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ArSh/KaSh OS- new OS on pg 48 (Page 40)

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awosm updatte

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awesome OS, lovd it...
thanks 4 the pm...
tc & keep smiling...

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dat is jst sooo beautifull man!!!!!! i luvvvd it totaly!!!!!!
ur one shots r always a treat to read nd trust me dis one ws d tastiest!!!!! 

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Awesome Party
Lovely ending 

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beautiful OS..

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Its sooo Cute!Blushing

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Hi guys!
I wrote this for KaSh Heaven 1000th thread. Its posted on the thread but i'm putting it up here also. So here it goes


She felt the bright sunlight prick against her closed eyelids as she surfaced through the drugged like sleep she had fallen into. She struggled to open her eyes but shut them again as the bright sunlight blinded her making her groan in protest. She cursed herself for forgetting to pull the drapes across the windows but she had been brain dead by the time she had made to the hotel room, of fatigue and jet lag. To say she was tired was the understatement but as the sun continued to drum against her closed lids she lifted her head and squinted her eyes open. She glared at the bare windows as she pushed her hair back from her face.

Muttering to herself: well then shilpa, rise and shine, damn!

After a bath she felt human enough to order breakfast in room. She ate ravenously and tried to remember when was last that she had meal. As she chewed the excellent omlette  she recalled the stingy salad she had pushed around the plate during the business lunch in London. She thought further back and recalled she had not eaten anything on plane as throughout the flight from Mumbai to London she had been busy completing the presentation. Even back home before leaving for office and then for her flight she had a measly toast with a glass of juice, no wonder she was feeling hungry.

She looked around her luxurious hotel room and sighed  in relief: the vacation begins now

Finishing her breakfast she walked to her closet, throwing open the doors she examined the articles hanging there. She ignored the business suits hanging and moved towards the row of summer dresses in the color of spring. She fingered one in the color of raspberry sherbet and decided on a pair of tan colored roman sandals. Ten minutes later dressed she stood infront of the mirror and scrutinized herself, she looked a bit pale but a day or two in roman sun would take care of it. She quickly braided her hair and left the room to start her vacation.

She stood on the sidewalk with the sun beating down on her absorbing the feel of the place around as she held on to the guide book handed to her by the concierge. Slowly as the sounds of the city filled her the tension she had been carrying around her like a cloak slipped and disappeared. A smile bloomed on her face opening her eyes she laughed out aloud and hugged herself with happiness: welcome to Italy!!

Shilpa walked along the sidewalk caf taking in the colors of the city, every turn brought in more beauty. Cobbled streets fountains graced with angelical creation spouting water in an arc, she made her way to the fountain and sat on the edge resting her feet. She looked around and saw artists gathered on the other side of the fountain. Some were standing while other sat with easel propped infront of them while others sat with their sketch pads.

Intrigued shilpa approached the artists smiling as she looked at the master pieces in progress. She turned and saw a lone male figure standing further back with an easel infront of him. Shilpa stood still trying to see the man in question clearly but the sun was shining brightly making it tough for her to see him clearly.

He looked up from the canvas where he was painting the entire square full of people bustling about children riding their bikes, men scattered around painting or chatting away. He was focused solely on the painting he had in his mind so when he looked up it was like coming out of a dream. Initially all he could see was the sherbet color of her dress, the wind tugging her hair in another direction. The contrast was startling but it struck him as if he had been waiting for it. His voice came out hoarse as he murmured to himself: ci si sono (meaning there you are). He saw her become aware of his presence and then her walk towards him.

Shilpa approached him cautiously as he looked more like a pirate than a artist as he stood painting. He stood with his feet braced legs encased in denims, he wore no shirt only a vest exposing his skin to the warmth of the sun. His skin glowed a golden hue, his arm covered with tatoos, his hands covered with paint, he had a brush clenched in his teeth. He had a bandana wrapped around his forehead his hair falling across the forehead.

Shilpa was trapped as he looked up, his dark eyes latching on to her holding her captive. She saw his lips move: ci si sono !

