Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2



Arjuhi FF: Sajna Main Teri

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Part 01

She had gotten up at 5:00 AM. The room was engulfed in silence and darkness. She could hear her Bauji snoring on the far left side of the room. Her mom's 'Charpoy' was empty.  The thin sheet of cotton, used as a protection from mosquitoes at night was now folded neatly and piled away. She quietly, got up from the Charpoy and folder her sheet. She tip toed out of the room as she knew even the slightest noise will wake up her Bauji. Once outside of the room, she closed the door behind her and stepped into the darkness of the early morning.

The sun was still down, but the morning breeze was cool against her body.  She stuck her feet into the chapals, and made her way to the washroom. It was a small space built within two walls and a broken wooden door and was located at the far end of their long empty house. The hand pump was located outside of the washroom, and the water was warm with yesterdays' heat, but had cooled down a little bit by the coolness of the evening. She splashed water over her face and freshened up. she made her way towards a small confined space which was called their kitchen. She could see a small stove made out of clay which was lit with fire. Dry wood was burning inside it and she could hear crackle.

Her mom was sitting in front of the stove, making Chapattis. A smile touched her beautiful young face. Her mom always woke up before them, and was the last to sleep. Every since she'd stepped into adulthood, she had never seen her mom rest or take time to herself. Her life was devoted to her husband and her 17 years old daughter Arohi.  She went and sat beside her mom. Her mom's wrinkled face curved into a smile, illuminating her eyes with happiness within when she saw her daughter up early and sitting beside her. The only thing in the world that made her smile!

"Amma, tum choro, main banati hoon Roti" Arohi took the dough from her mom's hand and made her get away from the heat.

"Jindi reh meri bachi" her mom gave her blessings and went to bring out some Achar.

Arohi quickly made 2 chapattis and covered them in a white cotton cloth to keep them warm and soft. She always made perfectly round and soft chapattis. Her Bauji always preferred her Chapattis over her mom's. Her mom always took pride in it because after all it was her daughter and she had taught her everything.  Arohi ran to the water pump and filled up a glass of water and brought it back to the kitchen. Both of them sat on the clean floor made with mud and hay. They both ate in silence and savored every bite.  Once done, Arohi washed the plate and glass, cleaned the particles of food from the floor. She put the dough on a side along the wall and covered it with a cotton cloth so it was safe from the flies. Her mom would make a chapatti for her Bauji when he wakes up.

By the time she dusted and mopped the house, it was almost 7:30 AM. The sun was out and emitting heat in all its glory. Arohi always liked to do the chores before sun came up because at that time she had to go to her farm.

"Amma, main kheton main ja rahi hoon. Dupehar ka khana akar banaongi, tum na karna kuch bhi" she said to her mom while covering herself with a wide cotton dupatta.

Her mom nodded and watch Arohi's back walking out of the house. She prayed for her safety and busied herself in sewing. She had to return all these cloths to the factory owner today so he could give her the money. They had to buy Aata, Chawal, & other necessary kitchen necessities. They were a family of 3, Amma, Bauji and Arohi.  They owned a small piece of land which was barren for a long while. Their forefathers had left it behind and a house built of mud and hay. It was very long but only one big room, a small kitchen at one end of the house. The house was protected with small 4 feet walls made of mud, and a curtain hung on the outside which served as a door.

Arohi's mom was married into this house and had lived there ever since. Arohi's dad used to work in a factory, but in an accident he was paralyzed and no longer was able to stand on his own. That day Arohi's mom felt as if she was thrown into the world of men by herself. She held her head high, and with a help of a friend had started taking up cloths to sew from a factory. Every week, she would meet a certain quota and was paid enough to buy food to eat two times a day for a week. Her dream was to send Arohi to the village school, but her financial situation never allowed it.

She had taught Arohi everything she knew. Sewing, cooking, embroidery etc. At the age of 12 Arohi developed a sudden interest in Farming. She knew they had barren land which was not in anybody's use.  She had asked her mom to buy her some seeds so she could plant. Her mom had found her wish foolish but didn't want to break her daughter's heart so she went to the market and bought her some half grown tomato plants, green pepper plants and seeds for some vegetables.  Chaudhry Sahib's wife 'Pooja' had allowed Arohi to borrow their tools. Arohi spend the entire day on the land and by the end of the day she had successfully planted seeds of a new foundation.

Chaudhry Sahib's house was the biggest in the town and they owned many acres of land which was used to produce fruits and vegetables. They had no children, but money knew no bounds. Pooja wore the most expensive clothes, jewelry but her eyes were always filled with sadness. She didn't have any arrogance of the riches hence was very friendly with all the ladies of the small village and always gifted cloths for the children of the poor families. Ever since childhood, she had loved Arohi. When she saw her for the first time, she fell in love with her. She had chubby cheeks, dark black hair, dark brown eyes and creamy white skin with hints of pink on her cheeks.

