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***"Tere Naal Pyaar Hogaya*(GeetMaanff)lastPart XV

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Hi Friends,

After a long time I am coming up with another story. This one was incomplete from a very long time. I have though I will post the parts slowly and complete this story. The parts this time wont be posted at the speed i do usually due to time and work constraints.. so plz bear with me.
This story is based on Geet and Mann.. a serial based ff. Its sweet simple and hope u like the way the story proceeds. The lead in this story are married from the start hope u enjoy their journey into their married life..

Thanks to kashishk for doing the needful to me and makign me know my readers care for me and my work. A huge jhaappi to Himani who had requested me to write on this couple and make a ff..
The wonderful banner is made by HIMANI. I love the banner,,, its all that the story wants to speak out..hope u all likethe story...

To all my readers who patiently have waited for my next work..thanks so much..and all whatever i write is only due to my readers who have made me to write think and share my thoughts.. thank u all for making me know my creative thought and pushing me towards it.


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Tere Naal Pyaar Hogaya

{Part I}

" Suhaag Raat' to aisa hota hai Geet 'Kamra ..andhera, Phhulo sey sajja bistar', Ab to Geet tujhe taufa, aur dher sara pyaar bhi milna hai..' Kaisa lagta hai ab pata chalega..(Blushing now), Saheliyan to kitna kuch kehti thi.. Ankhein milengi aur pyaar apne aap hojayega.. Dekho hota hai kya? (She smiled again). Maine to kaha tha Mera Pati sabsey alag hoga.. Kyunki Geet hai hi Khaas.. hmm  woh khadoos to dikhta hai.. pyaar ki baatein karpayega kya? (Disappointed) Ghunghat uthayega phir kya kahega.. Uski ankhey mujhse milengi aur pyaar hoga kya?... chaddo.. ab soch key kya karna.. Ashaa karti hun.. mainu dekh woh pyaar karna seekh jaye.. Ab vyah to hogaya ussiko pyaar karna padega (she explains herself)"

Shaddi key baad pehli raat,

Suhag sej par hum ek sath,

Hongey naino mey ankhey char,

Pyaar ka chadega khumaar.

She looks around while she is sitting on the huge bed decorated with flowers small roses, candles around and aroma is amazing.. the lilies and jasmine flowers making the moon sight beautiful as there is a huge open balcony with breeze making lovely noise..  She sits and wonders about the day which passed and the night to come and set... "Itna vaddaa bed..Itna vadaa kamra.. kya karna hai.. mera kamra phir bhi achaa tha' do meter to pass aney ko hi lagengey unhey.. ussey'kya kehkar bulau.. chaddo janedo.. ab Pati to ban betha.. kismat ki mari hun jo bhi mila ussey apnana hi hai.. Geet tu phikar matt kar teri gal to woh sunega aur jo hokum kahega.. kitni minnat ki to shaddi key liye tuney haan ki.. minnat uski dadii aur mere bhauji ney ki lekin woh janta hi hoga.. "

Shaddi ussey karu yeh tamnna nahi thi,

Lekin bado ki chah arzoo yehi thi,

Socha unpey bharosa kardeti hu,

Khadoos ki takdeer savar deti hu..

Soon Maan enters and is a bit tensed,



 She looks at him and covers her face with her ghunghat and sits in the centre of the bed.. Trying to control her excitement of what gift he gives.. He says, " Baat karni hai.. samjh nahi araha.."  She replies, " baatein bhi karni hi hai.. Aap dasoo  .. main to sunana jyada pasand karti hun.. lekin meri baatein sab ko bohat achii lagti hai.. Tussi kabhi Amritsar gaye ho.. Hamari wahan Salwar kameez ki badii dukaan hai.. wahan beth key hum ittney gappa ladatey hain.." Maan interrupts..  "Amney samney beth kar baat karey.. idhar udhar ki nahi Hum dono ki..Ab to hamari shaddi huee hai." He said in a very sharp tone with serious expression.

She replies, "Maine bhi dekhi, Main jaanti hun.. hamari shaddi hogayi.. Main bhi to shamil thi.. (She laughs cutely and is also shy) ". He gets irritated and doesn't even smile, she wonders he is kanjus cant smile at a joke.. She continues, " Aap kanjus bhi ho.. haskar muskuraney wali baat thi.. itna sanjeeda honey wali nahi.. Jab Geet hai taudey Naal fikar ni koi gal nahi...( She smiles and Maan isn't impressed at all) Kitni baatein seekhani hongi...Dekhiye Hamari shaddi hue.. aap ney abtak ghungat nahi uthaya.. yeh bhi main seekhau kya? kaise amney samney ayengey. dasoo.".

Takdeer mey kaisa Pati Mila hai,

Khadoos, Kanjus aur bevakuff kitna hai,

Shaadi ki yeh pehli raat

Seekhani hogi Geet ko har ek baat..


 He goes close while she is blushing and smiling and he uncovers her ghungat.. She smiles and with her big bright beautiful light brown eyes looks at him with all her adaa' she is disappointed as he has turned his back towards her.

She gets up disappointedly' " yeh kya hai.. Aisa bartav kartey hain apni patni sey.. ghungat uthakey, pyaarsey dekhtey hain..aurrr.."

He turns towards her and faces her.. She now gets shy as his eyes take away her confident self and makes her melt towards him and get attracted..  He looks at her and can feel her smile and her face making him to stop what he was about to say and just look at her properly... She can realize his eyes penetrating into her heart making her loose the confidence by which she has always dominated everyone. He can feel her smile and her eyes making him to get closer and just feel her to get that beautiful feeling which would be just amazing he can't describe but can feel something. A wave of breeze comes and makes them to close their eyes for a moment and both get to the present knowing the things they have to say'

Yehan dono ko kuch Ehsaas hota hai,

Dil ke jasbaat dabaney ko dimaag kehta hai,

Akhir Dil kabhi kabhi raah bhatak sakta hi hai,

Ahem aur faydey jaisi baato ko Dil nagawara karta hai..


Maan gets focused with the eyes closed for a moment to understand the looks deceive always.. Know the fact that the girl never suited to his thoughts. He believes in silence is golden and she talks like there is no tomorrow. Makes himself to speak and not lose his self-control, "Shaddi tumhey manjoor nahi thi.. naahi mujhey' "She replies before he could complete his sentence," Lekin hogayi.. Aap khadoos hain.. thode ajeebsey hain..(She makes faces) kabhi kabhi darawney bhi dikhtey ho.. Paiso sey amir ho lekin hassi mey bilkul kanjus ho.. (she makes her face tensed) aapsey bhi achaa miljata maloom hai..' phir bhi karliya.. Dil mera bohot bada hai.. ". He gets angry and comes closer to listen what she said.. to repeat her words, his eyes makes her know what all he is feeling and won't take it... she can feel his angry self'with that.. She stops for a moment but want to show she isn't scared of anyone and says her heart without second thoughts over it, "Jo bhi socha..lekin phir maana theek hai.. shadiii karti hun.. Dadiii itniii pyaari hai.. kuch paya to kuch khoya.. theek hai.. Main aapko sudharlungi.. Chaliye main aap ko achaa pati banana sikhati hun.. Aap uski tension Naa lo.."

Ab jo bhi, jaisa bhi hai Pati mera hai,

Sudharlungi ussey Apnalungi ussey,

Akhir Geet Mera Naam hai,

Mere baato mey Ajata har Insaan hai..


He speaks up, "Main jaisa hun.. I am perfect.. And fine.. U can't change me ever." His eyes are angry at her and disappointed to have her as his wife. She is upset and knows he is much more khadoos than she had felt when she met him once.

He is extremely confused how she could take that so easily.. They didn't like each other, said no..but dadi insisted and were forced to change their stand. Daadi and Geets parents have had a great 25 years family relations. Maan felt even Geet would take time along with him.. and only then they could decide. He now was sure his decision of not marrying her was right.. He is upset with himself and is in disgust why he agreed to Dadi's demands; Have to take the responsibility of this lady as his wife for life'  But he had fallen into the trap he knew, there wasn't any way out he knew. It was a sacrifice for him and he felt emotional about it. He married this girl who's words don't make any sense to him, talkative and all of self praise. He said with intense soft emotions, " Pati Patni I don't know.. I need time.. hum dost bhi nahi hai.." She looked at him properly' and as if something was on her mind, hesitating.. He asked with concern "kya hua.. ?" She replied with a very serious and thinking deeply with tensed eyes.. " Tumhey ladki sey hi 'shaddi karni thi na.". and then tries to shrug off her doubt'Nahi mera matlab aa... "  He gets furious and is extremely angry how much he  was getting emotional and look here what she started to think' he speaks, " Ladki sey karni thi..  TUMSEY NAHI.." She gets too angry and shouts, "Oyee mere jaise ladki akhee duniya vich nahi hai..  mere bhaag phootey taude naal vyah hogaya.." She cribs with disappointment.. and babbles about how beautiful she is and how many men were after her and she had to stuck here in this house with this good for nothing guy .. who can't stop looking at her with eyebrows raised as if he is the Principal of the school and ready to give punishment, he doesn't know how to even look at his wife with love and respect..

Shaadi karlee socha Bado ki marzi hai,

Iss Bandey sey judi Saza badi lambi hai,

Hasna chodo muskurana issey nahi ataa,

Geet jaisi Hoor paakar koi kaise sanjeeda ho sakta..

{Part II}

Maan is upset and feels weird to hear all those comparisons.  He speaks "We are married..  have to share this room with u.. U sleep on THAT side of the bed and I will on THIS side..". He plainly takes his night suit and enters the washroom.. She is angry at him and keeps on talking in the room loudly so that he could hear her words,  "tabhi main sochu Itna vadaa bed kyun.. chota hota to pass hotey.. jab pass hi nahhi ana to bada bed hi kaam ata hai.. Meri Suhag raat kya, Kismat , sari zindagi waste hogayi taudey naal judd key ' Socha nahi Dadii jo mujhsey itna pyaar karti hai.. Aisa ladka mere liye correct sochegi.. Shaddi key baad pyar hojayega kaha Ammaji ney.. kuch nahi hota.. Takraar jaroor hogaya' Iss sey achaa apney ghar khush rehti..  She laid on the bed in anger, removed one after another the jewellery throwing making loud noise to make him realize how disappointed she is to have him. Maan could hear all her words.. Geet tried to talk to herself, she will live as she wants.. and one day he will have to respect her and feel lucky he has her as his wife. She smiles with that thought and sleeps. While she is sleeping.. Maan walks in and looks at her.  She was sleeping innocently, he smiled at the thought how much she spoke in this little time and how much silence now the room feels.. He slept on the other side keeping a huge portion of pillows to keep the distance.

Yeh Ek raat nahi Shuruwat hai,

Inkey bantey bigadtey jeevan ka Aaghas hai,

Ajnabi sey yeh dono ab bandhan mey hai,

Kya koi prem kahani inkey daaman mey hai?


It was morning 6 am. With the voice of Geet, Maan got up from the sleep. Maan had the daily routine of getting up around 6.30 as his alarm would ring but today Geet with her loud voice made him to get up quite early. Maan looked at his alarm clock and wondered with whom Geet was talking early morning. Geet was talking on the phone with her best friend Avneet.


Geet: Tujhey kya lagta hai.. Acchi gayi hoti to kya main itni subah uthkar phone karti.


Maan could understand she is talking about her first night. He gets up feeling she would stop from discussing in his presence. But Geet continues.


Geet: Kya bolu.. Darpok hai.. (Maan gets shocked) Mujhe dekha aur samjh gaya Geet kya cheez hai.. bas bolti band aur samajh hi nahi  aya.. Raat ki jhod zindagi dav par hai.. Kanjus khadoos .. unhey apni takdeer pey naaz hona chahiye.. unkey naseeb mey main hun.. lekin samjh tab sakengey jab samajhna chahyengey' (Cutely blames her destiny) Meri buddhi bhrash thi.. jo socha apnalungi.. jhaddo unko nahi to mainu bhi farak nahi pendda hai.. Main apney mey khush hun.. nahi bani unkey saath to apney ghar chaldungi.. Amma bhauji to palko pey bhethate hain..


Aisa nahi ki zindagi ab inhi key sath hai,

Aisa nahi ki inka pyaar nahi mila to jeevan bekaar hai,

Geet haar mananey walo mey sey nahi,

cheen kar nahi Chumkar paaleti khushiyan hazaar hai..