Shilpa: hello! Parli inglese?(she asked with a smile)

He looked at her with dark eyes making her feel awkward so she replied: Io non parlo italiano!

With that she had exploited her italian with no other way to communicate as he continued to stare at her she walked nearer his eyes following her every move. Shilpa managed to get near enough to look at his painting of the square. The entire scene was painted in the hues of brown except for the lone figure in sherbet. Her gaze swept up at his face as he continued to look at her with those dark eyes.

Shilpa gestured to the painting: its beautiful! (racking her brain for the translation) bella!(she smiled at him as the word popped into her head)

At her compliment the intense look on his face transformed as he smiled. Shilpa sucked in a breath at the transformation coz serious he had looked broodingly handsome but with that devastating smile he was downright sinful.

The object of her appreciative gaze continued to smile at her: grazie!

Shilpa wondered if she was suffering from heat stroke because at the sound of his voice a shiver had run through her body. She took a step back retreating so as casually as possible she lifted her hand and gave a little wave walking quickly away.

She sat on a roadside cafe nibbling on a piece of bread as she waited for her luch to arrive. She texted her childhood friend: You would've drooled all over him

Muskaan replied: you bitch! You said that to get me all worked up, tell me is he like hot. On a scale of 1 to 10 how does he fare.

Shilpa couldnt help laughing as she read the text and replied: He's a definite 12.(she send the msg and waited)

As if on cue the cell rang making her laugh hysterically, shilpa took the call: I knew that would get you to call.

Muskaan: i would've come over if i had not been 7 months pregnant and forbidden to travel. I cant believe you did this to me, going off to rome now when i'm married and pregnant.

Shilpa: As if that is really going to stop you.

Muskaan: now tell me in detail, what does he look like?

Shilpa settled back in her chair enjoying herself: He's your Mills & Boon fantasy come to life and better.(when Muskaan moaned on the phone shilpa grinned) He's got these really intense chocolate colored eyes, his skin was like honey colored, you know tinted with gold sort of deal and he was like totally buff.

Muskaan: you are really very cruel

Shilpa was clearly enjoying herself as the waitress placed her pasta infront of her. She picked up her glass of water to take a sip and almost choked as the object of Muskaan's fantasy walked up to her table.

Shilpa looked up at him: Hi

He grinned at her: ciao! (looking pointedly at the chair)

Shilpa blinked as if coming out of a daze: please sit!

Muskaan: whats happening?

Shilpa whispered back: your fantasy!

Muskaan: Oh god! You are doing it with him

Shilpa: shut up! Errr, ...

Grinning at Shilpa he stuck out his hand: Armaand!

Shilpa: i'm Shilpa!

Armaand: Indian?

Shilpa managed a nod as muskaan was chewing her ear off: just describe his mouth for me

Shilpa tried to not sound scandalized: i thought you were pregnant

Muskaan: have some mercy, this is the closest i'm going to come to my fantasy, give me something.

Shilpa looked up at Armaand her gaze falling to his mouth back up to his eyes which crinkled as he smiled and blurted: its definitely a mouth you would have love to sink your teeth in.

Muskaan moaned: Oh god!

Shilpa looked up and saw Armaand looking speculatively at her, shilpa gave him a quick smile and gestured to the phone: one minute

Armaand rubbed a finger on his bottom lip and in a accented english spoke: so would you like to bite my mouth.

Shilpa opened her mouth but no sound came out she cut the phone and let it drop in her bag as she stared the laughing face infront of her. She could feel heat rushing to her face as embarassment dug claws in her.

She could only manage: You speak english?

Armaand laughed at her attempt to change the topic: yes! Quite well actually

Shilpa blushed: ah! That was my friend actually she has this fantasy (realizing what she had implied she closed her eyes) shoot me please

Armaand laughed: why? because you called me a woman's fantasy? Non! It is very flattering

Shilpa picked up her fork: i'm not going to argue and just stuff my mouth with this pasta.(she did just that but the flavors in the pasta exploded on her tongue making her moan in appreciation) This tastes divine (she took in another forkfull and and made another appreciative humming sound)

Armaand leaned in closer: do you know you make sounds which are not at all associated with food but linked to altogether other forms of delights

Shilpa looked up to see his eyes gleam with masculine interest and leaned back: any sounds that i make or do not make are not for your benefit, if they bother you so much you can get another table. (she spoke politely enough but her body language spoke of disapproval)

Armaand looked at her speculatively and murmured: i believe you mean that(when shilpa shot daggers at him, he raised his hands in surrender) i apologize but what is a guy suppose to do but try.

