Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

FF: KASH!!!!!! NOTE 108 (Page 61)

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Originally posted by Karnika007

Originally posted by moonkmh

Wah,mrinal tu journalism kar rahi hai. I didnt knw dat. I jst luv journalists.
really so gud i am in ur good books

nly good? Ur already in bst book. Btw i thought u r in col. Bt u already ended col. Dats gr8.

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#23 Kash

I walked to my room not turning back. I was very sad with his behaviour. How could he do that? How cruel of him. Cruel! That was not the right word but only my heart could justify how cruelly he injured my feelings. I had to go back to the party I can't let people out there spoil their mood because of me. I did my touch-up quickly trying to make my eyes as normal as possible.


I saw her joining the party back. I couldn't stop myself from appreciating how beautifully she covers up herself. Ii knew her eyes were not normal because I had seen the ugly tears ruining the beauty of her eyes swelling up. But now not a single inch of her face was showing any sadness so that I could predict what was going on her mind. She is good at feigning; I was good at making up too until she came into my life and tore the mask I used to wear. She looked so pretty when she laughed. Yes indeed she has changed me. Somehow she was successful in bringing the colours back in my life. But now that the brightest colour of my rainbow (life) was angry on me I have to make sure that that colour doesn't fade I want my rainbow complete. What could I do? As party proceeded I tried to talk to her but she turned her back to me each time I got closer to her.


He was trying to mend the damage he has done but I was in no mood of forgiveness.

"Arohi Arjun" I heard Arjun's dad call both of us. Now that I was avoiding him God doesn't want us to avoid each other.

As Dad called out our name I could not believe my luck. I just wanted to hug my dad who provided me with a nice opportunity to be with Arohi.

"Yes dad" I replied and excited walked to my dad.

I saw him coming and he was very much happy and damn well did I know the reason behind that wide smile which he flashed on me. He stood near me after all we were happy couple. We were getting married in 15 days .Now I have to behave so grudgingly I smiled at him.

"Mr. Sinha..." as dad began to speak his phone rang.

"Arjun why don't you introduce Arohi to Mr. Sinha I will be right back." With these words dad left both of us with Mr. Sinha. Wow I exclaimed in mind

Which was clearly visible through his shining eyes.

I stood closer to her and raised my hand to put on her shoulder.

As I felt my shoulder heavy I was shocked to see Arjun's hand on it. I couldn't react in front of Mr. Sinha I glared Arjun through the corner of my eyes which

I conveniently ignored.

I pasted a smile on my face trying to be natural.

"Arohi this is Sinha uncle. He is our client since Dad started his business." I looked into Arohi's eyes as I provided her with information.

"Hello uncle, pleasure to meet you." I replied politely looking away from Arjun smiling brightly to Mr. Sinha and then bending down to touch his feet.

"Jiti raho beta." I heard Mr. Sinha say in delight.

"She is Arohi uncle my fiance and in 15 days time she will be my wife." I said pulling Arohi more close.

I couldn't take it anymore I stamp on his foot and

I let out an ouch!

"What happened beta?" I heard Mr. Sinha say.

"Nothing uncle he is just back from the tour and is very tired, he was not that well you see therefore... I told him lot of time to take care of himself." I acted like I am very worried and saw Arjun's face turning purple while shaking his head as no.

"Beta you must take care of your health. You are getting married after few days. You must listen to your would be wife, you should spend some quality time with her." Said Mr. Sinha

She was right I was tired but not so much that I will let her go just like that.

"You are right uncle but unlike other wives my wife is very understanding as she never complains about anything. She is just worried for me. Aren't you Arohi?" I said glaring at her with a naughty smile.

"Worried my foot." I thought to myself but couldn't let those words out my mouth.

I just nodded in agreement.

"Arjun you are very lucky to have such a wonderful life partner who is so caring and snaskari." Mr. Sinha said putting a hand on my forehead.

"Indeed uncle I am very lucky to have her in my life." I said looking at Arohi.

