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ArSh/KaSh OS- new OS on pg 48

amaniM Goldie

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Posted: 07 August 2011 at 2:54am | IP Logged

Hi Guys!

This is my first ever OS on ArSh. I had no intention to write one but our dear sabz is feeling very blue nowadays. According to her the only way she is going to cheer up is if she gets to read an ArSh OS. So this is specially for her, i don't know if it will cheer her up. Anyways this is what i can do on short notice.


He stood on the cliffs that looked out over the sea, stood there and watched the waves crash against the rocks. The memories crashed over him the same way as the waves crashed against the rocks. Memories of how they met, memories of how they fell in love and finally the memory of how she left him forever.

He closed his eyes against the painful memory of her leaving him, it had been two years since he had lost her. Two years of wishing that he would die so that this endless torture of life would end for him b'coz without her there was no life for him. There were so many times when he thought of ending his life himself but then he remembered the promise he had made her.

He pulled back from that painful memory and brought her picture in his mind, she was beautiful. He was sure there must've been more beautiful woman in the world than her but for him it was only her, his shilpa.  Sometimes he felt he was born to love her and to be loved by her, nothing else mattered when she was near him.

He still remembered it as if it was yesterday when he told her that he loved her. He had been so afraid that she would leave, go away from Mumbai without her ever knowing how much he loved her. He had managed to find her alone at her apartment packing her stuff getting ready to leave him.

Armaan walked into the room his heart sank as he saw her folding her clothes and putting them in the suitcase.

Armaan: what are you doing?

Shilpa without bothering to look up: I'm playing football! Can't you see(she snapped)

Armaan could feel the anger and fear rise inside him: why?

Shilpa turned to get more clothes from the closet: classes are over! I need to go back home, there is nothing for me here.

Armaan: but'.

Shilpa: plus mom and dad want me to come back! They want to discuss my future with me! what I want to do in future?

Armaan's heart stilled as he thought of all possible things her parents might want to talk to her about. Trying to act nonchalant about it: sounds like as if they want to get you married off

Shilpa looked up at him and slowly nodded: yes! I think so too(she continued packing)

Armaan: you don't seem too disturbed by the idea

Shilpa shrugged keeping her gaze on the clothes she was packing: I have to marry someone! If my parents want me to be settled in life what harm is there.

Armaan felt as if all the air had left his lungs: you'll marry whomever they choose.

Shilpa continued folding clothes: they're my parents I'm sure they'll make the right choice. So what if I don't love him initially I'm sure with time I'll fall in love with him.

Armaan could not take the picture her words created in his head. Shilpa marrying someone else, some other man holding her, kissing her, making love to her. Something inside armaan snapped, shilpa still had her eyes cast downward so she didn't see the feral light jump into armaan's eyes.   

She turned to get more clothes but was spun around by strong hands pinned by his fierce gaze. Before she could say a word he uttered a single word: no!

Shilpa's brows shot up in surprise but armaan's hands tightened on her shoulders and again uttered the same word: no! you are not going to marry anyone.

Shilpa didn't know why but his tone just made her angry: what do you mean no! armaan! Just b'coz we've been friends for the last five years doesn't mean you have a right to interfere in my personal matters.

Armaan: we've been friends for 5 years it gives me a right to stop you from making a mistake.

Shilpa gave him a mocking smile: really armaan! Well I don't think it's a mistake. The mistake is expecting you to understand'(she stopped and glared at him) forget it armaan! I've decided, I'm going home the rest will sort out itself.(she again turned towards the closet)

Armaan felt her slipping away from him, he didn't know how to stop her, he couldn't lose her. He grasped her arm and pulled her towards him making her bump into his unyielding form.

Armaan: you're not leaving!