Shilpa frowned as she stabbed her pasta with the fork: try less!

Armaand couldnt help but grin: There are very few people i like in this world but i like you Ms. Shilpa.

Shilpa: I find that hard to believe as you are an artist it is impossible that you dont like people.

Armaand picked a piece of bread and popped it in his mouth: no ! i find them interesting but you might be an exception.

Shilpa quirked a brow: are you flirting with me?

Armaand: I do like you, I would like to paint you.

Shilpa frowned: thanks but i dont like you enough to have myself painted. (she light pressed the napkin to her mouth signalling the waitress) if you'll excuse me.

She got up and made her way outside leaving behind a very amused and intrigued Armaand behind.

At night just before going to bed a picture of amused expression of Armaand flashed in her mind making her frown. Shilpa huffed as she settled in the bed and muttered: arrogant jerk! (she closed her eyes and fell asleep)

Next day Shilpa walked out of the cathederal her mind full of the amazing murals and paintings depicting the biblical creations. She plopped a hat with wide brim on her head to shade herself from the glaring sun as she walked down the street. Her gaze alighted on the ice cream stand making her gead straight for it.

She stood examining the flavors trying to decide whether to go for strawberry or chocolate when a voice from behind came: quanto per il gelato?

Shilpa glanced over her shoulder and groaned inwardly as she recognized Armaand. Quickly turning back: chocolate 2 scoops!(she gestured with her hand to make the vendor understand her requirement)

Armaand came around shilpa and faced her who was doing her utmost to ignore him: hi!

Shilpa without glancing at him: hi! (tapping her foot impatiently waiting for the icecream)

When the vendor turned towards them with the cone Armaand handed him the money making shilpa glare at him: I can buy my own ice cream

Armaan patiently: i'm sure you can but think of this as a gift from me

Shilpa refusing to take the cone: i dont take gifts from strangers (started to walk away)

Armaand took the cone from the vendor and walked behind shilpa: why are you acting so childish?

Shilpa turned abruptly making Armaand stop abruptly also: i'm not acting childish, i dont like your motives

Armaand: my motives? What they might be?

Shilpa: lets just say i'm not interested

Armaand sighed dramaticaly: apparently my life is not worth living any more, but do you mind taking this cone its melting all over my hand.

Unable to resist the icecream shilpa took the cone but cast a suspicious look at Armaand: this doesnt change anything. I'm still not going to pose for you!

Armaand lifted one brow arrogantly: you are acting as if i've asked you to pose nude.

Shilpa looked at him with narrowed eyes and then did a smart turn and walked away.

Armaand cursed loudly as he ripped the sheet off his sketch pad, balling it he threw it in a corner. The room was littered with balled sheets of paper but Armaand was not giving up. He propped the sketch pad and focused on bringing shilpa's eyes on paper. His jaw was clenched as he focused solely on bringing the disdain to life, he stopped and felt the frustration rise again making him tear the paper.

Armaand: It sucks, every one of them sucked! I'm not going to give, i will paint you Ms. Shilpa and there is nothing you can do to stop me.

Shilpa tried to decide between the baby dress made of finest lace in white and a pink ruffled one. She bit her unable to decide which one to choose when a shadow fell across the dress and she heard the familiar voice: Aren't these a bit small for you?

Shilpa ignoring him smiled at the shopkeeper: both plz!(she paid him the amount and took the bag from him)

As she started walkind Armaand fell in step with her and continued talking: are you trying to tell me that you got a baby?

Shilpa in response just quickened her steps but Armaand was right there with her and continued as if they were having a conversation: so boy or a girl?(when shilpa remained resolutely quiet) how old are they? The size was for a newborn i think (giving shilpa a once over which made her grit her teeth)you sure recover fast, everything seems to be ...

