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Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

FF: KASH!!!!!! NOTE 108 (Page 40)

arohi_arjun Goldie

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It was cute update.. Yes they are engage but we know it wont be temporary...
Waiting to know what arohi 's past is???

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Karnika007 Goldie

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#19 Arohi's Past

Finally the engagement was over and within last 2 hours my life has taken a huge turn. I don't know why I got engaged. I was planning to run away with her. I mean if she isn't ready to get engaged I would have ran away and convinced her to do the same. Or may be contract signing. She must be very good at that after all these kinds of ideas are the products of serial stuff. I can't believe that I am engaged to a girl whom I hardly know. I didn't want her to be in dilemma but when she hugged me and let herself again I could feel the strong bond between us. I guess we are good friends now. I believe her because she reads me. I feel safe to be with her. Can we leave together forever? Maybe we can. But will she get but will she get the love she deserves? I mean I couldn't forget Natasha. She is everywhere in me. She must have got married and happy in life but does it matter? Can love be replaced so easily? I heard "Pyaar ek hi baar hota hai aur mere hisse ka pyar ho chukka". I couldn't succeed in my life that doesn't mean she has to suffer too. I was thinking all the way in my room in Malhotra Mansion. When my phone rang


"Hi this is Arohi" she said in a soft voice and I could feel she is tensed.

"Hello my dear fiance what's up?" I said with a chuckle

"Arjun I want to meet you come up on the terrace." And she hung the phone.

What? She didn't even talk to me properly what the hell was it? What does she thinks of herself? Now madam ordered me to meet upstairs we aren't married yet I think I have to remind her. Hell!

I slammed my door shut and left the room to terrace. All the way I was moaning to myself that getting engaged was a stupid decision where you give a right to a girl to ruin your life forever.

I quickly came up to the terrace.


I thought as I hung the phone on my now fianc. I must have not done that. I was too anxious for a reason. I was going to tell him about my past. I promised that I will not tell him but I can't keep him in darkness. Like the way he was honest to me. I too must be honest with him. I am sorry dad. I was thinking about how to begin when I heard his footsteps.

"Shoot what is it?" I questioned least interested.

I couldn't see her face as she was standing at the edge of the terrace looking down.

Was she planning to commit suicide or kill me?

I was nervous. I did not want to think seriously on both the possibilities.

I didn't turn back because I didn't want to face him. Tears were all over me. I didn't want him to see them either. I have to act strong I ordered myself.

"I want to tell you something that you must no. being my fiance now I am bound to tell you my past life. No one can order me anything but you. So I break the promise of my Dad as my duty towards you and your family is much more than my own family. Maybe this engagement is temporary but right now I have the right to confide my secrets with you. You were honest to me and I want to be honest with you." I said serenely.

 She was grim; whatever she spoke hold cent percent truth. Being my fiance rightfully she must confide in me I am the only one who can tell her no but I am not going to do so because she needs to let out everything. I must be by her side now. There was silence for half a minute then I spoke.

"I am here Arohi. Speak, I am listening."

As he gave me the permission I was more confident.

I took a deep breath and said

"Arjun I am already married."

Did I hear it correctly? I couldn't speak anything. I was quite.

He didn't speak so I continued.

"I was ambushed Arjun. I do not know the guy I was married. I just know two things about him that he is a very reach man and he ultimately became my dad's business savior.

It was 3 years back. One day dad approached me and told me I have to sign some papers that are very important for our business. I knew that time that our business wasn't doing well. There were lot of problems and bhai was in U.K. Dad didn't want to pressurize him with the burden so he told me that he is selling some of our property which was on my name.

I was ready instantly. I never said no when it comes to my family. I was sure dad will ultimately make everything all right and we will live happily.

After a year our business was normal again and everything was going fine. I was always a "serial mad" and I desired to come to Mumbai. Dad was ready first and then suddenly he said that I have to marry. I argued with me that I do not want to marry at the age of 22 but he won't listen.."

