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ArSh/KaSh OS- new OS on pg 48 (Page 6)

Azmii Goldie

Joined: 29 December 2010
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Posted: 12 August 2011 at 9:32am | IP Logged
nice one

nIhArIkA Senior Member

Joined: 18 August 2010
Posts: 344

Posted: 12 August 2011 at 9:42am | IP Logged
it was so emotional...good work n do write more..
_Afrin_ Goldie

Joined: 24 January 2010
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Posted: 13 August 2011 at 2:06pm | IP Logged
beautiful OS Amani...
it was so braught tears in my eyes...
loved how Arman continued to keep his promise to shilpa...
glad at least they r together in the end...
do write more os on ArSh...loved ur writing...Smile
amaniM Goldie

Joined: 27 December 2010
Posts: 1566

Posted: 20 August 2011 at 3:51am | IP Logged
Hi guys,
I'm back with another OS on ArSh, actually i wrote it for the OS Contest but as it is called off thought i'll post it here. So here it goes.


Armaan stood on the outer edges of the gathering and wondered what the hell was he doing there. As he pondered the question the umpteenth time he grimaced as he looked around him. He was standing at a mehendi ceremony at one of his mothers' closest friend daughter surrounded by the glitter and noise which is customary at such occasions.

Armaan had argued with his mother, which he didn't like doing, but he did b'coz of this forsaken event. His mother was insistent of his attending the event whereas he had no interest in attending it all.

Armaan had asked his mother: I have no interest in such events more importantly I don't have any friends coming there so then why?

Mother: well you are not getting any younger! Its about time you find a suitable girl and get married.

Armaan rolled his eyes: I'll get married when I'm ready with a girl I can't live without not with someone you think is suitable.

Mother had smiled at him as if amused by his tantrum: fine! But you won't find her sitting in your room in your pajama's.

He was sick of arguing: fine!(pulling at his hair in frustration)I'll go! But pray do tell me what am I looking for there.

His mother looked at him in surprise: but of course the possibilities! My son!

Armaan looked around him and saw the wedding festivities happening and thought to himself 'possibilities' a little scornfully. It wasn't that he didn't like women, he did but the atmosphere at the weddings just got to him. It felt more like a market where everyone has you under scrutiny how you talk, walk, sit and even breathe. He didn't want any part of it, half an hour more and then he was cutting loose.

A pack of teenage girls giggling zeroed in on his position, seeing the predatory gleam in their eyes he started moving backward. In his eagerness to get away from the giggling girls he went straight into someone standing with their back towards him. Armaan stumbled and almost went down but at the last moment was able to regain his balance but the person he bumped into was not so lucky.

Immediately contrite he bent down towards the person and realized he had knocked down a girl.

Armaan: I'm sorry miss! I wasn't looking, I hope you're not hurt!( he gently pulled her up on her feet and turned her around)

Shilpa: I'm fine! (she exclaimed breathlessly as she pushed her long hair away from her face and looked up at the guy who had literally knocked her down) a little embarrassed (she gave him a small smile) but all body parts intact. If you don't mind my asking (her eyes twinkled mischievously) are you running towards someone or running away.

He looked at the girl standing infront of him and couldn't help but smile: running away! Definitely running away!(he quickly scanned the crowds again and spotted the girls again coming his way)

Shilpa noticed his gaze and automatic grimace: I think it would be a good time for you to make your getaway now! Those girls are known for their tenacity as a bulldog and I believe you have just become their favorite bone to chew.

Armaan: in that case nice meeting you!(he turned and made a quick getaway)

Even though it hurt his male ego he went to his mother for help to get rid of those girls. Half an hour later he made his way back to the spot near the entrance, he shook his head unable to comprehend how his mother had made those girls go away.  Suddenly the sound system came alive startling him and making the other guests shout out encouragements.

Armaan stepped closer to see what the hoopla was all about and spotted two girls standing in the middle of the dance floor. He rolled his eyes and thought of being bored senseless, he hated dances on weddings. He braced himself as his idea of leaving had taken a beating with him asking for help from his mother so he had to stick here another hour.