Shilpa whirled back to him: SHUT UP? Are all italian men as annoying as you? No dont answer that just leave me alone.

Armaand: sorry cant do that! As far as italian men being annoying you will have to ask the women.(when shilpa muttered something under her breath Armaand smiled) as far your other question is concerned i cant leave you just yet.

Shilpa gave him a sharp look: why not?

Armaand turned serious: against my better judgement you have gotten under my skin, i need to paint you.(when shilpa tried to interrupt he just raised his hand) no you can swear at me till you go blue in the face but it is not going to change anything. As you are unwilling to pose i will just have to spend enough time with you so that i can paint.

Shilpa glared at him and then stalked away hoping that he would dissapear by the next day.

The next week turned into a pattern, Shilpa everyday went her way to different tourist sights. She'd be enjoying herself and would look up to suddenly see Armaand at the periphery of her vision sketching away. He kept his distance but Shilpa felt his gaze moving over her features, her limbs. She sensed most of the time his perusal was for art's sake but there were times when she saw interest of another nature.

Armaand stood at the corner as shilpa bargained with a shopkeeper over a trinket she was buying. If he was honest with himself he was enthralled by her, he could easily sketch or paint her if he wanted but something kept bringing him back for more. He saw her turn with her purchases and step outside the shop, a ship ran straight in her path trying to avoid knocking him down she sidestepped and her foot landed awkwardly on the edge of the pipe that was along the sidewalk. Everything happened in a slow motion her foot which had landed on the pipe slipped twisting her ankle on the cobble street she went down hard.

Armaand rushed towards her as he saw the surprise flash across her face. He crouched down to her and lightly touched her ankle: here let me see! (he gently probed the ankle and was rewarded by a wince from shilpa who paled in reaction) seems like a sprain. Lets try putting some weight on it

Shilpa nodded holding on to her shopping bags with one hand she managed to get her legs under her and tried standing. As soon she put weight on the foot she blanched but stubbornly took a step and couldnt help but cry out in pain. She would have collapsed Armaand clasped her arm holding her against him.

Armaand looking with concern at her: you cant walk like this

Shilpa gritted her teeth: no i can manage with a little support (she took a step n then two and went down in a heap as her ankle refused to take the weight)

Armaand frowned down at her: we can do it the easy way or we can do it the tough way, its up to you (Armaand placed his sketchpad in one of her shopping bag, he handed all the bags to shilpa and without saying a word just scooped down and swept her up in his arms)

Shilpa hated herself for it but she could not keep in the squeal of surprise as he just swooped her off the ground. She gasped: what the hell are you doing?

Armaand: As your last attempt at standing showed you are unable to stand let alone walk i'm taking you home.

Shilpa embarassed: this is ridiculous! I can walk..

Armaand glanced at her with eyes full of exasperation: seriously? Ok lets see you walk (he was about to put her down on her feet)

Shilpa at the idea of the pain wrapped her arms around his neck and held on: ok! Sorry lets just get over with this.

Armaand smiled his roguish smile: whatever you say sweetheart?

They made it to the hotel but Armaand insisted on taking her to her room. Once inside he placed her in a chair and crouched infront of her to take of her sandle as her ankle was swollen and painful. Shilpa looked at his bent head and felt a flutter in the vicinity of her stomach and chest. Ignoring it she tried to act smart: so doc! Will i live?

Armaand looked up from the bare expanse of smooth silky legs: ice the ankle and keep it elevated in a couple of days you'll be good to go

He kept sitting on his haunches her foot on his thigh looking up at her face, something shifted between them. For the first time shilpa felt the heat from thibh warming her foot and she resisted the urge to rub her foot against the denim clad leg.

Armaand gave a visible shake to his head: do you want me to take you to bed.

Shilpa's eyes widened at his comment: excuse me!

Armaand cursed himself silently: do you want me to place you on the bed?(his voice remained even but his face looked flushed)

Shilpa looked at him suspiciously but relented: if you could just lend me some support i think i can manage.