Maan gets up.. Goes inside the washroom and this time bangs the door hard to make her know he doesn't like listening all these. He opens the door again and looks at her and says, " Darpok main nahi Darna Maan khurana Ki fitrat nahi.. sambhal kar rehna tum Ms Geet." Geet corrected him with a smile, " Mrs Geet Maan Khurana.." He banged the door and went inside, She smiles with that bang.. Knowing kuch asar to baton ka hua, she tells her friend, " chal ab main rakhti hun. Phone karti rahungi.." Then she wonders that may be Maan may be having some past.. any girlfriend that may be the reason he is behaving like this. Geet wonders about it as she keeps the receiver down. She speaks," Maan sey koi pyaar kyun karegi? Main to kismat ki Maari hun..warna aisa kuch khaas abtak mujhe nazar nahi ayaa.."


Pati Patni Mr & Mrs Hum,

Ek dusrey ko daratey Iss baat sey hum,

Yeh ajeeb sa khel shuru hua hai,

Shaddi ka bandhan Naam iska hai..


She goes towards her luggage and takes out all the stuff and keeps it on the bed.. Trying to decide what to wear. Maan comes out and looks around the whole bed was scattered with her clothes. He takes his clothes in hand, looks at her and tells," arrange ur clothes there, its ur wardrobe.. Slide the door (he feels she may not know to slide the door). She smiles and slides the door and he is surprised to see the wardrobe is already filled with many of her clothes. He asks, "Where will these(he points at the clothes on the bed) clothes go?" Geet has a huge smile and she says, "mai wahi soch rahi thi.. Aap to waise bhi cupbpoard mey jyada kuch nahi rakhtey.. " This time Maan interrupts immediately.. " NO No.. I will arrange for another one for u.." Geet interrupts, "another one.. tussi dusra dulha dhundogey kya .. She laughs while unimpressed Maan silently shuts and locks his cupboard. ." Dusra cupboard arrange kardunga.." Takes the keys and he goes to have shower. ..Geet smiles knowing how much he was tensed for this small thing. She wonders if any girl has to fall for this guy it may be for his money then she gets tensed thinking, "Hai aisa to nahi sab mere baaremey bhi aisa sochey.. mujhey to karodo rupai de to bhi main zindagi kya ek film bhi na dekhu Inkey sath.. Film ka maza kirkira kardengey , khud hasengey nahi aur dusro ki hasi pe naraz huejayengey.. ( She laughs ) Maan wonders how she laughs and talks with herself loudly.. No peace at all for him.. office would bring that peace he feels..


Dono ek dusrey sey khafa khafa sey hain,

Duriyaan pasand kartey jaa rahen hain,

Dekhey kab tak yunh reh payengey,

Kitna rishtey ko gehra kar payengey..


Maan gets ready and goes to the gym while Geet is ready and goes to meet daddi. Dadii tells Geet she should have a look at the whole bungalow. Geet  and Daddi happily chat and walk around.  They see the large kitchen, Small prayer room and the huge sitting area, the garden behind with a small fountain in between.  From there they go towards the gym area. In the gym Maan is doing his work out.  Daddi is proud of the fact that his grandson has a great body built. First Geet is a bit moved by Maan shirtless body but later she remembers all the conflicts she had last night. She walks around as if she doesn't find him that HOT. Maan is conscious of her presence and wants to let her know how handsome well built and rich guy he is, how lucky she is to have him besides. He may not do self praising but she should know that. His face and his look towards her made her know what all he was trying to convey.


Apne aap ka Gungan karna zara band karo,

Apne pass jo hai usko achey sey dekh lo,

Maan khurana mamuli Insaan nahi,

Us key kaayal aur uspar fida hai log sabhi..


Geet smiled and sensed he was putting effort to let her know what personality he is and what great built he has. His eyes were sharp and the sweat on his body was shining. Daddi said, " Geet Maan kabhi gym jana bhulta nahi..  Iski built ko dekh lakho ladkiyan ghayal hain.. Tum un sabsey bacch key rehna." Daddi said these words and Maan was full of pride and knew Geet would feel lucky enough. Geet smiled and replied, " Daddi.. wahi main soch rahi thi.. Innmey aisa kya hoga jo ladkiyan fida hojaye .. doley sholey.. hain sahi .. lekin sach kahu .. jo hamali (mason) ka kaam kartey hain.. unkey bhi doley sholey banjatey hain..rozz meeti  intt uthatey hain.. kya unsey hamey pyaar hojata hai. Unpar hum yunh hi fida hotey hain.. " (she smiled and tried to stop her laughter) . Dadi could sense Geet was trying to get even with Maan. Maan didn't like the words at all..he stopped for a while to control his anger and not react , he took the towel and wiped his sweat .. Geet continued, " Inkey paiso ko dekh jaroor.. " Maan looked at her with anger in his eyes. Maan softly came close towards her and said, " Gym sehhat key liye.. Paisa business ke liye aur chah .. Dil key liye.. lekin yeh sab samjhney ke liye chahiye dimaag.. Jo tumahrey bass ki baat nahi." Geet felt terrible with that,  Maan  smiled while Geet is upset. He walks away and Geet screamed at him, " Aapka dil aur dimaag dono khali hai, but Maan quietly went away as if he couldn't hear anything...  Dadi smiled and took her towards the guest area.


Inki nok jhok iss baat pey hai,

Kaun behtar dono mey sey hai,

Lekin ab jung chidd gayi hai,

Ghayal honey ki ati kab baari hai..


{ Part III }

Dadi and Geet sat together at the dining table. Geet told how much weird she is feeling with Maan. He is a complete stranger to her and she is wondering how she would adjust as his wife. She can't take him as her husband. No love, no liking for each other. Dadi tells her to see things & people properly and later judge them completely. She tells her to take her time and later decide on anything. She assures her one thing and that is Maan can never disrespect be it a woman or his granny's command. He is a perfect Gentleman; Maan comes at that time to have his breakfast. Geet looks at him and can't take his praise at all.


Gentleman hai Dadi kehti hai,

Lakho marti hain inpar yeh baat sachi hai,

Lekin kyun mujhe kuch aisa nahi lagta,

Yeh Munda mere naal nahi jachda..


Maan is served Hot Parathas and Maan is very shocked. Geet smiles as she sees Maan wondering from where did parathas came in menu of breakfast. Dadi tells him Geet herself has made parthas and as she likes having them in breakfast all are going to have parathas today. Maan looks at Geet who is cheekily smiling.  Maan calls out Keshav their servant to bring for him toasted bread and Dadi feels bad that he isn't tasting Geet's made parathas But Geet chucks in, " Maan Dadi abhi keh rahi thi aap kisi ka niradar nahi kartey.. to kisi ney sikhaya nahi kya Ann ka Niradar nahi karna chahiye."  Maan hears it and with helplessness takes the bite of the parathas. Dadi is impressed with Geets tactics. Maan eats them and feels they are very tasty so finishes it off quickly.

While he is about to leave, Geet tells,  "Aapko acha laga makhan sey beegoye hue aloo  gobhi ke parathey." Maan is deeply hurt listening to the makhan thing.. He realizes so many calories he will have to burn later.  He walks angrily ahead. Geet interrupts, Lassi ' meethi nahi saadhi hai' lengey.." Maan replied, " khane peeney aur bak bak karney sey jyada aur bhi jaroori kaam hotey hain' " He walks towards his car and keeps his laptop. Geet asks him with concern,  "khaney peeney  aur bak bak key siway jo jaroori kaam hai woh kar lo.. lekin bina khane peeney key koi jaroori kaam ho nahi payega.. aur meri batein bak bak lagti hai to lagey.. yeh bak bak kab dil ki dhadkan baney pata nahi chalta.. "  Maan was enough with her praise and he sharply replied, " Agar yeh bak bak dil ki dhadkan hojaye to dil ka daura aney sey uss insaan ko koi nahi bacha sakta.. "  Geet was upset with that counter attack. She couldn't take someone to win over her talks with just few words. She came inside as a lost soldier.


Baaton mey mujhsey koi jeet nahi sakta,

Geet ko ab tak puri tarah yeh samjh nahi sakta,

Waqt milega aur Palat key jawaab saarey dungi,

Geet ko Maan jaye yeh sabak ussey dungi..


Maan is at the office it's going to be lunch hour. He can feel some disturbance around. He looks through his cabin glass and was surprised to see Geet there sitting on the chair and all the office staff surrounding her, serving her cold drinks and talking with her. Maan first got upset why she came here, later could understand Dadi must have asked her to come and visit his office. He looks at her and the whole office staff, they always were discipline but now had got up from their places and scattered in the centre at working time. Geet was laughing talking and discussing, as she was talking he realised she may discuss about their relationship to them.


Kahin aisa na ho,

Ghar ka bhedi lanka dhaye,

Isska bharosa nahi,

Bakbak kartey kya kuch kehjaye..


He rushed towards her and with his entrance; all the staff people got serious, his eye gaze made them nervous and guilty. Maan held Geet's shoulder and walked quickly into the cabin. Geet looked at him with an expression of why r u holding my shoulder like this and quickly Maan left the grip and told her to be seated. He was nervous about what all she may have spoken out. Geet looked around and said, "Cabin bada hai.. lekin achaa nahi kahungi.. boss ho lekin cabin simple  sa hai.. waise aap ka staff bohat interesting hai.. Bohat pyaare hain.." Maan asked what all she told them.. They r strangers.. " Geet then softly said, she was asked about what she felt about Maan Sir and she replied Maan is very discipline  but today he ate parathas with makhan so many calories it had, but she made so he had it.. She had seen him shirtless in the morning doing gym and working out sweating.. But with the parathas all that workout had gone waste. They all were laughing listening all that. Maan kept his hand on his forehead 'what all she told them.. What they must be thinking about him. Going shirtless before wife or about eating whatever wife prepares. Maan said, " Kuch aur bacha tha ya U spoke out everything." Geet quipped, " First night' " and Maan got scared, " Kya.. what u said.." Geet said, " First night ka poocha hi nahi.. to kaise kehti.."Maan took a breather.


Bolney lagti hai to rukti nahi hai,

Kya kya keh jaye sochti nahi hai,

Main na rok leta to yehi jami rehti,

Apni sari hakeeqat keh key hi dam leti..


Geet told him she wants to go shopping she is too bored and that Dadi had asked her to bring lunch box for him and then along with him to go shopping. Maan said he would ask his secretary to go with her for shopping. Geet was fine and told," Theek hai, acha hai aap to waise hi kuch batein nahi karogey.. woh aur main bohat si baatein karengey aur shopping. Maan called up his secretary. Maan was having his lunch and Geet said, " Main'" Maan interrupted, " Mujhe jaldi ek meeting key liye files ready karney hain.. clients may come soon.. so u go with her and driver will drop u home. Geet said ok and could see him eating in hurry. The secretary came in and before Maan could introduce Geet started talking, " Tum sath arahi ho .. tumhari shaddi huee hai.. mujhe kuch sariyan leni hai.. Dadi ney kaha Sadi pehanlo.. waise tumhara pati kya karta hai.. Maan sey darti ho kya.. kuch jawaab nahi de rahi.. " Maan could sense Geet isn't giving her any space to answer .. later he thought .. Geet would be with his secretary and what not she may discuss and that would get to the office staff.. He felt it was not a good idea to send her. He had to decide and he told, " I think I will take her for shopping, u take ur seat and cancel my appointments.. Let the clients know I will have a meeting tomorrow. " Geet couldn't understand his change in plans.. but she was glad to go around and shop.


Ispey bharosa nahi,

Kaam bhi peechey chuta,

Ek din mey yeh haal hai,

To sari zindagi ka haal bura hoga..



As they were walking together. And leaving.. Maan was serious and Geet was smiling talking with each staff member and saying bye.. to each. Maan was irritated but didn't react knowing if he said anything she would make it a huge drama. They got into the car and Maan told her, "I think u should not mix with them so much, they are strangers to u' U can come to the office, it's nice u came today, u saw the office and met everyone. But then I don't like work to be mixed with family. I keep and maintain the distance. "  

Geet said, " Menu Ghuma Ghuma key baat karni nahi dil mey woh zabaan pey..  aapko darr hai kahin main ghar key sarey bhed na khol dun unkey samney.. main utni bewakuf nahi' Unsey baatein ki, apnapan jataya.. Yeh to farz tha.. yunhi thoda hasi mazak kiya.. kyunki wah Apkey tarakki  mey aap ka hath  batatey hain' unki ehmiyat hai mere liye.. Mere bauji ney yehi sikhaya hai.. ab wah sirf paiso ke liye nahi ek rishtey ka bhi ehsaas kar payengey.. Unko hum alag nahi hamari zindagi ka bhaag samjhey to hi tarakkki ho payegi.. kyunki paiso key liye kaam kar kar koi wafadaar nahi banegey.. rishta bana to uskey sath apne aap wafadari banegi jo ki kisi bhi kamyabi ke liye zaroori hai.. Wafadaar log jin par yakin ho..bharosa ho.."


