Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

FF: KASH!!!!!! NOTE 108 (Page 30)

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Originally posted by Arjuhisis

oh leap of one month - they hardly saw each other and still they dream of each other everyday -
great to know that
very nice update mrinal
what is aru holding back -
defo there is a sad story behind her sadness
arjun had a past NATASHA
who does aru have in her past??
would luv to know more about it
luved arjun playing his flute and aru singing to the music
the flute sequence reminded me of kmh2
oh missed the first kiss of arjuhi
wish they kissed first and then aru cried and ran away 
anyway will wait for it in ur future updates
now let see what will happen the next day - will they take the same flight and will they come closer during the wedding preparation
pls continue
KASH u update the next part today or tomorrow itself mrinal

lovely update mrinal
both of them are thinking about each other
liked the way he sees her everyday when she is leaving for work

dance kya mast tha
kiss kyun nahi kiya
what is the the sad story of arohi that she she feels she can never fall in love
waiting for the next part

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 #16 Flight


I quickly opened my eyes at the ring of the alarm of my mobile. It was 5.00 in the morning. I was expected at the sets by 7.00. I put my bed in order and rushed to the bathroom. I came out of the bathroom after half hour. I was in no mood to put anything that will make me the center point instead I picked up an ordinary looking salwar kamiz of light pink color with a little embroidery all over it. I left my hair loose falling over my back bouncing. My hair was curly at the end and bounced every time I toss them or walk at a speed. I tried not to think about yesterday night that made me miserable. Again I was in no mood for make up so I kept it as light as possible only I took care that the area near my eyes is deeply made. Usually I do not prefer deeper make up anywhere close to my eyes but today it was unhealthy for me not to do so. MY EYES WERE SWOLLEN. They were huge making me difficult to even see anything within the range of a foot.

I tried to put on a smile on my face trying to hide out the misery which was crying out loud through my eyes. The smile didn't make much difference. I took out my sun glances from the purse on my bed and wore it to see if that could make any difference and to my relief I was successful in hiding out my despair. But only sun glasses were not enough while in the office I wear regular glasses I put them on hoping to have a positive result just in case of sun glasses and again I was satisfied with the result as they were all right. Good didn't like lenses, my liking for glasses saved me. I was ready to go I took my purse lying on the bed and opened the door of my room and walked out. When I came out my stomach growled and reminded me that I was hungry. I have not eaten since yesterday morning. I was so damn busy that I forgot to have my lunch and at the dinner the food which was for me I fed it to Arjun.

At the name of Arjun I paused. I stood still where I was. I was drifted back to last night. I knew it was wrong to be with him such cozily but I felt good, comfortable as though that is my real place in his arms. It was very difficult for me to pull away when he bent down to k''''

Snap out Arohi. I ordered myself screaming in my mind. I have to feed myself first and then leave for the office. As I climbed down the stairs I was surprised by the view in the hall.

Arjun was sleeping on the couch. His one hand was hanging down the couch. His head was not on the cushion he kept as a pillow. He was completely disoriented. I slowly moved towards the couch. I had no courage to face him. it was 6.00 in the morning. I have no clue when did he sleep but looking at him I was sure he was in the same condition as I am. Usually 6.30 is his time for gym that is what I heard from Kumud aunty but I was not going to make him up at that time. His mobile was lying on the couch close to his head. I slowly took the mobile in my hand and set the alarm at 7.30. I knew his time for office was 9.00 again thanks to Kumud aunty. I kept the mobile on the side table. Slowly put his hand straight. The moment I touched him current run down my whole body. My stomach gave jolt and flip twice. Even though he was sleeping he has this fascinating effect on me. He was in sound sleep and smiling for what I don't know. May be he must have been in a good dream. His crocked smile caught my breath. How can do something like this to anyone? I slowly moved my right hand closer to his head I was about to put it on his head and then I back off. What was happening to me? I guess I surely need a psychiatrist.

I got up from there went to the kitchen quickly made sandwiches and toast had my breakfast as fast as possible. Kept his tea and toast on the table and wrote a note and kept on the table below his cell phone. It was 6.20 by then and time for me to leave. I quickly collected my things, texted my driver to bring the car at the entrance and left from there moving to the door. As I was about to open the door I slowly turned back to have a glance at Arjun who was in his sugary dreams. I smiled tenderly and left shutting the door softly behind me.

Something was buzzing above my head. I couldn't make out what it is. Not again!!!! I was about to Kiss her when the buzzing sound started hammering my head. Then I realized it's my cell ringing telling me to wake up. I guess it is 6.30 I opened my eyes and could not locate where I am for a minute. By that time alarm ring has already died out. I sat on the couch trying to remember how I am here when all the events of yesterday night came running to me. Oh s**t how can I hurt her? was the only question I was asking myself since the last days confusing event. Yes confusing because I dint know how could I do such stupid thing? She must have never expected this from me and may be angry with me. I was still thinking when my alarm again started ringing disturbing me further more. Of course I had forgotten to put it off so it was on snooze. I put it off and saw the time. It was 7.40 but how come the alarm was set to 7.30? Usually it's 6.20 a.m. while again I was on the train of my thoughts I saw a note lying on the table.

