12-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

WU 21'3'12-Siddhi goes to warn Rohit,Kunal unaware
Parichay-21st Mar12-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

March 22 - WU - Sidhi kidnapped
Parichay-22nd Mar12-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

WU 23/3/12 : Kunal and Siddhi Miss Each Other!!!
Parichay-23rd Mar12-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

!!WU 26.March.2012!! Rohit is in Trouble
Parichay-26th Mar12-Video Update *DVDQ*

WU 27'3'12-Kunal's fear of loosing Siddhi
Parichay-27thMar12-Video-Update *DVDQ*

27th March Episode Caps

WU Mar 28 Rohit asks CD to leave Sidhi/Kunal agrees
Parichay-28th Mar12-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

WU - March 29 - Kunal goes to give CD to Thakral
Parichay-29th Mar12-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

29th Mar, Episode Caps

WU 30/3/12 : Siddhi escapes and finds Kunal!!!
Parichay-30th Mar12-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

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:: April 2012 ::

WU 1/4/12:SiNal Escape,Wants to confess their love

1st April-ME, Epi Caps.

WU-2-4-12-SiNal shot by goons,fall from cliff
Parichay-2ndApr12-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

!WU 03 April! Siddhi in Critical condition
Parichay-3rdApr12-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

April 4 - WU - Sidhi in critical condition
Parichay-4thApr12-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

WU - April 5 - Sidhi out of danger
Parichay-5thApr12-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

WU-6'4'12-Rohit vs Richa,Slaps Richa,gets arrested
Parichay-6thApr12-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

WU-9'3'12-Rohit escapes,Siddi going to court-faint
Parichay-9thApr12-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

!WU 10.Apr.2012! Rohit changes the Nazara
Parichay-10thApr12-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

WU - April 11 - Kunal is out of case and Richa mad
Parichay-11thApr12-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

WU - April 12 - Sidhi back home and fine
Parichay-12thApr12-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

WU 13/4/12 : Mission Separate Siddhi and Kunal!!!!
Parichay-13thApr12-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

WU-16'3'12||Chopras Ready for Family trip||
Parichay-16thApr12-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

WU.17.April..SiNal Missing Each Other Badly
Parichay-17thApr12-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

April 18 - WU - Kunal comes to meet Sidhi

WU - April 19 - SiNal nok jhok
Parichay-19thApr12-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

WU 20/4/12:Kunal wants to confess his feelings!!!!

WU-23'4'12-SiNal Confess their love for each other
Parichay-23rdApr12-Video+ESubs+Pics *DVDQ*

!!WU 24.April.2012!! SiNal Shows their feelings
Parichay-24thApr12-Video-OL/DL/Pics *DVDQ*

WU - April 25 - Siddhi is pregnant
Parichay-25thApr12-Video+ESubs+Pics *DVDQ*

WU - April 26 - Chopras back to home
Parichay -26thApr12-Video+ESubs+Pics *DVDQ*

WU 27/4/12:Veena mad abt the baby, Gaurav's EMA!!!
Parichay-27thApr12-Video+ESubs+Pics *DVDQ*

ME WU : 29/4:Siddhi gets to know abt Gaurav's EMA!

WU-30'4'12-Seema worried abt ViRa,Siddhi abt Seema
Parichay-30thApr12-Video+ESubs+Pics *DVDQ*

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:: May 2012 ::

!!WU 1st May2012!!Siddhi fails to talk with Gaurav
Parichay-1stMay12-Video+ESubs+Pics *DVDQ*

WU - May 2 -Seema knows truth about Gaurav betrayal
Parichay-2ndMay12-Video+ESubs+Pics *DVDQ*

WU -May 3 - Gaurav tries to prove himself innocent
Parichay-3rdMay12-Video+ESubs+Pics *DVDQ*

WU 4/5/12: Aksha saves Gaurav n blames Siddhi !!!
Parichay-4thMay12-Video+ESubs+Pics *DVDQ*

WU-7'5'12-Tension btw SiNal,SeeRav,ViRa,SeemaSiddi
Parichay-7thMay12-Video+ESubs+Pics *DVDQ*

!WU 08.May.2012! Gaurav makes a Plan
Parichay-8thMay12-Video+ESubs+Pics *DVDQ*

WU - May 9 - SiNal's honeymoon or World War III
Parichay-9thMay12-Video+ESubs+Pics *DVDQ*

WU - May 10 - Sidhi locked in Aksha's flat
Parichay-10thMay12-Video+ESubs+Pics *DVDQ*

WU 11/5/12: Kunal gets to know abt Siddhi's Lies!!
Parichay-11thMay12-Video+ESubs+Pics *DVDQ*

WU-14'5'12-Raj saves d day,Rohit out of ViRa Life
Parichay-14thMay12-Video+ESubs+Pics *DVDQ*

!~WU 15.May.2012! Kunal is v.angry with Siddhi
Parichay-15thMay12-Video+ESubs+Pics *DVDQ*

WU - May 16 - Shilpa's marriage
Parichay-16thMay12-Video+ESubs+Pics *DVDQ*

WU - May 17 - Kunal knows truth about Gaurav Aksha
Parichay-17thMay12-Video+ESubs+Pics *DVDQ*

WU 18/5/12 : Gaurav's truth revealed to Chopras!!!
Parichay-18thMay12-Video+ESubs+Pics *DVDQ*

21'5'12 WU-Papaji confronts Chopras,Gaurav leaves
Parichay-21stMay12-Video+ESubs+Pics *DVDQ*

 !WU 22.May.2012!Raveena In trouble due to Gaurav
Parichay-22ndMay12-Video+ESubs+Pics *DVDQ*

