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Uuf Kya Jadoo Mohabbat Hai: Chapter 80 Pg 119

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This story takes place in India, where love flows everywhere, where it is all about give and give, here two souls will meet again that was separated from each other, they will come together again to fulfill their lifelong promise to each other, which is to be together for eternity.

Previous life:
They were married, had dreams, wanted to be together not b/c they were married but b/c they loved each other from the bottom of their heart, but cruel fate they had they got separated in the most painful way, their pure love was named as "FARZ" and it was said by none other then his own wife, why she said that? Why her nasty past came between her futures? Why she betrayed sid? I don't now; all I know is riddhima was and is for siddhant modi for eternity, the man who gave her lifetime of happiness. Now it is time that she gives the man who died a thousand time for her, her heart!


Now we will see the passion behind silence, let the game begin!!!!


Siddhima,"Our love will never die, even though you and I do, we're among those...people whose love is eternal..."




  •            siddhant modi  


A business tycoon who is the most successful NRI business man, very very arrogant, short temper, lives his life the way he wants to, never takes no for an answer, hates people who lies b/c he is an honest man and likes honesty from others to, and very professional. He is cold hearted person, never learned to lose, love lol that is not in his dictionary, he does not believe in love nor does he want anything to do with it,for him girls are like bus and trains, if one comes then other one leaves, he will never commit to anyone. Very intelligent man b/c if he was not then he won't be the owner of 100 disco clubs, yeah his dad helped him build his empire but it is him who worked hard to maintain that. Has a heart of gold but never shows it to anyone, likes to keep his emotion to himself. Loves his younger sister suvarna, who understands him more them himself. All in all, he is a very proud man and why should he not be, being the most eligible bachelor and the top 100 most sexiest man of the year, he sure has the world under his tiny finger! all the women runs around him like bees but poor them, they get heartbroken by this cold hearted dark prince who cares a dame about them or their affection for him, mr.sexyface for sure! this man has more to him then what is said, as time goes by everything about him will come open, slow and steady, what is underneath that cold heart! even if he is the devil, he cannot escape love, no one has, nor will this man.

age: 25 years old
hobbies: soccer, golf, tennis, basketball, table tennis, partying and winning.
  • riddhima gupta


She is a very beautiful women, not only from outside but from inside to, she is like a butterfly always running around from one place to another, she lives in a fantasy world, but she also knows what is the difference between fantasy and reality. Her beauty is like the moonlight that shines in the darkness and brighten everything. Lives life to the fullest, being the youngest daughter of mr.gupta, she is pampered by everyone. Just like other girls even she dreams of her prince charming in white horse and takes her away to his lands. She has done her education on inter designing. She is simple yet very traditional, loves her culture more then anything and never wants to hurt her parents even by mistake, and she is shy but does not like to show it.  She believes that marriage are made in heaven, whatever is in you fate, that is what you will get, she respect the sindoor in a women mang and mangalsutra that is worn for safety of ones husband. Temperamental when someone does something wrong, don't tell lies to her, otherwise she will feed you 100 red chilies lol and is scared of cockroaches.


Age: 23 years old


Hobbies: cooking, sewing, writing poems, dancing and being happy.



  • naina mehta


Best friend of riddhima, they grew up together, went to school together, they shared everything with each other from shoe to pencils, if one forgot their homework then the other one will hand over her homework and got beaten by the teacher. Naina is from a rich family, her father is a business man and always out of town, she loves her mom who she is very close with. Naina is a sweet girl yet very sour type to, get on her last nerve, she will make a bharta out of you, in another word she is jhansi ki rani lol, but she sure is stunningly beautiful and a very intelligent women just like her soul sis riddhima. Naina is the associate creative director of her father company, but to gain that position, she had to work day and night just like others people, she got that position b/c of her hard work not b/c her dad is the owner of that company.

Age: 23 years old


Hobbies: loves to cook, and spends her free time with orphanage children, she feels peace seeing them and loves to chill with them whenever she can.




  • Yuvraaj

 He is totally opposite of his buddy siddhanth modi, he is a jolly good man, loves to party hard and flirting is his specialty, never leaves a chance to get slap from girls lol. He is sid right handed man, they were in college together, same class, they joined the business together, so basically he is a family, more like sid brother. Yuvi is the one who helps sid handle this big empire and sid trust him with his eyes close, and why not he is a man of honesty and loves sid as his own brother. Yuvi is a very handsome man, one look at him, you will not be able to get his image out of your head, and plus point is he is a sweetheart; never wants to break anyone hearts specially girls, yuvi is a bliss person to the core . All in all, you can say that sid and yuvi friendship are unbreakable. Yuvi calls sid mom as his own mom since he parents had die when he was a tennager, so whenever he visits sid house, he loves to eat baigan ka bharta from mrs.modi hands b/c it reminds him of his school days when his mom used to make them for him. He means everything to modi family, they adore him to the core and so does he. Mr. Yuvi is waiting for his shakuntala, not to worry mr.james bond, love is in the air and you two will find love if not in USA then where ganga flows lol.


