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hey guys!! this is my first attempt at writing a fanfic so i hope tht u ppl will like it. i have been a silent reader till now and have loved all the fanfics that i have read till date. so i just thought of writing my own fanfic. hope u like it!!
ARMAAN MALIK: the biggest flirt.girls love him n he loves girls. age 21.
ARJUN MALIK : exact opposite to his twin armaan. he is ruthless n aloof. age 21
MAAN SINGH KHURANA : the ever responsible guy. he is dashing n arrogant. age 22
KRIPA SINGH KHURANA :maan's younger n flirtatious sister. age 21.
AROHI SINGH KHURANA: kripa's innocent n bubbly twin.she loves love stories. age21
ANGAD KHANNA : he has a devil may care attitude n has a major ego problem.age 22.
RIDHIMA KHANNA: angad's cute n sassy younger sister. age 21 ( u can imagine any of the 3 ridhima's)
GEET KHANNA :ridhima's notorious twin who is always up to some mischief. age 21.
the guys have been frnds for a long tym.they r coming to india n r joining the same college as their sisters who r also frnds frm a long tym. they meet, fight, tease,laugh, becum frnds n FALL IN LOVE.
 one girl enters the college. she sees a hot guy and goes up to him and asks " hi!! wanna go out on a date tonight?" the guy says "ya. sure" girl:"kewl!! the pick me up at 7:30". then the guy goes from there. the girl looks around and finds another hot guy. she goes up to him n asks " free tonight?" the guy replies" ya. sure. what time do u want to meet?"  " ummm...8:30". two girls nearby are watching her. one of them is new to the college and asks the other one " yeh ladki kaun hai? jab se main college aayi hoon tab se yeh 5 dates fix kar chuki hai!!" the other girl replies, "arey, tujhe pata nahi? yeh hamare college ki sabse badi flirt hai, KRIPA SINGH KHURANA"
yes. that is the flirtatious and notorious kripa singh khurana.
kripa is searching for her next target when she sees a girl entering the college very self-consciously and shyly. she is very uncomfortable with all the stares directed her way. kripa goes up to her and says " tu kabhi nahin sudhraegi. why are you so self-conscious? grow up! become confident." the girl replies " main self-conscious nahin hoon. tujhe pata hain na ki i take time to adjust to new surroundings?" kripa says" acha, theek hai. main teri adjusting ki problem door karti hoon" "woh kaise?" kripa replies" simple. i can set up a blind date for you. how is the idea?" the girl says" kripa!!!!" . she gets very annoyed and goes stomping off from there towards the canteen. kripa starts laughing and runs behind her "wait!! RIDHIMA!! main mazaak kar rahi thi"
that is kripa's shy, self-conscious, sweet and cute best frnd ridhima khanna.
the 2 best frnds go and sit in the canteen. outside the college 4 goons are teasing a girl. she looks at them and waits for them to stop. she thinks that they will stop soon. but unfortunately for them, they dont. getting fed up, the girl bends, picks up her sandal and hits the leader straight on the head making him fall. another guy comes to stop her not noticing that she has remove something from her purse. when he comes near, she sprays perfume in his eyes. when the third guy comes close, she hits him with her purse and punces the fourth guy right in his stomach. the guys get scared and run off. she shouts after them " kahan jaa rahe ho, darpok? himmat hai toh mujhse lad ke dikhao. sab ki dhulayi na kar di toh mera naam bhi GEET KHANNA nahi. aakhir main bhi hoshiyapur se aayi hoon"
that is the brave and courageous fighter from hoshiyarpur, geet khanna.
she enters the college and spots her friend and sister in the canteen and goes to them. " hi!! aaj ka din kitna acha hai ,na? tum dono best frnds ek saath baith ke baatein kar rahe ho par meri best frnd kahan hain?" kripa replies" hi geet!! thank go ki tumhari best frnd abhi tak aayi nahin hain. jab tak woh nahin hain tab tak yahan par shanti hogi." ridhima sees a girl walking toward them and says "take the name of the devil and the devil appears". the girl comes and starts speaking" hey!! hw ru? tum logon ko kitni baatein batani hain. u know mujhe na raste mein ek puppy ...puppy se yaad aaya. mrs.mehra ka dog jo hain na...mrs.mehra se yaad aaya, mr.raheja ki jo lal gaadi hain ...lal se yaad aaya, ranbir was looking so good in the red shirt in the new ad... ad se yaad aaya.."   "shut up, AROHI!!" all the 3 girls say together.
that is the the last of the foursome. geet's bubbly, cheerful and talkative best frnd, arohi singh khurana.
all 4 girls sit down sipping their coffee and gossiping, unaware of the appreiciative male glances and jealous female glances coming their way.
 that was the first part of my fanfic. hope u like it! plsss do comment!!                                                                                                                                                                         

