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Monday 1/8/11

Raani's house - Call from the police station asking the whole family to mark attendance . Sarroojja frets but gets dragged by the rest. Odaiyaathaa, Odaiyaathaa...Sarrojja kuttu Odaiyatha , Engalukku nimmathi kidaikkathaa - Roja sings out loud. MM MM's palace.
Archu is crying - ably assisted by Bhanu and house owner lady.
MM MM is counting money - baby ai thriumbi vaanga. He gets a call " come with the money to such and such a shopping center. rest later " Police maama vanthu kOdaiyaraar but MM MM lies and dispenses him. Police maama asks his constables to watch MM MM - " I will get a task force ready and we can nab the kidnappers "

Raani and jing bang reach the police station. Aakash appa romba gushiya " enga panam kidaichachaa??" Inspector says that it is the other way  " Unga payyan adicha pananthai thiruppi kudunga " The jing bang says that their son is 24 carat gold. Well, that gold comes out from the lock-up. Matter enna nna, Aakash goes with a friend who dupes him saying that it is canvassing for cell phone towers. They collect from 20 people - total sum 5 lakhs - friend scoots and Aakash is caught by those who got cheated royally. "panathai Enni vai, illatta kambi counting thaan " Raani promises to arrange for the money - Sarrojja is happy that she escaped once again. Raani decides to pledge all her gold.

MM MM and Archu - at the shopping complex - he is ordered to board the elevator . press floor 3, keep the money in a corner and get out at floor 2 " when the lift comes down, the money will be gone and you will see your pappa " The couple are watched - must be the police constables. Well, the lift goes up to floor 3 and comes down ...floor 2 ... paappa ...MM MM and Archu are devastated


Update for Tues, Aug 2, 2011:

Selvam and Archana see the elevator come down after going to the 3rd floor, and the money is still there.  They are puzzled, then they get a call from the guy, saying that he has brought the police with him.  Selvam denies this, then the caller tells them that the two guys in one corner and the other two guys in two other corners on that floor are police in mufti.  Selvam tries to explain, but the guy says that he is going to send the baby in bits in a parcel to Archu's parents' home.  Selvam and Archana head home.

Rani and family at the police station.  Rani has pawned all her jewelry to get the cash to free Akash, and the Inspector tells Akash not to take up any job in future without first checking up to see if the job is a genuine one.  Rani wants to know what happened to their money, Saroja gets worried, but the Inspector says that he is new and will take two weeks to go into all the old records.  She is relieved.  She tells Akash that she wanted to give her jewelry also, but Rani said it wasn't necessary and she would do this for her husband.  Rani's MIL praises Rani, FIL is silent, and Akash is thoughtful.

Selvam and Archana go to Archu's home, everyone is moping over there, and Priya comes running out, asking what happened to the baby?  They go inside, and Selvam asks if there has been any parcel.  Priya faints on learning that they didn't get the baby, and they hear a dog barking outside.  There is a large parcel there (and what happened to the police who were tailing Selvam earlier?  Didn't they see the guy who left the parcel there?).  Selvam opens the box, everyone has this worried look on their faces.  He takes out some clothes, then some more clothes, then something which looks bloodstained, then more clothes, then gets to the bottom of the box and brings out a - doll!  (why make us go through all this nerve racking suspense?  Do the director and crew seriously think we enjoy this?)

They go inside and show Priya the doll, and Selvam gets another call - See, this is what happens when you don't do as I say. 

Police station - box on table - Archana scolds the Inspector, saying we just want the baby back, you leave us alone.  The Inspector says that Dheena has money, but do you have the money?  Selvam realizes that it is someone who knows he has money now.  Dheena thinks this may be RS's work, his revenge on Dheena.for not producing the proper CD in court, which got Selvam acquitted, and Selvam agrees, he tells the Inspector about RS cheating him out of his property and Reva getting her father to pay back Selvam.  The Inspector takes Selvam and Archana to go and question RS.

Thodarum ...

