Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

FF: KASH!!!!!! NOTE 108 (Page 77)

.vrshn. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 November 2011 at 12:47pm | IP Logged
sreya...i'm sure mrinal wont be angry with you! :) :)

yea...her iv was quite depressing!!

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sar786 Senior Member

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Posted: 04 November 2011 at 1:56pm | IP Logged
hey mrinal,tnx for updating 2 parts..the funny thing is when i was reading ur update i was super confused..i was like" what is going on here!" its only then i realized u updated to parts and i only opened ur 2nd message not bothering abt the 1st pm u silly meLOL
anyways was a very emotional 2 updates
i had a feeling that arjun was her husband,although i was kinda thinking that a new character wil be introduced for the track but im glad its arjun.
i'm appaled at arjun's behaviour towards arohi,y does he hurt her like this,i feel so sad for her,to be in her postion and it broke my heart when she said she wih she wasnt married.but overall i love how the story has turned out.
ur a fantastic writer keep it up.i know how hard it is sumtimes to write in such a way to plz readers but the story must go on.i'm very much pleased with the outcome overall.Thanx for the pm do continue soon..lookin fwd for this new track Smile
yeah i was also quite sad at the interview but i guess its between them now.nun much we can doOuch

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arta Goldie

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Posted: 04 November 2011 at 8:25pm | IP Logged
Mrinial i have missed 3 part ...
i have to go out of town more often so you will post more parts LOL

coming to the part when arjun was manofying her and the registration of kash tune  well written and in the end i thought that he feel bad for not eatin and for being up all the night  to finish the tune and her concern was great...

then the other part when he change behaviour i was thinking that he have seen natasha but when rashi asked arohi what he said i understand that the truth was out for arjun , and was waiting for the storm to come ... then the marriage and then all his anger i understand him but it was not arohi fault ...

and then the last update the storm come , and my guessing got confirmed 100%'s to bad to see them in this situation ... in the end their family make all this big mess but at the moment of need all disapeard and got not bothered about these 2... i don't understand how come no one tell arohi after telling arjun , or was waitin for arjun to give the big suprise ...i hate their family for doing this , but at the same time knowing that they alredy have feelings for each other i think better it was arjun than someone else... they are still married and for sure they will come in terms to make this relation work  ,,,
now i'm more curious to know what's is going next ...
update as soon as you can

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kitanithuy Senior Member

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Posted: 04 November 2011 at 8:58pm | IP Logged

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mysticlover IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 November 2011 at 10:21pm | IP Logged
i expected the marriage track but not Rashi's involvement!
i thought wen arjun wud knw he is the husband he wud be happy but i guess the natasha truth ruined it all!
i feel bad for both of them!
rashi shudn't hv done that!
now how will they cum out of it?
update soon mrinal!

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Karnika007 Goldie

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#26 Lonely world

I saw him driving away and I was left alone with the vast sea accompanying me. The only sound that could be heard was my hard sobs and the waves touching the shore...


I stared blankly at the store trying to relate all the things that has changed my life upside down. What has happened in just few days I could never relate. When I walked out of my house I had just one thing in mind that was to be someone. When I came to know that my life was at stake and the reason behind it was my own parents I couldn't stop crying but now when I know that my life is finally destroyed I don't even feel like crying. I sat there waiting for any wave to come and gulp me I would be happy in its stomach feeding her my misery and never coming back to the world that treated me even worse than a worm. But my un-luck again was too good for anything like this. I never knew the meaning of love but when Arjun came into my life I felt at least my this marriage Oh sorry now that I came to know that my husband was always the same I have to put it as my marriage will be a success. It was a reality until he overheard the 3 master minds that crushed my dreams and killed Arjun's future. I was never the one for him nor will I ever be. He behaved with me like that because of frustration but again I would have never done so. Would I? I didn't know after all he was in love the most amazing feeling that I never experienced and now I don't want to experience any more. Then where was Natasha? I felt very bad for her just because she was not of the same status as the Malhotra's are she was side tracked by bhabi. Bhabi the one who married my brother as an outcome of love. How ironic! She killed someone's love for her happiness and her love don't know anything about it and I hope he will never know about them because if he does the pieces of his heart will not be able to be back together ever. I was too depressed to react I just wanted to cool out myself. How about letting the sea have a taste of me? If it likes me it will take me forever I wanted to try. I was too sweet for the sea and I had full faith that it will have me.


As I drove away from her I felt miserable for her condition. They were nowhere to be told the truth if I have not overheard it and maybe that would have been the best at least she might have got what she deserved.

But now all is just ruined but as I started thinking about her I became worried as it came to my mind that the place I left her in a lonely place in lonely world. Kash this could be avoided. I didn't know what I was doing but I can't leave her alone like this. She was too depressed to understand in what pit she is right now. I must be by her side. The moment thought stuck my mind I put a reverse gear to go back to her. I was just hoping that she was still there waiting for me. That was the least possibility but somewhere deep down I wanted it to be true. If she understands me she will wait. But my eyes were the ones who helped her explore inner me and even if she trusted me on coming back it was a past now because all these days I acted so foul to her that the trust must have washed off with her each tear that she shed for me.