PART TWO ( the meetings)


Ridhima is walking in the college when a ball from the basketball court comes and hits her. "bull's eye! Can we have the ball pls?" ridhima turns to see who had the audacity to first throw the ball at her and then shamelessly ask for it without apologizing. She is going to retort but gets tongue tied when the most handsome guy she has ever seen is standing in front of her. He didn't have a shirt on and was playing in only his jeans. She stares at his well toned body and handsome face. He starts walking towards her and she is anticipating his next move. He comes very close to her and she is partially scared and partially excited by his closeness. And then... He just takes the ball from her hand, scores a goal and then looks at her and winks. She starts blushing and is feeling embarrassed because she knows that HE knows what she was thinking and anticipating. He starts walking towards her but is stopped by the coach and she goes from there before he can notice.

After talking to the coach, he turns to find that girl and realizes that she is gone. He has never met a girl like her.she has an air of innocence around her but he can sense the unleashed fire within her.she seemed...different.

But she was not his type. She was too shy to be his type. By now he has changed into different clothes and is walking towards his class creating a huge group of female fan followers. One of the divas of the college, anjali, goes and asks him "hey handsome! Naye ho? Naam kya hai tumhara" the guy smiles because he is used to girls surrounding him and following him. He replies in a flirting tone " tum mujhe nahin jaanti. Main ladkiyon ke dil ka khwaab hoon. I am the one and only ' ARMAAN MALIK"

Yes. That is armaan malik.the king of flirts. he leaves a line of broken hearts wherever he goes.


Whereas at the same time, a guy by mistake ,hits into geet. She starts shouting at him "tum ladkein apne aap ko samajhte kya ho? Jahan dekho shuru ho jaate ho. Tum logon ko sharam nahin aati?  " 