Age: 26 years old


Hobbies: boxing, golf, reading and working.


point to be noted: this story is totally different from dmg one, in here siddhima came back again in a different place, different time and as a different person, there will be pain, love, agony, hatred, fun and tears. sid is not that forgiveing nor can he see his wome with anyone else, and riddhima is not a FRAZ women, she knows what marriage is and past shall be past. i will not include armaan in here at all, i want armaan free FF but that does not mean there woun't be obstacle in siddhima love story, it sure will since sid is a batamize who wants nothing to do with love,while ridz is sweet and innocent girl, and beside like they say no pain no gain na, so there sure will be fights and jealousy involved in here, otherwise it woun't be fun at all lol.


something to now: this is my second FF, my first one i never finished it b/c of that crap stuff in dmg, so i was like to hell with it, but now i am back, with a different story and different place. i just  introduce four character for now, but there will be more character  involved in this story as i write, so please bear with me.

important: this FF is dedicated to my three idiotes, who i adore so much, for my soul sis riaa and my MF friends! please forgive me if i don't live up to your expecation,i will try my best to do justice to all the character and their love story, but i easily get bore, so please if i make a mistake then do forgive me and i would love to takes ideas from everyone, you can tell me where i am wrong and where i should work more, i will be happy to do anything that will make everyone happy b/c this is for my dear ones, and i would like to make them happy.


male37 smiley, male smiley, smiley, happy smileylove you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Tere Dware Pe Aai Baraat

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BlushingChapter 66(Page 102): No Distance Between Us
        CoolChapter 67(Page 102):
Barsaat Ke Din Aaye
                                EmbarrassedChapter 68( Page 104) : Love Is In The Air

Big smileChapter 69 (Page 107): Hidden Desire
               PartyChapter 70 (Page 108): Sid Feelings For Riddhima

           TongueChapter 71(Page 110): Cooking Time
                                                     HeartChapter 72(Page 110): Love Love

DancingChapter 73 ( Page 113) : Birthday Party
                 Chapter 74(Page 114): Riddhima's Bday Gift

   BlushingChapter 75, 76, 77 ( Page 115 & 116) : Siddhima's Passionate Night

Big smileChapter 79 ( Page 117) : New Life
                            DancingChapter 79 ( Page 118) : Riddhima Is Pregnant

         Chapter 80 ( Page 119) : The Final Chapter Of Siddhima 

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Chapter 32




The day turn into night. Everyone came back from shopping. They had their dinner and each went to their own room b/c they were very tired.


Sid packing round his room looking at his project file, the night was young, very hot and steamy so he was only wearing a men's black tank top, his hair was messy as usually. His full concentration was on his work.


Knock Kock


"Come in, the door is open." The person enter.


"Hey how are you? You seem to be kind of down today. Is everything ok?


Riddhima, " Yes everything is fine, it's just this heat weave is killing me that's all." She said to her mom.


"I know it is very hot, turn on the AC na, it will cool you down, why did you left the window open, it will bring in hot breeze and it will make you more hot."


Sid, " No I am fine, I like the breeze so I left it open." He told yuvi.


Padma, " Riddhima are you sure you are fine? I mean it seems something is bothering you, it is like you are here but lost in somewhere else." She said in a worry tone.


Sid, " Yuvi I am fine, it's just that riddhima came over today and I flipped out on her." he said sadly.


Riddhima, " Mom I am fine ok, I just need some good night of rest. There is so much to do tomorrow, the wedding is the day after tomorrow and we have like zillion of things to do. You should go to sleep b/c we going to need you, please don't worry about a things and go get some sleep." Riddhima gave her mom a sweet smile and her mom said goodnight and she left.


Yuvi, " sid when will you learn that you should control your temper little brother, this tempers of yours gonna make you regret lots of things. Try to keep calm infront of riddhima. I know I know she get's under your skin but for me can you atleast try to be little bit nice to her. that poor girl gets bash by you like she is the worse person in this earth."


Sid raised his eyebrow and gave that sexy smile of his and said, " defensive I see, um….what should I think of this as, a friend defensive for his friend or a brother-in-law defensive for his would be sister-in-law."


Yuvi, " Both." He said while throwing pillow at sid.


Sid cracked up.

Yuvi, " Listen sid, get some sleep ok, you seem worn out and I don't want my best mate to look all tired and sleepless, you need to look sexy for me. people will see you and to get an idea of how sexy I am and if you look like a shit then what they will say about me. oh the bother is looking like hell then I wonder how hell the groom will look." Yuvi said this while cracking up.


Sid, " Get out now." He sid this while cracking up.


Yuvi, " Besides it's seems you are going to be sleepless today, someone imprint is here to keep you awake all night."


Sid raised his eyebrow again and said, " What are you talking about?."


