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Uuf Kya Jadoo Mohabbat Hai: Chapter 80 Pg 119 (Page 116)

-jas- IF-Dazzler

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me firstt

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Chapter 76

sid went up to riddhima and held her from behind. he put his head against her head. riddhima put her hands around sid hand and putting her head against his shoulder. sid put his lips against riddhima's burning pulse. heat swept through her. lightning streaked through her veins with white-hot intensity. riddhima turned around as fast as she could and hugged him tightly. sid also hugged riddhima back while walking toward the bed slowly. as they got close to the bed, riddhima looked up. their eyes met. she was lost immediately, drowning in the depths of his deep chocolate brown eyes. riddhima leaned toward him, needing to examine his features up close. her fingertips moved over the angles and planes of his face, brushing at the lines near the corners of his mouth.

soft. seductive. unexpected. and it startled both of them.

she turned her head slightly, exposing her soft, vulnerable neck, an expanse of smooth, scented skin.

sid put his warm hand over her face while looking straight at her. riddhima eyes was sparkling. she wanted this as much as he wants this. sid reached for her, drew her closer. she fit into his arms, her soft body lush and pliant. she was hot silk and satin, elevating his fever. slowly he bent his head to her perfect skin. sid inhaled her scent, felt her pulse jump when his hot breath touch her skin. his lips touched her skin while riddhima body lit in fire. he took his time, drinking in her scent, making love to her neck. her heart was beating with the rhythm of his.

his lips were velvet soft. she felt tears burning behind her eyes. he was stealing her heart, and he wasn't going to stop there. her soul craving him. truly craving him. sid picked up riddhima in his arms while riddhima put her arms around his neck. he started to walk over to the bed and slowly laid riddhima down. riddhima rolled over to the other side and hide her face with her hands. sid sit next to her and covered his hands with her hand while her back was against her.

riddhima turned around to face sid. their eyes met each other. riddhima got up and  put her arms around sid neck. the moment broke into intensive song.


Honton pe bas tera naam hai
On my lips is only your name

Tujhe chaahna mera kaam hai
To want you is my job

Tere pyaar mein paagal hoon main subh-o-shyaam
In your love I am crazy day and night

sid smiled. his heart was melting, even his body craved hers with an obsession he couldn't overcome. he picked riddhima up in his arms and both of them started to move in circle.


Yeh raat soyi hai khoyi khoyi
This night is sleepy and lost

Armaan mere hain jaage jaage
My desires are awake

Yeh kya mujhe ho gaya
What has happened to me?

she ran toward the window and opened all of the window letting the air come in. sid on the other hand lit a match while lighting all the candles in the room one by one while singing.


Zulfon ke saaye chilman banaaye
The shadow of your hair makes a curtain

Aa main deewani inko hata doon
Come, I will move it aside

Dekhoon tera chehra
I will see your face

riddhima ran to sid while pushing him against the table. she came close to him and teased him by going close to him as if she is going to kiss him.


Deewaangi ka jaam hai
This is a cup of madness

Tu ishq ka inaam hai
You are the reward of love

as she was about to go away sid grabbed her by her soft silken hair and turned her around.


Tere pyaar mein paagal hoon main subh-o-shyaam
In your love I am crazy day and night


Jaanam I love you, you love me
Sweetheart I love you, you love me

the candle started to burn softly. riddhima ran to the balcony while dancing around with joy. the wind brush through her black like night hair. her  hazel eyes on sid that is filled with blazing fire.


Thandi hawaayein jaadu jagaaye
Cold winds create magic

Meri nigaahein hain pyaasi pyaasi
My eyes are thirsty

Chhaane laga hai nasha
Intoxication has begun to arise


Yeh gori baahein tujhko bulaaye
These fair arms call out to you

Aaja mita doon doori zara si
Come I will end this little bit of distance

Ho na koi faasla
So that there will not be any distance

he sang while watching his wife through the window. riddhima put her back against the railing while putting her arms openly for sid to come. sid walked over to her and hugged her.


