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Jyoti121 Goldie

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Ek Ladki thi chulbuli si, aapni hi masti mein, par sach ka saath deti thi.


Businessman- kept distance from girls. Pyaar shabd uske dictionary me tha hi nahi.



Pehli bar takraye fir takrate gaye..Smile

Kab kaha, kaise pyaar hua pata na chala Maan Geet se Maaneet ban gaye. Embarrassed

Ek dusare ke saath rehne ki kasam li or shaadi ke bandhan me bandh gaye.Heart

Lekin khushiya sirf dastak deke chali gayi.Dead

Fir bhi bepanaha pyaar karte the. Tongue                                                 

Kathinayion me ek dusare ka saath diya tha. Smile                                                

Ek haadse ne bichad diya dono ko.. Broken Heart

Kya wo aapni  Mishti ko bhul gaya.Confused

Yakeen hai usse aapne pyaar par, ek din zaroor lautkar aayega.Thumbs Up

Wapas mil payenge ya nahi?    Shayad ha...Confused

Yeh kahani thi Maaneet ki. Blushing

Intzaar hai hume unke Milan ka... Day Dreaming

Party  Dancing    Party Dancing   Party  Dancing    Party   Dancing


Thread 1

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PART-10 PG 1

PART-11 PG 3

PART-12 PG 6

PART-13 PG 9

PART-14 PG 11

PART 15 PG 13

PART 16 PG 15

Thread 3

Thank you for all your likes & supports

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Jyoti121 Goldie

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                                                                 PART 9



Geet : Good Morning Maan, get up fast we have to reach on site in time...

Maan : Yes boss (coming close n hugs from back)  so Mrs. Khurana off to work.

Geet : Maan chodo, get ready fast.

Maan : Today is the first day of ours n we both are going together, so kuch meetha to banta hai na...

Geet : This is not the first time we are going together, earlier also we used to go to KC together.. or meetha, to aap khathe nahi.

Maan : still then, or meetha i mean, he kissed on her forehead.


Having their breakfast they reached on site, MR. Dandekar was waiting for him n was surprised to see Geet also.


Mr. Dandekar : Madam aap??

Geet : Yes, i decided to join Maan.

Mr. Dandekar : thats fine, much needed for him.

Trio in site cabin, while going through the blue prints, Geet thought to make some changes...

Geet : Maan i think we can make some changes. The entrance of main door of each house should not face each other we can make it in cross way.


Maan : Mr. Kapur had already approved this plan, now it cann't be done.

MR. Dandekar who was sitting quietly till now was impressed by Geet's idea n spoke in middle..

Mr. Dandekar : Sir, if you don't mind can i say something..

Maan : ok go ahead.

Mr. Dandekar : Actually what madam said is right, the cross houses is the fine idea..

Maan gives aStern Smile Stern Smile to Mr. Dandekar you are going to tell me right or wrong..

Mr. Dandekar : Sir, i liked the idea there is lot of open space too, garden is there & it will look really nice.

Still he was not ready to approve it.

Geet : by the way MR. Dandekar can you please let me know your name each n every time i can't call you Dandekar...

Mr. Dandekar : My is will nice if you both call me Rahul only...

(Dandekar real name RAHUL DANDEKAR  Geet as kept his name as RD)

Geet : so short name RD is best... ok fine call MR. Kapur, i will  discuss with him...

Maan looking at her furiously, still then she called n discussed with him about the changes.

MR. Kapur : Mrs. Khurana you can make the changes n no need to fax the prints, hope MR. Khurana don't mind.

Geet : its upto me, i will handle him n the changes are made for genuine reasons.   Maan, MR. Kapur has given the permission for the changes.


RD : Sir, MR. Kapur doesn't accept so easily, he must have visualized n then only agreed it, now its upto you. I will take a round, you both decide.

Maan : How can you make changes of all sudden?

Geet : Maan just go through the print, the cross one are the best.. 

He goes through the prints and thinking a lot he  ApproveApprove it.

Maan : not bad idea, will start the work of the opposite row with new changes.  So right from the 1st day the orders are started.  By the way you said that working in KC was your 1st job then how come you get such ideas.

Geet : (to tease him Pyaar sab sikha deta hai)  Maan sir this is a dream project, so my dream of house was the same as i told you right now & blink her eyes...

Geet : Maan chodo koi aayega.

Maan : nobody will come now... as it is lunch time... he was not ready to leave her but heard  knock & got back to his chair... oh RD tum.

Maan : RD new changes are accepted looking at Geet with SmileSmile

RD : Sir, really its good idea.. Chalo lets have lunch i have to go out for other work too.

Maan n Geet both in cabin

Geet : By the way now what is the plan, the workers have started their work.

Maan : Let me check out,  ask her to give the print files. Without looking at he caught her wrist... 

Geet making a face at him.

Maan : Now what?  

