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Uuf Kya Jadoo Mohabbat Hai: Chapter 80 Pg 119 (Page 117)

indian_beauty IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 December 2012 at 5:32pm | IP Logged
Aaawww Riddhima's pregnant Embarrassed love how she told Sid it was so cute<333
waiting for the next updateEmbarrassed

nine2 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 December 2012 at 10:29pm | IP Logged

^^ That was for part 78!!

But the earlier 3 parts were just hot! And though Riddhima started out being shy, I was surprised how bold she became as the night progressed!

And you have written it beautifully!


Just read part 79!

yay. Riddhima's pregnant and Sid n Yuvi are being matchmakers for the other 3 girls!! Definitely a sight to see!!

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.Shiva. IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 31 December 2012 at 11:18pm | IP Logged
Chapter 80

everyone was getting ready in riddhima's room when sid enter. shilpa was standing in front of the mirror wearing a royal blue saari checking herself out.

sid, " i must say you are looking lovely shilpa." he said.

shilpa turned around with hair brush in her hand and said, " SID! get out, if anyone else sees you then you will be in big trouble."

sid, " don't worry i will get out but you don't need to look at yourself that much, you are looking  very beautiful. Where is my wife?."

shilpa, " really? i am? how sweet and your wife is not here, she went downstairs b/c we have to get ready for our program."

sid made an sad face, " i couldn't even see her properly b/c of you girls."

naina, " devar ji you have your whole life ahead of you so don't worry you will get a chance to see your wife tonight."

both shilpa and sid pushed sid out of the room while they went downstairs.

Meeting The Guys

Saanjh Dutt

Aadit Roy

Chitesh Baja


yuvi, " papa cannot we go see the function from far away?."

mr. modi, " do you want to get beaten by the girls with sandal or even better with their sweet sweet hands? i am telling you guys to stay away from that room for your own safety."

sid, "  fine we won't go but we will make sure they don't get away with this."

aastha came to tell the guys to leave the house so they can peacefully start their function, " You guys are still here come on get out out out NOW." she screamed while everyone started to run out.

shilpa was walking toward the room when she tripped on her saari and almost hit the floor but someone grabbed her in time.

shilpa, " PHEW! thank god i didn't hurt myself otherwise our whole function would have been destroyed. i am sure this guys are cursing at us." she said while fixing her hair and looked up.

Saanjh eyes met shilpa's eyes. saanjh pulled shilpa even closer to him so he can look at her more closely.

Saanjh, " divine, seems like beauty has come down to this earth and i am lucky to have her in my arms." he said while shilpa blushed. she started to walk away but turned to see him, he was still there looking at her. he smiled at her while walking away while shilpa smiled back while playing with her bracelet.
shilpa, " "S" if his name starts with S then he is my soulmate." she walked way.
 anjali was in the kitchen when  Aadit came in to get some water before heading out to.

anjali was singing song when aadit came, " excuse me can i get a glass of water?."

anjali, " can i have a glass of water what a joke." she said in her head.

Aadit, " excuse me."

anjali, " i heard you, i am not deaf. you have two hands then grab a glass then pour water into that glass and drink it."

aadit, " Ouch! that is how you treat your guest."

anjali , " this house is not a serving house if you want something ask the servent not me b/c i am also a guest in this house. this house belongs to my BIL."

Aadit, " wow! now that is a very nice coincidence i am guest you are guest both are same to same that means we can be friends?."

anjali, " no thank you i have enough friends." while sipping her water.

Aadit, " hot mirchi." he said while cracking up.

anjali turned around and was about to smack him but he grabbed her hand and pulled her toward him.

Aadit, " na baby na! this hand is for loving not hitting someone and this hand will shower love on me this i promise you." he winked at her and sipped her water and left while anjali fume with anger.

sue situation was different, she found her man and she didn't waist any moment to confess her love to him. their love story hit it off immediately unlike her brother who took long time to get his love.

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.Shiva. IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 31 December 2012 at 11:26pm | IP Logged
everything was on the right place and now the girls function.

bubbly, " ok girls it's time to get ready for our function, come on kids come come." she is running with candy in her hand.

riddhima was sitting in the middle of the room while everyone was blessing her and praising her. all the elders women were singing while the girls were dancing.

the whole place was decorated such a beautiful way that riddhima felt she was really blessed to be part of this family.

shilpa came over and cover riddhima's head with red churni while smiling at her. sue came over to her bhabi and started to click pictures while anjali started to whistle.

naina dressed just like madhuri from HAHK started to sing.

"Didi tera devar deewana, Hai Ram kudiyon ko daale daana." riddhima along with everyone started to crack up while shilpa and sue joined her.

everyone started to clap their hands, then shilpa came dressed like sid while sue was dressed like riddhima.