When Arohi developed the interest in farming, Pooja was always there to help support her hobby. Nobody knew the small attempt to seed the land one day would pay off and Arohi's barren land had now become a small healthy farm. In 5 years, Arohi had grown tomatoes, Green chilies, Mint, coriander, and a lot of other vegetables. She always kept one portion for her family and the rest was sold to get money for her family. Her vegetables were always fresh and perfectly ripe and were sold for reasonable prices compared to the shopkeepers who brought from the city and sold at night rates.

 Now that Arohi was 17 years old, her hobby had turned into passion for her. This year she was planning on planting Potatoes, but for that she needed bigger machinery. She had enough land still unpaved, but it was no longer the job of a fragile girl. Today she had left the house to go to Pooja's house so she could ask her for advice as to what she should do. The guard opened the main gate for Arohi with a wide Grin. She hated it when he smiled and his big moustache touched the sides of cheeks. She made a face and strode in the house. she crossed the large lawn in the front of the house and stepped up to the small door that led inside the living room. It was still closed, so she rang the bell. She waited for a couple of minutes and rang the bell again, this time longer. She heard somebody stomping down the stairs so she stopped herself from rining the bell again. Somebody yanked the door open and stood there in nothing but his sleeping shorts. His handsome face was irritated with eyes half closed and his hair a mess. For a moment they both stared at unknown faces and then Arohi realized he was not wearing anything on top. A smile touched her face. She quickly turned her face away and burst out laughing.

The stranger stared at the laughing girl in front of him with confusion in his eyes.  Quickly he realized he was standing there, half naked and. Embarrassment touched his eyes and his face showed a hint of pink. He gave Arohi a final stare and ran back up the stairs. When fully satisfied with her urge to laugh, Arohi went inside and went straight to the kitchen. 'Mala' their maid was making breakfast for them and Pooja was nowhere in sight.  

"Eh Mala, Bari Maan kahan hain?" she asked Mala about Pooja, who looked at Arohi and went back to frying the eggs.  Arohi always address Pooja as bari Maan, as per Pooja's wish

"Apne Kamre main howengi, mere ko nahi maloom. Main to Chaudhry sahib' k waste nashta bana rahi hoon" Mala informed Arohi.

Arohi walked out of the kitchen and went straight to Pooja's room. The door was open but it was dark inside and she could see Pooja lying on the bed, probably sleeping.  For a moment Arohi was worried, because Pooja never slept past 6:00 AM and now it was probably quarter to 8. She quickly went in and sat beside her on the bed and shook her by her shoulder.  Pooja pat opened her eyes and saw Arohi bent over her.  She moved and Arohi move her hand off her shoulder.

'Bari Maan, sab theek hai kya? Tumhari tabiat theek hai kya? Arohi asked with a concern in her voice and her eyes.

Pooja sat up and ran her hand through her hair to straighten them. She smiled at Arohi's concern and patter her cheek.

"Haan, sab khairat hai Arohi. Wo bas kal raat ko Arjun aya tha America se to late night tak jaag rahe they. Ab bas zara araam kar rahi thi main. Tum bolo kaise ayi?" Pooja informed her reason for  sleeping in.

"Arjun" Arohi said under her breath as if she was trying to remember something. "Kaun Bari Maan??"

"Arey, haan wo meri behan ka beta hai. Uski family America main hai na, to Ajun yahan apna business set karna chahta tha, to yahan aya hai kal" Pooja told her.

Suddenly a handsome face appeared on Arohis' memory and she bent over laughing again. Pooja was startled and was watching Arohi with curiosity in her eyes.  She touched Arohi's shoulder and made her sit up.

"Arohi, hasna band kar. Kya hoa hai? Kion paglon ki tarha haste ja rahi hai?" Pooja had no clue what had happened at the door.

Between laughing, Arohi narrated the event to Pooja, making her laugh as well.

"Haan, wahan par yehi tareeka hai in logon ka sone ka. Chote chote nikar pehan kar sote hain, yahan bhi waisa hi sogya hoga" Pooja was still smiling.

They were both still discussing Arjun, when Mala walked in and asked if she could make breakfast for Pooja too.

"Haan Mala, bana le aur Arjun k liey bhi bana lena" Mala took the orders and left the room.

Pooja got off the bed and went to the washroom to freshen up and in the meantime, Arohi made her bed and dusted her furniture. When Pooja came outside, she was surprised at the condition of the room.