Dil ka yahi paigaam hai
My heart's message is this

Tu chain hai, aaraam hai
You are rest, you are comfort


Tere pyaar mein paagal hoon main subh-o-shyaam
In your love I am crazy day and night

sid took his wife in his arms again and this time he put also went to bed riddhima. riddhima didn't move away this time. she give sid her hand, an invention. sid slowly took her hands in his hands and kissed it. riddhima couldn't believe the pleasure coursing through her senses as sid kissed her palms, her nose, then move his lips to her jaw, to the sensitive flesh of her neck. he moved over her, watching as she reclined on the bed, alnnd naturally sensual, her leg bending, her knee rubbing against his hip as he braced his arms on the bed beside her.

riddhima rolled sid on the bottom while she got on the top this time. riddhima kissed sid nose, his eyes, his jaws. she kissed his neck leaving a dark mark there. sid held riddhima very tightly as if he is going to break her in half. riddhima rolled back her back against sid exposing her backless back. sid touched her back with his finger tips making riddhima shiver. riddhima grabbed the bed sheet from this intense feelings. sid kissed riddhima's bare back which made riddhima moan, then he move upward and bit her earlobe softly. riddhima turned around to face sid. sid kissed her forehead while riddhima put her arms around his neck.

riddhima went to get up but sid grabbed her by her sari which made riddhima stopped in her track. riddhima looked behind. sid smiled and gesture her to come back to him and when riddhima didn't sid pulled her to him which made riddhima fall on top of him.

the moment was filled with Hunger. Intense. Needful. Burning with desire.

riddhima breathing heavily while her right hands is laying flat. sid touched her hand while playing with her bangles. sid then went down to her feet and kissed her feet. He ran his tongue around hers as he kissed her back, marveling at her capacity for such outspoken pleasure. he removed the earing from her ear while kissing her ear. riddhima bit her lips from crying out loud.

She sat on the edge of the bed, her hands clasped neatly in her lap, and looked up at him. sid stood in front of her with a raging passion.

riddhima with a shaky hands  slip her fingers to unbuttons his shirt. as she started to unbutton the shirt she could feel sid eyes on her, burning for her.
 riddhima got up from her seat so she can get better access to removing the shirt. riddhima pulled down the shirt and dropped it on the floor.

his muscles were subtle, but well defined. she couldn't tear her gaze from the wide expanse of his chest. the thickness of his chest. his narrow waist. the strength in his arms.
riddhima stroked her hands down his chest making a memory of it. sid clenched his hands in her hair. riddhima looked up at sid and bent her head down and kissed his 8 packs abs slowly, inch by inch. sizziling heat swept through sid. riddhima licked on of his abs which threw sid out of his balance and grabbed riddhima to pull her up.

riddhima breath caught as sid slowly leaned in closer, till she could feel his own heavy, excited breathing against her lips. Their eyes locked and did not shift as slowly he
leaned in slowly, edging towards her inch by inch, wanting to savor every second of this first contact for as long as he could. When their lips finally met, it was everything he had ever hoped and dreamed it to be and more ... gently.. sid lips touched riddima's lip.

His lips brushed hers, softly, almost hesitantly, and briefly, but she felt the sudden heat, the connection, begin between them at the first, light kiss. Then the second kiss was a little longer, as sid lips slowly caressed the outside of riddhima's. Gently brushing their lips over one anther's. Just the feel of riddhima soft sweet lips, and the innocent taste of her was enough to make sid die happy right now. The connection deepened and they felt each other's feelings. riddhima gasped at the way she felt like she was floating, and sid took that opportunity to kiss her with their mouths open. Both groaned and sid wasn't sure who was shaking... him or her. He suspected it was both. He had been waiting for this moment all his life. And now he knew it was right.

riddhima rested her hands on sid shoulders for balance and gasped, a second before he deepened the kiss, giving her a further taste of the burning desire inside him.

Her small sounds of welcome caught in her throat as his tongue pushed past her teeth. The dark sweetness of his kiss sizzled on her tongue as she tipped her head back to give him free access to her mouth. He took what she offered and sizzling electricity rushed through them. sid slipped one arm around riddhima, supporting her, bringing their bodies together again.

riddhima had her right hand pressed against his chest and her left hand cupping his cheek gently.
Before she knew it, riddhima was lying back on the bed. sid was lying on top of her, kissing her breathless yet again. His hands were caressing her sides as their lips danced and their tongues tangled. She never felt anything like what she was feeling at that moment, and she never wanted that feeling to end.

