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Nisha's OS Gallery - page 5 Updated Mar 13

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Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my OS Gallery. Hug So far, I've only written about Angad Kripa but this gallery will include other couples as well. I am not going to restrict myself to only them.I have completed A Blue Moon Ago, am continuing with Asleep and Smothered is on hold.  

Please do not forget to criticize, comment or press the like button. If you have any requests on any type of OS, I'll be willing to give it a shot. I will try to update as often as I can but I'm not too great at sticking to that. Just enjoy!

Edit: Sep 4

Whoever is in my buddy list will receive update PMs, if you would like to stop receiving those updates, please let me know. If you want to receive the PMs, just add me to your buddy list.


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Page 1 - It's Always Been You  - Dil Mil Gaye
Page 1 - The Book (rated 16+)  - Geet
Page 2 - My Mother's Diary       - Pyar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani
Page 3 - Fight Back                   - Geet
Page 4 - If Only                          - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Page 5 - The Rescue                - Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai
Page 5 - Khushi in Love         - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

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It's Always Been You

She was on the wide white balcony staring at the silver wisps of the moon. The house shone like it had just been polished. She looked very out of place in her bright red shorts and tiny pink tank top. Her dark mass of hair tumbled down her back to her waist.
She had loved him for seven years. She didn't have a clue how she fell for him, she just did. He was fun, caring, and he was her brother's friend. That was all he saw; his friend's sister. It was what it was.
The only problem was that he was back. She could never let him know how much she felt for him. She had seen him with another girl seven years ago. They weren't dating and she knew he could go to anyone he wanted; and he did.
A soft sigh escaped her lips. She wished he would leave. She wished he would stay. She wanted him to hate her, but most of all; she wanted him to love her.
Ridhima felt the air go hot and knew instantly that Armaan was there. Would she never escape him?
'What are you doing up so late, or shall I say so early, Armaan?'
'Couldn't sleep so I came out for a breather. How did you know it was me?'
She shrugged and turned to look at him. There he stood with his sweatpants on and his vest clinging to his chest in perfection, 'I don't know, I just knew. I hope you had fun during Mom and Dad's anniversary celebration.'
'Yeah, it was great. You girls gave an amazing performance. You, Niki, and Muskaan; amazing as always.'
Her heart fluttered; he had noticed. She ruthlessly ignored it. He always raised her hopes and dashed them without a thought. 'You enjoying India after seven years?'
'Yeah, it's great. I hadn't realized how much I missed being here.'
And of course you didn't miss me, she thought. She sighed, how pathetic was she? 'Where's Atul?'
'Most likely dreaming about Anjali,' he grinned.
Ridhima couldn't help but grin back. Her brother was really lovesick. Thank God they were getting married soon. 'It's really sweet how he still is crazy about her. How long have they been dating for? Eight years?'
'Yeah, it's nice to see she's crazy about him as well.' The way he looked at her made Ridhima confused.
'I better go to sleep. Work tomorrow,' she explained when he lifted his left brow.
She went past him but he grabbed her wrist. She looked at his hand and lifted her eyes to meet his gaze. 'Dance?'
She laughed, the sound breaking the serenity of the night. 'Trust you to be so unexpected. Sure, why not?' And she would treasure this moment for the rest of her life.
He slowly pulled her to him, his eyes boring into hers. She lifted her arms and put them around his neck. He encircled his around her waist. What a perfect fit.
They swayed in tandem not saying a word. The breeze celebrated the magic. The stars twinkled beautifully and the moon shone steadily. Their eyes burned into each other.
She felt sensations shoot into her body and trembled slightly. He smiled at her. Taking her right hand, he placed it just above his heart. It was galloping. 'This is what you do to me.'
Her breath hitched. She felt confused. This is what she had always wanted. 'But what about the girl I saw you with seven years ago?'
Now it was his turn to be confused, 'What girl?'
'The night before you left for the US, you were hugging a girl. I didn't see her face but she was clinging to you,' Ridhima held her breath waiting for his answer.
'Who was I hugging? Oh,' he said as he suddenly remembered, 'I was hugging Anjali. She was really sad to see me go. You know how I was always the referee between her and Atul during their fights.'
He saw her eyes widening. He lifted her face higher to meet his, 'What did you think Ridhima?'
Her heart started pounding and she felt herself weakening, 'I thought you were with another girl,' she whispered.
He lifted her hand again and placed it on his heart, 'It's you. It's always been you.' With that, he closed the distance between them.