 The guy looks at her and then without saying anything just walks away and starts flirting with a girl. Geet is shocked. Never has a guy ignored her like this before. She goes to him , pulls his collar and says "how dare u walk away from me like that? Tumhari himmat kaise hui? Tum mujhe jaante nahin ho. Mera naam geet khanna hai, ok?"
 The guy looks at her. "So?agar  tumhara naam geet khanna hai, toh main uska kya karu? And listen, mere paas tum jaise faltu logon ke liye time nahin hai, samjhi?" Geet gets very angry "tum hote kaun ho mujhse aise baat karne wale?"    He looks at her "the name is MAAN.MAAN SINGH KHURANA." He walks away leaving a very confused and dazed geet behind.                                                                     Yes!! That is the very arrogant and aloof maan singh khurana.                                                                                                                                                        In the canteen, arohi is chattering away and boring one of the students. She sees a very hot looking guy enter and she forgets what she was about to say. She just keeps staring at him, the student says a silent prayer of thanks and slips from there and the hot looking guy just walks past her without noticing her. When he is out of sight, arohi comes back to reality and is shocked to realize that she had forgotten what she was saying. This is a first!!! Nobody has ever distracted her sooo much before. She starts grinning because she realizes that she has finally found the one guy who can control her.the one guy who can distract short, the one guy who is made for her!!! Now she has to find out who he is, what is his name and how is she going to make him fall in love with her. She searches for him and finally finds him talking to a professor. When he as finished talking to the professor, she goes up to him and says "hi!!!" 
The guy looks confused and replies "hi. Do I know u?"   "oh!! Of course not!! Mera naam arohi singh khurana hai aur tum?"
the guy replies "Mera naam arjun malik hai."                                                                             That is the mr. nice with a touch of attitude- arjun malik who has already won over arohi's heart.                                                                         She thinks confused hota hai tabhi bhi kitna cute lagta hai aur iski aawaz kitni awesome hai aur iska naam bhi kitna sexy hai.imagine 'arohi arjun malik!!!' sounds so cool.
Then, when she realizes that he is staring at her as if she is gone mad, she says "toh tum kaun sa course le rahe ho?? Tum NRI ho? Tum pehle kahan padte they?... " she goes on and on talking about stuff that don't really make sense. Arjun gets bored and excuses  himself ." listen..mujhe principal ke room mein jaana hai. Mein tumse baad mein milta hoon." And he leaves before she can say anything. When he is sure she is nowhere nearby ,he is relieved and thinks "puri paagal lagti hai!! Lagta hai mental hospital se bhaag ke aayi hai!! Is se door rehna padega!! "                                                       Kripa is entering the college when she sees that her friend is fighting with her ex-boyfriend and notices that he is getting a bit aggressive and her friend is getting nervous so she interferes." Hey rocky!! Tum apne aap ko samjhte kya ho?"
rocky: kripa, tum interfere mat karo!!
 K: really ??aur mein tumhari baat kyun      manoongi?
The fight goes on and somehow reaches the topic of girls vs. boys.
 K:tum ladkon ko ladkiyon se sirf ek hi cheez chahiye hoti hai!! 
A guy standing nearby, watching the whole drama steps in and says :aur tum ladkiyon ko hazaaron cheezein chahiye hoti hai. Agar dosti ka haath badaya toh pyar chahiye, agar pyar ka iqraar kiya toh shaadi chahiye, agar shaadi ki toh husband ko sirf 9 to 5 job karna chahiye, agar woh kiya toh bacchhe chahiye and the list goes on, hai na?"   
kripa is furious. "Tum ho kaun? Aur tum beech mein kyun bol rahe ho? I was not talking to you. Mein iss ladke se baat kar rai thi."
The guy smirks "really? Tumne yeh tab nahin socha jab tum bina invitation conversation mein ghus gayi?tab yeh ladka bhi apni ex-girlfriend se baat kar raha tha ,tumse nahin.   Nyways I was just trying to prove my point jo maine kar diya, now...goodbye!!" 
 Everybody starts laughing at kripa.he walks 5 steps and then turns back and tells a very furious and annoyed kripa "by the way mera naam angad hai. ANGAD KHANNA. Telling u so that tumhe yaad rahe ki tumhe pure college ke samne kisne insult kiya tha!!"
That is angad khanna whose attitude size and arrogance and ego is larger than the size of America.he thinks he is the best. He and kripa seemed to have hatred at first sight.             Kripa thinks angad, is it? I will take my revenge!! Just wait and watch!!                         
  so, that  is the next part of my fanfic. plsss comment and criticze freely if u dont like any part so that i can improve                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
girls mein hai mixed feelings. jahan arohi ko hua hai love at first sight, wahi geet hui hai confused at first fight.jahan ridhima ne decide kiya hai armaan se kabhi na milna, wahi kripa ne faisla kiya hai angad se badla lena!!            


Armaan enters the class and all the girls start crowding him. Through the crowd, he sees a girl sitting on the last seat in the corner and realizes it's the same girl whom he met in the bb court. He goes up to her seat and sits down.

Armaan: hi! Mera naam armaan hai. Hum bb court mein mile they, remember?

Ridhima (shocked at seeing him again) : yeah. I remember.

Armaan: so? What's your name?

Ridhima: mera naam ridhima hai. Ridhima khanna.

Armaan: OMG! Tum angad ki behen ho?

R: ya! U know him?

A: he is my best friend.

R: oh. Ok.

a: mere ghar mein teen din baad party hai. Toh tum angad ke saath aa jana.

R: tum mujhe kyun invite kar rahe ho?

A: kyunki tum mere friend ki behen ho which means tum meri friend hui,rite?

Before ridhima can answer, the professor starts teaching. When the bell rings, ridhima gets up to go but armaan blocks her way.

A: tumne jawab nahin diya?

R: I am sorry. Mein nahi aa sakti.

A: kyun?come on yaar'apne dost ke ghar nahin aaogi kya?

R: listen armaan' main itne jaldi dost nahin banati.

Ridhima goes from there, leaving a confused armaan behind. Armaan is used to being friendly. He is not used to anybody rejecting his friendship.He doesn't know why but he is determined to make ridhima his friend.

At the same time, geet is going to fall when someone holds her. She gets up.

