Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

FF: KASH!!!!!! NOTE 108 (Page 26)

Karnika007 Goldie

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#13 Surprise

I saw the message and suddenly my legs got glued to the floor. I was mobile just few seconds ago showing full attitude to Mr. Kapoor and now I am immovable, non-living thing.


I watched her turning pink after staring at her mobile phone. She was as still as a corpse. Slowly she turned white, as white as ghost. This wasn't the right environment to speak about such things but the way the face of her color changed like a chameleon made me thing that she is the beautiful female ghost in some horror movie.


I watched Rashi ma'am and saw her indicating me to come near my mom.


Di indicated her to come to Astha aunty.


"Ma I want to go to the washroom I am feeling little nauseous." Ma'am told mom.

"What happened beta?" Mom asked worried

"Nothing much ma just I'll rest for few minutes I was busy whole day so couldn't rest. I actually came to ask you if there are more Rasams left." Ma'am asked smiling a little so that mom wouldn't feel bad.

I liked the way ma'am treated my mom. I was sure she will be a good daughter-in-law. She cared for her in-laws. The only exception might be me but that was yet to discover.

"No beta go take some rest. Arohi go with bahbi to your room. Let her rest for a while." Mom ordered me and ma'am was glad.

"Okay mom, come bhabhi" I smiled her little and was set to lead the way.

"Thank you ma" Ma'am thanked mom turned and winked at Arjun.

I saw him he was also looking at me. This time I read him and he was trying to study me. I became little nervous and looked away from him. I was glad to turn away from his gaze and we begin to walk to the stairs.



Di managed to separate Arohi from the crowed and this was the time I should be on my guards. I looked them while they were going upstairs. Both were stunningly beautiful. I saw Arohi more carefully and I noticed that she is exceptionally beautiful and I haven't credited her for that. A minute ago when Di winked at me she saw me this time I to eye and I am sure she read me. She knew I was studying her and she looked away from my gaze. I was staring her. I couldn't believe that I could do that to anyone other than Natasha. This two days were very much disturbing because I haven't forgot Natasha even for a while until I saw Arohi in the mall. Actually may be I am trying to search Natasha in Arohi. They are similar yet different. Arohi is more valiant. I can only guess what Arohi might be thinking by studying her moves but she could read me and that was troubling me. Now that Arohi and I would become family soon I didn't want to keep any grudges with her and I hope Di clears out everything. Di still didn't know why she left and I am hoping that Arohi will save me once again. Fingers crossed.


I walked to my room with ma'am. When she came in I shut the door. Our door has an automatic lock system so that's good.

"Have a sit ma'am" I suggested ma'am to sit before she attacks me. My answers were not ready.

Ma'am stared me blankly for nearly 30 seconds and then

"My stare means I am expecting you to explain and I think you know that." Ma'am said raising her voice a little.

Another specialty of the rooms in my house it up till certain frequency if you raise the voice it can't be heard outside and I guess ma'am knew that very well because at the end of the day she is The Kapoor.

"Sorry ma'am" I apologies as I thought it will be the best way to begin with.

"Why you left?" ma'am asked me coldly.

I think it was the time to let my future bhabhi know karname of her sis in law.

"Ma'am I left my house 2 years ago when I was 21 to fulfill my dreams in the entertainment world. My parents did not like it then. They were against so I had to run. Only Shefali was in contact with me. Dad was very angry with me. Though he loves me the most he was very much angry and I couldn't dare to face him. I struggled in Mumbai like a struggler and you found me. That was the best day in my life as I finally got a big banner. Again Shefali was the only one who knew that you are my boss but she never told me that you are going to marry my brother. I came to know from my Dad that after I left Malhotra's and Kapoor's started with the merged business and Bhai and Arjun sir are leading them. But that was just yesterday when I came back. Shefali said that bhabhi is a surprise for you and I never in my wildest imagination thought that you would be my bhabhi. Shefali managed to convince Dad. Mom and bhai were melted long back and she gave me a call to return back. Coming on the day of my parent's anniversary was the best gift so I came over here yesterday. Actually I could have asked you for a leave application but then I thought I do not want to come back to Mumbai as my parents already accepted me and I don't want to make them suffer more. They didn't know that I work I mean worked for you."


I finished with the long explanation and sighed heavily.


After 5 seconds ma'am spoke.

"You could have given me prior notice that you are leaving. You just left a letter and fled away. I shouted on Arjun for you. I thought he…"

"He is not responsible." I quickly tried to cover Arjun cutting ma'am no one ever cuts her sentences she doesn't like that.

She stared at me

"I am sorry" I added

"Anyway I think you know that according to the contract you must pay me 2 lakhs."

"I know ma'am and I'll pay it soon"

"Let me finish. I haven't accepted your resignation so you need not pay the amount and join the office within two days. It's an order."

"But ma'am" I was protesting what Arjun will say?

"No argument it's decided and its final"

And ma'am left the room. She went swiftly I thought for a while what was it and then it struck me that I must be with her and not here so I followed her as fast as possible. I had no time to think. But before taking any decision I wanted to talk to Arjun.


I saw them coming down. Di was with a smug feeling and Arohi was in a confused expression. Soon she pulled herself back in frame and walked along Di.

"How are you feeling now beta?" Mom asked ma'am

"Good ma. I enjoyed Arohi's company." Ma'am smiled at me and mom put her hand on madam's head.

They started talking and I thought that was the chance to ask Arjun about me returning back. This time I didn't want to keep any loop holes. I sneaked from there and headed towards Arjun.


