Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

FF: KASH!!!!!! NOTE 108 (Page 54)

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Cant wait to know how aru is going to kiss arjun in front of everybody

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#22 Challenge.

What the hell in front of everyone? Arjun Kapoor has definitely lost his mind I said repeatedly pacing up and down all over my room. Bidai was tomorrow as in we all were going back home tomorrow. Wait what did I say? Home! Yes my would-be home. This Bidai will be little weird. Bhabhi will be saying bye to her parents not the other way round. How dare Arjun Kapoor? Everyone was tired and went to bed long ago and I was here making a fool of myself. I was felling irritated, nostalgic, tired, romantic, lo... Hey hey hey Arohi where are you getting at? No I should ask who are you? Whatever. I didn't want to think on Arjun anymore. I was too sleepy to do anything and my throat was dry. As I caught hold of the jug near my bed still wandering over my thoughts I realized damn jug was fully empty. I needed water and again I had no option but to walk down to the kitchen.


Thank god everyone has finally gone!! now i get the time to sleep in peace, dreamily I walked to my bed. and was about to close my laptop when. did i just see 45 new mails??? What have you missed ? ARJUN KAPOOR.. omg you are dead.. 

how could i forget? 


oooh nooo.. But u have no choice

I walked down to the kitchen Lets go get some coffee and start working..


I came down with my jug, I was just going to switch off the light and I saw him coming to the kitchen what did he want? Arohi behave.. I warned myself I was too tired for any row.

"hey do you need anything?" I offered after all he was my guest

 I came down to see her filling water. She looked beautiful even prettier now all that make-up off her. Simple like an angel, my angle.

"Hey do you need anything?" I heared her say
"You can be really sweet at times" I joked
"Haha!" she replied plainly.. 
she seemed very sleepy and tired and must be bugged at me for the challenge..

Here im offering h help and he wants to joke.. And then smile to himself , i thought..
And then decided not to waste any more time & just SLEEP.. I have an early morning tomorrow

"ok then serve yourself,goodnight" I said in a very tired voice



I couldn't speak louder..
"Yup ! See you in the morning" I replied

He seemed tired too but i dint bother to waste my sleep..

*Next morning*

 Whats that sound!? Arre romit switch it off na!! Dude, what the hell and BANG 
I fell of my bed! I opened one eye to see the time Oh God its eight!! 
Arjun how can you sleep till 8 o'clock?? What is wrong with you?? Your flight is at 11.. You better hurry up.

Quickly I got up , and had a shower and went down for breakfast . I messaged Dad that I had woken up.. So many missed calls huh... So I messaged him that I'l be there by 10

I was at the airport in about half an hour and I saw mom and Dad but.where is Arohi?? Is she yet home?? Damn I should have checked before leaving.


I knew Arjun was going to be late he looked quite worked out last night.. So I told dad that we could all go and he'l be there by the end of it.. So we waited at the departure waiting for our flights announcement. So I decided to read my kitni mohobbat hai.. 
So I picked it out of my bag and was reading it..I wanted to work on further episodes of KASH. After a while I suddenly felt like turning back , I could sense something my heart roared to turn so I just listened and immediately did so.. & I saw...

"Arjun " I called over my head

Ah there she is ! 
"Arjun" I realised her turn to look at me,

"Arohi hey! What you doing? Huh. Reading a novel nice.. Typical romance" I said uninterested
"Oh watever as if you dont believe in love! " I snapped back
"ofcourse I dont! I am not interested" I sounded so angry.
"Oh really..."I was scouling.

 what.. So now she wants to act funny

Before I could say anything our flight was announced, so we started moving for our security check..

"K.. Lets ..." we both said at the same time..

We cud have that conversation some other time.

 We landed safely.. Finally I thought. Back to AT and finally KASH.. We have to complete the pending work and also do the extra scripting & screening in these two weeks.. So much work..

Finally.. Home, but I have to go to office get done with my meeting.. So I called my driver.. 
"Il be home for dinner directly" I messaged my would be wife and now fiance as I sit in the car and left for the office'...

I got his message now he expects me to be a typical wife is he? Okay! I called mom through intercom and informed her about him.

That day was mayhem; completion of each and everything that we are suppose to do for to do for today and tomorrows episode was taking a toll on everybody. I never wanted anyone to suffer but this was something I couldn't avoid. I was back at 12.00 as per Dad's rule Arjun couldn't pick me so our driver picked me up. Arjun must be very busy. As I came across our driveway I saw Arjun's car wasn't there he wasn't back yet probably was stuck up with the projects. I sighed and left to the house. Everyone was asleep. I checked into shefu's room to find she and Romit cuddled with the books on bed and couch respectively. I had no plans to disturb them so I quickly moved to my room glancing at Arjun's room which was opposite to mine to search for any sign of him being home. He hadn't called me to tell that he will be late. Why would he call me? I am not his wife as yet! But I am his fiance. What! I am behaving like a typical wife. I was losing my charm and I knew it. But I was very much worried about him. He didn't get chance to sleep properly yesterday. I already had my dinner so i thought of righting the next paragraph for KASH title song. I have not done anything with the video yet. I was to put it on air long back but was so busy in the wedding preparations that I didn't get any chance. Fan's of KASH was going crazy and channel was bugging me. Before my wedding I have to finish with the video. I'll get no chance afterwards... MY WEDDING the thought made shiver run down my spine. This was the wedding I was looking forward to. I was getting married to a man I completely understand and who makes all possible efforts to understand me. This was different then my first wedding. This thought always bugged me. I am a divorcee. Why did Arjun agreed to marry me even after telling him the truth? I didn't know but I considered myself very lucky because he decision was in my favour. I was thinking two things at a time and I started scribbling the lyrics of second paragraph of KASH on my notepad...