"Main boli thi la de mujhe tu khatayi, Woh bazar se le ke aaya mithaai." while singing while sue beating shilpa along with others.

in the mean time all the guys clime up stairs and was hiding behind pillar while some where hidding behind curtains watching this girls make fun of them.

next came bubbly dressed like riddhima sitting on the floor while naina dressed like sri krishna.

bubbly, " Maiyya yashoda ye tera kanhaiyya, panghat pe meri pakde hai baiyyaan. Tang mujhe karta hai sang mere ladta
Hay Raamji ki kripa se main bachi.Baiyyaan na chhode kalaiyyaan marode
Paiyyaan padoon phir bhi peechha na chhode
Meethi meethi baaton mein mujhko phasaaye
Hay. "

padma, aastha and their friends started to whistle while bubbly and naina show a glimps of siddhima's love story. sid who was standing started to smile by re-collecting how him and riddhima met, how they fought and how they became friends to lover.

riddhima's eyes were searching for him b/c she knows he will come, her eyes fell on him and she smiled.

sid was standing there with his arm across his chest. he smiled at her.

riddhima couldn't help it but praise her husband and show people glimpse of their love.

riddhima, " Jab jab bajaaye mohan muraliya
Chhan chhan chhanakti hai meri paayaliya."

everyone stood in their track and watched riddhima with their eyes in shock motion.

riddhima smiled and looked up at sid, " Neinon se jab vo kare chhedkhaani
Dil thaame reh jaaye prem deewani."

padma along with aashta got up from their seat and started to whistle as loud as they could. shilpa came over and pulled riddhima to the floor. everyone circle around riddhima and started to dance around her.

all the elders lady started to play dhol. everyone was enjoying to the fullest when they heard someone playing guitar. they all looked up to see sid, yuvi along with others were watching them.

everyone became shock, all of the guys came down one by one and aastha grabbed sid ear and pulled it really hard.

sid, " mom mom. "

yuvi, " mom we came to entertain you guys."

sid, " right b/c without us how can you girls have fun."

naina, " really then ok, we will let them in but they will have to perform with us."

all the guys screamed ok.

shilpa grabbed sid hand and told him they are going to perform in maye ni maye.

shilpa wore a pink salwaar kamaze while sid sat down beside riddhima.

shilpa, " maaye nin maaye munder pe teri bol rahaa hai kaaga. johan ho gayi teri dulaari. man jogi sang laagaa "

sid threw a flying kiss at her and grabbed her hand, shilpa pulled sid along with her. shilpa covered sid face with her hand while looking at the fake moon.

shilpa, " chaand ki tarah chamak rahi thi us jogi ki kaaya." sid released shilpa's hand and looked at her lovingly.

shilpa, "mere dwaare aakar usne, pyaar ka alakh jagaayaa.apne tan pe bhasm ramaa ke saari rain voh jaagaa " she pushed sid away who was cracking up. Saanjh was looking at shilpa from far away.

at this moment mr. modi, mr. gupta and their friends all joined them dancing. padma and aastha was shocked seeing their husband like that.

everyone, " sun hiriye nach hiriye ,
nach ke rang jamaa." everyone started to dance while sid sat beside riddhima holding her hand.

sid came over to his mom and said, "
in haathon mein lagaa de meinhadi
baandh shagun ka dhaagaa."

shilpa got embarrassed and hide behind riddhima. everyone knows that it is time for wedding bell.

everyone was happy with the function and it's preparation. as long as they live they will remember this party for sure. shilpa, sue, and anjali was getting married right after riddhima gives birth, they wanted to have double happiness and everyone agree.

9 months later

sid was pacing left and right. everyone was in tension. the nurse were coming and going out of the delivery room. everyone was holding each other hand trying to keep calm. bubbly was giving everyone water to drink.

sid was getting anxious and kicked the door and at that moment the noise of the baby crying came from the deliver room. sid looked at everyone and gesture if they heard what he heard. everyone looked at each other and said yes yes. sid clapped his hand together and screamed i have become father, i have become father he hugged shilpa, yuvi, naina, anjali, his mom along with padma. all the girls hugged each other while their fiance cheer along with them. sid was going crazy with happiness. yuvi started to screamed he has become uncle! so much happiness was filled in that place that whoever was passing by that, they all were smiling seeing them so happy.

the nurse came out and said, " congrats mr. modi your wife give birth to twin, one boy and one girl. congrats." sid ran and hugged the nurse and started to dance with her while aastha took money from her bag and handed it to the nurse to feed her children sweets on behalf of their family.

sid enter the room after few minutes. riddhima was staring at the ceiling. she looked at sid and give her hand so he can take them. sid with teary eyes held her hand. he kissed her forehead and smiled.

riddhima, " are you happy?." she asked. sid cracked up when his wife asked that, " you have no idea how happy i am, how happy everyone is. becoming a father means like you are live again, i became alive again. thank you riddhima, thanks alot."

riddhima, " no thank you." she kissed his hand. the nurse came in with the baby. siddhima looked up and both of them held their baby in their arms. sid was holding his daughter while riddhima holding her son. both were happiest person on this earth.

the baby held onto sid finger while smiling a little, sid held onto his daughter and it felt like his mirror image was in the form of his daughter. riddhima looked at her son who's eyes was just like sid eyes, he was just like his dad very serious.

sid looked at riddhima and whisper, " i love you." riddhima, " i love you to." sid came over and sat next to riddhima while kissing his son on his forehead and riddhima held her daughter hand in her hand.

