Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

FF: KASH!!!!!! NOTE 108 (Page 67)

moonkmh IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 November 2011 at 12:01am | IP Logged
What r u planng? Dnt gv me death nw.

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Karnika007 Goldie

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Posted: 04 November 2011 at 12:13am | IP Logged
Originally posted by moonkmh


Dis line jst take my breath,i want 2 say sm1 dis line. Kash,koi hota.
I jst luv d recordng scene,so simple yet mst touchng. Arjun playng flute...dat scene i was imagn frm kmh2.
Ofcourse he is in luv. N want hm 2 realise it n want hm 2 say it 2 aru be4 marriage. Superb mrinal. Luv u lots:)

Oh thank you thank you and dont worry koi na koi jarur hoga.. and your comment is finally up.. Read the other lyrics which i posted down the page... 

and I am sorry that No confession its still long way because my mind has gone evil..
Kash muzhe ye thought nahi aata to phir shayad confession milta... bt sorry
Karnika007 Goldie

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#24 Shock

I saw my angle in tears sitting there waiting for me to open my eyes her peck was so sweet that I wanted more. KASH KOI MUZHE BATA MUZHE KYA HO RAHA HAI KYA DOBARA MUZHE PYAAR HO SAKTA HAI????

As I saw her divine face I forgot was had happened to me for a moment. The tears dipping down her eyes because of me again made my heart roar in pain; that is the worst site one could get to see after opening their eyes. The sweet soft peck that my lips felt made me open my eyes that were reluctant to open since I stumbled on my feet. I smiled at her first and that faded with time as the slideshow of the evening events played across my mind.

Pyaar dobara nahi ho sakta( I cant be in love again) aur woh bhi use iski wajah se...(and that to with the one because of whom...) I thought to myself.

How dare she is here was the only thought that was repeating in my mind. I don't want her here nor do I want her in my life..

"Get out of here." Was the only thing I managed to say.

As I saw his smile fade I became aware of the rage building in his eyes. First I thought it was silly anger because of the morning but a he said those words I was taken aback by those fuming eyes that were so furious that I felt running for my life. I looked at him in confusion, slightly scared.


I saw her expression changing to confusion and scared but I didn't care to try to read her anymore. I was not bothered.

"Leave Arohi" I snapped and turned away my face to other side.

I had no clue what was happening that left me with just one option that is to leave his room at once.

As I came out of his room in tears I saw Rashi bhabi coming to me and I quickly wiped my tears. After so many days it was me who was wiping my tears and not Arjun. As Rashi bhabi walked to me I saw tears in her eyes too. What was wrong? I had no clue and a strong woman like bhabi crying was a terrible site to watch. Something was certainly wrong.

"I am sorry" I heard bhabi say that put my thought to halt.

"What is wrong bhabi?" I asked worried to which bhabi's expression changed to horror.

"Arjun is awake right?" Bhabi said with the same expression.

"Yes bhabi but..."

"What did he say to you?" Bhabi asked interrupting me.

That was the question I didn't want to answer and again I was in the same phase in doing what I don't want to but after Shefali if I trust anyone like my own sister then it is Rashi bhabi and this time I need to tell her as she is Arjun's sister too. They both love each other the same way as me and Shefali.

"Bhabi he told me to leave" I said each word with a pause so that she could digest the words I couldn't digest. I was soft when I spoke.

Her expression was now turning to something that I couldn't even interpret and she hugged me tightly. She sobbed so hard without any sound coming out of her mouth that I felt very weird. This was getting on my nerves I wanted answers.

"Calm down bhabi what is wrong?" I asked patting bhabi on back trying to sound controlled over my frustration which was picking its height.

She slowly pulled away from me and caressed my face lovingly and almost blurred something which I understood half but as I replayed those words I got more confused. She said

"Arohi he came to know the truth I don't know what he is going to do?" what truth I was more confused.

"Bhabi what truth?" when I asked her the next question she just clasped on her mouth.

"Nothing Arohi nothing I need to go you will come to know later."

