Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

FF: KASH!!!!!! NOTE 108 (Page 44)

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#21 Shagun

kash usne muje ek baar roka hota...


Kash main usse...

He has all rights in the world over me! Hasn't he? Then why did I ...


I shouldn't have left her to cry alone... But I am angry with her...

Arjun you are very rude Why am I angry i didn't know I thought to myself.


I was sitting there thinking. But I had to make a move I just can't sit there and moan over my foolishness. Bhai must get his foot wares back. There was no time to think. I was hurt both physically and mentally. But as usual i had to apply my smile to make me lively so that nobody will suspect. Not even Arjun.

Thank God he can't read me.


I thought of going back to my room and check if she is alright What if she is yet crying? What will I tell her? What if she is yet in pain because of the bangle? ugh Arjun you hurt her so much!

I was in the dilemma thinking what to do and what not. She was hurt and that matters a lot. Somewhere i was hurt to. There isn't any physical trauma but i was mentally hurt. Firstly because she didn't accept me and then because I punished her for no reason or may be silly reason. I should go and check on her I prepared my mind to go upstairs and then...



I was walking down with the jootas in my hand. I had won it! damn Arohi show how happy you are, i know i was not excited but i had to put that smile on my face. I dint want everyone to know what had just happened

while walking down the stairs I could see everyone shefu, romit, bhai , and bhabhi, mom dad eveyone then where is he? I want to know whats on his mind? what was he thinking ? where is he?



I saw her coming down with a wide smile on her face... Afterall she has one those joota's. The hurt sshe cused for both of us is nothing compared to that win. Right Arohi? I questioned her in my mind.

Her eyes were searching for Someone. She looked at everyone. smiling but definitely not satisfied. And then...



I saw him.. he was looking in my direction,


I was looking in her direction almost frowning. I needed explanation as to why she is like this. She must complain to her parents that she is hurt because of me. But there she was smiling widely. When our eyes met i could see a flash of sudden satisfaction in her eyes.


His eyes are so dense as if searching for something , for the explaination i thought perhaps. But there was more in his eyes He was angry furious and yes he was trying to study my mind..


 I looked at her hand and I felt like asking her how she is and how she managed to get that swelling off her eyes. i chuckled at the thought and then

"Arjun bhai" i heard my name 

It was romit that idiot always calls on the wrong time, then i remembered that we had lost the joota rasam (practically only i knew that we hadn't but i dont want any one to know that she lost so ..)

"we lost " i told romit making an innocent puppy dog face. Again thnanks to my acting skill I am good at conviencing

"she took them very smartly" while trying my best to hide the smile 


then she came with the jootas in her hand, her smile so bright 

"I won, We won" she proudly announced only i knew she won because of me and that moment she looked so divine ready to lose as many jootas all my life to see that one smile of hers that worth my life...i thought.

And with that i could not control my smile. I smile i know she noticed.



"I won, We won" i announced with the brightest smile i could put forth

I noticed him smile but i pretended to ignore it 

"Bhai paise nikalo" I almost ordered , but with a smile of course

"How much ?" he replied almost defeated He was looking at his bundle of cash trying to remove some and i just snatched the whole pile 

"What you mean how much? Obviously whatever you have. Otherwise forget your branded new joota's smarty.." i warned him 

And Finally he surrendered


after the rasam everyone dispersed. I notcied arjun lost in his own world. At first confused i was wondering what he was thinking when i almost got goose bumps. this is my chance i thought and almost ran in his direction



I was standing and trying to digest the events of this week the flight incident, the shocking marriage proposal, arohi's past , and...

"Arjun " i heard a soft voice call me And i knew who it was at once and turned expecting her to be as excited as I was

STRUCK with the change in her expressions

She was so confused and intense, but even that FROWN on her face looked like it was made for her. 

"How can someone look so perfect even like this?" I almost spoke out loud!


"sorry come again?" was my immediate reaction

to my foolishness


I continued to admire her beauty 


"what is it Arjun kapoor?" I demanded 

I knew at once what she was looking for but its best to pretend 


"nothing arohi malhotra" i quoted her name just the same way noticing her opening her to mouth to argue, so i quickly added "Btw congratulations on your win" wisely choosing my words 




"Oh cut the crap arjun " i began to argue but realised that he was trying to ignore it so I let him to that 

"thanks " i added "Girls are just too smart you see" making it easier for him.