Paisa pheko tamasha dekho,

Aisa hamesha nahi chalta hai,

Wafadar aur mehnatparst log miley,

To din dugni raat chaugni tarakki Insaan karta hai..


Maan for the first time was deeply impressed by her words. Truly whatever she said was correct.. Money can play games and u can make a name... But money can never buy trust and without trust business can never have a long term effect.  Ur competitors can through money as well lead, but then who wins, its ur hard work and the trustworthy people around u. Maan smiled looking at her, as for the first time he felt her words made some sense.


Aaj tumhari baatein sensible lag rahi hai,

Jo kuch kahan wah baatein sach lag rahi hai,

Samajh raha hun tum utni bevakuf nahi ho,

Tumhey samjhney ko waqt lagraha hai mujhko..


They drove off and she was enjoying the drive. He was wondering about her, He can't understand her completely. Sometimes with her talks he feels she is foolish, childish and not sensible.. and how come sometimes she is blunt but sensible.


They reach a shopping mall and even before he can park the car and get out, she already walks into the mall. Maan is irritated; she made him look like a driver he felt. Didn't even wait for him to come along, then why the need to ask him to join he felt. He walked inside searching where she was. It didn't take him long as her loud voice had already taken over the mall. Maan walked towards her and she showed him what all she is buying, she tried few of the Saris on her and Maan wasn't even given a chance to answer, she herself would say, " kaisi hai, thodi bright hai na.. soft colours mujh par achey lagtey hain.. " Maan would wonder why to even ask when not ready to wait for the answer.  As she was busy trying them.. He was playing games on his mobile phone.  She had almost finalized the sari and was about to pack it. She fainted. Maan was taken by surprise and as he walked towards her and tried to wonder what happen.. The salesman who was with her asked him.. "Sir is she pregnant?" Maan looked at him as if he can't believe the guy would ask this.. He simply ignored him and tried to see what was wrong with Geet, he was genuinely worried. The same salesman asked, "She may be Pregnant "'he smiled, Maan now was too upset and held on to his collar saying, " We got married two days before.",  The salesman apologized , soon water was given and slowly Geet opened her eyes. Geet looked at Maan and Maan smiled at her to make her feel better, he thought she may be worried.


Achanak yunh behosh hogayi thi,

Pareshan main hua tum hosh kho gayi thi,

Chalo thoda sahara deta hun,

Muskurakar sab theek hai yeh baat jata deta hun..


Geet replied, "Aap Itna smile naa karo.. yeh ek shock hai..kahin pher main behosh na hojau.." Maan now couldn't control his laughter, she couldn't stop talking after getting consciousness he thought, He had a huge smile and Geet smiled with surprise.. " Kaha tha.. Aisa na karo.. menu to khabar hi nahi thi.. Aaap ko hasna bhi ataa hai.. waise handsome to ab lag rahey hain aap.. Ghoorna jhod key hasna start karo.. tabhi Main aur aap kuch kuch matching rahengey.. bright main aur dull aap combination bohat ajeeeb tha." Maan just couldn't stop smiling.. she was ON and nobody could stop her. She said, " badi bhook lagi hai.. bhook key mare main behosh hogayi thi.. woh lunch to aapkey sath karna tha.. lekin jaise maine aapko lunch diya.. aap to Akeley nigal gaye.. itni jaldi jaldi.. Ab main kya kehti.. chaliye kuch kha leti hun' " Maan felt too guilty he didn't even ask her whether she had lunch , he had felt she must have had at home . Maan directed her towards the restaurant in the mall, holding her close and both could feel each other's touch but just ignored it knowing for help it is no feelings attached here other than that.


Dono sath sath Pakdey hath sath,

Yehan sirf sahara deney ka hai jasbaat,

Lekin pass aye hain,

kuch muskuraye hai'



They sat there eating. Maan was having juice while she had her lunch..

Geet: Main matching ki baat kar rahi thi na' Aap aur main kaise hain batauu .. main Aaj tak news channel full on aur aap 'Doordarshan, (she was about to continue that Maan interrupted her)

Maan: Meri buraee karna tumhara latest timepass hai.. right..

Geet: Haai.. mera fav pass time to apni taarif karna hai.. woh badalta nahi

Maan knew that was true: Oh.. to office mey kuch aur buraee nahi ki..sirf apni tariff ki hai..

Geet: Nahi aapki buraee nahi ki.. apni tariff nahi karna pada... wah sab jo kar rahey they.. main kya dauhrati.. (she was smiling and blushing as she loved all the compliments coming her way..)


Maan: Achaa maska maar rahey they.. U think whatever they said was true about u..

Geet: Ekdam correct tha.. ab beautiful to main hun hi.. aur sweet bhi hun..  Aap kabhi dhyaan sey dekhey to aapko bhi malum hoga.. Geet kinnni sonnni hai.. (she again smiled)

Maan: Mujhe chehrey sey nahi.. ankhoki sacchaii sey pyaar hota hai.. Chehra kitna bhi sunder ho.. ankhey dhokey baaz ho sakti hain..

Geet: Aisa keh rahey hai jaise ki aapney kisiki ankhen kabhi padhi ho.. Pyaar samjha ho..

Maan: Main kahun nahi.. but I observe things..people.. and my experience says faces can lie eyes never..

Geet: achaa.. Aap key office mey woh Naina hai na.. woh aapko bohat pasand karti hai. Maan looked at her with shock.

Geet: Shocked hai aap..matlab Aap nahi jantey laga hi tha.. Aapki nazar laptop sey hathi nahi hogi.. bechari badi gussey sey mujhe dekh rahi thi..uskaa pyaar maine cheen liya ho.. ab maine to uskka bhala hi kiya hai' Aap pyaar key barey mey kya janogey.. Aapkey dil ki opening hi nahi huee..


Maan instantly replied: Opening kaise hoti.. Dadi ney advance booking kar li thi.. Ki meri pasand ko hi dil mey jagah dena'.

Geet laughed.. : Wah aap key Dil ki opening maine kaise ki mujhe pata nahi..

Maan replied: Dil ki opening sey itna to hai ki dimaag ki batti to jarur off ho chuki hai..


Geet got upset and said: Hai.. itni buri bhi nahi.. opening tab hogi jab pyaar hoga na.. aur woh to honey sey raha.. Aap vacancy ka board rakh do Dil pey.. Dekhey koi miley to Dil ki opening karalena.. Menu bhi dekhna hai.. Aapsey milney key baad kaun karega pyaar.. Silent film mey love stories nahi raas aatiii.. Love stories mey silence raas aata hai..


Maan didn't get it at all' but did wonder what it meant..


Khamosh zindagi ho to safed aur Kaala yehi rang nazar ata hai,

Koi Sahi to koi dagabaaz yehi farak dikhta hai,

Lekin agar Pyaar ho to rang kuch aur gehrey lagtey hai,

Bikhrey sey armaan nahi nikhri si zindagi lagti hai,

Pyaar ki tasveer kaee rango sey khub savartee hai,

Safed Kaala, jeet haar jhod, niyat aur iradey ki ehmiyat hoti hai,

Ankho mey dekh kar khamoshi bhi gungunaney lagti hai,

Nasha chadta hai jab yeh khamosh mannko bhaney lagti hai..


Geet replied, " Tussi jhaddo 'gal nahi samjhogey' waise honeymoon par kahan jaa rahey hain aapkey office waley pooch rahey they.. Maine to kaha Mujhe kuch nahi maloom.. Dadi ki marzi thi..shaddi huee. Ab unhoney kuch tay kiya ho to..

Maan was in deep thoughts and kept silent.. he surely had lovely plans for a trip to Europe for his honeymoon but with Geet , no he wouldn't.


Honeymoon par Jana chahta to tha,

Europe sath Ghumna chahta to tha,

Lekin Geet to Angrezi mey bol bhi shayad nahi payegi,

Baato ki laddi bandh Europe ko chandigard banayegi...


Geet: Ab aap ko honeymoon ka matlab bhi nahi maloom hoga .. jaa kar kya wahan Antarishk abhiyaan..yani space research karna hai..

Maan didn't like that joke at him: Come on.. itna bhi Main bevakuf nahi.. I know..

Geet: Oyee hoye.. achaa.. batayi ye.. honeymoon yeh shabd sey hi kya lagta hai.. (she felt how would he define or explain.. will he be able to)

Maan: simple honey means honey.. shehad aur Moon means moon chand.. moon' light deta hai night mey and honey sweetness so.. Days where nights have light and are sweet.  (He was telling but with a bit awkwardness)


Honey shehhad jo meethas bhardey,

Moon chand jo andherey mey roshini bhikherdey,

Sath uskey roshini aur meethas sey bharey lamhey ho,

Woh nahi ho pass, to wahi yaadein gudgudaati hasati ho..


Geet: Hai tussi itney bhi bevakuf nahi jitna maine socha.. hmm honeymoon ko samjhey .. shabdo mey kehna aya hi... Chand sunderta key liye hai.. andherey mey bhi roshni ka ujhala deta hai' Aur honey shehad meetha hota hai..Lekin usski meethas sehat ko achaa karti hai.. ussi tarah sey wah din pal..jeevan mey sunderpal ho meethey pal ho.. lekin ussi key sath.. Chand akela hota hai sara Asmaan tarey jhod hum uss Chand ko hi dekhtey hain.. ussi tarah..jissey aap pyaar kartey ho..wah aap ka chand hota hai.. aap sari duniya ko bhuladetey hain..aur sirf uss rishtey uss insaan ko nihartey rehtey hain.. pyaar kartey hain.. uski sunderta ko apney mey sama letey hain..

 (While Geet was telling she had a beautiful smile and Maan could feel what she said.. as if both could visualize that Love.. and would want that love.. he could feel Geets beauty increasing as her words were' her smile brightens and he felt attracted. Her eyes were going shy and he liked that ' Honeymoon never sounded so romantic in words as it did now.. Geet had stopped describing..  but Maan continued..)

Maan: Meethas sirf Uss chand ko paney ki nahi ussey hamesha ka liye apnaney ki.. Do sey ek ho ney ki' Sirf zism sey nahi lekin Dil sey judkar rehney ki..ussey sab kuch maan bethta hai.. Khushi milti jissey har gam ka andhera insaan bhula dettaa hai..


Geet looked at him and was surprised, he truly said what her heart would also say and feel. Maan looked at her.. and wondered why she was so silent.. is she shocked by something..

Geet: Bohat sahi kaha aapney.. (then she had a broad smile) Mera asar hai main jaanti hoon. ..

Maan knew she won't give up praising herself anytime..


Honey moon ki baatein huee,

Pyaar paaney ki chahat huee,

Kitna Dil Inka pyaar key ehsaas sey machla hai,

Uss pyaar key liye jarur bohat taras raha hai..




Both left the mall and returned home. At home Dadi was waiting for them. Geet soon showed the shopping she had done..and Maan was sitting. Dadi asked Maan about when he is planning to go for the honeymoon to Europe. Maan looked at Dadi angrily.. he didn't want to go.. Geet replied, "honeymoon ki baat to hamney ki thi' (and she started smiling.. recollecting Maan's answer about it 'Dadi smiled and looked at Maan, Maan's dejected face made her know there is nothing to smile about) lekin Europe .. nahi ja payengey.. Mera passport nahi bana hai.." Hearing this Maan was very glad, now he smiled which his eyes showed not his face. Atlast dadi wont be able to blackmail him into taking her there he felt. Dadi told, she would suggest them to go to Kullu Manali or Goa for a small trip of few days. Geet replied, " small trip.. to theek hai.. aap bhi aaoo hamare sath..wahan ki hawa aapkey liye bhi achii hogi.. " Maan controlled his laughter and Dadi hesistantly smiled and said , "Tumharey sath tumharey Honeymoom pey' aaa (Maan loved to hear what she would say.. while Geet looked at Daddii innocently) Main Aati lekin jodo ka dard hai.. kuch din main araam karungi..shaddi mey hi khub bhagdod hogayi thi." Geet didn't force then..." Theek hai.. aap araam karo.. " She took the shopping bags and went upstairs to try them.