Shilpa: I'm not arguing with you (she tried to move out of his grasp only to have armaan's hands tighten on her shoulder pulling her closer)

Armaan decided that actions speak louder than words: yes! lets not!(he crushed her to him while his mouth closed on hers absorbing her startled gasp)

Shilpa struggled instinctively, trying to break away from his grasp but armaan only tightened his hold on her changing the angle of the kiss taking it deeper. Shilpa felt surrounded by him, his hands were everywhere breaking her resolve making her weaken and yearn. Armaan's hand tangled in her hair cupping her head making it tilt so that to angle their kiss deeper, tongues tangling he continued kissing her unwilling to let go.

Lungs burning they broke apart in order to breathe, shilpa stood stunned not sure as to what was happening. Armaan looked into her stunned eyes and touched her swollen mouth with his thumb, he lowered his head again but shilpa tried to put distance between them.

Armaan stopped but grazed her cheek with his lips to end up near her ear: you are not going anywhere! The only man you are going to be with is me. I love you! I have loved you for past 5 years you are not going to be with anyone else but me.

When she continued look stunned armaan pulled her in his arms making her tilt her head to look up in his eyes and muttered: say something? (he shook her)

Shilpa still looking dazed: it took you 5 yrs to say this!(armaan looked into her eyes trying to understand her meaning. She raised her hands and wedged it between them trying to push him back and away from her) you stupid, big brute! I've waited 5 yrs for you to tell me what you feel towards me.

Armaan raised his hand to touch her but only to have shilpa slap it away. He looked into her eyes and saw anger, he tried again: shilpa!

Shilpa was in no mood to listen: don't shilpa me! 5 yrs armaan! (armaan grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him, wrapping his arms around her) let me go!(she struggled to get free from his hold)

Armaan: shilpa! I love you!(he kept his arms around her, unwilling to let go of her. Shilpa turned her face away from him, he leaned in close and whispered in her ear) I love you shilpa!(he dragged his lips across her cheek to lightly touch her lips and murmured against them) I love you! And I know you love me too! Say it!

Shilpa pulled back her skin burning where his lips had touched: go to hell!(she tried pulling back but his arms tightened around her bringing her in closer contact with his body)

Armaan: say it! Just once!(when she continued to struggle to turn away from him he crushed his mouth to hers)

He kissed her like there was no tomorrow, he wouldn't let her pull back, his hand held her head captive in his big hands while he plundered her mouth. His tongue forayed into her mouth tracing teeth and tangling with her tongue. He drew back slightly to draw in a breath and again crushed his mouth to hers not giving her chance to surface from the kiss.

His hands made their way across her back to trace the line of her spine to trace the curve of her buttocks as he pulled her body in closer contact with his. Shilpa felt as if she was drowning, her hands moved up to his shoulders to caress his neck to finally spear through his hair. Armaan's hands made their way from her back to tug at the ends of her shirt tucked in the waistband of her skirt. His hands dipped below the shirt to touch her warm skin making shilpa suck in a sharp breath and moan low in her throat.

Armaan was beyond words he lifted her off her feet with his mouth still fused to her as he walked the couple of steps to the bed and then lowered her to the bed full of clothes and suitcase. One well aimed shove and the suitcase landed on the floor with a thud as the clothes also went flying to the floor. Hands became impatient as they tugged on the barriers of the clothes, buttons ripped in hurry to expose skin and more.

Without clothes to hide them or hamper their movements they explored one another with hands and mouths, drawing startled gasps and moans. Finally as they could not hold back any longer still armaan held back even though shilpa's nails dug in his back urging him forward to make them one.

Armaan his lungs bursting with the control he was exerting over himself as he covered her body with his: say it! Just once! Say you love me!(he looked into shilpa's face which was flushed with passion)

Shilpa looked at armaan her heart bursting with love and passion, whispered: I love you! Armaan!(she uttered those words not able to deny him or her any longer.)Forever and after.

She saw the effect of her words in his eyes, the passion reflected in them intensified he closed the gap between them and as his lips took her lips in an all consuming kiss, he joined his body with hers. Together they rode the waves of pleasure and finally crested together in a burst of light and intense pleasure.

