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Uuf Kya Jadoo Mohabbat Hai: Chapter 80 Pg 119 (Page 114)

loveSR Senior Member

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Posted: 15 October 2012 at 4:58am | IP Logged
awesome update...continue soon 

ginac IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 October 2012 at 5:30am | IP Logged
BaniHug meri rani u r killing me lolzzz plz continue. Miss Sid sooo much. only u can make me relive those magic dys. HugHug
MidnightMusings IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 12 January 2010
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Posted: 15 October 2012 at 11:11am | IP Logged
Heyy Baaanu... Miss u loads... Huge hug yaaar.. :D

by the way, is it a lucky day or what? Aap to bohaut rarely darshan or smethin like that dete hain :P

Amazing update dear.. You rock.. Love their cute convo and poor Riddhima has to wait..

Mwaaahhh.. keep it up..
-Harshu- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 27 May 2010
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Posted: 16 October 2012 at 7:33am | IP Logged
Aww such a cute update :) I love their convo <3 poor Ridz ll ve to wait :P
Can't wait to knw what surprise Sid planned for her ;)
Continue soon...
.Shiva. IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 21 October 2012 at 8:39pm | IP Logged
Chapter 74

it was 8:00 pm and all the guest was coming one by one. riddhima was getting ready upstairs while everyone was downstairs welcoming the guest. along with other guest abhijit was invited to.

aastha was talking to her friends and giggling. while the servants were serving drinks to everyone. the atmosphere was beautiful everyone as happy. shilpa and sue were making sure the foods were what they order but in the middle of all this checking they were eating the food time to time and when yuvi caught them they aid they were just tasting if it was tasty or not.

padma and shashank
enter the party to. Mr. Rishabh Modi spot them and gesture them to come over to where he was. They went to him and greeted each other.

Shashank, " Hi Mr. Rishabh. it is very nice to see you here after so long." smiled.

rishabh, " yes i had to come. after all it's my daughter in law's birthday party and i won't miss it for the world or else she will punish me and i cannot afford that." they all laugh together.

padma, " you guys have fun now i will meet my friends. Mr. Rishabh where is my best friend aastha?."

mr. rishabh looked around the room and spotted his wife who was chatting with her other friends. she was looking stunning. black saari, hair down to her waist, those deep brown eyes, high heels, and that smile.

mr. rishabh, " hai she is kaymat today. come i will take you to her."

they walked up to aastha who was laughing at jokes. Mr. Rishabh, " darling guess who has come to meet you." while putting his arms around her waist.

aastha, " who is it darling?." and she spotted padma and screamed. they both hugged each other and smiled.

padma, " wow aashta you are looking stunning today. this reminds me of those old days when we used to get all dressed up for a party while the guys used to go nuts over us."

aastha, " padma look who is talking. you are looking dame beautiful today to. blue saari with that beautiful figure, that gorgeous smile you are a killer today."

shashank and rishabh, " aur hum?." fixing their blazer coat and coming hair.

padma and aastha both looked at each other and cracked up and said, " please guys." and turn around to chat with their friends.

both the men's mouth drop to the floor and walked away from them. the music was in full swing and everyone was waiting for riddhima to come down the stairs.

shilpa as usual were playing pranks. she tripped a guy who was walking past her with his drink who landed on a lady and got a big slap.

sue, " didi why did you do that?."

shilpa, " b/c he was eyeing me while he is a married man. i hate this kind of man and i teach them a lesson."

both of them cracked up while naina and yuvi shook their head.

riddhima was in her room ready just putting on her earing. BIP BIP! her phone vibrated and a text came.

riddhima smiled and opened the text which read, " come to the door. i am here."

riddhima's heart stopped for a minute. she left the earing and ran to the door to open it. as she opened it a guest of wind swift through her and enter the room. she pecked around but saw no one. she got confused but hear a foot step.

a man wearing black pant and blue shirt came to her view. he had a flower in his hand and his hair was all spiked up. the smell of his scent was like something honey. finally he came to the view and it was abhijit her best friend. riddhima smiled and hugged him.

abhi, " happy birthday riddhima." he said with a smile and hugged her back.

