Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

FF: KASH!!!!!! NOTE 108 (Page 33)

lazyblues IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 8:12am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Karnika007

Originally posted by mansi_47

smiply luvin it i read previous updates also
arohi n arjun...n arjuns little suprise as pizza heheh
good bt no kash in dis update
nyways update asap whenever u get time
yup no kash dis time because last updates there were many kashs hehehd jokes apart this time i felt lets show them in reality n nt in i wish
nt in wish i no...reality is beautiful

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salmankh1 Goldie

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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 8:14am | IP Logged
Such a sweet update!  I love how both Arjun and Arohi do little things for eachother, take care of eachother.  But they're going to pretend the other night didn't happen...we'll see how long that actually lasts for!LOL  Greeat update and can't wait to read more.

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Karnika007 Goldie

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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 8:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by salmankh1

Such a sweet update! I love how both Arjun and Arohi do little things for eachother, take care of eachother. But they're going to pretend the other night didn't happen...we'll see how long that actually lasts for!LOL Greeat update and can't wait to read more.
u read it? Omg m on cloud nine wow u liked it m glad m ur huge fan

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arohi_arjun Goldie

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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 9:05am | IP Logged
awww... it was awesome update from alaram to breakfast to pizza... so cute... will wait for next part... wedding on the way... they will cum close during the wedding...

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ChunniBabu Goldie

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mysticlover IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 12:11pm | IP Logged
u knw wat i read the last 3 chapters in one go!
it was amazing!
i like the way they eased with each other! loved their conversations more!
keep it up!
tnx 4 the pm...

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love.1 Senior Member

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Posted: 24 September 2011 at 5:30pm | IP Logged
LOL... She needs a Psychiatrist hahahaha ROFL
Awww bless him Day Dreaming... sleeping on the couch, aww my poor baby hehehe LOL
Shes so sweet... so cute bless! Heart Putting his arlam on, making him breakfast and leaving a note... so sweettt! Thumbs Up
Oi oi yellow roses sign of friendship... and she wished they were red; all I can say is dont worry Arohi soon they will be red roses! Wink
Awww Arjun is so cuteee... sending her the flight tickets and pizza for her lunch! Niceee! Hug 
Like how they are trying not to think about the kiss... Smile really cutee how they are trying to make one another confortable and at ease!
LOL... hes getting fustrated with her for reading him... aww ts not her fault! LOL
Can't wait to see them confess they have feelings for one another; please hurry (so impatient I know sooorrryyy)
Waiting to see the wedding... Dancingits going to be fun and interesting hehe Wink 
Update soon Smile

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Karnika007 Goldie

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Posted: 25 September 2011 at 4:52am | IP Logged

#17 Pre Wedding

I could feel something below my head but didn't know what it is. Definitely it was not a pillow. It was hard. I think I was sleeping on a wooden floor. I am sure I am asleep I don't know where. I shifted a little slowly preparing my mind to open my eyes and I felt my hand squeezed. The touch was so soft that I wanted to hold whatever is in my hand right now forever.


She shifted a little and naturally I squeezed her hand. When she dozed off I thought that one hour wouldn't be a much problem but believe me my shoulder had gone numb and I doubt if henceforth I am going to have any sense in that area. Sitting still for an hour was another challenge. But when Arjun Kapoor takes any challenge he makes sure he wins it. I felt as though I am a vampire all still..

That warm touch made me want to sleep more and I tried to pull it closer. Now it was perfectly in fit in my hand and I realized myself blushing.


She pulled my hand so that it could fit in her hand. My hand was so perfectly fitted in her hand as though it is meant to be there. I couldn't see her but something made me feel that right now she has a little warm smile playing on her lips. Kash I could see her.

Few minutes later the announcement was made that we are landing after a while. I didn't want her to get up but unfortunately there wasn't any choice. I called her softly.


"Hum" she made a little sound clenching my hand more tightly.