Yuvi he just chuckle, " The tear dupatta that is wrap around your hand sid. It tells a lot of things sid. That dupatta is riddhima's dupatta, I have seen it when I went to drop naina at riddhima house today after the shopping. Riddhima was worried about you sid and I don't think I need to tell you that I know what happened in here while she was here."


Sid turned his face away and said, " Nothing happened yuvi, I got hurt and she helped me out, I will pay her back."said in cold tone.


Yuvi, " enough sid, not everything can be brought by money or power. She is a genuine person a small thank will do. Take her to a coffe shop and thank her."


Sid, " As if, I am not going to take that silly girl anywhere with me, she is ultra nonsense and I don't want to spend a single moment with her."


Yuvi, " You scared kya?." Yuvi asked.


Sid, " WHAT." in angry tone.


Yuvi, " are you scared that she might make a place in your heart and erase you pain and for once you will smile like before. You will live rather then pretending to live. " said yuvi in serious tone.


Sid was not in the mood to discuss his past life. He wants things to be left alone but yuvi has brought that back again.


Sid, " Drop it yuvi, I think we should leave this matter alone."


Yuvi, " Come on sid, why are you scared? It's just a simple thanks that's it na. One hour, just one hour you have to spend with riddhima to thank her, if you can do that then I promise you I wil do anything that you tell me."


Sid was about to say no but then he thought about it, how hard will it be to take that stpiud girl on a coffee date *shake his head* no no not date just a small thank you.


Sid, " Anything yuvi?."


Yuvi, " Anything." very confident


Sid, " Deal I will take her out for a coffee thank you, just a coffee thank you, don't even think about anything else ok."


Yuvi with his hand up in the air and did cross gesture, " Cross to my heart it is only a small thank you and I shall not even think more then a coffee thank you."


Yuvi extended his hand for a shake to seal the deal and sid give him his devilish smile and shook his hand in acceptance.


Sid, " Now get out, I have work to do."


Yuvi, " I am out for sure." yuvi left the room.


Sid picked up his cell phone and dialed riddhima's number, but then he looked at his clock it was almost 1:30 am, he immediately cancelled it, while on the other hand riddhima picked up the phone to say hello but none respond.


Riddhima, " Kaun hai yeh batamize calling a girl this late." She put her phone down.


Sid then thought of texting riddhima to let her now that he wants to take her on a coffee shop b/c yuvi told him to thank her.


Sid text:

Riddhima be ready tomorrow I am going to pick you up around 12:00 pm sharp to have some coffee."




Riddhima picked up her phone and looked at her text msg. she raised her eyebrow and was like W*F!!!! Is he nuts, he is asking me to join him for coffee as if he is doing a favor on me, how rude can this modi get. I am not going anywhere with him.


Riddhima text:


No thank you, I am very busy tomorrow, my friends said we brides side should not interact with the groom side b/c who knows what their intention is about. And you are the main man na so I shall skip this idea.




Sid read the text and he was like what the fish, I just ask her to have a coffee with me and she is thinking that I am going to do something bad with her. Dame these girls they are so dumb. Forget her, I am not even interested to take her on this small coffee thank you.


He was about to text her to get lost but then yuvi challenge flash in front of his eyes and he hates to lose.


Sid text: riddhima it is not like that trust me, I just want a small coffee thank you and that to in a restaurant with so many people around, and I promise I won't even come near you. Just a small coffee thank you, just believe in me.




Riddhima read the msg and thought in her head modi and thank you since when, this one I got to see.


Riddhima text: fine pick me up at 12:00 sharp, and I mean sharp.




Sid read her msg and give it a sly smile and thought in his head so the butterfly has trusted a devil and I shall honor her trust. He looked at in the mirror and said, " yuvi you are done."


To be continue


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Chapter 33

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The morning was havoc, everyone was running around the whole house like a mad bull. Mrs. Modi was screaming like anything at the decoration people. Bubbly was busy with food list, sue was busy with gust list, the servants was busy with cleaning the house, fixing the garden, cutting the grass etc……everyone was busy with something for sure.


Sid got ready for office b/c he has a meeting to attend that will last for three hours and after that he will take riddhima to small coffee thank you, not b/c he wants to thank her but b/c he wants to win the bet against yuvi.


He wore his watch on the right hand, thre his tie away b/c he hates wearing tie unlike his dad who lookes like a total business man with that tie and that tone of his. He wants to be different from all and he is.

Sid thinking is that one does not have to look like a business man to run an empire, even wearing a t-shit a man can run an empire.


As sid walked down the big stairs of modi mansion, he almost bump into flower guy. the he spot his mom yelling like a mad woman b/c she wants everything to be perfect but it seems those decoration people is not getting her at all, yuvi step in to help his mom. Sid give an stern look and said, " mad house."


He was about to leave when Mrs. Modi saw him.


Mrs. Modi, " OYE!! Munda where are you going?


Sid closed his eyes in frustration, " Office mom I have a meeting today."