   5 month later

sid and riddhima was sitting on the living room of their penthouse holding each other hand. riddhima had her head on sid shoulder while sid put his head over her head.

riddhima, " sid."

sid, " um."

riddhima, " i want to thank you today for giving me place in your life." she got up and sat down in front of him with her knees knelt.

riddhima, " if i die today i will still leave this earth with happiness b/c i got to love you, a man who is truly my hero who has saved me from heartbreak. you made me realize what love is all about. you are the one who taught me what love is and till i breath i will love you each day more and more."

sid, " riddhima you don't have to say anything, i understand."

riddhima, " i know but i want you to hear me say it, i want you to remember today's date everytime we fight or when we are happy. you are the reason i live, you are my sunshine, my happiness without you there is nothing and today i want to give you a present."

sid raised his eyebrows and looked at his kids who was sleeping in the baby crib. he said, " you have given me the most precious gift, our children are the most important things in my life my daughter Aishani and Yuvraj."

riddhima smiled and took out her diary. sid looked at her in confused. riddhima took sid by his hand and started to walk toward their children who was sleeping peacefully.

riddhima looked at her husband mr. siddhant modi and handed him her diary. sid give her an innocent smile.

riddhima, " this is my diary, in here i have written all my dreams, all by pain, i have written about the moment we met for the first time and how you have create a space in my heart that i became your deewani. in this diary you will find when and how i started to fell in love with you. i want to share everything that is related to my life with you, my friends abhi and i relationship, my sister relationship with me everything so tomorrow there will be no space left between us at all."

sid held the diary in his hand and tapped it, " you want to share everyting with me but i have nothing that i can share with you."

riddhima shh sid with her finger, " you have shared everything with me. your love, you dreams, you sadness and happiness. you made me so happy that i cannot describe it in words. if i have learned something from you then it's the word love, true love means sacrifice and unconditional love. even after death we meet again i would still want to be your love sid! if not love then give me pain i will happily accept that but never push me away from your life i won't be able to live nor die."

sid, " you will always be beside me riddhima. it seems after century we have met and in this life we are together and no one can separate us. i will never leave you, i will always love you like i love you today, even when your hair turns grey my love will grow more each passing day this i promise."

riddhima, " i love you more then life itself siddhant modi, i always loved you."

sid, " i love to riddhima, always did." riddhima hugged sid and sid held his wife in his arms while the bright moonlight looked up at them. the baby started to cry and both siddhima smiled and took each one in their arms and stood facing the moon.
as the scene started to fade away riddhima turned around to kiss her husband, a long passionate kiss. sid wrap his arms around his wife while holding the baby with his other hand.

sid, " our kids are going to make us very proud, they will be just like me."

riddhima, " they sure will and one day someone will come into their life and love them like i love you."
sid, " me to and they will love that person more then anything." both put their head against each other and smiled. the camera started to shift toward their family pictures, sid holding theitheir daughter while riddhima their son while the kid give a cute pose hold ho holdia happy family and the most beautiful couple ever. some love story are meant to be fulfill and today siddhima's love story has fulfill. if two soulmates are meant to be together then they will no matter what. god bless siddhima and their children who will be their image.

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.Shiva. IF-Achieverz

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Thank You Notes

thank you everyone for reading my FF, thank you for sticking by me for so long which means alot to me. you guys mean alot to me, thank you for making me feel i am good at writing, thank you for just posting comments and giving suggestion. this FF was written for my friends and i hope i did justice to it, if not then forgive me. we all wanted to see siddhima to end up together but we didn't get that but this FF will ease some of that pain b/c i made sure no matter what siddhima stay together till the end. thank you guys for all the love and care, god bless each and everyone of you.

Happy New Year EveryonePartyDancingHug

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ginac IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 January 2013 at 6:11am | IP Logged
Bani meri sab kuch, meri rani tears of joy!!!!!!!!!!!Clap absolutely fantastic. U r def rite in saying that we all wanted Siddhima to end up 2gether and this is exactly how it shd hav happened. Bani cant say thank u enuf  for keeping Siddhima alive in all of us here. I hav absolutely luved !!!!!!! reading ur FF. 
Bani u r truly a talented writer. Biggest hug my queen HugHug


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nine2 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 January 2013 at 1:24pm | IP Logged
AWw. A wonderful ending! Everyone found their match. Siddhima parents of twins and cute lovely siddhima moments in the end!! A perfect ending! Thanks for writing it till the end and giving a proper ending to siddhima even if its year and half after the show ended! Thanks for the pm! :)

Oh and Happy New Year! 

Time for new beginnings! :)

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indian_beauty IF-Stunnerz

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Aaawww such a beautiful perfect ending to a perfect love story <3 Siddhima as parents so sweet Banuuu loved it <33333 This is exactly how the SR story shud've went but *SIGH* anyways thankuuu my cupid for giving such a beautiful Siddhima story Hug

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