Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

FF: KASH!!!!!! NOTE 108 (Page 43)

Arjuhisis IF-Sizzlerz

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Mrinal, eager to know what's next yaar
luv this ff

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#20 Wedding (Joota Rasam)

My house has become mayhem. Every second person is wondering in the entire mansion. Some people are deciding their dresses, some their jewelries, some are working on decorations and I don't know what and what not. Me and Shefali had the biggest work. Plane to defeat Shefali's would be jiju. Dumb already call him jiju. Finally yesterday Romit revealed that each time he almost said me bhabhi Shefali gave him piece of her mind. The whole stuff started when the younger people were sitting in our leaving room listening to the story of Bhai and bhabhi's love and at some point my dear would be hubby laughed out laugh. All were stunned looking at him. Romit was almost in tears. He holds my hand and asked me what have you done to my brother? I got confused. Looking at my confused expression Rashi bhabhi provided me with the information that after almost 3 years Arjun has laughed. I was surprised because he is never rude with me. I know he is strict but he is very sweet at heart. I looked at him from the corner of my eyes I saw him looking all over the place. I aw bhabhi's eyes moistening where bhai put his arm on her shoulder and she rested on his. How cute.. Shefali was the master mind here she changed the topic saying Romit is a dumb that he almost spit out the secret each time she stopped him saying bhabhi to me and she was the smarter one as she never called Arjun jiju.

To which Arjun chuckled saying that Romit says all the unnecessary things except the one he must have said by now.

Romit gave him a frantic look and Shefali blushed.

All the news papers and channels were for the biggest wedding covering the most exciting news.

Kappor's and Malhotra's bond get stronger.

   Arjun Kapoor gets engaged with Arohi Malhotra

       On Arush Malhotra and Rashi Kapoor's Sangeet 




It seems that every news channel was holding the news about our engagement to let our parents give us the surprise.

I never knew media was so gentle.

I had one thing in my mind that is the joota Rasam. As far as I know the switching side idea was not spread yet and I had the perfect time to play my move.


I went to Bhai with my plan and told Shefali to keep watch on Romit and Arjun.

"Bhai may I come in?" I asked knocking the door.

"Yes Aru What's up?"

"Bhai do you know the opposition party is planning on joota rasam very well." I said lowering my voice to make it effective.

"That means my foot wears are in danger then?" Bhai asked nervous.

"Yes bhai but as far as we your brave sister's are around you need not have to worry about anything. Just give us your foot wears now itself so we can keep them safe." I said assuring him. With an evil smile playing in my mind."


"Yes yes Aru, don't let them win." Bhai said giving away the foot wears to me. I was ahead in the game. Wow. Arjun has no idea what Arohi Malhotra is. I quickly put them in a paper basket and came to my room. I told Shefali to guard them in my room while I make the preparations for the warmala rasam.



When jiju came down the stairs for Warmala Rasam I quickly move to jiju. While walking towards him I saw he was with bare foots. Panic button hit in my mind.

"Jiju where is your foot ware?" I asked anxiously.

Jiju gave me a suspicious look and then said smugly.

"My foot wares are in safe hands. I knew that you people are keeping eye on them so my dear sister took them away from me and she has kept it safe."

"Sh**t" I said a little loud and 4-5 people turned to me giving disgusting looks.

"Sorry" I muttered.

"Jiju didn't you know that we have switched sides?" I said frustrated.

"Switched sides?" Jiju was confused.

"I and Romit are in your side and Arohi and Shefali are on Di's side. They tricked you." I said with an irritated smile.

"Oh my god! My sister is a real devil." Jiju said shaking his head.

"Yes Jiju your sister is just little more than a devil." I said instantly and he glared me.

"I'll find your foot wares." I said quickly changing the subject and moving towards Romit.

I saw Arohi doing preparations of warmala.

As usual she look like a goddess directly from the heaven. I was still not sure that this divine beauty now belongs to me. I kept on staring at her for I don't know how much time when Romit pushed me hard.

"Bro what are you thinking? Do we have any plan?"