Good Morning Arjun

I saw you sleeping on the couch so I thought you must have dozed off late therefore I made it sure that you get some sleep and put your alarm at 7.30 a.m.

Your breakfast is ready at the table with the tea. If it's get cold please put the sandwiches in oven I am sure tea will be as hot as it was an hour before.

Sorry if I there is any mistake

Have a good day



I was shocked to see the note. I was right she is perfect in everything she does I behaved like a jerk last night yet she goes ahead and leaves me this note. I should apologies and thank her but not so plainly. I quickly called my assistant and told him something which would be a surprise for her.

I was really touched by her sweet gesture. She is wonderful and no more idiocy. I warned myself and went to my room to get ready. As soon as I was ready I came down put the sandwiches in the oven making it hot. She was right tea was perfect and believe me it was superb. Like my mom. The day was pleasant. And as we are going to Delhi no matter what happened last night it had to be pleasant for both of us and I'll make sure of it. I washed the dishes as I knew no one coming home today and our servants are on holiday and left for my work smiling. I didn't see her today but her note made me happy at least I have her writing. She was so neat even in writing. This girl is amazing...

It was 1.00 in the afternoon. Those sandwiches I made were not enough for me. I was striving. My halat was worse than a bhikari. I managed to complete the targeted episode and thanks to my team they are perfect. There was a holiday of 3 days and all were invited for their Rashi madam's wedding. A special plane was arranged for them and everyone was very much excited. All will be coming on wedding day but for me I had to make sure that I reach today. Arjun asked me for company and I said yes but I don't think so after yesterday night that plan still existed. I came to my cabin tired. I had still not called the airlines and went to the table to pick my phone.

I was surprised to see a bouquet of yellow roses with an envelope on my desk. I smiled a little and took the bouquet in hand admiring it. There was no note on the bouquet so I headed towards the envelope to see who the one is. Once I open the envelope what came in my hand first were airlines tickets. The flight was scheduled at 5.00 in the evening. I glanced at the watch on the desk it was 1.15 p.m. I still had time. By now I knew that it was Arjun. I smiled to myself thinking about Arjun sending me flowers. Nice way to bring the situation back to normal. One thing was sure we both were selling in the same boat. How I wish the bouquet was of red roses but never mind yellow is a good start. Oh my God what am I thinking? I seriously need psychiatrist. I am asking Arjun if he knows any. What? Again Arjun! I saw another paper in the envelope that caught my interest. Smiling to myself like a complete mad I opened the envelope.

Hi Arohi

I guess it's good afternoon

I have sent you the tickets I will not be able to pick you up as I am having a very important work. Be at the airport by 3.00.

See you soon



His handwriting was little shaky may be he was in hurry. But what no thank you for morning breakfast? At least I deserved a thank you. Whatever I was too hungry to waste my energy on being angry.

I put the tickets in the envelope and then in my purse and I put the note in my dairy. I don't know why I felt like keeping it. The writing was not a masterpiece but the person who wrote it was sure one.

I was about to call pizza for my lunch when I heard my assistant come with a parcel. Ma'am here is your pizza.

I was surprised.

"I haven't '''"

Before I could speak my assistant said

"Arjun sir has already cleared the balances."

Was he here? I thought to myself, I opened my mouth to ask Siddhi the same but I shut it again and then said

"Oh! Thank you and Keep it on the desk." She followed my instructions and walked out of my cabin.

Wow this was a real surprise. I should say thank you and I picked my phone. Then I thought why should I say thank you? I agree he has surprised me but he haven't said me thank you even once so forget.. and I put my phone down opened the parcel and happily took a bite of pizza enjoying my lunch...

I read the note she wrote for me in the morning 79th time. She kept me glued to everything she does. I was acting like a moron and I admit it t myself but I wasn't letting anybody know that I am a real moron. I smiled at myself for being so stupid. It was 2.20 and I should leave for the airport. Thankfully I had finished with my work. Unfortunately I can't pick up Arohi as her office is at the opposite side of my side and picking her and then leaving was not possible at this time.

I drove to the airport myself telling my driver to sit beside me. Looking at his expression I felt as though he will have a heart attack any time soon of this pleasant shock. That expression is priceless.

Entry of Arohi in my family has made lot of changes in our lives to be very precise my life. I don't know why but I feel we are bonded but yet again I don't know what the bond between us is called. I wish I knew that. I was very nervous to actually face her now. Note talk was much simpler than an actual talk. I had to start. I wanted to apologies but I again admit that my guts were leaving me. I was never scared of anything in my life than this. The effect she holds on me makes me more edgy.