"Arohi, why did you do all this, maid would've done that" Pooja said with admiration in her voice.

"Nahi Bari Maan, ghar par bhi to karti hoon kaam. Apka kaam karke mujhey waise bhi buhat acha lagta hai. Yeh to waise bhi mera hi ghar hai" Arohi said with sincerity in her voice.

Pooja came over and hugged Arohi. The hug had warmth, love and sincerity. There was no fake emotion or no boundaries of rich and poor in that hug and there had never been any to begin with.

"Waise to itni subah ayi kaise Arohi" Pooja asked her while applying moisturizing cream over her hands and face.

"Oh haan, main to bhool hi gai, mujhey koi buaht zarori baat karni thi aapse. Koi mashwara lena tha" Arohi said now remembering the reason why she came here.

"Chalo breakfast karte hain, phir baat karte hain" Pooja took Arohi by her hand and brought her outside in the dining room to eat with her.

"Pata nahi Arjun utha ya nahi abhi. Main dekh kar ati hoon" Pooja said and tried to get up from her chair when Arohi placed her hand on her leg and stopped her.

"Arey Bari maan, aap betho. Main dekhti hoon" Arohi said and quickly got up from her chair.

"Woh ooper gues room main hoga." Pooja told Arohi where he would be.

Arohi went up the stairs and saw that the guest room's door was closed. She knocked at it, but received no response. She knocked again but in vain. She turned the door knob and it swung open. The room was dark and cool with the AC. Heavy curtains were drawn on the windows to keep the sun rays from coming in. When her eyes adjusted the to the darkness, she could see the outline of a body lying on the bed. She moved closer and saw Arjun lying on her stomach on the bed. His back upwards, left leg curled up and right leg straight and stretched out along the bed's length. His right hand was under the pillow and the other was paid on top of it as if he had held the pillow in his hands. Dark black silk sheet covered him halfway up to her back, but she could see his shoulder muscles relaxed and he was deep asleep. His skin was smooth toned which only added to his charm. For a moment Arohi kept staring at him as she'd never seen a man's body like this. She couldn't take his eyes off his back even if she tried.  She was lost in the stretch of his body when suddenly Arjun changed side in his sleep and his hand hit Arohi and he grabbed it and pulled it. Arohi lost her balance and fell on top of him. Arjun's opened his eyes startled.

For a moment he wasn't sure what had hit him, but quickly he realized there was a girl on top of him and he was holding her hand. Arohi's face was close so close to Arjun that they could hear each other's breathing. Arjun looked at her face and there was fear and shock in her eyes. Arjun wasn't sure what happened and why she was on top of him, but one thing he knew was that the sight in front of his eyes was too good to take his eyes off it. He looked into Arohi's eyes and forgot to move them.


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.Dulcet IF-Stunnerz

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Wooow Loved It :)
Gfeat Storyline.. Arohi extremly Poor And Arjun Extremly Rich
Love Baari Maa :)
Cont Soon

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silverleaves Senior Member

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Aw,nice start!
interesting that you made arohi so poor, different to other storiesSmile

Please continue and pm

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Great start to the SS...luved hw u introduced both of them...being rich/poor...will wait for ur next updates...:))

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Congratulations on your new SS...

Thanx for the pm & please continue soon...

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Seriously, tell me, what's your secret..?? Your stories are always so enthralling, fascinating and lovable's a gift and I'm so happy you're sharing a bit of it with us...and I'm thanking you for that because I don't think I have done it before or done it enough because i know it's a very hard work. And sometimes I feel ashamed of myself for not commenting,...not because i didn't love it, it' s just that i didn't find the proper words that would do justice to your work or your talent.


I love the new os, the story line is nice, the background is different and I love the characters especially arohi, great and very simple..

Continues soon...want to heat about arjun..

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AmnaIsh Goldie

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Originally posted by SHAHAD971

Seriously, tell me, what's your secret..?? Your stories are always so enthralling, fascinating and lovable's a gift and I'm so happy you're sharing a bit of it with us...and I'm thanking you for that because I don't think I have done it before or done it enough because i know it's a very hard work. And sometimes I feel ashamed of myself for not commenting,...not because i didn't love it, it' s just that i didn't find the proper words that would do justice to your work or your talent.


I love the new os, the story line is nice, the background is different and I love the characters especially arohi, great and very simple..

Continues soon...want to heat about arjun..

awww...Shahad - dat's sooo shweeet of you Hug i was wondering where you had disappeared to..i was missing your comments Embarrassed - happy to see it again...Smile - thanks for liking my work and hope to continue reading ur comments on all my stories..Wink

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