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.Shiva. IF-Achieverz

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This Is Really Hot Part Don't Read It If You Find It Is Too Sensual For You

Rated- 17th

Chapter 77

"Sid . . ." she moaned as his lips torn from hers again. He moved his kisses over her cheek, then to her neck. His lips traveled down the pale column of flesh until he came to the junction of her collarbone. She felt his tongue taste her there, then felt the suction of his lips on her tender flesh. she wanted his touch - more, needed it. there was never going to be enough time for them to be together. his hands moved possessively over her hips, her buttocks, smoothing, kneading, exploring. riddhima circle his neck with her arms.

 sid lay over her and slightly to the left. She turned just enough to meet his intense and hungry gaze and gave him a seductive smile. Without a word, her hand rubbing over his hard abs, then up his firm, smooth chest. He sunk down beside her and they turned until they were lying side by side facing each other.

she blushed, the color delicately staining her cheeks. " i want to touch you, to feel my hands on your skin." his fingertips traced the line of color in her face. her body ached for his, and what she was doing only deepened her desire. there always a joy in locking away with demons like mr. siddhant modi. bad boys are always something worth getting involve with.  he didn't move, didn't attempted to persuade her, allowing her complete freedom of choice.

riddhima smiled at her own happiness. in her mind she thought how in the world did she get involve with a man like this. from outside siddhant modi is nothing but a cold ice. she never thought she will get married to this man, love him. for riddhima siddhant modi was nothing but a mean little brat. today she is in love with the same man, she loves him so much that it hurts. she wants to give him all the happiness of this world. she wants to love him till the end. her only dream is to die in his arm as his bride. if she get's another life after this, she would want to be sid wife. she wants him and if she cannot have him then she won't want anyone for the rest of her life in this earth or in any birth.

riddhima's tongue slid along the seam of his lips, teasing, testing, licking delicately. while her tongue dueled with his, her hands slipped from his hair to find his shoulder and then moved down, her fingers stroking every inch as if committing his boy to memory. her mouth left his so she could nibble at his stubborn jaw. her tongue swirled over his throat, found his pulse. sid breath slammed out of his lungs.

sid was loseing control at this moment but riddhima spoke up " not yet." she whispered " you taste so good siddhant."

his entire body shuddered, " do you feel what you are doing to me?" sid spoke in shaky voice. outside the wind blew into the room making the moment more intense. the moonlight reflection was casting over siddhima. her hands wandered lower while her mouth feathered kisses over his chest and along his ribcage. she found his back, each defined muscle. she was tormenting him.
sid, " this is dangerous riddhima. i won't be able to stop myself." he said in a warning voice.

riddhima, " i don't think so sid! this is what i want." she smiled.

"You're so beautiful," she marveled as her hands moved back down his legs and stopped again at his knees. She pushed them apart gently and situated herself between them.

there was still a plea in his voice. Need. Hunger.

she allowed her gaze to drift slowly over his body, to dwell on his defined muscles, his powerful chest, his narrow waist and hips.

Her hands traveled higher, her fingers massaging his sensitive skin as she drew so close to her target. His breathing was ragged as he struggled to stay still beneath her. She could tell that he was having a hard time doing so.

riddhima came up to sid ear and whispered, " now you know how you make me feel each time you come near me." she said.

sid looked at riddhima , " are you sure you want this riddhima, we don't have to do anything if you don't want to. i don't want you to.."

riddhima put her finger on his lips to shush him, " Absolutely. i want this. i want you." she gave him acceptance, tears shimmering in her eyes. tears of joy and acceptance b/c she knows sid is her soulmate, her lifemate and he will always be with her no matter what.

his fingers curled around the nape of her neck. outside the wind began to rise.  riddhima got up from the bed so she can undress.her throat worked convulsively as she slide the lacy straps of her bra loose, let the material slide to the floor. riddhima covered herself with her hands as she stood there in front of sid naked. sid was amazed by his wife beauty. he control his raging hunger and came over to his wife.

with his one hand he pulled riddhima's hand away from her chest. he tracked every line of her ribs, feeding his hunger, soothing her fear. sid trailed his finger over her flat stomach and ridge of her hipbones. his body was so aggressive, trapping hers against the hard muscle of his chest. the light from the flames cast a demonic shadow over him.

riddhima, " sid." she said his name softly, reaching out to ease the lines in his contorted features, needing him to go slower.

he caught and pinned both her wrist in one hand, stretched her arms above her head and held her there. " you trust me? he question her.

riddhima, " more them myself." she said confidently. his eyes moved over her, hot, glowing, burning her skin everywhere his gaze touched. she was a bit scared, so vulnerable but she has faith in sid, he will never hurt her.