The music started and so did the girls on the floor but contrary to the latest bollywood hits the song was from a 60's movie.     


kajra mohabbat wala ankhiyo me aisa dala

kajre ne le lee meree jan, hai re mai teree kurban

duneeya hai mere pichhe, lekin mai tere pichhe

apna bana le meree jan, hai re mai tere kurban

kajra mohabbat wala ankhiyo me aisa dala

kajre ne le lee meree jan, hai re mai teree kurban


Armaan couldn't help but grin, he liked the song, yes he was a guy but he loved old bollywood movies. They had style a certain panache and the songs were just out of the world. He realized his foot was tapping to the rhythm of the music and he was smiling as the girls swirled on the music.


One of the girl grabbed the other by the shoulders and started miming


aayee ho kaha se goree aankho me pyar leke - (2)

chadhatee javanee kee pehle bahar leke

dehli shaher ka sara mina bajar leke - (2)

jhumka barelee wala kaano me aisa dala

jhumke ne le lee meree jan, hai re mai tere kurban


duneeya hai mere pichhe, lekin mai tere pichhe

apna bana le meree jan, hai re mai tere kurban


Uptill now Armaan had managed to see only one of the girls face, she was nice looking girl and she certainly moved well. The other one was definitely a better dancer, more graceful, her movements more alluring. He didn't know why but he always found a woman's hand and feet a big turn on. The second girl was wearing a flowing garment which clung to her curves as she moved to the music and swirled around when she cirlcled the dance floor. The fitted sleeves made her wrists look small and fragile and the fingers of her hands graceful. Her feet were arched and small and they moved in coordination with the beat of the music. He would be lying if he said he wasn't attracted now he hoped that the rest of the package live upto the advertisement. He stood wondering if she would turn around so that he could have a look at her face and then she turned


motor na bangla mangu, jhumka na har mangu

motor na bangla mangu, jhumka na har mangu (he stood there stunned as he realized it was the same girl he had knocked down)

dil ko chalane wale dil ka karar mangu (across the crowd of people their gazes met and held)

saiyan bedardee mere thoda sa pyar mangu

saiyan bedardee mere thoda sa pyar mangu (she kept looking at him as she danced as if saying the words especially to him)

kismat bana de meree, duneeya basa de meree

kar le sagai meree jan, hai re mai tere kurban


She turned away to move across the dance floor with the other girl releasing him from the hold of her eyes so that he could breathe again. Her long hair moved in tandem with her movements as she swung around her hair landed over one shoulder, she was wearing a tikka on her forehead which also moved with the movement of her head.


kajra mohabbat wala ankhiyo me aisa dala

kajre ne le lee meree jan, hai re mai teree kurban


(duneeya hai mere pichhe, lekin mai tere pichhe

apna bana le meree jan hai re mai tere kurban

kajra mohabbat wala ankhiyo me aisa dala

kajre ne le lee meree jan, hai re mai teree kurban) - (2)

duneeya hai mere pichhe, lekin mai tere pichhe

apna bana le meree jan, hai re mai tere kurban


The song ended amidst whistles and catcalls and once mores. Both the girls ended the dance by laughing and hugging each other, then another song started but this time around all the young crowd ended up on the floor and it became a jam session. Everyone was dancing except for armaan, he stood on the sidelines keeping track of her as he wanted to meet her again.

After an hour of dancing finally the dinner was served, as everyone made their way towards the banquet  he noticed her standing with a girl having dinner. Armaan quickly grabbed a plate and dished food randomly and made his way to her, after wasting the entire evening he had finally found something interesting and he had no intention of wasting it.

Shilpa stood there with her friend eating delicious baryani and thought to herself what fun weddings were. She smiled and waved at an aunty and thought of going to her after dinner and talking to her. Contrary to popular attitude that weddings are a bore and more of a marriage mart, she absolutely loved the festivities. She loved the fact that she had an occasion where she could get all dressed up and have fun singing and dancing. So what if people stared at you a lot and checked you out from every angle, people do that in normal life also, so what if old aunties come upto you and say you are a pretty looking thing and ask are you engaged.

She smiled to herself as she acknowledged that she sure was pretty and very happy to be single which always generated a lot of attention. She took another spoonful of biryani and looked up to see the guy in the black kurta walking her way. He was the same guy who had ploughed right through her and later saw him standing on the edge of the crowd when she was dancing. Even across so many people when their gazes had met something had simmered between them. Even now as he strode towards her the air between them sizzled.

