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Phir Mohabbat - Maaneet ff link to nxt thd pg 152 (Page 131)

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Hey friends... I know this might be a little sad for all of you..but am keeping all my works at hold for a while. I have got tonnes of assignments and colg is not letting me have a moment of peace. Now my health isn't permitting me as well. Hope you people understand!! I feel sad but I am truly helpless. I am putting all my works on hold till at least 20 april... I may update in between if I get time but it is not sure... Please bear with me guys. I really need your support for this.


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Hey buddy it's April 27 so update soon

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please update soon and finish this story soon it is very interesting

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Shilpa pulled out of the hug n closed the door n got water from the side table n made Geet drink it. After that she told her to wash her face n come.

After Geet came she was a bit calm.

Shilpa, "Ab batao Geet tum kya kehna chahti ho???" (Now tell me Geet what did u want to tell???)

Geet sighed n said, "Bhabhi aapko pata hai na mere saath kya huva tha uske baad maine apne dil ke darwaze band kar diye the. Main kisi se bhi pyaar nahi karna chahti thi kyuki mera bharosa uth chuka hai pyaar se jo Mere saath, Bhai ke saath aur Nandini ke saath huva uske baad. Lekin ab pata nahi kaise lekin Maan ne woh darwaze wapas khol diye hai..." (Bhabhi u know right what has happened with me after that I had closed the doors of my heart. I didnt want to fall in love with anyone bcoz my trust on love is broken after what has happened to me, to Bhai n Nandini. But now I dont know how but Maan has opened those doors again...)

Shilpa took her hand in hers n asked, "Tumhe aisa kyu lagta hai Gudiya???" (Why do u feel like that Gudiya???)

Geet, "Bhabhi jab bhi main unse baat nahi karti toh kuch bhi acha nahi lagta hai... jab woh yaha nahi hote toh dil bechaan hojata hai... aur jab woh yaha hote hai toh mann karta hai bas unhe hi dekhti rahu... jab woh mujhe Mishty bolte hai toh pata nahi aisa lagta hai peth main titliya udh rahi hai... jab unko koi takleef hoti hai toh dard mujhe bhi hota hai..." (Bhabhi whenever I dont talk to him I dont feel good... when he isnt here I feel restless... n when he is here I feel like watching him only... when he calls me Mishty I dont why but I feel butterflies flying in my tummy... when someone hurts him I feel the pain...)

"Aisa lagta hai jaise unpe gussa karna sirf mera haq hai... main unse kuch bhi bol sakti hu jo shayad main Karan Bhaiya, GB ya Armaan se bhi nahi keh sakti... jab darr lagta hai toh unki baho main sukoon milta hai...jab dard hota hai aur agar woh chu le toh dard mano gayab hi hojata hai... unke pass aate hi dil ki dhakane tezz hojati hai... unko dekh ke lagta hai ke meri takleef ya dard sab maine hi nahi rakhta..." (I feel like only I have the right to get angry on him... I can tell him anything which I may not be able to share even with Karan Bhai,GB or Armaan... when I feel scared I get peace in his arms... when it pains n if he touches its like my pain has just vanished away... as he comes near my heartbeats increase... seeing him I feel my pain dont matter at all...)

Shilpa smiled at this deewani n said, "Gudiya toh phir tum ro kyu rahi thi???" (Gudiya then why are u crying???)

Geet's smile vanished n continued in a broken tone, "Bhabhi main apni futi kismat unpe nahi dal sakti... Nahi dekh sakti unhe dard aur takleef main... Meri kismat main toh sirf dard hi likha hai lekin main yeh dard unhe nahi de sakti..." (Bhabhi I cant let my ruined fate ruin his life... I cant see him in any pain... N my fate is only pain but I wont let him get this pain...)

Shilpa cupped her cheeks n said, "Gudiya aisa nahi hai. Dekho apne iss ghar main aake kitni khushiya di hai sab ko... Toh aap kisi ko dard kaise de sakti ho???" (Gudiya it is not like that. See u came into this house n have given happiness to everyone then how can u give pain to anyone???)