There was something going on in my mind. He must get what he deserves.

I looked at himscanning him from top to bottom. I couldn't take my eyes off that perfect body which just a few minutes ago was so close to me and those infallible lips that were on me and my idiocy ruin that beautiful moment of my life.

What was i thinking.?

When I saw him while coming down I just wanted to flung myself onto him and Kiss him badly, because i couldn't do it in his room I wish I could...

Hang on Arohi... What is it? You are thinking of...




She was in her own thoughts deciding something. She called me to keep me on hold like this?

Wow first she refuses to accept me, than she comes down with a bright smile with triumph as if she is the only happy girl in the world, when everybody disappear she calls me out and try to mess with me and then suddenly something happens to her as if the whole drama is over and she tensed about the competition result and she stand in front of me a weird expression of which I have no clue.


Arohi I must applaud.

Arjun Kapoor has become a total waste.

As this thought passed by my mind I suddenly became rigid and grave.

Was this the indication that my era of being a King is over? Am I turning into a slave? Once marriage is done I am surely trapped. My whole family is a traitor. They ambushed me and on top of everyone is my beautiful, hot, s''..i mean cunning, mind reader wife (would be wife) who will never let me escape.




I decided not to behave like a complete looser. As far as I know there was still one month left for my official name changing ceremony.

I slowly turned to escape from my lovely lady'.



I wasn't in my sense until I saw dear fianc turning to leave me alone. Hey wait! I screamed in my mind. No use obviously!  I should work on speaking out loud when it comes to expressing me. I made a note with a node to myself.


"Arjun" I called out softly.

"Wait" I continued holding his hand with the same hand of mine which was hurt.


I could feel her touch. I would have ignored her if it was just a call but she touched me and my stomach gave a flip. I could feel she was very intense on something. She wanted me to stay with her, but why? I slowly turned back.



He turned slowly with a questioning look. I took a deep breath to avoid the current all over my body because of his touch which was taking over my mind and then I put my right hand forward with the bundle of money'.

"This is yours. You deserve it."


She held out a bundle of money that she won just now. Why was she giving it to me? I know I deserve that money but it's a game and she won, at least that's what everyone knows. So why''.

"Arohi you won''''"


"No Arjun you must have this. Rightfully it belongs to you." I said cutting him in the middle.

"Anyway that challenge was just for fun, switching sides was a funny twist. I wanted I mean me and Shefali wanted to win just for you and Romit. You are bride side so rightfully the "Shagun" belongs to you both" I continued with a little smile.


Wow she played for me? Us! I never expected someone like her will knock on the door of my heart so quickly. Rightfully being bride's brothers the money must be ours but the fact that she thought about our attachment to our sister was more than enough for me to admire her more. I stood there blankly, slowly my eyes started clouding.


I saw him staring blankly and then slowly his eyes were shinning. Tears! Arjun Kapoor and emotional? I felt myself getting emotional too. I knew how he felt. After all bhabhi was his sister.


I felt that my eyes are yet again betraying me giving out all the emotions that I wanted to hold for myself. I raised my hand to wipe off those water drops in my eyes who wanted to expose me fully by sliding down and gaining the title as tears. They were about to slid when''.


I saw him raising his hand to kill the emotion in his eyes but before that automatically I killed them for him. I wiped every little drop which was about to jump off his eyes. I know his image is the most precious thing in his life and I am not letting anything ruin that image Not even his emotions those dared to pop up just now. They must be warned.


I flinched when I saw her hand was gaining height to comfort me. No! Arjun Kapoor needs no sympathy. But then there was no sympathy but determination in her eyes. just when I flinched and the accumulated water drops about to let loose themselves she caught them and the rest who wanted to follow the lead of the dropped drop backed off by their own. I felt light and I was normal. No more emotions. She saved me once again by letting me gain my control back.


Tears were gone and now the sky of his eyes was clearer. I could see myself in those eyes and yes I was successful in making him realize he is The Arjun Kapoor. I put the bundle in my hand in his hand and brought myself closer to him slowly.