Mrs. Modi, " But." she was cut off my yuvi.


Yuvi, " Mom let him go na, I am here and the whole family is here. We will mage it and it is only for three so hours that sid will be gone, nothing will happen I am sure if he comes little bit of late. We will manage it."


Mrs. Modi, " Ok then." She went back to yelling at those decoration people.


Yuvi looked at sid and give him thumbs up for this small coffee thank you.


Sid rolled his eyes and left.



Sid was in the meeting when his phone beeped. He looked at everyone in the room to see whose phone It was b/c he was about to blast that person left and right.


Everyone chocked thinking it's their but it was not their it was their mad boss phone. Someone was texting him.


Sid looked at everyone one by one and they looked at him taking a breath of relief. One of his business friend told sid with his eye gesture that it's his. Sid looked at his phone that was on top his glass table.


He bit his anger and looked at his text.


Text: sharp 12:00 modi, I don't have that much time to spare for you today, I promise my friend Abhijit that we will go to naina's house to finish her house decoration. Don't be late.


Sid eyes born through his phone hearing that name. his expression got very harsh and he was mad as hell. He put his phone down and told his fellow to continue with the meeting.


Riddhima was waiting for his reply, she waited, she waited and she waited but modi didn't answer her back.


The meeting finally was over, it was 11:00, he has one hour to reach her house, pick her up and then finish this deal.


sid left his office to meet up with riddhima. While on the other hand riddhima was getting ready for the small coffee thank you.


Sid was driving like a crazy person to reach to riddhima's house and finish this drama asap.


Sid, "she should have not taken his name; she knows I hate that person and I cannot even tolerate his sight yet she did that. riddhima you should have not done that." he sid in a very irritated tone.


Riddhima was putting lip gloss, her hair was tied, and she was wearing white salwar kameez. She was looking very beautiful but less did she knew that her devil was no mood to be swift away by her beauty.




Sid was outside of her house for her to come. Padam opened the door and looked who it was. She smiled seeing sid outside of her house.


Sid got out of his car and smiled at padma, he put his sunglass down.


Padma, " Are sid, beta tum and here? Come inside please." She said in a sweet voice.


Sid, " Nahi aunty I am here for your daughter riddhima, she and I have a coffee thank you."


Padma, "Coffee thank you? I never heard about that." she got confused. At that moment riddhima came in.


Riddhima, " Mom he meant he wants to thank me for healing his wound but he is modi after all he won't say plain thank you without adding something to it. He has to twist everything for no reason." She said in a teasing tone.


Padma slap her in her arm and told her to behave. Riddhima looked at sid but the only thing she got back was cold stare and stern face.


Sid, " shall we go now, I don't want to keep someone waiting for you, let's move."


Riddhima understood what he was pointing at and she rolled her eyes and said, " Yes we should even I don't want to be late for my evening plan."


Sid got more irritated and said by to padma and went inside of his car. Riddhia kissed her mom on the cheek and walk over to sid car, he opened the door for her, she got in and sid drove away from there.


On the road


Sid was looking at anything but riddhima, his eyes was digging onto the road ahead of him. It was really hot today to, but the AC was keeping both of then cool but still sid angry was reaching it's height now. He just hates that dude to the core and he has no clue why riddhima is even friends with him.


Riddhima turned her face toward sid and said, " Why are you doing this? I mean you want to thank me for healing your wounded hand? I thought a man like you never thanks anyone then why me?" she asked.


Sid, " Just shut up, why this, why that do I have to tell you everything. I just want to have a simple coffee thank you with you so I can repay the things you did for me that's it, just cooperate with me ok." He took out his anger on her again.


Riddhima, " Fine whatever, I will be quite." She said.


Sid closed his eyes and thought dame he burst at her again, control sid control you need to finish this game, if she gets mad then she will go away and I will not win this game and I hate to lose.


They both were silent in the car, riddhima with her baby cute sa face looking sad while sid with his frustrate looks.


He shook his head and looked at riddhima. She was silent for sure.


Sid, " hey riddhima you want to hear a song?"


Riddhima, " NO!!." she screamed.


Sid, " Come on it's your pick, any song you want to listen to you can. I won't even utter a word."


Riddhima, " I don't care, I don't like your car, or you song." She said.


Sid, " Ok suits you." He put his attention on the road.


After few minutes riddhima started to melt and cool down from her angry mood to nice mood. She titled her head toward sid and saw he was busy driving. She turn her focus toward the CD player and very slowly turn the CD player on.


I hate love story came on, she changed to next track, the song from murder 2 came on, phir mohabbat. She started to clap her hands in joyness b/c she love loves this song to the core.


Sid made a yucky face but hide it immediately b/c he has promise to listen to whatever song she wants him to listen to. The volume was little bit high so he went to turn it off but got slap in his hand.


Riddhima, " Don't touch my stuff ok, this song is mine and so I have full right to put the volume up or down. You promised me that you will listen to whatever song I want to sid, and you better not break your promise."