 My right hand was completely under her control. So I brought my left hand close to her. Hesitantly slowly I kept it on her head and called her again

"Arohi we are landing"

"I want to sleep" she said moaning clasping my hand even more.

Now my hand was falling short of blood and I was scared that like my shoulders may be my hand was also on his death bed making some last moment prayers. First thing after landing to Delhi that I'll do is fetch a doctor for myself because right now that is the only chance for my survival.

I tried to sound clearer this time rubbing my hand over her hair.

"Arohi sweetie we are home. We are landing."  And then suddenly I felt my shoulders light.


Someone called my name but I didn't want to leave that warm feeling touch by getting up. May be it was a dream but I didn't want it to let go. After a minute I heard the same voice again calling my name and a hand on my head. "Whoever that person is; is going to get a piece of mind from me." I thought I was so tired I didn't want to get up.

And then I felt that we are height dropping. He was Arjun and we were going home. Oh my god how can I forget that? He told me we are landing and I should be up. I opened my eyes in haste trying to see through my blurred vision still not leaving the touch that soothed me in my sugary sleep.

I could feel that she wasn't in her full sense right now. But I could see her trying to catch up with the past event I think she was wondering how she is in plane. Slowly I saw her vision getting clearer. But one thing that surprised me of all that she was still holding my hand.

Though our hands were perfectly clasped together I release my grip over her hand now that she is awake I knew she would feel awkward. She surprised me again. Even though my hand was at little ease now (I could sense my blood gaining its lost flow back) she hadn't released it. I looked at her now feeling uneasy and then I slowly moved my gaze to my hand.


One thing that I could do even in the most disastrous situation is read Arjun's eyes as soon as mine look at them. He was feeling uneasy for I don't know what and I saw his moving gaze from my face to somewhere down. I slowly followed his gaze and I was horror struck. I was holding his hand and what it appeared to me it was me who was making it easy by holding it tightly. He volunteered his hand for me. I gasped and quickly released his hand.

I shook my head to clear my mind and then I realized it was the same touch, the warm one that I didn't want to let go. A thin line of smile appeared on my lips and as soon as I realized I was about to blush I controlled myself.


She followed my gaze and realized what she had done within no time I was released from her clutches and I was a free bird now. I wanted to be at easy for quite some time but when she suddenly let go me I didn't felt good. Why was it so? I had no answer.

Then I glanced at her from the corner of my eyes. She was about to blush but she didn't. She controlled herself. How I missed her blush. It was almost 3 hours the last time I saw her blushing

Slowly I felt our plane touch the ground.

I was home..

We came out of the airport and we saw Romit and Shefali were waiting for us.

Before we get into the car I must say him sorry I quickly made my mind and called him so soft that only he could here.


She called me but for what? We haven't talked anything after we landed. She is good at starting conversation I should give her that credit.

"Yes Arohi" I replied trying to sound normal. Only I knew that butterflies were dancing in my stomach making me anxious.

"Sorry for'." And as usual my words died before they could reach their destination.

I understood what she wanted to tell. I didn't want to push her further because at this time I was feeling more uncomfortable then her. I had no answer why I let her take over me and I am not going to search for them, not now.

"It's okay" I said quickly

"See Romit and Shefali is waiting for us." And I practically ran towards them.

He didn't want to discuss I could understand and I followed him without any word.

"Hey bhai and b--" Shefali elbowed Romit "di together. Nice" Romit said covering for himself.

This was the second time that b cam in our conversation. Again the one who delivered it was Romit. I need to check out this b business with him. Shefali blushed.


What the hell is this b even I didn't know. My younger brother needs go to his manners class again. I made a note to myself. There was something fishy with both Romit and Shefali. I noticed it quite a lot of time.

"Hi Romit" I smiled widely at him and hugged Shefali.

"Hi Shefali" I did exactly opposite of Arohi.

We sat into the car me and Romit in the front and Arohi and Shefali at back and headed towards the Malhotra Mansion.