riddhima, " thank you but i am mad at you! where were you all this time? no calls and no msg what if something had happened to your best friend?." she said.

abhi, " nothing can happen to you b/c sid is there to protect you." he said.

riddhima, " that's true." while smelling the flowers.

abhi, " are you ready yet? everyone is waiting for you."

riddhima, " and i am waiting for sid! i haven't seen him the whole day today and i miss him." she said.

abhi, " AW! that is cute but come on he will be here so come down soon ok." with that he left.

riddhima put her earing and went down staris. A who was sitting in the sofa looked up with a smile. his eyes was glittering with happiness. he rubbed his neck and got up from the sofa. he was wearing blue jean's, white shirt, black shoes, movado watch. riddhima started to come down when she felt someone came next to her. all the light came on and she saw sid next to her with a killer smile. her heart jumped again.

riddhima, " sid you came." she said.

sid, " i never left." he said. he give her his hand and she took it. both of them walked down the stairs to greet everyone.

mr. rishabh, " everyone please welcome my DIL mrs. riddhima siddhant modi." he said in a mike and everyone started to clap.

everyone gather around to wish riddhima happy birthday. some kissed her on her cheek, others hand shook, others blessed her while others wished her by screaming.

naina, sue, abhiji, shilpa, and yuvi all gather around siddhima to cut the cake. sid was beside his wife all the time. she cut the cake and everyone started to clap their hands. riddhima fed the cake first to her MIL and FIL then her parents and then sid along with others.

few hours later

some were dancing in a slow songs, others were eating, others were talking. siddhima were in the dance floor.

riddhima had her arms around sid neck while sid had his hands around her waist. they were in their own moment.

riddhima, " you are looking very nice today mr. siddhant modi." she said,

sid, " not as much as you riddhima modi." he said, " i feel like..."

riddhima, " feel like what?." she asked.

sid, " nothing."

riddhima, " you feel like what sid." she asked.

sid," i feel like hugging you." he lied.

riddhima, " hmmm is that all you want to do?." she joked, " you said you have a surprise for me, where is my suprise?."
sid, " not so fast! there is one hour left till 12:00 pm." he said.

riddhima, " it better be a good one or i won't be happy."

sid raised her face with his finger tips and said, " it will be good."

riddhima smiled and started to move with the song rhythm.

Scene Shifted To The Gang

shilpa was playing with her necklace when abhi came and sat next to her.

abhi, " hey." he said.

shilpa, " hey back." she said.

abhi, " they are really an awesome couple. i wish them all the happiness of this world." he said.

shilpa smiled, " they are perfect for each other abhijit. you won't see a couple like this every." she said.

abhi, " yes you are right. "

shilpa, " i am always right abhi. i also now you had a thing for riddhima from childhood. she belongs to someone else now and that someone is her husband siddhant modi. i don't want to see that glittering puppy eyes looking at riddhima again mr. abhijit. trust me i understand your feelings but feelings changes and you should change your feelings to for your sake." she said.

abhi, " no no it's nothing like that. it's just i wanted to make sure she is happy."

shilpa, " well she is happy in her husband arm."

abhi, " do you have a problem with me shilpa?."

shilpa, " not at all! i am innocent as anything till people put their nose where it does not belong."

abhi, " i am sorry shilpa it's just i want to see her happy that's it."

shilpa, " i understand abhi and she is happy trust me. you have to move on, you have to let her go. she can never be yours abhi please for your sake move on." she said with a caring voice.

abhi smiled and took a drink and said, " dance with me?."

shilpa smiled, " just this once."

they went to dance floor and started to dance. sid saw them and rraised his eyebrows. riddhima notice that and pulled his face down to her.

sid, " why is he dancing with shilpa?."

riddhima, " b/c anyone can dance here sid."

sid, " but i don't like him a bit." Riddhima, " he is not a bad guy sid! he is my friend try to understand that."

sid, " i do understand that but shilpa is not his type! he cannot."

riddhima, " sid come on it's just a dance ok, relax." sid took a deep breath and relax.

sid, " you are right! i should not think about this. it is your day today and i want to make it as special as possible. riddhima i hope you like my surprise."

riddhima, " i will love anything that is given by you sid b/c i love you not those expensive things." she pulled his head and rest with her head. sid body was very tensed and he was nervous.

sid, " it is almost midnight, time for your surprise. let me tell the others that we are going to go somewhere private." he said.

he went to the gang and told them to take care of things for him as he is going to take riddhima to her surprise place. they nodded.

sid grabbed riddhiam's hand and walked out of the house, sat in the car and drove away.