They lay there wrapped around one another, as their heart beat turned normal armaan pulled back slightly and looked into shilpa's face: marry me!

Shilpa looked into armaan's eyes and saw love for her reflected there, without thinking twice she answered: yes!

Armaan jerked back into the present as the waves crashing on to the rocks splashed on his face. He took deep breaths as the memories brought with them a fresh bout of pain, he could still see her happy face in his mind. They had been so happy, their parents had no objection to their getting married, everything was perfect.

Then she got sick, initially he had thought she was down with influenza but then slowly things started to look serious. He took her for further blood tests and the results were not in their favor. Shilpa was diagnosed with lymphoma, it was in the third stage, very critical. The chances of survival were very small, every one wanted to postpone the wedding but armaan was not listening.

They got married as planned, they were in love and happy, they had thought they could overcome any obstacle but they were wrong. Shilpa health took a turn for the worst, armaan threw himself into finding the best possible treatment for her while shilpa never gave up.

No matter how hard they tried things were not looking bright but armaan refused to believe it. Finally shilpa sat armaan down and explained it to him that she was not going to make it.

Shilpa: armaan! I love you and I don't want to leave you but the truth is that we can't beat this.(she saw armaan shake his head and start to argue) no hear me out! I know armaan! I know how you feel but we can't live in denial. B'coz one of these days I'm going to die.

Armaan: don't! don't say that! I'm not going to let anything happen to you!(he wrapped his arms around her)

Shilpa caressed his face: I know! But armaan its not in your hand! You've got to accept it!

Armaan started to cry, he crushed her to him, his tears falling on her hair: why us? Shilpa! how am I suppose to live without you? I don't know how to live without you!

Shilpa herself was also crying: but you are going to live! Armaan! Promise me! promise me that you'll take care of yourself! That you won't do anything rash! Promise me that you'll continue to live.

Standing on the rocks armaan looked out to the raging sea and remembered that he had cried and cursed the gods. He had tried holding on to her but she had slipped away from him in sleep leaving him broken and lost. For days he had been unable to sleep, sitting there staring off into space as if waiting for her to return.

Only he knew how he had survived these past two years, every minute without shilpa for him had been agony but he lived b'coz he had promised her. He had thought that pain of living without shilpa would surely stop his heart but it didn't happen. The gods were still not done with him it seems.

Armaan started to turn back, suddenly he saw a movement out in the sea, it looked as if someone was out there in trouble. He stopped to have a closer look and sure enough he saw flailing arms as the person got caught in the strong waves. The sea had turned rough unless a very experienced swimmer it would've been difficult for anyone to swim. Without thinking armaan kicked off his shoes and dived into the sea as he was a good swimmer. He made it to the person and realized it was a girl, he quickly grabbed her and started to swim back with her as fast as he could.

Half way through another swimmer made his way to them and grabbed the girl claiming to be her boyfriend, armaan relinquished his hold on her and all three of started to make their way back when a huge wave crashed on to them. Armaan kicked his arms and legs to break away from the wave and to surface but the waves became too strong and he was slammed into the rocks near the peer. The force of the waves made him slam into the rocks again making his head smash against them, he felt himself lose consciousness.

The girl armaan had helped save had reached the shore with the help of her boyfriend as they sat there trying to catch their breath, they realized that the guy who had helped them had not reached the shore. The searched the water and saw something floating and realized it was someone floating face down in the water. The guy jumped back into the sea and managed to bring back an unconscious armaan back on to the beach.

The gash on the back of his head and at the temple looked deep and still oozed blood, the couple quickly took him to the hospital. At the hospital the doctors started to work on armaan, trying to stop the flow of blood from the head injuries. The doctors were not very hopeful of armaan's condition as with every passing moment he drifted away.