"Bhabi" before I could ask anything more she practically ran away from there. I didn't know what it was and I needed to know it but I couldn't ask anybody not now..

The next morning as I went to the breakfast table everyone was quite and there was no Arjun. All the faces were grave and the house felt like a graveyard rather than a wedding house. Without conversing to anybody I left for my office and to my surprise nobody took any effort to explain me the things going on. I was the only unaware person because as I know looking at Romit and Shefali's face they both knew exactly what was happening but when I glanced at Shefali she avoided my gaze that was the signal for me that you will not be part of anything unless Dad tells you. Fine I was in no mood to discuss anything either.

Days past and my title track which was on air now was a mega hit. Of course thanks to Arjun whom I didn't meet since that night when he told me to leave. He didn't bother to contact me either. I tried to call him few times but with no luck of mine I could hear a voicemail and nothing else. I kept no message. It was 5 days before my wedding when everyone was preparing for the wedding it felt like they are preparing for some outsiders wedding. Given a contract to someone for the wedding will be more enthusiastic then this wedding. I remembered my Bhai's wedding which was a real fun but my wedding preparations were not even inch like it should be. Elder daughter of Malhotra's was getting married to eldest son of Kapoor but it felt the charm is dead.

Everyone was in the hall and I was back home early because of my wedding I completed my work fast to keep light work during these days. I saw Arjun walked into the house with a shocked expression on his face and was frowning looking straight at Bhabi. I saw him after I don't know how many days but it felt like years. He looked very weak and there was no shine in his eyes. I looked at him hoping that he will at least glance at me and smile but forget smiling he ignored me completely and went to RP dad.


As I walked into the house I saw the wedding preparations! I frowned at Di. Has she lost it? After everything happened that day she still feels that he is going to marry that girl? No way! That girl was looking at me hoping that I would turn to her but I straight walked to my Dad.

"Dad before you all wrap up with any wrong illusions I want you to tell you all that I am calling off this wedding." As this words came out of my mouth I saw every head turning to me.

What did he said just now? Calling off wedding? Have I heard it correctly? I think he owes me an explanation. I was getting up when I saw throwing me a glare. A very angry glare like that day that made me sit the place I was quietly.


I saw her getting up and threw almost a death glare to her which made her glued to the place she was.

"Dad you know the reason behind it and I don't think I owe anyone any explanation." I said lucking at her and turned away to my room.


He read me? He doesn't owe any explanation wow this was perfect as my life was. But I was not going to cry this time. I should have expected something terrible like this because after all happiness is not in my dictionary. Well okay I am okay with it do hell with the wedding that is when I heard a thus on the sofa and turned to look my dad collapsing.

"Dad" I ran to him

I heard a large sound and saw her Dad on sofa? What now? Emotional atyachyar? Well I am not going to fall prey to it but as I saw the havoc around I needed to rush to him.

Everyone was praying for that and I saw him coming to dad.


As soon as I reached the sofa I pulled my cell to call my driver I didn't waste any time and I was almost out of the house carrying her Dad alone.


I saw him worried for my dad. I don't know why was he angry on me but he cared for my family as I saw my dead carried almost lifeless my buddy my tears were by came to join me for my solace.


As we came to the hospital doctors were busy in treating Dad. After about 20 minutes doctor gave his verdict telling us that Dad had an heart attack at which everyone turned their face to Arjun with a sob except me.


I saw every body's accusing glares accept the one who must accuse me. She was calm and didn't bother to turn to me. I saw Rashi di quietly walking to me. I dint want a scene but she took me away from the rest.

"Arjun" she said folding her hand.

I looked at her confused.

"Please Arjun I beg you please marry Arohi?" No she was at it. I was all waiting for it.

"Di no!" I said firmly

"Please Arjun she didn't know anything." Di said defending her.

"But she should have known. She should have at least bother to know and di I guess you have no right to request me anything after what you have done to me." I said turning away

"Arjun you are angry on me not her whatever you want to say, say it to me. If you want I'll never show my face again but please for god sake marry her. Not god my sake or at least her dad's sake. Arjun her dad is my dad too and my family loves her a lot please Arjun please." I saw my di begging and crying I was not sure what to do when the girl walked to me.