Wednesday Aug 3rd Updates


Aakash back home.. Saroja accuses Rani for ill-luck.. Dead MIL shuts her up saying Rani is a saviour.. FIL asks if friend found will we get the money back from police.. Aakash is skeptical since the phone is always switched off and the office is shut.. Rani says no worry.. Lets look for another job ..Aakash says not possible.. All my originals are gone with vanished company.. Confused Rani suggests apply for duplicate.. FIL says it will take time what do we do till such time.. Rani says any job would do and cites example of her darling bro Selvam.. MIL praises Rani for encouraging and guiding all of them in tough times too.. Clap


Police, Selvam and Archu lands in RS home.. Police asks RS to come to station for visaranai of baby kidnap.. RS says I will not do such a cheap act.. Selvam asks why not.. you vowed to not let me peace.. you had a grudge on Dheena too for helping me in the murder case.. SO you revenged both of us by kidnapping the baby.. RS says I challenge my enemies boldly upfront and do not play cheap acts like this.. Archu cries and falls at RS's feet.. RS stand by his words.. Police try to drag RS.. RS calls up AC.. AC talks with inspector TamilSelvan (TS) .. TS scoots from the arena..  Big smile Selvam and Archu are devastated.. Selvam roars at RS If you are the culprit I will kill you.. Reva stands thinking..

Poonga comes home and updates Vasu and Bags about baby kidnap.. Bags gives a sly look(terror BGM in the background) Vasu is shocked.. Poonga polambufies why my son is suffering all time.. jaan erina muzham sarukudhu.. Bags angrily says why polambing.. They deserve this.. Poonga is shocked that Bags turned to a baddie again.. Ouch Bags says I have changed and they are the reason for it.. We slogged with RS and got the money 1 crore and gave him.. But he shunned us away.. My stomach is burning.. he will suffer more.. I fell at his feet and offered to transfer this home back on his name.. But he refused.. Why did he take the money this time.. Poonga shuts her up saying it is his money and he took it back since Reva helped him get it.. In that case we were spectators and did nothing beyond that.. In the other case you did that coz he arranged money for Rani's marriage.. he is a thanmana singam and will do anything for his sister.. So he refused.  Bags says I am angry and jealous that he did not help us or care for us.. Vasu says don't fight time to help anna.. Come what may I will help him.. ShockedShocked He walks out and Bags stands fuming..


Rani attends her first interview.. She gets the job.. MD says you can join immediately.. Rani is super excited.. MD says uniform mandatory.. Go change and come.. Rani changes (uniform looked weird.. all others were in blue pant and shirt .. Rani wore a skirt, shirt and a over coat.. It was looking very clumsy and she looked funny LOL) She walks back to MD's cabin and en-route notices no workers around.. MD gapes at her.. She asks where are others. MD says they have left for the day.. Today is Saturday so only half day duty. Rani asks what about me.. MD says your duty time starts now.. Rani stands puzzled..


Thursday - Eljay Hmmm, naanum every week hope pannaren, indha weekaavadhu indha TMS serial close aagumaa?  Every week disappointment thaan!

Update for Thurs, Aug 4, 2011:

Rani has changed into her uniform and goes into the Manager's office.  She asks about the absence of the others, and is told that they have left early.  Next, the Manager tries to attack her, says that her changing into the uniform has been recorded and he is going to put it up on the Internet, Rani tries to run, he chases her, she runs, he chases.  In the meantime, Vinodh has come there to meet the manager, the watchman tells him that the manager has left, but just when he goes and sits on his bike, he gets a call from someone.  Rani sees him talking on the phone, tries to attract his attention, the manager says she cannot be seen or heard from outside, so she manages to break the window and screams out for Vinodh mama to save her.  Vinodh hears his name, comes inside after pushing the watchman out of his way, and sees the Manager attacking her, takes out his belt and gives the guy a good walloping ( now this was something I thoroughly approved of, even though I normally abhor this kind of physical violence), and wants to report him to the police, even though Rani is against it, because her inlaws do not know about her coming here for a job.

Selvam goes to his shed, a customer is leaving, disgusted.  Selvam finds out that Nandini sent him away and asked him to come after four days.  He scolds Nandini for sending away a customer, and then finds that she has allowed Vasu to come and sit down.  He wants Vasu to leave, but Nandini asks him to listen to Vasu, who claims to have come to help Selvam find the baby (I don't believe this liar one bit), because he knows all the thirudans and baby kidnappers in town, thanks to his association with his FIL.  Selvam is still reluctant to take Vasu's help, but Nandini urges him to do so.

Vinodh tells Rani that the Inspector, who is a friend of his, has booked the Manager on some other charge.  She thanks him and tells him the circumstances leading to her looking for a job.  Vinodh tells her about Priya's baby getting kidnapped, and then tells her about a job in his company.