Sid, ' OOPS! I forgot. Yes my lady I shall obey you."


Both siddhima looked at each other, riddhima shy away and broke the eye contact.


Riddhima, " sid why did you ask me to join you for a coffee?."


Sid, " Just like that riddhima, you have endure a lot for me and I just want to make It up for you."


Riddhima, " A small thank you is enough for me sid, you don't need to do all this."


Sid, " Yes I do, riddhima I am not like others guys who says that two words, those two words does not exist in my dictionary, just bear with me for one hour and then you can do what you want to, I know it is hard for you to be around a man like me but just for today bear it."


Riddhima, " No no it is not that hard when you now the person wants to thank you even though he will never say those two words to you."  She smiled.


Sid, " careful riddhima don't misjudge me who knows I might be doing a drama with you so I can win something."


Riddhima, "Drama? And win what."? She was confused now.


Sid, " Nothing riddhima it was a joke."


They reached their destination finally.


Both of them walk inside of the small coffee shop. They were seated by the window seat. Sid pull the chair for riddhima to seat and then he sat facing her.


 Riddhima order a small coffee while sid nothing.


Riddhima, " sid how is the wedding preparation going on?


Sid, " Crazy, it is crazy riddhima, mom is going nuts and the whole house is a mess. I hardly get any sleep b/c of all this noise in this house."


Riddhima, " Well you have to bear it for you big brother na, come on sid don't tell me that you never been to a wedding before."


Sid, " NOPE! I don't go to this kind of stuff, it bored to me to core. I am a party guy riddhima, I like to party, all this wedding stuff make me suffocated and I hate it."


Riddhima, " You are one kind of a guy Mr. siddhant Modi aren't' you." She had that little teasingness in her eyes.


Sid, " I am one of a kind, you will never meet a man like me." he said in playful manner.


Riddhima, " And one of those that Is hard to forget, hard to remove from your thoughts and hard to even be near it." She said it while sipping her coffee.


Sid looked at riddhima while riddhima looked at him through her coffee mug. Their BG started to play.


Riddhima in her head, " a devil like him how can one stand him, his mom is so nice, his sister is a darling and yuvi he is a sweetheart and so loving and caring then why is he so mean and so cold towards everyone. A person can be like this if he has gotten hurt beyond anything or he never love anyone. Sid you are like a puzzle that is hard to solve, and the more one tries to solve it, it's gets more complicate each passing second. Modi I tell you, he will never change" she gives it small smile thinking about his way of texting a girl.


Sid, " What's so funny?." He said with stern voice.


Riddhima, " Oh nothing, just nothing." She hides her smile.


Sid, " Riddhima why are you friends with that roach?." He said.


Riddhma, " He is my BFF sid, we grew up together, he knows me like an open books and whenever I am upset or sad he helps me get over it, he is part of my life."


Sid, " Only shoulder not his heart, I mean I heard a boy and a girl can never be friends then I wonder how come there is no love between you two?."


Riddhima, " OMG! Who said there can never be friendship between a girl and a guy? there are many guys and girls friends that are pure friends, there is no romantic feelings attached to them at all. For instance me and yuvi we are friends, do I have any feelings for him no I adore him to core, he is like my bear buddy or me and abhijit we been wit each other for like from the day we set our eyes on each other do I have any feelings for him like more then friend no b/c I never looked at him like that. Sid a girl and a guy can be friend to without getting any romantic feelings to it. Trust me." she said.


One of the man form the coffee shop scream saying, " Ladies and Gentlemen today is friendship day and I like to propose to my BFF who I loved from the day I set my eyes on her, she was there for me when none was, I never told her how much I loved her but now I want to, I want to marry the only girl that I have ever loved and always will." He took out a ring and propose to his best friend that he loved all his life and she agree with the happiest smile on her face.


Sid turned his attention to riddhima who was like eh!!


Sid with his cute smile came closer to riddhima, " I thought you said BFF never falls for one another I guess you were wrong."


Riddhima, " No that's not true, not always but there are few who never falls for their friends."


Sid, " I can buy that for sure, I get that you and yuvi are bear buddy but don't tell me you and that monkey friend of yours are not gaga friend."


Riddhima, " siddhant modi there is nothing between me and abhijit  and he is not monkey ok, he is my best buddy." She said is a slow tone.


Sid, " yeah whatever."


Riddhima, " Fine today is friendship day na, then I will prove it to you that not everyone can be involved in romantic way, today I will tie a friendship band on your hand and from this day we will become friend and then you will see not every friendship can be turn into something else." She called the waitress and told him to get her a friendship band.


Sid, " HELL NO!! I won't become your friend even if I have to die."


Riddhima, " I am not that bad sid that you cannot be my friend. Beside it is to prove that we can never be more then simple friend."


Sid, " Riddhima ji I think you have forgotten that I am your would be brother-in-law brother, we have a different relationship and to avoid each other it is better that we don't create another relationship, I don't accept your friendship. I reject it."