I collected my thoughts together and tied them up.

Arjun Kapoor this is not the time to lose your control on your extra beautiful fiance. For now she is just a devil. I turned to Romit and said

"Go and find Shefali. Do not talk to her just come and tell me where is she."

Romit followed my instructions and left the hall.

I searched her again. She was laughing with her sister in law; alright my sister.

After 2 minutes Romit came panting.

"Bro Shef is in Bhahi's room. She looks little tensed." He said worried.

I rolled my eyes glaring at him.

"Right now she is just a competitor remember." I said in a commanding voice.

Romit nodded. I was allowed to act like a fool but he was not. I told Romit to call Shefali out of the room and talk with her for two minutes by that time my work would have been done. We went up to Arohi's room.

Romit stood in front of the door and called Shefali.

"Shef come here I need to talk to you something."

Shefali hesitated for a minute but dear Romit puppy dog face melted her. Hell he should also start thinking about acting. Kapoor's are born actors I thought and widely smiled at my thought shaking my head.

The moment Shefali was out of the room I was inside and started searching all the possible places of where the foot wares must be. To my surprise I found them in the dustbin.

"What? In dustbin?" I muttered to myself and ran away with those foot wares in the paper bag to my room.

I quickly put them in the last drawer of my cupboard and went outside locking the door. Keeping the keys safely in my pocket.



I saw him running with something. I was wondering why he would run. The moment he entered his room I saw a paper bag and then

"Shefali!" I almost screamed.

I went up to see what he is doing. He came out locking the door of the room.


I marched towards my room and looked at Shefali.

Both Romit and Shefali were standing like to mad people eyes in eyes in each others.

"Hay ye ishq"

"Shefali" I screamed breaking her trance.

At this Romit ran away from there.

"You know what you are an idiot." I yelled at her.

"What happened di?" she said confused and scared.

"Arjun steal the foot wares from our room when you were busy romancing." I said yelling louder.

"What? Oh No!"

"Oh yes Shefali and now you are going to get the key from his pocket for me." I said in commanding voice.

"Me? But how di?" she asked scarily.

"That is none of my business. Get it from him." I ordered her frustrated.

"Di sorry but I don't know how to get it." She was almost in tears.

I tried to soothe myself and then her.

"Okay fine let me think." I said and started thinking.

We both were called by mom for Gathbandhan Rasam.

Bhai was our only brother so I wanted us both to get a chance. So Me and Shefali both tied the knot. I tied first and then Shefali. I never want her to be deprived of any right she deserves. She is not my cousin but own sister. I saw the excitement in Shefali's and a flicker of a tear that she quickly shoved away.


This girl is wonderful I thought. Shefali was Arohi's cousin but she was not less than her blood sister. Arohi made it a point to share her every right along with her. Arohi was a very responsible girl and definitely very loving and caring. I saw Shefali hiding away her emotions when she tied the knot.  I could see gratitude in her eyes.


After the knot tying ceremony there was we headed towards our room. While on the way I got an idea.

"Shefali listen to me, go to Arjun and say you want to click some photo with him and Romit. I'll join in a while and do my work."

Shefali nodded and she walked to both Kapoor brothers.


I saw Shefali walking towards me I first thought that she understood that we took those foot wares from their room but when she approached us she said that she wanted to click photos with us. With a great relief I and Romit left with her.


"Where is bhabhi?" Romit asked Shefali.

"Bro and bhabhi should click some snaps after all they would not get this chance after marriage. I mean they will be husband wife then not unmarried na!" he said in excitement.

 I just glanced at him and turned away just to see my angel… I mean the angel come to us.


I came to the group all plan set in mind.

"Clicking pictures without me?" I said making a moaning face.


"Of course not bhabhi we were waiting for you ask bro?" he turned to me hoping that I'll say something.

I nodded.

"Oh then let's just click the photos "I said jumping to the side of Arjun.


She stood at my side. So she wants to click the photos with me? Nice. I was about to blush. But boys do not blush….


We stood in line.

Me, Arjun, Romit then Shefali

In different pattern we took different photographs.

