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ArSh/KaSh OS- new OS on pg 48 (Page 34)

arsh_eternal_u Senior Member

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Posted: 14 November 2012 at 12:18pm | IP Logged
You just can't help it can you? You have to come up with master pieces!!!
Loved the entire concept :)
Hey do update I see you btw!!!
Waiting for it like crazy!!
Thanks for the pm :)


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blessed4 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 November 2012 at 2:32pm | IP Logged
Amazing OS
Please do write more

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Mvinfff Senior Member

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Posted: 15 November 2012 at 7:12pm | IP Logged
Sad but touching love story. Awesome!

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crazysky IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 November 2012 at 10:48pm | IP Logged

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minaalM Goldie

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Posted: 18 November 2012 at 5:58pm | IP Logged
after a long time read something and it really makes me love ArSh again Big smile
you sketched a common girl's story in a very stupendous way.
loved every bit of it, the pre wedding events and the post wedding realities Tongue
both characters were cute in their own way, loved the way Armaan made her comfortable.
the ending was adorable and ideal. Thumbs Up i totally enjoyed this OS. Cool

tch bas thora late hogai Ouch

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anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 November 2012 at 10:50am | IP Logged

that was a sweet n cute os..

loved it..

thnx for the pm...

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amaniM Goldie

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Posted: 23 December 2012 at 4:05am | IP Logged
Hi guys!
why am i here? see this one is a gift for the one and only our very own Sabz, THE DON, the hitler didi and some other choice names. It was her birthday on the 20th of Dec and this is the only gift i got her.Embarrassed
So you can give your wishes to Sabz over here as we hardly get to see her online nowadays and i'll make sure she reads them. Also on Sabz demand i havent used the name KaSh/ ArSh as she has some allergy issues at the moment.LOL
P.S and do like and comment for the OS itself, even though you might hate it.. So here it goes


He planned to do things the old fashioned way, no more fantasies. No more wanting things that were just not in his kismet. If people thought he was a pessimist then good for him, he really didn't care. He just wanted to have a normal life, he just wanted to have a life, look to the future. He wanted to move on, being happy was just not an option very high on his priority list right now.

So he was listening to his mom and doing things the old fashioned way. He had agreed to marry, he had agreed to his mom selecting the girl. Since she was his mom she had already someone in mind so it was time to suit up and go meet the girl whom he was going to marry. To be honest he did not want to go, he did not want to be in a situation where he would have to disillusion some starry eyed girl about her expectations of marriage with him. If possible he would have avoided this conversation till forever but the girl had demanded a meeting.

He was disliking her more by every second as he sat infront of his future inlaws on a comfortable sofa sipping an excellent coffee waiting to meet his perspective bride who was not even home. He glanced furtively at his wrist and frowned inwardly as it was almost an hour since they've been waiting and she was still not home.

He was about to signal his parents that they should leave when he heard footsteps and a voice: I'm so sorry! I know I'm late but I was in an accident so it took so long. If you'll give me a few minutes I'll just change.

Before he could turn and have a look at her she was gone, the room was abuzz with hearing her involvement in an accident but as she wasn't forthcoming with details speculations were rife. Soon enough she came back into the room and he got to see her, she was good looking no doubt. Long dark hair, fair complexion with a hint of color to the cheeks, dressed simply in shalwar kameez the color of peaches. Her expression did not betray any emotion: nerves, excitement nothing.

He sat back and saw her answer questions of her parents and his, he saw her responding to his parents in an unaffected manner. He did not know what to think of her, she was attractive maybe even beautiful but he felt a bit wary everytime her dark gaze looked his way. She looked at him directly her gaze focused on his face and he realized she was speaking to him.

He jerked out of his reverie: excuse me! I was wool gathering

Her lips lifted in a hint of a smile: I'm sure you must be tired of waiting, if its alright with everyone why don't we take a stroll around in the garden where we can talk.

He wasn't sure who was more stunned him or his parents at the suggestion on his glance at him it was only him. His parents smiled beatifically: go on! Have a good chat we'll be here enjoying tea and gossip.

He stood up not sure what she wanted to talk to him about but followed her outside. They walked in silence for a short distance taking in the beauty of well kept gardens with flowers blooming. He waited to see if she would initiate the tete-a-tete, again she took him by surprise as she turned to face him.

She looked straight into his eyes: what are your expectations from this marriage?

He felt disconcerted by her direct approach: are you always so direct?

He noticed with interest that when she smiled her whole face lit up as she replied: I thought that was the plan, so that we can meet and be direct with one another before we get ensnared in holy matrimony.

He couldn't help but smile at the implied sarcasm and he conceded the point to her with a slight inclination of his head: I had agreed to the proposal as you have demanded this meeting apparently you have expectations.