Riddhima, " I didn't ask for your permission ok, you think you can win always but not this time, I will show you now that sometimes friends can never turn to lover."


The waiter came with the friendship band and handed it to riddhima.


Riddhima got up from her seat and grabbed sid hand and tied that band before sid could say anything.


Riddhima, " there we are friends now." She said all proudly.


Sid, " hell no." he said sternly.


Riddhima, " why do you have feelings for me siddhant modi that you cannot accept my friendship?."


Sid, " NO!! that's not it, it's just that..i….i..never…uh forget it." He said in angry tone.


Riddhima, " I thought so."


Sid rolled his eyes while riddhima scored a victory.


Sid in his head, " Where did I got stuck to, I just wanted a normal small thank you coffee but it turned to horror coffee thank you. I won the bet but got a new name, riddhima's friend, this is weird, I hate this girl to the core."


Sid looking at riddhima now and thinking in his head, " We can never be friend riddhima, out path is different, I have no friend b/c I don't need one. Don't ever relay on me riddhima you will regret it."


Riddhima, " Don't be so harsh sid, we are going to be a family now, so this is the beginning of it."


Sid, "Sometime you have to be harsh riddhima to make the other person see what they don't. for me relationship is like a paper, use it and then when done throw it away. I don't have friends nor do I need any, whatever I have in my life is enough for me. I am telling you again riddhima don't come near me, I will hurt you, I always hurt everyone." He said in soft voice yet very sternly.


Riddhima, "I accepted you as my friend sid, I will bear you pain." She said proudly.


Sid, " I don't want to hurt you riddhima."


Riddhima, " You won't, I won't let you."


Both of them were looking at each other while the scene faded away.


To be continue...

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.Shiva. IF-Achieverz

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Chapter 34



Sid, " I am trying to protect you riddhima, believe me you don't want me to be your friend."


Riddhima, " Well that's not your choice is it, I can be friends with anyone I want to and I choose you to be my friend. Period."


Sid, " I guess not." He said in a low voice. " It's time to go riddhima come I will drop you home."


They both got up to leave the coffee shop. Sid told riddhima to go to the car he will join her shortly as he needs to use restroom and gave his car key to her. riddhima agree and went to his car. She tried to open it but it was not opening so she stood outside of the car waiting for sid to come.


At the same moment some guys came in their jeep misbehaving with girls. One of them were hominster son and along with him was his back up friends to help him get out of trouble should I say. The hominster son misbehaved with one of the girl by pulling her dupatta while his joker friend crack up. They got out of their car and as soon as they spot riddhima they turn their attention to her.


"tu cheez badi hai mast mast." Said the hominster son and started to come toward riddhima. His friend follow him showing thirty two ugly million dollar smile.


Riddhima was not aware of anything since her attention was on the road before her.


The five guys came close to her, but the hominster son told his friends to stay back, this bird is his prey, he grabbed a cigarette, lit it up and walks over to riddhima. He stood behind her and inhale the smoke and blew it on her hair, which made riddhima alert. She stepped back immediately at shock.


Riddhima gave him a disgusting look and was about to leave from there when that man came infront of her and stood in her way, riddhima again stepped back from him.


His friends, " What a cheez yaar. Tu cheez badi hai mast mast." While giving hi fives to each others. Everyone stopped in their track to see the drama but none came to stop it b/c how can a normal people fight with the son of hominster, they can do anything even kill and b/c of this fear they didn't come forward to help riddhima.

Raja that hominster son grabed riddhima's dupatta and smelled it, " WA!! There is nothing better then smelling a girl dupatta." He then went to touch her hair and BAME!!!!!!!!!!!! Riddhima SLAP!!!! Him so hard that his face started to bleed b/c she was wearing a ring and it cut across his face.


Everyone stare at each other in shock that a common girl said no to raja, they were shock as hell.


Raja he touched his face with his hand and saw the blood, he looked at riddhima.


Riddhima, "Don't you ever dare to touch me or you will regret it your whole life." she said this by pointing fingers at his face.


Raja got more furious and grabbed riddhima by her arm and pulled her closer to his hard body.


Raja, " Now I will show you never to mess with me, for this slap you give me you will have to pay a heavy price. Today I will loot your izzat in this bari bazaar and everyone will see it, I will make your put kala rang on your life that no one will be able to wipe it off even if he is sanint." Ridhdima struggle against his body to get free but he was way to strong for her. the more she struggle the more he held her to him, almost breaking her rib cage.


One of his friend, " Let the show begin." While they cracking up.


Raja grabbed riddhima's duppta and threw it on the air leaving her expose covering herself with her hand.


Raja started to move toward riddhima again while riddhima walked backward. As he went to grab her again someone grabbed his hand in such a way that it was like his arm would rip of and threw a hard ass kick to his chest that he flew to where his friends were and fell along with his friend on the hard ground.