G: thanks!!

The guy: welcome!!

G: hey!! Mera naam geet hai. Geet khanna.

The guy: mera naam arjun hai. Arjun malik'.wait! you are geet khanna? Tum angad ki behen ho?

Geet: yup.and you must be the other malik brother. Armaan ke bhai ho, rite?

A: tum amy ko jaanti ho?

G: not exactly. Canteen mein sirf hi- bye kiya tha. I should say' you maliks are really handsome

A: well..thanks! anyways'.mere ghar par teen din baad ek party hai aur usme beautiful girls ki kami hai'care to be my date?

G: sure! Why not?


Arohi goes to the football court to meet her lab partner and bumps into angad.

An: hey! Arohi. Rite?

Ar: OMG! Angad khanna? Kitne saalon baad mil rahe ho!!

Angad and arohi had already met in an international school competition and had become instant friends.

An : I agree. What say'let's meet up for old time's sake? Mere dost ke ghar par party hai. U come along as my date.

Ar: umm..actually'

Arohi hesitates because she had planned to follow arjun that day.

An: plsss don't say no. arjun's parties are a lot of fun. U will enjoy yourself. I promise.

Ar: arjun? U mean..arjun malik?

An: ya. U know him?

Ar: no. angad'pick me up at 7 at my house.

An: ok. Kewl. C ya.

Angad goes, leaving a very happy arohi behind. Arohi is very glad at the fact that she can follow arjun in his own house without him knowing it.

At this very time, kripa is pestering her brother maan.

K: bhai!!! U had promised!!

M: I know krips. Par main kya karoon. Arjun is my best friend and I cannot miss his party.

K: but u had promised ki tum mujhe us din movie dikhane le jaaoge. This is unfair.

M: ab main kya karoon?

Maan and kripa keep glaring at each other when suddenly kripa gets an idea.

M: krips'.i don't like that look on your face.

K: I have got an idea!!

M: whenever u get your brilliant ideas, I fall in trouble. I am going from here'.

K: listen na'. u are going to a party'u had to take me out' so why not combine the two? U can go to the party as well as take me with u.

Maan looked a little doubtful but then he saw the stubborn look on kripa's face and knew that there was no changing her decision. So he said with a sigh " ok..fine. as u wish"

ek ore hai armaan aur ridz ki dosti ka problem toh doosri ore arjun aur geet ban gaye hai friends. angad aur arohi toh pehle se hi dost nikhle aur maan ko pareshaan karne mein aa raha hai kripa ko bohot maza. ab kya hoga party mein?
so..that was the next part of my fanfic. hope u like it. plsss comment n let me know whether u like it or not.
PROLOGUE:  kripa aur angad ke beech mein challenge. arohi karti hai arjun ko bore. armaan tries to impress ridhima. maan geet ke beech mein fight

 PART 4 ( the party)

3 days later. In the party at malik house.

Arjun and armaan come out of their rooms, dressed to kill. Armaan is wearing a white shirt and blue jeans and arjun was wearing a black shirt and black jeans. It was 7 and the guests had already started coming. Arjun and armaan start mingling with the crowds. Arjus is talking to some girls when a girl taps his shoulder and says " I thought ki tum apne date ka intezaar kar rahe hoge lekin tum toh yahan enjoy kar rahe ho"

A: "geet!!!"Smile

He is pleasantly surprised to see that geet has shedded her braided look and has clipped her hair halfway with two strands framing her hair. She has also shedded her mixed colors and had worn a preety pink and white salwar suit.

Arjun and geet start talking and enjoying.


Armaan, who is busy flirting with a girl , looks towards the entrance and sees that angad has already come with his date. He looks behind and sees riddhima in a blue salwar suit. He grins and congratulates himself on his cunning plan. When riddhima had refused to come to his party, he had went to angad and casually told him to bring both his sisters to the party and angad had agreed. Armaan gives his wicked grin and starts walking towards riddhima.Big smile


Many people were staring at the striking couple who had entered. The guy was wearing a light blue shirt with jeans and the girl had worn a sexy black halter top with white capris. They were oblivious to the stares. Arohi was more focused on searching arjun and angad was more focused on making sure that his two sisters, especially geet, don't embarrass him in the party. They both spot arjun at the same time and walk towards him.