Scene Shifted To Siddhima

sid opened his wife door who had her eyes tied. he gave her his hand so she won't tripped. the place was a bit dark but the road was very smooth. sid and riddhima walked toward the penthouse. after few minutes later they stopped and riddhima hear a opening of a door.

sid, " you trust me?."

riddhima, " more then anything but you are not a serial killer na." she joked.

sid," even if i was i don't think i will be able to kill a woman like you." he joked. " now i am going to just go for few seconds ok, wait here and don't take that blind fold off.

riddhima promised she won't. after few second sid came back.

sid, " now open your blind fold riddhima."

riddhima opened her blind fold slowly and as she opened her. sid was holding a plate filled with rice and flowers. then riddhima saw where she was, it seemed like a penthouse.

riddhima, " sid where are we?."

sid," SHHH...first let me welcome you properly." he put the rich filled with kalas down and gesture riddhima to kick it and she did. then he threw flowers at her and told her to come inside. riddhima enter the penthouse and was mesmerized by it. the whole room was decorated with different kinds of portrayed. there was piano, flat screen tv, and everything was net clean, everything was of her choice from sofa to dinner table. she started to walk around the house! everything was so beautiful. the window was very big, and there was seashell chandelier as she climed up the stairs to their bedroom.

she opened the master bedroom and it was very big with big window. kind size bed but what got her attention was her portrait that was handing on the wall. portrait was like real, speaking to her. to her it seemed the portrait was more beautiful then herself. she remembered when she did this portrait! she was getting tired of laying on the sofa for hours and sid was having fun seeing her suffer. it was such a crazy day but it was worth it.

riddhima was glowing inside and outside. she didn't now how to express her happiness. it was like her dream had been handed to her without even trying hard for it.  she came down to see sid waiting for her near the window.

riddhima walked up to him and looked into his eyes, " sid this is for me?." she held the tears back.

sid, " i read your journal riddhima and i am glad i did b/c that is how i got to learn about your dreams. you wanted a penthouse! that was your dream from your childhood and you even started to save money for it but never got to collect enough money to buy a penthouse b/c everytime something came up you broke the bank money and give the money to others, of course to save them."  he started to circle around her.

sid, " i read everything riddhima. your feelings for me, you pain, your wish and how you want to spend the last day of your life."

riddhima looked at sid through tears in her eyes, " you got me sid! you now everything about me but i don't now anything about you. you make me happy and i don't now how to make you happy." she said with sadness.

sid smiled, " you make me happy by being with me. i am happy that you are mine forever." he came close to her and handed the house key to her.

sid, " from now on this house is yours. you are the master of this house." he said while putting the key in her hand.

riddhima grabbed sid hand with her hand, " no! this is our house, we are going to be together in this. when we will grow old we will be sitting here in the rocking chair holding hands and lliving in the memory of our old time. i want to spend my entire life with you sid! i want to give you all the happiness of this world before i go. i promise you this eyes will see no one but you and today in this special day i want to show you how much i love you...i love you so much that it consumes me."

sid, " riddhima." he got cut off by riddhima placing a finger on her lips.

riddhima, " SHH...i want to do this. i don't want any more distance between us, not anymore. life is too short and we have to live every moment of it sid. you have given me everything and now let me give you my love." she said and started to walk upstairs.

sid stood with calm face. he didn't plan on this for sure but sometimes planning is not the best idea.


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MidnightMusings IF-Sizzlerz

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Dancing We missed U, we love UHug

Awesome UpdateDay Dreaming

Now I disappear.. Mwaaah
fariya94 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 October 2012 at 12:15am | IP Logged
beautiful update..

its always nice to read ur ff updates..

really excited fr the nxt 1 now..Wink

plzz update soonTongue

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