I wrote two lines and started with the tune. What kind of tune is I supposed to give to this song now and then I remembered Arjun. The day he was on the flute and I sung first KASH paragraph... I started singing in almost the same tune..

















I turned around and there I saw him. He looked so tired yet his eyes were glittering with the satisfaction that he completed my song...


I was passing my angles room when I heard her singing to my tune. I couldn't believe that at this hour she was thinking about me. Was she waiting for me? The thought of her waiting for me was enough for the Goosebumps to run all over my body. She was stuck at a point I couldn't help out myself but to complete the song for her. After all that was my tune.

"Thank you" I said with a soft smile. He saved me from a nightmare just now. If I was stuck I would have made sure I spent my whole night arranging the rhymes of the song.

"You are welcome." I couldn't stop myself with a return smile. Though I am to pretend that I was angry with her, her face was so beautiful that relaxed me whenever I see her and my emotions were impulsive. As I said this I prepared to leave as I have to get up early tomorrow first for work out and then an early office.


"Arjun" I called him as he turned to leave. He was angry I reminded myself.

"Yes" I replied feigning uninterested.

"Can you do me a favour?" I asked hesitantly

"What?" I asked blankly

"You know your tune that day when I accidently came in your room."

I simply nodded as I remembered.

"Can I buy it? I mean it is perfect for my serials title and the words dissolve completely in that tune. Just now you saw right? So can you ... I mean ... you give me the tune recorded the copyright of course is all yours." I said so softly that I didn't have any idea how many of my words reached his ears.

"Okay" I said blankly because if she needed me it was my duty to make sure that her work was done.

"Really?" I was elated at the thought that I'll be getting one of the most beautiful tune in the industry without any need to persuade him.

"But I have conditions."I said now changing my expression to serious.

"Yes." I said without looking into his eyes direct.

"You will be singing the song. Secondly my name should not come anywhere." I said in a serious tone.

Me singing? What made him put that odd condition? But I knew that it will be perfect if we both do it like that day and he must have understood that.

"I was planning to sing myself so first condition is done as far as your second condition is concern do you mind if I put that lyrics and song by Mrs. Arohi Arjun Kapoor?" as I said those words I didn't realise what effect that had on me as each word was ringing loudly in my head. Did actually said that? Mrs. Arohi Arjun Kapoor? Wow the sound of it made me dance. Few more days and officially I will be Mrs. Arjun Kapoor...

She said it so casually I was sure at first she didn't realise what had she done but then I saw her face expression turn to worry first and then delighted. So she enjoyed being called out as Mrs. Arjun Kapoor. Good I thought chuckling to myself and quickly suppressing it before she turns her attention to me.

"Okay and Goodnight" I said blankly and turned to leave.

"Goodnight" I replied as he turned. What he didn't feel anything after what I said? Arohi stop acting typical and go to sleep he doesn't care. He do not love you remember? I scolded myself and went to bed stomping my foot.

I was scared very scared. 
We haven't come across each other much but whenever we came the same current runs mine spine. He didn't touch me but I could feel his scanning eyes all over me.
I do not know was he really angry on me or just pulling my leg. But whatever it is I have to give him what he wants. I was ready for that but not infront of everyone.
I was walking down the stairs while thinking when I saw him jogging near the swimming pool.
He looked so handsome. even though he wore t-shirt I could trace down his every ribs, his every pack. 
I had lot of things in my mind...
I stood there watching him like a moron when he looked back at me.,...
He staired me for a while and then he turned away. I first thought he turned because of his anger but no. His vision was not coherent... and then...
It occurred to me suddenly...
I knew how to kiss him in front of all...
I am not going to loose MR. Arjun Kapoor...

I was leaving today for yet another work of my dear brother in law. Will he volunteer me the same way as I did for him? I was doubtful. I wanted to tell Arohi but I wanted to show her that I am still angry on you I didn't call her. My fight was at 8.00 and I was sure by that time she will not be home. Yesterday my cold reaction made her frustrated I wonder how she will react on this news. Bless Shefali I do not want to come back on the news of Shefali's brutal murder. At this thought I could do nothing but laugh. I had enough burdens on head and the only person who makes me relax is my lovely fiance. I was coming back on the day of Di and Jiju's reception. Di's Mumbai friends wanted her to have reception over here and as a page 3 celebrity she is bound to do that. I tucked few of my clothes in the bag and left my room to see off all.