He swept her effortlessly into his arms, his eyes never leaving hers, and walked purposefully to set her gently in the middle of the king sized bed. He crawled on the bed and lay out full length beside her. Still holding her gaze his mouth slowly descended to lightly brush her lips. Their eyes swept closed as new sensations washed over them. They slowly increased the intensity of the kiss until their mouths opened.

riddhima kept her gaze locked with his as she moved over him. riddhima started to unbutton sid pants but looked at him for permission. sid smiled. He guided her gently with his hands still at her hips and, slowly, she sunk down onto him. As his body entered hers, riddhima moaned. She clenched her teeth and stayed still, letting herself grow accustomed to this new fullness. sid waited and just kept watching her.

Finally, after a moment, she slowly leaned down to him; their bodies still one. She shifted slightly to lay across him without breaking their bond and his arms came up to cradle her to him as her lips met his in a hungry kiss. When they broke the kiss, he finally started to move within her. She cried out as he pushed forward and a sharp pain coursed through her body that soon subsided. He soothed her cries with a gentle kiss that became more passionate. riddhima's nails dug into sid's shoulders. 

riddhima shivered with pleasure as sid's tongue explored the hollow of her throat. The quiet moan she elicited vibrated against sid's mouth, and he eagerly pulled her closer to him.
She reached up to touch his lips and he opened his mouth to suck on her fingertips. 

riddhima almost melted just by the intense heat she saw blazing in sid's eyes when she met his. He was so beautiful, and it made her head spin to know he was all hers!

Even as riddhima felt the initial pain of liz's body completing hers, she also felt his hand slide down once again between them and the heat of his hand as he healed her pain at the same moment.

riddhima sobbed at his total tenderness and regard for her even at this moment, and kissed him deeper, loving him with every breath. NO one was like siddhant modi. He was so unique and she would love and cherish him for the rest of her life.

She sighed blissfully, her face still flushed with passion, as she glanced over at sid's own heated countenance. Beads of sweat peppered his reddened face and his hair was matted to his forehead. He looked so sweet and sexy.

"I love you, sid, i always have and always will,"she implored, in whispered tones.the candle started to burn down while siddhima made love, the night got even more passionate as time went by. everything was perfect, siddhima are one now forever.

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Hottest update ever BlushingBlushingBlushing  BlushingBlushingBlushing

Edited by -NaGs_BaBy- - 16 December 2012 at 11:02pm

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Bani meri jaan HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! am friggin dead , totally and utterly dead. U hav managed to put me in a state of needing CPR big time. WAT AN UPDATE.!!!!!!Clap OMG had goosebumps reading it. Far out this is wat I wud hav luved to see for Sidhima. 
wow!!!!!!!!!!!! wah, wah ,wah CVS STEP ASIDE NEW CHICK ON THE BLOCK Hug LOLZ I WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!! standing ovation.
 lets do retake. !!!!!!!!ROFL

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Originally posted by -NaGs_BaBy-

Hottest update ever BlushingBlushingBlushing  BlushingBlushingBlushing

thank youBig smile

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Originally posted by ginac

Bani meri jaan HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! am friggin dead , totally and utterly dead. U hav managed to put me in a state of needing CPR big time. WAT AN UPDATE.!!!!!!Clap OMG had goosebumps reading it. Far out this is wat I wud hav luved to see for Sidhima. 
wow!!!!!!!!!!!! wah, wah ,wah CVS STEP ASIDE NEW CHICK ON THE BLOCK Hug LOLZ I WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!! standing ovation.
 lets do retake. !!!!!!!!ROFL

ginHugthanks alot! you want retakeROFLis this a movie where we can retake? all i can say is there is more to comeROFL
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Woah tht was HAWT HAWT HAWT!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm gonna need a lil break to calm myself down LOL I shall return!! Tongue

Ps banuuu I miss u so much Unhappy

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