Geet with tears in her eyes, "Lekin bhabhi apne dekha na meri wajhe se Vidya bhabhi ko kitni takleef huvi aur Kanchi ko bhi khatre main daal diya humne..." (But bhabhi u saw right that bcoz of me Vidya bhabhi went through so much pain n bcoz of me Kanchi's life was in danger...)

Shilpa wiped the tears n said, "Gudiya aapko lagta hai ke Vidya ya Gaurav aapko galat samjhte hai??? Nahi Gudiya woh aisa nahi sochte aur tumne Kanchi ko khatre main nahi dala... Yeh uski kismat main likha tha ke woh jaldi ajaye iss duniya main aur apne pure parivar se mile... Usme tumhari koi galti nahi hai..." (Gudiya do u think that Vidya or Gaurav feel that u are wrong??? No Gudiya they dont think like that n u didnt put Kanchi's life into trouble... It was in her fate to come early into this world n meet her family... U arent wrong anywhere...)

Geet shook her head in no n said, "Nahi bhabhi... sirf yeh ek hi nahi phele bhi bohut baar meri wajhe se sab ko dard aur takleef mili hai... aur ab toh mujhe yakeen hogaya hai ke main kisi ki zindagi main khushi nahi la sakti..." (No bhabhi... this is not the first time but it has happened many times that I have become the cause for everyone's pain n troubles... N now Im sure that I can never give happiness to anyone...)

Shilpa sighed n said, "Aapko aisa lagta hai na Geet toh main aapko dikhao ke aap sab ki zindagi main khushi bhi la sakti hai... Acha bataiye ke jab aap Dadi ke liye kuch bhi karti hai toh kya unhe khushi nahi hoti??? Kya Kanchi muskurati nahi jab aap unse baat karti hai??? Geet bataiye kya woh choti si bachi ko kuch samjh aata hoga jab aap unse baat karti hai??? Nahi na toh phir woh kyu muskurati hai??? Kyuki usko aapka pyaar meshoos hoti hai... aur jab aap pyaar karte hai toh dard bhi kabhi kabhi hogi lekin iska matlab yeh nahi hai ke aap sirf dard hi dengi unhe..." (If u feel like this Geet I'll show u that u can bring happiness into others life as well... Ok tell when u do something for Dadi doesnt she feel happy??? Does Kanchi smile when u talk to her??? Geet do u think she can understand anything that u tell??? No right then why does she smile??? Bcoz she feels ur love... N when we love then pain also sometimes becomes a part of it but that doesnt mean that u give pain only...)

Shilpa's words made Geet to think n seeing Geet thinking Shilpa smiled n said, "Aur ek baat bataiye aapko Geet... Maan shayad aapko shabdo main aapna pyaar na bayan kare lekin unki har ada main unka pyaar jhalakta hai... Aapke liye woh sorry bolne tak ready hogaye aur aapke yaad hai office main sasha ne kya kiya uske baad aapko hosla bhi toh Maan ne hi diya tha... aur jab aap Mumbai ja rahi thi toh unhone sab se jhoot bol ke aapke saath gaye taaki aapke saath woh reh sake... Aur jab bhi aap takleef ya dard main thi toh Maan aapke saath tha... Yeh sab uska pyaar hi hai Geet... Toh phir tum kyu aisa sochti ho ke tum phir kabhi pyaar nahi kar sakti..." (N shall I tell u once thing Geet... Maan may not show his love in his words but his every actions shows his love for u... He was ready to tell sorry for u n u remember the incident in office created by Sasha after that Maan was the one who encouraged u... n when u were going to Mumbai he lied to all so that he could spend time with u... N whenever u have been in pain Maan has been with u... All this is his love only Geet... Then why do u think u cant love ever again...)