Armaand stood up and offered shilpa his hand who took it after a moment hesitation she got up leaning heacily on her good foot but when she tried putting her weight on her sprained ankle she went down in pain. Armaand had been watching her closely so was able to catch her quickly before she ended up on floor. Without a word he swept her up in his arms and gently placed her in the middle of the bed. He propped couple of pillows behind her bag and placed another two beneath her foot elevating her ankle.

He straightened and took a couple of steps back: i think you need rest(his accent somehow thicker his voice huskier)

Shilpa could manage only a nod as he turned and briskly walked to the door, just as he opened it there was a pause as if he was going to turn back but then he left the door closing behind him with a soft click.

Shilpa didnt realize she was holding a breath till the door closed and it came out in a loud whoosh, frowning at herself she spoke aloud: what the hell was that?

Irritated she grabbed the remote and switched on the tv when the phone on the bedside rang. She picked up the receiver wondering who it could be.

Conceirage:  Signora, the signor left medicine for you at the front desk, do i send some one up to give it to you.

Shilpa frowned: Signor?

Conceirage patiently: your gentleman friend, signora! The one who carried you in he directed to give you this.

Shilpa: oh! Uh... sure send someone up.

After a couple of minutes a porter came to the door, shilpa managed to hope on one foot to open the door but was sweating coz of pain when she opened the door.

Porter: Signora! Your package! (he handed shilpa brown paper bag)

Shilpa: grazie!(i.e thank you)

Porter: Signora! Ice for you(he carried an ice bucket with an ice pack) where do i put it.

Leaning against the door shilpa pointed to the bed, once the porter had left shilpa hobbled back on the bed and collapsed.

She managed to prop herself up and opened the paper bag to find an ointment and some capsules which looked to be pain killers. Feeling grateful she applied the ointment on her foot then draped it with the ice pack, she also swallowed a painkiller and decided to take a nap. She closed her eyes intending to wakeup in time to get dressed for dinner but dinner time came n went without her waking up.

She opened her eyes to the morning rays and stretched in bed, giving her ankle a turn on both the sides checking to see its progress. It had been three days since her accident, three days of being closeted inside but she had taken advantage of the inhouse facilities of the hotel. As a result of the pampering her foot was fine and the rest of her also felt fresh.

She did her breakfast and decided on venturing out, opening her closet her gaze landed on the shopping bags that were stowed in the corner since the day of her ankle mishap. She pulled the bags out intending to go through them n familiarize herself with the treasures. She went through them one by one, she emtied the last one on the bed when something like sketch pad fell on the bed.

Puzzled she picked it up when she got a flash of armand placing it in her bags as he swept her up in his arms. Indecision held her for a second and then resolutely she flipped the cover and lost herself. She saw sketches of toddlers running after the ball, the glee of a child as she saw the bird fly, a mothers smile, an old man's weathered face. Page after page she saw the world through his eyes and was fascinated by the man n the talent he posessed. She flipped the next page and was struck by the mini sketches of herself. Of her laughing, her face serious, her profile, her eyes, she even managed to recognize her nose. Page after page it was the same as if snapshots of her were taken. She was in awe and she was intrigued, her mind made up she got ready to start her day.

Armand tore the sheet crumpling in his hands as he threw it across the room. His mood was foul was an understatement, he had been trying since two days to oaint her, sketch her but he had failed. Whenever he had stopped to study he had realized that something was missing. He closed his eyes and admitted to himself he feared that he would never be able to sketch her, never be able to bring her personality her exhuberance on paper. Swearing to himself he growled as someone knocked on is door he thought of ignoring it but there it was again the knocking, muttering to himself he wrenched the door open: si!(almost shouting when he stopped his eyes widening in disbelief)

Shilpa looked at the rundown hallway of the apartment where armand was suppose to live. She had waited after knocking at the door but was about to leave when the door was wrenched open. It was a toss up to say who looked more shocked, shilpa took in armaand's bare chest and stubbled cheeks and couldnt help but crave delicious dark chocolate that she was trying to resist. When she managed to tear her eyes off him it landed to the room behind him whose walls were  filled with art. He had painted the scenes of rome on the walls in her appreciation of the art shilpa pushed in without a hello.