Honeymoon ka trip kya inka hopayega,

Geet key sath Jana kya Maan sehpayega,

Ab tak to lagta nahi dono jayengey,

Dadi kaisey behlayege ab janegey..


Maan spoke with Dadi explaining her that he doesn't want to go with Geet, let time pass he isn't that comfortable to roam around with her as husband and wife. Going on a honeymoon with her can happen when he truly is close to her.. Dadi explains him that Geet has come all the way from Amristsar.. He has married her and she is his wife.. she has left behind her whole family and here in this house there are 3 people living, she is use to living with 13 members.. she may be feeling lonely and its their duty to make her feel good. Going out with him, she would have a little good time and later on she may try and adjust and not miss her family which surely she may be slowly within few days.. that's why she sent her for shopping'


Apno sey door, Humareh pass ho,

Hamey apna samjho, Yeh ehsaas ho,

Yunhi door nahi kiya jata, sath nibhani padhti hai,

Zimedari sey door nahi bhaga jata puri karni hoti hai..


Maan now understood and knew Dadi was absolutely correct.. with Geet's smiling face he didn't even wonder how much she may be missing her family. He knew on the bidaai not only the family but the whole mohalla was in tears and it was only two people who were not crying.. Maan and the driver of the car.  Maan couldn't reply Dadii as she asked him, if she was wrong in what she is asking for'Maan agreed and Dadi said to book tickets for Goa or kulumanali soon.  To leave by tomorrow. Maan agreed with a dejected nod and walked upstairs...


Chaha nahi saath tumharey chalu,

Honeymoon par tumharey sath holu,

Kuch Waqt dena chahta hun Iss rishtey ko,

Pyaar to shayad nahi kar paunga Tumko..


Maan was thinking how it would be to go along with her, Will she actually want to go.. Is she expecting love from him..On this trip.. Her emotions and his.. What r they heading towards. He was tensed, she has come all the way along with him, she is new here, they r new to her, she would be missing her family..  and he giving a cold shoulder would not do he felt. He couldn't change his attitude, sympathy for her he has.. but love cant be forced upon.. Liking cant be conveyed and accepted just like that'  As he walked and tried to open the door' Geet screamed loudly.. Maan got too scared and entered the room quickly he saw her, she was alright nothing had happned to her.. Later he searched down if some insect or something had come.. Geet looked at him and asked, " Aap kya dhund rahey hain..main kuch madad Kardu.." Maan looked at her and asked,  " Why did u scream.. I felt some insect bit u or what happened.. " Geet had a braod smile and she said, " Wo main chilla nahi rahi thi. Main khushi sey jhum rahi thi' Dekhiye hum 3 sarees laye they lekin hamey 4 milee...likha huaa hai  with 3 sarees 1 sari free' hamney notice nahi kiya tha.." She was excited and Maan couldn't belive.. for this she had to scream so much..


Kis baat sey yeh ujhal padey samajh nahi ata hai,

Issko samjhna bada mushkil nazar ata hai,

Shanti thi zindagi mey yeh tufan agaya,

Apney kamrey mey aney sey bhi ab Dil ghabragaya..


He changed and later took out the laptop and told her, " We are going to Goa tomorrow.. " Geet asked, " Honeymoon par" Maan looked at her and later tried not to look at all and as if he is very busy he replied, " Just to roam around..honeymoon types no feelings I think between us.. but lets go and have a good time." Geet again said loudly , " Honeymoon.." Maan was getting irritated with that word' and he looked at her finally.. and saw her speaking with her friend,," Honeymoon ..haan main jarahi hun, kal Goa.. Sach.. janti hun.. nahi nahi..kal kuch nahi hua raat ko.. to kya.. honeymoon timepass key liye.. yeh char deewar aur panchwa Maan.. Itney deewaro sey sarr ppeet peet ti ghar pey nahi rehna.. masti karungi Goa mey.. Chal bohat packing karni hai.. " She kept the phone and asked him for how many days are they going, Maan replied 3 days and looked at her and asked .. " Deewar.. wall.. what.."  Geet made an innocent face as if it was by mistake.. and she said, " Film Deewar mey Amitabh bacchan they Aapney dekhi hai.. Deewar.. naam hi lambey sey strongsey.. Aap waise hi hain naa... aur iss room mey aap main.. " Maan now quipped , " Oh I am the wall strong and tall.. aur sarr peetna what was that about.." Geet replied as she sat on the bed.." matlab.. main kitna aapsey puchungi aap ka sar dard kar raha hoga.. wahi keh rahi thi.. " Maan was surely impressed by her smartness and he said , " it didn't sound to me as if u were praising me, and if I am the wall what r u ' in the room? Geet was excited and told, " Main iss kamrey ki roshni hun, din hotey huee hi meri baton sey kamra jee uthta hai.. Subhah hogayi yeh aap ko malum hota hai.. aur meri hassi sey kamra kitna khushnuma aur pyaara banta hai.. Raat hoti hai.. aur roshni ka rang badalta hai.. Mere chechrey par ki hassi ek muskurahat mey badalti hai..aur main ek bohat sunder sunehre rang mey shant aur sheetal ta iss kamrey mey daalti hun.. " She had a braod smile saying all that.. as if she means and belives all that she said'


Deewar kamrey key himmat ka pratik hain,

Roshni khushi ki ahat key deep hain,

Lekin pyaar to kamrey mey rang daalta hai,

Iss kamrey ka najaney rangeen hona kab likha hai'


Maan smiled knowing she would praise herself anyday.. but her words were not that fake.. isn't it that his day starts with her talks.. He knows there is this vibrant energy around with her presence in this room. Her smile, her face her beauty does bring charm .. her laughter makes them feel there is so much fun joy in the house.

 He can never smile or laugh like she does.


 While he was thinking about all that she said, " aapko chai banana ataa hai.. to please mere liye ek chai banadengey..woh kya main bohat thak gayi hun' " Maan called and ordered for a tea and Geet looked at him and said," Oh chai bhi banana nahi ataa.. Bachpan mey bohat kuch aapney nahi seekha..  Aap khud ko perfect kehtey hain.. "Maan got irked and Geet smiled.. " waise main bhi perfect nahi..mujhe chai banana ataa hai.. lekin woh filter coffee Dadi kehti hai Apko bohat pasand hai ' "


Maan smiled back with that. Geet continued, "Coffee bananey ati hai ya nahi.. " Maan now started to look at the laptop ignoring her words.. and she looked closer to him and said, " Perfect koi nahi hota.. Naa Main Naa Aap.. " Maan without looking at her replied, " Lekin Perfection hi pasand ataa hai sabko" Geet said, " Nahi.. aisa nahi.. kabhi kabhi adhuri baat, adhuri cheez sunder  lagti hai..pasand ati hai.. woh gana hai na.. Adhaa hai chandrama Raat adhi, teri meri baat adhi mulakat adhi.. "Maan looked at her and said, " Mulakat aur baat adhi ho to kisi natijey pe nahi pahunchengey.. mazaa kahan? Chaand adha lekin jab full moon hota hai tabhi to woh sabsey khubsurat hota hai.. ". Geet Interrupted' Chand pey daag hota hai.. aur hamesha rehta hai..lekin phir bhi wah khubsurat hai.. Perfect nahi phir bhi' 


Chand pey daag hai,

Sunder phir bhi woh,

Daag nahi nazar ka tika dikhta,

Ehsaso ki leher Kahey jo,


Maan asked her with the intention to win over on this.. "Any other thing which u would say is not perfect yet we love appreciate like..  kuch hai..chand yeh to kehtey hain uss par daag hai.. sach real world mey aisa kuch hai.. ". Geet had a broad smile and she thought over it and went towards the balcony and said, "Jo bohat sunder lagey woh perfect ho jarori nahi.. ek chota sa bachaa agar woh aapka ho uski mukurahat best hai perfect hai.. satisfied hotey hain aap.. agar aap kisi sey pyaar kartey ho..aur kitni bhi imperfect woh ho.. aapka pyaar feel karvata hai.. woh perfect hai aur best hai.. Best perfect ho jaruri nahi.. lekin aap mehsus kartey hain.. Perfect picture perfect smile perfect family.. yeh shabd hotey hain.. jab jasbaat hotey hain.. pyaar umadta hai.. life bhi perfect lagti hai.." Maan walked up towards her listening.. he could feel that.. Yes he loves his dadi the most.. she gets angry with him, he gets angry with her. They have arguments.. they love each other and Yes she is the best and perfect grandmother he would wish for.


Geet looked at him and said, " Aapney waterfall dekha hai.. uski unchaee uska rang, , balanced  kuch nahi hota' woh sirf behna janta hai.. Koi waterfall perfect nahi kaha jaata.. uncha longest aur baaki naam diye jaa saktey hain' Woh perfect hota hai jab uskey ird kird vadiyan, pathar pahad hotey hain.. Isliye cheez perfect lagti hai jab ird gird baaki sab bhi suhana ho.. "Maan smiled and said," Kuch batein bachkani karti ho.. aur kabhi ekdam depth key sath.. Tum ajeeb ho.. " Geet smiled and said, " Perfect naa sahi hamesha.. Best hamesha hun.. aur perfect aapko best nahi bana sakta .. lekin best aapko perfect bana sakta hai.." Maan didn't get this too..  Geet looked at the sky and said softly, "Luck perfection nahi dekhta..  Pyaar perfect shab nahi samjhta' warna sari duniya jhagati rehti.. kyunki Insaan koi perfect nahi hota'"


Perfect smile ho agar to kya hasna aajayega,

Bina perfect smile key hasneka mazaa nahi kho jayega,

Best lagey jo Aapke liye khaas hai,

Perfect hai woh kyunki Pyaar ka ehsaas hai,

Bina ehsaas key Perfect bhi bestnahi ban payega,

Ehsaaso ki hod mey Best Perfect pey bhari padd jayega'


Maan too looked at the sky and yes he had lost over this.. But truly he liked to loose as the discussion gave him an easing peace of mind. So much of imperfection and still so much beautiful the world around'

Part {VII}


It was time to go to Goa'

Maan and Geet were ready and about to go. The luggage was carried down and Maan wondered why Geet had two suitcases while he had seen her packing all in one suitcase. He asked her and she told, she is carrying empty one to put all the things she would shop there ' Maan felt tensed how much shopping is she going to do, Dadi was smiling and Maan looked at her asking, "Why are u making me go through this." Dadi with her face made a request to let it be. He walked ahead; he didn't know what to tell her and with the luggage went to the airport.


They both took the flight and Geet was so excited to take the window seat.. She was all smiles and very happy. Maan looked at her face and thought at least she is happy and that's what Dadi wanted, it's his duty to let her be happy he felt. In the flight Geet got friendly with a 10 year old boy. He told her she looked beautiful and he would marry her when he grows up. Maan felt the boy was not behaving his age while Geet kissed him saying she would also marry him if she would be single at that time. She told she is married and chances of marrying him r less..  They both played few games on the mobile and the boy asked Maan,

Boy: Aap ko games khelna achaa nahi lagta..

Maan: I use to play when I was ur age..but no .. now I don't..

Boy: Geet aunty kyun ab bhi khelti hai.. enjoy karti hai.. woh shayad bachpan mey nahi khel payee ..

Maan: Aisa nahi hai.. woh kya hai.. woh apna bachhpan sath lekar hi chalti hai.. she still is a child and behaves like one..

Geet heard and yelled: Maan' bachi ki tarah nahi behave karti hun.. warna Aap sey shaddi nahi karti..

Maan (he said very softly but Geet could hear it): Jyada achaa hota'

Geet to the boy: Dekh Inko khados kanjus aur akdu ka title mila hai.. yeh apna bachpan puri tarah sey bhul chukey hain.. ab budhapa agaya hai' woh nahi khelengey..

Maan tried not to react though with his eyes he looked angrily at them..

Geet smiled she liked him getting angry; she wanted to let him know he can't mess with her anyday.


Mere mey bachpana hai to Aagey jawani bhi dikhti hai,

Aap to buddhey lagtey hain jeevan mey agey nahi badhtey hai,

Jawaaboo sey aapko na haradiya to mera naam Geet nahi,

Int ka jawaab pathar sey doo hum kisi sey kam nahi'


Geet: Maan aap bachpan mey bhi padaku aur bohat ghabratey they na' ..aur koi gudgudiii karey to rotey they naa'(she laughed).. kitna bachhey satatey they..aur games mey to hamesha hartey they'  Aap isiliye nahi khelna chahtey kyunki aap haar jayengey Main janti hun' Har jhagdey aur haar par Jaakey dadi sey complaint kartey'(she laughed) Maan was embarrsed yes he was scared of tickling.. he would cry when anybody would do that.. Always complaint to his grandmom when anybody would bully him.