At the very same time, maan and kripa enter the party. Poor maan is being annoyed by his sister.

K: maan!! Tumne white shirt kyun  pehna? White shirt with black pants!!!yuck!! that is such a typical combination!!

M: kripa, tumne shayad notice nahin kiya ki maine white shirt or black pants par ek black jacket pehna hai. I look hot!! And u cannot criticize me. Look at yourself!!

K: what's wrong with me? I look nice.

M: u don't. what kind of dress is this? Pink miniskirt with black strap top????!!! How girly can u get??

K: acha!! Main pehnu toh "girly" aur agar doosri ladkiyan pehne toh "hot!!" forget it maan. Tumse toh baat karna hi bekaar hai. I will go and talk to someone else.

M: thank god!! Pls go.

Kripa and maan part ways. Maan goes to find his friend and kripa goes to find some hot hunk.

Armaan is going towards riddhima but is stopped midway by a girl.the girl starts flirting with him but his attention is on riddhima, who on spotting him, turned and disappeared in the crowd. By the time armaan gets away from the girl, he loses sight of her.

Riddhima, on seeing armaan, turns and accidentally walks onto the dance floor which is very crowded. she panics because she cant seem to get off the dance floor. Suddenly, someone grabs her hand and pulls her. She turns and looks directly into the most beautiful pair of eyes. They were blue like the ocean and were framed with long lashes. She was mesmerized. She felt like she was drowning in those blue eyes.


 When suddenly ,a voice brought her back from her dreaming and she realized that the owner of those eyes, who turned out to be armaan, was talking to her.

A: hey!! We meet again. So..tum finally aa hi gayi

R: armaan, tumne yeh jaan bujhkar kiya. Tumhe pata tha ki main angad ki behen hoon and isliye tumne usse kaha ki uski beheno ko party mein laye.

A: guilty as charged. Waise'. Ab humari do mulakatein ho gayi hain. Ab toh tum meri dost ho, right?

Riddhima gives him a "as if" look.

A: hey, come on. I earned it, ok? Maine itni mehnat karke tumhe is party mein laya. Plsss haan keh do.

He makes a puppy face and riddhima starts smiling.Tongue

R: ok. Fine. Ab tumne itna kiya hai toh tumhe uske liye prize bhi milna chahiye , na? I mean..imagine'tumne kitna kuch kiya mera dost ban ne ke liye. Tumne kitne difficulty se apne friend ke pass jaa kar usse kaha ki uski behen ko lane ke liye. I am sure ki it would have been a difficult task.

Riddhima smiles at him and armaan gives a guilty and embarrassed Embarrassedsmile.

A: toh tumhe sarcastic hona bhi aata hai? Tum toh chupi rustam ho.

R: tum toh abhi abhi mere dost bane ho. Abhi toh tumhe mere baare mein kuch nahin pata.

A: no probs. Dheere dheere jaan loonga. Anyways.. let's go have some juice. Wahan bait ke baatein karte hain.

Armaan and riddhima head towards the table where the food is laid.


Arohi and angad almost reach arjun when angad realizes that geet is with him. He knows that if geet sees him, she will start embarrassing him so he takes an about turn and walks in the opposite direction. Arohi does not notice this as she is too concentrated with arjun but geet sees angad and knows why he went from there. So she excuses herself from arjun and with a mischievous smile LOLstarts following angad. She just loves annoying him.

Arohi is glad that geet went from there. Now, she can get arjun all to herself. She goes to arjun.

Arohi: hi!

Arjun, whose back is towards her, turns with a grin but the grinSmile fades into a frown. He thinks " oh no! Yeh mental yahan kya kar rahi hai ."Confused

Arjun: hi! Tum mere party mein kaise?

Arohi: actually main angad ki date hoon.


Arjun thinks to himsely " angad main tujhe chodoonga nahin!!!"Angry

Arohi: u know mera favorite combination on men is full black jaise tumne pehna hai. U luk good.

Arjun: thanks. Listen mujhe'

Arohi: and u know what? Mujhe na bollywood music bohot pasand hai but agar tumhe English pasand hai, then it is no problem. Main English bhi sun sakti hoon.

Arjun: that is nice. But if u would excuse me'.

Arohi: aur na mera favorite hero ranbir kapoor hai. Tumhara kaun hai?

Arjun: woh'..