Finally I signaled Shefali and she told Romit that lets just me and Arjun click photos of ours. I went close to him. I already had goose bumps all over me.


Now it was just us. She was so close to me.

Photographer told me put my hand over her shoulder, the second one was damn annoying yet I enjoyed it. He told me to me to embrace her by stomach. I could sense her skin contracting when my hands touched her bare stomach.


When he touched my stomach I felt so dizzy that I was almost about to fall. I saw his eyes. He knew that I was feeling uneasy. Either of us didn't know why we said no to this pose.

He was standing behind me holding me by my bare skin and I was pressed against his chest.

The moment I was turning to face him I slowly slipped my hand into his pocket and took out the key and put them in a small packet that my lehenga has. I specially made the pocket to keep my cell phone over there. I am a master mind. I thought to myself and before he could speak anything I snapped.

"Enough of it. I am going." I blushed a little and I left.


She blushed and ran upstairs. Her blush always makes me crazy. I don't know why but I could think nothing when she blushes. I can't keep my mind straight. Suddenly I realized that my pocket was lighter. What was there in my pocket? I thought and then horror ran down my spines. This was a plan. She knew I had the foot wares. She tricked me with the keys; I couldn't believe she was such a devil. Without wasting any time further I ran to my room.


I opened up his room and went to search for the foot wares. First thing I searched is dustbin because I would have kept them there. But then Arjun Kapoor is an organized man so cupboard is a better place. I opened up his cupboard and quickly started my search. Finally I got them in the last drawer and then I heard the door behind me shut and I stopped.


She was searching in my cupboard and probably must have found it when I reached my room. Remote was on the table besides the door I quickly pressed a close button and locked the door from inside. She heard the sound and she stopped.


I slowly got up with the joota bag and turn to face the one who caught me obviously I was right he was Arjun.


I saw her turning towards me with the bag I her hand. I put a step forward moving closer to her.


He moved closer to me and my heart started racing fast. My each heart beat was so clear that I was sure he could hear it.


Her heart beat became clearer as I put my each step towards her.


Helplessly I moved behind ending up with hitting myself with the cupboard. I knew there was no place out.


She hit herself on the cupboard and stood there rigid. She had understood she couldn't run from me.

I was so close to her that her each heart beat felt as my own.

I slowly raised my arm and

I shut my eyes tightly. I didn't know what he was doing.

I stroke her hair off her face and gently touched her face. She is beautiful.

When he set my hair off my face the gentle touch let me loose myself and the bag carrying the foot wares slipped from my hand making a thud on the floor which was very fade as compared to my now more loud heart beats.

I knew my work was done. The bag was on the floor and I could pick it and leave from there but I didn't want to leave. I wanted her to see. Me to read me. I slowly moved my hans over her eyes.


When he touched my eyes I slowly opened them looking directly into his eyes. They were intense wanting something very badly. The intensity of his eyes made me breath heavier.


I slowly put my other hand on her bare stomach bringing her close to me.


As he put his hand over my bare skin my skin contracted and current ran down all my body. When I realized I should leave before………


Suddenly I felt her becoming more rigid as though she was planning something. Maybe an attack when I am not on my guards. I had no time to react when….


I pushed him away giving him a jolt in chest as the same way before took the bag from the floor and was about to run when…

I grabbed her hand. She was running away. Not this time. Last time I knew it was my mistake but this time she is rightfully mine. Maybe we do not love each other but I have the right to at least kiss her. She is my fiance damn.

I pulled her close to me again throwing the bag at the side. Her back was pressed tightly on my chest.


He threw the bag and I was tightly pressed again his chest. Why was he doing so? He didn't love me. Nor did I love him but why I am feeling so lost with a simple touch.

He made me turn to look at him. When I was struggling to get away from him; I turned to look in his hungry eyes. Their target was my lips because they were all moving over my lips. The feel of his eyes moving over my lips made my mind go numb.


I made her to look at me so that she could understand what I want. Her hand was in my hand still struggling but I will not give up on her. Not today. I was more stubborn. Before she could say or do anything I moved my face closer to her.


