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Happy Birthday Jens our Angel aka Jenny1000

Xiahtic-5 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 March 2009
Posts: 29255

Posted: 06 August 2011 at 5:27pm | IP Logged
Hello, hello hello everyone..How are you all?  Today is a very special day and i am not gonna listen but party hard as aj mere yaar ki ...hai guess karoo

7th August ...

Today is Friendship day but with it we are gonna double our celebration today as an Angel was born: someone who has been through a lot, someone who has stood by what she felt is right. She is the founder of one of the biggest group ever or you could say, she is the founder of the biggest group ever. She is the maker of an AT that has reached more than 776 threads and is known as home to many. She is the one who inspires people by her creativity every time she makes something. She will leave people speechless and she has heart of gold no matter what happens, she is always there for her friends she is beautiful and there are no words that can describe her. She is beautiful from inside and outside and she is very popular around IF.

She has been on IF since years now; be it DMG forums, MJHT forum, Avatar and Sig forum or IPKKND forum - she is famous and loved by all. She has an amazing personality as well and she is someone who can make you go quite with her answers if you get onto her wrong side. Well, your loss as she is very precious to all her friends and especially KaShians. Why? It's because of her we have become one family, the whole credit goes to her and she is so friendly with everyone that she can make you fall in love with her with just a click.

Another secret of hers is that she is an amazing writer. She is extremly cool and equally talented in the aspects of VMs, Sigs and writing. She is not just a fan of one but many jodi's and actors such as: KaSh (no surprises!), SaRun, Mohit+Sanaya+Arjun, Prem+Mukti, Mayank Anand, ManEet, DMG,+MJHT and the list can go on and on! Arey yaar, samajh lo us ki jitni tareef karo utna kam.

She is Dr. Shashank of KaSh Heaven..well, after all she built the wonderful place where almost 500 people live in! ;) She is our sweetheart, Padma's love..she is none other than Jenny. We call her with many names..yes, she has loads of pet names..no, not to be mistaken like KaSh were, not talking about pets like our very own Shopaw & Breezer..talking about the nicknames that she has - Shanky, Shashank, (wonder wht Padma ji calls you) Jenz and maybe we can leave this list incomplete too!...Oh btw, lucky for me that according to Parsi Calender her birthday was on the same date as mine..August 3rd..wooohoo! Dancing

Jennsss! Happy birthday Hug

Many many many many ... happy returns of the day!!

P.S: abey oye when above i said mere yaar ki ... hai wht  i meant was mere yaar ki bday hai :P aur agar shaadi is on the lines too since you're getting older, don't forget to invite us! ;) KaShappy birthday once again! <333

Special thanks to Riya for editing and Nori for sig's HugClap i love you both thank you so much

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AahaanaminaalMFari.Kashianchahaat.* ~ Roshni ~ *bary26javeyZaynoo2320anku--Aysha-Siddhi_yulZ-Jeny-nami2811spamalotnorzar-Ri.indian_beauty-Harshu--SilentLove-AS..-Fatima-Sunshine Girlsoundsofcedar-Preeti-JennyPennynotfadedawayaftermath..

Xiahtic-5 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 March 2009
Posts: 29255

Posted: 06 August 2011 at 5:28pm | IP Logged

Guess what day it is todaaay? It's 7th of August!!!!!!!!!!
Ahh, I love 7th August Heart
Because this day is a SPECIAL day for someone I know as my closest friend. A person soo kind and adorable. Someone I have known for such a long time now and with whom, I have grown closer as friends and just bonded so amazingly over the years with her *touchwood* May that remain the same always. I never wanna lose a precious friend like this person.
TODAY, is the BIRTHDAY of a beautiful person
And that is YOU, Jen. YES. YOU.
It's Jenzie's BIRTHDAYYY.
Dude, I don't know what to put here as my message. I guess, when it comes to you and me, I don't really need to say anything. Cause you know how muchI Love YOUU and how special you're to me!!!
You're such a bundle of talent who makes phenomenal work. Missy, you better make some more regular SA stuff. I wanna chori more SA siggies from your gallery. rofl.
I soo wish Esssaaay :P came in a new show so all of us could just back to being in forum and having a blast once again. *dreams* That would be one heck of a time all over againnn. Eee. Hope it happens SOMEDAYYY.
Day Dreaming

And my my, do I even have to talk about the quotes you send me and our massively hilarious PM talks? LMFAO. These just make OUR DAY. HAHA. Need to get back to them more often ROFL Hopefully SOONNN. HEHE!!
I wish you have a fantastic day. It should be super fun.. birthday+friendship day at the same time ;D
Enjoyyy loadsss!!!!
God bless you with all that you want sweety. Wish all your dreams come true. Loveee youuu!!