Arohi: my favorite flowers are yellow roses. Tumhare?...

Arjun tries to excuse himself many times but does not succeed. Arohi continues talking and arjun gets really bored.Sleepy She doesn't let him go anywhere. If he moves, she moves too. Arjun is really frustrated!!! Whereas his date at the same time is enjoying herself. She was following angad and finally was going to catch him when she loses sight of him. She is walking backwards searching for him and does not realize that she is going to bang into maan. Maan also does not realize this as he is reading a message in his mobile. They both crash into each other and maan catches geet before she can fall.

Maahi'.maahi ve maahi maahi ve'maahiii

Geet gains her balance and then starts shouting at maan

AngryG Angry : tum yahan? Tumhe sharam nahin aati. Tum mera peecha karte karte yahan tak aa gaye. Tumhe warn kar rahi hoon. Mera bhai angad aur mera date arjun dono is party mein hain aur dono hatte-katte hai. Tumhari do minute mein chatni kar denge.

M: oh hello. Pehli baat toh yeh ki main tumhara peecha nahin kar raha tha.main ugly, dumb, stupid moti bhains ka peecha nahin karta. Doosri baat yeh ki maine haathon main chudiyan nahin pehen rakhi hai. Aur teesri baat yeh ki tumhara date aur tumhara bhai mere best friends hai. Samjhi?

G(in anger) : tumne mujhe moti bhains kaha?!!!

M: maine tumhe ugly, stupid aur dumb bhi kaha.

G: ugly!!!!!Shocked

M: stupid aur dumb bhi. Tum cheezen samajhne main slow ho ya tumhe sunayi nahi deta?

G: how dare u????!!! tum apne aap ko samajhte kya ho?Angry

M: dekho, mere paas tum jaise faltu logon ke liye time nahin hain, samjhi?

G: faltu????!!!Shocked

M: tum parrot ki tarah sab cheezein repeat kyun karti ho?

G: parrot???!!Shocked

M: dekha. Fir se!!

Armaan and riddhima, who had noticed their fight, come there to stop it.

R: geet. Chal yahan se.

A: maan. Lets go.

Maan and armaan go leaving a very angry geet and pareshan riddhima.

G: samajhta kya hai khud ko?Angry

R: chodh na. enjoy the party.

Riddhima distracts geet and maan and armaan join angad on the dance floor.

Once the party gets over, everybody is gone except the eight of them. The guys wanted to have fun for some more time and the girls were waiting for them as they had to go to their houses with their brothers.

Everybody is talking when suddenly a fight starts between angad and kripa.

A: u know what..just shut up!!

K: don't tell me what to do, u get it.

A: tumhe kya lagta hain ki tum bohot khubsurat ho? U think u can get any guy u want?

K: lagta nahin, mujhe pata hai ki I can get any guy I want ,even a jerk like u.

A: ha!very funny. As if.

K: toh theek hai mr. angad khanna. Main tumhe challenge karti hoon ki ek din tum mere samne apne ghootnon par hoge. U will be down on your knees.

Everybody is shocked Shockedand riddhima starts to say something but stops when kripa gives her a warning look.

A: toh theek hai ms. Kripa singh khurana. I also challenge you ki tum iss chehre par marogi. U will fall in love with me. Yeh mera waada hai tumse.

K: haar jaaoge.

A: we will see.

K: maan..mein tumhara bahar intezaar kar rahi hoon.

Once kripa goes from there, maan looks at angad and says

M: angad, mujhe pata hai kit u aaj tak koi bet nahin haara hain lekin who meri behen hain

A: tujhe yeh tab yaad nahin aaya jab teri behen mujhe insult aur challenge ka rahi thi.

M: dekh angad'..

Armaan: ok guys!! No fighting. Angad, chill. Maan, calm down. Arjun, angad ko leke jaa and give him a cold glass of water or something.

Once arjun and angad go, armaan turns to maan. Don't worry, we will see to it ki angad does not do anything wrong.

All of them go back to their houses.


armaan riddhima ki beech huyi hai nayi dosti ki shuruaat. angad aur kripa ke beech main hai ek deadly challenge. maan geet are upto their usual fighting even though geet ko lagne laga hai maan interesting. aur arohi try kar rahi arjun ko jaan na lekin arjun ko pasand nahin arohi ke paas hona. 
ab kya hoga inka? will they fall in love or will a deadly challenge destroy everything including their friedship????
so...this was the next part of my fanfic. hope u liked it!! plsss leave comments Wink                 





Arjun: hello

Arohi: hi arjun! Kaise ho?