Maan: Dadi told u all this... Geet happy knowing I was a coward in my childhood..

Geet could see frustration in his tone.. Also he was emotional to hear all that..

Geet: Kya hua'  aisa reaction to nahi detey' koi baat hai..

Maan was not responding..

Geet: Lagta hai..bachpan ki girlfriends yaad aagayi.. Aisi kitni hongi jo aap ko naa kehchuki hogi..

(She tried to bully him so that he reacts)

The little boy quipped: Aur meri girlfriend bhi married nikli..

Geet looked at him and laughed while Maan smiled listening to that..

Maan: Kaash Tumhari girlfriend meri wife naa hoti..

Boy: yes, to hamesha woh mere sath videogames kehlti aur mujhe bohat hasati..

Maan smiled and Geet asked the little boy..

Boy: Main daant bhi sakti hun..dekha kaisey Maan mujhsey aur meri daant sey dartey hain..

Maan didn't agree but didn't react..

Boy: Lekin daant mey bhi pyaar hai aapkey.. Aap hasti hain to ekdam fairy lagti hain' angel.. jaisey hi apney feel kiya I am very sad aap mere pass aye mujhe hasaya aur kitna pyaar diya.. Main bohat sad tha Goa jaa raha hun apney grand pa key pass .. Family mey property ko lekey kuch problems hain.. sab jhagadtey rehtey hain.. Bohat tension tha kya hoga when we reach there.. Dad ney kaha to talk to grandpa not others. Mere cousins , uncle aunt I shouldn't talk with them.

Geet heard and felt sad while Maan could know how it feels..  The atmosphere was a bit sad..

Geet: Achaa to Mahabharat honey wali hai' Agar baat hi nahi karna to yehan tak ana hi kyun.. unki photo dekh letey ghar bethkey.. Jab aye hain to baat karna hai..aur kuch kuch samjhna hai.. Tum kaho mom dad sey.. baat karunga lekin pyaar nahi jataunga.. Main keh rahi hun.. woh isss baat key liye naa nahi kahengey..

Maan heard her and felt yes he didn't even thought of this way out..


The boy hurriedly went towards his parents seat and enquired.. Maan looked at Geet and Geet was looking at the child. Maan thought he would have no answer for the child but feel bad for him.. and here she had sorted that with a little insight.. even if the boy's parents agree or disagree but she has tried her bit he felt. Maan felt Geet was surely a complex person to understand.. she is childish at times but sensibility in her makes her look mature and good at heart.

Geet looked at Maan and said, " Bachpan aapka .. Uss ka (pointing at the child) shayad bohat muskiloo sey guzra ho..lekin ussey dil mey rakhkar saloo saall woh dard sehna theek nahi.. dard halka karna hota hai..bantna hota hai.. aur phir bachpan ki achii meethi yaado ko jyada pirona hota hai.. bachpan apney mey zinda rakhna hota hai..


Yunh to har insaan dard sey guzarta hai,

Dard liye seeney mey safar karta hai,

Uss dard pey marham waqt banta hai,

Dard sey bhaag wah kabhi nahi sakta hai..


Maan didn't look at her but tried to know what she knows about his childhood..

Geet: Main janti hoon.. aapkey bachpan key barey mey..dadi ney bataya '

Maan now had emotions choked in his throat.. as if he isn't able to gulp it down' though he was trying hard' How could Dadi make her know all this so soon.. he never lets anyone know about those dark years of life, moments which broke him and he had worked really hard to come terms to the reality.


Maan: kya bataya hai Dadi ney..


Geet: Yehii ki aap key Papa ki maut apkey mom key hatho huee.. Aap ney apney ankhon sey sab kuch dekha'.. us samay woh pett sey thi' aap ka chota bhai hua tab woh asptaal mey chalbasii ' Aap apney bhai sey bohat pyaar kartey hain..lekin woh sahi rasstey pey nahi chal saka.. ab Woh Drug rehabilitation centre mey hain..

Maan heard and later without answering anything went to the washroom.. he came back and later on they ate what was served , he didn't even once looked at Geet.. As the reality of his life which for the world was colourful, Geet knew the dark side of it.


They reached Goa and took luggage and got into car heading towards the hotel. Maan was silent and as if gone into his shell totally.


Bheetar dard bhara hai,

Insaan uss andherey sey dar raha hai,

Kahin chooodd usey anaa chahta ha,

Kisi sey ussey kehna bantna nahi chahta hai'



Geet looked at him didn't say much.. When they reached the room Geet now couldn't hold what all she wanted to ask' she couldn't be silent for so long.. She immediately said,


Geet : Room mey agaye.. ab main apney aap ko rok nahi saktiii.. aap kyun bachpan ki ek bhi baat sey itney naraaz hotey hain' Kabhi kisi bhi bache ko pass bhi nahi letey..Kheltey bhi nahi..


Maan: Shut up .. mind ur own business and don't interfer in my affairs.. Mujhey tumsey koi lecture nahi sunana.. tum kuch nahi janti, samajhti.. Dadi ney kaha aur bass.. u feel u have got way.. (He came a bit closer and with his eyes wide open) Listen to me carefully don't mess with me and don't ever talk about my childhood or my mom..


Geet: Main baat karungi.. isliye nahi ki mujhe aap mey badlaw lana hai..isliye kyunki main aap sey shaddi kar chuki hun.. mera aur aapka ek rishta hai..ek koshish meri samjhsey main karungi.. Baaki aap par hai.. mujhey samjh hai kya sahi aur kya galat hai..


Maan was very disturbed and knew what all he faced and the way he handled was the right way..He held her tightly and said,

Maan: Kya janti ho.. kya samjhti ho' kuch maloom hai..kya kya hua hai.. Iss bachpan ko main puri tarah bhulana chahta hun'

Geet was in pain ' and her face was showing it was hurting.. but Maan didn't loosen his grip and was getting more violent.. and Geet remarked,

Geet: Iss gussey ke satth rehna achaa lagta hai na aapko aur aapkey sath doosro ko dard dey..

Maan at that time felt guilty and left the grip and was upset with himself.


Uss Dard ko seeney mey dafan kiya hai,

Ussey na jhedoo dard chuta aasmaa hai,

Jin musibato sey main guzra woh bhulna chahta hun,

Naa yaad dilaaoo main unsey phir nahi guzarna chata hun..


Geet: Dadi ney kaha aap nafrat kartey hain.. Apni maa sey, apney pita sey.. Apney bhai sey pyaar kartey huee bhi pyaar jatatey nahi.. Aaj uski halat sey sabsey jyada dukhi aap hain lekin ussey miltey nahi.. Dadi hi aapki zindagi hai.. dosto sey dosti hai lekin hasna bolna' kehlna party mey jana.. aap nagawara kartey hain.. Yeh sab karkey kya milaa' akelapan.. Khadoos kanjus akdu pan..


Maan stopped her and said:  Kya karna chahiye.. khelna chahiye khushi manana chahiye..jantey huee ki zindagi ney kya dikhaya samjhaya' kyun main hasoo .. kya khushi milee hai.. Mom dad hamesha jhagadtey rahey.. Paisa uski jad tha yeh janta tha' Kab iss paisey ney Sab kuch barbaad kiya nahi pata.. Dad paisa nahi detey.. mom paisey ke liye tadabti.. Dad paisa apni marzi sey kharch kartey.. apney rishtedaaro ko iss baat par bhadakti.. Dad ney aur ek bachaa nahi chahiye kaha tha.. Mom didn't want to abort.. dono ko fight kartey huee dekha.. In a fraction of sec dad ney mom ko push kiya aur mom knew it would harm the baby she pushed him towards the class table and he died.. she was so choked and shocked .. we made it look like an accident as we told the police.. I told the police..She attempted to kill herself but meri wajah sey woh bachgayi.. I called everyone before she could take her life..and the life after that for her was worst.. her mental imbalance nature.. her aggression.. couldn't take it.. Childhood was full of nightmares one after another.. I have seen the way people behaved with her' be it my relatives or others'  my grandparents going through hell.. I lost her as well.. How could I play when my dad &mom were dead.. my grandpa was handling the business now when he should be taking retirement... He was making me learn he knew he would also not survive for long.. Dadi didn't cry his son died but stood strong to take care of us.. Dadu died and Dadi had me with her.. she didn't cry to make me strong, and to take care of my little could I ever smile, dance, party, play' I lived with that fact that life thought me too soon too many things.. I cant .. I don't want to.. My Dadi is my lifeline.. I do whatever WHATEVER she says.. as she stood strong.. she is the pillar on which my life belongs..


What was there to play and be merry?

Childhood was full of nightmares, I want to bury,

There were miseries, deaths and violence around,

I had only my beloved old granny standing strong..



Geet heard and had tears.. Maan was fully emotionally charged.

Geet: Aap hastey to shayad Dadi bhi aapkey sath hasti.. Unhoney aapko strong rehney ke liye apney asooo pi liye..lekin aap to apna bachpan jeena hi nahi chahtey they.. ab tak nahi jeena chahtey.. Khushi hai zindagi mey.. Manti hun jo bhi huaa bohat buraa aur saya iss dard ka kabhi peecha nahi chodega..lekin iskey sath.. Aapko Dadi mileee jo aapko Maa sey badkar hai.. Aapka bhai to aap ka dost bansakta tha.. Ek guru jo aapkey dadaji they.. insab ko sath rakhkar has bol key kuch pyaari yaadein piro saktey aap ney nahi kiya.. Aapka bhai shayad issi akelepan mey raasta bhatak gaya' Pyaar ko dil mey rakhkar.. ussey naa dikhaakar..naahi jeekar.. Pyaar ko samjh nahi saktey.. Apney aapsey naa pyaar kiya to phir jiya kya?? Khud zindagi sey khafa rahey to dossro ko mehsus hota hai unhoney aapkey liye kiya kya.. Dadi sukun sey kaise rahegi..agar aap unki har baat to maney lekin uss baat sey apni khushi jhahir naa karey' Paisa to kamaliya lekin ussey kharch kar uska sahi mol na jaan paye..


Maan: Paisa kamayaa kyunki yeh paisa hi jadd tha.. har rishtey key bikharney ka..

Geet: Paisa jad nahi tha.. paisa kamjori tha.. aur vishwas har rishtey ki jad neev hota hai..

Maan was calming down and wanted to cry loud telling the sky up to reach to his parents and tell them.. he missed them so much.. and why this happened..

Geet: Bhagna nahi hai.. dard sey.. rona hai..rolo.. chillana hai chilllaooo' main bahar jati hun.. lekin kismat sey haar nahi manoo ..kismat pey jeet haasil karo'


Dard seeney mey jyada der tikk nahi sakta,

Apney ander chupa chupa kar wah badhta jata,

Kuch asoo baha lo,

 kuch pal isskey sath bita lo,

Bahalo asuoo mey dard ki agni,

Batoro himatkyunki kismat sey jung hai ladni'


Geet walked out and Maan felt the freedom now to open his heart.. He cried as memories all were coming to him.. how his mother had slapped him for calling everyone when she was about to take her life..  He cried and cried, yelled screamed and then washed his face.. came out.

( scroll down for the next part...)

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{Part IX}


Geet: Idhar nariyal pani kitna mehenga hai.. hotel pey case kardo tussi.. nariyal ka , uss plate ka aur woh napkin sabka daam lagaya hai..lekin hum to sirf nariyal pani hi peetey hain..baaki to yeh lejatey hain..


Maan didn't answer.. but smiled as Geet had tried innocently to divert his mind with her weird silly talks.. now her bak bak felt so sweet.. as if a shade in a hot sunny day. He smiled looking at her. Geet was looking at the view smiling and wondering telling how much money is earned by 5star hotels. Maan was smiling and listening. Her talks were foolish but this time he was cutely enjoying.


Kabhi kabhi yeh begani baatein dard bhula deti hai,

Hasna aur hasaana badhi mushkil kala hoti hai,

Zindagi mey aisa koi nahi jo dard sey naa guzara hoga,

Lekin ussey sehkar muskuraney waley ki hi akhir mey jeet hoti hai'


 They both were looking at the view outside the beach and the waves.. the breeze which helped to make Maan feel much lighter from inside , as he took deep breathe to ease himself..