Suddenly I saw her walking in my direction. I was confused but she was determined on something that I couldn't read.


He was confused looking at me but he knew that I am determined on something. Wait Arjun your questions will be answered soon. I looked around if anyone is noticing us specially ma'am. But everyone was busy. Ma'am was busy with bhai so no chance of she concentrating on us.


"Sir Can I still your few minutes?" I asked politely in least audible voice possible.


"Sure" I replied softly

"Ma'am offered me to join back. She said she isn't accepting my resignation." I said softly


"Okay. Why are you telling that to me?" I asked avoiding her gaze. This time I didn't want to look at her because she will read me. Then I thought I am not going to lie her today and I firmly looked at her.


He was avoiding first and when he decided not to lie he firmly saw into my eyes. I could have fainted for the first time I saw those eyes so clearly in real. Those were the same eyes from the photo which I read but this time they weren't pretending anything but were real.


"Actually sir I came to ask for the permission if I can work on Mukul's character. I mean you.. the…" I couldn't say further. Ii fumbled. He noticed me feeling uneasy and he quickly said.


"I said you sorry remember? No need to ask permission. You did it for my di and its okay with me. But try not to put everything as it is. I realized that I was overreacting." I said swiftly to make her feel better.


A grin appeared on my face. He was really allowing me. Wow he is really a very nice guy. I could have hugged him for doing this favor on to me. But this was not the time.

She was grinning and I replied her with a smile. She was happy and I was happy for her. I made her cry the other day and I am very glad that I am the one t give her back what she left for me.

"Thank you sir thank you very much." I could have danced there.

"It's okay you got what is yours." I  smiled again.

His smile was very real.

Suddenly Shefali came near us.

"Aro di and Arjun bhai you both are called." Shefu seemed happy

"Kisne bulaya?kya hua?" I asked her dubiously.

"Dad and bhabhi discussed something and they want Arjun bhai's opinion and you are expected di." Okay let's go.


I heard Shefali she was in a good mood. We begin to walk to the crowed where we belong.


"Arohi I am offering you to join me in A.T. right now I am working on a soap Kash will you be comfortable to be the creative head of the show?  I was heading the show but right now I am working on a new show." Ma'am said smiling widely.

What was it I was getting to hold Kash by my own? Kash ye sach hota… am I dreaming?


"Arjun what is your opinion?" Di suddenly shifted on me. I had to answer and it was true that Arohi should come back the show as nobody can handle that show better than her.

"Definitely di she is the best choice."  I took out my phone and as now I had her number "di ki meherbani" I texted her

"Nobody can handle KASH better than you

Arjun "

My phone rang and I saw the message from Arjun I smiled. Before replying Rashi ma'am I replied Arjun

"Thank you J"

My phone rang and I knew it was from Arohi, a thank you message with a smile. That smile is very cute.

"So what say Aro?" Dad asked me.

I smiled and said "As bhabhi wish" and shefu hugged me tightly. Other than Arjun and ma'am shefu was the only one who knew what it meant for me.

Ma'am came to me and hugged me tightly the same warm hug but this time it had more happiness than shock.

"Thank you ma'am" I said in low voice so that only ma'am could here.

"Not ma'am Bhabhi Aro" ma'am replied patting me on my back.

I was more than happy on cloud nine.

"Thank you bhabhi" I said again thanking her showing my gratitude hugging her tightly. I dint realized that I was in tears.


Slowly tears rolled down her cheeks when she was in embrace with di. Those were happy tears me and Shefali could tell perfectly. I saw Romit patting Shefali's shoulder and she gave him a thankful smile.


I wiped my tears before pulling back from the embrace with my beautiful would be bhabhi.


"Congratulations" I sent her another message.

"Again thank you J" I replied him back smiling to myself.


"So it's decided that Arohi will be working with Rashi in Mumbai and will be staying with us in Karwaa" suddenly Dad announced something that gave me a jolt. Staying with us? It was obvious because she is my Di's sis in law so by default she must stay with us. I looked at her defeated.


I was flabbergasted by the announcement made by RP uncle. But I can't do anything though I was very happy I looked at Arjun defeated and saw him looking at me the same way we could do nothing but just smile.

P.S. Now again suggestion time. please share your views and suggestions and hit like button if you like. I haven't worked yet on further mumbai story as i will be little busy but if something comes to my mind i'll immediately update.

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Arjuhisis IF-Sizzlerz

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wow karanika , thanks for the surprise
i thought u will take more time for the next update
thank u
will read it now

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Arjuhisis IF-Sizzlerz

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read it and luved it
the story is moving very well
hate natasha - arjun is trying to see natasha in aru - no way arjun
cant wait for aru's stay in arjun's house
will luv to read more

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punam2712 IF-Sizzlerz

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loving the whole self conversation of arjun and arohi
the whole family seems to be in a conspiracy to throw them together
wonder what will happen next

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arta Goldie

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Dancing another updates Party

i love rashi, shefali ..
and defenitly the parents are cooking something just let's wait and see...
i'm looking forward for them to live at the same house here the fun will start...

thanks for the pm Hug

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moonkmh IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 September 2011 at 3:07am | IP Logged
Wao! I luv dat aru wl stay at arjun's place. It wl b gr8.

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MsFuzzybear69 Goldie

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Posted: 17 September 2011 at 3:17am | IP Logged
Another fantastic update.
I simply can't wait for Arohi to live under the same roof as Arjun.
Please update soon...

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cooljaya11 IF-Dazzler

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 ab maja aayega
  sms to start ho hi gaye he dekhte he inki mohabbat kya rang lati he
  again nice update

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