As he said those words I looked into his eyes. There was nothing fake in it. They were genuine. He felt lucky to have me. I was faltered. I could have forgive any mistake he did that time but then I quickly put stop to my over whelming emotions which were leading me to wrong path.

"Excuse me and all the best both of you." Mr. Sinha said as we saw dad calling him to some other clients.

As soon as Mr. Sinha left I pulled myself away from Arjun and started to walk where ever I found way.

"Arohi listen to me" I followed her as she walked.

I didn't respond but then

I caught hold of her wrist that made her stop.

"Leave me Arjun" I said in an angry voice.

"No" I said determinately.

"Do not force me to do anything that you will regret later." I said now anger taking over my eyes.

Her eyes were flashing rage that I was really scared of.

"But Arohi please listen to me." I said now leaving her hand slowly.

"No I don't want to." With these words I left from there the same instant.

I could not do anything but watch my angle walk away from me.

The party ended and I was in my room thinking of how to make her believe that I was sorry. I raked my brain every possibility that could make her smile again.

I have to make it up to her. I was thinking the whole night what to do when I suddenly realized there is still some hope. She haven't recorded the title song yet that means I am still on the deal let's see what she is doing tomorrow. I'l make sure that she records the song with me. Arohi Malhotra just wait and watch. 


I wanted to finish with my Kash title track today itself. Channel was bugging me a lot and I was not feeling any positivity in the completion of this track. Only If I could still have Arjun by my side then there would not have been any problem. The title song lyrics which accidently were composed by me have a special place in my life because they were natural and it is the first time I wrote something. Arjun's tune was perfect. I had sung a lot of time but singing with my own lyrics that too on my would be husband's tune with my would be husband this combination was just perfect. The eighth wonder of the world. But that was next to impossible now. How I thought everything was going to be perfect when he agreed to me without fussing over but all into vain. I quickly dressed myself and came down for breakfast, everyone was present accept Arjun my mood became worse here I was planning to show some little attitude to Arjun and again he is nowhere to be seen. I asked Romit slowly when no one was noticing us. Romit told me that he has already left for the office. As I was about to have my breakfast and I heard Sid's worried tone.

"Arohi please come fast we have a problem." Oh what more problems were left now? I hurriedly left the breakfast table before anyone else tried to stop me. Before leaving I made sure Rashi bhabi knew why I had to leave afterall Kash was her baby too.

As I pulled my car in the driveway I could feel something different in the wind but I was not allowed to divert my attention so I quickly moved inside the studio where I was about to rush to my cabin when I heard the sweet tune that take my breath away echoing in the studio.

"Arjun" was the only word that came out of my mouth and a small smile appeared on my face. Wait what was he doing here? Have I told him to come yesterday? As far as I remember I didn't say anything like that then why was he here leaving all his work?

I was pulled automatically same as before the tune begin to take minute notes that I never heard before. The melody of the tone was much more then I heard it before. What has he done? I was not sure. I softly pushed the door of the auditorium letting myself inside.

As she came inside the auditorium I signalled everyone to take their position. Sound department was ready with everything necessary. As I signalled Sid he approached Arohi.

"Arohi are you ready to sing?" I heard Sid say

"Huh!" What was it! Everything was ready and I was genuinely satisfied because all arrangements ready means no more late hours work.

"Oh yeah I guess" stammered with my words but quickly moved into the room where a singer is expected to be.

As she moved to the room I could feel her anxiety she just needed a push and I exactly knew what that push was. I had kept the notes ready for her on the stand.

Even the notes were ready I couldn't believe my luck. As I saw the notes I exactly knew what I am suppose to do but for what I was waiting for was the sound of the flute to charge me up.

I took a deep breath closed my eyes opened them and nodded straight to Arjun.

This was the signal I was waiting for right now she was so nervous that she even forgot that she was angry on me. I wanted her to have full concentration so I begin with the first note of the song which was very much new. That was one of the note that I made at night.

As he begun with the flute my whole body was turned into a tree of Goosebumps. Each inch of my body was filled with music. His music that by now I know was different then before when he worked on it I had no clue. And I began...