Maan: mere bachpan ki kafi baatein huee.. Tumhara bachpan kaisa tha..

Geet smiled and looked at him: Main bohat khush hoon aapney khud sey bachpan ki baatein ki.. aur poocha.. ab aap ko bachpan ke yaadon sey darr ya naraaz nahi hotey ..


Maan realized yes he would get too upset with even the mention of his mom or childhood' but felt its high time to get rid of that fear.. and just let it go'


Geet: Mera bachpan bohat achaa gaya hai.. Mere parents sabsey best they hain aur rahengey..unkey binaa jeeney ka socha bhi nahi..

Maan: Phir ab kaisa lagta hai.. u r so far from them.. u miss them..


Geet: Bohat.. bidaai flight mey bethey..Avneet ko call kiya..kaha..mujhsey nahi hopayega.. unhey dekh dekh jeeti thi..kitna kuch unkey liye karna tha..sath rehkar mere saye ko dekh woh mera haal janletey.. roz hastey kheltey.. din beetatey they.. Avneet boli.. peechey naa dekhna.. ek baar mudegi phir jaa nahi payegi..unko aur bhi dard degi.. unhey bhulll matt.. lekin unhey jyada yaad bhi mat kar warna akelisi murjhayi rahegi..pher to sasural mey wahi udasi fehlayegi aur isssey maa bavji ka naam kharab hoga.. bas yeh sunna aur kehdiya..main udasi nahi ronak banungi..jahan bhi jaungi.. Aur tab sey wahi koshish ki..

Maan looked at her , he felt how much she tried to spread happiness into his  house though she was lonely ' he too should try to spread the same.. even though he may be broken inside..


Khud ki jeet hoti hai

Jab khud pey jeet hasil karey insaan..

Ander key bhawander sey himmat kar,

 khud bahar aapaye wahi hai Jeet ki pehchan'


Maan: Achaa beach ko yehan sey hi dekhengey ya pass jaakar dekhey..

Geet looked at him and said,: Haan chaltey hai na.. mujhey rait par chalna bohat pasand hai.

They walked near the beach and Maan said,

Maan: U know when the water is just moving softly gently it looks so beautiful.. but the huge waves they come along changing the whole picture.. just like life does.. with its shocks surprises as life goes ahead..


Geet looked at him and replied: Mujhey to badi badi leherey atiii jaatii dekhna bohat pasand hai.. agar pani mey hulchul jyada naa woh jyada rochak nahi hai.. Zindagi mey lehrey ayengei nahi to hum agey hi nahi badhengey.. kyunki yeh badi badi leherey hi agey badhaati hai.. Zindagi mey yehi upar neechey  hone wali baatey hi humey agey ka rasta aur himmat deti hain.. hum kitnaa bhi darey lekin mushkil mey sey guzarkar hi hum kuch seekh kuch paa sakengey'


Leherey ati hain challi jati hain,

Kuch pal agey badhakar kuch yaadein jod jati hai,

Kuch peechey jhutata hai,

Kuch satth juddta hai,

Yehi hai zindagi jo dukh sukh dikhata rehta hai,

Dekh guzarkar bhi Zindagi ko koi puri tarah nahi samjh sakta hai...


Maan didn't know what to say..

Geet said: swimming pool key pani nu kabhi pyaar sey yunh nihartey rahogey ghantoo??? Nahi na. usmey koi leherey hi nahi hoti kuch mazaa nahi.. agar agey kya hoga pehley sey pata hoo to insaan darsey chalna jhodey ya phir akad sey bhagta chaley..dono hi galat hain'


Maan: Kabhi kabhi itni samjhdari aur kabhi kabhi puri bevakuff.. tum baatoo sey hii unnn lehero ka mazaa dedeti ho..

Geet now blushed as Maan had for the first time complimented her directly.  Maan later realized she is blushing and he had smiled complimenting her.. He was scared that she shouldn't take it as if he has feelings.. They r on honeymoon but distance to be there he would like.. He got tensed and walked a step ahead of her now..


Geet repeated: 'Baatoo sey hi unn lehero ka mazaa dedeti ho'' haii kinnii cute line yeh compliment bestam best laga hai.. Thank u ji.. yunhi samjhdari wali gal kiya karoo tabhi main vadii vadi smile de paungi.. aur broad smile to banta hi hai..hum ghumney jo aye hain.. dukhi sukhi honey nahi.. akhir new new marriage hai' kuch to happy happy couple dikhney chahiye warna logo ko to lagega hum 7 saal sey vyaah mey hai..kyunki 7 sal baad to couple dukhisukhey dikhtey hi hain.. (she started laughing)


Maan tried his best to control his laughter and later gave up.. but with the thought of they are newly married.. Maan smiled but was a bit tensed about what all he is thinking, feeling and saying' they are enjoying each other's company..why suddenly nothing seems impossible.. even giving marriage a chance to find 'happily' attached.. yes happily married in love.. he wondered and walked all confused'


Yeh shaadi bandhan hai, mayusi thi dil mey,

Laga kuch na hasil hoga ab to yaar'

Lekin Mehsus horaha hai dil ko ab,

Hasil hua ek khaas rishta kya issiko kehtey hain pyaar?'



Geet ran and caught up with his steps and said: tussi itna kyun khabratey ho .. main kya taunu khaa jaungi.. ab aapko main pasand hoti jaa rahi hun.. to khushi ki baat hai.. uss sey aap kyun ghabra rahey hain' dartey hain kahin mere naal pyaar hogaya to?? (she laughed )


Maan now half heartedly smiled.. as he was still unsure.. but. .. he knew Geet will start praising herself now..


Geet: Lekin main hoon hi itnee best' tauda Dil to aajayega.. (Maan smiled feelings he knew it..) par menu tere naal pyaar hopayega ki nahi yehi impossible lagda hai.. Taudey mey aisa kuch nahi jo menu pyaar hojaye.. ab sab kehtey hain.. shaddi key baad ankhey milee aur pyaar hua.. Aee lo karlo baat.. itney din ho to pyaar hua hi nahi.. ankhey bhi milee pher bhi kuch nahi huaa.. Lagta hai.. taudey mey waise pyaar wali kuch gal nahi.. (she cheekily smiled)


Maan now was a bit tensed.. he is smart handsome and intelligent.. also rich why wouldn't she feel like falling for him.. He tried to look at himself and telling himself he has a great physique too she actually can feel getting physically as well attracted to him..and his eyes how many times he has heard girls telling him.. his eyes make them just want to melt into his arms.. He smiled and said,


Maan: Girls get attracted to me in just few secs..  I broke their hearts marrying u.. but For u to know what U have for life.. Is difficult .. u just don't realize.. U got the best guy u could even ever dream of..

Geet: Oh..  bol vachan hai.. itney bhi aap .. (she was trying to get the word to describe him.. and Maan said,' HOT, Hero, Best, Superstar, ' .. aa theek hai.. Hot jaise log kehtey hain.. Aap itney bhi HOT nahi..


Aisi koi baat nahi ki pyaar hojayega,

Ab tak aisa kuch hua nahi ki Dil inka judjayega,

Baato baato mey kafi baatein huee hai,

Ek dusrey key saath mulkatein yaadin judi hai,

Maan ko samjhana chod usko samjhna Geet ka irada hai..

Kuch lamhey sath aur Geet ko Maan samjhna chahta hai,


Maan now wanted to get his ego satisfied by proving her that girls find him too HOT and too attractive.. He walked taking her along and there were a bunch of 5-6 foreigners sitting.

Maan: Hello ladies, She is my wife and she was just wondering how Hot and attractive I am.. could u tell her.. how much attractive u find me..

Maan looked at Geet and said: Inki English to samajh ayegi na tumhey..dhyaan sey sunoo..


The girls whispered something and spoke in some language among themselves and said," Can u please remove the shirt .." and they all smiled..  Maan was shocked.. and Geet was in smiles and very happy.. She knew Maan was getting into an embarrsed situation.. Maan looked at Geet and facing Geet removed his shirt and gave a confident pose denoting he knows He has a great body.. he isn't that nervous but very sure they would envy Geet..  Geet looked at him and smiled with the thought of what the girls may be feeling' Suddenly Maan could feel the girls grabbing his shoulders.. They all had surrounded him and were touching and embrasing him.. saying how Hot he is' Maan was shocked, scared.. the long nails of the girls as if he felt would scratch him.. Maan couldn't hit them and they had held on to him tightly.. Geet was laughing enjoying and later on felt Maan surely is in trouble the girls have gone a bit crazy now.. Maan was pleading to let him go..  He wanted to run away but they all grabbed and he was very uncomfortable with their  touch..


Geet thought for a while and tried to help she told, " Girls leave him.. he is  gay.. " Maan was shocked with her remark and so were the girls..  as they left the grip with the word spoken by Geet.. and Geet told Maan..  bhagoo abhi.. they both ran holding hands.. and soon the girls realized they were tricked by her..


Maan and Geet ran a meter and stopped at a point where they felt they were secured. Both looked at each other and smiled laughed.. and Maan held Geet closer and said, " Kya kaha unhey.. " he  was smiling  .. and Geet replied," ab kuch aur nahi soojha unsey peecha chudane ka.. " Both were quite close staring and smiling.. soon Geet's Dupatta which was already falling off her shoulders.. fell down and Geet and Maan realized they both were close.. Geet without her duppatta and Maan shirtless.. both were a bit conscious and feeling something very weird.. They so close and so uncomfortable ' wanting the moment to continue and also wanting the moment to be away.. the feeling was unknown to them..but making them look at each other more and also hide away from each other's gaze after sometime' it was moment which made them smile and feel some 'want' but also wanting to hide that want.. the want of intimacy and the want to get more closer...  They blushed .. smiled..


Pass Pass khadey hain,

Ehsaasey kuch kuch judey hain,

Yunh nazdeek saansein thamsi gayi hain,

Yunh ekdusrey ko dekh kuch sharm si aney lagi hai,

Kya yeh ehsaas hai jantey nahi,

Kyun dil ki dhadkaney tezz honey lagi hai'


As Maan wore his shirt on.. Geet tried to take the duppata .. but it flew and went into the beech.. the waves took it further inside and Geet walked a distance to get.. Maan pulled her hand..saying not to get into the water.. the duppatta was already too wet and dirty..


Geet: Bina duptta key kaise

Maan: yehan kaii sirf dupatta key hain.. (Geet smiled with shyness..and said, tussi bhi.. ) so don't worry..  Hotel nazdeek hi hai we will walk to our room and take some rest.. ok..


Both were walking..and there was this broad smile on their faces.. they didn't knew why but they had a lovely moment which made them know they loved to spent more time with each other..  they both looked at each other and only thought in their mind, why did they feel they were never correct for each other' Is there something in them which makes them feel theycould fall in love with each other.. 

kya pyaar hosakta hai,

Kya pyaar honey ko hai,

Kya yehi rishta zindagi banjayega,

kya yehi woh ankhein hai jinka kayal dil hojayega...

saath chaltey hathon ko thamney ka mann hai,

Paas aakar sirf ankho mey doobney ka Mann hai,

Lekin kuch baatein khichti jaa rahi hai,

judey to hain lekin samaney ki baari nahi ayi hai...

As they were getting into the lift.. she saw a man walking inside.. She quickly took Maan's hand and tried to cover herself with his hand close to her'. Maan could feel she was shy without her dupatta and there was this guy in front.. she was very uncomfortable.. Maan protected her with himself holding her close...

The man walked in and said, " Geet.. kaisi ho.." Geet said" theek hun.." He asked who is he. And Geet replied, " Meri insey shaddi huee hai..Maan Khurana.. " The man looked at him properly and moved his hand in front to greet.. Maan could sense Geet was tensed as he would take out his right hand to shakehand.. the man could have a look at Geet properly.. Geet was uncomfortable'and a bit upset... Maan walked in front so that Geet is hid behind him and he shook hand' Geet smiled as he did that..Knowing that Maan was understanding her '  Geet walked out of the lift holding Maan closely.. .. and they entered the room' Geet looked at Maan and smiled, Maan felt she said a huge thanks with that beautiful broad smile.. Maan just winked replied .. I had to...


Ekdusrey key pass hai hum,

Saaya ban chal saktey hai hum,

Sirf uss pyaar key honey  ka aaghaas ho,

Phir doob key usmey khushiyan hazaar ho'

{Part XI}


Geet: Aapko bohat bada thanks.. Woh K****A tha..(Maan was a bit taken back as she used the word) isliye uskey samney bina dupattey key mujhe nahi achaa lag raha tha..