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Angel-Jot. IF-Veteran Member

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awww. that was such a cute OS! I loved it! I could totally picture it all happening. XD

Thank you for the PM.

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Originally posted by Angel-Jot.

awww. that was such a cute OS! I loved it! I could totally picture it all happening. XD Thank you Jot! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Smile

Thank you for the PM. You're welcome.


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It's Always Been You

wow lovely OS...

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nyc one :) :)

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Thank you everyone for your comments. The next OS is rated 16+. So please do not read it otherwise.LOL I hope you enjoy it. It's my first attempt at something so wicked Blushing, so please be kind. And leave lots and lots of comments! Thank you! Hug

The Book

        His eyes blazed with desire. Without removing his gaze from hers, he slowly removed his tie. He knew the effect he had on her, and he gloried in the knowledge.
        Deliberately, he skimmed his hand on his shirt and watched her gaze follow the movement. He took a step forward and opened his first button. He saw her eyes darken with lust and felt the urge to quickly get rid of his clothing. He ruthlessly denied the temptation.
        This night was for her.
        He opened his second button slowly; and then the third. A tantalizing view of his chest appeared.
        She gulped, hypnotized by the view of his broad hands moving south. She knew that in no time, those masculine hands would be caressing every inch of her body. And his mouth would follow the trail.
        She couldn't wait-


Geet fumbled with the book and dropped it on the bed. The blood was still roaring in her ears. 

She quickly picked it up, slid the bookmark in and hid the book under the pillow. She hastily stood up and went near the door.

Her husband strode in their bedroom in his office attire. 'Geet, you look flushed. Are you OK?' he asked concerned. He put his hand on her forehead to feel the temperature. It was fine. He frowned.

She cleared her throat. It felt too hot in the room and she doubted she could speak. She cleared it again. 'I'm fine, Maan.'

'OK, if you're sure. It was so busy at work today,' he continued not realizing that Geet was just staring at him. 'But I kept missing you and Muskaan. I hate to miss even a second of her life, but I guess it is what it is. Are you sure you're OK?' he asked once again on not hearing her reply. She was usually so bubbly and full of life that her silence was a huge cause for concern.

Geet forced a laugh. 'Of course I'm fine.' She cleared her throat again and stuttered. 'I was just.. I was just thinking.. I was just thinking about how fast Muskaan is growing. She's already two months old! 

Geet, get your mind out of the gutter and focus on the conversation, she thought furious at herself for noticing how well his shirt clung to his sculpted muscles. Her husband was still as good looking as he was when they had first met.

Then she looked at herself. No wonder her husband didn't want her anymore, she still had some of her pregnancy weight. Her husband still looked like chiseled perfection and here she looked like a goat. She felt very melancholic.

She shook her head, broke out of her miserable inner reflection and smiled. 'I'm so glad you're home. Dadima took Muskaan to stay at Dev's house for the night, so I was just getting bored.'

'I know a way of getting rid of your boredom,' he said his voice suddenly husky. He took a step towards her. Geet stared into Maan's eyes and silently rejoiced. Was he finally going to make love with her?

He took another step toward her and her throat became dry. He lifted his hand, grazed her cheek-
Her breathing became labored.

And he took the towel that was hung on the rack. 'Why don't you make coffee for me while I take a shower?'

Disappointment stabbed through her heart. She was ready to cry. But no, she would not do such a thing. She didn't want Maan to know how much he hurt her.

'Fine,' she stepped away from him. 'You shower and I'll go make some coffee. That is just the most perfect way to get rid of boredom. Thanks a lot,' she said sarcasm dripping in every word.

She stomped outside the room, down the stairs and to the kitchen. 'What the hell does he think of himself anyways? Does he think I'm a servant? Or a doormat? Or a fixture of this house? He wants coffee? I'll make him coffee alright!'