Arjun:ummm'..who is this?

Arohi: this is arohi. I was getting bored so I thought of calling u. u r busy?

Arjun is shocked that arohi actually called to chitchat with him!!! They barely knew each other!!!!!!!

Arjun: actually'ya!! Main busy hoon.

Arohi: oh. Kya kar rahe ho?

Arjun: main armaan ke saath football match dekh raha hoon.

Arohi: awesome! Mujhe bhi football matches pasand hain.

Arjun: really?

Arohi: ya! Anyways main ghar mein baith ke bore ho rahi hoon so I will come over. We can watch it together.

Arjun: what???? No'listen'.

But by the time arjun can tell her not to come, she has already disconnected the call and is on her way to malik house.

Armaan: what happened arjun? Tere chehre par bahra kyun baje hain?

Arjun: arohi yahan aa rahi hain to watch the match with us.

Armaan sees arjun's dismayed expression and starts laughing. Yesterday night arjun had told him all about arohi and the way she kept sticking to arjun. Armaan found the situation hilarious. In the party, when he had met arohi, he had found her very sophisticated and he liked her so he did not understand why she was behaving in such a weird manner with arjun.

Arjun: armaan!!! It's not funny!!

Armaan tries to control his laughter but when the door bell rings, he starts laughing again. Arjun glares at armaan and goes to open the door.

Arohi: hi!

Arjun: hi. Come in.

Arohi sees armaan and goes and sits next to him

Arohi: hey armaan! u don't mind if I join u,rite?

Armaan: no ways.i love to have beautiful ladies company.

So, the three of them sit and watch the match but none of them r paying attention. They r all thinking something else.

Armaan(thinking): I feel ki arohi loves arjun.mujhe pata karna padega!! Lekin kaise?

Arohi (thinking) : mujhe arjun ke saath akele rehna hai. Par armaan ko yahan se kaise nikalu?

Arjun (thinking) : yeh arohi kitni chipku hai. Ise apne ghar se kaise nikalu?i know!! Agar armaan yahan nahin hoga toh I can easily remove her from the house. Mujhe armaan ko yahan se nikalna hoga!

Armaan (thinking): mujhe yahan se jaana hoga aur fir in dono par spy karna hoga.

all three come to the same conclusion that armaan has to leave the room for them to achieve what they want. So, at the same time all three say,

armaan: I will get some popcorn

arjun: can u get some more popcorn, armaan?

Arohi: can u get some more juice for me armaan?

So, armaan goes out but does not go to the kitchen. He stays outside the room, eavesdropping.

Arohi: so..arjun. how is your dreamgirl going to be?

Arjun : ummm'I don't have a clear definition for my dreamgirl lekin I know that I should like her very much

Arohi: matlab?

Arjun: example'.i like geet very much.

Arohi: ohhh.. what about me?

Arjun: dekho arohi'I like u but u don't come in that category. Tum mere liye sirf mere friend ki sister ho,nothing else.

Saying this arjun gets up and goes out of the house. He had promised to meet maan.

Arohi is very upset. She realizes that arjun will never love her. She is crying when she feels someone's hand on her shoulder. She looks up and sees armaan. He sits next to her and she hugs him and keeps on crying.armaan tries to console her.

Arohi: arjun mujhse kabhi pyaar nahin karega.

Armaan: karega. Arjun tumse hi pyaar karega if u do as I tell u.

Arohi: matlab?

Armaan: dekho arohi'guys don't like girls who stick to them. U have to do something that will shock the daylights out of him and he will sit up straight and notice u.

Arohi: yeh kaise hoga armaan?

Armaan looks at her and gives her his famous killer smile.

Armaan: we will change your look.

Arohi: par is tarah toh who mujhse pyar nahin karega. He will just be attracted to me and mistake it for love.

Armaan: chill arohi. Main apne bhai ko jaanta hoon. If he didn't care for you toh woh tumhe ghar mein aane hi nahin deta. Aur agar tum fir bhi ghar mein ghus jaati to woh tumhe ghar se dhakke maar ke bahar nikalta. He can be ruthless when he wants to be. And if was not ruthless with u that means he cares about u. he just doesn't realize it. Our job is to make him realize it. Do u trust me to help u?

