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Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

FF: KASH!!!!!! NOTE 108 (Page 26)

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Super loved the update!
So cute bless... awww I love this, the way can read each other so well, wicked!
hahaha... living together is go to be great hehehehe! Cant wait!
Please update soon Smile

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ohhoo  nw dey ll stay togethr in mumbai <ahem ahem>

ab to ankhon hi ankhon me aur v batein hongi aur na jane kya kya... Day Dreaming Day Dreaming

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.vrshn. IF-Rockerz

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omg!! i just cannot wait for he mind reader to stay with her muse lol!i'm just too excited that i'm blabbering things :P

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Karnika007 Goldie

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#14 Changes


Life always take a turn when you are at the extremes either extremely happy or negation of happy. I didn't even want to say the word as I am too happy to feel any minus sign around me.

I was happy because I was home. Karwa; my new home. What could be better then coming back to Mumbai that too in a homely environment? I never excepted it to anyone but I was a home seek and Kumud aunty who has become my mom now is giving me more love than my would be bhabhi. The best part of returning back to Mumbai apart from getting a huge show and mention to leave just like my own home is my Shefu was also with me. So less did I know about what happiness along with satisfaction really means and I am discovering new changes in my life now.

It's been a week I am back to Mumbai. We all came together. The Kapoor's along with me and Shefu. When I entered Karwa my jaw fell open to see the beautiful mention with beautiful carvings everywhere. The purple and white shed gave royal feel to the mention and yes we all were treated like the princess. As soon as we came home; yes now I call it as a home everybody was set to work. They had missed two days. Rashi ma'am I mean bhabhi told me to be home and settle myself within a day so that I could take over from next day.

Shefali was more happy then me because now she will be with Romit 24x7. I don't know when they became so close that are actually thinking about taking their relationship seriously. RP uncle is my dad no wonder they are best buddies. But I still do not remember any of them. I mean they are childhood friends but we never came across each other and when I left my home because of that horrible incident they all came together. I was a mystery to them and they were to me.

*Knock Knock*

I closed down my dairy as I heard knock on my room's door. Shefu and me were given separate room's. What a comfort. I walked swiftly to the door and opened the door. It was Kumud aunty with my juice.

"Oh aunty hi! Come in! Why you troubled yourself you could have ring me up or send it with anybody else?" I said hesitatingly as I felt guilty for troubling her.

"It's nothing dear. I have all right to bring juice to my daughter's. Shefali is studying so I got hot milk for her and then I remembered my Aro must also get her share so I brought this juice for you." Kumud aunty said smiling

"Thank you."

"No formalities dear, you take rest now I am leaving" and slowly she came forward kissed my forehead and left the room.

I couldn't believe my luck if two years of struggle give such a sweet fruit then I can struggle for my entire life.

Shefu and Romit are pursuing their Master's degree. They both are bookworm's maybe that's the reason they both are in love. I don't know what they must be talking to each other. Their romance is the product of their study. It was a weird couple yet a sweet one.

I put down my dairy to the table and got up to freshen up myself to go to bed. I am supposed to shoot for longer hours tomorrow. Bhabhi is at Delhi casting for the new show. With all means it is now fixed that the next show will be shot at Delhi so that bhai and bhabhi can spend time together. Their wedding is scheduled in 5 weeks in Delhi. I had to buck up with my work because both me and Shefali were leaving for Delhi a week before to prepare for our only brother's wedding.


One person I avoided since I am here is the one who's eyes are crystal clear. Arjun Kapoor. Actually I wasn't the one to avoid him but I haven't seen him past one week. The second day after coming back from Delhi he went to U.S. and is returning tomorrow. I don't know why but I missed him. I thought it wouldn't be easy to be around him when we are leaving under same roof tying to read each other but it was quite easy for me because he never showed up. What was he thinking I wanted to know. Is there any chance he would have missed……. I mean remember….. mmmeee…..

I shoved away the thought as it was unhealthy. I didn't wanted to think about him because if I do so I knew I am going to end up in a mess.

But KASH he was here!!!!!!!!


I was going back home tomorrow after a week. I knew that I was successful in avoiding Arohi for a weak but not anymore. I just pray that I could hide from her. I get scare whenever she looks into my eyes as though she might read all the history of mine and come up with some conclusions. I never liked anyone sympathizing me nor I wanted her to be anywhere near me. I did not want support I was and am and will always be capable of handling things of my own but yet again somewhere I felt she was genuine. She wasn't trying to sympathize but may be just curious or may be those were her instincts.