WU - May 23 - ViRa at Chopra House
Parichay-23rdMay12-Video+ESubs+Pics *DVDQ*

WU - May 24 - Raveena back to her sasural but...
Parichay-24thMay12-Video+ESubs+Pics *DVDQ*

25'5'12 WU-Siddi stalked,Rohit bk as Vik's partner
Parichay-25thMay12-Video+ESubs+Pics *DVDQ*

28'5'12 WU-Siddhi's B'day,SiNal romance in rain
Parichay-28thMay12-Video+ESubs+Pics *DVDQ*

!Parichay WU 29 May!Vik is in trouble
Parichay-29thMay12-Video+ESubs+Pics *DVDQ*

May 30 WU - Richa back with her madness
Parichay-30thMay12-Video+ESubs+Pics *DVDQ*

WU - May 31 - Richa leaves the town
Parichay-31stMay12-Video+ESubs+Pics *DVDQ*

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:: June 2012 ::

WU 1/6/12: Siddhi fights with Kunal n leaves CH!!
Parichay-1stJun12-Video+ESubs+Pics *DVDQ*

WU 2/6/12: Siddhi Arrested for Rohit's Murder!!!
Parichay-2ndJun12-Video+MahaEp+Pics *DVDQ*

4'6'12 WU-ThaNal confront,SiNal blame game,repent
Parichay-4thJun12-Video Update+Pics *DVDQ*

!!WU 05 june!! Siddhi is Out from jail on bail
Parichay-5thJun12-Video Update+Pics *DVDQ*

WU - June 6 - Richa is back
Parichay-6thJun12-Video-OL/DL/Pic *HDQ*

WU - June 7 - Kunal confirms Rohit's death
Parichay-7thJun12-Video Update+Pics *DVDQ*

WU 8/6/12: Thakral Files Case on Siddhi!!!
Parichay-8thJun12-Video Update+Pics *DVDQ*

11'6'12 WU-SiNal Judai ka darr,ThaNal @Court
Parichay-11thJun12-Video Update+Pics *HDQ*

!!WU 12.June.2012!!All evidence r against Siddhi
Parichay-12thJun12-Video Update+Pics *HDQ*

WU - June 13 - Kunal takes Sidhi deed on himself
Parichay-13thJun12-Video Update+Pics *HDQ*

WU - June 14 - Sidhi breaks ties with Kunal
Parichay-14thJun12-Video Update+Pics *HDQ*

WU 15/6/12:Richa wnts 2 save KC, asks 2 tk bk stmt
Parichay-15thJun12-Video Update+Pics *HDQ*

WU-18'6'12-SiNal 2work together,Dad T Vs Beti T
Parichay-18thJun12-Video Update+Pics *HDQ*

!!WU 19.june!! Richa tries to kill Siddhi
Parichay-19thJun12-Video Update+Pics *HDQ*

WU - June 20 - Rohit is back...
Parichay-20thJun12-Video Update+Pics *HDQ*

WU - June 22 - Kunal finds a proof??
Parichay-21stJun12-Video Update+Pics *HDQ*

WU 22/6/12: Court Proceedings begin, Siddhi lies!!
Parichay-22ndJun12-Video Update+Pics *HDQ*

25'6'12 WU-T traps Kunal with his own witness
Parichay-25thJun12-Video Update+Pics *HDQ*

!~WU 26.06.2012 | Kunal in jail ~!
Parichay-26thJun12-Video Update+Pics *HDQ*

WU - June 27 - Veena encourages Sidhi to fight

Parichay-27thJun12-Video Update+Pics *HDQ*

WU - June 28 - Sidhi meets kunal in jail
Parichay-28thJun12-Video Update+Pics *HDQ*

WU-June 29-Sidhi hears Rohit's Voice
Parichay-29thJun12-Video+Pics+PRECAP *HDQ*

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::September 2012 ::

3'9'12 WU-BA wins contest,SiNal come face to face
Parichay-3rd Sep12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

4'9'12 WU-Kunal gets job offer frm Abhay's company

Parichay-4th Sep12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

!WU 05-09-2012 Kunal Accepts a Job at Diwan Firm!

Parichay-5th Sep12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

WU - Sept 6 - Sidhi is Kunal's new boss/Sinal meet
Parichay-6th Sep12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

Parichay WU - 7th September
Parichay-7th Sep12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

10'8'12 WU- SiNal-beginning of hatred???
Parichay-10th Sep12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

11'8'12 WU-Sr.T enquires about Kunal's job,sees CA
Parichay-11th Sep12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

!WU 12-09-2012 Both Anand go to the Summer Camp!
Parichay-12th Sep12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

WU - Sept 13 - SiNal Dance
Parichay-13th Sep12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

Parichay WU - 14th September
Parichay-14th Sep12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

17'9'12 WU-Siddhi knows that Kunal is still single
Parichay-17th Sep12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

!'WU 18.Sept.2012'!SiNal far from each other again
Parichay-18th Sep12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

!WU 9-19-12 Kunal Decides to continue the Charade!
Parichay-19th Sep12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

WU - Sept 20 - Sinal nok jhok
Parichay-20th Sep12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

Parichay WU - 21st September
Parichay-21stSep12-Video Update[SpL Epi]*HDQ*

24'9'12 WU-Kunal beats his colleague,SiNal quarrel
Parichay-24th Sep12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

!WU 9-25-12 Kids Decide to Swap Places!

Parichay-25th Sep12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

!'WU 26.Sept.2012'! Happy Birthday Kunal Chopra
Parichay-26th Sep12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

Parichay WU - Sept 27th  2012
Parichay-27th Sep12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

Parichay WU - 28th September

Parichay-28th Sep12-Video Update+PRECAP *HDQ*

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