*Reception Day*

How could he do that? He didn't even call me once. So much angry? First of all he didn't tell me that he is going then he left Shefali to suffer my entire worse mood. My title song is hanging there and he know that he it is impossible without him. He is not bothered to apologies for that and there he is angry on me giving me thousand reasons for being the same. Now Mr. Kapoor I'll be winning the challenge today and then you see what I do. You will have to suffer the way I suffered.

Everyone was busy in reception and I was busy in looking for him. Shefali told me that he has come and he is in his room getting ready for the party. To which I thought to myself even if he comes in a simple t-shirt and shorts he will be the most perfect person in this entire party. I have not shown my face to him. I was on the main door and then I saw him coming down the stairs. I quickly messaged Shefali. I never told her what I was going to do but simply I told her that do not allow anyone to enter the house as I and Arjun will be having a nice fight and I am looking forward to it. She simply nodded not questioning me as she knew my mood was too bad and told Romit to keep an eye on everyone along with her and not to question me.

As he came down I was at the last step hiding I pulled his hand towards me and we both were in a small space below the staircase.

I was coming down thinking of her. She must be angry on me as I didn't call her nor did tell her anything about my plans and her song's dates. But as I was on the last step I was pulled by someone and that was none other than AROHI. Why did she pull me? That too here in this small space?


I knew the question in his eyes and I knew exactly how to give him the answer.

I pulled him to the hall. Our hall was covered with glass all along and we could see each and every person outside the house enjoying reception. I glanced at everyone making sure no one is in the house took a deep breath...

and her lips were on mine...

What? What was that? Everyone is here and she is kissing me? I was thinking what was happening. Challenge! Didn't she care about her image? She is kissing me in front of everyone... No I can't do this...

As I pressed my lips onto him I could feel my stomach fluttering fast. I realised that he is not participating because he didn't register what was happening. He was reluctant unlike me. She was not reluctant when he kissed me. I was preparing the same way he is...

"Stop that Arohi" I pulled myself with such a difficulty that only I know how heavy I felt. I trembled on my feet.

"Arjun I won the challenge" I said unaffected because I was too angry to be effected by anything.

"Are you gone mad? How could you do that?" I said looking at the glass now and then I realised what she has done... Oh god I am a ... No one was looking at us..of course how will they! It was a one way glass... We can see through it from house but the people outside will see a black glass. God it was my house and I didn't realise it and missed that wonderful moment of stupidity. I moved forward to make up for my idiocy.


As I studied his eyes I came to know that he understood his mistake. Now he was coming forward but no I wasn't ready.

"Arjun stop. Enough of it. I won and that is what matters to me. When I came to make up for my mistake at Delhi you put an extra burden on me and then left me in tension all these days. You went abroad without informing me. You never called me. Do you have a common sense that your fiance will be waiting for your call. No. You are not bothered. First of all if you were bothered about me you would have never put up such challenge in first place. Now that I win I am not talking to you. Do whatever you want and I'll be not coming in your way anytime. I am recording my title tomorrow as you are back on your word of helping me." I was so angry that I didn't care to look in his eyes to read what he wanted to say.

She was fuming and maybe she was at a right end today.

"Arohi I just told you to kiss me in front of everyone for fun. I would have never allowed you to do so that's why I pull back you see.." I said trying to convince her but I knew there was no use.

"Whatever Arjun" a tear slide on my check without me realising and I rushed to my room to put on my make up to come to the party leaving him there alone. I didn't want to talk to him.


She cried once again because of me. I am a fool. 

KASH maine iss pal ko samzha hota...



 P.S. I don't know how is the update... I am not well and couldn't make it extra special as I promiseed myself and you all 





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yeah awesome!!!!!!!
mind blowing 
mind blastin!!!!!
wow how can u rite soo nylcly tht b4 comlitin i cdnt take my eyes off it!!!
<3 u for bth d updates...
u usin is a treat for me!!!!!!
me second...

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Thanx 4 d update

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mmm, loved it mrinal
enjoyed it
wow, aru atlast kissed him
and our buddu didn't participate - so stupid of him
but he deserves it since he made aru suffer a lot showing his nakhres
luved it in totality mrinal
hope u will not take tooo long to post ur next update
take care

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first of all the update was gud!
i love this arjun and arohi!
now arjun had to make her anger go away! that will be fun!
and you are not well? wat happened? take rest if u r so ill!
update only wen u r completely ok!

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Originally posted by mysticlover

first of all the update was gud!
i love this arjun and arohi!
now arjun had to make her anger go away! that will be fun!
and you are not well? wat happened? take rest if u r so ill!
update only wen u r completely ok!
actually i m terribly ill i cudnt take proper breath i guess asthama problem and had asthama attack sort day b4 and yest evening therefore i tld arta to pass on d msg to all i didnt wnt 2 go back on my words as i promisd an update 2dy so i made sure of tat.. Thank u 4 d concern

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