I snorted. More tears started dwelling on the edges of my eyes. The flow wasn't planning to stop.

"We had heated arguments almost every day and after a month dad told me that I was already married. The day I signed the property papers were my marriage papers and the other papers were of a lease extension paper.

I was married to a businessman and dad was at credit end of that company. After our business were in sinking position. He asked that person for some extension so that dad can pay him back. The one who owed the company wasn't available and then his father suggested this idea to dad. Acording to dad they were friends and only way to save our business was marring me to the guy so that in his absence I can take the decisions of the company. The two papers I signed was one of my marriage certificate and the second was giving an authority to dad for some more time.

I asked dad about my husband but dad didn't answer anything. I argued with dad telling him that he could have come and did this stuff himself why he needed to sold me? at this dad slapped me and told me now I'll have to marry the same guy traditionally. I wasn't ready to do so. My dreams were breathing their last so I decided to run away and then I came to Mumbai.

When dad told me about our engagement I questioned him about my marriage. I decided to think about marriage because I'll never know who my husband is so that I can divorce him. Dad won't tell me. I wasn't ready for this engagement because my husband claims over me then you, your family and my family will be in great trouble. All the reputation so far build will go in vain. I thought you won't agree for the engagement because you love someone but nothing as I thought happened. I always wanted a proper marriage like all the rasams and rivaz. I tried hard to stick to my decision. I planned to convince you. But when you said that we are getting engaged then I was tempted to it. It was everything I wanted that was never in my fate. May be temporary but I was getting it. I was glad you understood it. The fear was overcome by my temptation for the first time and I did mistake of the engagement. But when I thought I cheated you only thing I could do was repair the damage. You can break the engagement today itself. I will not say anything because I know I am a cheater."


I couldn't stop my tears. He didn't talk anything all this while. I was not sure whether he was there or gone. I wanted to turn back and see but I couldn't dare.


I was listening to her all this while. So much pain? Every dream of hers was shattered by the unwanted marriage sham. But what gave me the strongest jolt that the she was not my fiance but someone's wife. An unknown person, I had to ask this to her. My voice was lost long back but I had to make sure of certain things.

"Are you divorced now Arohi?"


He spoke after a long time. Now this is what was the right question!

"Arjun I think I am. Dad told me the day of Bhai and bhabhi's engagement dead took my sign on some papers. I was foolish to sign without reading again. I was so excited that I forgot that I have done the same mistake again. The same eveing dad told me those were my divorce papers and my husband now ex had already signed it." I said trying to control my shaky voice.

So she is still rightfully mine. I let a sigh.

"Arjun but I am not sure if dad is speaking the truth." I said dubiously.

"We will find out." I said instantly.

We still weren't facing each other. But now it was the time I make a move.

I walked towards her slowly.

I could hear his footsteps nearing me.

I came to her put my hands on her shoulder and made her turn to face me.

He turned me to face him I immediately put my eyes down. I was not going to read him. I was scared. But his affectionate touch made me feel safer.

 "You are not a cheater Arohi. As soon as you understood what you can do you told me what I must know. I am glad that you trust me. The one thing which any relationship requires exists between us. That is trust. Now speaking of love it is next to impossible because I can't do it. In your case you are too much hurt to even thing about it." I was stroking her hair. Her face was so wet with tears I was wiping off the tears with my other hand. She was still looking down.

"I want to give our relationship a chance Arohi. I mean the one I love is not coming back. She is married and now that you are divorced our engagement will not have any problem. We could be good companion throughout our life. I was not planning to marry but if it is you then I say why not?"

I was dumbfounded by those placating words. His touch and the way he stroke my hair made me go all dizzy.

"So Arohi are you ready to be that lucky girl?" I said with a chuckle.

At these words I looked him up. My eyes were full with tears I couldn't see properly but I could read his pure eyes. He is a real angel. I don't know why people are scared of him but for me he was the best man on the earth. He was ready to accept me the way I am.