Come on Arjun come back. You can't get carried away because of a girl. There will never be anyone other than Natasha and speaking of Arohi she is not my type.

I pushed her thought aside and begin to work on my laptop.


The whole day was hysteric. I was so absorbed in my work that I couldn't even eat anything since 6 in the morning. i pity Kumud aunty. She had to get up for my breakfast. I could have done myself but according to her I am not allowing my girl to touch the kitchen when she is in a hurry. I was pampered like my own mother. There were many servants in Karwa but aunty was the soul controller. She always worked in the kitchen for her family which now thankfully includes me and shefu too. My mom too never told any servant to make meal for us because she herself like to pamper all with spice, gheewala food with all sorts of sweets as a desert. Karwa was same as Malhotra Mansion and that's why I loved when I came back home. Dad bought new car's for me and Shefu. Shefu was more smug because she was already gifted one more car in Delhi. RP uncle never allowed me to drive alone when I am late or had to go early. He used to send driver. Past one week was so much fun that I never knew when I got adjusted to this routine as if I am following the tradition from years.

My car stopped and I saw another car ahead of my car. Tall figures got down from the car and begin to walk towards the entrance. I haven't seen the car before no actually I saw it in our driveway unused for so many days. Arjun is back I thought gleefully. Suddenly I was fresh the whole tiredness vanished and I was as new as a brand new car just bought to the store. Whatever sort of differences we both may have but this guy made me positive always maybe because I am more than 100% confident when it comes to him. it may be anything but I feel him as a part of myself. I still have no clue why this guy has so much effect on me since the first day I saw his photo but surely there was some connection I am yet to figure out.

I slowly step down from my car and headed towards the entrance. As soon as he heard my car's door shut he turned back and our eyes met.


I was walking to my home after whole one week. I never missed my home so much as I have been missing it from last week. May be I was thinking of that mysterious girl but I knew the reason behind missing home was my Di who was soon going to be shifting to Delhi in her new house. I was in trance thinking about the girl who is now part of my family. Once who was just our employee and now she almost owes our I mean Di's show. She was perfect at her work I have no doubt about that but staying in my house is I guess a little problem for me… for both of us.. suddenly I heard car's door shut someone other than me has just arrived and I turned back to see who was it and our eyes met.

As soon as I saw in his eyes I don't know how automatically I was charged up trying to find out what he was thinking. But I couldn't see anything but a surprise looking at me.

I was surprised to see her standing there and I am sure she was trying to read me but I could give her nothing but a surprise.

I smiled weakly looking at him.

As she smiled I had to return it back..

I took a step forward to walk again and slowly climbed the steps.

I stood there like a dumb counting her moves as she walked towards me. I bet she was nervous to see me. She wore a maroon salwaar kameez and the curls of her hair were bouncing as she took each step with hesitation. A bag was hanging to her right shoulder and she was busy in squeezing her hand with another and bit her lower lip continuously.  Believe me she was damn gorgeous may be the best looking women in the world.

Arjun come back, you have lost it dude. She is Arohi and not…. My thought fade away as I she stood beside me hesitant.


I was nervous and as I was walking to him I could see that he has figured it out, I could see him watching my each move and I was helpless as his eyes scanned my body. I was shy but yet felt secured. It was nothing like I was uncomfortable but I admit I was damn nervous. I stood on the same step as he was standing and I saw some thought that has just occurred to him die away….

I don't know how much time we stood there before I broke the silence.

"Hi Welcome back Sir" I said giving another faint smile.

I was behaving as though I have lost my mind but as she broke the silence breaking my trance my mind registered her words and I know I had to reply back. Even if it was a slight smile it was enough for any man to drive crazy..

Shove off I again pushed my idiot thought…

"Hello and thank you" time to walk and carry with the conversation Arjun. I told myself.

"Why are you so late?" I asked casually

"I had lot of work sir as I have to finish extra one week episode before bhai's wedding." And we begin to walk to the door.

"Oh I see. So I guess you are settled here" I wanted to find out how was she here because unfortunately the mind reading process was just one way. I wish it could be me who could read her.

"Yes sir, its home and I have no problem at all. Aunty and uncle welcomed us with all their heart and I am glad." She said smiling. I wanted to read him but I didn't dare looking into his eyes.