"Shayad tumhare past ke wajhe se tumhe bharosa karna itna asaan nahi hai lekin jab Maan ki baat aati hai toh tum sabse phele uspe hi bharosa karti ho... Yaad hai jab hum sab tujhe woh office wale incident ko bhulane ke liye keh rahe the tab tune nahi sunni lekin jaise hi tu Maan ke saath bahar jaa ke aayi tu ek dum shaant hogai thi... Yeh bharosa hi toh hai Geet ke Maan tumhe koi takleef nahi dega... Geet iss baare main soch aur phir koi faisla le... Ab tu jo faisla legi woh na sirf teri life lekin sab ki life change karegi toh soch samjh kar faisla lena..." (Maybe bcoz of ur past u may not be able to trust anyone but when it comes to Maan u trust him the most... Remember when we tried to tell u to forget that office incident u werent ready to listen to us but once u went out with Maan n came u were really calm... This is trust only Geet that u know Maan wont harm u... Geet think about it n then decide... Now whatever decision u take will change not only ur life but everyone's life so think properly n then decide...)

Geet nodded quietly n then Shilpa told her to rest n as she was about to exit she continued, "Aur Gudiya tu jo bhi faisla le yaad rakhna main tere saath hu" (N Gudiya whatever u decide I will be with u) n left.

Geet lied on the bed n thought about what Shilpa had said. Soon sleep took over her bcoz of exhaustion.

The next morning Geet woke up late n rushed through her works. As she was going to the pooja room she felt a slight fear n prayed to God. She pushed all the thoughts about yesterday's talks n the fear away from her mind n tried to cheer up. She went to the kitchen to prepare tea for Dadi n herself when the phone rang. As she was about to go she saw Nakul pick up the phone n went back to the kitchen. After a few mins she heard Dadi's shout n rushed to the living room to see Dadi weeping while she hugged Shilpa n Armaan talking on the phone.

She sat next to Dadi n wiped her tears n asked, "Kya huva Dadi aap ro kyu rahi hai???" (What happened Dadi why are u crying???)

Dadi couldnt stop crying n seeing her heavy breathing, Geet rushed to the kitchen n got a glass of water n helped Dadi drink it. After she kept back the glass she saw Armaan keeping the call n rushed to him n the fear rushed back in her.

Geet, "Armaan kya huva??? Dadi kyu ro rahi hai???" (What happened Armaan??? Why is Dadi crying???)

Armaan was silent n kept looking at the phone. Geet's fear increased n she pulled the phone away from Armaan n shook him n asked, "Armaan kya huva???" (What happened Armaan???)

Armaan, "Maan ka accident..." (Maan's accident...) n as he said those words, Geet's world shook n she left his hands n slowly started going back. Shilpa looked at Geet n then at Dadi n then left Dadi n went to Armaan n asked, "Kaise huva Bhai ka accident???" (How did Bro's accident happen???)

Armaan, "Woh aaj subah India poocha aur usne driver ko bulaya tha aur woh log ghar arahe the ke usse ek site pe jana padha emergency ke wajhe se aur jab woh wapas arahe the toh waha baarish ki wajhe se slippery road hogaya tha aur jab woh turn le rahe the toh suddenly gaadi slip huvi aur car out of control hogai aur ek median ko jaake hit ki. Abhi hospital se call aaya tha ke Maan aur driver dono serious condition main hai. Hume jaldi jana hoga" (He reached India today morning n he had called the driver n they were coming home when he had to go to a site for an emergency n when they were coming back the car slipped when they were taking a turn as the road was slippery due to the rains n the car hit a median. The call was from hospital that Maan n the driver both are in serious condition. We should go)

Shilpa nodded n said, "Theek hai. Armaan tum Dadi ko leke niklo tab tak main Gaurav, Vidya aur Vicky ko inform kar ke Geet ke saath aati hu." (Okay. Armaan u leave with Dadi while I inform Gaurav,Vidya n Vicky n then will come with Geet)

Armaan nodded n helped Dadi get up n they left. Shilpa took Geet to her room n made her sit on the bed n said, "Gudiya plz apne aap ko sambhalo." (Gudiya plz calm down)

Geet with tears flowing in her eyes, "Dekha Bhabhi maine kaha tha na ke main kisi ki zindagi main dard aur takleef ke alwa kuch nahi laati dekhiye maine aapki baatein pe socha aur ek pal ke liye mujhe laga shayad main bhi pyaar kar sakti hu lekin Babaji ne phir se sach dikha diya aur dekhiye Maan ka accident hogaya." (See Bhabhi I had told right that I can never give anyone anything than pain n hurt see I thought about ur words n for a moment I thought that maybe even I can fall in love but Babaji again showed me the truth n see Maan had an accident)

Shilpa caressed her cheeks n said, "Gudiya aisa nahi hai aap kyu galat soch rahi hai..." (Gudiya it is not like that why are u thinking wrong...)