Armaan smiled charmingly at her: hi again! Great performance!

Shilpa smiled back: thanks! I didn't see you on the dance floor! Don't you dance?

He: oh! I dance alright but I prefer doing the dancing in private!

She pressed her lips together trying to keep the laughter inside her as she acknowledged the double meaning of his words. She turned towards her friend and introduced her to him and steered the conversation on to safer topics. They talked about movies they liked, mutual acquaintances and everything and anything.

Armaan was surprised that he had enjoyed himself while talking to her, shilpa had refreshing ideas and views about everything. She was opinionated about everything and not shy to share those views with any one. They were finished with dinner itself but she was enjoying kulfi on a stick, actually she was enjoying her second kulfi.

Another refreshing quality about her she wasn't shy to eat, he eyed her appreciatively as she bit into her kulfi and smiled at him. Without conscious thought his hand lifted to straighten the tikka she was wearing, she stopped and looked at him with surprise. He himself was surprised at his actions but then smiled as he realized the possibilities his mother had mentioned.

6 months later

It had been six months that they had met for the first time but apparently not the last. Somehow the possibilities that he had found amusing had materialized and they had continued meeting as friends. Soon their relationship without their even realizing had changed, both had started to feel things which they had not even dreamed of. Somehow today of all days it seemed that it was going to change yet again.

Shilpa did not know how it happened but here she was standing in the arms of the man she had met only six months back. Her arms were around his neck as his mouth continued to do incredible things to hers. It was their first kiss, they had been leading upto this moment for a long time but why today she had no idea.

She tilted her head as he changed the angle of the kiss and realized for some reason she was not scared of the possibility that she was way over her head when it came to him.

Armaan was lost in the taste and the smell of her, all he wanted was to absorb her in him. He willed himself to slow down so that not to scare her. But what scared him the most was the possibility of letting her go. He could not lose her, he had to convince her of the possibility of them being together.

Slowly he drew back as he broke the kiss, both were breathing heavily. She slowly opened her eyes and looked up into his face and saw him looking intently at her.

Armaan drew a deep breath as his hand lifted to gently rub her mouth with his thumb: I love you! Marry me!

There he said it, the possibility that she'll say no was terrifying. Immediately he thought of thousand better ways of proposing and he cursed himself under his breath for being an impatient fool.

Shilpa looked at him and saw the love and uncertainty reflected in his eyes and smiled as she knew that the possibility of her answer to him being no was nil. Her arms were still looped around his neck as she pulled his head down and whispered: yes!(he crushed her mouth to his as joy leapt up in his heart)

He lifted his head and swung her in the air shouting his happiness to the world.

4 months later

Armaan lifted himself on the elbow and looked down at the sleeping face of his wife, shilpa. It had been 3 months of married life and he couldn't say that he regretted it. He smiled looking at her as she slept on her side with the sheet tightly wound around her. She was everything that he had actually hoped for and more than he deserved.

He gently pushed her long hair away from her face and brushed his fingers down her bare arm. It was early morning but he was fully awake, he gently drew patterns on her bare arm to circle his way back to her bare back which was exposed by the positioning of the sheet. He stopped as she murmured in her sleep but did not wake up.

Armaan brows furrowed as he looked down at his wife who was sleeping while he was wide awake and wanted to make love to her. As he kept looking at her peaceful face a wicked grin flashed across his face as he thought of all the wonderfully erotic ways he could wake her up. The possibilities were unlimited and mind blowing.

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vidu87 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 02 June 2010
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Posted: 20 August 2011 at 4:16am | IP Logged
beautiful OS
luvd it
thnx 4 d pm
do write more OSBig smile
blessed4 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 21 February 2010
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Posted: 20 August 2011 at 4:21am | IP Logged
Superb write more
simmywimmy Newbie

Joined: 25 July 2011
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Posted: 20 August 2011 at 4:21am | IP Logged
what a OS Completely love it...!!
The ending was too cute...
DarkerThanNight Goldie

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Posted: 20 August 2011 at 4:47am | IP Logged
Lovely OS.. ARSH were so cute.. Loved it.. Do write more OSs.. Thanx for the pm.. Big smile

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