I pulled over to the airport and told my driver to take the car back home. I walked inside with a bag carrying my special wedding clothes. As far as I knew Arohi need not carry anything as all arrangements of her special clothes were already taken care by Shefali.

As I walked looking for her I saw her sitting on one of the chairs in the end with a phone chord in her year probably listening music and reading a magazine. I guess it's a fashion magazine because most of the girls are interested in the same.

I made my way to the empty chair besides her. while I was walking I saw she wore a light pink salwaar which was very ordinary looking yet she fitted perfectly in it making it beautiful. Everything she wore was a trend in itself. However simple she may try to be but she looked exceptionally beautiful and extraordinary.

Come on Arjun be on your guards you are the one who has to start.

I stood in front of her making her startle a little as she went off guard and fumbled on her sit making the magazine she was carrying let go.

I frowned at her quickly catching the magazine before it touch the ground. She stood up with her purse in her hand taking out the chords from her ears. I glanced at the magazine to confirm my doubt and was shocked to see she was reading a business magazine.

As soon as he stood in front of me I fumbled and dropped the magazine but thankfully he caught it. He glanced at the magazine and frowned. Why was he frowning? Can't a girl read a business magazine? That to a girl form business family? I wanted to ask him but I dropped the plan.

I took out my chord and put it in the purse and stood there smiling timidly.

"Hi" I said almost chocking

Wow she started the conversation and I thank her in millions because I could have never done that.

"Hi" I said with a soft smile

That crooked smile always makes me dizzy. He looked wonderful in his black suit and light blue shirt with a dark blue tie and formals.

Now as she started it was easier to carry with the conversation.

"You had your lunch?" I said with a soft smile

"Yes and thank you for the pizza" I said smiling. Wow it was easy to pretend nothing happened last night.

"No need to thank me it was just a thank you from my side for the breakfast and tea and not to forget alarm." I said now smiling widely. I was letting myself at ease

"You are welcome I thought ……" and the words died because I didn't want to go to last night's stuff.

I understood what she meant and I quickly added

"By the way the tea was awesome.. "

"Thank you "I said smiling and I got he was also not interested in discussing last night.

We sat there for sometime quietly only stealing glances at each other in a while but not actually talking anything.

Our fight was announced and we were ready to depart.

As we made ourselves comfortable in the fight he gave me the window sit.

We sat there adjusting over selves but not talking anything. We were together because I wanted a company so I should start the conversation I thought.

"I was amazed to see business magazine in your hand back at airport" I said teasingly..

Oh so Mr. Kapoor is back? I thought to myself and I replied back with my already prepared answer.

"Why? Girls can't read a business magazine? That to a girl who was born in a business family?" I asked him mocking

Oh so she was making fun of me? Good at least she was at ease now.

"What did you think that I am with a fashion magazine?" I added quickly

I raised my eyebrows a way too high her damn she can read me.

"You are never going to stop that don't you?" I asked getting frustrated

"What?" I said raising my eyebrows now.

"Peeping inside my mind through my eyes?" I said even more frustrated

"hahahahaha" I laughed out loud hell… he is getting frustrated…

"Come on Arjun snap out of it don't get frustrated. Its natural I never pre plan to read you." I said casually he must know I thought.

I liked the way she opened up herself slowly.

We talked for few minutes about our families.

And then I felt like sleeping I rested on my seat and I don't know next

I saw her dozing off. I am sure she must have not slept last night. I didn't disturb her. After five minutes my shoulders suddenly became heavy as though some weight is dropped on me. And then I realized she had placed head on my shoulders. I wanted her to sleep peacefully it was just a matter of one hour or so. I tried to look at her but couldn't see. I could feel her. Her smell was so sweet same as her. I closed my eyes after a while making myself think about the events happened between us so far……….

P.S. i will not be able to update soon and if this update is not to your expectation then sorry. criticism is welcome. Smile 

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me first
mrinal thanks yaar for the quick update
lemme read it

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Arjuhisis IF-Sizzlerz

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will wait for the work in progress to be completed

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Me 3rd:) let me read

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Originally posted by moonkmh

Me 3rd:) let me read
madhu, u r second dear
Arjuhisis IF-Sizzlerz

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mrinal, waiting to read about the surprise planned by arjun for aru

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nice part...
so they are pretending that nothing hapened ... but dears you just discovered that you are bonded and can't stop think about the other...just giving you some more time and later we will talk again about that ' nothing hapen'...
i loved the sleep couch scene and arohi preparin breakfast for him and she give him her plate me like it...
and like too arjun suprises , he is a nice guy and other time red roses don't forget arjun  oki? Smile

2 good updates in so short time ,,, thanks

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