Geet, "Nahi bhabhi yahi sach hai aur main sach se nahi bhagungi..." (No bhabhi this is the truth n I wont run away from the truth...)

Shilpa, "Aur woh sach ka kya jo aap Maan se pyaar karti hai???" (N what about the truth that u love Maan???)

Geet smiled sadly n said, "Woh toh main hamesha karti rahungi bhabhi lekin kabhi unhe pata chalne nahi dungi..." (That I will always do bhabhi but I wont let him know about it...)

Shilpa sighed n said, "Theek hai Gudiya. Lekin main aapko ek baat batana chahungi ke sacha pyaar kabhi chupa nahi sakte..." (Okay Gudiya. But I'll tell u one thing that true love can never be hidden...)

Geet didnt respond while tears flowed from her eyes. Shilpa wiped them n said, "Acha abhi yeh aasoon pochiye aur chaliye hume hospital jana hai aur plz Geet apne aap ko sambhaliye. Agar aap aise toot jayengi toh hum sab ko kaise sambhalenge" (Ok now wipe the tears n come we have to go to the hospital n Geet plz calm down. If u break down how will I manage everyone)

Geet at once wiped her tears n said, "Theek hai Bhabhi... Aur aap chinta mat kijye main aapki madat karungi sab ko sambhalne main" (Ok Bhabhi... N u dont worry I'll help in managing everyone)

Shilpa smiled a little n then both left after informing Gaurav n Vidya n requested them to stay back n come later as it wouldnt be good for Kanchi to be out in the hospital for long.

As they reached the hospital Shilpa asked the receptionist for Maan. They were then directed towards the operation theatre. As they reached there the doctor came out of OT with a frown on his face. All rushed to him.

Armaan, "Doctor Maan kaisa hai???" (Doctor how is Maan???)

Doctor, "Im sorry to say but Mr.Khurana has lost a lot of blood"

Armaan, "Toh problem kya hai doctor???" (Then what is the problem doctor???)

Doctor, "Mr.Khurana ka blood group AB+ hai aur abhi hospital ke blood bank main nahi hai aur dusre blood bank se lane main time lagega lekin Mr.Khurana ke pass itna time nahi hai. Agar unhe jald se jald khoon nahi diya toh unko bachana bohut mushkil hojayega." (Mr.Khurana's blood group is AB+ n right now the blood bank in hospital doesnt have it n if will take time to get blood from other blood bank but Mr.Khurana doesnt have much time. If he isnt given blood soon then it will be really difficult to save him)

The doctor went back to OT while Dadi began crying again. Geet wiped her tears n said, "Dadi ghar main kisi ka blood group AB+ toh hoga toh hum donate kar denge blood" (Dadi someone in the house must have AB+ blood group then we will only donate blood)

Dadi, "Nahi Geet kisi ka bhi blood group AB+ nahi hai. Ab hum kya karenge??? Kaha se layenge Maan ke liye khoon???" (No Geet no one in the house has AB+ blood group. Now what will we do??? Where do we get blood for Maan???)

Geet wiped Dadi's tears which had again began flowing n smiled at her n said, "Dadi main dungi. Mera blood group bhi AB+ hai" (Dadi I'll donate. My blood group is AB+) n then turned to Armaan n said, "Bhai aap doctor ko bulaye." (Bhai u call the doctor)

Armaan nodded n informed the doctor that they had a donor n the doctor took away Geet for some prilimnary tests. After the tests doctors told that Geet could donate blood n she was rushed to the OT n soon the process was started. As she looked at Maan tears welled up in her eyes but she didnt let them fall. After sometime she came out of the OT n few mins later the doctor came out with a smile on his face.