Hearing her laugh was an experience, her whole face became alive: Touch! It's a hit I believe (making a reluctant grin spread on his face) well its only fair then that I come clean. Marriage is a very big step and I don't believe anyone should get into it just like that as it just ends in a lot of heartbreak for everyone involved.

He could guess where she was heading and decided to be frank with his views: I agree! If you are looking for romance and love I don't really have that in me.(there he laid it out into open now he'll see how she reacts)

A frown marred the smoothness of her brow as she looked at him: you seem an intelligent man, for all that I have heard of you, you are a serious rational man not prone to flights of fancy, some people might even call you conservative. (Sensing an interruption she lifted a finger) but I'm confused why would a man who is known to be serious and rational with no time or inclination for romance talk about love when getting into an arranged marriage. Why would love be a topic we would even discuss unless you have had an association with that emotion.

He could feel his face set into a mask (he didn't like the idea of someone seeing through him, to see inside the centre to the hurt that still resided in him): excuse me!

She waved her hand in the air as if dismissing it: I'm not interested in the past, I'm interested in the future. I believe you when you say you are ready for this marriage in return I'm willing to discuss my expectations.

She waited a second to see his reaction and then continued: I pride myself on being an intelligent and sensible woman, as I am not interested in your past I think the same rule should apply to me. If we decide to start a life together  it is going to be about us not about a past which has no part in our future. I am a sensible woman, I pride myself on being rational so I think you will agree with me when I tell you that I'm not in love with you. Knowing myself I don't think I believe in that filmy love for me in a marriage genuine affection and respect are very important. Though both affection and respect take time to develop I'm willing to start with respecting one another as fellow humans.

He stood looking at her as if trying to figure out a puzzle: will you be happy in such an arrangement?

She shrugged her shoulders: I think I'm just being realist waiting for love an emotion which generally gives a lot of pain instead of bringing happiness. I rather stick to reality plus one has to work for happiness nothing just drops into our lap.

He looked into her eyes and knew she meant every word but for some reason his heart and mind were divided. His mind told him that this was exactly what he wanted since his previous hurts but his heart told him to run in the other direction. She was a complication he might never recover from but considering his heart's track record he chose to ignore it.

Their parents were ecstatic, his parents adored her as he observed their interaction. Most of all he observed his fiance unlike other girls she wasn't talking too much or laughing. She was reserved and politically correct if the word was applicable in such a situation. Like him she also liked things in their place but according to his sister who later informed him: she was not as stuffy as him.

They met often enough as he had refused to rush into marriage wanting to give her the time to think things through. To his surprise he actually liked her droll sense of humour, her seriousness, he even liked the way she said excuse me in that reserved haughty tone.

It was comforting not to have to explain his reserved nature or be expected to talk endlessly. They both enjoyed the quiet, the occasional drive, a walk on the beach. They never held hands which was pointed out by his sister infront of his fiance. Before he could reply she very calmly and with a smile replied: we are not married yet, all the hand holding can be done after.

Sister: but you are engaged!( her disbelief apparent)

He waited to hear her response and was holding his breath when she replied: engagements can always end, it is just an exchange of rings. Marriage is a promise made infront of man and god, a legal arrangement which has legal recognition.

Sister: Oh my god!  You are as reserved as bro!(to which she responded with a laugh)

 He grinned at his sisters horrified expression: perfect match!(realizing that he meant it)

She looked up at his words a bit startled at him for openly voicing his emotions and then smiled tentatively: we aim to please!

He drove fast when he was angry and he was supremely pissed as his past just sauntered into his present. He needed to vent but did not know what to say and to whom. In frustration he pounded his fist on the steering wheel with the pain lancing through his arm he turned towards his home. He parked the car and sat ask there wondering what to do, he didn't want to go in as he knew his parents would ask questions.

He got out of the car and made his way to the gardens at the back not ready to go in yet. He was lost in his thoughts that he did not realize that he was not alone. It was only when he turned around that he saw her sitting on the garden bench.

She had been sitting enjoying the late afternoon breeze when he had walked towards her lost in thought. She had sat there and observed him unnoticed, clearly something weighed on his mind: I was waiting how long it will it take you to become aware of me.

He stared at her for a moment not sure whether she was real or a figment of his imagination: you should've said something earlier (his voice came out sounding gruff)

She raised her eyebrow at his tone: this was more enlightening rarely do I get the chance to observe you unguarded.

He frowned not sure he wanted her to see too much: what are you doing here?

She tilted her head to one side and looked at him as if observing an insect under microscope: your mother had called me to go over some details (after a pause) why don't you tell me whats bothering you?

He took a deep breath and gave a small smile: nothing is bothering me! So are you done with the details?

This time it was she who took a deep breath: are you going to act the same way every time you have a problem when we get married.