Chahake bhi kehna paye

Dil ki baat dil mai chupaye

Bhaithe hai hum

Dil se dil ka

Rishta hai gehra

Phir bhi dilo mai

Kyu hai andhere

Jane na hum

Kash k eek din aisa aaye

Tum hum sath yu gungunaye

Dil ki bate juba keh jaye

Kash andhero mai kiran dikh jaye





As he took each different notes I experienced each and every moment with Arjun once again and there for the paragraph he put his master piece.

I saw her eyes filled with feelings and she sung I was no better than her. We were perfect with each other when it comes to music and when I played my master stroke I realised a tear slipped through her eyes. Damn I made her cry again but I was sure this time she has not realized it. And I heard her sing the next paragraph. To my surprise she didn't choke she was perfect

















(Written by me)


As the song finished I came out of my trance and looked at Arjun what mattered to me was his verdict and nothing else. He gave me thumbs up I saw him walking towards me and everyone else were clapping and smiling widely.

As I came to her I saw her expression change form delight to worried I stood in front of her and before anybody noticed what I was doing I wiped the tear that was dancing over her check with the song.

As Arjun touched me to wipe out the tear I wanted to hug him for doing such a huge favour on me but me being me stood there like a statue and convinced myself that I was still angry on him.

I saw her changing expressions once again and now I knew that she is back to herself. Now deal Arjun business deals are easy to crack then an over smart fiance. I shook the head to myself and

I looked at him in WHAT expression. Everyone started coming to us.

"Arohi you were so good and Arjun sir do I have to say anything? All credit goes to you I am sure this will be the most popular song after KMH songs and KTLK title track" Sid said ecstatic.

"Sid no credits please and we both have equal share secondly you call her Arohi so hy not Arjun to me dude.?" I said pulling Sid's leg

What was he doing I thought to myself

"Si—r actually you are the boss so.." Sid said fumbling

"So does she! Don't you think your boss's fiance is a boss too?" I said chuckling

Arjun I am going to strangle you. Why did he has to embarrass me after being so nice to me just few minutes before?

"Okay Sid back to work." I said changing the topic as I myself moved apart from Arjun to get back to my work.

"Okay Arohi and Bye sir I mean Arjun" Sid said with a smile and I nodded to him. He is a really sweet guy.

I saw her moving away from me. Not even a thank you? I was surprised that Mrs. Snaskari Arohi forgot the manners.

As I walked to the door I remembered not saying thank you to Arjun and I turned to see his face expecting a one from me.

"Thank you" I said softly and went through the door not turning back.

Hell she reads me so damn well. I thought to myself and followed her.

"Arohi wait"

"What?" I said turning I was in no mood to create a scene at my working place.

"Just a thank you?" I was complaining

"So what you expect?" I said with my nose up in air.

What? All right! I spend all night writing tunes for this girl and she is just finished with a thank you? I haven't slept even for a minute nor do I had my breakfast I did the whole arrangements just for a thank you? I deserved much more. I shook my head in disappointment and walked away from her to go straight to my office. I am not a kind of person who will run after my wife.

I saw him walking past me. Did I say too much? Actually the problem was I didn't say anything. I should have hugged him the moment we finished the song recording but I am a... and I walked to my cabin...

At around 8 at night I got a call from home and I was shocked to hear what Bhabi told me. I couldn't wait any longer I was a real stupid. I ran towards my car and without wasting a single second i was way back home.

As I entered the house I directly walked to Arjun's room I saw him fast asleep on his bed I couldn't control I ran to his bed and kissed him softly first on his forehead then his checks and then a soft peck on his lips. When I pulled myself I saw a tear slid though my eyes that dropped on his checks and that is when he opened his eyes.

I saw my angle in tears sitting there waiting for me to open my eyes her peck was so sweet that I wanted more.



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me third... :))

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what happened to your coloured fonts???
just started reading it -
lemme complete it

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Was amazing till now... loved the song...

The whole part was sooo amazing and what happened to Arjun????
and Arjun haan tumhe dubara pyaar ho raha hai...

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Mind Blowing one -
What a song yaaar
Pls complete the update

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