She angrily took a mug out and made the coffee. She then put six spoonfuls of sugar and mixed it furiously. She then put three spoonfuls of ground cloves and nutmeg. 'This will teach that man a lesson; never mess with Geet Khurana!'

She stormed back to their bedroom. Her temper quickly deflated when she saw Maan placing her book back on the nightstand. She gulped when she saw him lift his gaze to hers; the gaze that was completely lust-filled.

'Could I have the coffee, Geet?' he asked, his voice husky.

She walked towards him slowly and placed the tray on the nightstand. She saw him standup from the corner of her eye.

He hasn't showered yet, she thought foolishly.

His hand skimmed his shirt and she followed the movement with her eyes. He brought his hand back and opened the first button of his shirt. Her gaze flew to his as she realized what he was doing. He was enacting the scene from the book!

He opened the second button slowly and she was hypnotized. He slowly undid all his buttons and removed his shirt.

He walked towards Geet who took a step back. His eyes were blazing. He continued walking towards her until her back hit the wall.

She stood mesmerized. She saw him lift his hand to her face. He brushed his thumb over her lower lip. Her breath hitched. He rubbed his thumb against it until she shivered.

'Now I know what my wife does when nobody's at home,' he whispered in her ear.

'No, I.. I.. the book-,'she stammered.

'The book what Geet?' he asked nibbling her ear.

'The book.. the book..,' it was so hard to concentrate on the topic when he was evoking such delicious sensations. But she had to explain!

'The book's not like that,' she tried to explain. 'It was just that one scene in the book.'

'What scene, Geet?' he asked turning his attention to her neck.

'The.. mmm' she moaned when he nipped her neck. She tried again, 'the scene that had the bookmark.'

'Oh, that scene,' his senses were clouding up as well. 'That scene was very erotic, wasn't it?'

'Yeah,' she sighed but then backtracked, 'I don't.. I don't.. read stuff like that. This book just had the scene.'

He suddenly turned her around so that her back was facing him. He skimmed the exposed skin with his knuckles and she shivered.

She tried to put her mind back to the conversation, 'I thought you didn't want me anymore. I know I've gained weight and I don't look the same anymore,' she voiced her earlier doubts.

He muttered an oath under his breath. He put his hand on her zip and she inhaled quickly. 'Not want you? Gained weight? What nonsense, Geet? You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met. And you're more beautiful now then when we had first met. You've given me love, our baby and more happiness than I could have ever imagined.' His words and actions were creating havoc to her body.

He tormented himself by slowly pulling the zip down. 'And how can I not want you? I've wanted you every goddamned second of every goddamned day! Not having you was driving me crazy! I've wanted to touch you,' he touched her skin that was being revealed. 'I've wanted to kiss you,' he kissed the skin further exposed by him pulling the zip down. 'I've wanted to bite you,' he lifted his head and nipped her neck gently. 'You've been driving me crazy, Geet!'

'Then why didn't you do anything?' she asked confused even when he was driving every thought out of her mind.

'Do anything?' he asked as his brain clouded with love and lust. 'I couldn't! It was too soon. I read somewhere that women need time for their bodies to recuperate after childbirth. I was just giving you time. And becoming mental every night when you were so close, yet I couldn't touch you!'

Geet was touched by his needless concern but.. 'Muskaan was born two months ago, Maan! Maan,' she moaned his name as he flicked her bra open.

'I know; it was driving me mad. I finally broke down and went to ask your doctor how long it would take,' He continued the descent of the zipper.

'You went to the doctor?! Maan, you're mad!' her breath hitched again as he stroked her back.

'I know! I had to know though! I just had to. And when the doctor told me that it was OK, I almost cried with relief. I came back home thinking I'll seduce my gorgeous wife tonight. I almost had you before I came to my senses and asked you for coffee. But I wanted it to be special.'

'Then I saw the book and something in me snapped,' he turned her around again and looked into her eyes. 'I love you, Geet.' And all her doubts went out of the window.

'I love you, Maan.'

And he finally, finally kissed her on the lips.


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