Riddhima looked up with tears in her eyes and the face she saw made her wipe even more, she ran to his safe arm and hug him tightly grabbing his shirt collar for support.


||To be continue||



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Chapter 35



The scene was very intense, everyone was scared as hell. The air itself stood still.


Riddhima was still holding onto the person shirt collar for support and when she was about to fall her grabbed her to pull her up on her feet. She immediately looked at his eyes that was now burning with fire, the camera turn to the face and it was none other then yes siddhant modi.


He brought his hand to wipe the tear from her eyes, he cupped her face in his hard, muscular hand and looked into her eyes to assure her that he is here for her, there is nothing in this world that can touch her now. Nothing. He took out his coat and immediately wrapped around her tiny body, covering her izzat, covering a woman izzat that is precious to her more then their life, he didn't only cover her izzat but those innocent girl izzat that is looted everyday by this sick people.


Sid, " Sorry for coming little bit of late." He said in a sad voice.


Riddhima just put her head on his chest and hugged him, bow down and lift her up her while she put her arms around his strong neck, he walked over to his car, opened his car door and put riddhima inside it.


Sid, " I will be right back riddhima ok." He patted her head and closed the door before she could utter a word.


Sid turn to the guys now, they got his attention for sure, they should have not touch riddhima like that, now it is pay back time. He rolled his sleeve to his elbow, opened his shirt collar and started to walk over them.


Raja, "Attack him, break his bone and get that girl." He was still lying on the floor; blood was coming from his mouth.


One of his friend came to punch sid, sid grabbed his hand and twisted so hard that his bone broke into tiny pieces while he winch in pain. Sid then grabbed him by his shirt collar and dropped him backward and step on him and walked over to the person who dared to touch riddhima.


Another man came to kick him, sid turn left side and grabbed that guy by his throat, then kick him where it hurts which knock the hell out of him and he fainted right there. Two more came, one with broken glass and one with chain.


The man with glass went to stab sid, but he grabbed is hand while he kicked the man with the chain throwing him back to where his friend was still lying, then he grabbed the man with the broken glass, turn him around and punched him in his face breaking his already ugly nose while he feel to the ground leaving him bleeding. Sid then charged toward raja, before raja could react on his defense in a blink of an eye sid was right in front of him, he grabbed raja by his face.


Sid, " What did you say? how dare you touch her, HOW DARE YOU EVEN LOOK AT HER!!!!!!!!." sid kicked him in his stomach so hard that he started to bleed from his mouth.


Suddenly an attack was made on sid by the glass man, he cut sid across his right arm that was about to hit raja, sid turn toward him leaving raja for the time being, the person was about to run but side threw his shoe at him in his head and he fell, sid then went over him while he lay on the floor. Sid put his left feet on his mouth and squished his face until he bleed, sid grabbed his broken glass bottle and then turn his attention toward raja who was about to run, sid ran toward him and before he could get into his jeep and go away sid grabbed him by his hair and bang his head against his car hard steel, then sid broke the glass bottle on his head. leaving him bleeding even more, then he grabbed him by his throat and started to choke him to death when some people grabbed sid and pulled him away from raja.


Sid was so furious that it took 6 people to control his rage, sid finally calm down, his breathing was heavy, his arm was bleeding very badly now but he didn't care b/c all he was thirsting for was that man blood who touch riddhima, touch a woman honor.


One of the man said, " Beta you should have not done this, he is the son of hominister, now his dad won't leave him."


Sid gave that man a deadly stare and if only look could kill he would have been dead now.


Riddhima came out of the car all shock and walked over to sid and stood beside him looking at his handsome face.


Sid, "His dad won't leave me you said, you fool you should think about what I will not do to this sick creature rather then telling me what will happen to me. I will make his life worse then it can every get, I will snatch all his luck from his life, he should have not touch her and now he did there is no one in this earth that can save him from my wrath. His life is in my hand now let's see how this hominister son gets out of my clutches, let's see the power of his dad and how he saves his so son from me."


Riddhima, " sid forget it, let him go."


Sid, " I don't think so riddhima, I don't think so." He said in angry tone.


Riddhima, " Sid I am fine, and you seem to beat them so much that they won't ever dare to look at any other woman again, we cannot deal with this now, not when yuvi and naina marriage is tomorrow, imagine if this get's out what will happen, hell will break lose. Please this time let it go." Riddhima pleaded.


Sid shook his head in no and turn away from riddhima. Riddhima brought her hand to touch his face and very slowly she turned his face to her.


Riddhima, " For me sid, for my sake, for my request forget about this, let it go. You saved me that's what matters to me sid, thank you for being there for me, see I am fine b/c of you, he didn't even get to touch an inch of me. You showed him his place, he learned his lesson forget it, come let's go home." She took his hand in her hand and started to pull him toward the car, but in the middle of it he pulled back and looked at raja all fumingly and was about to go beat him up again who already fainted. Riddhima came infront of him, his focus turn on riddhima face, she shook her head in no. he started to calm down, she again grabbed his hand this time very cautiously and he let her take him to their car, she opened his side door and shoved him inside of the car and then she went to her side and went in side of the car.