Doctor, "Congratulations Mr.Malik, the operation was successful but we can tell about the damage on his back only after Mr.Khurana gains consciousness but the other injuries are small except his right leg. He must not put any pressure on his right leg for at least 3 weeks. But right now we hope that he gains consciousness within 48 hours or it can be harmful for him"

All sighed in a bit relief hearing that the operation was successful n then Shilpa asked, "Can we meet him doctor?"

Doctor, "Im sorry Mrs.Malik till he is in ICU n unconscious no one can meet him."

Dadi, "Plz doctor can we meet just for 5 mins?"

Doctor looking at Dadi's face sighed n said, "Ok but only 5 mins n plz try not to disturb him" n left.

Armaan went with the doctor to ask about the driver while Dadi n Shilpa entered the ward. Geet didnt go in she couldnt see him in this condition as she blamed herself. She sat in a chair n closed her eyes n prayed to god.

"Plz Babaji Maan ko theek kar dijye... Main aapse wada karti hu ke jab Maan hosh main ajayenge aur woh ekdum theek hojayenge toh main nange pao Devi Maa ke mandir jaungi aur apne ghutno pe siddi chadungi aur pura din waha seva bhi  karungi... Plz Babaji unhe theek kar dijye..." (Plz Babaji save Maan... I promise u that once Maan gains consciousness n he is alright I'll go bare footed to Devi Maa's temple n will climb the stairs on my knees n will serve there the whole day... Plz save him Babaji...)

As she was praying she felt someone wiping her tears n opened her eyes to see Armaan. She gave him a small smile n asked, "Armaan Mohan Kaka kaise hai???" (How is Mohan Kaka,Armaan???)

Armaan, "Mohan Kaka theek hai. Unhe itni zyada chot nahi aayi jitni Maan ko aayi hai lekin unhe bhi bed rest karna hai." (Mohan Kaka is fine. He hasnt got many injuries like Maan but even he has got bed rest)

Geet nodded n Armaan sat next to her n asked, "Gudiya tu theek toh hai na???" (Gudiya u are fine right???)

Geet smiled n said, "Haan Bhai main theek hu aur main aapse bhi zyada strong hu. Aapke jaise nahi ke sui dekhi nahi aur faint hogaye" (Yes Bhai Im fine n Im more strong than u. I dont faint like u by just seeing an injection) n showed him her tongue.

Armaan glared in fake anger n said, "Main koi faint nahi hota sui dekh ke" (I dont faint seeing an injection)

Geet, "Acha toh uss din aapko cricket main lagi thi tab kaun faint huva tha... main???" (Oh so who fainted that day when they were hurt while playing raising her eye brows.

Armaan looked away n said, "Woh toh uss din bohut chot lagi thi aur main thak gaya tha isiliye aankh band kar li thi maine" (Oh that day I had hurt myself more n I was tired so I had closed my eyes)

Geet smirked n said, "Achawww..." (Reallyyy...)

As Armaan was about to reply Shilpa n Dadi came out of the ward. 

Geet, "Dadi aap, Bhai aur Bhabhi ghar jaiye aur main yaha rukhti hu. Aap main se koi ek shaam ko ajana." (Dadi you,Bhai n Bhabhi go to home while I'll stay here. Any of u come in the evening)

Shilpa, "Lekin Geet aap abhi thaki huvi hongi. Aap jaiye main yaha rukh jaati hu" (But Geet u must be tired. U go I'll stay back)

Geet smiled n said, "Nahi bhabhi main theek hu. Aap jaiye Dadi ko aapki zaroorat hogi aur agar Maan ko hosh aata hai toh main call kar dungi" (No bhabhi Im fine. U go Dadi might need u n if Maan gains consciousness I'll call)

Shilpa nodded n then they left while Geet went inside the ward n sat on the couch. There was a partition separating Maan's bed from the sitting area. Geet could not look at Maan but Maan could look at the person sitting on the couch.

Geet sighed n sat there praying for Maan to wake up n soon dozed off bcoz of tiredness.

Precap -

Will Maan wake up???

Thank u all for liking the part n commenting.

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Lovely update thanks 4 pm

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nice part
thanks for the pm

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poor geet..she is blaming herself for his accident...lovely and emotional update!~

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