Clearly irritated: we are not married yet, plus I don't want to talk about it. If you are going home ask the driver to drop you (he started to turn away)

She did not raise her voice but she made him stop: you don't talk to me this way, as if I'm a secretary whom you can dismiss. If this is the way you talk, if this is the way you resolve your problems I think then we need to reconsider this engagement.

She stood up smoothly her demeanor of that of a queen: you can let your mother know that I left.

She turned around and took a couple of steps when he spoke up: my past came back today

She stopped and turned around, when he did not say anything: and what did your past want?

He stood there confused not sure what to do, he needed to talk but not sure he decided to take a risk: you do understand that I'm talking about a girl.

She regally inclined her head: I believe the girl from your past, so what did she want?

He looked at her: a favor!

She contemplated that: and you said….

He frowned: I'll think about it

She pursed her lips: and this is you thinking (her eyes twinkled with amusement)

He did not think it was funny: its not funny

She actually laughed: actually it is!

For some reason her laughter only made him angrier: why don't you leave?

She stopped laughing: I am! Why don't you ask that girl to marry you and tolerate your ill temper.

She would've left if he hadn't grabbed on to her hand holding her captive, somewhere from within the words came out. Emotions that he had buried found the words for expression: she chose someone else! And now she's back asking for a favor.

She responded without turning: do you love her now?(she held her breath waiting for the answer)

He took a minute to think: No!

She almost sighed in relief: when you look at her does it hurt that she chose someone else.

This time the answer was easier to come by: No

She finally turned around her hand still in his: what did you feel when she asked for the favor and do you want to do her a favor?

He looked into her eyes and saw the truth: I was angry that after all this time, after she had chosen someone else over me she thought she could waltz in and ask for a favor. And like an idiot I would comply, I'm angry b'coz I want to tell her to go to hell.

She managed to get her hand out from his clasp: tell her! (when he looked at her in surprise) why should you do her any favor, its upto you. Its apparent that she is not asking for something small why go to so much trouble for someone whom you don't even like.

He kept looking at her: so you are saying I shouldn't help her.

She smiled at him: I'm telling you to follow your heart, its rarely wrong.

He looked at her his heart feeling lighter than ever before: thank you (his heart murmuring to him)

Jab jab tere paas main aaya, Ik sukoon mila
Jise main tha bhoolta aaya, Wo wajood mila
Jab aaye mausam gham ke, Tujhe yaad kiya

Jab sehme tanhapan se, Tujhe yaad kiya


She smiled at him and flicked a finger on his nose: that's what partners are for
Hmm..(his mind shook a finger at him as his heart reacted to her touch)

dil... Sambhal ja zara
Phir mohabbat karne chala hai tu
Dil yahin ruk jaa zara (when he twined his fingers with her hands' and smiled)
Phir mohabbat karne chala hai tu

Aisa kyun kar hua janu naa
Main janu naa o..o..(when she  tugged her hand away he let her go reluctantly and watched her go away)
Dil sambhal ja zara
Phir mohabbat karne chala hai tu
Dil yahin ruk ja zara
Phir mohabbat karne chala hai tu

He did not know how to act all his mind could think of was her. He was driving back home from office when he realized that he had taken a wrong turn which had resulted in him going past her house.
Jis raah pe, hai ghar tera
Aksar wahan se, haan main hoon guzra (he shook his head as he realized that he had subconsciously made the mistake purposely to come here even in the morning)
shayad yahin dil mein raha
Tu mujh ko mil jaye, Kya pata...(he stopped across the road and looked at the house)

Kya hai yeh silsala
Janu naa, Main janu naa
Dil sambhal ja zara
Phir mohabbat karne chala hai tu(he shook his head at himself knowing that he is hopeless)
Dil yahin ruk ja zara
Phir mohabbat karne chala hai tu

He tried and reason with himself, he had gotten into this relationship knowing that he was not in love with her. Her direct approach and sensible attitude towards love and marriage was the reason he had agreed. He did not love her nor did she love him.

Kuch bhi nahi Jab darmayaan
Phir kyun hai dil, tere hi khwaab bunta (he closed his eyes in defeat as he was constantly hounded with her thoughts)
Chaha ki de, tujhko bhula
Par yeh bhi mumkin ho na sakaa...
Kya hai yeh maamla, Janu naa
Main janu naa

All his denial ended when he met her again face to face
Dil sambhal ja zara
Phir mohabbat karne chala hai tu

He knew it was too late when she laughingly linked her arm with his and looked up into his eyes
Dil yahin ruk ja zara
Phir mohabbat karne chala hai tu
Dil sambhal ja zara(she raised her brows asking his preoccupation to which he just shook his head)
Phir mohabbat karne chala hai tu

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bubblysifu Groupbie

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