Maan: U know him?

Geet: Meri bhabhi ka bhai hai.. mere sath shaddi karna tha ussey.. bohat seedha banta tha.. paise wala hai.' bhola bhala dikhta.. baad mey pata chala.. Aurat iski kamzori hai..  pher isska rishta reject kiya bawji ney..

Maan: oh'.I  had felt that he was not proper the way ..he was stairing at u and me' very weird..

Geet: waise Tumney meri madad ki aur maine tumhari.. Hisaab barabar, hogaya ab...

Maan: Itni jaldi Hisaab bhi kar diya.. Tum bhi' waise u spoke in English with the girls on the beach..I mean I know u can speak English but not properly I felt.. u always spoke in hindi Punjabi even if I asked u something in English sooo .. yunhi hogaya or u can actually speak English fluently.. though it's the least sentence in English I would want u to ever say' but ya it saved me'

Geet: Tumhey  nahi tumhari izzat kaho.. izzat bachadi maine.. (She started laughing and Maan first got upset and after looking at her laughter he blushed smiled.. and was embarrsed for sure..)


Geet: Ya, I don't have any problem to converse in English at all.. Actually u havnt gone through my biodata properly I think' it says BA.. and I have done that with English honours..

Maan was shocked surprised and also very pleased..

Maan: Then why did u , when we met the first time.. I was tortured with unnessasry overdose of Punjabi and hindi even when I was talking with u in English.. u semed as if cant speak fluently in English...


The first day I saw and met u,

We spoke little but I got to know u,

I kept talking in English with few hindi words,

U kept crowding the conversation with punjabi words,

Gave me all wrong impression,

Cant understand what was ur intention'


Geet smiled

Punjabi vich gal changi lagdi hai,

Meinu english bhi achi aandi hai,

Twadey naal gulshul di chah nahi C,

Taunu impress karandi jarurat nahi C'


Geet: See I love my language.. its Hindi and Punjabi in which I converse the most at home.. u were not there speaking for a job interview or business proposal.. why should I not converse the language in which I would 24hrs if atall we got married I thought.. it was to show what I am in my usual self.. also didn't want to impress u with my English or anything as I seriously was not wanting to be with u.. what were the things u asked .. What money means to you.. and what u asked.. whom will u choose a Self made man or a heir of a business tycoon' these are the questions u felt like asking.. God,.. taunu koi bhi ladki haan nahi kehti.


Ladka ladki dekhney aye,

Aur baatein philosophy ki hogayi,

Samajh nahi aya Geet ko,

Adhaa ghanta theek hai ,

Kaise beetaye iskey saath zindagi'.


Maan: Oh it had a lot of sense.. I wanted to know what money stands in ur life.. I mean just wanted to know that.. if u would crib the same way if god forbid money isn't flowing the way it should' and what all did u say.. Money means paisa.. mauj masti.. aur milega to kharchna ekdam jaruri.. (Geet was smiling) and about that selfmade man or a business tycoon.. I thought I would know  how much you treasure self esteem, a self made man surely has so much will and strength 'but u went for a business tycoon saying..  Business tycoon hua to bandey ko horse riding to attii hi hogi..aur ghode par bethkey uskey saath ekdam fairy tale wali wedding lagegi.. Silly.. how silly '  I decided then and there.. No way I wont marry U..


Geet: To pher kya sunana tha.. Menu to kuch farak hi nahi laga.. theek hai self made man key pass dimaag hai aur himmat..lekin yeh tay kaise hua ki business tycoon ka putar ho.. to uskey pass yeh dono nahi ho.. yeh to sure nahi na.. agar uskey pass bhi himaat hai dimaag hai..sath hi too much money aur obviously horseriding aise sari shauk to hotey hi hain.. pher mujhe to horse riding bohat pasand hai.. to kaha..


Maan: U know tum '. Tum sabsey.. AJEEB ho.. baatein keh jaati ho.. aur dil ekdam saaf' silly lagta hai lekin kuch pal baad innn baato pey muskurahat ati haai' (Geet looked at him wondering he is changing or his attitude towards her) Maan was only been honest..  Geet smiled and was about to praise herself.. but Maan interrupted..


Maan: waise tumney English honours kiya vishvaas nahi hota..

Geet looked at him with a stern face: Kyun.. sabit kardungi.. pucho kuch puchna hai to..

Maan thought for a while and said.. achaa.. why not talk on topic I give u '  atleast 10 sentences..

Geet: Ok... (she thought after she had replied' what topic would he choose?)

Maan interrupted her.. U can also say a poem if u like if not sentence u see.. but not a nursery ryhme u have learnt in school..but create something

Geet : oyeee main kavitri to nahi..pyaar hua nahi jo ban bhi jaoo..kyunki pyaar mey to kuch bhi hosakta ahi..

Maan: ok' kuch bhi kaho.. topic main deta English..fine.. atleast 10 sentences..

Geet felt it was too easy to speak, she said " theek hai.. in a loud excited voice..

Maan: Ok the topic is'(Maan smiled and with a raise eyebrow said with happiness)  "Maan is the best".. He smiled and said, I am not saying I am perfect.. but best.. U have all the while praised urself endlessly..why not for a change praise me in atleast 10 sentence .. and I would like to hear ur English as u praise me'


Har pal khudki taariffon ki ladhiyan bunti ho,

Aaj kuch baatein hamarii bhi hojaye,

Sunkey aisa mehsus ho mujhey,

Samney waley key dil mey bhi kuch jagah payein..


He stood smilingly and Geet looked at him and thought how she will praise him for so long'10 sentences' Oh God.. She was not wanting to praise Maan so much but this was a challenge.. She started to find some excuses now..

Geet: I would surely say.. but I need a paper ..kuch likhu sochu.. tumhari tariff its not that easy .. I cant lie much u see' (Geet started laughing cheekily)

Maan was getting irritated and wont leave her this time.. He went searched for some paper and wasn't finding any.. soon he smiled as he pulled a whole roll of toilet paper and gave her pen..

Maan: scribble thoughts and be quick..

Geet: on this ..(she laughed) aapkey naam ki itni badnaami..

Maan: badnami nahi gungaan karti jaoo.. I never thought u were a loser' haan bolkey now backing from ur words..

Geet looked at him a bit disappointed and said: Bolti hun..wait a bit..  now she was focused  to speak.

She scribbled few words and started to speak up ..

Maan sat on the chair to hear it and he felt she would bring the silliest thing to praise him..  Will she praise him properly ornot' Geet looked at him and said,


Geet: Maan that's the name of the person with whom I got married, a guy who has looks, is rich and is the best in his own way.  Maan is the best many would say' the one's who love him for sure..he is perfect best for them..

(Maan loved to hear this and Geet had a smile as she saw him smiling)

She continued: he has charm and is a true gentleman who can hurt himself but won't hurt anyone close. He is strong intelligent but admires innocence.

(Somehow this sentence made Maan a bit moved.. he should admire Geet's innocence more he felt with that' and looked at her with much care this time. )


Geet continued:  He is a good listener and I love that fact the most. (Maan now disagreed wanting to say she doesn't give him any other option actually).

Geet: He doesn't judge merely by looks but want to know the person from inside. ( Maan thought and knew that was true.. he belives looks deceive)  

Geet: He is a family man with good values. Girls could grab him but he won't ever misbehave.

(Maan now blushed at the recent incident..which she reminded)

Geet: There are loads of suffereing worries he has gone through but he fought, conquered and created the biggest wealth 'Love and peace' within himself and around.  (Maan was sad as he didn't find this true but wished it was)

Geet: He may not think he has love and peace but there are millions who love him, millions whom he has inspired and loads who are employed and earning handsomely under his leadership.  (Maan was touched by this aspect for sure. This meant the most he felt.) So Ya Maan is the best' My thoughts here I rest..


Geet looked at him and knew he was moved, touched and actually, his eyes were telling her the whole thing..

Geet: ek line hindi & english vich translation, "

Swast( great body), sabhya (a true gentleman),  sunder(from outside and inside) , samjhdaar(intelligently running a huge empire)

Maan mey gunn hai hazaar'

dil ko yeh baat chuti hai..

tussi takdeerwaley ho Geet Taudi patni hai..


Maan had a braod smile..and he started laughing..and so did Geet.. both were looking at each other.. the eyes were wet with laughter and both were feeling they r so beautiful .. wish they could come closer and hug each other and give each other the feeling that they have had a lovely time together.. J


Maan:  These were the best lines I heard from someone about me. Geet (he said with emotions and as if he is looking at her and letting his heart flow out and say ' Geet looked at him as he was looking at her straight with a lot of fondness this time' she did feel a bit nice but pleasantly surprised' she could sense immense respect for her.. and loads of care.. )

And he continued to say'


Maan: First meeting and I wasn't impressed by u,

Getting married to u was forced on me by few,

First night and I was upset with the blunder I made,

Felt u couldn't talk sense ever my life is at stake,

Morning we fought on what not,

Felt a war is what marraige brought about,

In the office felt u would reveal everything to all,

Later spoke and knew there was sense inall,

Shared conversation in the restaurent,

Felt so much ease the moment meant,

Never wanted to take u to honeymoon,

Took only to bring a cheer for u soon,

In the travel we met the boy sweet,

Childhood nightmares were there to creep,

I was in anger, in pain, hiding facts, feeling life is tough,

U were so frank, mature made me feel life is never rough,

With u along life is full of bright beautiful smiles,

Gadering & spreading happiness all through the miles,

U praising me I felt difficult it would be for u,

U touched my heart I feel really lucky to have u..


Geet's eyes were a bit emotional but had a big broad smile on her face. She felt very glad that Maan knows how wonderful she is. As Maan looked at her and a silence came in. She felt now very shy and she blushed' there was silence in the room..and the two of them'looking at each other and wanting to say more to each other' sharing, caring had began.. loving was the feeling they were wanting to bring out'

{Part XII}


Geet: pyaar hua nahi phir bhi kavi bangaye..

Maan smiled and said: shayad pyaar honeko hai..


After Maan said this' he himself wondered that is love to be happening' is it going to happen.. the words had just come out..isnt it that love happens and cant be planned.. he smiled wondering that.. and he looked closely at Geet' is she the one' He looked at her and felt her beauty seemed to increases day by day..  and he smiled lovingly looking at her..


Ehsaas badh rahey hain,Nazdeek hum aagaye hain,

Pass ho tum, nikhar rahi ho tum,

Kyun dil bekabu horahahai, tumsey pyaar hai kehney ko keh raha hai'


Geet smiled more and said: Kiskey saath' kya tenu mere naal pyaar horaha hai?


Maan: Pyaar taude naal' dimaag nahi nahi nahi kehta hai' (he wanted to pull her leg)

Geet angrily looked at him and Maan looked at her with his eyes asking him why not? His heart saying U do' and his mind saying.. u should'

Maan looked at Geet: dil pyaar wali gal sey pareshan hai.. dil ki opening hue aur pyaar hogaya to kya hoga?.. Geet nu te Maan pasand nahi aanda.. Geet key Dil ki opening ka bharosa nahi.. Devdas banana Maan khurana nagavara karta hai..


Geet: waise bhi u may not look that handsome in dhoti .. ahh Srk looked very nice..

Maan: Yaa u too r neither Aishwarya nor madhuri for me to become Devdas'

Geet: Main inni buri bhi nahi.. (She made a disappointed face)


Maan smiled and looked at her innocence in her eyes: U can't be compared with anyone I have seen or met' U r special.. ur eyes beautiful brown.. cant find another place in the world which may give such soothing feeling to my mind.. Ur smile soft gentle and like a golden sunshine.. one has to just look at u and get charged up to enjoy life much more' I am loving this to know u more and to be with u more .. take our relationship slowly to a step further still somewhere am confused' whats happning to me.. feels like I am not the same anymore..


Life seems to have turned around,

Feels as if am flying and not on my ground,

Want to know u more and start to love u,

Want to be with u and find much happiness too,

Can't understand is it right or is it wrong,

Am confused is this the love I was searching from so long..