Armaan lay on the hospital bed patched up best to the doctors ability but what they couldn't patch up was his broken heart, the doctors did all they could to help him live but his vitals just kept sinking. His family was called, they cried and talked to him, urging him to comeback from the edge. For a moment he regained consciousness as he looked at the faces of his family members comprising of both his and shilpa parents. He looked at them and whispered: shilpa! (with that he fell uconscious and his heart stopped beating)

Crash carts rolled in and family members were pushed out, his body jumped in reaction to the shock but his heart remained unmoved. Armaan felt as if he was floating he opened his eyes and sat up on the bed and looked around at the doctors shouting orders. He got up from the bed and started towards the door but turned and looked back and saw himself lying on the bed where the doctors were furiously working on him.

Suddenly he realized he was dead. He walked out the door and saw his family crying for him, he walked pass them and continued down the hall. Suddenly he started running, he was running towards shilpa, he needed to find her. He ran straight out the doors of the  hospital to find himself outside his house.

He opened the door and ran through the house calling out shilpa's name. He ran up the stairs to their bedroom as he burst through the door he found her. He found shilpa with her back towards him looking at the wall clock. As he walked near her she turned around and looked at him with a huge smile on her face.

Armaan could not believe that shilpa was in front of him, he raised his hand and gently cupped her face. Shilpa closed her eyes as she felt his touch, armaan stood there looking at her beautiful face unable to believe that all this was actually real murmured her name: shilpa!

Shilpa opened her eyes which reflected her longing and love: I've been waiting for you!

Armaan couldn't stop touching her: and I for you!(he pulled her towards him and lowered his  head to her, their mouths grazed lightly then drew apart. Unable to control himself he crushed his mouth to her, kissing her with all the love and longing and despair he had felt when he had lost her.)

He picked her up and carried her to bed, they lay there with armaan atop shilpa as he continued kissing her. He drew back a little and looked into her face: I love you!

Shilpa's eyes filled with tears: I love you, Armaan! I love you forever and after.

Armaan gathered her close as he lay on his side with shilpa in his arms and closed his eyes. He felt peace and contentment as he felt her nestle close to his heart, felt her breath fan against his skin and knew that they were together, for forever and after.


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minaalM Goldie

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Posted: 07 August 2011 at 3:15am | IP Logged


wow wow wow,


Hats Off, Clap

really you are a great writer no matter what you write,

1stly i admired you for Remember This

2nd DMG 3  and your current FF.

but now an OS, great work Amani,

seriously you have some sort of magic to play with emotions.

It was a Sad OS but it really didn't feel sad at all.

i mean the way you made them meet again for forever.

it was just so emotional.

Thank you so much for sharing your great writings with us.

Thanks for the PM.

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fatzfathi Senior Member

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Posted: 07 August 2011 at 3:23am | IP Logged
woow..such a beautiful story...too emotional n touching..Heart loved it...
debby_11 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 August 2011 at 3:29am | IP Logged
it was so emotional...
touched my heart...
beautiful OS
loved d way u projected it
fantastic :)
neha2607 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 August 2011 at 3:31am | IP Logged
Beautifully written
It described their emotions clearly and beautifully.
The way Armaan remembered her, continued to live his life for a  promise he gave her. And in the end though both died but still they were, are and will always remain together.
do write more

neha [shona]
m4manju IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 August 2011 at 3:35am | IP Logged

thats a beautiful piece of writing from u amani... Clap really an amazing and touching one...

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nightstar IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 August 2011 at 3:51am | IP Logged
u knw if this is what u can write in short notice, i wd really want to have a glimpse of what u cant do in long was incredible big sis..i really loved the sophistication of the story..though arsh death made me sad...but then again thery wr together in the its k...thank u so much for the effort and time u have put to make me me it really means a lot..a lot..really a lot...mmmuah..thank u...

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DarkerThanNight Goldie

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Posted: 07 August 2011 at 4:00am | IP Logged
Wonderfull emotional and so touching..loved it to the core.. Smile

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