I felt my hand suddenly occupied with something. The money bundle was in my hand. Even though I haven't looked at it I knew it was money after all I am'' okay no need to say gain and again that I am a businessman. But what was most important is that she was moving closer to me. I have no idea what's on her mind but her gaze was hungry and intense. She wanted to read me but I am sure my eyes showed her nothing but herself right now. She conquered me and I don't mind being her slave right now because whatever she did for me today'''.


I was angry on her, I am wrong. Physically I could capture her anytime but she has captured me emotionally. Once again she out shone me. I don't love her but I'll make sure that she gets what she deserves because she is worth loving.


KASH mai usse Pyaar Kaar Pata'.



I stared in his eyes with intensity I want to tell him that I may not love you but you are the one for me and I accept that. His eyes were admiring me and that made me more confident that we can go along very well. I moved closer to him to give him what he wants. If only a kiss can tell him that I didn't want to back away from him it is just that I wasn't expecting anything like that then I think I should give him the kiss.

I knew there was no one except us. I was about to gift him what he crave when'''


She was about to surrender when'.


"Arohi" my mom called me.

My mom's voice broke my trance. I was startled. What am I doing? I was so close to him that I couldn't see his eyes properly. I wanted to read them. What he is thinking of me? I wanted the answers.


Damn! Aunty called her. Again wrong timing! We were so close it was impossible to look at each other properly. I knew one thing for sure if she continues to do what she wanted to do then I am not letting her go away. No way! But this wasn't the time to act stupid. I was angry on her not now but I was and I am going to play a little. Lets spice up the game. I almost was about to chuckle at my plane when I saw her backing a little.


I pulled my head a little to see what's on his mind. I saw his eyes shining with delight! Hell! I haven't done anything yet. How can he be so delighted? Then he adjusted himself.

"Arohi" mom called again.

I was so close to him that backing off without doing anything would embarrass me. so I quickly tilted my head gave him a soft kiss on his check and was about to run when'


I caught her.


He caught me Ouch! It was the same hand again but alas! I couldn't say a single word. I was dazed with the electrifying touch when he caught me suddenly. I was ready to surrender that very moment. I had to gather my thoughts to feed them some sense. Mom is calling you Arohi just run from here'..


I pulled her to me'.


My back was now pressed with his chest. Same feeling rushed through my blood as before and I heard him say'''


"You have to pay Arohi. This is not what it supposed to be. You have to pay with interest. Penalty time Arohi. You have to complete what you wanted to do but'''.." I took a little pause and took a deep breath and said...

"In front of EVERYONE" I said softly and left her hand. I know she was hurt on that hand. I stood there grinning.


I just turned at him. What? In front of all? Has he lost his all senses? I gave him a horrified look. Shameless fellow was grinning and I heard mom called again. This time very anxious. I gathered myself and my lehenga and without giving much thought to what he said ran away from there. I didn't dare to turn back.


She ran away. She was scared I know. I just want to pull her leg. Let us see what she has in her mind...

I stood there smiling widely and happily at the thought that I have made a right choice. She must be the one...

 P.S. i have no clue when i am updating the next... A special thanks to Drishti my little darling rose who helped me with this part without whom this update wasnt possible for me.. Thank You Drish...

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you updated too?? omg!

me first here too :D

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haha!! i love her thoughts :D :D

And ARjun...hayye,,.,,you know how i feel now...

he is soo cute yar!!

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wow mrinal, thanks for updating - i was really missing ur update
letme read it

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Guys its not a whole update i will update tomorrow. i have a holiday tomorrow so i can update it...

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Originally posted by Karnika007

Guys its not a whole update i will update tomorrow. i have a holiday tomorrow so i can update it...
mrinal, thanks for the message and the incomplete update - iam luving it mrinal - will wait for u to complete it tomorrow

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yea...we will wait for tmrw!!

we loved this nevertheless :D

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Clap These two are so cute... I love them!
Hayyyeee Arjun... Blushing 
Love how you brought KMH1 into this a lil with Arjun making Arohi kiss him in front of everyone hehehe! Love it...! Cant wait to see what Arohi does..! Awesome! Big smile
Update soon pleaseee

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