Geet smiled and said: Mera dil straight forward hai..pasand hai..nahi hai to nahi.. chupana nahi janta.. dikhjata hai.. kuch kuch baatein dil ko chuee hai..kuch kuch anchuee si rehgaye'. Inne bhi bure nahi ho tussi.. mujhe yunh dekh rahey ho jaise pyaar kartey ho.. u really r feeling for me.. I can feel the same.. I am sure about myself.. I have felt cared and I feel nice about having u as my husband.. yes love hasn't come through  may be its hiding somewhere inside.. but ya married together.. I know I would find it easy to fall in love with u rather than not falling in love with u'   Baat to inni simple si hai'


Simple si gal hai shaddi shuda hai hum,

Pyaar hogaya to zindagi chal padegi sang sang,

Sirf uss pyaar ko jagana hai,

Sawarkar gehra kar aur nikharna hai'


Maan looked at her smiling..: ya baat itni simple si to hai' (Wondering how confused he was.. what all he is thinking.. but Geet was clear frank')

Maan: Hum jo chahtey' samjhtey' with the thought we had about what kind of partner we wanted.. it seems imperfect now but imperfect can become perfect if we feel that's the best for us' right now.. and all our expectations seems changed as love warmth takes care of all the other issues' (He looked at her with love)


Agar pyaar beshumaar miley to baaki aur kya chahiye,

Saath aur vishwas miley to baaki Dard batt jaye,

Thoda bohat to adjust kar hi lengey,

Agar sachey dil sey swikaar insaan karna chahey'.


Geet looked at him a bit shy and said: 'best main hun.. aur aap best ho saktey hain.. chaliye kal shopping pe le chalo..u will autmatically learn the tricks to be the best husband of the world' khub shopping karney do..aur khub Goa ghumaoo.. main khush to mera mann khush aur mann vich taudi jagah bhi vadiii hojayegi' aur phir dil vich pyaar bhi umaddega..


Maan:  Just taking u for shopping will give me a bigger place in ur heart..yeh to bohat easy baat hogayi'.

Geet: haan' pyaar key liye u need happiness I still don't know why people say u fall in love just by looking into each other's eyes.. aisa to hota nahi.. mujhe to nahi hua'

Maan heard and felt ohhh she still isnt having those feelings.. still isnt physically or emotionally attracted to him.. he wondered she is frank and when she will he will immmediately know' and he wanted that moment to come.. as he was every moment getting attracted and falling in love with her' her honesty , her beauty and her beautiful self' a loud voice but a soft heart'


Maan: ab to tadap ban rahi hai tumharey liye best honey ki'. (he looked into her eyes with a naughty smile) Geet looked at him and blushed.. smiling and telling its not that easy'


Completely they havnt felt to be loved or in Love,

Slowly slowly its essence is about to come and sum up,

I & U together married, love compunds to attachment,

Without love in married life there can't be any fulfillement'


Maan: Lekin ek sharth hai..


Geet: haii sharth.. hmm gentleman banrahey they.. thoda thoda husband banneko kaha to dekho.. ..kahooo kya shart hai..

Maan came closer and Geet was abit taken back' she was looking at him with a worried expression'

Maan: Mere saath shoppping pey chalogi to ..(and he shouted)..CAR PARK KARNETAK ZARA RUKHNA mujhe driver ban bahar matt jhod dena'

Geet heard and smiled..and both started laughing..

Geet: Nahi Nahi.. ab aisa nahi karungi.. atleast 7 saal tak shayad nahi'.

Maan looked at her and kya karogi..saat saal tak'


Geet could not understand what he was saying'and later when she saw Maan laughing quitely she shouted..

Geet: Main driver rakhlungi.. tab aap kya karengey'

Maan thought and to win over her.. said with a confident expression'.

Maan: Main ghodey pey beth tumhey shopping pe lejaney key liye poochunga'. Manaa kar paogi'?

Geet got excited and said: aappp.. tussiii' bohat hosiyaar hotey chaley kuch nahi kehna..meri kamzori aap khub jananey lage ho'. Ghodey pey beth shopping karanda mann hi nahi hoga'. Taunu bass kass key pakad key' aasman di seir karney ka mannn hoga' khusiyandi shopping aur pyaar da rang .. (She had a huge smile..)


Maan took her close as she said this.. he could feel that romance in her eyes and her smile as she said that'


Maan: Kya ghoda mangwa dooo.. kasskey pakdna.. mujhe thandi thodi jyada hi lagti hai'


Geet: ' thandi lagti hai.. Aap to badey HOT hain.. taunu thandi lag hi nahi sakti' (she laughed and ran away from his grip'  ')

Maan smiled with her reply but felt special to be falling for her more and more'


Choti choti gal hai,

Pyaar da khummar hai,

Saath bethkar boley hum,

To hassi ka fawaar hai,

Bahon mey lena hai,

Kass key pakadna hai,

Sanso ko mehsus karna hai,

Pyaar bhar zindagi ko sawaarna hai..

{Part XIII}


Next day they went for shopping and Maan realised it was the most hectic day ever.. She was endlessly shopping for each one of her cousins, parents, grandparents, neighbours. Maan now understood why after 7 years things may not be working out' how long can one keep carrying the shopping bags, continuous questions asked but never she makes an attempt to hear his answer,  with love just bloosming between them. Maan would smile with her smile and forget the whole stress of the day..Boring for him it was totallly but ya looking at her and her happiness it felt worth. She would in between look at him and know he is totally not interested and bored but the more she would continue to shop to tease him more and test his patience'.


As they reached hotel for lunch. Geet said,


Geet: I know u r extremely tired by my shopping. I purposely did so much shopping.. to test ur patience..taunu gussa hi nahi ayaa'  Mere bhavji aur ammayi dono ka sabsey jyada jhagda kharidari key waqt hi hota hai' Menu bhi dekhna tha hum kitna jhagdengey' unkey jhagdey mey bhi pyaar hota tha.' (She started laughing)


Maan: jagdey mey pyaar hota hai.. malum hota to karleta'. (he smiled and so did Geet) Gussa ayaa lekin pee gaya.. ab newly wed hain.. koi 7 saal ki shadii to nahi..  Ur happiness is totally new for me.. this brightness and excitement which I saw as u were shopping endlessly' the happiness on ur face made me to keep calm and forget the whole stress..


By listening this Geet made a baby like face..knowing  that's true.. she surely gets thrilled for buying gifts and shopping for her family and friends.


Geet:  When u get angry usually how do u react?

Maan: Nothing I avoid and I disassociate from the person or people or situation which made me get so upset.

Geet: 1 on 1 u don't?

Maan: No..

Geet: u havn't fought with anybody.. verbal fight bhi nahi

Maan: usually I don't belive in verbal confrontations..  I have argued but not fought.. I never needed it either.. physical fight.. oh that's a totally NO.. I dislike getting so aggressive.. and I don' shows my weakness I feel..

Geet: totally opposite of me.. I don't spare anyone.. verbal or pulling the hair I am ready for all that..


Listening this Maan laughed and said, "my god I better take good care of my hair..they need to be really strong, god forbid if u ever get angry on me.. I can go bald'' and both started laughing..  


 As they had their lunch, the restaurant owner greeted Maan and Maan was having a conversation with him at distance. Geet at that time saw his bhabhi's bro coming towards her. She wondered anger ki baat hue and the person on whom she gets the angriest is in front of her.  He came close to her and said,


Man: Geet kaisi ho.. khush Maan key saath' waise' kamata bohat hai na Maan..

Geet: haan.. khush.. Maan kamata hai .. apney liye usney mere dil mey izzat, sneh , pyaar apna pan kamaya.. khoya kuch nahi.. isliye I am VERY happy..


Man: Lekin suna hai room hai vadda lekin tum dono door ho.. yehan main bohat ataa jata hun..  staff bhi mere isharo pey nachtey hain.. kaffi kuch pata chala.. honeymoon pey aye ho lekin itney door..  honeymoon sweet..lekin kuch sweetness nahi' chadar bolo ya bistar.. beech mey gaddoo ki rekha.. bechari Geet lagta hai tumhey bohat kuch pana hai lekin mil nahi raha.. tumhari har jarurat  puri karney key liye jab kaho main hazir hun' khulam khulla ya chup chupke.. (he winked)


Geet got angry and said: meri jutti da number nahi pata tha to pooch letey yunh chhaappa khaney ka irada naa karo..

Man: guusaaa haiii sona sona.. jutti maaroo kuch din baad dil harooo, jarurat sabki hoti hai.. aaj nahi to kal.. araam sey sochlo.. akhir u had said yes to marry me.. main to taunu bohat pasand tha' woh to baddoo ney naa karadi lekin dil to mujh par ayaa hi tha..

As he was saying this Maan entered..


Maan: Geet sab theek' (he had heard what the man had told so was a bit disappointed that Geet had told yes to marry that guy and liked him)


Geet: (she looked at Maan and later at his bhabhi's bro) Ek kaam kardo tussi Maan..sachhiii kuch sawaal nahi.. sirf karoo'

Maan could feel something had hurt Geet a lot.. there was not a tear in her eye, eyes were angry and wide open'

Maan: What.. Kya?

Geet: Slap him hard.. don't leave him.. Give him one.. he should remember all his life..

Maan and the Man looked at each other ..


Maan looked at Geet and without further thinking held the collar of the Man who was about to leave...and slapped him one hard.. There was this loud noise in the whole area .. the people gathered and the man wanted to hit back but Maan had hit him so hard that he couldn't get his senseback. The staff took him away..


Maan and Geet walked out' Geet walked a metre in silence along with Maan.

Maan disliked Geet's silence.. it was making him very very scared.. he wanted to ask.. but he remembered  she told kuch matt poocha' he felt the guy must have said something wrong.. Geet had already told he is a womanizer.  He later felt hurt that Geet had liked such a guy and wanted to marry him. Here he isn't that bad yet Geet has not much feelings for him.. Maan was also hurt ..and so was Geet.


Kyun kuch hi pal mey suna hua sama,

Khatm hua hassi ka aalam yehan,

Koi kuch kehta hai aur dil dard mey dooba,

Pyaar ka to ab ikraar bhi nahi hai hua'.


They sat near a bench facing the beach'.

Geet:  Meri matti hi mari gayi.. avneet na hoti to na janey kya hota..

Maan was listening to her.. and knowing she is very upset..


Geet: Bohat achii baatein karta.. bhabhi bhi tariff karti' kabhi yeh taufa kabhi woh'  tariff kartey thakta nahi' seedha banta' pyaar karta.. main bhi karti thi' lagaa mera rajkumar yehi hai'


Maan looked at her and with anger said: yeh aisa Rajkumar'' mere liye to dil mey pyaar aaa nahi raha tha..  ankhey milee lekin pyaar nahi hua.. uski meethi meethi baton ney dil le liya..  tumhey yehi sab pasand ataa hai..dikhawa aur tariff key pull' 


Geet looked at him and knew he was very angry.  She held his hand and said with much warmth.

Geet:  Pehla Pehla pyaar.. (Maan looked at her with more anger) Geet got tensed and continued.. Pehla Pehla pyaar nahi tha.. pehli badi bevakufi thi..( her eyes were worried and her face guilty ')


Geet: asliyat ko dekh nahi paa rahi ho.. aisa Avneet boli aur ek din pata chalhigaya.. bohat royee thi uss din' wanted to slap myself hard.. Avneet took real good care of me.. sabsey achii dost.. that's why I belived in taking my parents decision'  isliye ab pyaar yunhi nahi hota yeh samjhti hun.. menu maaf kardo' tauda naal chahat to hai. Aur aap ki baraabari kisisey nahi' aap ab mere zindagi mey khaas ho.. Please don't get upset on me.. I felt my duty to like u and be with u as u r my husband.. but with these few days together.. I am enjoying my time with u and not doing things as a duty but as I really care and feel' glad u came int my life'


Socha na tha hum yunh sath hongey,

Jhagadtey jagadtey dil key kareeb ayengey,

Dil mey pyaar ka ujhaal hota rehta hai,

Sirf sahi maukey par dil sab kuch bayaan kardeta hai'


Maan was still upset' somewhere hurt that she liked someone before him.. that feeling was making him feel bad..Though he was not angry with her...  


Kyun dil dukhta hai,

Pasand main pehla nahi kehta hai,

Dil mey mere pyaar hi pyaar hai,

Lekin aisa khafaa kyun dil hota hai..

( for the next last two parts... go to page 28.. )

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congrats !!!!!!! 4 d new ff ...

add me to ur pm list ...

nice ... interesting concept ...

continue soon ...

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hey dear nice to see u again...
Happy Friendship Day...

congrats on new ff...
part 1
wow Geet is unique...
Maan is highly irritated by her non stop talking...
cant wait to read about their journey...
thanks for the pm...
cont soon...

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kya baat hai Pm me dear

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Wow awesome cont soon

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nice...i'm not good in hindi,if possible in translate in eng..tq

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