Our lips were just egar to celebrate their union. But I was still helplessly struggling now slowly closing my eyes.


She closed her eyes her hand still struggling but I knew closing her eyes was the symbol of green signal from her and without wasting much time I ….


His lips crushed against mine….

I was kissing her….

Her lips were so soft that I couldn't dare to hurt them by my intense feeling. I only kept myself to a tender kiss; a smooth one which could stop her struggle.


When his lips touched mine I expected it to be harsh but it wasn't. The intense eyes craved for my lips are so gentle that I couldn't stop myself from giving up. I thought whether I should kiss him back. I was not sure of what to do. I was deciding.


I felt that she wasn't participating. Her struggle has stopped but she was not there full heartedly. I guess she was not prepared. As short tempered as I was I decided to pull myself.


You should kiss him back said my inner voice after all he is your fianc and when I was about to reply to his kiss..

I pulled away

He pulled away.

My eyes flung open the moment he pulled away.

I stood staring at her. Now my rage overpowering me.

I saw the same intensity like before in his eyes but now it was intense rage.

I left her hand.

He left my hand..

I turned back my eyes flashed over the bag. I took the bag from the floor and shoved in her hand...


He was very angry I could see it. The way he gave me the bag confirmed it…

And I stomped outside the room without even glancing back..


And then he was going, I tried to call him. I could explain but my words were nowhere near my throat. A heavy lump came down to my throat and he was gone leaving me behind.

I fell on the floor and tears came running to accompany my loneliness…..

Kash maine use roka hota………..


I came down with all the anger in my heart, I felt something wet on my hand. I turned my palm and was shocked to see blood over my palm.

I tried to think from where did it come and then I remember I was holding Arohi's hand and she was struggling. I heard a Bengal break but I ignored it. She is hurt. How can I do that to her? I was such a stupid. First I forced her and then again I….. I ran to her room she was not back. That means she was still in my room. I searched for a first aid box in her room. I found it in one of the drawers of her dressing table.

I quickly ran to my room. She was seating on the floor steal. I was angry at her and let her cry I won't stop her but I should do the first aid.

I went close to her and took her hand in my hand….


I hadn't realized he was back until he took my hand in his. I saw blood all over my hand. Oh so he came here with the first aid. He is a gem. He quickly wrapped my arm with bandage. I couldn't stop admiring him. Again I couldn't speak anything…


She was looking at me but hadn't said anything. That made me angrier I quickly finished with her first aid and moved out of the room with lighting speed. I didn't want to talk to her…


Kash usne muzhe ek baar to roka hota….


He again moved out of the room. I am a fool I can't express myself. I was left there all alone crying. I do not deserve him.


Kash mai……………….

P.S. i think this is my last update of the month as i am busy tomorrow so enjoy...

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cooljaya11 IF-Dazzler

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wow nice update 
  n kiss was nice but make it passionate 

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Arjuhisis IF-Sizzlerz

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me second

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lazyblues IF-Rockerz

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me third...
the lst sentence 
she deserves him...ofcoures she dose...
n yes lst for month...
we will rong place to end

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Arjuhisis IF-Sizzlerz

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wow mrinal,
i really enjoyed reading this update of KASH
kash aru could open up her feelings to arjun
she should have participated in that kiss -
luved all the rasams
waiting to know more about my arjuhi in the future updates
wish her ex-husband was arjun
sad that u cannot update for some time now
no issues - we will wait

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Karnika007 Goldie

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Originally posted by cooljaya11

wow nice update
n kiss was nice but make it passionate
passion nt so soon jayu.. Wait dear b patient
Arjuhisis IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Arjuhisis

wow mrinal,
i really enjoyed reading this update of KASH
kash aru could open up her feelings to arjun
she should have participated in that kiss -
luved all the rasams
waiting to know more about my arjuhi in the future updates
wish her ex-husband was arjun
sad that u cannot update for some time now
no issues - we will wait
just now i realised that today is 29th and just one more day to go for the month to end
its ok yaar - we can wait till 1st
thanks -

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