We was at the door he opened the door with a password. We had a facility over here that after 11 p.m. the door has to be opened with a password which is known only to family members. It changes each day and I guess he must have asked uncle about it.

"Ladies first" I said opening the door and smiling a little.

I was touched to see his mannerism.

"Thank you" and I walked in and he followed me locking the door.

I was hungry as I could see my stomach growling with hunger. I hadn't eaten anything and felt weak if aunty came to know this she would scold me I knew but I couldn't stand on my feet. My legs were giving out and all the I could see was dark and then…..

She was walking ahead of me and suddenly she stopped. I thought she wanted to say anything but suddenly I saw her falling down and before she could hit the floor she was in my arms. I am damn sure she was unconscious. She was like a corpse. I don't know why I always end up comparing her with a corpse. She was not heavy but as I was hungry I felt her heavy. I couldn't drag her to the couch so I lifted her and placed her slowly and gently on the couch. She shifted holding my hand. I frowned at her but she couldn't see as her eyes were closed. i guess she was hungry and too tired. While she was sleeping she looked more beautiful, divine, her face was angelic. Why the hell they need to search for main leads when she herself is the best looking girl in the world, I thought and slowly removed my hand from her hold and headed to kitchen. I filled a glass of water and came back to hall. I sprinkled some droplets on her she shifted again to the other side but didn't open her eyes. Now I was getting nervous. Was she okay? I again sprinkled water droplets this time little more and to my relief she slowly opened her eyes.


After the dark spreading in front of my eyes I knew nothing but could feel someone around me. Someone who is protecting me, holding me. I just wanted to rest and the feeling being someone very dear around was very comforting. Then after a while I could feel water droplets on my face for once I felt I was dreaming but when again I could feel them with lot of effort I opened my eyes and I saw the angel.

He looked so amazing. Though I was weak I couldn't help myself reading his eyes. He was a little worried and a little relaxed. He had mixed feeling. He was holding a glass of water and then I realized that I fainted. I gathered myself and tried to get up.


I could see she trying to get up I placed the glass of water on the table nearby and I helped her holding her hand making her sit.


He helped me to sit on the couch. He was really a very kind person. As soon as I sit on the couch I noticed that his one hand was on my shoulder and other hand in my hand. I quickly loosened the grip.

I sensed her tension when she felt my hand on her shoulder and the other hand in her hand I slowly removed my hand placed on her shoulder and slipped the other hand from her hand too.

"How are you feeling now? I asked her little worried.

He was worried I could see that I need to make him feel easy.

"I am fine really. Thank you sir. I didn't know how I lost control over me." I said avoiding his gaze.

"Alright.  Just relax. Have you had anything for dinner?" I asked concerned.

I couldn't lie I just nodded NO..

"Arohi you should eat. First off all you are so thin and not eating will make you vanish" I said with a chuckle.

He was making fun of me I frowned at him.

"Are you after zero figure Arohi?" I again tried to pull her leg

I frowned him again with "what the hell' look.

"Believe me if you are after zero figure stuff drop the plan because you are already going in minus…"  I laughed out loud I couldn't control myself. The look on her face was so innocent. She was just up and I was behaving like a moron but I enjoyed teasing her I don't know why.


"Sir are you alright or I need to call a doctor" with a simple sentence I gave him a simple smile. Now it's your turn sir. I thought to myself.

I stopped laughing. Now it was my turn to frown.

"I am sorry sir" I said now laughing

"Its okay" I said smiling at her.

"So I think it's time to eat. I am also hungry" I said continuing with the same simple smile. If I wasn't eating now then I am sure next one to pass out is me and she will be standing with the same glass of water.

"All right sir" I said nodding.

"You get freshen up and I'll arrange the table for dinner" I told him hoping that he will let me do that work.

"I guess that's a good idea but let's rearrange you and I. Let's make it vice versa." I said commanding.

"Sir I am alright please I can do it sir please." I said assuring him.

I thought for a while and then nodded and climbed up to my room.

I quickly ran to my room changed to a night gown now fresh and then arranged the table for dinner. I put the dinner plate which were already kept for us in the fridge and put it in the oven. I was ready on the dining table.

I saw him coming down with a blue trouser and white t-shirt. He looked amazingly handsome.

I took a shower and headed to the dining table. I made it quick so that I could help her arranging. I saw her while coming down how engrossed she was in her work. She is always like this. Perfect in everything she does.