Doctor came outside and told us that dad wants to see Arjun. Well I was left with no choice then going t him. As I walked to him I saw Bhabi crying and Arjun unaffected I could have guessed but I was in no mood.

"Arjun doctor said Dad wants to see you." I said not looking into his eyes.

"Okay" I said nodding and left the place.

As I went inside the ICU I saw her dad in tears. I walked to him and told him to relax. He caught my hand and said.

"Please Arjun do not do this to my poor child it was our mistake not her." As he said those words I felt as though my own Dad was crying for my di I couldn't take it anymore. Fine marriage is what they want right I won't promise them anything after marriage so nodded in yes and said.

"Dad don't worry we are getting married." At which he hugged me and I left the room straight to home.


I don't know what happened between both of them but Arjun looked tensed. As I came to see my dad he looked better and I heard that the wedding is still on. Nice the jokes are super cool. I didn't pay much attention as by now I was sure I shouldn't believe my luck and anything could happen.


Next 3 days went in preparations and Rasam's and we got married the 4th day. Wow I doesn't even remember what kind of marriage it was all were happy except both of us.(both thinking)

But I could feel my stomach giving jolts as he put sindoor in my mang, magalsutra and then the sath pheres which tied both of us for lifetime.

Very less did she know that it isn't  a life time knot but just for few days. As we I walked to my room in which now she was present rightfully I directly walked to the cupboard locking the door and gave took out the papers and threw it on them

"I want divorce." I said angrily

As I heard those words I couldn't even imagine what was happening with me he threw the divorce paper at me the very first night of our wedding..


"Take your time to recover and please I don't want to see you in my room" as I said this I pulled me away from my bed..


I couldn't say anything he made himself comfortable on the bed and was scowling at me. I was left with nothing but the bathroom where I had to spend my night as he doesn't want me.

With all the jewellery and my heavy lehenga and the divorce paper I walked into bathroom shutting it.


I saw her walking to bathroom I was sure she will move to her room after few minutes so I made myself more comfortable and slept not thinking anything..


I kept crying all the night with all my accessories on the bathroom floor. This was my wedding and a wonderful first night. Kash mai ye shadi kabi nahi karti (Kash I never got married) I thought crying and slowly my eyes started closing down.


In the morning I woke to see my room as it is as it was at night and moved to my bathroom as I pushed my bathroom I felt that it was locked. Was she still there? As I knocked on the door I saw her opening it completely distorted with swollen eyes... She was in all night I couldn't believe ...

P.S.some part not coloured please bare as my lappy is on death bed... ... i'll p.m. if i can in the eveining otherwise if anyone can please volunteer...

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moonkmh IF-Stunnerz

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Ye nehi ho sakta. Kya hoga ab. Hw cn u do dis 2 dm? M thnkng whom 2 kill,u or rashi or arjun.

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Arjuhisis IF-Sizzlerz

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what a surprise mrinal - another update
just came online and i think i missed out a lot of things

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Arjuhisis IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 November 2011 at 1:17am | IP Logged
oh my God, arjun asked her to leave
what has happened
mrinal what is ur devil mind planning for
why is rashi crying?
pls complete it sooon'
p.s - never right dont read - we will never listenLOL

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Karnika007 Goldie

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Originally posted by moonkmh

Ye nehi ho sakta. Kya hoga ab. Hw cn u do dis 2 dm? M thnkng whom 2 kill,u or rashi or arjun.

 knew you ppl will be planning to kill me that is why I told you wait let me finish but now as you have already read I hope you do not really kill me before I complete the update
mysticlover IF-Dazzler

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oh so sorry for the late comment!
wat happened to arjun?
wat the hell is happng?
why is he acting lk this?
wat had arohi done that even she herself dn't knw and that had made arjun so angry?
update soon becoz i am getting addicted to this ff!

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