Vasu and Selvam driving around.  They go to some apartment complex and go to some guy, whose team kidnaps older people, not babies (kaNNraavi!) and he tells them to go and see some guy called Perambur Ravi.  (I am fairly sure Vasu is taking Selvam on a wild goose chase!).  Vasu takes Selvam to go and see this new guy.

Thodarum ...

Friday - Desi

Update for Friday, Aug 5, 2011:

Friday Update
vasu and selvam go to meet some Rowdies. vasu introduces himself as Rajasekar mapillai.The rowdy has more hair than me. They keep walking and walking and walking .Almost all rowdies have long hair.Earn panra kaasu shampoo vangave pathathu pola.  The head says that he don't know who is Vasu. They think they are police and tries to catch them.Vasu again gives introduction. Rowdy understand who he is .Vasu tells that they here to get help for his brother. At the same time some allakai comes and informs that sate has come.He cries saying not to do anything to his son.Selvam gives a blank look at Vasu. Rowdy confirms that they have given right amount and scolds him for going to police first time. Inside house oru payan jolliya chutti tv pathu kittu irukkan.I think he is very happy amma appa control illama nimatheya tv parthittu irukkan.One of the Rowdy picks him and drop him to setu.Boy and family hug each other.Tells them no need to do pasa malai here and advices not to keep anything with him.Again Selvam looks at Vasu and he acts like its ok annan .Vasu and selvam goto Rowdy and inform him about kidnap of baby. The Rowdy says generally they don't kidnap babies because its too much maintenance.And tells them it should be some group.He tells them he will enquire and ask them to leave.MM has a worried look and ask if baby will be safe.The Rowdy says since they demanded for money their main aim is money so we can somehow find the baby.Our Oscar actor Vasu tells him to find the baby soon.Eva muliya sari illa.I really doubt him.Rowdy tells that some new person has done and mentions about Ganesan who would have done this and ask them to leave.Vasu says bye to rowdies and they both come out.
Rani's SIL walking with baby .Goes to juice shop and orders juice without ice.She hears somebody selling tea and tells to herself that it looks like her husband voice.Her husband is actually selling tea in cycle.He sees her and get so scared that she might get angry .He goes and hides inside the shop.Rani's SIL search for him.In the meantime somebody comes and ask them to remove the tea cycle standing in front of shop.Unable to bear the bike man shouting he goes to get the cycle and Saroja catches him and ask about selling tea.Her husband informs her that the shop licence expired 2 years back and hence corporation removed the shop.She scolds him left and right(sorry I cannot update the whole conversation)Finally he asks her if she can give him some more money he can become rich again.She gets angry and walk away.MM and Vasu get down from car.Vasu confirms Selvam that they will get the baby. And thanks for him giving an opportunity to help him.Archana see this paasa mala and gets angry.
MM runs inside home to convince Archu.Sees Rani is there and tells her that he was talking to Vasu thats why Archu is angry.Well he re-cycles part 1 story.He confirms that he will not have any relationship with this family.Rani also convinces Archu and leaves the place.He again promises her that he will not do anything she doesn't like.Then she lies down on him and ask about the baby.And goes and lights the lamp. She olarifies something about God .All IF'ans kai eduthu saami kumbidunga intha serial mudiyanumnu.Night time Vasu get down from the auto. And his friends and talk to each other.Then they and meet a paati.Looks like he kidnapped the baby and looks at baby. He enquires the paati why the baby looks so thin.The paati says baby is used to drink mommy milk so now since she is giving bottle milk its refusing. She enquires about money. She tells him not to cheat her because she is old.Vasu says once money reaches his hand he will give her share.His friends ask him why he didn't pick up money from elevator and give the baby back.Vasu says police were around him.They would have caught him. He confirms them that they all will get money and goes to call selvam.
Panathai enga theduveen panathai enge theduven...

Happy weekend guys

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Can someone please tell Mr. Amritaraj and Mr. Amalraj to put a full stop to the story?
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@Eljay - Who are those two koomuttais?

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Thanks Roja akka for the update. Baby kidnapping inggeyuma?

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Originally posted by eclat

@Eljay - Who are those two koomuttais?

Those koomuttais are the story and dialog writers Eclat.

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thank you for the updates

this baby  matter is going to be drag for a week!

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Thanks Eljay - aaamaaa, RS Odane aama naan thaan kidnap panninen nnu accept pannikka pOraaraa??/ Ennangada ithu?? Chinna pulla thanamaa irukku !!!
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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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