I stood near the dining table.

"Wow everything arranged? Let's begin" I said cheerfully because I am too much hungry.

"Sure sir" and we both sat on the table starting the dinner. We both were eating so swiftly as though soon all the food on the earth will be vanished.

Meanwhile I steal glances at her. She looked so innocent like a 5 year old kid.

He looked like a 7 year old kid while eating but cute..

"Arohi may I ask you one thing?" I ask slowing down a little

"Yes sir!" I too slowed down and looked at him with a confused look

"Why do you call me sir? I mean we are a family now or so to say soon to be a family. My Di is you bhabhi and your bhai is my jiju we are a family.." I tried to explain my point.

I didn't like her calling me sir when she is my family.. I mean my family member.


I bit my lip I didn't know why I called him sir.

"Sir actually I worked under you so it became my habit to call you sir. You remember first time I met you even that time I called you sir. So you see sir its natural. I mean …." My words vanished before they could come out.

She was tensed again I needed to let go this

"Oh that's fine you can call me Arjun it won't be a problem seriously" I tried to seem normal

"Sir it is difficult for me I am not used to" I said hesitatingly moving my eyes all over the place

"Let's practice" I said casually

"What?" I shot back with a confusing look.

"Let's practice saying Arjun I mean I will help you say Arjun. Come one say Arjun" I didn't know why I was behaving like a kid oh sorry like a stubborn kid but I wanted that sir out of her mouth.

I didn't know what to say I was silent eating my last bite.

I too finished eating along with her.

"Come on" I snapped

I had no choice alright I took a deep breath and said


When she called out my name with her ringing sound I was dazed. That sound made me forget everything. But before I could to something idiotic I pulled back myself

"Say again" I told her with a smile

It wasn't easy first time I was scared but I liked calling him Arjun out loud actually I loved it I again took a deep breath

"Arjun" it felt nice and easy. I can call him Arjun I was sort of happy.

Wow her voice was amazing the way she is.

"See it's easy"

I nodded a slight YES

I got up and begin to gather the plates.

She stared gathering the place I wasn't allowing her to do all work alone.

"Let's share the work" I said not meeting her eyes

"No its okay I'll do it si.. I mean Arjun "

"No Arohi we will put it into the dish washer and I'll help you arranging it".

He is so cute…

We walked to the kitchen and begin with our work.. suddenly something occurred to me as I quietly said

"You know Arohi when you met me in the mall and told me to slap you?"

I again nodded a slight YES

"You didn't call me Sir that time you took my name" I said lowering down my voice and arranging the plates in their rightful place.

I was shocked he remembered that. He surprises me all the time. What kind of a person he is but I need to say something this time..

"Really?" I asked amused I didn't know it then I said with a feeble smile

"Ya you were in hysteria. But you were so funny." I chuckled

He looked so innocent I chuckled too along with him.

We finished our plates and it was time to call it a night. It was 1.30 in the morning.

"So I guess goodnight then" I said softly

"Yes goodnight see you tomorrow. Take care." We both said goodnight while we climbed our steps to go to our respective bedroom's her room was exactly opposite to mine on other side.

We smiled at each other and drifted to our room closing the door behind.

I made my bed to sleep tonight was a cool night because I was happy to see him back again and thinking about him I slowly closed down my eyes I was too tired to think much but just him.


I lay on bed thinking how sweet and beautiful she was. Though my mind didn't wanted to think about her but my heart was ordering my mind to bring her image again and again. Thinking of her I slowly embraced my sleep……….

P.S. i haven't edited so plz bare with my mistakes...

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arta Goldie

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:) res

it was a nice update .   thanks for write the reason why the guys  don't have see each other before..
shefali and romit geek type LOL liket this as we always have see them as the dumbo but sweet type .
arrrggghhhAngry i was about to shut at arjun when he compares aru to natasha and when he said that no one can be her--- obiovsly arohi is the best dumbo arjun .
and in the end he likes her just give him more time to realize ...

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ChunniBabu Goldie

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Arjuhisis IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 September 2011 at 4:45am | IP Logged
wow, very nice update karanika
so aru is in Mumbai and arjun is back
why does arjun still remember Natasha
luved the dinner sequences of arjuhi
pls continue soon

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Anusha.V Goldie

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very nice update
Arohi completely adjusted in Arjuns house---- it was very niceSmile

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