Since yesterday when we arrived at Malhotra Mansion we were pampered by our mother's oh sorry I was pampered by Arohi's mom and Arohi was pampered by my mom. What was happening here? I thought everyone has lost their minds. Anyway all were behaving as we it is mine and Arohi's marriage rather than Rashi di's and Arush Jiju's. I tried to confront Romit but idiot was not available even for a second.

Today was sangeet ceremony and all were preparing for it.the best thing was there wasn't separate girls and guys side instead we all were one.

I was sure Arohi will be the shining star all over sangeet. She has got such a sweet voice and on top of that she can dance too...

I could picture her dancing. Her perfect features setting her apart from every other girl present in the house. She was remarkably beautiful and left her traces everywhere she moved. Her fragrance made me go crazy.

All the arrangements were made and the oldies were set for the sangeet but she was nowhere. Where was she gone? My eyes were continuously searching for her. A small moment by my side which is likely to be of hers would enjoy my attention. Several girls passed giggling by me, but she was nowhere.

"Arjun" I heard someone calling me. It was dad.

"Yes Dad" I turned to Dad. Dad was looking a little worried but I didn't ask him because I know eventually he will tell me and I didn't want to make him feel that he is really worried and people can read him.

"Please come with me upstairs we have something to discuss." I heard him saying gravely.

"Yes dad" I said obediently telling and followed him upstairs.

As soon as I got in the room entire older family was present over there.  By entire older family I mean my dad mom, di, jiju, Arohi's dad and mom. I was surprised.

"What happened dad?" I asked him now worried.

"Arjun please don't take me wrong" di started softly. I never saw di in such a grim state.

"Di break it I am getting edgy." I said still worried.

"Arjun we want you and Arohi to get engaged today." She said hesitatingly.

"What?" was the only word that came from my mouth?

Me and Arohi engaged? What was going on? When does this stuff planned? And she said today isn't she? The whole room started spinning around me. I was getting dizzy.

"Di but.." before I could speak anything Malhotra uncle spoke.

"The cards are already distributed. Rudra if he says No now then what about my girl? You know what happened last time I didn't know'"and Dad signaled uncle to stop. Aunty was almost in tears and Jiju was looking at me hopefully.

I couldn't make sense of anything. But one thing I need to do is speak to the girl who is about to take decision about this whole stuff.

"Does Arohi knows?" I asked shaking my head still not ready to believe what was told to me.

"We told her just now before you." Aunty spoke worried.

What was this going on the too people who are going to get engaged have no clue about anything going around them.

"Dad can you explain me the logic behind our engagement when both of us wasn't even considered for their opinion?" I didn't know what I spoke but I guess it made sense.

"There is a long story behind that we will explain you later after the engagement but please Arjun don't say no. It's about our reputation." Mom said coming close to me putting her hand over my shoulder.

"Reputation? Mom if you think about our reputation so much then'"

"Stop Arjun!" Dad interrupted me in a commanding voice.

"You have to do this engagement no matter what." He was firm.

I never saw dad pushing any responsibility over me anytime. He always supported me as I never failed to take any responsibility. But does that mean I was taken for granted? This was the most important decision for both of us and she was not even here. May be this is the reason why she wasn't anywhere when I was looking for her.

"I need to speak to Arohi. Now!" I said in a ringing voice.

"Go to her room it's two room after to the right" aunty said still worried.

I nodded and came out of the room.

This was bizarre. I headed towards her room.


I was standing there looking outside my window searching for nothing. World has moved upside down. Dad again asked me for something and yet again for the reputation of my dad I had to bend down. My heart was scratched. One thing that I put to sleep years before is awake now. I don't want to think about past. The sleeping truth of my life is awake and hungry. It is ready to target my future. My future is what will clam its hunger down. But dad took a promise from me not to tell anything to Arjun. What will he think of me? my life has nothing left once again I was forced to live in a lie.when I heard aknock on my door.

P.S. next update i dont know when this is a small one but i could do onlyy this much for today. i know bed time to stop but cant help..

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