Arohi: yes.

Armaan (with a big smile): then lets start with "mission arjun"

At the khanna house, angad and geet are bickering over the tv remote and riddhima is trying to stop them when the phone rings.

Geet: hello.

The person: hello.kya main angad khanna se baat kar sakta hoon?

G: angad, tumhara phone hain.

A(taking the phone): hello. Angad khanna speaking.

Listening to the other man, angad's eyes go wide with shock.he says " shut up!i don't believe you" and slams the phone angrily. he looks at his sisters and when they ask him, he tells them about the conversation.

It seems that there is a little boy in the hospital.he is in a serious condition and needs blood transfer from either of his parents. The boy's mom died in the accident and before dying gave angad's name as the boy's father.

Geet and riddhima look at him and then look at each other.

A: don't even try. This is all rubbish. Main hospital nahin jaa raha.

G: oye!dekhne mein kya problem hain. We can do a DNA test.

In the end, riddhima and geet pull angad with them to the hospital. They meet the doctor and then angad donates the blood. They have a DNA test done and it is confirmed that the kid is angad's son.

Angad: I still cant believe it.

Geet: ab kya?

A: obviously..jab us ladke ko hosh aayega tab hum usse orphanage mein dal denge.

G: r u mad? Woh tumhara baccha hai!! U cant put him in the orphanage.

A: toh tum kya chahti ho? Ki hum isse ghar le jaaye.

G: haan.

A: aur iska khyaal kaun rakhega. Geet, be realistic. Yeh ek chota sa baccha hai. He is not even 0ne year old. We three are college going students. How r we going to look after him?

G: hum kuch upaay dhoond lenge. Plsss angad.dont do this. Hum kuch arrangement kar sakte hain

A: c'mon geet, be practical

Geet and angad start fighting very badly. They both r very stubborn and not ready to backdown.

A: listen geet. He is my son. Toh jo main decide karoonga will be final.

g: lekin angad''

a: don't argue geet.

That time, riddhima, who had not interfered all this while, lost her patience. Riddhima rarely loses temper but when she does, it is very dangerous.

R: enough geet!! Bas hogaya, angad! Geet, angad jo keh raha hai woh sahi hai. Humein humare college schedule mein ek bacche ko fit karna bohot difficult hai so we need to find another solution.

Geet is glaring at riddhima and angad gives a smug smile

R: par angad, iska matlab yeh nahin ki tum immediately apne bacche ko adoption ke liye dal do.

G: oye ridzie, tu toh dono taraf se bol rahi hai. Tu chahti kya hai?

R: what I suggest is ki jab tak yeh baccha fully theek na ho jaye tab tak hum isse apne ghar mein rakhenge. College char baje khatam hota hai. Main 4:30 se ghar mein hi hoti hoon. So..shyaam ko ghar mein main hoongi.raat ko main aur geet definitely honge. Subah, angad tum college mein anyways der tak aate nahin ho. Toh subah ke gyarah baje tak tum ghar mein hoge aur gyarah se char baje tak, we can take turns. Nyways, college 10min ki dhoori par it would be easy.

Angad looks a little hesitant but agrees because he knows riddhima's option is much better than geet's.

A: ek minute. Jab yeh theek ho jayega,tab kya?

R: dekho angad. He is part of our family whether u like it or not. Lekin tab ka tab dekhenge. Maybe we will put him in day care or something like that.

At that moment, the doctor comes with the discharge papers. They all three go home with the baby boy.


Kya armaan aur arohi ka "mission arjun" hoga successful? Kya angad lega apne bacche ki responsibility ya fir karega kuch gadbad?

Prologue: angad ki galti. Kripa ko milta hai baccha.Arohi ka naya roop aur arjun ka reaction.

hey guys! hope u like the update.plsss leave comments.

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nice intro

cont soon

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hey nice part...

all girls are so different from each other...

cont. soon



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Superb please conti

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nice intro!!
please pm me when you update.

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Gr8 start!!
Cont soon Xx...
Du pm me wen you update!!
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thanks guys!!! i will update the nex part soon.
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nice part.
thanks for the pm

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