Armaand followed her not sure whether he was dreaming or was she really here. She kept moving from one scene to another oblivious in a way to his presence and he kept trailing behind her. She stopped abruptly coming face to face with her sketches  and a blank canvas put up on a easel. There were paper littering the floor, shilpa reached down and picked one up andagain saw her face.

Turning to him: whats wrong with this?

Armaand without looking at it: its not right!

Shilpa picking another one at random: and this one?

Armaand shook his head: its wrong?

Shilpa looked at it: what? Looks fine to me.

Armaand irritated walked to the canvas and starte to draw with quick deft strokes: see i can get the basic features right, but that quick arch of your eebrow thing you do, it just doesnt come right. Or when you frown your forehead wrinkles but at the same time your mouth twitches and i just...(realizing he was rambling he looked up at her to see her standing with her head tilted to one side as she observed him her mouth pursed her eyes sharp)

Armaan felt a click: dont move! (he knocked off the canvas quickly grabbing a new one, grabbed a piece of charcoal his hand moving with lightening speed as his eyes never left her)

Shilpa raised her brows regally: excuse me!

Armaand: damn! I said dont move!( his eyes moved over feature by feature, warm enough and intent enough to be felt like a touch)

Somehow shilpa got lost in his touch, Armaand hand stilled as he looked into her eyes, shilpa felt a shudder pass through her making her ask: what do you want from me?

Armaand took a moment to answer as he himself was no longer sure: i want to paint you!

Shilpa: i thought yoou just did

Armaand glanced at the charcoal rendering of her: this is a good start but i want more. I need you to give me time.

Shilpa: what will i get out of it

For a second Armaand went blank and then he replied: i can show you rome

Shilpa: i can get a guide to do that

Armaand smiled making him look dangerous like a pirate: not the way i can

Shilpa looked at him the craving for chocolate increasing and decided to risk it: fine! When do we start

Armaand: tomorrow!

Shilpa eyed the motorcycle suspiciously: i'm not get on this thing(she declared the next morning)

Armaand frowned at her: this is the way to see rome, explore it, enjoy it the color and sounds of it.

Shilpa looked at her summer dress: i'm not dressed to ride a bike

Armaand: then go and change

She changed but not only her dress, she fell in love with the bike rides, the feel of armaand's body pressed to hers. The wind in her hair, she had never felt more free or more alive. Armaand was ensnared everything about her captivated him, her ability to argue a point till the other person gave up in defeat. Her fondness for italian food or her desire for knowledge. It were the multifacets of her personality that fascinted him.

Shilpa talked more and laughed more than ever before in her life. Most of all she wanted to know him more so she did one thing she was good at ask questions.

Shilpa: your name is armaand?

Armaand looked at quizically: are you feeling unwell

Shilpa smiled: no what i meant was your name is Armaand which by the way is a french name but arent you a italian?

Armaand: i dont belong anywhere my parents were in france when they had me so they like the name Armaand so i use it or its variations.

Shilpa frowning: so you are saying you are not italian?

Just then her cell phone rang and it was muskaan's call, shilpa to armaand: i need to take this!

Shilpa to muskaan: hi! How are you?

Muskaan: i'm good! But where have you dissapeared, hopefully with that fantasy of mine.

Shilpa couldnt help but smile: muskaan you never change! (smiling she looked up to see Armaand gazing at her with an intent look)

Shilpa felt the ever present tickle in her stomach intensify her mouth dried as muskaan kept on chattering. Shilpa cutting her: muskaan! You know how i get these cravings for dark chocolate.

Muskaan after a pause: umm! Shilpa do u mean a guy?

Shilpa clearly frustrated shifted to hindi: aur mein chocolate ki baat kyun karoon gi

Muskaan: this is good! Bata na kya buhat hot hai

Shilpa glanced at armaand who smiled at her making her stomach muscles quiver in reaction: itna ke mera bas chale mein din raat chocolate khaati rahoon

Muskaan: hot damn! Shilpa meri jaan aage ke kya plan hai

Shilpa: mujhe kya pata! Tujhe bata rahi hoon ke tu mujhe bata mein kya karoon

Muskaa: yaar! I got married to first man who made me feel like this

Shilpa: show off! Chal baad mein baat karti hoon

Armaand: everything ok?