Sid started his car engine and drove away from there leaving the horror scene behind them.


Sid drove them to his house so riddhima can get change, fix herself and then he will drop her home. As soon as they step out of the car rain started to pour like hell, riddhima ran into sid house follow by sid behind her.


No one was home at the moment it is 3 pm, sue is in yoga class, yuvi must be with naina, and his mom she must be in kitty party trying to cool herself down.


There was no one in the house but siddhima, only the two soul all alone in the mansion of modi.


||To be continue||



Precap: sid is wearning nothing but his pant while riddhima cleans his wound, thunder strikes over and over again while the rain pour like hell while this two are stuck with each other in the same house.


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first of all happy friendship day to you allHugHeart
secondly i am so so so so so sorry that i didn't update for a long time, yes i got lazy, yes i got bored, yes i didn't have any ideas in my head and then i was busy with work and life so i couldn't do it. I read eveyone's comment well almost everyone in the previous thread and some people were spamming like hell so atleast i will see that a update it, some were asking so nicely that it broke my heart to see them like that * my idiotes*Embarrassed and ofcourse JAS!!!! she is the one who always pm's me to update and she does not stop till i do so do credit her for the update you guys getEmbarrassedsome were getting very mad and i want to hug them b/c they were so patience with me that they only give me the angry look. they didn't throw eggs, sandles, abuse, tomato or anything on me for that thank you.
as a FF writer i never thought that my story will be this good that people will show so much love to me, i still think that my FF sucks to the core, the only reason people reads it b/c it is one name that makes our heart go wild siddhima yep this is the name that makes everyone read this FF and i am glad that atleast i did something that makes people love me, hate me, get angry at me or ask me so sweetly to update that i cannot help it but give my best best shot for them, yes sometime ago i thought if quieting this FF and letting it go, i even told my idiots that i think i ma done but i couldn't i own them and all my FF reader to give siddhima the best of best scene and love that cvs didn't give us and i cannot leave it in the middle, i cannot hurt my friends at all, so here i am back again with bang and this time hopeful i hurt anyone but i warn you guys before i am not a keeper, i tend to breaks heart and make people sad and i am sorry about it, it's just that sometime things does not work and i tend to move on but for you guys i will try to finish this FF the way it should be finish. I will try to make you guys happy for sure.
Be positive, it is a new beginning, new thread, new stage of siddhima and now it's time to show down.
so eat popcorn ad enjoy this FFCool, love you allHug

p.s. can anyone ever beat my cupcake being the first one to comment on my FFROFLi will give him/her double update for sureROFL

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Res me first Dancing


Banuu my cupid HugHugHugHug
I love love love my birthday gift EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
u knw I knew it was coming cuz I remember tht day u told me u'll update ur FF for someone specialTongue n I knew I was tht special someone ApproveLOL

okay now the update one word WOAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
its is the LONGEST update a FF writer has ever given!!!! I'm so proud of u my cupid Clap

I LOVED it!!!!! I really love the way ur taking the story forward n don't u dare say that it's crappy cuz it is NOT!!!! get itAngryLOL

It was full of our Siddhima n they were hot cute intense...just on fire!!!!
Loved how Yuvi challenged Sid to take Riddhima out and Sid agreed to take Ridzi on a "coffee thank you" LOL he dsnt wanna call it a date *SMH* Sid will be SidLOL

SR's little text msg convo was cho cute...Sid dsnt knw how to text a girl n ask her out for a coffee "date" 
He hates tht roach/monkey abhijeetLOL getting jealous eh Tongue
So SR are "friends" hmmm this should be interesting WinkDay Dreaming

Sid has a past and it was prbly painfulErmm Man I wanna know wat made Sid all SexyFace n heartless Ouch

LOVED LOVED LOVED the last chapter!!!!!!!
Sid beating up those disgusting kamine gundasAngry
dang i so imagined KW in it Issshhh HOT Day DreamingBlushing

and the pre cap Issshhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Day DreamingBlushingDay DreamingBlushingDay DreamingBlushing
like we're singing aaj kal "Aaya mausam BESHARMI ka" Day DreamingBlushingLOL
I'm so looking forward to it...SR alone in the big mansion...its raining outside Sid is shirtless Ridzi healing his wounds issshhh can it get hotter than this Day DreamingBlushingDay DreamingBlushingDay DreamingBlushing

Continue soon my cupid plzzz
n once again Muahzzz for this awesome bday giftEmbarrassed
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! Hug

P.S. Happy Friendships Day Hug

PPS and no my cupid no one can beat ur cupcake in being first in ur FF Tongue
PPPS Tongue Congos on the new thread Party

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congos sweets on new thread
& happy friendship dayHug
omg banu thnx...omg its long update loved it

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