I slowly spoke..

"Arjun what if dad told me lies again and the guy comes back?"

Now she was looking at me. Her eyes overflowing with tears.

"We will not get married until we confirm that you are divorced. Is it okay?" I said with a smile.

He was a real sweetheart. I nodded slowly.

I wiped all the tears from her face took her both hands in my hand and asked again.

"Arohi you didn't answer me will you be that luck girl?"

He again asked me with a crooked smile. I told him that the girl with whom he will get married will be the lucky one. I couldn't believe my luck. That girl was me.

"Yes" I said softly with a nod and a blush.

Wow! I proposed her? I mean I couldn't believe I was moving ahead with someone. One thing I was very sure that I made a right choice. May be I will never love her but we will always be good companions.


I could see happiness in his eyes. My happiness was reflecting in his eyes. I can't thank god more. I don't know whether I will love him or not but he is the one with whom I am planning my life now.

"Now my dear would be wife stop crying and go to bed we have lot of work tomorrow. It's mehandi day and don't you forget the joota rasam challenge." I said smiling widely.

"Of course not would be husband. I have lots of plan in my mind. Just wait and watch." I too said with a wide smile.

She was really sweet I couldn't stop myself I pulled her little closer and hugged her with one arm and I planting a small kiss on her hair. She needs it.


He hugged me with one arm and he kissed my hair. I must say he is very carrying. If this is what is my life I am very happy with it. No one can get a better husband like Arjun. I am proud that the one with the brightest luck in the world is me.

"Arohi you paint your eyes well when it comes to hiding your swollen eyes." I said with a chuckle pulling away from her still her hand in my hand.

"Good night Arjun" I said with a laugh taking out my hand from his and running away.

She ran away blushing. I stood there smiling.

Kash I met her before...

I ran too my room. I was too happy I quickly got into my bed.

Kash I could capture this moment. I smiled and closed my eyes...

P.S. so here is Arohi's past i don't know how well you all will digest it but hoping that you wont react negatively. Wink

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moonkmh IF-Stunnerz

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Me first.

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Arjuhisis IF-Sizzlerz

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me second

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arta Goldie

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a good good part Clap 
Arjun give on nerves at me when always paragon her to Natasha Angry
but Arjun dear you alredy are in a good way to have the most bigest and wonderful love in your live,Arohi..
I liked the part when he was in his room thinking about Arohi and he was actin like a real fiance not a pretending one Big smile, and he alredy is possesive to her , good for you Arjun...
and Arohi to is possesive about him and consider him like a real fianc so guys you are falling in love and we are happy Big smileBig smile
liked the conversation about them and so good from Arohi to tell him the truth , better this way than let him not knowing...

and about the unknow housband maybe it's Arjun itself otherwise both the families will not be rushing them to get engaged, cose they were cooking something and i think that waybe they have done this with Arjun&Arohi not knowing ... gosh what families LOL
and if so is the right guess i think that Natasha have know that he was married and have gone far away...  ok now i will stop will my imagination and will wait for you to reveal the truth otherwise i'm going to make a long list with the asumptions LOLLOL

so i have found the guess about arohi being somehow married or have a fianc?????have i Big smile?

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Arjuhisis IF-Sizzlerz

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mrinal, tooo good - very nice update
aru is married and divorced - DIVORCED- may be not
i am a bit tensed - who is her husband - defo that guy is going to create problems for arjuhi
waiting for the rasams
pls continue soon

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arta Goldie

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Originally posted by Arjuhisis

mrinal, tooo good - very nice update
aru is married and divorced - DIVORCED- may be not
i am a bit tensed - who is her husbandPriya i have a crazy idea that he wight be Arjun LOL - defo that guy is going to create problems for arjuhi
waiting for the rasams
pls continue soon

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punam2712 IF-Sizzlerz

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Me next


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