As I saw the infinite sea calling me to it with wide arms open I decided to answer it's call. 

I got up and slowly walked towards the sea now there was no turning back. People who leave their house turn back in the hope that someday they will come back there and till then they will miss the their house so they capture the last picture of their house in their eyes till they come back but for me I had nothing to capture nor anything that I loved behind my back. The lonely world is been my house and I am leaving it now so that at least in hell yes hell I'll get a company. Hell because if I were to go to heaven life wouldn't be a hell for me and I am sure the afterlife is the same as the life. As I walked to the sea cold breeze touched my body making me feel that wherever I go it will come with me. I felt comfortable. I walked in a single direction now I didn't care and I put my first step in the water that immediately welcomed me by placating my feet.


I was worried now the place I left her was indeed dangerous for depressed person. How many times did I felt to throw myself into water so that I will never have to face anything but for her it was too much I knew it but I behaved like a total looser what could I do? She reminds me of all the false thing happened to me but I need to hurry and my car took speed.

After a while I was back to the place I left her but as I search for her in the immediate region of my visibility I couldn't see her. My heart started beating so loudly and fast that their rhythm coincided the waves colliding the shore.

"Please God I hope she is alright." I prayed to God as I couldn't think of anything else.

I came out of the car and searched for her in sideways. Nowhere! My heart was not ready to beat now. If anything happens to her I'll never forgive myself. I made her life miserable. Now the only thing left was shout her name. I hope she could hear me.

"Arohi" I screamed

No sound

"Arohi" I screamed again, nothing. Now I was losing it I couldn't lose her. May be she is at the wrong end but it isn't her fault it is my fault that I remember the betrayal every time she comes to me but it was not her.

"Arjun you are a total reason. She is the only one who understands you completely." I spoke to myself like a fool.

"Arohi please come I am sorry." I shouted at the top of my eyes and now I was crying yes I was crying. I didn't want her to do anything to her. She was the angle and I was a real devil.

"Please Arohi." I again shouted like crazy. As I shouted I wished Kash she comes from behind and pat my back giving me the angelic smile which is the cure to all sufferings.


She was nowhere and I was on the verge collapsing.

As I was falling on my legs I saw red colour deep in the sea. "Arohi wore red sari" was the only thought came to my mind.

"Arohi" I screamed again but this time I headed towards the sea.

As I went deeper I was sure it was Arohi's sari but why was it floating?

"No" I let out a loud cry and swam towards whatever was visible at that time.

As I came nearer I was shocked to see Arohi floating in the water.

"Arohi" I reached to her sobbing. She was not responding. No this can't happen!

With all my efforts I dragged her to the shore with each minute I became more and more nervous.

"Get up Arohi" I said pumping water out of her body. As soon as I made her lie on the sea shore I checked her pulse to find it still running and I became hopeful. I was smiling lunatic.

But she was not responding and that made my heart beat skip every time some water came out of her mouth. I wish she just stand up and kill me for what I have done with her.

"Please Arohi" I said almost giving up when she coughed for some time and slowly opened her eyes.


I felt someone pushing my stomach and my mouth vomiting water. I wanted to see what was happening when I saw him worriedly soothing me and at the same time pushing my stomach. His eyes clearly reflected the care he has for me. I don't know from where it has come form but at the moment he wanted me, he was sobbing heard but as he saw me opening up my eyes he started laughing as if he has gone mad.


She opened her eyes to which I could just reply by laughing and I couldn't control what I felt. I was too happy to see her alive.

I tried to sit up

And the moment she sat up I pulled her into a tight hug. I was not going to leave her like this. We will sort the things out. I'll not let her do something stupid like this.

"Arohi I am sorry." I begin

To which I simply replied

"The moment Natasha comes back to your life I'll sign the divorce papers." I said simply still in his hug.

As the words rested in my ears and travelled to my mind I slowly pulled away and saw in her eyes there was just one thing in her eyes determination. She wasn't crying; she was determinant.

As he pulled away from me I saw his eyes filled with tears. I had gained the respect back.

I couldn't stop admiring her and did what I shouldn't do. I couldn't control myself because she was just one person that is different form everything that I have seen till date. I just moved my face to her face and

He crushed his lips on mine...



P.S. sorry for short update there is some problem 

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.vrshn. IF-Rockerz

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is arohi going to bring natasha back?

she decided to suicide?? :O

btw..i loved each and every word with which you described arjun''s emotions!!

they are meant to be together!

a strong hearted girl, and inside weak but outside strong guy!!

sounds like they were made for each other!!

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Karnika007 Goldie

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Originally posted by -vrshn-



is arohi going to bring natasha back??

Let me complete varsh and I read Kittu di's IV and I am too much upset so I thought of distracting myself btw one good news is my poem wishing Kittu di on her birthday is been published in zing magazine..

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