Happy birthday Jenz!

 Hope you have an amazing birthday & a wonderful life ahead. God bless you & may all your dreams come true! I really wanna thank you for making KaSh Heaven and introducing me to a family that I actually can't imagine living without now. You've been a great friend and even though, you're less active than before now, you're always remembered and wanted..yup, wanted! LOL. So, you better take some time out for us soon :P I do miss the times all of us spent at heavens & had those huge cyclones where nobody knows who is talking to who but still everyone keeps talking ROFL..I want those days back :P And OMG, you have a new jodi or a new person in your craze list everyday! :O From KaSh to MaanEet to ArHi to whose next? But yeah, as I wished Ramshu..I'm gonna wish you as well..May you get many more shows to watch & many more jodis to fall in love with yet I still do hope you come back running to KaSh & KaShians, LMAO. Oh && also, you're one of the most talented people around in the field of PS & SV ;) Once again, KaShappy birthay!

Lots of love,
Riya <3

Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day Jenny Di.Party
May U Have A Blissful & A Succesful Year Ahead...
Hope U Have A KASHilicious,MAANEETilicious & ARHIlicious day <3Big smile
God Bless U With All That U Wish ForEmbarrassed
Njoy & Have Loads Of Fun<3

"Fly in the plane of ambition,
and land on the airport of success,
Luck is yours,
Wish is mine
May ur future
always shine".Embarrassed

Happy Birthday Once Again <3


Hey Jenny Happy Birthday...
You are very special
And you deserve the best
I wish you a wonderful life
Filled with love and happiness ...
I hope u hav a great day n year ahead..
Luv u..



Heyya Jennnyyy!MY Mommy :P
Happy Birthday to you :D
God Bless You loads not just for today but forever and in more things that you will indulge yourself :D So wish you happiness,success,health & wealth in life :D

Hope you have a great birthday ahead Dudette ;)

Am seizing the opportunity to scold you :| :P
I Think we all miss you and the Jennyness on Heaven.Those nattu times of yours,it's all  KaSh Heaven related :P thats how we met,i use to love coming on Heaven in the morning and you would still be awake and KaShing on Heaven,you would post quotes and pics of KaSh and will do random crazy stuffs and we would submerge in a KaSh Cyclone *sigh* those days of  Heaven,I MISS ALL OF THAT,the family bond we all had,dunno if it will come back,maybe one  day for sure ;) But saying all of that,you are an amazing buddy,i always think of you and the great times we all had,you were lot of fun,and from the bottom of my heart i wish that you progresses a LOTTT In life :D :D PS:We are reaching 800th thread soon,DO COME ;P And gives us ideas for 1000th :P HAVE A BRIGH FUTUREEE Jenny mommy :P hahaha ;D
anyway...love you lots :D hope u remember us as well :/

Lots of Love,
Virina ;)


Wishing you have an absolutely fantastic birthdayBig smile May all your wishes and dreams come true! Hope the year ahead brings you loads of happiness and success. Basically have a rocking birthday! Big smile and the most important thing PARTY HARD!!LOL

Roshni Hug

Jenz HugHugHug

A very very Happy birthday to u Party Party Party

May all ur dreams & wishes come true :D
May God always bless you and give u all the happiness u deserved Embarrassed

Ur one of the most sweetest & special people I have had the privilege to meet on IF Embarrassed

I hope u have the most most wonderful & fantastic day. Wishing u lots of love , laughter and happiness.Big smile

Party hard girl & just ROCK it !!

God Bless !!!

Luv ya Harshu <333

KaShappy Birthdayy Jens!!
Many Many happy returns of the day!! God Bless you!! Wish you all the best for ur future :) "I hope that the coming year provides you with all the success and fulfillment your heart wishes."
Love you Nori xxx

Wishing you a very happy birthday Jen Jen!! Hope you achieve all that you want to and more. Keep making those amazing sigs you make, that just keep getting better and better and those awesome VMs!
Have an awesome day Jen <3


Happy birthdayyy! Hug
Wow, how long have we known each other? Well obvi since I joined heaven, but I remember you being so welcoming to me, and since then, I looked up to a lot! & I still do! You're such a wonderful, sensible, and amazing person! I'm so glad that I met you! You're a wonderful KaShian, and we miss you sooo much at the Heaven, even though we know why you don't come (which is the reason we don't that much either, haha!) But i love you sooo much, and miss you a lot too! :'( May God bless you with all the happiness, success, health, wealth and KaSh in your life! Always keep smiling and I hope you have an amazing birthday!
love you lots, 
ps: i love that you always remember my fave scene:P