Geet : I already told you no more flirting when we are on work.(says only to tease him)

Maan : Its ok when we are working together there will be several touch n go and that doesn't mean i touched you purposely... giving a wicked smile.

Geet making a face n starts with her work.


After reaching home, Geet went to kitchen to help out Vishal for dinner & later on return to room. Maan was talking with Dadi, he then handed cell to Geet.


Dadi : How was ur day on site?


Geet : Dadi, i swear Maan has not all changed... pehele jaise the waise hi hai..

Maan looking at her n questioning her what did i do now..

Dadi : ok GN n take care.

Geet : GN Dadi.

Maan : Good to see the improvement in Dev.

After having dinner both were tired & feeling verySleepy Sleepy Sleepy too... 


                                        Next update with surprise.

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Congrats on new thread

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     Embarrassed!!!! Jyoti For You !!!!Embarrassed


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Jyoti121 Goldie

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Originally posted by anupm04

Congrats on new thread

Thanks dude

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Jyoti121 Goldie

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For Next two days Geet won't be visiting site.  Whenever she was questioned by Maan,the only answer was clearing some pending works... At last the day Geet was waiting for had come. But this day was worth to Maan than Geet so he didn't had any idea about it.


Geet drying her  hair & called Maan.  Maan  get up fast or else it will be late coming near him kissing on his forehead & said Good Morning.

Maan drag her near him rubbing his nose to nose & said Good Morning.

Geet : Kya aaj janab ko site par nahi jana?

Maan : Nahi aaj nahi jana hai site par.

Geet : kyu.

Maan : matlab, agar tum aise hi harrooz subh mere samne aaogi toh mein nahi jaa paunga site par holding her more tightly.

Geet : Maan chodo, hum baad me baat karte hai.

He didn't understand y she is in hurry to push him on work.. Later on after having breakfast he left for the site.

As soon as he left, Geet called Vishal n Reema (his wife) (#)  & started with their mission.  It took nearly 4-5hrs to complete it.

After having their lunch Geet told Vishal to lock the room n take rest.


(## Vishal called his wife when Geet started going on site..)


Maan came from site at his usual timing, after freshenup they decided to go Rajmachi  point. Today she wanted to stay little bit long time than usual. 


Geet : Maan wear this casual one.

Maan : Kyu? Kya baat hai. kuch kaas hai.

Geet : Aisa hi samjho. 

Maan : ok.

Geet blindfolds his eyes & takes him to the room. All the way he was asking her, but her only answer was you will get to know.

Geet opens the blindfolds, lights on, the room was fully decorated, on the centre table CAKE was kept..


Maan was totally stunned by seeing this.


Geet : Maan cut the cake.

Maan drag her near holding her one hand in his right one & left one circled around her waist cut the cake..

Later on Geet told Vishal n Reema to have their dinner as it will take some time for them...


Maan & Geet  

Maan was much happy & surprised his birthday was never celebrated since long time. Hugging each other no music only slience was there around as if every breath  was saying something.

Maan : Geet how do you know its my birthday?

Geet : coz you are my khadus, but sweet hubby.

Maan : Dadi didn't call me?

Geet : Dadi gave u call but was out of range, so she called me n said she will give a call at night.

Maan cuddling her face dragging her more close, lost in each others eyes... Kissesd her lips...

Geet didn't move a inch it was his day n she didn't want him to be nevous.Keeping her hands on his waist holding him tight.  Tears ran down from their eyes, quietly standing hugging each other for a long time. Later on Geet reminded him about the dinner.


After having their dinner as routine they sat for a while in verandha, Maan receives a call, its was Dadi.

Dadi : Happy birthday Maan.

Maan : thanks dadi

Maan finishes the call with little discussion. 



Both of them found their room locked. Maan calls for Vishal...

Maan : Vishal room lock kyu kiya?

Vishal said nothing just handed the key him. Both enter the room, were surprised to see the decoration, both looked at each and then striked them it must be Vishal & his wife...


Geet changed her suit and wored a flowing double gown and was standing near the dressing table  removing earring, she didn't knew when Maan came near her, cuddling her, slowly moving his hands below her neck then to her chest only to open the knot.

Geet : Maan ...

Maan : He cuts her in middle keeping his finger on her lips, aaj nahi Geet, can't wait now... removes it..

Geet, now in single thin strap gown, Maan making her to sleep properly started kissing her from forehead, cheeks, neck & lips.

Holding her more tight he this was your full proof plan  & liked it very much it was so  lovely, sweet n simple party.   He didn't had any words to express it, but his eyes were asking a permission to make a move ahead, she said nothing afterall it was his day... 

Maan again kissed her lips. for my Mishti for what you gave me... Geet too can't control any longer responded him.. Their kiss turned to passionate one.. Maan was squeezing her & not allowing her to take a breath...


They were immensely lost in their world...


Hope u like it.

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Nice update
continue soon

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