Shilpa smiled and knew things were far from ok but said: ofcourse.

Armaand's hands moved deftly as shilpa stood gazing at the see, for a second he stopped painting and just looked at her trying to figure out what was about this woman which drew him to her. She turned her head and looked at him smiling as the wind pulled at her hair whipping them across her face and she asked: are you done?

To his very horror he realized that he would never be done with her, her very smile made his heart turn. Her every gesture, every mood had an effect on him how could he ever be done with her. Frowning he put the paint brush down and said: yes! We better head back

Smiling shilpa walked to the canvas and looked at the painting and like always she was awed by his sight. The way he saw her, the way he made her feel about herself about him was so absolutely different than anything she had ever experienced.

Trying to keep things light: so will this be your shilpa phase?(when he just looked at her she continued) well you know how every famous artist goes through these different phases so i will be one of the phase.

Armaand stopped walking making shilpa stop also: you are not just a phase to me.

Shilpa looked at him and wondered whether it was possible that all that she had looking for she had found here in rome. They stood there staring at one another on the brink of something extraordinary when the moment was broken by shilpa's cell phone ringing.

Shilpa excused herself and armaand cursed himself for being a coward. Shilpa came back looking pale and worried: i need to go back home

Armaand: is every thing ok?

Shilpa shook her head: my friend muskaan has gone into early labor and her husband is not around. She is scared n completely alone i need to get home .

After that everything happened in fast forward, shilpa packing making call to the airline, checking out. All too soon they were at the airport as shilpa stood at the counter waiting for a seat on the plane. Armaand stood staring at her trying to assimilate how to soon everything was coming to an end.

Shilpa coming back to him: i've got a seat on standby, they are boarding right now so i will get to know in a minute if i'm on that pane or not.

Armaand nodded: well this is not how i imagined your leaving

Shilpa: Armaand! i... (just then there was an announcement asking Shilpa to proceed to the boarding gate)

Armaand cursed inwardly: its time for you to go(he added a smile not wanting her to go but was willing to make her leaving as painless as possible)

Shilpa looking into his eyes: yes!(she took a step backward and stopped. Again they made eye contact and shilpa moved forward towards Armaand and pressed her lips to his cheek) thank you! (she whispered)

Armaand had frozen at press of her lips but his eyes burned with the intensity his hands clenched into fists as he struggled not to grab her. He asked in a husky whisper: thanks? For what?

Shilpa her eyes full of mysteries: for making rome memorable!(forcing a lightness she was far from feeling) i cant wait to go back home n tell everyone about it.

He didnt know why but Armand was dissapointed by her answer, a flash of anger at himself and at her made him react. He grabbed her hand and pulled her roughly into his arms, he had the satisfaction of seeing her eyes widen in alarm and then he had his arms around her her face a breath away from his.

He growled: then lets make it memorable!(he pressed his lips to hers possessively and with the first taste of hers he forgot his plan. His mouth slanted on hers to get better access his hand tightened at the back of her neck keeping her close)

Shilpa made a sound making armaand loosen his hold his mouth softening as he gentled the kiss atlast pulling back: time for you to go!

Shilpa felt shaken her very world tilted and he very calmly told her to go, she looked down and realised her hand was wraped around his jacket, somehow a spark ignited in her and she pulled him to her. She bit into his bottom lip making him growl and lost herself in his kiss. Later , much later they managed to pull apart and pressed their foreheads together.

Shilpa: i need to go!

Armaand pressed a thumb to her bottom lip: then go!

Shilpa pulled back: bye (armaand kept standing till she walked to the gate and looked back)

Armaand lifted his hand in a wave as shilpa after a glance backward started walking.

P.S: i've got a question do u like the ending or do you want to know they ever meet again or not. Do let me know with your comments 

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