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AahaanaminaalMFari.Kashianbary* ~ Roshni ~ *-Aysha-yulZ26javeyZaynoo2320-Jeny--Harshu-AS..-SilentLove-norzar-Fatima-Sunshine Girl-Ri.aftermath..notfadedaway-Preeti-JennyPenny

Xiahtic-5 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 March 2009
Posts: 29255

Posted: 06 August 2011 at 5:30pm | IP Logged
Ishq hai,

Teri aankhon ke matvaale

Kaajal ko mera salaam
Zulfon ke kale kale
baadal ko mera salaam
ghayal kar de mujhe yaar
tere paayal ke jhankar
hey soni sone,teri soni,
har adaa ko salaam

Salaam-e-Ishq.Ishq Ishq
Salaam-e-Ishq,Salaam-e-Ishq Ishq

Ho Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E-
Salaam-e-Ishq hai...

Ho teri mastaani anjaani
bataon ko mera salaam
Rangon mein doobi doobi
raaton ko mera slaaam

Khwaabon mein kho gayi main
deewani ho gayi main
soney soney aisse soney
har adaa ko salaam

Salaam-e-Ishq.Ishq Ishq

Ho Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E-
Salaam-e-Ishq hai...

Teri meri nazar jo milli pehli baar
ho gaya ho gaya tujhse pyaar...
dil hai kya dil hai kya
jaan bhi tujhoe nisaar
maine tujhe kiya aitbaar
ho main bhi toh tujhpe mar gayi
deewanapan kya kar gayi
meri har dhakan betaab hai
palkon vich tera khwaab hai

Ho jaan se bhi pyaari pyaari
jaaniya ko salaam

Ho Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E-
Salaam-e-Ishq hai...

Main tere ishq mein do jahan vaar doon
mere vaade pe kar le yakeen
keh raha aasman keh rahe hai zameen
tere jaissa dooja nahin

Ho aisse jaadoon na daal ve
naa aaon tere naal ve
jhooti tereedein chodh de
ab dil mere dil se jod de
ho jo abhi hai dil se
nikli uss dua ko salaam

Ho Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E-
Salaam-e-Ishq hai...

Salaam-E-Ishq Salaam-E..Ishq hai

Rab se hai iltija maaf kar de mujhe
main toh teri ibaadat karoon
Aye meri soniye na khabar hai tujhe
Tujhese Kitni mohobbat karoon

Tere bin sab kuch benoor hai
Meri Maang Mein tere sindoor hai
sanson mein yehi paigaam hai
Mera sab kuch tere naam hai

Ho dhadkanon mein rehne
waali soniye ko salaam


P.S: I put this song because on this song Jens mostly fav couples have performed (KaSh, MiShti, SaJan as well as Arjun )

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minaalMFari.Kashianbary26javeyZaynoo2320-Jeny--Ri.AS..-SilentLove--Fatima-Sunshine Girlsoundsofcedaraftermath..JennyPennynotfadedaway

-Priya- IF-Addictz

Joined: 23 May 2008
Posts: 92380

Posted: 06 August 2011 at 5:30pm | IP Logged
your opening a shop on ur bday? congo

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Xiahtic-5 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 March 2009
Posts: 29255

Posted: 06 August 2011 at 5:51pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Priya-

your opening a shop on ur bday? congo

Nope opening Birthday thread for Jenny
Xiahtic-5 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 March 2009
Posts: 29255

Posted: 06 August 2011 at 5:56pm | IP Logged
Yo Jens Hug

Wish you a very very very very very very very very veryyy a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dancing

Okay! I don't know what to write...Jens i have known for a very long time, in this time the way i see you is much more thn anyone can imagine its a compliment Big smile. Words cannot describe how amazing you are..You are the first person who created Heaven, the way i see it is that when you create a house you wish you all the happiness and that is exactly we got for our Home KaSh Heaven. We love you alot because you are the person who brought us together. Thank you so much for everything single thing you did for us for KaSh. As being you close friend and a member of Heaven family i am proud that i know i am lucky that we all have you. Today is your birthday obviously, its an happy moment for us too. Today not only you, your friends or your family will celebrate this, but today whole world is celebrating you are born on a lucky day its friendship day. Today we juz not want to wish you a very happy birthday but also happy friendship day, as we know what we are to each other. Jens you are an amazing person and wheneva i talk to you, you make me admire you more yes i adore you i admire you. You are very optimistic person, you never give up and the biggest thing is you are always there for your friends always helping them. You have been through a lot lately and i salute your bravery you have handled everything so well. You are one of the coolest and sweetest person i know, i wont call u juz frnd you are my family you are my sister hun luv u. I am proud and lucky that i know some like you.

I remember the day i joined Heaven i pm-ed to add my name and you forget tu i pm-ed you again thn you added my name. It was in 2009 usually those days when i joined Mostly you used to be there, Ash, Maham, Mari, Milo and Ramshu i remembered all of those moments. I love the way you talk and you handle everything so nicely which makes me wonder what are you? How can i forget your creativity which makes me go in daze and think arey should i watch this show because of your sig's i feel i should watch those show because you make them so beautifully. You are an awesome sig maker i seriously want to see you make avi's i am sure you will rock and make amazing avi's too. I love your vm's even though i am not very much regular vm's watcher but i have seen your work. You are a person who people want to be you are honest and do what you feel is right. You do things to make other people happy. You are optimistic, brace, amazing, generous, winderful and i can't even put in words how our Jens is, you have a heart of gold.  I know that one pm uset you but trust me Jens you know us more then anyone ryt, i love how you asked for our opinion. Jens one thing i want to say is no matter what happen we are always there for you,cwe got your back because we know you much longer you are our head of family.

As today is your birthday tu many many and many more happy returns of the day. God bless you. May all your dreams and wishes come true. May you get whateva you wish for whteva your heart desire for, you get all the happiness in the world. May this day brins joy and laughter in your life and you keep laughing and smiling all your life may tears never come in your eyes. Don't ever change yourself for anyone keep smiling and loving and keep making sig's :) juz remember we love you more then anyone we will always support you and will be there with you we love you alot.

Once again a very Happy Birthday and also Happy friendship day mwahhh

P.S: you know i am a loser ryt i cant make anything sorry and juz remember i love u alot more thn others n hope you like this little surprise send me some cake okay dont eat all of it i deserve a peace and yes send me black forest cake u knw we KaShians love dat cake :P

PSS: I want to say sorry to those people who didn't pm i am extremly and truly sorry i was busy and couldn't pm everyone sorry about that

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minaalMFari.Kashian26javeySunshine Girl-SilentLove-aftermath..JennyPennynotfadedaway

aishhh. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 January 2010
Posts: 17849

Posted: 06 August 2011 at 6:09pm | IP Logged

can i reserve? too bad i think i already did :S 

omfggg it's 7th augusttt! that is friendship day isn't it? no wonder you're born on this day jennyEmbarrassed cause you're the most special of friends to me..the MOST special..i don't know what to say except that you don't know what you are to me jenny..there is nothing or no one in the world like you. no one at all..and no one can ever EVER take your place in my life because you're THE best, period. 

should i spend a million words telling you how we met? im guessing we both knowLOL but what you don't know is that i've loveddd your work for the LONGEST time ever, before i was even on IF and i've admired you for longer and im just SO glad i have you in my IF lifeEmbarrassed
because for me you don't 'end' when i shut my LTLOL it's much bigger than that..you're more than what we call virtual friends..you're just like any real would beEmbarrassed and in most ways greater <33

and what i love MOST about you? is that..you can do ANYTHING at all to make me smileEmbarrassed dekha im kitna blushingLOL you're there for me 24*7 (oh and my dabba loves you like mad too with all those beautiful sigs you give me)..two complaints though

1) you make me cry too often
(and then i have to make up some crap excuse about how i am not cryingLOL)

2) i can NEVER use other's sigs
(because without me asking you make me the most beautiful stuff in the world that i don't ever want to take them out of my dabba, everEmbarrassed and even if i do, they get replaced with your sigs only..see im the best publicist everLOL)

i loveee YOUU! i love your work, i just love you for being there and being one of my most fav people in the world which you are...oh btw let's get to the point :) you know how much i love my first page ka spot ahemmLOL i am very protective abt it ;) 
so ..many many happy returns of the day jennyEmbarrassed
god bless youu..always remain the way you are, always be the jenny i know..that beautiful person with a beautiful smile and the most awesome sister and friend in the world, you rule Heart
happy birthdayyy

and this is for youuu..cause i believe in the text Embarrassed

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Fari.Kashian* ~ Roshni ~ *yulZXiahtic-5notfadedawayJennyPenny

anku- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 16 April 2008
Posts: 23707

Posted: 06 August 2011 at 6:43pm | IP Logged
Can I reserve tooo? Tongue I reserved anyways Zahru. U weren't updatinggg so I reserveddd :p

Edited by x.Anku.x - 06 August 2011 at 6:44pm

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